Video: lose the belly

When it comes to health, it's not just carrying extra fat that matters: it's where you carry it.

Fat around the abdomen, also known as a belly, can put you at increased risk of heart disease and stroke, compared to carrying extra fat on, say, the thighs. So how can you shift that spare tyre? Click the video below to find out.

Lose the belly

Around 1,000 people a week die from obesity-related conditions. If you want to get fit and lose the belly, watch this video to see how other men have done it.

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spike4689 said on 02 May 2009

Hey guys,

I agree with several people in this blog. The one's who are making excuses saying that it is too expensive are not ready to change, if you wanted to change you would cut out the unhealthy food that is costing you the earth (McDonalds, BK, convenience foods and microwave meals), also cutting down on the portions will reduce the amount of food that you need!! Go to your local markets which will benefit from your custom, fruit and veg are cheap there, and there are always specials on, 2 punnets a pound etc.

As for exercise, how much does it cost for a pair of trainers, a baggy tracksuit (if you are worried people will look at you, which they won't people are too busy worrying about themselves) and a water bottle, about £40, get yourself down to your local sports stores and get discounted sports wear.

Going for a walk everyday will help you, simple activities like gardening, walking up and down the stairs and taking your dog for a walk also help, as long as you get about 30 minutes a day in, walk to work, or park the car at a further parking bay and walk in from there.

You need to get out of the mindset that you can only do exercise in gym's. If you do want to join a gym then look at your local councils, they are cheaper by far than private gyms and come with practically the same equipment.

If you need any advice head to your GP. They have resources available to refer you onto the correct people! Make sure you get the go ahead from your GP before you partake in any physical activities!!

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Cushing0 said on 16 February 2009

simple physics really.... cu the drink out dont when you go to the supermarket stock up on unhalthy foods cakes et al follow the healthy eating guide and by a sit up ball and do some sit ups, thus lies your solution.

easy! i lost 4 stone and now have developed a healthy lifestyle.

no good trying to lose the belly and eat unhealthy

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Alkitra said on 11 February 2009

it would be more helpful if you did not disable the subtitles.

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bobbm2 said on 14 January 2009

I find it amazing that so many of the people listed here are finding the video unhelpful. All the information needed is in the video. You have got to help yourself people!
I'm in no way perfect. I need to lose about a stone to be healthy, I also need to stop smoking but I work out every day by walking to work (about 1 1/2 miles) and I've lost about half a stone in 2 weeks. I don't go to a gym and I don't go in for diets (apart from eating more healthy).
The negative comments listed are just those who don't try! It's easier than you think.

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jonb8891 said on 06 October 2008

It's JB again from further up.

Thought i'd update my progress.

In 6 months I went from 13 stone 2 to what I am now which is 10 stone 2. So I lost 3 stone in 6 months and I wasn't even that overweight.

The only advice i'd offer is that you have to really want to lose weight, motivation is the key, eat healthy, exercise regularly and don't let yourself slip up. Stay away from celebrity diets. You will feel better from it. My entire wardrobe is now completely redundant, however fitting into 30" jeans instead of 38" jeans makes it completely worthwhile.


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Kentucky Fried No Thanks..! said on 19 August 2008

I liked the video and I liked seeing other people who have benefitted from a healthier lifestyle. What made me laugh most of all was the comments that people put afterwards... I love that people want to lose weight yet dont put the effort in.. there is only 1 person who can do it and that's you... I am now 13st 6lb coming down from 15st 6lb... The only thing I did that others haven't is got off my arm chair and on the road jogging.. completely free and brilliant.

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Mumsie said on 19 August 2008

The vidio is rather repetative, but with the best intention.
I am over weight and diabetic, my problem was bordom and depression had caused me to eat for the 'feel good' factor.
Part of the solution is to turn the TV off and listen to music on the radio or CD, your favorite time zone
( mine is the sixties and seventies)
then dance through the house work or DIY or whatever you are doing, an i-pod in the garden but make sure you DO somthing, achievement lifts
the spirits. (dirty hands stay away from snacks).
Prepare your naughty food or drink in advance and put the rest in an inaccesable place.
I have lost 2 stone in 8months. (good luck)

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Tony said on 15 August 2008

As has been said, the video only states the obvious not helpfull at all.

