Coping with the menopause

The menopause is marked by the ending of menstruation (when a woman's periods stop). As a result of these hormonal changes, many women have physical and emotional symptoms, such as hot flushes, night sweats and irritability. Watch this video to hear two women describe their experience of the menopause, and learn about common symptoms and treatments.

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The menopause, sometimes referred to as the "change of life", is the end of menstruation. This is a woman's ovaries stop producing an egg every four weeks.

She no longer has a monthly period and is unlikely to get pregnant.

In the UK, 51 is the average age for a woman to reach the menopause, although some women experience the menopause in their 30s or 40s.

If you experience the menopause before the age of 40, it's known as a premature menopause. 

Menstruation (monthly periods) can sometimes stop suddenly when you reach the menopause. However, it's more likely that your periods will become less frequent, with longer intervals between each one, before they stop altogether.

What causes the menopause?

The menopause is caused by a change in the balance of the body's sex hormones.

In the lead-up to the menopause (perimenopause), oestrogen levels decrease, causing the ovaries to stop producing an egg each month (ovulation). Oestrogen is the female sex hormone that regulates a woman's periods.

Read more about what causes the menopause.

The reduction in oestrogen causes physical and emotional symptoms, including:

  • hot flushes
  • night sweats
  • mood swings
  • vaginal dryness

Read more about the symptoms of the menopause.

When to see your GP

If you have menopausal symptoms that are troubling you, see your GP.

In women under 50 years of age, the menopause is diagnosed after 24 months without a period. In women aged 50 or over, it is diagnosed after 12 months without a period.

There's no definitive test to diagnose the menopause. A blood test is sometimes carried out to measure the level of the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). However, the result only occasionally helps in managing the menopause.

Treating the menopause

Medication for the oestrogen deficiency symptoms that can occur around the time of the menopause isn't always needed. Many women find that making simple diet and lifestyle changes relieve their symptoms (see below).

If your menopausal symptoms are more severe and interfere with your day-to-day life, treatment may be recommended.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is one of the main treatments used for the menopause. It helps relieve menopausal symptoms by replacing oestrogen. It's available in many forms including tablets, cream or gel, a skin patch or an implant.

Vaginal lubricants can be used to treat vaginal dryness, and antidepressants are sometimes prescribed for treating hot flushes.

Read more about treating the menopause.


Making simple dietary and lifestyle changes can often improve your menopausal symptoms.

For example, eating a healthy, balanced diet and taking plenty of regular exercise can help you avoid putting on extra weight, which can often occur during the menopause.

A healthy diet that includes all the food groups will help keep your bones strong and healthy. Combining aerobic activities, such as walking, with strength and flexibility exercises will also help you maintain bone strength and muscle mass.

Read more self-help tips for managing the menopause.

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Singapore49 said on 18 November 2014

Hi, after suffering from night sweats, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and memory loss, following a blood test it's official my oestrogen levels are post menopausal. I didn't expect to receive so anxious and low. This year has been a roller coaster of a year. The site that we were working out closed and all my colleagues were made redundant except me, I secured another job at another site. The role is completely different to what I had been doing. I found it very difficult as I couldn't seem to take it all in and remember things.
I tried HRT but after 8 days and 5 consecutive severe migraines. The Dr has now prescribed sertraline to try to combat the anxiety and low mood and I've been signed off
work for another 2 weeks.
I feel such a failure.

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Angie48 said on 17 November 2014

Hi All
I'm just 48 and have been having such a rough time, I thought I was loosing my mind! Having read the below I feel much better knowing that I am not alone. I have spent far too much time searching the Internet self diagnosing various fatal illnesses.
I wonder why my GP hasn't got a menopause clinic so women can attend and learn that they are intact normal and help each other in this rather awful time.
For info my worst symptoms (at present ) are burning tongue which is constant, dry mouth and incredible night sweats. Acid reflux is also intermittent.
I have started HRT (taken for 1 month now) and I notice no improvement as yet. I have discussed this with my doctor and agreed to try for a further month.

Anyone got any advice for burning tongue / dry mouth driving me round the twist, particularly at night.

Keep talking on this blog it really does help me and I imagine other too.
Thanks everyone

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LN13 said on 03 November 2014

What a great supportive forum! I'm 43 and have been having night sweats for about 2 1/2 - 3years, itchiness and dreadful skin around neck and jaw line, under the skin mostly. I had an ovary removed when I was 22, I'm wondering whether this could be a cause of early menopause? I haven't seen my dr yet to discuss the possibility but did see nurse about skin problems sweats and itchiness - blood tests taken but nothing (not specifically tested for Perimen! I can't cope with the skin problem much longer ! I didn't have dreadful skin as a teenager but now this scarring and non reprieve from the many spots is not great for confidence! Am on the search for natural remedy - have read routine of cleaning with anti bacterials and keeping skin replenished with oil after is best - any suggestions?

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Mumofsix6 said on 28 October 2014

Hi I'm 46 years old. At 39 I started having periods every two weeks. Went to docs he said peri menopause .. This lasted a year then all went back to normal for about a year .. Then started again irregular periods and then lack of sex drive !! Now 46 still irregular periods and some periods are 10 days late or two weeks early .. 4 months ago I started getting imsonnia and palpitations .. The palpitations are there nearly everyday .. I now get hot flushes night sweats and probably every symptom going .. Sometimes I feel like I'm going mad !! This is affecting my everyday life as feel exhausted from lack of sleep .. I'm suffering with panic attacks anxiety and last few weeks been getting foggy head and headaches !! Done a home menopause test which was positive .. Thought that might calm my mind abit but it hasn't .. I'm feeling so depressed now but have always been a bubbly confident woman ...

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PinkAngelfish said on 16 October 2014

Share your views and experiences with others. If you want a response from an NHS professional or the website team, please use the contact us link below.

I just turned 57.. had very heavy periods starting in mid forties.. last real period was Nov. spotting now but regular ( my periods were always regular) I spot lightly when my period is due, with severe pms, cramping, soreness etc. I have had symptoms since early 40s of night sweats, hot flashes .. but not severe, severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and tension. I identify with those who said they are depressed about the state of the world and have worrisome thoughts. I have always been a strong person, but lately have feelings of being vulnerable, cry easily, labile mood, I have itchy sensitive skin, gained wt in my middle ( all the while excercising and dieting) ... have had thyroid issues that have complicated matters.....difficulty losing wt persists. I see the variety of ages with periods and symptoms. It is reassuring to know it is a HUGE wide variety of symptoms. Women, have the babies, have all the love, have the emotional sensitivity, breast feed, raise the kids, work, take the blame for all the problems in our offspring, take full responsibility often, and then we are rewarded with menopause??!!! Men have no idea!! We will surely get a crown someday.!!!! Peace girlfriends.... :)

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tamsin64 said on 15 October 2014

Hi I am 50 and 5 months ago started hot flushes almost every hour through day and night. For three weeks I wondered how I would cope but then read about sage tablets and flaxseed. I started with the flaxseed - about a dessert spoon twice each day and within a few days the intensity of the flushes reduced but was still annoying. Then I started one sage tablet each day too and this reduced them further. At the moment I have been without a period for 3 months and hot flushes have disappeared altogether so I am wondering if this is the end or just a temporary bit of respite? It seems that everyone's experience of Menopause is different and completely unpredictable so if you can just go with the flow (soory for the pun).

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flippet said on 13 October 2014

I am 53 and seem to have been through the night sweats and hot flushes for a year but that finished 18 months ago and periods are still going. Had a break of 5 months earlier this year then had an awful period. Then 3 months gap but since then now 3rd period in a row back at 4 weeks. Thought it would all have stopped by now but still very heavy and painful. It also always seems to clash with any holiday arrangements! Does anyone have a similar story?

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Avaviolet said on 11 October 2014

Hi I'm new to this site but glad I have found it .its so good to see I'm not going mad and other women are also suffering ..havnt had period for 4 months then just had one which lasted 10 days but night sweats have been awful feels like I have morning sickness last few days , itchy and dry downstairs achey joints need I go on. I was wondering what natural products are the best to take as don't want to go down hrt road.

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User911059 said on 11 October 2014

I'm 51 my periods stopped in June and since them I'm having hot flushes night and day, I'm heart seemed to be racing all of the time. My body aches all over especially my back when I put my head back I've got really bad pain. My mouth is dry and keep getting reoccurring oral thrush and generally feeling tired and unwell most of the
Time. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this is the early stage of menapause. Thanks

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mp2 said on 10 October 2014

Share your views and experiences with others. If you want a response from an NHS professional or the website team, please use the contact us link below.
Has anyone else found that by cutting out wheat from their diet the aches and pains are far less. I found that my mood swings were also less. Also does our body temperature go up with the sweats. I ask as I don't have a thermometer to check myself.

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bakeoff said on 03 October 2014 please to find you all. It's a relief to know it's not just me. Been on this rollercoaster for 3 yrs. Prescribed sertraline to help with mega sweats...I mean like I have been in a shower , anxiety and panic. I also know a few others who have been prescribed it as well for menopause and sweats.
When it all started I had 5 weeks of hell , Insomnia ,anxiety , panic, sickness palpitations ,lost confidence then over 3 yrs it's reduced. I can usually predict a hot sweat as I get anxiety anxious just before ..but can have several sweats close together so the anxiety lingers around.
I am 57 now and so hoping it will just stop for good ..not stop a few week then return. Well great to know I am one of many .

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Lizzie Ann said on 28 September 2014

I am nearly 49 years of age and there is no sign of my periods ending and I wish they would. My mother went through an early menopause at the age of 40 as did one of my aunts. I must take after my paternal grandmother's side as her mother was still having children at the age of 47. Even though my last child was at the age of 22 and then subsequently steralised at the age of 28, my periods are as regular as clockwork, very painful and very heavy. Every three weeks my life is disrupted, no gym for a week,no light coloured clothes and a big stock up on sanitary towels. I had an endrometrial ablation about 5 years ago and then a Mirena Coil fitted. The Coil had to be removed as it played havoc with my emotional health, at one point was very depressed, which was totally out of character for me. As soon as the coil came out, I was back to my own happy self. A last resort would be a hysterectomy but I don't want this unless its absolutely essential. On the plus side, I suppose the continuation of periods is helping me to stay looking reasonably younger than my years. If anyone else is in the same situation as me, I would love to hear your views.

