Pityriasis rosea 


A typical "herald patch", often the first sign of pityriasis rosea 

Pityriasis versicolor

Pityriasis versicolor is another common skin condition that can be confused with pityriasis rosea as the rash may look similar.

However, there are important differences between the two. Pityriasis versicolor is caused by a yeast infection and can be treated with antifungal creams or anti-dandruff shampoos.

Read more about pityriasis versicolor.

Pityriasis rosea is a relatively common skin condition, causing a distinctive skin rash of raised, red scaly patches across the body.

The condition will usually resolve by itself within 2-12 weeks and it doesn't pose a serious threat to your health.

In many cases, a single red, oval patch of scaly skin called a “herald patch” appears before the rash. This typically appears a few days to two weeks before the wider rash.

The rash is sometimes itchy.

Read more about the symptoms of pityriasis rosea.

When to see your GP

If you think that you may have pityriasis rosea, see your GP to help confirm the diagnosis and ensure that other possible causes of your rash are not overlooked. Pityriasis rosea is not associated with any serious complications, so there’s no need to be concerned.

If you develop blistering, soreness, or involvement of your eyes, genitals or mouth, you should seek medical advice immediately, as this may indicate another more serious condition.

Read more about diagnosing pityriasis rosea.

Why it happens

It's not known what causes pityriasis rosea. One theory is that the rash may be the result of a viral infection, although there's currently no hard evidence to support this.

Pityriasis rosea is not contagious and can't be spread to other people by physical contact, so there's no need for someone with the condition to be kept away from other people.

Treating pityriasis rosea

In most cases, pityriasis rosea will clear up without any treatment. The rash usually goes away within twelve weeks, although it can sometimes last for up to six months.

Emollients (moisturisers), steroid creams and a type of medication known as an antihistamine can be used to help relieve the itchiness.

Read more about treating pityriasis rosea.

Who is affected

Pityriasis rosea is a relatively common skin condition, although precise statistics for the UK are not known.

Most cases of pityriasis rosea occur in older children and younger adults between 10 and 35 years old. However, cases have been reported in babies as young as 10 months old and elderly people in their eighties.

For unknown reasons, the condition affects women more often than men.

Most people only experience one episode of pityriasis rosea in their lifetime. Around 1 in 50 people have repeated episodes.

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Krissyno69 said on 19 November 2014

Well this is the 3rd time for me, I got this back when I was 25 and it covered my iner sides and back right up to my neck, I got it again last year November 2013, started with big herald blister on back then covered right up till the new year, this time I got my herald blister 2 weeks ago and have since been slowly getting covered, yey spots for Christmas again, think they have it wrong with the age as I'm now 45! And as for it's rare to get it twice well seems that's wrong in my case to! The bright side is it does go on its own and almost over night, mine usually last 6 weeks or so, cotton clothes seem to help with the irritation, hope you all get spot free soon!

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Lolahughes said on 01 November 2014

I have the same problem, it started appearing out of no where about four months ago, it's now appearing all over my body, mainly under my bra area and back, it has started itching and has become pigmented ( maybe due to summertime tan) the doctor said it will go and nothing they can do but I am not convinced, they also said its not contagious, I disagree as my boyfriend now has it on his belly. Anyone have any advice. I am not entirely convinced my GP has diagnosed it correctly

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Pityriasis Rosea said on 01 August 2014

So good to know that there are others who are suffering or have suffered this latest diagnosis that my GP has advised today. The last similar episode I had was in June 2012 that started on my torso. This June it started on both my arms and the prescribing nurse diagnosed potential cellulitis because the presentation and suffering was so severe. Today my skin GP has reassured me that this will pass and meanwhile I continue being depressed and sleep with my fan on all through the night. The condition is spreading all over my body - I find exfoliating and creaming helps the itchiness but the spreading continues. Unfortunately I was also left with scaly pigmented patches and the GPs don't seem at all concerned...

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User800081 said on 09 July 2014

I was on my holiday last year (August) had this awful rash come up everywhere including my face had to wait till we got home but booked the doctors and the doctor said it was PR have me steroid creams, and other creams NON of them worked and I was due to be a bridesmaid that week so went back got given stronger steroids still just wouldn't clear :( it took in total 11 weeks to go, I was depressed the doctor said i wouldn't get it again low and behold I have it again covered in it, third time in one year! I have noticed if am a little stressed at work a patch usually comes up on my neck or belly then I have to relax for a few days but if I don't relax it will just spread all over me. Being hot (sunbeds) or on holiday makes it worse :(

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PatrickKm said on 19 May 2014

Over the past ten years I have had PR flare up on 3 occasions. The first time was around 2006 which was treated with an anti fungal shampoo. The problem came back around 2012 when it was treated with the same shampoo. Again, it disappeared and has recently started to flare up again within the last 6 weeks. I do have allergies as well as eczema, but according to my doctor they aren't linked to PR.

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getting grey said on 16 May 2014

I had the pleasure of getting PR at the end of Jan just before the birth of my son. First thought it was an allergic reaction but after spreading to whole body went to walk in centre first and was told it was Psoriasis and to get some cream, wasn't happy with that so went to doctors (a bit late) who after a couple of trial runs and visits settled on PR.

Started washing with aqueous cream which helped and also used Epaderm cream - then moved to sanex wash and the Epaderm cream which works for me. Skins a little dry but i preferred the wash to using aqueous all the time.

Knees are a bit dry so just use the Epaderm cream twice a day. Everywhere is now clear apart from this.

Hard to do, but best thing I did was to stop worrying about it and trying to spot new blotches, just blanked it out and applied the cream and enjoyed the family.

It does go, takes time but does go, its a waste of energy to get hung up on.

Ep cream smells like the old paint I used as a kid at school, so you get a trip down memory lane as well.

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Grizzle bunny said on 27 April 2014

I was recently diagnosed with pityriasis rosea after first being incorrectly diagnosed with folliculitis and given antibiotics which of course did absolutely nothing and probably made me worse.
A few red spots appeared around my groin area and then rapidly spread all over my body apart from (thankfully) my face, lower legs/arms, feet and hands. They seemed to be getting worse and worse for the first two weeks which left me feeling completely depressed and self conscious, they were so red and angry my GP first thought it couldn't be PR as it was so noticeable and strongly coloured.
I wasn't recommended any self help methods so instead I used this board and a few others online to seek advice and washed with head & shoulders (I used eucalyptus) and rubbed bio oil on myself twice daily. I also took zinc supplements as apparently they help skin regenerate itself. I was very sceptical about all of this as not only did I not see immediate results, but also mine was so prominent I couldn't imagine it ever going away! But thankfully it did, and apart from a few faint marks around my thighs, I'm now completely rash free. I had it badly for 3 weeks (which seems quite lucky compared to others I've read) and only these few faint marks still remain. Whether it was the self help hurrying it along, or whether it would have away anyway I don't know, but it did seem to go away quickly once I started treating it.

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MadgeIris said on 27 March 2014

I'm a 59 year old female, who has suffered with Psoriasis for the last 10 years , sometimes its good sometimes bad.
But last week, I noticed some odd red spots and before I knew it was covered in it.
A trip to the doctors told me I had Pityriasis Rosea.
Having Psoriasis is depressing enough but having this on top is awful.
Its itchy and looks terrible.
The Doctor prescribed Cetraben cream and Erythromycin anti biotics.
Its early days but its doesn't seem to be doing anything.
I cant stop crying and feel very low.
Has anyone any advice?

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Jake29 said on 22 March 2014

I was a little hesitant to do this, but I have to share my experience with everyone. I was diagnosed with this over a week ago. It started with small spots, that appeared to be bug bites to me. So I soaked in alcohol, which did dry them out, but also left dark spots. The bumps/bite marks continued to appear and I was itching like crazy and thought it was more mental than anything. In my mind I swore I was being attacked by invisible bugs and was completely restless. I attempted to sleep one night and couldn't rest from the itching, so I looked in the mirror and saw, I was not only red all over, but the so called bug bites had now covered my entire upper body, at this point I knew bugs had nothing to do with it. I immediately went to the E.R. (ugghh, can't wait to see that bill) and I was told by the on staff Dr. in less than 2 minutes that I had our common friend pityriasis. I was told there was nothing that could be done as far as treatment and that I just had to ride it out until it was done running it's course. Did I mention I was told this could last up to 12 weeks? I just ordered sundresses and we all know what they leave your body looking like. To make a long story short, I visited my dermatologists on Wed, 10 days after the ER visit, which was the earliest he could see me. He prescribed medications that has almost left me bump free in two days, with no pain, itching or sensitivity. I can't speak for anyone else, but me. Prednisone 10mg & Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP, 0.1%...Perrigo. I hope this helps someone, the way that it's helped me so far. Now my only concern is to remove these spots from my body. My Dr. laughed and basically told me to focus. I'll take that, one step at a time, but these are the situations where loyalty is built between a Dr. & their patient. Just so you know, I'm an African American female 29 yoa and this has never happened to me. I know it says UK board, but this has been the most helpful board I've located online. Thanks

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Edwards1988 said on 09 March 2014

Hiya, I have been diagnosed with PR for around two weeks after being misdiagnosed and treated for scabies!! :(

I have been on a concoction of antibiotics and tablets which have stopped the spots spreading however they are now crusting over and going very dry.

