Prostate health

Know your prostate

Every man has one, it's important to their sex life, yet few men know anything about their prostate or what can go wrong with it.

'My PSA test found cancer'

Prostate cancer survivor Guy Williams talks about the PSA test and why he decided to have surgery to remove his prostate gland.

'I had prostate cancer'

Prostate cancer survivor Philip Kissi didn't notice any symptoms. He talks about his diagnosis and treatment.

Should I have a PSA test?

Information to help you decide if you should have a PSA test to check for the early signs of prostate cancer.

Darcus Howe

Darcus Howe: 'My battle with prostate cancer'

Darcus Howe discusses how prostate cancer is an illness that affects many African-Caribbean men.

Prostate cancer cells

Q&A: prostate cancer

Answers to frequently asked questions on prostate cancer, including side effects, different kinds of testing, high-risk groups and screening

Diagnosis and treatment

The tests used to diagnose prostate cancer, and treatment options you may be offered

Prostate cancer treatment stories

A group of men describe their experiences of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer research

Research is ongoing to find a test that can distinguish between aggressive and passive prostate cancers

Prostate cancer trials

If you have a prostate cancer that's proving difficult to treat, a clinical trial may offer several advantages


Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

Find out about AAA screening and why it's offered to men aged 65 and over

Black men and prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men. A consultant urologist describes what the prostate is and how it functions. He explains who is most at risk of developing the cancer, what you can do to minimise your risk and how to check for early signs.

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Prostate problems

Read about the most common prostate problems experienced by men during their lifetime

Screening and testing timeline

Use this timeline to find out whether you or your family are due for any screening or tests

Screening and testing: timeline