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indian86 said on 21 September 2014

I'm 46 years old and have always had very regular and light periods. A year ago in July, I all of a sudden was 2 1/2 weeks late. When I did finally start I had a few symptoms that I had not had to deal with before....(small clots when standing up, heavier bleeding and a period that lasted for 12 days) My next period was normal. Then, this July, I missed my period all together. I had very light, pink tinged spotting, but nothing else. Then in August I started right on time, but it was heavier and lasted for 2 weeks to the day. I had a couple of episodes where I would be very light and then I would feel a sudden gush with dark blood. I have had really no cramps, except maybe right before the gushing episode and small clots. I started this month right on time, but am having the same issues. I started wearing tampons because I was afraid that I would be out somewhere and have an episode of sudden gush and pad overflow. It doesn't happen all the time, but it is still annoying. It just seems like when I think it might be getting better and coming to an end.......I will start bleeding heavier again. I have a dr appmnt on Tuesday to check my hormone levels and hopefully an ultrasound. Any suggestions as to what I can do naturally to help regulate my progestrin to get my period to stop?

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valtoppen said on 04 September 2014

I'm 46 Going through peri-menopause. All the symptoms that were posted I too was going thru them..
What I felt helped reduce a lot of them was NOW Foods Progesterone Cream (natural).
B-12 sub-lingual,
Source Naturals DIM (helps break down the estrogen and lowers cancer risks)
NOW Chaste Berry Vitex Extract (balances our hormones)
Maca Magic powder or capsules. ( balances our female hormones and gives us energy)
They can be purchased at iherb ( cheaper shipping) or
Hope we all can find what works for us so we can get through thes tiring symptoms.

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Tina47 said on 03 September 2014

Share your views and experiences with others. If you want a response from an NHS professional or the website team, please use the contact us link below.
I am 68 and still have all the symptoms of menopause Have tried every thing you can HRT for the first five years when I was 52 I found coming off HRT made my hot flushes twice as bad.
It is not worth going to my doctors you just have to get on with life and enjoy it

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junglejane said on 01 August 2014

Hi i am 47yrs and i was wandering if anyone gets dizzy light headed and irregular heartbeat with the menapause and my blood presure is high. I feel like i am going mad sometimes, and worry i am going to have a stroke or a heart attack. I never use to be like this, fun, loving, not a care in the world was me!

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Thegoodlife said on 15 July 2014

I hope it's not years Mac24! I think the menopause started for me 4 years ago but thought it was too early. I would wake in the night sweating and throwing the duvet off, then on the bus in the morning the sweating would start but I thought it was because I was a little over weight this was at the age of 44, then everything seem to stop. I went to the gym lost 2 stones which was good but in June the night sweats and flushes have stated again.

I still have a regular period, just a little heavy in the first days (as I'm typing this, I can feel a flush coming on!) It seems to happen every 15min or so, I shouldn't complain when I read some so of the comments below, I've nothing to worry about yet. I’ll be 50 in November!!

I don’t want to go down the HRT road, I want something natural any recommendations?

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Mac24 said on 07 July 2014

I have read over and over the comments on here. I have most if not all symptoms! I'm going out my mind...dr keep fobbing me off. All i want them to do is give me a hormone test but i have been told that menopause can't b tested for. But i have read on here some people have! Is this true?

Since may last year i have had one after another:
Lump/tightening in throat
low self esteem
hair loss
acid re-flux

I'm 42 still having regular ish..going mad. I convinced it is but my dr wont budge..

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jennie54 said on 23 June 2014

Share your views and experiences with others. If you want a response from an NHS professional or the website team, please use the contact us link below.HRTfree I would be really interested to hear about your symptoms and diet. I am 54 still have regular periods some very heavy, have suffered awful health anxiety . I'm sure its all connected to the menopause. Have also suffered with breast lumps and have been referred to breast clinic again today so am at my wits end!! Does or has anyone used natural progesterone cream. I feel like completely neurotic anxious female!!!!

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Dickiebow said on 21 June 2014

I am a 48 yr old and I have been suffering from irregular periods since October last year, had months without them, until I took a period in Feb and nothing since, feeling very uncomfortable, irritable and with lack of sleep, feeling down about myself, even took pregnancy tests to comfirm I was not pregnant, is this natural.

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Lynd22 said on 17 June 2014

I am 44 and a blood test has confirmed peri-menopause. The GP thought I had symptoms of an over-active thyroid and wasn't going to test for peri-menopause. I have never had a very regular cycle but it is now 9 weeks since my last period and before that one there was a gap of 7 weeks. I have been having night sweats for about a year, increasing insomnia and general fatigue which I cope with but have now developed palpitations, which are horrendous. I have had an ECG and a 24 hour ECG which were both normal. I was only getting the palpitations at night but they are constant now. My GP has prescribed beta blockers which are helping. I am type 1 diabetic and my blood sugars are all over the place. Anyone else have constant palpitations?

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tinto verano said on 08 June 2014

Hi Bev777,
I am also in Spain and need to find a good doc, I too have the burning itchy eyes and excessive watering along with all the other problems, the sweats I am now getting every couple of hours for about 5 mins, aching, sleep problems, really don't want to get out of bed in the mornings, memory and concentration is awful. I am 47 and have been having like this for around 6 months now.

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Bev777 said on 25 May 2014


I am 45 and I think I'm going through early stages of menopause as I have a few symptoms.dry eyes,burning tongue,itchy skin,thinning hair,hot flushes,trouble sleeping,mood swings,lethargic,and at times low iron levels and bad concentration (mind seems to be foggy)
I was on fertility treatment in my thirties and wasn't sure if maybe it was due to that,my mum went through early menopause also,has anyone had the dry eyes and burning tongue as it's the two things that bother me the most I felt like I was going mad at times.i live in Spain at the moment but I need to find a good doctor over here and get some blood tests done.

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ladypenny43 said on 21 May 2014

Hi, all I really want to know is how does it last for, I've been told by my friend who's going through this, that it can last up to 10 years, please tell me that this ain't true ?

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Ariadne43 said on 20 May 2014

To Sunflower47, you are not alone in your symptoms. I too experienced the anxiety you speak of. I also recently attended the doctor for symptoms regarding throat tightness and was told it was acid reflux. Menopause is a very lonely time for me. Each time I get rid of one symptom another one comes long.

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sodamama41 said on 19 May 2014

I'm 41 and had a few hot flushes that last about 10mins during the day, and my period which usually lasts 3 days was just one day..I know my mum went through the menopause in her early 40's..I have no problem if I am starting it..I know periods just stop and this is a sign maybe next month I wont, its just strange that my period was one day only..weird

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Sunflower47 said on 18 May 2014

I'm new to the site but have been reading some of the comments about anxiety. I'm 47yrs and missed one period back in February. I have had anxiety escalating since last summer over health, believing symptoms to be a sign of something more serious. Recently I have had problems getting a deep breath which moved into a heavy feeling in chest area and eventually felt like I was being strangled. Dry mouth comes and goes and now a tightness over my throat and up into my face. 5 visits to GP in last 6 weeks. Been told acid reflux, irritated oesophagus following vomiting bug, and peri menopause but no test done to confirm as it's too early. My positive personality has all but disappeared. Underlying this I have CFS and shingles which has re activated every couple of years inside my mouth. My positive personality and resilience seem to have permanently moved out! Feel like I'm losing my mind. Would really welcome finding out if anyone is experiencing similar symptoms?

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Tambo01 said on 14 May 2014

Im New to this site also. Came on here to find out about sweating & came across your comment Joolz2014. This is also happening to me. It is scaring me & was wondering if you have found out any information on it?

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saffie6 said on 30 April 2014

Hello, I am 56 years old and I really thought that I was well past having all these awful symptoms. I like many of you who have commented feel wretched and many of the symptoms make me feel that there is something else going on. The heat, the sweats, the anxiety, the aches and pains, mood swings etc etc all lead me to feel this just can't just be the menopause surely. Very often I feel that there is something 'more serious' going on, and then of course I panic and that just makes things worse. Trips to my GP (who is very understanding) to alleviate my fears, don't always help. I have been told that these symptoms can last up to 10 years!!! As some have mentioned it really is not 'liberating'. I have tried most things (apart from HRT which my GP said wasn't for me and which I probably wouldn't take anyway) and spent a small fortune on different 'remedies'. Relaxation techniques help, as it helps to deal with the anxiety. I am fed up feeling so drained all the time. I try to look after myself, I just want the old 'me' back.

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Joolz2014 said on 25 April 2014

Hi I'm new to this site today - just wanted to ask if anyone else has a dry 'burning' mouth and throat? Even the top of my chest feels like it's burning, and this is not a cold. I have had these symptoms for about 6 weeks now, my doc just says it's anxiety! Also getting tight feeling in my chest, and so stressed - help - I just don't know what to do :(

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Diva chan said on 25 April 2014

Hi I am 46 years old and going through what my GP says premenopause. The symptoms are hot lushes, night sweats, anxiety, palpertations and irregular periods which makes me anaemic so have to go back on iron tables. My periods are heavy which leave me feeling very tired, I did not have one for 2 months so I thought yehhh, but just had one and it's bee two weeks now and there is no sigh of it stopping. I am having vey bad night sweats with it as this is signs of anaemia so yes back on iron pills. I have been taking menopase tables which are helping. But due to hot flushes and palpertations last October I got a very fast and irregular heart beat which the cardiologist said it's AF (atrial Fibrilation) so I am on beta blockers for that and it sorted that out. But has anyone had like me missed periods then one which last along time. Plus I get so cold and feel hungry at different times. I use to have trouble sleeping but menopase has helped and due to heavy long periods I am tired so fall asleep quickly which is good.i have many other symptoms to which all go you have said and going through. Most freighting was this very fast and irregular heart beat 180/300 beats per min. Now back to 50/65 beats a min. I know a few more women who are on beta blocker due to palpertations and fast heart beats. Has anyone else on here had same problems? Please let me know. I hate taking any medication but I have no choice with the beta blocker, iron tables, vitamin D tablets, B12 injection every 3 months and menopase tables. At least most don't have much side affects.. Not happy being a woman at the moment..please help with you replies thank you.

