Children's sleep

Sleep tips for teenagers

Use these practical hints and tips if your teenager has sleep problems.

Healthy sleep tips for children

Solutions to help you or your child prepare for bed and get a full night's sleep.

How much sleep do kids need?

Find out how much sleep your child needs, from newborns to 16 year olds.

Helping your baby to sleep

Tips to help your baby sleep, including where they should sleep and establishing a routine.

Sleep problems in young children

How to deal with sleep problems in young children, including frequent waking and nightmares.

Why are teens always tired?

You might think teenagers sleep their lives away, but the opposite is true.

How TVs, phones and screens spoil kids' sleep

Keep your child's bedroom free from electronic distractions and help them sleep better.

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Moodzone: sleep problems

Dr Chris Williams explains what you can do to give yourself the best chance of a good night's sleep. This podcast is one of an eight-part series for Moodzone