I am going to apply bio oil due to having the spots for at least a month already. It looks awful and is depressing me greatly. I am going away soon and want it cleared up.

How have others got rid of the rash/spots? Please help :(

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rseago123 said on 08 March 2014

This is my 3rd time having this, previous 2 times my GP has advised me to shower an anti dandruff shampoo. He has said to run it over the rash but don't use it every time you shower just 1s or 2 times a week it helps speed up the recovery a little bit

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Escarlata said on 11 January 2014

Hello All,

I have been suffering from this particular affliction for several months. Despite my best efforts (applying the steroid cream or trying to get some sunlight or even washing with Head and shoulders as some have recommended below) nothing has worked. It's truly frustrating. Due to it running its course, the earlier blemishes have faded but the ones on my legs and back seem persistent. Thankfully I never had any on my face.

For two weeks, I have been using an over the counter medication, that has vastly improved the appearance of my blemishes (which were pretty bad as I kept picking at the dry skin on them and they got scabs as a result.) Anyways, the scabs on my legs have mostly gone and the blemishes themselves look lighter as if they're healing. I really noticed the difference after a week, even.

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mblucia said on 29 December 2013

I was diagnosed with PR in my early 20's during summer months and was told it was a self healing virus with no explanation as to why it really occurs. However I was told that it only happens once and its uncommon for it to return. Yet the more I read below it seems im not the only one suffering with it reoccurring. Ever since having the virus every couple of years large or small form I get the stereotypical rash back always starting from the neck and then swarming the trunk of my body not touching the legs or arms. Now this year baring in mind I've struggled with this for nearly 6 years it seems to have come back with avengence yet my Doctor thinks I suffer from discoid eczema which I've never had in my life and its not in my family history. I am absolutely convinced I have PR again because the rash formation is a massive give away and it has just spread like wild fire again from a few areas down the front and back of my body. I personally don't think they dissappear the patches did leave marks on my body but they lighten in time and with a sensible bit of sun exposure. There has got to be some given explanation as to why it reoccurs because clearly im not the only one. If anyone has anymore advice it would be gratefully received.

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User682364 said on 25 November 2013

I would like to share some more information that may help people. After my bout of this condition i noticed that the herald patch that initially started on my thigh stayed with me for another 6 months after the condition was gone. the herald patch got bigger and bigger and created a ring like structure and showed no signs of going away. then it accrued to me that the condition that i just got rid of could be a by product or associated with ring worm. I applied anti fungal cream to the patch and it went away after 2 weeks. i'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this and whether the two are connected in someway like shingles is to chicken pox .

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Danie3 said on 22 November 2013

I was diagnosed with PR earlier this year. I read on this sight of other peoples experiences and different treatments to try. The one that seemed to come up the most was head and shoulders with eucalyptus. I washed with this everyday using it like a shower gel. After, I smothered myself with aqueous cream which also had calamine in it. I drank mugs and mugs of rooibos tea which is great for the skin and also took Allicin Max which was recommended by my local health store. My rash which looked awful and covered most of my body had completely disappeared in less than 2 weeks. I continue to take Allicin Max and drink rooibos tea as the health benefits are immense. Hope this helps

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Bossybird said on 20 November 2013

My 11yr old daughter is now into her 3rd year of having this rash. It started with a herald patch on her side and then she slowly started getting the secondary rash with other herald patches. These slowly spread down the trunk of her body and onto her legs. The original herald patch took what seemed to be at least 9 months to disappear but as soon as that disappeared other herald patches had appeared. We tried a Chinese medicine doctor...well what a waste of time and money!! Never go to alternative medicine it won't work.Our regular Doctor said it is a self healing rash and as we are into our 3rd year now, the herald patches are disappearing but do take months and months to go.They seem to be very stubborn in self healing.Luckily she hasn't suffered with the itching and what I'm using now is Aveeno moisturising cream followed by aqueous cream after she's bathed. Sometimes I feel like the rash is going but I look at it again and it doesn't look any different. The only positive is that 4 of the herald patches have gone after many months of first appearing. Her skin has been marked where the rash has been, which I guess will fade. The sun and going in the sea in the summer seemed to have helped. We are thinking of getting a second opinion as we did take her back to the original doctor who diagnosed her and was told that it was unusual to have the rash for this long but said it still looked like PR.

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loobyloo1989 said on 20 November 2013

So a week after I last posted and although I've taken a bit of a dip in my confidence, I'm starting to see a huge improvement in my skin! It no longer looks red and angry and more just pink and patchy! It's not all done yet though, and it seems my work uniform has bothered my rash around my neck where my collar sits! I've been bathing twice a day with a squeeze of baby oil! Then whilst in the bath, I apply a thick layer of hydromol (it's like liquid paraffin), I wash it off with e45 shower cream then I let myself dry naturally! Lastly, I apply a heavy layer of diprobase! I'm no longer itchy all the time and it looks a 100 times better! So for everyone out there, who either can't see any end to it or for those who are only at the beginning, don't despair! It will go with a bit of patience... Something I've had to learn!

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loobyloo1989 said on 13 November 2013

About 3-4 weeks ago, I noticed a very small patch of dry skin on the underside of my breast, but thought nothing of it! Then 2 weeks later, I started to itch on my chest and tummy but there wasn't really anything to show for it! Then 5 days ago, I'm now covered in what has now been diagnosed as PR! Initially, a GP said it was a severe allergy, but I went back the next day seeing as it had got much worse! I'm on day 2 of treatment from the GP of diprobase emollient 3 times a day and once as a body wash, steroid cream on the itchiest of areas, and antihistamine's 3 times a day! To be honest, I can't tell whether it's getting better or worse, each time I look at a different area it just looks different! I'm giving this routine 7 days to see an improvement, then I'll try sunbeds, e45, bio oil, head and shoulders and anything else that's been suggested! I'll keep you updated on my PR hell!

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sparky1973 said on 02 November 2013

Hi all, my son, who is 14, has just been diagnosed as having PR after a week of being told it was chicken pox.. Each day we can see more spots appearing!! He now has E45 cream which we hope will start to help the itching .. Thanks to everyone who has posted some helpful tips.

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Kristina_225 said on 22 October 2013

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post and say thank you for all your advice, about two weeks ago I got a red swollen bump on my leg that was really itchy (at the time I thought it was a bite as that's not unusual for me) but turns out it was a herald patch and the beginnings of PR.

About 3 days later I started getting a rash, I thought it was just an allergic reaction to some soap powder or something so I took some anti histemines and ignored it, 2 days later we flew to America for a 2 month travelling trip. By the 2nd day of our trip my entire body was completely covered in this red scaly rash, which itched so bad, I was covering myself in calomine lotion and taking antihistamines like they were sweets but absolutely nothing helped, it literally got worse every day. I couldn't sleep, I didn't eat and the last thing I wanted to do was go out and sight see, I was so upset as we've been planning this trip for 2 years and I didn't even want to go outside as I was so embarrassed of my rash.

It covered the whole of my body, like literally everywhere, my ears, my hands, my feet, my bum.. There wasn't an inch of my body that didn't have any rash on it. I paid $130 to see a doctor who didn't have a clue what it was so I took to the internet to get some help and found lots of info on PR.

At this point I was in so much pain I would try anything, I got head and shoulders shampoo and showered in it, I only ever used cold water as it water hurt, I bought some steroid cream, took vitamin C, took Benadryl, and luckily enough as we are now in LA I could sit in the sun.

I'm pleased to say that after just 2 days of doing all this the rash has calmed down so much, it's still there and still itches but instead of being red and angry it's now a light pink colour and the itch is mostly bearable. I have no idea which one of the things I did helped but I would advise to do everything you can, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy but fingers crossed it will go soon :)

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Conans mummy said on 28 September 2013

I developed the herald patch at first just on my breast :( went to the doctors an they said it was ringworm :/ so he gave me some cream to try but after I had used all the cream and noticed a lot more spots appeared an they was really itchy I made another appointment at the doctors an he said it was pityriasis rosea, I was worried as I'm breast feeding would it be contagious but the doctor said its not an its just me with it at the minute! I have read on this site someone wrote try the sunbed, so today I have but my skin is on fire with it itching so much :( the sunbed has seemed to have made it worse :( but I will write again on here if it actually helps it to disappear! The rash is all over my stomach, breasts, back an is now spreading on my arms and legs, I just really hope not to my face, I've never heard of this before and it's horrible to have as its very itchy :(, wouldn't wish it in anyone, I also developed blisters in mouth at the back of my throat an under an on my tounge, absolutely horrible just hope it goes away sooner, hope this helps some one an I hope if you get it, that it goes fast :) xx

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Teenapea said on 22 September 2013

Hi, I wanted to post a comment to say thanks to everyone for being so helpful! Because I've never heard of PR before, I didn't know it was something a lot of people suffered from, I thought it was just something gross I'd contracted! Glad to hear I'm not alone..

