'C25K boosted my self-confidence'

Angela Sherwin

Angela Sherwin, a mother of one from Manchester, says Couch to 5K has improved her self-confidence.

'I absolutely hated sport at school and I’m not a sporty person at all.'


Angela started the Couch to 5K plan while she was on maternity leave and began by taking her son with her – pushing him while he was strapped safely in his pushchair as she ran.

When she returned to work, she managed to build her training into the commute; "I live fairly close to work – about 6K – so in the earlier stages of the plan, I would run the distance and then catch the bus. But now I’ve finished the plan I run all the way home, and it actually gets me home in pretty much the same time as public transport would."

While Angela says she feels fitter, perhaps the most profound change has been to her confidence and self-belief. "I think because of the achievement I’ve had from running, that feeling has moved over into other areas of my life. The sense of belief that I can do other things – more than I’ve perhaps allowed myself to. I definitely have more self confidence."

Angela concedes that she was never the sporty type and wants to encourage others to take on the challenge: "I’m probably more amazed than anyone that I’ve actually done it. I absolutely hated sport at school and I’m not a sporty person at all. The fact that I’ve done it is gobsmackingly amazing, really.

"The beauty of Couch to 5K is that you don’t have to do it all in one go. You can repeat it week after week if you need to. It doesn’t matter how unfit you are or how overweight you are – you can start it at any time. It’s important that people aren’t scared; just try it."

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sheephead said on 22 August 2015

Never to old to start.I am 59 and started May this year and completed the c25k 9 weeks,I just feel great and now joined a local club,dont be put off by this as they have helped me in every way from diet general tips.I run now at least twice a week at my own pace and your never left alone there is always someone to support you,and I am training for the great south run in October and I cant wait.Whats changed? i now love running and just feel so well.Try it you will surprise yourself, and please dont think what people may say you are doing it for you.

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headin4abikinibod said on 20 February 2011

I take my baby out in her pram with me too. I have just finished week one of the plan. Your story has inspired me, I am already feeling the mental benefit of regular exercise and your success story shows me I can complete it too. Thanks :)

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