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Twins growing up

The first year with twins is often the hardest, as your family learns to cope with the challenges posed by new babies. However, over that first 12 months, you should settle into a routine that suits everyone. 

As your twins grow up, their skills and relationship with each other will change and develop. Twins' language development can also be different from other children. Anticipating these changes and differences can make them easier to deal with.

Twins and language development

Many twins have normal speech and language development. However, some pre-school twins can be up to six months behind other children in terms of their speech development.

To find out why some twins can be slower to pick up language skills and what you can do to help them, read about twins and language development.

Supporting siblings

Adjusting to a new baby can be hard for an older brother or sister, but getting used to two or more babies can be even harder. 

To find out how to help your other children adjust to their new family unit and welcome new twins, read about supporting siblings when you have twins.

Twins at school

When your twins start school, you'll need to decide whether to separate them or keep them together.

Read more about twins at school, including help and advice to make the right decision for your twins.

Encouraging individuality

All twins are individuals. However, because they were born as a unit of two, they need some extra help to develop their own sense of identity as individuals.

Find out how to encourage individuality in twins.

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