Sadly I can't post any helpful remedies or tips because I'm currently in PR hell. I've had the rash for around 4 weeks now and I was just told by my doctor to leave it alone and use E45 cream to help with the itching. Since then the area of my rash has almost doubled and the itching is worse than ever so I'll definitely be trying some of your tips to help me get out of this hell quicker! :)

Thanks again.

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Yummymummy01 said on 17 September 2013

My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and the patches are still appearing on her tummy. It looks awful and she's still scratching. Fortunately not many on her face but you'd think there would be something you can take rather than putting up with it for 3 months. Daktacort didn't help either :(

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User800081 said on 31 August 2013

I started with a little itchy rash on my tummy went the doctors as it spread to my eyes, got told I had an allergic reaction was given steroids and cream to get rid, a few days later we went on holiday and it spread so fast I was covered apart from my legs, I went the doctors as soon a we got home (yesterday) and was diagnosed with this, iv read numerous forums and in about to try the treatment everyone said has worked which is head and shoulders :) I'm a bridesmaid next week and it looks awful it's embarrassing :( It's been a week and 3 days now and it's still coming up strong!

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cornish imp said on 12 July 2013

Bio oil worked

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cornish imp said on 12 July 2013

HI, I am pretty sure I had this while travelling, but I was in NZ & it cost $55 (about £30) to see a doctor, so I researched on the web. It started around my groin and chest & I thought it was maybe some foreign washing powder that had been used on my clothes / underwear. I thought initially it was an allergy, so I took high dose anti-histamines (cost $20 / £12!) and bought some steroid cream. But still, the rash kept spreading, so it couldn't have been an allergy. It spread across my groin, chest, tummy, and then started spreading down my legs and up to my neck. It was worst around my groin so I couldn't wear swimwear & looked like it could have been a dodgy infection (I knew it def. wasn't!). Luckily it was NZ Winter so it was covered up. so I researched a bit more & was horrified that I might have this rash for weeks, when I was soon going home to the Summer in the UK......
I happened to have bought some Bio-oil to try on a scar I'd got, and figured I would try spreading it over the rash affected skin to see if it helped. After one application the rash was much calmer and soothed. I applied the Bio Oil morning and evening, and the rash was almost healed in 4 days! Seriously I have never bought the oil before & it was a miracle! Seriously try it - I'm not being paid by the makers or anything, I was so embarrassed about the rash & the soreness & wanted it gone & it worked, it fixed my horrid rash when nothing else was working.

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rabbit75 said on 05 July 2013

5 weeks ago a strange pink circle appeared on the top of my arm, it seemed to just appear, one day it wasn't there and the next it was. As it was a bit dry, I just put some Sudocrem on the patch and waited for it to vanish......which it didn't.

So, after 2 weeks of it being there, I went to a local Pharmacist and she told me that it looked like Ringworm and that I should use Daktarin cream on it, three times a day for at least two weeks. I used the cream for nearly three weeks and in that time several more patches appeared on my stomach, chest and thigh. As I was convinced that this was Ringworm, (and as such it must be contagious), I kept the patches all covered with plasters. I looked like a freak and as I'm allergic to plaster, the patches were also ringed by Allergy marks! One plus was that the initial patch had pretty-much faded.

This week I went to my GP and was diagnosed with PR. Not contagious, no more plasters, Hoorah! More Daktarin cream was prescribed and I started to cream them all twice a day. The patches have now started appearing on my back and more on my arms. (There are also some suspicious looking marks appearing on my face, which I'm just hoping are simple 'spots').

The weather today has got substantially warmer and the patches have started itching. Very uncomfortable. So I decided to look for the advice of people who have lived with the complaint, hence why I am now commenting on this site! I have purchased some Eucalyptus Head & Shoulders today, to try to dry-out my skin. I have a wedding to be going to in August and don't want to have to wear trousers and a roll-neck jumper in order to cover a red rash!

Here's hoping that this 37 year old will successfully rid herself of the mysterious PR and here's hoping that it never comes back!

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sm30 said on 02 May 2013

I had Piryriasis Rosea over 10 years ago. My doctor told me that the best thing to promote the fading was uv light. Thankfully I had it mid summer and we were going away so was brave enough to walk around, but the other option would be sunbeds as long as kept short so don't burn. The only mark I now have is a slight puckering where the herald spot was. I hope this helps. Mine lasted about 8 weeks in total

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BobMarleyGirl said on 14 April 2013

I have had PR for 2 and a half weeks now and it's spread onto my face and scalp, I'm a 17 year old girl and I don't want to leave my house now because my skin is that bad I have college To go to and placement at a primary school to attend but I do not want to go to these places although I have to .. as it's all flaky and I really don't know how to make it go away any faster..no amount of make up will cover this, I hardly wear much foundation as it is I don't want to be a wotsit colour trying to hide it, I'm so frustrated and embarrassed about it because it looks terrible, I went to my doctor twice, they did nothing but confirmed that it was PR and won't give me anything, It doesn't seem to be getting any better but Actually getting worse.. can someone confirm what actually works to help try get rid of it?? I feel so down about it all :'( ..

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Clarkieblues said on 04 April 2013

I was diagnosed with PR just over 2 weeks ago I had no idea what it was as doctor told me nothing could be done it was a virus and would go in about 3 months. I was gutted as my whole top body including arms and neck not face was covered it was painful and itchy and looked terrible. I tried using head and shoulders but this didn't help and also went on the sun bedwhich helped a little but rash still quite visible. My mom suggested I go back to the doctors and get a 2nd opinion which thank god I did. He looked at me straight away and said I had a bad case of PR and prescribed Cetraben cream and also Betamethasone vale rate cream which after only 2 days of applying my rash is almost clear. I was at my wits end as what to do. Hope this helps

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AspirationalOne said on 29 January 2013

The use of anti-dandruff shampoo is not for this condition. Selsun brand IS useful in the treatment of Pityriasis Versicolour, not Pityriasis Rosea (I have had both - well have Rosea, previously had Versicolour).
H&S anti-dandruff shampoo suppresses fungal growth (important for dandruff and P. Versicolour) but does not cure. So it works for as long as you use it, stop, and it all comes back. Selsun cures fungal infection - so good for dandruff and P. Versicolour. Different active ingredients.
By the way, I am a pharmacist by training.
P. Rosea is not nice. At week 2.5 and if this goes on for up to 8 weeks (maybe 3 months) not going to enjoy.
Currently on steroid cream, emollients and anti-histamines. Interested in sun-bed comments, but I swore to myself years ago that these are un-regulated and the risks for skin cancer are way too high for my liking. I may change my mid about this in a month or two if the itching doesn't go down.
Just my opinion.

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Noyley said on 25 January 2013

I just wanted to leave a comment as this has been something that I have had on and off since puberty. I didn't go to the doctors about it until my early 20's though. She diagnosed me with PR and suggested I get some anti dandruff shampoo called Selsun. You can buy it at your local chemist, it costs roughly around the same price as H & S and has been my saviour. I had it again last summer quite bad as it spread quicker than it ever had before! Within 2 weeks of using the shampoo it had completely disappeared. I would recommend this rather than sun beds as it is cheaper and there isn't a risk of developing skin cancer from the sun bed. I have just got out of the bath this evening and noticed it is starting again on my chest, luckily I have some shampoo left over from last time. Good luck to all my fellow sufferers hope you find what works best for you x

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gronsuk said on 20 December 2012

Thank goodness for this website. My 3 year old developed a herald patch a week ago then the day before he was due to have adenoid surgery the rash followed. They were happy to do the op as he was bright with no temp but whilst i surgery the rash got much worse so they called a dermatology consult to check he wasn't infectious before going onto the ward and she diagnosed PR. She advised piriton and Calamine Aqueous cream not Calamine lotion as she says this dries it out and makes the scratching worse.

The night after his surgery he got no sleep, not due to pain but scratching. In the end I had to sit with him and hold his hands but he only got about an hours sleep.

Yesterday I found this site so purchased some Head and Shoulders anti itch eucalyptus shampoo and the Calamine cream, but he can't have a really hot shower being 3 and getting him to stand for 5 mins with shampoo on would not work either. So ran him a warm bath and used the shampoo as very frothy bubble bath and washed his skin and hair with it. We showered him off then covered him with the calamine cream and he slept for 11hours with only minimal itching!

