Breast cancer

Breast cancer: Emma's story

Emma Duncan, 33, talks about her experience of having breast cancer.

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Media last reviewed: 08/07/2015

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Breast cancer awareness

Not all breast changes mean you have breast cancer, but it's important to know what symptoms to be aware of

'There is life after breast surgery'

Amanda Allen talks about life after breast cancer, mastectomy, and reconstruction.

Breast cancer genes

The genes associated with breast cancer, what it means to have a faulty gene, and who gets tested.

'I had a tissue expansion breast reconstruction'

Marie Salter, 61, talks about her breast reconstruction surgery using tissue expansion.

Coping with a cancer diagnosis

Find out how to deal with a diagnosis and where to find support. Plus watch a video about one man's experience of cancer.

'I had breast cancer and then cervical cancer'

Juanita explains the impact of cancer on her life, and how charity work helps others and brings her happiness.

Pauline Polley

'My mastectomy and breast reconstruction'

Pauline Polley, 44, talks about her breast cancer, mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast reconstruction

A surgeon explains what's involved in breast reconstruction after having a mastectomy, and the options available.

Gloria Hunniford

'My daughter Caron's breast cancer'

TV star Caron Keating died from breast cancer in 2004. Her mother, Gloria Hunniford, explains how she coped.


Predictive genetic tests for cancer risk genes

Does cancer run in your family? Read about getting tested for the altered BRCA1 and other cancer risk genes

Breast cancer: Symptoms, screening and treatment

Breast surgeon Mr Clive Griffith talks about breast cancer, including symptoms to look out for, screening and treatment.

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Drinking and alcohol

Calculate your units, read about the health risks of drinking too much, and find out where to get help and support

Healthy eating

Information on how to achieve a balanced diet, tips to help you get your 5 A DAY, plus advice for vegetarians

Where Next? Cancer care choices for young people

Cancer care choices for young people

Find out more about the cancer care options available for young people aged between 19 and 24.