Stages of puberty: girls and boys

From starting periods to starting to shave. All you need to know about what happens at puberty.

Starting periods

Tips for parents on when to talk to girls (and boys) about periods, and what to tell them.

Why haven't I started my periods?

Find out why your periods haven't started, including when to see your GP and the possible causes and treatments.

Boys and puberty Q&A

Boys' questions about puberty, including growing hair, erections, deeper voice and wet dreams.

Girls and puberty Q&A

Girls' questions about puberty, including growing hair, breasts, periods and mood swings.

Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Information for young people, including dealing with bullying and coming out.

Talking to your child about sex

When is the right time to talk to your child about sex? In this video, members of the public give their opinion and an expert explains why it’s important, how to approach the subject and what information is appropriate to your child’s age.

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Teen girls 15-18

Read about teen girl health issues, including healthy eating, skin problems and having sex for the first time

Teen boys 15-18

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Child health 6-15

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