Will be doing the same again tonight and keeping fingers crossed.

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poorlypup said on 06 December 2012

My herald patch showed up a few weeks ago and was followed by the rash spreading slowly and steadily across my entire torso, upper arms, and around my bikini line area. It also seems to have spread to my scalp and a couple of patches on my neck but nothing too severe. It tends not to affect people's faces so if anyone is worried about that then don't be!! Thankfully I've suffered only very minimal itching and I'm trying all the preventative/healing measures I've heard about - using head and shoulders shampoo on my scalp and all over the affected areas on my body - using mild steroid cream occasionally on very itchy patches - popping an antihistamine when the itching is bad, and occasionally using sunbeds when I get the chance. The rash seems to have stopped spreading for now (or at least has slowed significantly) and it looks as though my legs, face and most of my lower arms will remain unaffected. I have also been slathering all affected areas with sudocrem every night before bed which seems to be helping - it protects the rash from water as it doesn't wash off easily, and it seems to be healing the rash as I am getting a flaking effect which I gather is because new skin is forming and healing. I would definitely recommend the sudocrem approach to anyone who is looking for another tip to help out. I am going on holiday in 3 weeks and have had the rash for about a week and a half, I am seriously hoping it will disappear before I go away otherwise I'll be covering up on the beach like a nun!

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Pamelajr said on 03 December 2012

I was diagnosed 10 weeks- nightmare. In that time I have got married, been on Honeymoon and I'm now recovering.
Steroid cream didn't work, aqueous cream didn't work,Tunisian honeymoon sunshine didn't work, Head and Shoulders 'treatment' helped a little.
After 7 weeks desperation set in and I headed to the sunbed salon. 8 minute sessions, 3 times a week for 2 weeks and the rash began to retreat. 8 minutes seemed to burn the rash away(unhealthy, but at this point I was passed caring).
My skin is now 99% clear and I feel like a new woman! I am keeping a close check on my skin and any signs of it returning and I will book more sun bed sessions.
ADVICE:try and stay positive, difficult after weeks and weeks of pain and misery.

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Jojo10 said on 27 November 2012

Today I was diagnosed with PR. I initially thought it was caused by by epilating as my herald patch is on my bikini line and I have had in growing hair there in the past. The first time I saw the doctor 2 weeks ago before any of the secondary spots arrived I was prescribed Fucidin H cream, then last week the secondary spots arrived and the second doctor told me I had a variety of skin conditions and I was given anti-biotics and told the herald spot was a fungal infection and to treat it with an anti fungal cream, neither of which have worked. On my third visit today I was told it was PR and that it common for it to be misdiagnosed at first. My spots started on my chest but are now spreading yo my back, waist and arms and are starting to itch. I am so glad I have found other people with this as I was feeling really self conscious. I dont know how long it will last but I was told 6 weeks or so. I am going to see if it subsides by itself, if not I will try the Head and Shoulders and sunbed approach as I am going on holiday in 7 weeks so just hope it is gone by then! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

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simooooon said on 10 November 2012

*Cure for Pityriasis Rosea - Sun Bed*
I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. The herald patch appeared on the side of my torso about 4 weeks ago. The rash then stated about 2 weeks after. It started on my torso and groin area and from then intensified everyday until my whole body was covered.. It even appeared on the palms of my hands my scalp. I went to the doctor 4 times as the rash was just getting out of control.. When I saw the doctor the last time 4 days ago the doctor asked me to take my top off so she could look how much it had intensified. The doctors actually look a bit shocked and said it was the worse case of PR she had ever seen, she thought it could of be secondary infected PR. She took pictures to send to a dermatologist and was going to get back to me.. she still hasn't!! 3 days ago the rash appeared on my face.... after trying to contact the doctors to see if she had heard anything form the dermatologist but then discovering she wasn't working, I then decided to take matters in to my own hands. I remembered reading a few comments regarding Head and Shoulders but as I used this all the time and it certainly didn't stop or aid the very sore rash all over my scalp I didn't bother trying over my body.
The other was light therapy or sun beds.. I was a bit apprehensive but I decided to give it a go.. 3 days ago, in the evening I had an 8 minute stand up sun bed. When I got home I must confess the rash felt very warm and when I got in bed I was cold inside hot outside, probably a bit of sun stroke.. but when I woke up in the morning my rash didn't feel irritated or sore and I felt like I had a really good night sleep. When I got out of bed I couldn't believe my eyes.. The rash on my torso was a very light pink instead of the intense red. Yes - I was still covered in a rash but it was healing!!! I had one more sun bed last night.. the rash on my torso has now gone, leaving just very dry skin and the rash on the rest of my body is now starting to fade :)

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mo333jo said on 26 September 2012

Both my teenage daughter and myself were diagnosed with PR yesterday. I'm just wondering if the condition is not contagious how come we both have it at the same time? Can anyone spread any light on the matter please

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User682364 said on 12 September 2012

Just found out something interesting. The patch on my leg that showed up before my pityriasis rosa which i thought was the "Hearld Patch" that showed up before and still is on my leg 3 months after it went away. It might actually be ringworm. Maybe this was the cause of the pityriasis rosa? hmmm who knows. just a thought!

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Amy_e_s said on 03 August 2012

I have suffered from this condition twice now and think I have found a pretty good treatment! The first time I contracted it (about 2 years ago) I visited my GP who prescribed Daktacort and told me to wait it out for the 12 week healing period. The cream did help with the dryness but the rash still took the full 12 weeks to disappear. 4 weeks ago, I noticed the herald patch and went straight to the doctors hoping that if I caught it in time, it would be less severe - not the case unfortunately. This time though, I was not prepared to just 'wait it out' again. After visiting this site, I tried the Head and Shoulders remedy but for me, this had no effect. I read on a different site that exposure to the sun could help so went to do six minutes at my local tanning shop. The difference was instant! As soon as I came off the bed, my rash was dramatically reduced. I did a six minute session every four days and after four sessions, there was no trace of the rash or herald patch at all. I know using sunbeds is not ideal but it seriously worked wonders for me. Perhaps I am lucky in the sense that I am not very fair skinned but if you can get away on sunbeds without burning, I can't recommend this enough. Good luck!

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Discontinue said on 02 August 2012

2. So we went onto the web and found this site. Thank goodness for the poster who recommended Head & Shoulders shampoo because it was her saviour and it worked and gave her at least partial relief. Which wasn't forthcoming from her GP!
Judging by the amount of comments and the period of months patients have been responding to this site it seems that this is not just a "rare viral infection" as suggested. That it is well known as her GP recognised it immediately but was given no help at all to relieve her pain. Or even explain that it would possibly last much longer than "ten days". 
My daughter has today attended at the City  Hospital but again was given no medicinal treatment. She produced photo's of her "rare viral infection"but the Doctor was not moved to help with medication or give any advice other than to make another appointment for a months time. She also said she should not return to work until the rash improves. That the "rash" would continue with two weekly  bouts when it would subside and then return. She asked the Doctor how she had contracted this virus and was told it was by "someone with the virus"sneezing. She mentioned that she did have a cold or cold like symptoms and a sore throat and was told this was probably connected to the virus. The Doctor said if the rash was still present on her next appointment she would advise "light treatment" I presume this meant sun bed treatment.

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Discontinue said on 02 August 2012

1. My daughter has been unfortunate enough to have contracted this virus and she duly attended her GP and also visited her "in house" doctor at her place of employment. It had a "herald spot" as mentioned here and it started spreading across her abdomen at the rate of knots until eventually it appeared on her arms legs and the rest of her torso. The size of the rash varied from 1 to 2 inches across of blotches down to small pin prick size. They were sore, burning and painful. They made wearing clothing very daunting as the material chaffed and increased the pain. She was told by her GP that it was "very rare" and that it would subside after about ten days. He gave her no medication even though she was suffering very acute discomfort!
She returned to her GP three days later because she was in considerable pain and was told he would organise an emergency appointment immediately and she would hear the next day with an appointment to attend the local City Hospital. Still no help regarding medication although he did suggest hay fever tablets and pain killers. She waited seven days and the letter duly arrived with appointment three weeks hence!  The rash on her torso was now beginning to join up into one complete area with no gaps and was unbearable to touch.

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Ravenmad said on 24 June 2012

Have had this for 7 months now and my life has been hell. As it started on my feet the doctor thought it was Pompholyx and gave me steroid cream and emollients neither of which made any difference at all. It then spread to my hands arms legs and lower back and the only thing that gave relief from the itching was Calamine lotion.That only worked in the short term so I tried vinegar washes and antihistamin creams none made much difference. 10 days ago I was prescribed Prednisolone tablets which is a corticosteroid. I had to take 6 tablets with breakfast 30 mg. From day one the rash started to show signs of going down for the first time in 7 months. This is now 2 days after finishing the 5 day course and it does seem to be working. The lesions are a purple colour now and there is very little itching.Some have vanished completely and no more have come up. Hope some of you might ask your doctor about this treatment. The only side effect I had was a lot of energy and found it hard to get to sleep at night as my mind was over active but it was for only 5 days. I hope this may help some of you, good luck!

