Blood and organ donation

Could you be a donor?

Every year 1,000 people die waiting for a transplant but it's easy to register as an organ donor and give blood.

BBC newsreader donates kidney to save mother

BBC news presenter Sabet Choudhury talks about his decision to donate a kidney to save his mother's life.

Childhood liver transplant: Real stories

Five personal accounts of growing up after a childhood liver transplant.

Donation: ethics and worries

There are many concerns surrounding organ donation, including the issue of ethics. Get the answers to some common queries.

Gina Yashere: minority blood and organ donors

Comedian Gina Yashere is actively involved in promoting blood and organ donation among ethnic minorities

The rare-blood donor

Rudolph Isaacs has a rare blood type, U-negative. There are only 28 U-negative donors in England.

Co-ordinating transplants

Transplant co-ordinator Jen Lumsdaine describes how a donor is matched with a recipient.

Waiting for a transplant

There are thousands of people waiting for transplants. Organ donation can transform their lives

Video: bone marrow donor

Watch Michelle's story. She talks about her experience as a bone marrow donor

The history of donation

The history of blood and organ donation explained in an interactive timeline

Kidney problems

What can go wrong with your kidneys and why, including kidney disease, kidney stones and kidney cancer