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The mood self-assessment quiz uses questions taken from tests often used by GPs to assess whether someone is anxious or depressed. It has been designed to recommend further reading and resources that may help you better understand how you feel.

You may find it useful to monitor the ups and downs of your mood by revisiting these questions from time to time. With each question, consider how you've been feeling over the last two weeks. You may also want to write down your scores each time, but please note that a doctor will not be able to make a diagnosis based on the changes you've recorded.

Remember that this self-assessment is not designed to replace a consultation with your GP. However, if after taking the quiz you have concerns about your mental wellbeing, it might be useful to take a printout of your results along to your GP.


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Voomer said on 24 September 2015

Luca, don't suffer in silence. My situation although long term has been exasperated by my own behavior. You deserve support.

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Luca Burgess said on 18 August 2015

Thoroughly unhelpful program. Do the NHS really believe that anxiety and depression are such simple concepts that you can assign a score to them? What this program does is convince people that they are not depressed enough to need help. You only scored 5 out of 24 so your not really depressed, your just making it up, that fact that your suicidal doesn't really matter, you would be wasting a doctors time if you booked an appointment.

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TheMassageRooms said on 06 May 2014

What an excellent little tool ... to at least get us to starting thinking about this crucially important area of health.

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