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User682364 said on 12 June 2012

Sorry the last 2 comments were mixed around, didnt know they put the newest posts at the top.

Now I didnt go into much detail about which shampoo i used and how to use it.

The shampoo that I used was Head and Shoulders with Eucalyptus in it. It worked wonders!

The first time that you use it i suggest that you spread it all over your body and leave it for a few minutes until you feel your body going cold, then thouroughly wash it off, youll find that your body will go extremely dry. You'll also notice that when you use moisturisers after, it will sting.

Applications after the initial one should be applied like soap, as soon as you have finished applying, wash it off.

You'll find that your skin will be really dry and start to shed its skin on the affected areas where the rash is. I wear a shirt to work and when i get home and take it off all the dead skin falls out and there is a good dusting of it. If you cant bear the tightness of the skin or the tenderness you can use Johnsons baby lotion which helped but only apply once, the aim of the game i think is to keep the skin dry at all times i think moisture gives it grounds to spread. Once i started using the shampoo the rash slowed down and then completely stopped spreading. When washing with the shampoo i always used extremely hot tolerable water to wash to get rid of any dead skin cells and help with the itching

hope this all helps

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User682364 said on 06 June 2012

Week 4: Read on the internet about using anti dandruff shampoo so I brought the one with Eucalyptus in it.
Tried it for the first time, made my body really cold because of the menthol properties in it.
Shampoo has really dried my skin out, Rash has stopped spreading, Shedding loads of skin where the rash is
Not using moisturisers, still using very hot water, skin starts to sting when I put the shampoo on but goes away after half an hour, if you cant bear really dry skin and it hurts use moisturiser to calm that down.
End of week 4 rash is 90% faded not totally gone, but no itching, no bumps, the shedding of the skin Is now non existent and skin is back to normal. Yay!

Conclusion: It seems that Pityriasis Rosea in my opinion has characteristics of other skin aliments

Rash – Like Eczema or Psoriasis
Possibly only get it once – Chicken Pox
Treatment – UV, Again Eczema or Psoriasis
looks worst with heat or sweating – Heat Rash or Fungal infection

so could this be a super rash?

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User682364 said on 06 June 2012

Here I how I got rid of my Pityriasis Rosea within 4 weeks

Week 1: Was on a course of antibiotics for 2 weeks as the doctor thought that it was a skin infection he also gave me Dermol 500 cream and was on hayfever tablets for the itching.
Rash spread from chest down and around my waist, then up my shoulders and up my back, neck, bum and finally my arms.
With the course of antibiotics I knew they weren’t going to do anything anyway but still took them, they helped with the feeling low and the supposed cold that I thought I had, boosted my immune system.
Had a shower every night after work and used the Dermol cream made sure that the water was super hot, hot enough that I could bear. The hot water helped with the itching use extra cream to calm the skin down when it got really itchy
(Although people on the internet said to use warm water I wanted to try something different as no one knows how to really treat it so I experimented.)

Week 2: Still on the antibiotics and hayfever tablets, they really help with the inching
Still having the very hot showers and using the Dermol cream, tried using Sanex body wash as well, worked for a while then stopped using it.
The rash is still spreading and getting more predominant, spread right up to my chin line but didn’t go on the face or hands

Week 3: Rash has slowed down with the spreading and has started to merge with on another, makes me look like I have sunburn
Finished with the antibiotics last week but still taking the hayfever tablets. Still using the Dermol cream, not making any difference.

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Kadam Satya said on 02 June 2012

Saga ended at last. I just used the given medicine for 3 to 4 days. Now i'm using only moisturizing cream. 95% of spots have already disappeared.

Please check whether the medicines/creams what you are using is not causing you a new problem.

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Kadam Satya said on 28 May 2012

Continuation to my earlier post, The actual patches went off with caloe lotion, but the new prickly heat kind bubbles were still coming up on hands and thighs. I am not able to sleep in the night properly as the prickly heat is giving such a pain at arms and neck.

Just to have a second opinion, i went to another famous Dermotologist today. She explained as, PR is almost gone and the new rashes might b'cause of the Aloevera cream, may not suite my skin (actually i was using both aloe and caloe, since i found caloe was making skin very dry, started using aloe)

i skipped aloe one time in the morning, and feeling much better. Hope the new rahses should subside soon.

Medicines given are: Roxid-150 two times daily(This is for soar throat, donno how it is related to rashes), Betnovate cream + coconut oil to apply on rashes two times daily.

Will update the status soon..

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Kadam Satya said on 24 May 2012

Adding to my earlier comment on 21 May'12. My doctor suggested Biopsy as it was increasing on arms and neck too.. Given the lesion for biopsy and waiting for the results.. in the mean while she has added tablets - vozet, Azithromycin and Becelac (only for wound healing, as biopsy was done) and Changed Dermadew Aloe to Dermadew Caloe. This lotion seems to be working on existing patches..but the new small ones are still coming up on hands and on neck.. Praying the god to get well soon..:)

Will get back with the report results..

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Kadam Satya said on 21 May 2012

I went to Doctor with patches on my chest and arms having them on for around one week. She explained it as PR. Given Dermadew cream and Allegra (Fexofenadine hydrocloride) tablets. I'm using this now since one week. Patches have spread to neck and back, and some on legs even. Applying Dermadew(Aloe cream) is giving relief from itching and the affected area is becoming dark red or brown, but small newer patches are coming up here and there on chest. I feel burning sensation all over the affected area. May visit the doctor again to show if this is some thing different. Its more than 2 and half week now. i will update my status if this helps to any one out there..

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JulyBug said on 16 May 2012

To all those who wanted to crawl out of their itchy skin. I was trained as a chemist and a great believer in the scientific method. I tried every type of cream, ointment and lotion. What didn't work was aloe, neem oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, antifungal creams. What sort of worked was E45 Anti-itch cream, calming lotion, hydrocortisone cream (but didn't want to use that for too long), calamine and cocoa butter. What worked best of all was homeopathic Graphites cream and after an hour or so olive butter. For those allopaths who are determined to stamp out homeopathy, according to standard medical belief there is no difference between Graphites cream, Rhus Tox cream, Arnica cream or Calendula cream. But Graphites worked and none of the others did. Hot soaks seem to intensify the itching, but then it subsides. I applied the Graphites waited an hour or so, and then applied the olive butter to keep my skin from drying out. Citerizine (Zyrtec) also helped, as did Homeopathic Histamine and Histamine Support. But first contact your GP and make sure that it isn't any one of a dozen other possibilities. And once diagnosed, try the different remedies until you find those that work.

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Lola66 said on 22 April 2012

Hi everyone I wanted to share some info on here having recently been diagnosed with PR my doctor firstly thought it was a fungal infection like most other posts on here - gave me cream which I stopped after a couple of days as it was getting much worse!! Mine started with a herald patch on my back which I couldn't understand having never had any skin conditions in my 45 years, at the time I was under a reasonable amount of stress and thought it may be that I also felt quite unwell and even passed out one evening when getting up to the bathroom feeling nauseous! long story shortened my rash got much much worse and particularly on my chest and neck which became unbearable ( feeling like the worst prickly heat I have ever experienced) the heat radiating from the rash was incredible and it was so itchy too, no creams seemed to help!! Went to an old fashioned pharmacy near me and was sold several things to help - a range called 'aloedermal' shower/ shampoo and body lotion which apparently helps the skin to return to natural ph level of 5.5 and he also recommended changing wash powder along with taking 3 berocca's a day to boost my immune system which was clearly very low and have to say I was feeling dreadful both mentally and physically (headaches, lightheaded) I was later chatting to a friend whose daughter suffered for many years with skin conditions and she mentioned how amazing rooibus tea is - she often put tea bags in her daughters bath to help her irritated skin!! Willing to try anything at this stage I bought some organic loose rooibus tea and made up a large bowl leaving the temperature to cool to tepid and then using a flannel and the tea lay the flannel all over my rash twice a day - this was 3 days ago and I can not even begin to tell you how much my rash has changed, almost gone!! Incredible!! I've also been drinking 3 cups a day!! Will keep you updated on here - give it a go!

