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Why volunteer?

Find out how volunteering brings health benefits to both the volunteer and the people they support.

How to volunteer

Are you interested in voluntary work but not sure how to get started? Find out about the different options.

Volunteering: fit it in

Want to help but pressed for time? Find out about the rising trend for short-term volunteering.

Volunteering for Crisis at Christmas

Find out how volunteers help to run Crisis at Christmas centres, where homeless men and women can safely spend the festive period

Andrew Tindall

'I think everyone should volunteer'

Find out why Andrew Tindall, from Young Apprentice 2012, volunteers every weekend.

Joanna Lumley

'Volunteering enriches my life'

Simon, 35, is a volunteer with the Royal Voluntary Service. Find out how he helps 92-year-old Dawn who lives alone in West London.

Volunteering: 'We've become good friends'

Businesswoman, Jo, loves being a Good Neighbour volunteer. Read how she fits it into her busy life

'We volunteered at the Paralympics'

Dave and Justin talk about their unique experience and the positive British attitude towards disability

'Being a mentor was an amazing experience'

Karen talks about her experience of being a mentor, and how volunteering has benefitted her life.

Anam Ahmed

Student volunteering: Anam's story

Anam is doing her A-levels and hopes to go to medical school. She describes her work as a hospital volunteer.

Volunteers: NHS heroes

There are thousands of volunteers in the NHS. Find out how they make a difference.

'Volunteers help the staff and patients'

Karl Fieldsend, 44, started volunteering when he was off work because of ill health. He now helps out in a palliative care unit.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you

Walking for Health: volunteers

Walking for Health relies on volunteers, who help out by leading a group of walkers, or assist the group along the way. Find out what motivates these volunteers.

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Real story: I had breast cancer and cervical cancer

Juanita explains the impact of cancer on her life, and how her charity work helps others and brings her happiness

Helping others is so rewarding

Little acts of kindness to others can give you a sense of purpose and make you happier

Could you be a donor?

Every year 1,000 people die waiting for a transplant. It's easy to register as an organ donor or give blood

Caring, working and studying

Advice on how to combine a job or a course with looking after a friend or relative who is ill or disabled.

Five steps to mental wellbeing

Evidence suggests there are five steps we can all take to improve our mental wellbeing. Try approaching them with an open mind and judge the results for yourself.

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