Video: cannabis real stories

Cannabis: real stories

Smoking cannabis can lead to cannabis psychosis, causing you to lose touch with reality. Two men describe how it happened to them.

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ganjaman2011 said on 20 May 2011

The thing that really irritates me about situations like this is because i have smoked cannabis for many years and have realized myself that cannabis is very safe considering it is in moderation for example when i first started smoking it i over done it by smoking all day everyday for 4 years and my life felt like hell so i wanted to find a way i could still smoke and not have this anxiety issue i experienced while smoking it everyday because i remembered the old days toking and it was amazing so i thought what did i do differently before then what i am doing now, then i realized before i never used to smoke it all day everyday so now i don't smoke all through the day and i leave it for 7pm and what have i found that has changed = I no longer have anxiety and can live my life the way i want to even with a smoke every night. i hope this information will help people out their with the same problem as i had ,as i feel it is wrong for people in this video too give cannabis a bad name because it isn't cannabis it is the person themselves. i strongly stick with a sentence i thought about when i solved this it is that if you abuse something it will abuse u in the end.

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buffywho1 said on 08 September 2009

i have been smoking cannabis for about 18-20yrs now and have tried getting help and stuff from different orgs' for the past 2-3yrs and dont seem to get any better? ive been on "sickness benefit" several times now and when it comes to having a medical through the benefits agency,they NEVER,,EVER'seem to beleive me?,ive been on all kindsd of anti-deppression tabs through doctors and nothing works?,now im 39,with partner and 5 children,and i feel desperate for propper help,as cannabis has made me so ill?and i wish id' never started smoking it as its severely messed up my life!do u know who can really help?

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lainey said on 28 July 2008

good work getting off weed,my husband was spending over £100 per week.And is now going bankrupt because of it and can no longer work.

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