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Sparkle_66 said on 22 April 2012

My 18 year old son started with a bit of itchy rash at the beginning of April which became worse. After a few days I took him to the local Walk In Clinic who diagnosed Pityriasis Rosea & prescribed him with Chlorphenamine antihistamine tablets (Piriton equivalent). This helped reduce the itch & some days it wasn't too bad then others the rash seemed to have spread. Started on his chest then moved to abdomen, spread to his upper arms/thighs & behind ears/neck. Eventually we also bought some Hydrocortisone cream which seemed to help too & some more antihistamines. Fortunately for him he seems to be over the worst after 3 weeks. Hope someone finds this information useful.

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amandafielding44 said on 20 April 2012

I first noticed this rash on my face. I didn't really think much of it, I thought it may just be a spot. Since then it's slowly spread and the past two weeks it has been really bad on my chest, shoulder and the top of my tummy. It is now pretty bad on my face (even though lots of people have said it's uncommon on the face) and getting slowly worse on my legs. It sometimes feels like it's getting better but the next day becomes bad again.

I was given an anti fungal cream and then Keptokozen (not sure on spelling). Took 4 times for the doctor to confirm pr. Basically they said wait it out. Nothing seems to work for me. I do find though that when I wear make up my face is better.

I did go to a health store today, and was advised of high stability silver. You can take it internally and externally. I have also purchased the boots sun swim shampoo talked about on here as well. I'm praying they both work and if they do I will certainly post on here, If anyone else has any advise please let me know. This is such a drain.

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darrenu278 said on 18 April 2012

Just back from the doctors as i noticed these rash marks spreading to my shoulders and he has confirmed it is Pityriasis Rosea. I am experiencing a little itching and have been prescribed Clotrimazole Cream 1%, which is an anti fungal cream. I however will be trying out Head and shoulders and possibly a sunbed as Ultra Violet rays are meant to help this a lot. Ironic that a sunbed can actually help your skin haha.

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darrenu278 said on 18 April 2012

Just back from the doctors as i noticed these rash marks spreading to my shoulders and he has confirmed it is Pityriasis Rosea. I am experiencing a little itching and have been prescribed Clotrimazole Cream 1%, which is an anti fungal cream. I however will be trying out Head and shoulders and possibly a sunbed as Ultra Violet rays are meant to help this a lot. Ironic that a sunbed can actually help your skin haha.

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Minzy6277 said on 25 March 2012

I got this in summer last year, it lasted a couple of weeks and then went away. It didn't itch or anything. In the past week or so it has come back again, it seems to only appear during warm months.

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Suemixalot said on 28 February 2012

I got ill in Jan, thought nothing of it. About 3 weeks later I noticed the herald patch and googled Pityriasis.
I had that for apx 2 weeks before the first dots of my secondary rash about 10 days ago. I got a few dots over my upper chest area so went to the Doctors who said it was indeed pityriasis rosea. She said not much she could do, gave me some Anti-fungal cream,

Anti-funglal cream - I used it for 2 days on my chest which is the worst area getting more itchy all the time and still spreading.. It wasn't working so I stopped.

E45 cream - tried cleaning rash gently and regularly then put E45 on, both time I tried this on my chest the rash started itching horribly so I washed it off.

Calamine lotion - This seemed to help at first but 5 days into the secondary rash it wasn't cutting it and I stopped using it as its so messy.

So now at day 10, the rash has covered my chest and neck. The dots on my chest joined up so its one big patch. I have several dots all over my top and some on my abdomon, gut and back. They itch a little bit on my body but are bearable. The area on my chest and neck has been unbearable, it flares up from time to time, the most with heat and goes quite red, the itch is unbelievable and it feels quite tight around my neck at this time but I'm coping with it using the following:

Clothing - Nothing can touch my neck when its agitated so I've got xl mens tshirts and cut a wide area of the neck out to help.

Ice packs - I've got freezer icecube bags filled & chilled or frozen which I lay on my chest this relieves the itching immediately,

Baths - I bath in water as cold as poss with epsom salts

Moisturiser - I use a good glob of Aqueous cream, applied gently when needed & always after bathing.

Anti-hystamines - I've got Zirtek for when I have to work, Pyriton when its ok to be drowsy,

I think thats all, I'll try the Head and Shoulders + post an update, hope this helps

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lawrievancarr said on 19 February 2012

I posted last week that I had recently been diagnosed with PR and was really suffering with the itching. I have tried most of the products suggested by other sufferers of PR but have found a combination of showering with simple soap in a tepid shower and moisturising with aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion with shea butter and triple oat complex is really helping and I am using it as an overall body moisturiser. Although the patches reamin from my neck to my knees on both my front and back they are fading and thankfully not as red or itchy, to the point I have worn a round neck jumper rather than the high necks I have worn for the last 3 weeks.

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RM13 said on 16 February 2012

I was diagnosed with PR and it was horrendous the itching was unbearable reducing me to tears on many occasions. Anti histamines, calamine lotion, aquaious cream nothing worked. Then someone said head and shoulders... rub into your body before showering in a cool shower. This never worked for me it just felt like it was burning my skin. So i rummaged through my cupboard and found my savior. Sun, swim and gym shampoo 3 in 1 from boots approx £3.50. It removes salt from the skin and cleared my rash in 7 days. I rubbed it all over my skin before showering, even bits where there was no rash, let it soak in for about 3-5 mins, then I would rinse off with the shower and wash with sanex. My itching reduced dramatically and my skin has cleared. I still itch now and again but no rash anywhere. I have got a few white patches where the larger scales were but i can live with that. This was an off chance find and I really hope it works for others My dr's told me I had to put up with it, they weren't helpful at all so hopefully this helps others like it did me. Good luck and power through as I know how horrid this rash can be mentally and physically. (I had my rash for 9 weeks before trying the boots shampoo)

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User645298 said on 15 February 2012

Last spring I saw a small patch on my arm I have no idea what it was. In about another week or two I saw small herald of red patches on my skin, under my breast, lower back and tummy. I was so scary I rushed to the doctor with the fair of having skin cancer, the doctor laughed and said no way its PR and he explained that there is no need to use medication on it because they will go away in their own time. More patches came out a few on my arm but not too visible and one on my lower chin. I was so horrified and frustrated. I read other people's comments and tried using the Head and Shoulder to be honest don't know if it helps. ONE THING FOR SURE THEY WILL GO AWAY WITHOUT VISIBLE SCARS, I THINK THEY ONLY LEAVE SCARS IF IRRITATED.

It's spring now and guess what I am having PR outbreaks again, I am devastated and very depressed I am asking myself why now and I will be going on holiday in the next 6 weeks. I pray they will disappear by that because i want to feel confident in my fine straps clothes when I am on holiday. I remember the GP said once you have an episode you will be immune to it .... I am having another episode after a year. I am using H & S to bath and E45 to moisturize myself instead of lotions. They are diminishing slowly but surely and I also order some chinese medicine but awaiting delivery. I am trying everything now because I am desperate. One thing for real they does go and leave no scars.

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lawrievancarr said on 13 February 2012

I was diagnosed with this by GP last week but was given virtually no information on how to make it more bearable, just the rash would take 11 - 15 days to develop fully and it would last for months. I have it from my neck to my knees on both my front and back.i have found the information posted here so useful and am managing to just about put up with the itching due to calamine aqueous cream and antihitimine. Hopefully, it won't extend to my face.
I have read it mostly affects younger people under 35 but as I am 50, I'm not sure how that works and prior to the "herald"spot I had not felt unwell.
I'm hopeful it will go away within the 3 months it just feels miserable at the moment.

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mum04 said on 12 February 2012

hi there,my 2 yr old daughter was diagnosed with this 4 days ago when she had it on her tummy,back and a few on her face she is now covered even on her eyelids.her eyes are very red and swollen and look very sore,antihistamines are not helping as she is still scratching like mad,ive been given calamine aqueous cream but still doesnt seem to be doing much,im really concerned about her face and eyes as have read that it doesnt usually effect the face.im dreading how long that it is going to last for both our sakes as people look at her like she has leporsy as i have a busy household with 3 other children and its half term so need to leave the house!!she also suffers with ezema so is in a right state to now have this aswell!what is the shampoo that is supposed to help?thanks any info would be appreciated.

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MagT said on 17 January 2012

How I wish the internet had been available when I first suffered from PR nearly 40 years' ago when I was in my 20's. My GP diagnosed scabies - which almost gave me a nervous breakdown. When I suffered for the second time a different GP also diagnosed scabies, with the herald patch being "ringworm" - so double bubble! During my third bout, another GP finally diagnosed PR ... I am now 62 and a herald patch has once again appeared, and I will be going out to buy some aquious cream today in anticipation of the next stage! I am so grateful that I now know what is going on and I understand a bit more about this complaint - and even more grateful that it is not scabies!

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alison2012 said on 08 December 2011

hi my son is 4 years old and about 2 weeks ago i noticed a patch on his neck just like the one in the picture the doctor gave me anti fungal cream but this isnt working ano now he has a small simular patch on his stomach and just a spot like rash on his back is this normal for pr? he has had his blood taken a couple of days ago can this confirm if he has this?

