Learning disability

Help your child learn

Follow these expert tips to help your child reach their potential if they have a learning disability.

What is a learning disability?

Find out what a learning disability is and what it means for the estimated 1.5m people who have one.

Learning disabilities: coping with a diagnosis

How a learning disability is diagnosed, and sources of support if you are told your child has one.

Learning disabilities: coping with challenging behaviour

Find out about possible causes for challenging behaviour, where to get help and how to cope.

'My children teach me the art of patience'

Find out how Deborah supports her children, who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Down's syndrome.

Teaching your child good eating skills

Get tips on mealtimes for kids with learning disabilities, including how to help your child to participate.

Special educational needs (SEN)

Information about the support available to meet special educational needs, in or out of school.

'My daughter and Down's syndrome'

Monica Rivers describes family life with her six-year-old daughter Ayesha, who has Down's syndrome.

Learning disabilities: Annual Health Checks

Adults with learning disabilities need more health support to prevent their medical conditions going undetected.

Going into hospital with a learning disability

If someone has a significant learning disability, these 10 steps can help make their hospital visits a success.

Managing weight with a learning disability

If you care for a person with a learning disability, you can help them to achieve a healthy weight.

'My learning disability'

Sinead, 25, a charity worker, has a learning disability. She describes the support she receives in her job and from her family.

'My life with Asperger syndrome'

Michael Cooke, 22, talks about his life with Asperger syndrome, his job at an arts centre and his ambitions.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you

Your adopted child's health needs

Children who are adopted from care may have special needs resulting from physical, mental or emotional problems or learning disabilities

Talking to your child about their autism

Dr Glòria Durà-Vilà explains why it's important for a child to learn about their autism diagnosis from a parent in a safe environment

Special needs in children

If your child has a health condition or disability, they may need specialised healthcare and help at school

Caring and communication difficulties

The person you're caring for may develop communication issues as a result of a physical condition. Find out how you can get support

Bullying: advice for parents

Bullying is a concern for many parents and carers. Find out what you can do to help your child