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Anonymous said on 08 August 2008

The video only stated the obvious, and could have included food tips and which exercises to do in order to lose the belly and get fit.

I read somewhere that spinning (as you did when you were a child, without causing yourself too much dizziness) can actually help speed up the metabolism and therefore help lose the overall weight. Skipping is also good.

Simple exercises that can be done at home like stomach crunches or following a DVD workout programme is an inexpensive way of getting yourself in shape.

The major factor in any balanced diet or exercise programme is the 'motivation' factor...which is very hard to maintain. Everyone knows themselves best and should think of various options to keep them motivated in different moods i.e. if you don't feel like working out then go out dancing or get in your room and dance your heart out! you wont even notice the time. Take up a sport you love or help out around the house.

Remember, every time you move to do something you are burning keep yourself busy!

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Tezz said on 25 July 2008

I just want to find out what specific foods to avoid to loose your tummy? I can't find it anywhere.

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aviam said on 21 July 2008

No mention in this video of women and fat around the waist. We don't drink pints of guinness.

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Senthil said on 27 June 2008

JB is right !
I did the same lost 10 kgs...

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JB said on 28 May 2008

Money should not be an issue, it is just an excuse to curb your own laziness.

I'm a student living on debts and in my overdraft, yet I have managed to shift over a stone in less than 2 months, just through pure motivation alone. Exercise outside costs nothing, fruit etc isn't actually that expensive and if you stop buying the normal fatty foods, it doesn't work out much more expensive either.

Main things for me to lose weight were as said in the video. Cut down drinking, exercise regularly and QUIT the fast food which is definately the worst.

The money excuse just doesn't wash anymore, if you haven't got the motivation no amount of money will save you!

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g c said on 20 May 2008

20 may 2008 g c

i know how you feel i have been of sick now on sick
pay unable to walk very far, therefore exercise i.e walking is out of the question gym and diet club too expensive what do we do!!!!
i to have had three children tummy fat is hard to lose is anyone out their to help
thanks for listening.

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Sumeet said on 30 April 2008

Removing hte spare tyre is something everyone thinks of removing

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stacy said on 25 April 2008

i dont thonk this video was not very helpful, considering you the every day stuff (healthy eating, exercise), combine both of these and you get a very expensive bill which 8 in 10 people simply cannot afford, seeing that joing a gym cost about £45-60 for membership and £4-£6 for each session, i know you could do it the inexpenssive way by doing home or outdoor exercise, but sometimes going to a gym, in my view provides a bit more motivation and participation as you wont be bored. but not to mention trying to eat healthy , COST A FORTUNE!!!!!!, not to mention that food prices have gone up. HOW CAN YOU AFFORD TO LIVE HEALTHY, especially people form ethnic minorty, low salary and lone parents. WILL BE EVER BE ABLE TO BE FREE FROM OBESITY , and other dietary health realted illness, seeing that unhealthy eating is the cheapiest, and high gym prices.

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Mark at Choices said on 24 April 2008

Written text will be added to this video (and most other Choices videos) by the end of this month.

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sam said on 07 April 2008

this is a gud article

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whiler perry said on 25 March 2008

For me this video did not do much but state the obvious. i am a non drinker, i work out two to three times a week with a combination of cardio and weigtht trainig and although i will admit i dont eat healthily all the time i certainly try to pay attention to what i eat. however i have a bmi that puts me in the obese category and belly fat that will not go away despite my best efforts for over a year and a half now. WHAT DO I DO???

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hotheadtiz said on 25 March 2008

good video but still not giving us that want to lose "the belly" the definite kick in the right direction, we need physical help and guidance that does not cost a penny. with that and the determination to lose, good results can surely follow, please try to do more to help us who don't quite know where to seek the correct help, thank you. hotheadtiz

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Jessica said on 19 March 2008

Well this would have been a whole lot better if I had sound, which I don't - many people don't, so if you had included some written text for those of us without, this video would have been a lot more helpful. All tht I picked up was don't eat fast food and so some exercise which I already knew.
Ann Parkhouse.

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