Hot boys on girls who smoke

Cristiano Ronaldo

Think smoking makes you look cool? That's not what these four celebrity lads think.

"Smoking is pointless," says Cristiano Ronaldo (above). "You waste your money, you smell of smoke, but worst of all you put your health and other people’s health at risk. Don’t do it and think about how much better you will feel.”

But it's not just Ronaldo who thinks smoking is a waste of time. Here's what four other sportsmen think of your bad habit.

Joe Cole, footballer

Joe Cole

“There’s nothing worse than girls who stink of cigarette smoke. You can meet the prettiest girl, but if she smells like a stale ashtray, she becomes the ugliest.”

Amir Khan, boxer

Amir Khan

“I hate smoking. I can go out and have a good time without all that stuff. If you’ve got a petrol body, don’t put diesel in it.”


Mark Foster, swimmer

Mark Foster

"I can't think of a single reason why anyone would want to smoke. How can shoving a small, white stick in your mouth be sexy? It creates wrinkles, it makes you stink – and that's apart from what it does to your health."


Les Ferdinand, footballer

Les Ferdinand

“I’ve never smoked and I’ve never understood why people do it. It’s a really unattractive habit, but what’s more disgusting is the damage it does to your insides.” 

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The 7 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

Suzziee said on 01 February 2011

I Smoke Myself but when i havent had a fag and walk past someone else its revolting it makes me feel sick.! i agree with chantelle they shouldnt be sold.

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Emziie said on 17 December 2008

im 18 and have been smoking since i was 10. i agree it is a disgusting habit and i know the risks. both of my dads parents died of cancer due to smoking, my step dad died last year of a massive heart attack due to smoking and after having a quadruple heart bipass 14years earlier (again due to smoking). watching him die was the worst thing ive ever seen. i also had a suspected blood clot a few months ago (which doctors thought was due to smoking) but thankfully it was just a minor chest infection. it is very difficult to stop smoking. ive tried everything on the nhs and ive tried going cold turkey. i managed it once at went 11months with only a couple of cigis.
as you can see from the list above i definatly know the risks of smoking, so to non smokers i hope you can appriciate how difficult it is, and to any smokers that have stopped, congrats to ya, n dont start again cos it makes it 10times harder to stop again.

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Sophie :} said on 16 June 2008

Smoking is a huge problem in my school. Most people do it because its "cool". im 15 and i dont smoke but both of my parents smoke and my 19 year old brother started when he was 11 :/

Ive seen what is dus to u so im not gonna be tht stupid. Its not call. You smell. And deffently not attractive to be fair.

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Amber xXx said on 12 May 2008

i used to smoke. my "brother" died because of it. but recently i met this guy who doesn't like smoking so i have tried to go cold turkey and so far (apart from the cravings) i have had not 1 cigarette for 1 1/2 months now which is geat considering i started smoking at a silly age of about 8 1/2 ad its only now that im 14/15 that i have decided to give it up. its hard but worth it. i have more money now to pend going to the cinema and enjoying myself wiv m8s instead of stuck @ home sneakin in that cigarette behind my parents back. gd luk to every1 givin up ITS WORTH IT!!!!

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Anonymous said on 01 May 2008

I have some friends who smoke but it hasn't started affecting their bodies at all yet so I didn't even know. I knew that one of them smoked last summer but I had no idea the other one did until two weeks ago. Both of them know that it is bad for them but they never talk about it and I don't know whether they have actually tried to give up or not. Both of them are only 14. I don't know what to do!

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Zoe said on 26 April 2008

I agree, it makes you smell gross!! Ruins your nails, your teeth and your skin!! But I can empathise on how it can be really, really hard to give up! Good luck to anyone trying to give up - I think that it's really worth it! Lol xxx

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Chantelle...x said on 23 April 2008

I Think Smelling Of Smoke Is Disgusting And It Does Look Horrible. But I Smoke Myself And If Your Addicted Its Very Hard To Give Up. I Think Ciggarettes Should Not Be Sold, Then Nobody Could Smoke And Get Addicted.

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