Amy Parsons

Amy Parsons, Tintagel Primary School, 1948

DIED aged 65 in 2000
LIVED Gloucestershire
CAREER Housewife


Amy died of cancer. Her death certificate records the cause of death as carcinoma of the pancreas.

The pancreas is a large gland that makes the enzymes and digestive juices for the small intestine, sending the juices into the gut through a small tube. Because the pancreas is located behind everything else in the abdomen, cancers growing there can grow and spread without being noticed. Usually they eventually block up the bile duct so that the patient becomes jaundiced, but by then it may be very difficult to remove the cancer. Cancer of the pancreas is one of the tumours that is caused, at least to some extent, by smoking.


"Cancer of the pancreas is hard to treat and survival rates are poor. The only thing we know that helps prevent it is not smoking. Within the pancreas are other cells in small clusters that make insulin; these secrete directly into the blood and control blood sugar levels. If these cells are damaged, the patient will get diabetes and will need to take insulin."

  • The Class of 1948 content, including this article, was written in 2008 to mark the 60th anniversary of the NHS and is not being updated.

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