Summer health

Barbecue food safety

It's important to cook food thoroughly at a barbecue to avoid food poisoning. Find out how to tell when your meat is done.

How to get vitamin D from sunlight

Find out how long you need to spend in the sun to get enough vitamin D.

Heatwave: be prepared

Why heatwaves are dangerous, who's most at risk in extreme heat, and how to keep cool and safe.

Preventing hay fever

How to prevent hay fever and reduce your symptoms, including closing windows and when to stay indoors.

Girl applying sun block

Sun safety Q&A

Stay safe in the sun, including sunscreens, sunburn, heat exhaustion, eczema, child safety and moles.

Summer safety for younger children

Summer holidays are great fun for children, but can bring risks. Here are some tips for keeping them safe.

Protect your skin and eyes in the sun

Protect your skin against sun damage (including sunbeds) and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

12 UK insects and bugs that bite or sting

The creatures that are most likely to feast on you, including wasps, bees, ants, spiders, midges and ticks.

Safer sex on holiday

Protect yourself from a sexually transmitted infection or unplanned pregnancy on holiday.

Keeping safe outdoors

Get tips from a mountain rescue expert on how to prepare for a safe day out cycling in the country or hiking along the coast.

Safe swimming: what's lurking in the water?

How to make sure you don’t catch or encounter anything nasty in the sea, river, pond or lake.

Weather and hay fever

The sun, rain and seasons all affect how much pollen is in the air and how bad your hay fever symptoms are.

Summer feet tips

Summer means sandals, so make sure your feet are attractive and in tip-top condition before baring them to the world.

Plant dangers in the garden and countryside

A guide to the plants that can sting, scratch or poison you and what to do if you or your family are affected.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you


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Beach safety

To make the most of your time at the seaside, be informed about the dangers and follow these simple safety tips

Travel health

Advice for people travelling abroad, including malaria, travel vaccinations, EHIC, travel insurance, DVT and jet lag

Festival health

Sex, drugs and loo roll: your essential guide to staying healthy during the music festival season

Healthy holidays

How to keep your family healthy during the summer holidays. Includes beach safety, camping safety and free activities