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sweetpea14 said on 19 April 2014

I am 47 and have been in the peri menapause for what feels like a long time! I my periods became very irregular about 6yrs ago after years of been like clockwork and also lighter which appears to be unusual as most say theirs are heavy at this time. I havent had a period for 10 months so im thinking is this it now? I have suffered with every other symptom going for quite a few years- sleeplessness, mood swings,weight gain, dry itchy skin, headaches, no concentration, poor memory, no energy just to name a few but the list is endless!! Tried HRT for a short time but felt it wasnt for me and I worried about the risks with it. I recently started taking a menapause supplement but cant say its made a difference. Think its lifestyle changes that are needed, someone saying about diet so I will have to consider that , I have just joined the gym but too early really to say it helps but hope it does. Just wish I felt full of life with bounds of energy and enthusiasm again!

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WhenWillItEnd said on 17 April 2014

I'm 53 and still having very regular, heavy periods. Doctor doesn't seem to think it's an issue but I'm totally fed up. Anyone else out there having similar issues?

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We are all Beauts said on 15 April 2014

I had my last period in January, Turned 50 in Febuary - had nothing since. However i have been suffering from cluster migrains, i dont neccesarily get bad headaches but i get the usual migrain eyes. This last only a few mins but can happen up to 3 times a day and light seems to set them off. I just wondered if there was a link. The migraines have been happening for months now.

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lttlmystry said on 08 April 2014

Hi guys
I am a 44 year old woman I haven't had a period for 10 month now but I have a question and was wondering if anyone could help. is it normal to pass some discharge with a little streaked blood in it when a say a little streaked blood its like veins running through it this isn't every month just happened twice xx

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HRT free said on 31 March 2014


I am 50 years old and 2 and half years into the menopause. I had all the symptoms and was at my wits end.

Briefly, there was no way I was using an artificial method for a natural body change. So I read a lot of books and did a lot of research and decided to go down a different more natural route ( I know it sounds boring)
I cut alcohol, dairy and sugar from my diet. I eat only natural foods and took up running, other cardio and stretching. Now, I had read that these changes make a difference to your symptoms but never believed it could be that simple.

It is that simple!.

Over the past year of my new regime, I have lost 2 stone, feel healthier than I did in years and most important, I have no, I mean none, menopause symptoms. So many people have said I look great and at least 10 years younger!

It takes time, patience and willpower but it works, So, if like me you at a loss, please give this a try. I hope it works for you and good luck.xx

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Lou2807 said on 20 March 2014

Hi,I'm a 50yr old, healthy living, relatively fit woman.
Wondered if anyone else can to relate to this?
Been plagued with common colds....virus's....basically anything that's going around 8(. Periods are becoming a little irregular. Tired ALL the time. Could I be menopausal??

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whatshappeningtome said on 18 March 2014

Found out today from gp reception that blood tests have returned normal so am at a loss as to what is causing these menopausal symptoms. I have a gp appointment on Thursday so hope to get to the bottom of this then. It is baffling.

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whatshappeningtome said on 16 March 2014

Im 47. My last period was January, I had one in the first week of the month then another 2 weeks later. Since then, nothing. I wake at night and cannot get back to sleep. I find myself having to take my top off as I feel so warm. Its not sweats as such, just feeling way too warm. I also notice that i feel nauseous on and off at any time of the day. Its almost like morning sickness! I have had a blood test taken to check hormone levels and I expect it to come back showing perimenopause as I dont know what else could be causing these symptoms. I also find myself feeling very down and flat even though I have no reason to be. Weepy days seem to be on the increase. If this is the start im not looking forward to the rest.

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LAWhelan_works said on 14 March 2014

I am 47 and am so glad I found this site. About three years ago I had been told by my doctor I was going through per-menopause. After some very wicked mood swings, night sweats, and all though I had bizarre periods since I began menstruating at age 16 (later than all the women in my family) but this last year they were less frequent, longer and the first two-three days were so heavy and clotty and painful I sometimes would just stay bed bound than rather face the world, just so I could be near a bathroom to change if I had to cough or sneeze. Dr. said the heavy clotting was normal for me, not to worry and it would all end soon. Well the last half of last year I only had two periods and the second one was so close to what a normal period should be it was all most not worth mentioning. That was in December, It is now the middle of March and I haven't had one since. I have had night sweats but I find that I feel so cold all the time. I haven't noticed this as a symptom of others though. I have also now been diagnosed with hypertension and am now on medication to control my BP which has reached dangerous levels but on medication stays quite stable. I have also been told my gall bladder will need to be removed. For a few years I have had problems with leaky bladder but have noticed since I have been on the BP meds that is not much of an issue any longer. (This is excellent to me because I hated wearing a shield all the time). I wonder if anyone is experiencing the sweats only at night and feeling cold even in warmer weather during the day? Don't know if this is normal and my Dr. does not seem to think it is related to menopause. I personally, think it may be due to drops in my hormone levels. I do experience pain in my hips and lower back a lot, and my libido has declined but when I have spikes in my hormone levels, my libido increases and look out! lol. Not sure how normal that is since I haven't really discussed my libido with my Dr. Any way glad to have found this.

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shco1966 said on 28 February 2014

I am 47 years old and started my periods at 11. I think I am starting with symptoms of the menopause. My mum went through it at a similar age. Although my periods are still regular I have a very heavy day which can be troublesome. My main worry is my irrational mood swings that seem to happen at certain times of the month. My self esteem becomes very low and I cry easily. The crying day seems to occur most months! These mood swings can also manifest in thinking I cannot do my job properly when really in retrospect I know I do a good job! I have never felt like this before and I have always been very up and together so this is a shock. I have no sweats but have periods of not sleeping as well, waking early or tossing and turning anxiously before going to sleep. Not sure wether to bother the doc or to start a supplement like B6. Any recommendations? Its great to read I am not going bonkers!

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Jackie7600 said on 19 February 2014

Hi lady's I wish I had a magic wand for all of you,I'm feeling like you ,no energy.low self asteam.feeling unattractive .hot sweats keeping me awake at night and mood swings are getting harder by the day to control or hide the way I'm feeling from family and friends at work.i have not lost time from work but feel I'm not going to cope another day with out me snapping .you feel nobody cares or will understand what's happening to you.on the plus side I'm glad it's only me in the house suffering with the menopause.

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michele cornwall said on 14 February 2014

Hi ladies I think I'm on the menopause so I bought a book recommended in the you mag in the mail, it's full of very useful information it makes you feel that you are not on your own, and the advice is invaluable.There are so many symptoms relating to the mp untill you read it you could think your going mad .

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Cpj8540 said on 11 February 2014

St. John's wort is good for moods. Notice the difference after a couple of weeks

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Suzie67 said on 05 February 2014

I have just found out I am in the menopause. I thought I was because of my moods. Angry,irritable, left my husband of 29 yrs. We want to try again but one min I want him then I don't. I love him so how can my decision not b plain and simple? I have been given anti depressants and booklets from the doc about depression. Every day I cry as I miss my life with my husband & can't c me living without him.why is it like this? :(

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molly2013 said on 01 February 2014

So pleased that I have found this site, I don't feel so alone now. I started having symptoms of the menopause over a year ago. I don't have periods as I had to have a hysterectomy 20 years ago. I am now 48. The symptoms were mild, the worst being the day and night sweats and aches and pains. Then the sweats stopped. I had been taking sage and thought these were miracle workers. Then in September the sweats came back with a vengeance and they are horrendous. I keep my bedroom cool at night, I don't drink alcohol, only have one cup of coffee a day, drink plenty of water and have a reasonable diet. I like to walk.
I have read a lot about black cohosh but don't think I can take it because I had kidney failure 20 years ago after having a miscarriage.
Can anybody please give me any advice about how to cope with the sweats they are driving me mac.

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DollyD56 said on 27 January 2014

To Apr Jan 2014 said on 16 January 2014

I have read your comment/problem as above and you have my deepest sympathy! They really are dreadful.
I took HRT and found it helped absolutely nothing for me. I must have tried every old wives tale and alternative therapy known to man! Then I came cross Black Kohosh! This has been my saviour and I no longer have the Hot Flushes every 5 minutes. I may get one a day and sometimes not even that.

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linda160 said on 24 January 2014

I am 44 yrs old and have been suffering from menopausal symptoms for 6yrs now. I first went to my gp in sept 2007 as i hadn't seen a period for 3 months and had terrible pains in my lower abdomen, I thought I was having another ectopic pregnancy (as I had 1 before with similar symptoms) but luckily I was clear of this, but the bloods I had taken showed I had type2 diabetes, I am about a stone overweight and find it hard to keep under control so I take medication. during this time I have had irregular periods, hot flushes, night sweats and bad depression (even tried to overdose twice), I cannot take hrt because of the medication i'm on and the flushes happen on average every 15 minutes, I also take medication for depression, stomach acid and cholesterol, I feel this is never ending, any suggestions for help please?

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Apr Jan 2014 said on 16 January 2014

I am 56 years - my heavy periods stopped around 7 months ago

I am suffering severe hot sweats at night and bad pains in my joints, especially hands and ankle areas

Due to medical history cannot use HRT, etc

Can anyone please let me know if they have used alternative medication (herbal, etc) and do they work!!!

Many Thanks

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angel1andonly said on 13 January 2014

Hi all was wondering if anyone could advice me, in June of last year I had my Marina Coil removed as it was causing me pain, I didn't have a period till September, after that I had one in October which was normal and the same in November, On December 11th my poor dad died which was a shock and i have had to deal with everything and support my mum as well as my own family and foster child, then my 18 year old daughter told me she was pregnant. I have today realised that I haven't had a period since the beginning of November and don't feel like there are any signs of one, my tummy however has grown to look pregnant although there is no way i could be, do you think im just under so much stress everything has shut down or could I be on the change, all answers will be greatly appreciated as I don't have time to visit the Gp. Thanx Angie

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Tired Lady said on 09 January 2014

I'm sitting here at 1.30a.m (another disturbed night) and am so pleased I have registered with this site. First of all, my heart goes out to all of you who, like me, are suffering from the menopause. I'm 48 years old and have recently experienced some dramatic mood swings, loss of energy and appetite and my G.P has now prescribed anti-depressants. Unfortunately I have the added complication in that I suffer from epilepsy, so many symptoms I'm experiencing are similar to side-effects of anti-epileptic medication. You can understand my confusion.
It would be interesting to hear from any one else who suffers from epilepsy (tonic clonic seizures) and has been or is currently going through the menopause.
In the meantime girls, stay strong. We are all in this together!