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Locket83 said on 02 December 2011

I have been diagnosed with this - I have a large herald patch on my left ribs, and smaller patches all over my torso up to my shoulders. Nothing on my legs, arms or face though. I have also been feeling really tired and nauseous.
It's only really itchy when I get hot or after a shower. I have been using calendula cream from Boots - a herbal remedy, traditionally used to treat sore & rough skin. It really takes the inflammation down and stops the rash itching so much. Fortunately it's winter so long sleeved tops and jeans are the norm!

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pinkystan said on 29 November 2011

Mr Pinkystan was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea yesterday after two weeks of my badgering him to visit the GP - he had a herald patch on his lower back then scaly spots suddenly appeared and spread from his shoulders down to his thighs. He's not experiencing a huge amount of itching (apparently, but then, he likes to try and sound tough...!), and has been told to just let it resolve itself, but now I've read about Head & Shoulders helping I'll be picking some up!

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florcita said on 30 October 2011

I have been suffering from pityriasis rosea for a couple of weeks. The itchiness has gone thanks to the antihistamines.
However, I am slightly dark skinned and now there are pale marks (brown discolouration) in all of the areas affected. Does anybody know a treatment specially for this? I believe the worst has passed but I still can’t wear short sleeves at the gym, nor party dresses.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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3charliem said on 20 October 2011

i had a row of small red patches on my neck that were slowly multiplying so went to the pharmacy and they advised i went to the doctor who diagnosed me straight away with having pityriasa rosea. i was told that there was nothing that she could give me and that it would get worse and could last up to six months. After hearing this and being effected on my neck, which i couldn't easily hide, i looked on the internet for solutions. i came across here and many other websites which suggested using anti dandruff shampoo. i bought anti dandruff shampoo for sensitive skin and it really helped, i washed in it twice a day and moisturised with cream and about three times a day and always after washing with the shampoo. i also took multivitamins as i was told it attacks you when you have a weak immune system. luckily mine was not itchy and i didn't have to worry about itching it and making it worse, just about keeping it covered up. i was told i could use make up to cover it up so i used foundation, and i think that this may have also helped to clear it up as it would have dried the area out and eventually flaked and disappeared. The rash did multiply and spread all over my neck, legs, arms and a few patches on my face. luckily they started to clear up about a week and half after starting with the shampoo. They firstly dried out and got a bit sore when touched but plenty of moisturiser sorted it out and started to get less red and eventually disappeared after two and half to three weeks, which i was really pleased with after being told i could have this for six months. just wanted to share what i did and used to clear mine up as i know how helpless and horrible it can make you feel .... i hope this helps some people :)

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sally55 said on 12 October 2011

I've just been diagnosed with Pityriasis but the doctor didn't say which one it was but has given me a script for Ketoconazole shampoo 2% so I guess it must be Versicolor.

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pinktwinkletoes said on 04 October 2011

I have searched several websites and finally found one that's up to date. I have recently moved house, decorated, got a new mattress, changed washing powder, changed eating habbits etc etc so when my rash appeared I didn't know what could be the cause. I wa convinced after 2 weeks it was getting better but my fiance assured me it was only getting worse. I went to the local pharmacy they suggested eumovate and hayfever tablets so I did just that and nothing helped. So last week I booked a doctors appointment and then hit the internet to try and find out what I had... I found a page about pityriasis rosea and I was sure I had made my diagnosis, dry patches varying in size around my body, upper arms and legs and even spreading up my neck. When visting the doctor I told him what I thought I had, he took one look and agreed and that was that... no creams suggested or anything. I have had the rash over 4 weeks now and it's really getting to me. It's drying out and flaking everywhere, so so itchy and what doesn't help is that I am a dancer wearing leotards with pretty decorative backs only to expose a rash... I also teach dance and the kids think I'm turning into an alien. Anyways, I'm going to be postive about this and just hope that it's almost over. For anyone else who gets pityriasis rosea I'm sure everyones experience is very different, just don't stress about it because I'm convinced it will only make things worse.

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Jbriz said on 28 September 2011

I've found these comments very reassuring! I've had pityriasis rosea twice now - first time 10 years ago, and it lasted a month or so. This time it's come back with a vengeance and after just a week I'm covered in welts. I saw my GP and more or less self-diagnosed, and he agreed with my diagnosis and sent me away. The lack of a cure is very frustrating, and I concur with the comments about how depressing this condition can be! I've treated with sun beds, which does seem to help. Curious about Head and Shoulders and will be trying this tomorrow. What is this aqueous cream that a few people have mentioned? Particular brand? Looking for anything that might help as have job interviews coming up and need to look like I don't have leprosy!

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Chamuda said on 09 August 2011

About 6 weeks ago, I found a patch on my foot that looked a bit funny, but I ignored it. A couple of weeks later I noticed that I had smaller patches all over my upper body, so I went to the doctor. He tried anti-fungal cream, which didn't work, then canesten cream, which also didn't work. In the meantime, I happened to be browsing a health site for feet (for my studies) when I saw my rash flash up in a box! I checked for more info, and discovered it was called pityriasis rosea, which I told my doctor. He looked again, and confirmed my suspicion. He only sees about one case per year, so its pretty rare. I now look like I could make a decent crocodile handbag, but now that I know its not a fungus, I'm not so emotional about it, and just waiting for it to go. So far, it's spread up my neck and into my hairline, but not on my face so far. Its under my arms and spreading down the inside of my arms, all over my breasts, down my sides, on my lower back, on my belly, around my pubic area and on my upper thighs. Only one patch is really bothering me, on the inside of my right arm, about four inches up from my wrist. I keep rubbing it on things and its really sore. I'm flaking like crazy, and hating my reflection, but, having a friend with terrible psoriasis, I'm so glad its not permanent. I can't see how it'll go away without scarring though. Thank the Lord its not itchy!

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budrahan said on 15 June 2011

I too have this condition. I went to my GP who prescribed canesten cream. This helped a tiny bit bit made no significant change. I revisited and got another doctor who prescribed anti viral tablets and piritron to stop the itch. After a week there is a considerable difference. Although the patches are still there they are disappearing. I have to take the remainder of the tablets in three weeks time but in the meantime I put on savlon after sun which stops the itch and moisturises. I believe this is caused by stress. This started when I had considerable stress four weeks ago and woke up sweating during the night. I am 57 and have never had any skin conditions before.

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kim82 said on 13 June 2011

never use ointment as it makes them more itchy use Diprobase Cream Base Pump Dispenser as a soap as it helps

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kim82 said on 13 June 2011

i first got this when i was carrying my first child in 2002, i had to go to durham hospital to see a skin doctor as nobody knew what is was. i like the fact that their say u never get it again, i get it all the time the best thing i found is go to see your gp and get a soap to wash yourself with and also cream

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tjm128 said on 12 June 2011

I have now had this exact rash for nearly 3 weeks. Soooo itchy and looks disgusting. I attended the Drs. 2 weeks ago and was told it was a stress rash....If i go back in time i had a severe throat and chest infection 4-5 weeks ago and then 4 weeks ago i had a single patch under my right breast (which i thought was ringworm) 1 week after this, what i now think was the 'herald' patch both left and right breasts were covered in smaller rash which is scaly and very itchy.I attended a pharmacist who suggested Canesten Cream, this had no effect whatsoever... I returned to my GP who has no idea what i have but has prescribed antibiotics and they are treating me for a Skin Infection.....I am now on day 4 of these with no effect at all....Over the last three weeks i have the rash all over my breasts, torso, back and a few in the hairline. Having taken to the web i have now found the images of PR and looked at the symptoms and i am 99% sure this is what i have..... I am going to try calamine lotion tonight but i am going to go backto Drs' again tomorrow. I am now also sufffering from severe muscle pain in my hip and have severe fatigue :( .....Its not just the physical effect this seems to have it is the emotional torment it seems to have on me.... so low and cant seem to function.....3 weeks in and i see it can take months :(

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Ami1970 said on 06 June 2011

I'd like to echo the comments of others - just how disfiguring this minor condition can feel to sufferers.

My doctor was helpful but I definitely got the impression I was wasting his time with something that was a superficial and rather minor complaint.

This has deterred me from going back as although the anti-fungal shampoo worked to get rid of the original infection, I still have 'scars' all over my stomach where the main site of the infection was. They have not faded at all and I have been clear of the original symptoms for over 2 years now.

I now feel uncomfortable letting people see my stomach and a bikini is definitely not on my holiday packing list any more.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had longer-term effects from PR and if they have been successfully treated.

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Sarahh10 said on 06 June 2011

I can relate to all of the comments above, ive sufferd with PH twice now.

