Your child at school

Walking to school

Nina from Cornwall tries walking her two children to school instead of driving. See if they'll be leaving the car at home in future.

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The National Child Measurement Programme

This NHS programme aims to help children achieve a healthy weight.

The first day at school

With some preparation, this important day can be easier to cope with for both you and your child.

Healthy lunchbox treats

Make sure your child's lunchbox provides a healthy, nutritionally balanced lunch.

Health checks and vaccinations at school

Your child will be offered a variety of health checks and vaccinations at school. Find out why they are so important.

Absence from school

All children miss school occasionally due to illness. But not every minor health issue has to mean a day off.

Long-term health conditions at school

If your child has a long-term health condition, they may need support at school. Find out what to expect.

Beat exam stress

Get tips to help your child beat stress, and watch a video of pupils talking about exams.

Helping with homework

Three parents share practical tips on helping children with homework.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you


Services and support for parents

Find out what's available through your health services, local authority, helplines and local groups

Child health 6-15

Information on child health, including healthy diet, fitness, sex education and exam stress

Children's sleep

Get advice on dealing with common sleep problems affecting babies, children and teenagers

'Sam wasn't cool enough’

Maria describes how her daughter Sam was bullied in her first year at secondary school

Bullying advice for parents

Bullying is a concern for many parents and carers. Find out what you can do to help your child

Your child's safety

The vast majority of adults would never harm a child, but it's still important to keep your child safe and be aware of possible dangers

Learning disability

Find out how to support someone with a learning disability, including their education and coping with challenging behaviour