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fracrecep said on 01 January 2014

Hi All
Myself like many others are delighted to have registered with this site, My menopause symptoms are pretty much the same as everyone else, But my legs feel like I,m carrying two breezeblocks, And the depression and teariness go hand in hand, Like a lot of other readers I also have the mood swings, Never been a moody person but my how that has changed, Speaking with others it seems this is with us for a good few years, Its driving me insane already and its only been like this on and for a year, Wish you all the very best with what we are going through , I think sites like this are very good because it feels we have spoken to people about our symptoms,,

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donna1981xx said on 30 December 2013

I'm 32 years old and i've been having symptoms for 2 years. It started with irregular periods sometimes just 2 weeks between sometimes 6. Then around a year ago hot flashes began and mood swings. Now I can go ages without a period and when they come they are very heavy and painful. I have now not a had a period in 3 months and my skin is so greasy I have spots worse than I ever did as a teenager, my hair is greasy and I am so bloated. In the past 2 years I have gone from a size 8 to a size 18. I feel like a greasy spotty whale. This is a horrible experience. :-(

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Dynamite155 said on 07 December 2013

Share your views and experiences with others. If you want a response from an NHS professional or the website team, please use the contact us link below.
I had a Hystarectomy 2 weeks ago and I am making a good recovery. I am 43 and was told a couple of years ago I was premenopausal, so far I have not had any symtoms of menopause, except getting a bit hot at night.
I don't really want to take HRT because I am worried about weight gain, having struggled with my weight for a long time. Should I take HRT?

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Rollmop said on 14 November 2013

Hi, I started having hot flushes at 32, due to underactive thyroid, had the hormone level blood test and doctor told me I was perimenopausal which can go on for about 10 years before my periods stop. I am now 40, still have periods which have just decreased from 14 days heavy, to 3 days light, slightly irregular. I also get itchy forearms and shaking hands, but my main problem has been abscent migraines...where i get a twitching eye, blurred vision in one eye and bad vertigo but no headache, and joint pain which I have had for the past 4 years. I try to eat fruit and veg every day and take menopause vitamins including b6 which helps with mood swings. I find walking every day for 15 mins helps with stress and moods too. Hope some of this is helpful, I chose the stay away from hrt or pill, don't like the idea or messing with a natural process.

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maybug said on 21 October 2013

Meedles and NajNaj I am sympathising with both of you, Meedles I had hysterectomy my hair is awfully thin on top totally see through to my scalp. The sweats/flushes have just started but mentally I am just someone else almost, I throw some right wobblies lately infact one day I actually 'lost' a few moments and found myself sobbing with my head in the kitchen sink! NajNaj I get into some shaky states and feel dreadful and legs go jellylike, very tired and want to do so much and find I haven't got it in me ( energy) so now I wonder if it's one or the other or both?

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morningsun said on 15 October 2013

i have taken combined HRT for 12 days, having severe side effects, i wonder whether i should change into patches

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welshdenise said on 04 October 2013

Hello all.. I'm 48 and I get very warm to hot most nights in bed. I don't get to sleep easily at night either.. When I'm feeling very warm or hot and sweaty, I have to kick the duvet back and get air or stick a leg out of the bed clothes, and I must have a window open most nights just to feel the cold air on my face. In the day time my back gets very hot and sweaty, my head gets hot and sometimes I get little drippers of sweat rolling down the back of my head or the side of my face. I've only just had a period that lasted about 5 days with more blood than usual, I usually only get spotting and period pains,not so much now because I am on the pill (cerazette), before I went on the pill my periods were very heavy, painful and lasted at least a week each time. Anyway four weeks before my last period I have had period pains every morning and it has really got me down, made me very irritable, moody, tearful.. I'm not really sure if all this means that I am going through menapausal symptoms because I'm only 48, but my body is really mixed up, I don't know whether I'm coming or going.. :(

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weed60 said on 29 September 2013

I'm almost 53 and for the past year i have had irregular periods and hot flushes. Real whooshes of heat in my upper body and my face pinks up nicely - and quickly. (Luckily not too bad at night), Sage has kept them at bay for most of this past year - they stated working literally from the day i started taking them and have been a godsend although they are less effective than they were. My mood is ok and nothing hurts but i do seem to have a problem at night I dont seem to be able to sleep right through and wake up - probably because i'm hot but i have such vivid horrible thoughts. Doom and gloom about every aspect of my life - which isnt bad, - but i will worry about the world and whats going on in it. I'm so sensitive to bad news on tele and generally whittle abut the awful thing goin on in the world. I'm usually quite upbeat about life and with the menopause try to keep it in context as being natural, temporary and i try not to give it head space but the dark mood in the night worries me and wonder whether others have similar changes and is it actually connected to menopause?

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dolly21 said on 13 September 2013

I am 53 years old and going through the menopause, my periods have been very irregular for the past 3 years, now I can miss a month or 2 and have even gone 6 months and then had regular periods for 2 months, I have missed 1 month and was due on 5 days ago, I have been having period pains, back ache and mood swings for the last week on and off every day but no bleeding, I can cope with the hot flushes etc, but this is making me feel miserable and am now considering HRT, I thought I could let nature take its course but I cant go on like this.

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SissyLeStress said on 01 September 2013

Just wanted to add a symptom that hasn't been mentioned here. I'm 54 and started menopause 3 years ago. I was getting what I can only describe as vibration through my hands and feet, sometimes in my lower legs and occasionally across my tummy. My lower legs and feet would also go numb and I felt really weak. I had tests for MS but negative. My brilliant gynaecologist explained it was the sudden drop of oestrogen being replaced by adrenaline causing these symptoms. Fortunately they passed after a few months, but as this is not reported as a symptom of menopause I was very worried it was something else! I managed to get most of the other symptoms, except itching and I now have a prolapse to add to the mix with aches and pains low down front and back and plenty of wind to go with it! So I'll take some painkillers and get on with it and keep my eye on these pages for any helpful tips and advice. In the meantime I think a bit of pampering and relaxation is on the cards.

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Wendy28 said on 28 August 2013

I am 47, have been border line for the menopause for just over 12 mths. What I would like to know is, my last period was August 16th last year - I have gone 12 mths 11 days & this morning I spotted :-( but after that I have seen nothing for the rest of the day? Is this normal or have my periods now stopped?

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Fedup68 said on 26 August 2013

I am 44yr old and just started looking into menopause symptoms. My periods over the last four/five months have gone from regular 28 day cycle and medium/light loss, to every 3 weeks, with pms symptoms starting 10days after my period has ended. I have a very painful Rt Hip with occasional numbness down the outer aspect of my rt thigh down to my knee, low back ache, painful joints, extremely sore breasts, anxiety, and my central heating has gone through the roof! I feel as though my head will explode i am that hot, not necessarily sweating but feeling so so hot. i am so glad I have seen that other people are complaining about itching, because I thought there was something wrong me,. I am at the moment so fed up, i can only presume this is the start of the menopause :(

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Bootsymrs said on 15 August 2013

Hi I'm 44 and right now in a lot of pain, first time was last year, I was driving and had to stop the car, I had just turned my period as usual and the pain was so bad I felt sick, couldn't see, function, tried to vomit and really sweaty then after wot seemed ages pulled myself around and drove home, saw gp and after bloods taken was told everything normal, it's happened few times since then, always my first day of my period, guess wot its happened today, not sure wots going on,I laying here now in bed in pain......stupid really I have thought am i going through change life as they call sex drive is limited, and wen we do have sex it hurts......oh the joys of being a woman.....

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Ygsl49 said on 30 July 2013

So glad I found this site, as I thought I was going mad. I'm nearly 50 and due to the coil I have not had a period in over 2 years.Recently I have started having terrible itchiness that keeps me awake at night. The GP said it was possibly the change in weather! On top of this I have been suffering real low mood swings I seem to cry so easily now and my maternal feelings are changing too. I have 3 grown up children but recently I feel like I don't want to be at their beck and call I notice how they only call when they need something and I keep thinking what about me and my life? I'm in a newish relationship after many years on my own and he is having to put up with al this :) my children still want me at home waiting for them to decide to visit and they have made me feel so guilty for wanting to live life for me - or is it that I feel so guilty for not being there just in case they need me?.. See what I mean I feel all over the place! Is anyone else out there having similar feelings? Are there support groups out there? I feel so alone

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flower88b said on 21 June 2013

I am so glad I found this sight as reading all the comments I now feel a bit more normal. I am 44 and my periods have gone from a generally regular cycle, with a couple of shorter periods and a few longer ones to nothing. I have not had a period for 5 months but am getting constant period type pains as if I am going to have a period. When I missed the first period I began getting night sweats which were awful but I started taking a soya supplement and thankfully they have stopped. I am sad that this is IT, it's so sudden and I feel too young to be going through the menopause. I am also worried that if I have a period its going to be so heavy and I don't know how I'll cope. Any advice?

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Bilbs said on 18 June 2013

I'm 51 and still having periods but irregular and of different lengths each month. Lately I have been having the odd hot flush or 'tropical' moment as my mum calls them! Plus waking up wet through on the chest. Just wondered if really bad, vivid dreams are part of the menopause as I often wake up with a racing heart in tears and find it difficult to shake off the fear.
Can't find anything on the forum so maybe just me??

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Amerynthe said on 07 June 2013

I was so relieved to read about itching being a little-known side-effect of the menopause! I've just been to the Doctor because I suspected shingles in my arm - but no rash. Itching is keeping me awake all night and driving me mad! I'm relieved it's not shingles, and if it's the only menopause symptom I get, I can live with it. I've always been overheated and grumpy so no change there!