The first time i experienced PH was when i was 13 years old and i didnt think anything of the first patch i got then my friend pointed out to me i hada rash on my chest, me knowing nothing just thought it was a heat rash as it was summer. The rash was still there days later getting more noticable and was spreading down my arms and legs. My mum had no idea what it was so i went to the doctors and the doctor said he had never seen anything like it so i then had 3 doctors looking at me, i ended up having my blood taken and about a week later the doctors contacted us telling us it was PH i then had some steriod cream for it and i was mortified when the doctor told me it could last up to 6 months and ofcorse my luck it did. being a young girl i was very consious of it at school i couldnt take part in P.E or get changed infront of anyone, it was awful as i had to wear trousers and long sleeves all through summer, at least it went away that time though.
My second encounter of PH was in november last year i knew what it was straight away so of to the doctors i went, and the doctor told me its very uncommon to get it again so ofcourse that was worring me, so then i had a course of tablets and cream, it was clearing away and i had finished the course of tablets and the cream about a week later it started re apearing and i obviously thought the cream and tablets didnt work. this was very uncormfortable for me as i met my boyfriend in the december. I left it for a couple of months to see if the PH would go away on its own but no it only got worse so i went back to the doctors and she sed its very unusial for it to re aprear after a course of tables, she then gave me cream and said if its still there id have to have a biopsy. As a 17 year old this is horrible as my emotions run high.. i still have PH but am going to try some of the products people have refferd as it seems to have worked. Thankyou!

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tori_lar said on 20 May 2011

Ive had this since august last year i went to my dr in feb he gave me cream,it didnt work said come back in 6 weeks i went back and he told me it waas pr ive been with my hubby 19 yr we have 5 kids and in all that time ive never felt as gross and disgusting as i do now my bust area and body is covered its really starting to get me down im using Aqueous cream i bought today and after reading comments above fingers crossed i will be buying some h& s tomorrow and hopefully that will help im so frustrated and i think its disgusting not more can b done

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emmykins said on 05 April 2011

Ive now had pr for nearly 5 months. When it began just before xmas, I thought it was eczema and just appearing because of the stress of work at that time of year. At this point it was just a patch on my arm. Since then it has spread up both of my arms, my neck, shoulders, back, face and the top of my legs. The doctor diagnosed PR, which for a brief time offered me a certain amount of comfort because I assumed that it would just go away. Fact is, it hasnt, its just as red, unattractive and itchy as it was 5 months ago. Ive spent easily hundreds of pounds on moisturisers, none of which have helped, I have bathed in antiseptic sollutions, I've tried not moisturising and not bathing, Ive had sundeds, which though my nice tan makes the red patches a little less obvious, they are still there. I've been sleeping with gloves on so that I cant scratch in my sleep. Ive even brought a couple of the 'guaranteed cures' that the internet had to offer. Ive also had several blood tests to be sure that PR is definitly what I am suffering with, and suffering is most definitly the word. Ive just read a comment on here about using head and shoulders... so im pretty sure you can guess what Im going to buy today.
Though PR physically is not pleasent, for me its also taken a while emotionally to except it. self pity, doesnt even come close to how miserable I was the day I woke up and it was all over my neck and face, I work with the public so there was no where for me to hide. But what I found offered me an certain amount of reassurance was google images. As bad as I think I look, I got off lightly, things could definitly be a whole lot worse.
What I'd say to anyone suffering with PR is hang on in there, find a way to cope with the itching, check out some of the pictures that google has to offer and hope that tomorrow morning will be the day you wake up and its all gone. Fingers crossed that day will come for me soon.

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Risco said on 31 March 2011

My symptoms were identical to Kat31's as was the treatment I was prescribed by my GP, the cream was similarly horrible! I think I only used it twice.

My solution was similar: I read a few forums and saw Head and Shoulders came highly recommended so I gave it bash...I can't stress enough just how much of a miracle cure it has been, considering the rate the spots were spreading and the intensity of the itching I figured I was in it for the long haul...It's been about 3 1/2 weeks since the herald patch appeared and a week I've been using H&S now and my trunk is about 10% as livid as before and the itching has disappeared from everywhere except the last small areas it appeared. It just seems to be drying up and fading away.

I've honestly had a nightmare with this condition and it's so good to see it go so suddenly and quickly, the NHS should seriously be researching the 'active ingredients' in H&S as it it seems to actively cure the incurable PR rather than just alleviate the symptoms (as the skin-thinning steroid cream was supposed to).

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Kat31 said on 03 March 2011

My Herald patch came up on my back about 4 weeks ago, a rash then appeared on the chest. At first I thought I had an allergic reaction to something.I went to the doctor after 4 days of having the rash and he diagnosed Pityriasis Rosea. He told me it could last up to 6 weeks but some people have it for 6 months! I wasn't happy with this. He gave me some antihistamene and cream for the itching. The cream was horrible and I only used it once. I have had this for 2 weeks now and the itching has been driving me mad! the rash spread to my back, arms, legs and neck, luckily not my face! the rash is very red and the patches are quite scaly and very dry looking. I tried aqueous cream which i had bought from the supermarket and it's been brilliant. the redness has gone and the rash has practically disappeared and the itching has reduced. I am plastering it on every night. I would recommend anyone at least try this as you feel it will never go and i can now see my own skin! I hope this helps and don't give up hope.

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Kat31 said on 03 March 2011

My 'hereld' patch appeared on my back about 4 weeks ago then a rash started to appear on my chest. at first I thought I had an allergic reaction to something, but when it didn't disappear I went to the doctor who diagnosed Pityriasis Rosea. He told me there wasn't any treatment for this and it could last up to 6 weeks, some cases last 6 months! He came me some antihistamene for the itching and cream, which I used once but it was horrible and greasy, so I stopped using it. The itching was driving me mad and the rash was spreading all over my body, arms legs and neck, luckily it doesn't go onto your face! I have had mine for two weeks now and a few days ago I started using Aqueous Cream (from the supermarket) and it's been great. the rash is starting to fade dramatically and I can even see my own skin! the redness has gone completely, I still have it but seems to be going and the itching isn't so bad anymore. the Hereld patch is much flatter, not red and has shrunk! I would recommend anyone try this cream as seems much better than the stuff I had off the doctor. I am starting to feel much happier as this condition really gets you down and you feel like it will never go. I hope this helps at least one person as this viral infection is awful and anything that can help is worth a try.

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HappyDonkey said on 01 March 2011

I got my first patch in October last year. After consulting with medical professional colleagues and the local pharmacist, I tried some anti-fungal creams thinking it was ring worm.
This had no effect and further red patches started to appear over my tummy/chest/neck area so I went to see a GP. I showed her the "Herald" patch first and she suggested I carry on with the anti-fungal cream but I thought I'd quickly show her the other red patches (I thought they were just some form of eczema) and she diagnosed PR immediately and gave me some info! I went home and did a quick search on the internet and didn't really find anything of use except the suggestion of UV treatment. Knowing this would not be provided by the NHS, I took myself off to the local tanning shop and went on (an old tubed) sunbed for a few minutes. I kept this up every few days and it made a noticeable difference to patches. As well as giving me a little warmth and slight colour! Within 2 weeks, although the patches were still appearing, they were going much quicker and no where near as large or itchy as before! When I didn't go for a week, they got worse/bigger but a few more trips seemed to sort it out!
So my tip would be to book a short course (as it is cheaper) and make the effort to go every few days taking a good supply of moisturiser to hydrate your skin after. I know sunbeds are bad, but the relief from the itching kinda balanced it out for me!

The other reason for my post on here is because immediately since I had PR, I've been feeling really tired and generally unwell. After several blood tests to rule out other stuff (my white bloods cell/neutrophyl count was low initially), another GP from my practice has just diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not sure if the PR triggered the CFS, but just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else goes through this too.

I also feel lucky that my NHS GP has diagnosed so efficiently.

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missx said on 29 October 2010

I just want to say to anyone suffering from this, do not give up hope! Unfortunately this condition can last for several weeks/months but it will go away in time. This website did not have a diagnosis overview page like they do now at the time when I was suffering from it, so i had to search the internet for more information.

There is very little research on the condition, hence why it is relatively unheard of despite the fact that it is fairly common. When I went to my GP about it he had no idea what it was and it was only due to my perseverence that I got referred to a dermatologist who told me what it was!

I have real sympathy for anyone having to deal with this, it is truly horrible and scarey. Trust me when I say it will go away!

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xxgema.luvxx said on 20 July 2009

My doctor thought i had this, i went to see him few weeks ago with the 'Herald patch' on my chest and a few more smaller patches, since then more patches appeared all over my chest, on my back, my stomach, my legs,my neck and this week they have started to appear on my face. i have returned to the doctors this morning, and he has re-diagnosed me with PITYRIASIS VERSICOLOR. A very similar condition with is caused by a yeast infection. luckly it can be treated with an anti fungal shampoo, so i hope now it will start to go.

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