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The Keogh Mortality Review

Hospitals under investigation

The following 14 hospital trusts were investigated as part of this review on the basis that they had been outliers for the previous two years on either the Standardised Hospital-Level Mortality Index or the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio:


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LucyNelson said on 18 July 2013

I am just so pleased that they are doing away with the Liverpool
care pathway. My poor old Dad has been scared of going near a hospital because of the LCP. People who have paid their dues all of their lives should not have to worry that some junior doctor in the middle of the night could decide that they should die without even consulting family or even worse against the wishes of family.

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simonhadwick said on 17 July 2013

I welcome this report but it was a crying shame to see the MPs trying to politicise such a very serious issue. I saw various Chief Execs of some of the affected trusts interviewed on TV yesterday and I can't believe the number of times they talk about having 'learnt lessons'. It is delivered in a very matter of fact way - presumably carefully rehearsed - and always careful not to admit anything much at all ! What is quite clear is that these Trusts have not learnt much at all as there is little evidence to suggest things have got any better in recent times - even though the shortcomings were, in many cases, first highlighted some considerable time ago.
Over the past 12 months we have had both of my wife's parents spending considerable time in one of the hospitals affected and there were too many issues to record properly in 2000 characters ! Suffice it to say that the NHS needs to look very closely at how it cares for elderly patients in particular. They deserve dignity and empathy and both seem to be in very short supply. Communication - both internally and with relatives - is poor; frequently bells go unanswered even though there are usually a group of staff huddled around the nursing station; often the staff that you see change every day; and we saw too many instances of them quite clearly lying to cover their backs. I wasn't convinced at all that the issues were down to a lack of money but rather that too many staff seemed poorly trained, poorly managed and showed little empathy. At one stage I would have said that such poor care of elderly patients must be endemic within the NHS - because we had witnessed it on so many different occasions in several different wards - but then my Mother-in-Law was transferred into a specialist Dementia Assessment Unit (which, interestingly, was operated by a different NHS Trust even though it was within a Hospital operated by ULHT) - and we have nothing but praise for how she was looked after for 5 months in that unit !

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robdebank said on 16 July 2013

Absolute disgusting,my mother was 86,very very ill,and she was put in a bed at the end of a corridor in a room with 3 beds in it,she was very frail,and when we visited her the last time she was shivering because she was next to a window that was wide open,in november,it was only when my brother had a word is when they put her as near to the desk as poss,she died the very next morning,very distressing,i elieve she could of been a lot better looked after.

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The Keogh Mortality Review is now in its final stages. The final reports on each trust and an overview report were published on July 16 2013. Submissions to the review team can no longer be considered.

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Thanks to all who provided feedback to the Keogh Mortality Review. Your input has been hugely valuable and has helped to shape the recommendations.