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eliza1961 said on 05 June 2013

Hi not sure if this is the right forum as I was reading another one before I registered here and cannot find it, I am 52 suffered from depression most of my life, divorced now and found a lovely man who changed my life a year and a half ago, I have suddenly changed! I stopped my anti depressants about four weeks ago and haven't had a period for about four months but over the last week and a half have changed into a horrible depressed crying freak! I keep thinking it's my relationship but can't understand why as we were so happy but now I am teary, my moods are so changeable and I'm so very depressed again, can't see a way out of this, think it must be the menopause but wondered if anyone else feels like this towards their poor partner, I'm even considering leaving him but don't know how I would cope to be honest as haven't worked for years in a paid job although I do voluntary. Insaying that I am questioning how I feel every other minute, one minute think it's ok it will pass then next oh it must be him? Help :)

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CallyBristol said on 17 May 2013

Itchy skin! Yes, a strange peri-men symptom. Ive been scratching my forearms for a couple of weeks, no signs of rash. Then I read that it is a not well-known symptom of peri-men and men. Mild hyrdrocortisone has helped. Nice to know I'm not going mad. Still the insomnia that gets me down the most

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redali3095q7 said on 15 May 2013

I am 41 not had a period for three months, pregnancy tests are negative could this be the menopause, do not have any symptoms of menopuase or being pregnant except for being tired

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booner said on 06 May 2013

I have just read the comments from other woman and have found them very useful. I thought i was going mad but am glad to read that all the things i am going through and feeling are obviously normal. I have always had a 28 day cycle and this is my second month with nothing my only worry is will my monthly's come back really heavy or is this the beginning of the end hope its the latter. Reading the comments think my syptoms started some 5yrs ago at the age of 46. My hot flushes are tolerable but can wake me in the night usually when i wake cold after having kicked the duvet off. But have found soya tablets to have helped. Heres hoping in at the end.

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dillydido said on 28 April 2013

Hi im 32 this yr and feel like rubbish, im normally very active but at the min I feel I can't b bothered to b bothered im tired all the time my mood swing are arratic I can go from 0-60in secs I can't clench my thurst, my memory is to pot big time and I feel like im gonna conbust from the inside out my sleeping patten is a mess and I itch sumet cronic at night I feel sick all the time and sex drive whats that every bone in my body kills and my heart feels like it's gonna jump out my cheast basicly im a mess my hair gets greecy fast and as fastcas I shave my legs its back I itch down below and feelbugly and depressed but don't no why I just want to hide from the world and sleep forever ive lost all self worth could all these things be a sign of early menopause and should I see my gp or will they say there is nothing they can do please help feel im going mad

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jules123bray said on 08 April 2013

at last, a place I can come and read the other women are experiencing similar symptoms to me. Had a blood test a few weeks ago which confirmed that at 48 I am now in the peri menopause. I feel like a different person to what I was a few months ago. Horrible night sweats, then freezing chills, a severe pain in my left hip, which feels awful at night, and again during the day when I get up from sitting or after walking anywhere. Pain is now in my right hip as well, and in my left lower leg. Back ache, the most horrible feeling of fatigue, even after waking. Dizziness, weight gain ( a yearning for chocolate is responsible)( and the odd cake. Its got to be sponge!)
then periods of not wanting to eat at all, a feeling that i can't be bothered to do anything, or when I start my working day, my thoughts are of when I can have a cheeky power nap. I feel anxious most of the time, and have panic attacks about nothing. I am worried about everything, even driving long distances scares me now and I don't feel I can trust myself to do anything safely. I don't have a partner since I got divorced last year, and i feel on the shelf and ugly. I constantly feel that I am a failure, and the guilt I still carry from leaving the family home last year ( I had no choice. My ex husband brought me out and he stayed there with our children who are in their 20's) I often cry, mainly about that, and the fact that I miss belonging to a family unit, and being a mum to my children. You never stop being a mum, whatever the age of your kids. Some days I just feel so low, and depressed, anxious, very tearful, and not wanting to see anyone or talk on the phone. I just sit on my backside watching rubbish TV., feeling odd and not myself at all. Hopefully these symptoms will ease off soon and I will be able to enjoy life again.

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MrsDoubtfire77 said on 05 April 2013

I think my menopause is starting so I feel very unattractive. 10 day periods make me tired, irritable and low in iron, but my digestion cannot support too much red meat/iron. I know I'm not the only female with this type of issue and my sympathy is with all of you ladies, particularly 'hormones' and the lady who is only 20. That must be terrible.
Sex drive still there, but partner has no interest any more since his 3 pills diagnosed about 3 years ago. Feel he wants a younger, buxom model but I’m worn out caring for myself alone (after 2 haemorrhages). Now he has tongue cancer so refuses/cannot eat, wants to sleep constantly and just wants a fulltime mum/carer/cook etc so that he can lie in bed and rest. I'm worn out with that life and being the bread winner too/financial support as well. I’m a super-woman but there are limits – at 48. Memory problems make me feel stupid.
Should I seek out a younger model, before my libido goes entirely? I'm tired of persuading him to have sex, I want him to tell me he loves me without my asking - to boost my self-confidence at this difficult time of my life. Even his GP tells him to be more proactive.
No children so unsure whether that would have improved things for my physical health or menopause. I kind of think it would have made matters worse. I try to eat all the right things, exercise etc. Insomnia at times is an issue but that really is down to worry, stress, him shouting, noisy aircraft, London noise and infection (when did spitting in the streets become acceptable?), such close pr/oximity to neighbours... Heart and head pound at night on occasions, can HRT can cause cancer? sI have no idea what would improve things...

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MrsDoubtfire77 said on 05 April 2013

i had 2 brain haemorrhages, now 10 day periods with under28 days. Little sex in relationship, as chap has not much interest since that and his blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid drugs. My libido very much still there. Have lost weight due to digestive probs/recurring infections, being main bread winner and stress of chap now tongue cancer & general passivity/self-pity/pessimism. As he loves bigger, buxom ladies this is problem.
Tried soya, starflower, omega 3, no alcohol, alcohol you name it. Slight improvements after short holiday (which I bought) and no noise from neighbours, aircraft etc. so better sleep & good sex but I was hungover, so scared that will kill me ultimately with haemorr. No hot flushes, just head/heart pounding sometimes at night.
To "hormones" - your husbad should not have left you. Mine shouts, threatens to leave a lot. He seems ot hold it as some power over me, as quick to aggression. He;s funny but just wish I could still be told I was beautiful, clever by him, not just others, he would build my self-confidence at this hard time in my life. Public display of love difficult for him now, apart from hand-holding (nice but kind of not enough). Worried about his weight, skinniness obviously but others tell me i should just leave him to it, not wrap him in cottn wool, let him do what he wantsn, which would probably be go to pub get drunk - even on the medicatio.
know I'm not only female with this type of problem. i feel ugly, unattractive & on scrap heap. He selects young girls at chekout & they always fleece him on bill if I'm not there. Parents elderly with mobility problems bless them. Should I get a youngr, fitter model before my libido disappears entirely?

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christinapig said on 03 April 2013

I am 41 and think I might be starting my menopause. I wake up with wet clothing and feel hot at different times of the day. (asking people, "are you hot or is it me!!!) I am feeling increasingly aggitated and cry for no reason? My period is late but the symptoms are not? can you have a period with no blood?? The strangest thing that has started happening is feeling dizzy. I see that someone else has put on here that they feel like they are on a roller coaster, thats how I feel? Its scary and I feel worried. My mood is so up and down my partner doesn't know what to say!! I have not had a blood test as I am thinking at 41 I am too young?
Please can someone help/advise me?

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morris68 said on 26 March 2013

RE: jenny2776:
Have you been tested for fibromyalgia? Most of the symptoms you mention are comparable to mine, and I have finally (after a battery of tests) been diagnosed with fibro, at least check into it.

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gerri1963 said on 23 March 2013

In Dec 2012 my period was 3 weeks late In Jan my period arrived on time. and ended 7 Jan 2013 and since then nothing. I am aged 49 with no other symptons and assume this is start of memopause

I am on blood pressure tables and under active throyd tablets for 1 year and had a blood test 7 months ago and all OK

I certainly feel no need to visit the Dr but the only thing I am getting is feeling that my period is due anytime - which it is not

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Jennie2776 said on 18 March 2013

Thank goodness for this site, I was sure I was going mad. I'm 36 and have always been a very practical, driven person, not so much the last 6 months. I've started feeling faint when I drive, am having major panic attacks over things that I know logically are not a risk but fear is making me insane! Mood swings like you wouldn't believe, palpitations, tears, aching all over especially ribs and chest, complete apathy for so many things, frankly I just can't be bothered with anything anymore, which just isn't me. I've seen my gp who has checked everything and tells me I'm fine but having panic attacks, I would accept this but you don't just have panic attacks for no reason, he's tested my blood but says all is fine, he has referred me to a counsellor for the panic attacks but that feels like a waste of time, I will give it a try though. Not sure what else to do, I feel totally neurotic and don't want to go back to my gp again as he doesn't get that this person just isn't me. I've seen home test kits on the Internet and am thinking of getting a 4 week supply so I can test my fsh levels myself at home every week for 4 weeks to see if that shows anything, also a friend suggested keeping a mood and symptoms diary so I can track any pattern. I'm on a no break progesterone pill so I can't tell if my periods have changed or stopped. Am I mad, does anyone have any other help or advice or do I accept my gps view that this is panic attacks causing all my symptoms?? Please help at the end of my tether!

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chrystaltips said on 18 March 2013

I'm 49 and recently lost my eldest daughter to cancer. Obviously i've suffered terrible stress and the grief has been horrendous. But i've noticed my periods getting shorter but more intense, very bad PMT leading up to them sometimes that can last for ten days or more prior, craving all foods, and generally feeling horrible. I mentioned this to my doctor months ago and all she suggested was me going on anti depressants, but i explained i thought it was my hormones as well as the distress i was experiencing as my daughter became more and more ill. And now this month i had the worst PMT i've had, haven't been able to stop eating, bloated, exhaustion and a dull ache in my right ovary. My period hasn't arrived, or at least it did but only about two spots. My nipples have been so sore too, but seem to be a bit better today. What is happening to me? Anyone have any clues? Is it the menopause? Am i depressed, i am still able to function but am not myself anymore? Or do i have something wrong with my ovaries? Help!!! I don't have the dry skin, i haven't gone off sex at all, and my hair looks better than ever!! In fact today i actually did a pregnancy test as i was beginning to wonder what was going on!! Of course it was negative. I still feel as though my period is about to decend on me..

