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Health watchdogs and authorities

About the Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of patients, service users and the public, by raising standards of regulation and registration of people working in health and care. It is an independent body, accountable to the UK parliament.

The Professional Standards Authority oversees the work of nine statutory bodies that regulate health professionals in the UK and social workers in England. It also reviews the regulators’ performance and audits and scrutinises their decisions about whether people on their registers are fit to practise.

The Professional Standards Authority sets standards for organisations holding registers for people in unregulated health and care occupations and accredits those organisations that meet its standards. Find out more about Accredited Registers

To encourage improvement, the Professional Standards Authority shares good practice and knowledge, conducts research, and introduces new ideas including the concept of right-touch regulation. In addition, it monitors policy developments in the UK and internationally as well as advising governments and others on matters relating to people working in health and care. The Professional Standards Authority also undertakes some international commissions to extend its understanding of regulation and to promote safety in the mobility of the health and care workforce.

The Professional Standards Authority is committed to being independent, impartial, fair, accessible and consistent. Find more information on the Professional Standards Authority’s website.

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