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Tan1 said on 06 March 2013

I am 45 and had a hysterectomy at 39 because of fibroids and endometriosis, which caused very heavy bleeding for two weeks at a time, low iron levels and a lot of abdominal pain. I was advised to keep my ovaries though. For the last three years, I have had increasing pain in the pelvic area. A recent laparoscopy showed that I have endometriosis back again, caused by keeping my ovaries. My consultant has now suggest that I have my ovaries taken out to stop the endometriosis from growing. This would trigger the menopause instantly and quite severely. However, I seem to have had all the symptoms of the menopause for the past year, including hot flushes, terrible night sweats (absolutely soaking the bed and pillow), dry vagina, absolutely no libido, tiredness, disturbed sleep problems, sore breasts and very dry skin, as well as annoying memory problems. I really don't know whether to just ride out the menopause now instead of having my ovaries out. Presumably the ovaries will stop functioning naturally as a result and the endometriosis will also stop growing? Also, about the only menopausal symptom I don't have at the moment is mood swings and I am worried that if I have my ovaries taken out, they may suddenly start and be added to the collection of other symptoms. I don't want to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. Has anyone else been in this situation who can offer advice from experience??

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jas38 said on 03 March 2013

hya, im jas 38 yrs old intwo months time, now im not sur if ive got premature menopause,or jus menopause, i get hot flushes at times, & just before havin sex im sometimes dry, i also leak very offten as well...... im als very tired alot, even if i aint din much durig the day.......... i thin my mum started hers whn sh was ealy to late 40s thou, but the symptoms im experiencing seems to me tht im goin throu this menopause nw..... ive got an implanon as well & have had 3 so far, my next one is due jan 2014, however i can go st least 7 months wiv-out eeing my periods, whch is obviously due to the implant....... but could these symptoms be the mnopause or not & should i g to my gp & get this checked out..... please get bacto me..... may thnks god bless.

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JenniferHine said on 20 February 2013

OMG thanks for this site!!, 36 yrs old and went to dr to see if its that time for me.... have hot flushes occassionally thoughout the week, feel like i am going to come on for 2 weeks after a period..... lost sex drive months ago which 'i am going to have to explain to the hubby... tearful is hilarious as 'i have got swollowing tears back to a fine art.... i leek for england which has been a tad difficult at work, you dont expect to stand up and flood (bleed) and then to do a crab walk to the nearest toilet....
I am quite moody but not sure why, but i am married... lol waiting on blood results of hormone levels, well today I can tell you they are high given how peed off I am feeling, told my husband to stay away from me if he wants a quite day lol.
been having rashes on my skin, agitated at night cant sleep. heavy periods which range from 23 - 28 days, pulpitations during periods, shattered a lot..... happy days next phase of life..... This is not good timing as I have a 3 yr old who is still up at night, so if i could sleep you can guarantee he wont..... still i am not the only bunny going through this. thanks to this site for support...

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Whitewolf said on 20 February 2013

Hey Ladies
You're not going mad - you're all beautiful, believe in yourselves.
Lorraine xxx

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Whitewolf said on 20 February 2013

Thought I was going mad also! I'm almost 49-years old and I am fortunate enough to have four children. Had a bit of a scare when I had to have a necrotic ovary removed, whilst pregnant with my third - she's thirteen-years old now and so much loved, as is her younger sister.
I've been in perimenopause for about two years now; bad hair, bad skin, heavy periods every three weeks.
The periods have just suddenly stopped. Is that possible?
Lorraine x

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angecwll said on 01 February 2013

As has been said before, what a relief to see what other people are experiencing. I am 49 and for the last three years my periods have been every 3 weeks or 3 and a bit weeks. Then it is a flood!! It only lasts 3 days but as a result I am on daily iron tablets. But I did miss a period once a couple of years ago, and last year and I've just missed one this year. I also have had spells of Vertigo (not pleasant.!!), giddiness, mood swings, an under active thyroid and I just thought it was me being a bit odd!! I was rather overweight and have joined weight watchers which I feel a lot better for and am now within half a stone of my ideal weight (under 10 stone) I am 5'2". My dad was seriously ill during that time and died this time last year, I was just putting it all down to that. I don't know about anyone else but I've also had wheeziness and am now on a preventer inhaler (for the last 3 months) and my skin is really dry....!! So don't know if that might be anything to do with it as well?!!

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julieboo5 said on 23 January 2013

I am so glad I found this site, I really thought I was going mad! I am 49 and suffer with endometreosis I take a progesterone only pill without a break so I do not have to put up with pain and bleeding although I have had a breakthrough bleed this month which seems to have given some relief today, both mentally and physically! I was suffering with a strange internal vibration not painful just weird, I have had slight dizzy spells, cant eat as I have no appetite, cant sleep and my anxiety is through the roof. This has given me an upset tummy and all sorts of terrifying thoughts making me lethargic and a bit depressed. I have been for an internal scan and my GP is very supportive. My poor partner is doing his best to be supportive but some nights he has had to cook his own tea after being at work all day, I feel so guilty! My mum was 50 and she had gone through the menopause with just hot flushes and headaches. I don't remember her going mad!

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eboney said on 19 January 2013

I am 45 and not had children as not in a relationship at the moment. I long for children but feel that I'm too old now also feel that I'm going through the early stages of the change .. I've started to get very itchy skin even certain fabrics irritate me and I feel irritable and get low moods and lower back pain. I'm currently taken B6, Evening primrose oil, cod liver oil and mulitivitamins. My periods are coming closer together as I'm a week early . As soon as I finish my period it starts brewing for the next one. I do not get hot flushes yet but I get dry vagina and pains in my joints knees and hips. both of my sisters have children and are older and none of them have gone through the change yet and my mum started at 42 and her moods were unbearable, I've only started taking B6 and was wondering if this can start an early period. It's quite sad knowing that I've no partner, don't have children and reproduction will end with the dreaded change.

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imisslieins said on 04 November 2012

So glad I came on here...went on Mumsnet but to no avail! I'm 36 & my last period was in May. Prior to that I'd only ever missed a few periods on 2 separate occasions. But now, nothing for 5 months. Can it really happen like that? I should say at this point my mum started her menopause around this age (which I now realise I should have given more thought to in the preceding years). I've a fab daughter who I had on my 31st & was unplanned but am so glad that 'accident' happened as I could well have found myself in the even worse situation now of not being able to have any children. That said, I am absolutely gutted it's looking like I can't have any more.
So, on to symptoms! Had 2 bouts of vertigo over the past few years. No hot flushes. Main new thing I've noticed tho & am happy to see even just 1 person mentioned, is that I feel this pulse sensation from time to time - like when my back is against the sofa or bed, I can feel my pulse against it. Obv not painful just v weird/irritating...& mind boggling. With regard to my vagina tho, I feel the opp if anything - I've had a huge increase in discharge as opposed to dryness? Def had itchiness tho. Not seen a change in sex drive. I've felt tears are v easy to call on (usually when watching One Born Every Minute) haha! But mild depression has always been there in the background anyway as has anxiety since an event 6 yrs ago. Other random symptoms include a feeling of hunger even when I've just had a meal, slight nausea with that too.
I went to my GP about the missing period - he sent me for bloods & my FSH was raised & to repeat in 6 mths. Demanded to see a gyno as not waiting that long. Had a scan, technician said looks like I've less follicles than I should for my age. Don't even know what tha means? Now awaiting amh results in January.
On a lighter note, I read one comment jokingly asking if a twitching eye is a factor - I seriously had that non-stop for over a week. Welcome feedback :) xx

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lady manda said on 19 October 2012

Hi Ladies my heart goes out to you all, I am 51 yrs old and had a hysterectomy 8 yrs ago. I had no symptoms for 3 yrs but then the sore boobs hot flushes mood swings etc kicked in. Went to my docs and basically got told i was high rish for HRT so grin and bare it. 3 months ago the night sweats kicked in and my goodness they were bad up to 11 times a night dripping wet with sweat. Went back to the docs and was given chlonidin antidepressants for the sweats. After a week i came off them as had side effects of dizzyness, dry mouth tiredness and feeling spaced out. Thought i had tried every herbal treatment possible untill i came across Femarelle, guess what they work. After the 5th day i noticed a reduction in the hot flushes aching joints were easing. I am now in my 3rd week of taking them and night sweats have eased to 2 or 3 per night and no dripping wet sheets anymore just a small flush thats gone in a minute. My hubby has also noticed a change in my mood swings and said he's getting his happy go lucky wife back.

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redwinelover said on 04 October 2012

I am 53 years of age who has not had a period for 3 years. All of a sudden I had a period the other day with the swelling of the boobs and terrible cramps in my stomach so bad I thought I was going to be sick. Bleeding has stopped but boobs still feel sore and my stomach feels like I've been kicked in the stomach. Also peeing a lot although no pain in that department. Made an appointment at doctors but cannot get in until 25 Oct although explained my symptoms! Should I be seen before then?

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redwinelover said on 04 October 2012

I am 53 years of age who has not had a period for 3 years. All of a sudden I had a period the other day with the swelling of the boobs and terrible cramps in my stomach so bad I thought I was going to be sick. Bleeding has stopped but boobs still feel sore and my stomach feels like I've been kicked in the stomach. Also peeing a lot although no pain in that department. Made an appointment at doctors but cannot get in until 25 Oct although explained my symptoms! Should I be seen before then?

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Mjf1963 said on 28 September 2012

I am 49. I've had the sweats for years at night, soaking the bed, but tests for peri menopause at 46 proved negative. I am now at the totally monthly 'irrational' stage and I fear for my relationship... My doc has put me onto Fluoxetine, which has, for the past three months, improved my hyper feelings, which were keeping me up all night in a state of high dudgeon. But I am still terrified of the mental implications of the menopause on my relationship, rather than the physical. We have separate bedrooms, so night sweating, insomnia etc are not a problem. It's my irrational worries that scare me, as they take over for those days before my period starts. I have also noticed that my periods are getting closer together....but right now, it's been 29 days and I feel as distended as hell!? My boobs are hurting and my face looks like I have dropsy.... Am scared, as this lasts, not for months, but for years, no wonder the men go off for younger models... :-(. Am so so tired all the time too... Truly fed up. X ps am taking B6 each day, plus Starflower, so we shall see!

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AMK58 said on 26 August 2012

I think that I am really weird as I have been having cold flushes! I am 54 and have been having regular periods apart from the last 2 months when I have experienced pre menstrual symptoms but no period! I am also experiencing extreme fatigue - anybody got any suggestions to help - also when will this end!

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Kaizen 2012 said on 29 July 2012

Great to be able to chat about this. Reading the comments above really helps - esp the one about being so tired & not wanting to get out of bed. I hate waking up tired & dragging through the day.
Exhaustion, headaches, pins & needles in fingers, feeling down - just hope these symptoms end soon.
One good thing - don't need to keep the heating on - and I enjoyed a cold bath today - who would ever have thought that !
Good luck girls.

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Tigerlili001 said on 21 July 2012

Hi, I am 51, my first signs of the meno were back when I was around 45 yrs old. I had excessive tiredness, I literally would work an 8 hr shift and be on my knees at the end of a working day.
My hair became greasy as did my skin, I had dreadful heavy periods lasting up until 2 weeks at a time and every 2 weeks, I felt so awful. I had weight gain and generally felt awful.

I am now 51 and have not had a period for over 2 years. I decided not to take HRT as I was worried about the possible side effects. I go walking alot everyday, this really helps in many ways both mentally and physically.
I eat regularly, lots of omega 3 in fish, I don't eat meat. I eat a lot of fish and fresh fruit. My mood is much more calmer now, not getting those dreaded palputations. I think that trying to stay calm and go with the flow helps alot, understanding what works for you and carrying it out will really help you to cope. Try to stay positive, it does pass, I am still having hot flushes at night and my feet get very hot, but lighten your bedding and use cotton sheets or lower tog on your duvet, even just use a cotton sheet if you are too hot and open the window, sleeping alone has helped me too.
My sex drive is good and I feel great most of the time now that I am not having periods don't feel so tired.
I want to say that everything usually improves, you just need to stay focused and get as much info as you can to deal with it.

Getting rest is just as important as sleep is, lowering your stress levels and eating a healthy diet and trying to excercise, even just walking really helps, especially with bone density, walking is a great therapy too.

Good luck ladies, we all have to go through this, but it does improve and you will feel better as time goes on.

Avoid alcohol and caffine too, that helps reduce your stress levels long term.

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nelles said on 13 June 2012

Hi im 41 and started the menopause over 2 years ago. Ive started to get terrible stomach bloating and excessive wind. Can anyone please tell me if this is a symptom of the menopause?

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HUGS said on 21 May 2012

I had my first hot flush in 2007, my last period was October 2010, night sweats are really getting me down now and I also sweat quite often during the day rather than flush. When will these finish? 5 years is a long time to be having these symptoms and the last 6 months have been really awful, I am so tired, last night I broke out in a sweat every 5 minutes and had no sleep at all. Help!

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trixiebluebell said on 19 May 2012

REF::scaryspice hi it could be you need to see the gp and ask for blood tests to see what your levels are.i saw my gp i am perimenopausal told me to think about going on hrt.i am in agony with my joint pain she has told me its part of the change they can not do anything to vitamin d is still low.if there is a nurse or doctor reading this that knows different i would be greatful for advice as its affecting my daily life.

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scaryspice said on 16 May 2012

I am 39 years old (40 in 2 months' time) and last month I had 2 periods and was due on over a week ago but haven't had a period yet, I'm not usually late (I have the heavy boobs, the irritability and all of the usual PMT symptoms) but last few weeks have had palpitations and not sleeping very well, I have also had bouts where my skin has felt very itchy and have a loss of libido.

I was just wondering if these are symptoms of an early menopause (I remember my mum having early menopause but she had a hysterectomy because of painful periods), is there anything that triggers an early menopause?

Can anyone help me with this? (I will probably have a period now, hope that I do in a way because it's worrying me).

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trixiebluebell said on 14 May 2012

hello :o) x since last july ive been having really bad joint pains my lower back so bad i have a job to get out of bed.after seeing 3 male doctors who all said i was far too young for the change ( started my periods when i was 8yrs old )i had bloods to confirm my iron,calcium and vitamin d levels were low so was given tablets for iron told to eat everything with calcium and vitaminmd in it plus take online natures remady vitamin d tablets.not one of them would listen to me when i asked for test to see if levels were abnormal.well it took me till a month ago and doctor number 4 to get bloods done and yes they are abnormal have to see the female doctor who deals with womens problems.ladies keep on at the gps try different ones if need be we know our own bodies. i feel very let down by the attitude of oh your too young blah blah blah ! not sure what she will say but i hope it makes my life better as at present i am struggling wwith everyday things.

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Lylo69 said on 11 May 2012

Im 43 year old, I had done 2 time operation for fibroid. After many journal with my condition from I was start 30. Such as many thing to do with this case and until now I still carry on with this, as on off periode time, long term absent from periode, haeavy bleeding, back pain. All about woman staff sometime I felt so down with this. It was make me deppress as I have to go for work with condition like this. I been many try to fix all this with doctor, china medition acupancture. Such as me never give up to want be normal agiant.

Now on I been absent periode time againt as doctor told this time that I had menopause. After about one year absent from periode. I had back pain about hole week and after I had periode. I really not understand with this againt ... , I go to Gp and doctor ask me for test next week.

Did anybody had happen absent periode about a year ...?then back had periode againt. Please give some advice and suggestion .... Thank you.

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startrek said on 08 May 2012

I am 55 and have been been peri menopausal for the past 4 years - I am really low and sometimes have periods which last for up to 7 weeks and they are really heavy. I was referred to a gynaecologist last year who was great and signed me off in November as I had gone 3 months without a period although she found I had an ovarian cyst which she needed to keep an eye on on a regular six monthly basis. Then in January it started all over again and lasted nearly 8 weeks. I have absolutely no quality of life and never know when I am going to start. Coupled with the fact that I have always had large breasts which at times go up at least 2 cup sizes and for the last 4 weeks have been itching like mad. I have managed to get an appt with my gynaecologist next week however, is there anybody out there who is experiencing similar symptoms everyone I know my age has gone through it and is fine or on HRT - I decided to try and do it all myself without any help from drugs but Im getting desperate now as the period pains I get are terrible and I have a very busy job which means I cant sit down a lot and I am exhausted. Im sure it would help me feel more normal if somebody was experiencing what I am


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Mrshenda193 said on 25 April 2012

Hi, I am fifty and haven't had a period in 9 month. Then last week boom, major one.
I am so depressed all the time, I have heart palpitations and this stresses me out hugely. I cry at the drop of a hat and sex? What is that? The more I stress out the worst the palpitations in my chest kick in. Black thoughts are with me always. Will I ever be normal again? I think I am going to die every single day and this is awful. I am already worrying my self to bits over my husband - working too hard and my daughter, debating whether life is worth it all!
Can someone let a bit sunshine in my life?

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kaygeykay said on 20 April 2012

Need some advice please. Had a hysterectomy when I was 34 & the ovaries were left so I would go through the menopause as normal I was told. I am now 52 and show no signs of being "menoposal". I have read articles which said that women who have this op and keep their ovaries normally go through the change at an earlier age. Please advise . Many thanks (PS not that I am particularly looking forward to it, dont really want go through all this!!).

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gouldie said on 11 April 2012

Hi all i am 49 I have been feeling rough for a few years night sweats but the hardest thing up to now are the severe headaches, this last year i did not have a period for seven months and it was lovely although my sex drive was nil, then five months ago they returned really heavy clots nearly on all the time it is wearing me out,taking iron excercise helps to keep me positive but really having to push myself but it really does make me feel more positive so i drag myself to the gym,once you start its not so bad. Another thing that helps flushes is soya milk when i did not have it on holiday they were really bad, might be worth a try for you. I have always been a happy confident persons but all i want to do is be on my own that might sound mad but i feel safe, I just hope it gets better and hopefully soon

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LMJ13 said on 02 April 2012

Hi all of you who feel a bit down about being close to the menopause.

I'm a couple of months short of reaching 49 and periods have now started to miss or take longer to arrive. I have PMS type symptoms for most of the remaining weeks. However, have found this so much easier to manage by losing weight and trying to be more healthy (boring I know but it works for me). The way I look at it I'm trying to push a spluttering engine for a bit longer so it needs all the help it can get! Its different for everyone I know but actually I'm starting to feel like a teenager again too - a bit angry about life. That's exciting as I feel like I've got a lot to look forward to as the physical and mental changes that are happening create a bit of havoc!. I've realised that the peri menopause - whilst sometimes making me feel like death - is also perfectly normal and natural - though if something very strange like having a temp of 101 for 3 days happens I do check it out with my GP! There are lots of things that we can do to lessen the impact of this time of rewiring in our bodies - so don't give up!

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Missmag said on 23 March 2012

Ladies, it's so good to know others are experiencing same things. 7 weeks since last period (after years of every 3 weeks) but have felt as if it might start any moment the whole time - didn't know about that symptom. Fit to burst, clothes don't fit and getting up is like trying to drag a teenager out of bed. Main worry is if this whole thing will get worse and interfer with ability to work. Guess best thing is to take it as it comes. Feel sorry for so many of you who clearly have very unhelpful GPs.

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worried_daughter said on 20 March 2012

I am wondering if menopausal symptoms are nearly the same as alcoholic hot flushes and sleep deprivation etc, My mother is 46 and I think she is an alcoholic in denial, after heavy weekend's she has sweats and cant sleep, gets shaky and has mood swings. She says its ''the change'' or ''the flu'', I dont think it is though and am trying to help her. Any info would be much appreciated. ;-p

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denvalemum said on 18 March 2012

i am 49 an 2 years in to my menapause an still having heavy periods doctors told me this happens sometimes just want them to stop.

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kitkat66 said on 16 February 2012

I'm 54 this year and have been on HRT for nearly 4 years and can honestly say that I've never felt better in my life - but I haven't always felt like this. In my early 40's my regular periods became extremely heavy, enough to make me stay at home or be extremely wary about being out and about. This went on for a couple of years and really restricted my life - I went to my doctor and she prescribed Mefanic Acid Tablets (from Ibuprofen family) to use when on, magic! My periods suddenly stopped when I was 49, I took a commercial test which said I was menopausal. Almost immediately I lost energy, my spark went, my confident friendly personality disintegrated within weeks. Hit a brick wall mentally which was the accompanied by hot flushes day and night, so embarrassing at work. I didn't want to feel like that so off to the doctor on my lady-boss' advice and I was prescribed HRT 'prempak' - elixir of life I call it! No negative side effects, no weight gain just full of beans and life again -almost a happy pill which makes we wonder all those years if I did actually have a hormone imbalance instead of being 'despressed' and on off taking of anti-depressants which made me feel out of it. Ladies, do not worry about HRT - try it and I hope it works for you the way it's working for me. I'll stay on it for as long as I possibly can, I've now got a quality of life that I never had before. Good luck girls!

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angela x said on 02 February 2012

Approaching 50, havent had a period now for 8 weeks but feel as though I am going to burst. Bloated, sore breasts, period pains. Does this mean I have to feel like this forever or will this go. Just want to feel a bit more normal.

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poslla said on 02 February 2012

I am a journalist and I'm writing about women in London who have given birth after the menopause. I would like to interview someone for an article which I will pitch to the Evening Standard. It will be entirely from the mother's point of view and will aim to inform other women who may be going through the same thing.

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ajpl said on 26 January 2012

I am 39 and almost 2 years ago my periods stopped and I had tests which said I was well in the menopause. Last week I had a bleed a bit like a period. I am now being referred for a 14 day referral to see a gynaecologist. Not sure what will happen now but not looking forward to it. As a previous medical secretary in gynae for 5 years I know that you always have to be checked out.

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bufffalo said on 21 January 2012

Hi I am 53 years of age. How will I know when I am going through the menopause?
Can someone please advise

Many thanks

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User146910 said on 21 January 2012

I had to start heavy cold symptoms .feeling sick .heavy bleeding.then nothing then periods went back to normal for while .now I got bad stomach cramps.bad headaches aching bones. painful periods .bad mood swings and hot flushes in morning and feeling anxiety is horrible hope it stops soon i am 50.

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Ceejay5 said on 21 October 2011

Just when I thought it was all over! Two years after my last period, I appear to be spotting a bit today. This was preceded by extreme bloatedness, irritability/depression, tender nipples and swelling under armpits. Should I be worried or were my peri-menopausal symptoms merely on hold, only to be resumed all over again? I never did take any sort of test, by the way, but after two years without a period, I merely assumed I am now post-menopausal. I am 52 years old. All comments welcome, please. Thank you.

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Natalie1 said on 20 October 2011

I am 36 years old. About two years ago i came of the pill to try for a baby. I started to experience hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. I went to my gp who suspected menopause. My husband and i were referred for fertility and it was confirmed i was going through early menopause (advanced stage) and the only fertility treatment was egg donation. Which we did not go for. Two years on i still feel hopefully of concieving or in denial im not sure. I still have periods which are not regular. I dont have hot flushes or night sweats. I take herbal remedies and have acupunture regulary. My gp recommends i take HRT but im not ready or want to do this. I keep my hopes up and think positively which i can do at the moment. My main worry is how will i be when my periods stop if i have not been able to concieve.

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Aly T said on 25 September 2011

I'm 44 and my periods stopped altogether about a year ago and a blood test confirmed I was menopausal. I did have a random period earlier this year that lasted about 3 weeks and I came out with hideous spots on my face, which the doctor diagnosed as rosacea. The spots cleared once my period stopped and I haven't had once since. My hot flushes haven't been too bad in that I'm not soaked with sweat when I have one, but I always carry a fan in my bag now!
My main problem is my mental faculties- just a feeling of being overwhelmed, forgetting lots and being angry or teary over nothing. It was worse when my periods first stopped- I felt really low and was prescribed anti-depressants. Fortunately, this passed before the pills even had had a chance to kick in. Discussing what I'm going through with friends and colleagues has helped me though- it makes you realise that you're not going mad! I've also been taking herbal tablets 'Menoserene' which seem to help.
I've never had kids and was worried that I'd regret it once I could no longer have them. Whilst it still makes me a little sad, looking at society today I think it was probably for the best.
I think I've been quite lucky after reading some of the comments on here. I still feel young; love going to gigs and have great days out with the girls. Life shouldn't stop when you hit the menopause- it just changes. Above all, don't despair; you're not alone.

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bookworm58 said on 20 September 2011

i am almost 53 years old,and been going through meno for nearly 2 years,it is hell,insomnia,shaking,anxiety,on hrt but that i don't think is helping,on anti depressants and life is not what it used to be,i don't know how much more i can take.

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User76556 said on 17 August 2011

My last 2 periods have been 2 or 3 days in duration and were about 6 weeks apart! I'm approaching 41, could this be an early onset of the menopause? If it is I better hurry up and try for my 2nd baby!

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JBOORMAN said on 02 June 2011

I am 46 years old, for the past year I have experienced more frequent periods ie every 14-18 days, vaginal dryness and now a total lack of libedo, am I pre menopausal, my mother started when she was my age and I believe had increased periods instead of less. Any answers would be welcome, also any information on dealing with these 'symptoms'.


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nelly1369 said on 01 June 2011

please can anyone help me i am 42 for six years i have suffered very bad panic attacts to which i take antidepressants my periods are almost none exsitant i get realy bad headaches problems sleeping sex is an effort my hair keeps comeing out i have had bloodtests done at the doctors for the menopause but they came back normal could the test be wronge am i menopausal please i feel like i am cracking up help

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caroline200 said on 19 March 2011

I started reading when the menopause kicked in and recommend 'Your Change Your Choice' for an over all view.
I take Soya and isoflavines which have really helped with controlling the flushes and, as a bonus, have improved my skin and hair too!
I think taking charge of what's happening is important as stress increases the flushes.
The symptems are a pain but it is ultimately something liberating that is happening! Be positive if possible.

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teej1510 said on 01 February 2011

I have not been to the Doctors for confirmation yet but I haven't had a period for over a year now. I have just turned 44 . I did a self test at home which confirmed what I already knew or guessed... back in 2008 I went through a very bad patch of depression which lasted for over a year. I assumed that was the reason my periods became irregular , which they never were . I think I had about 4 periods that year then they stopped just like that.
I don't feel any different as such but have lost my libido. I blamed the depression for that. Though it is said that menopause is not a factor in loss of libido. I am just wondering what to expect next. As for painful joints I have always had a problem there, feeling rather old before my time.

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tooyoung said on 06 January 2011

Try being 20yrs old and finding out you've been going through the menopause since you was 15. Its the most embarassing thing to happen at my age and i will never have a child of my own.

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Solnishko said on 18 October 2010

My wife had her last period a year ago, at 43 she thought this was a little young for the menopause. She went to the GP who in an examination that lasted less than 3minutes from walking in the door to leaving just said "it's the menopause, look it up on the internet"!

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nabob said on 08 September 2010

I am quite worried at the moment and any advice would be most welcome please. I had a period in July 2009 aged 48 and up till then they had been normal since I started them at aged 11 no problems. My mum went through the menopause in her early 40's again with no problems. I did not have another period until May 2010 when I had a very light loss. Between July and October 2009 my only menopausal symptoms were feeling more hot than usual during the night but not sweating. After May 10 I did not have another period until August when all hell let loose and I had the heaviest and longest period ever. I have started again yesterday and am literally changing tampons due to flooding every 2 hours with no easing off during the night. I feel physically drained with sore breasts and stomach cramps. My husband is all for sending me to my GP but what can they do - surely this is all related to the menopause. I thought I had got let off lightly but clearly not - Help !

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midnight_poison said on 17 July 2010

i have no symptoms off menopause im 51 and this is the only period ive missed

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redhed36 said on 07 July 2010

I have just been told by my Doctor today that I am well into my menopause (had the follicle blood test thing). I am just 41 and so am concerned but he said to take calcium supplements and go for a bone density scan in 10 years...there is so much to find out about and it has been a bit of a shock to be honest...I don't know where to start!!!

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redhed36 said on 07 July 2010

I have just been told by my Doctor today that I am well into my menopause (had the follicle blood test thing). I am just 41 and so am concerned but he said to take calcium supplements and go for a bone density scan in 10 years...there is so much to find out about and it has been a bit of a shock to be honest...I don't know where to start!!!

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met2008 said on 07 July 2010

I have just had a period after 20months and I thought that once you hadnt had one for 12months that was it , can anyone advise why this has happened.

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carolynb said on 04 February 2010

Hello i have been menopausel for about a year now can anyone give me some advice on how to cope with greasey hair, my hair has always been dry, now i have to wash it every morning. Any advice would be most welcome.Carolyn.

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Mukesh Raghav said on 19 October 2009

The Menopause is really mysterious , no doubt it is physiological , but time period is ranging from 40 to 52 years in different parts of the world. Osteoporesis usually don't starts immediately after it as level of oestrogen does not diminish suddenly. The cause of osteoporosis is mainly lack of oestrogen which usually take place at the time of menopause.

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hormones said on 03 August 2009

I had a bit of accident which left me partially disabled. after amost 15yrs of marriage with no warning. my husband decided to pack up and leave me while i was still very ill laying flat on the floor. he just walked out as he couldnt handle me being ill. from that time bk in 2002 when i was just 45yr old. that was the last time i saw a period. they just stopped dead, apart from one very slight bleed only for day just couple months later but nothing else since,. i had no warning etc. i had bn having hot flshes etc for mayb yr or more but still had periods. i have heard that shock sometimes can stop a period but i dont no how true. i am now just 52yr old and still never seen a period. has anyone any ideas or suggestions.I have since been diagnosed with osteoporsis which is causing some pain in joints etc, i feel i am falling apart lol. i am certainly past even thinking of having more children so that is not the reason i am asking.

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