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IUS (intrauterine system)

A woman can get pregnant if a man’s sperm reaches one of her eggs (ova). Contraception tries to stop this happening by keeping the egg and sperm apart or by stopping egg production. One method of contraception is the IUS, or intrauterine system (sometimes called the hormonal coil).

An IUS is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is inserted into your womb (uterus) by a specially trained doctor or nurse.

The IUS releases a progestogen hormone into the womb. This thickens the mucus from your cervix, making it difficult for sperm to move through and reach an egg. It also thins the womb lining so that it's less likely to accept a fertilised egg. It may also stop ovulation (the release of an egg) in some women.

The IUS is a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) method. It works for five years or three years, depending on the type, so you don't have to think about contraception every day or each time you have sex. Two brands of IUS are used in the UK – Mirena and Jaydess. 

You can use an IUS whether or not you've had children.

At a glance: facts about the IUS


  • It's more than 99% effective. Less than one in every 100 women who use Mirena will get pregnant in five years, and less than one in 100 who use Jaydess will get pregnant in three years.
  • It can be taken out at any time by a specially trained doctor or nurse and your fertility quickly returns to normal.
  • The IUS can make your periods lighter, shorter or stop altogether, so it may help women who have heavy periods or painful periods. Jaydess is less likely than Mirena to make your periods stop altogether.
  • It can be used by women who can't use combined contraception (such as the combined pill) – for example, those who have migraines.
  • Once the IUS is in place, you don't have to think about contraception every day or each time you have sex.
  • Some women may experience mood swings, skin problems or breast tenderness.  
  • There's a small risk of getting an infection after it's inserted.
  • It can be uncomfortable when the IUS is put in, although painkillers can help with this.
  • The IUS can be fitted at any time during your monthly menstrual cycle, as long as you're definitely not pregnant. Ideally, it should be fitted within seven days of the start of your period, because this will protect against pregnancy straight away. You should use condoms for seven days if the IUS is fitted at any other time.
  • The IUS does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). By using condoms as well as the IUS, you'll help to protect yourself against STIs.


How the IUS works

How it prevents pregnancy 

Having an IUS fitted

How to tell whether an IUS is still in place

Removing an IUS

How it prevents pregnancy

The IUS is similar to the IUD (intrauterine device), but works in a slightly different way. Rather than releasing copper like the IUD, the IUS releases a progestogen hormone, which is similar to the natural hormone progesterone that's produced in a woman's ovaries.

Progestogen thickens the mucus from the cervix (opening of the womb), making it harder for sperm to move through it and reach an egg. It also causes the womb lining to become thinner and less likely to accept a fertilised egg. In some women, the IUS also stops the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation), but most women will continue to ovulate.

If you're 45 or older when you have the IUS fitted, it can be left until you reach menopause or you no longer need contraception.

Having an IUS fitted

You can get contraception at:

  • most GP surgeries
  • community contraception clinics
  • some GUM clinics
  • sexual health clinics
  • some young people's services

Find a clinic near you

An IUS can be fitted at any stage of your menstrual cycle, as long as you are not pregnant. If it's fitted in the first seven days of your cycle, you will be protected against pregnancy straight away. If it's fitted at any other time, you need to use another method of contraception (such as condoms) for seven days after it's fitted.

Before you have an IUS fitted, you will have an internal examination to determine the size and position of your womb. This is to make sure that the IUS can be positioned in the correct place.

You may also be tested for any existing infections, such as STIs. It is best to do this before an IUS is fitted so that any infections can be treated. You may be given antibiotics at the same time as an IUS is fitted.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to insert an IUS:

  • the vagina is held open, like it is during a cervical screening (smear) test
  • the IUS is inserted through the cervix and into the womb

The fitting process can be uncomfortable or painful for some women, and you may also experience cramps afterwards.

You can ask for a local anaesthetic or painkillers before having the IUS fitted. Discuss this with your GP or nurse beforehand. An anaesthetic injection itself can be painful, so many women have the procedure without one.

Once an IUS is fitted, it will need to be checked by a doctor after three to six weeks to make sure everything is fine. Speak to your GP or clinician if you have any problems after this initial check or if you want the IUS removed.

Also speak to your GP if you or your partner are at risk of getting an STI, as this can lead to infection in the pelvis.

See your GP or go back to the clinic if you:

  • have pain in your lower abdomen
  • have a high temperature
  • have smelly discharge

This may mean you have an infection.

How to tell if an IUS is still in place

An IUS has two thin threads that hang down a little way from your womb into the top of your vagina. The GP or clinician that fits your IUS will teach you how to feel for these threads and check that the IUS is still in place.

Check your IUS is in place a few times in the first month and then after each period at regular intervals.

It is highly unlikely that your IUS will come out, but if you can't feel the threads or if you think the IUS has moved, you may not be fully protected against pregnancy. See your doctor or nurse straight away and use extra contraception, such as condoms, until your IUS has been checked. If you've had sex recently, you may need to use emergency contraception.

Your partner shouldn't be able to feel your IUS during sex. If he can feel the threads, get your GP or clinician to check that your IUS is in place. They may be able to cut the threads a little. If you feel any pain during sex, go for a check-up with your GP or clinician.

Removing an IUS

Your IUS can be removed at any time by a trained doctor or nurse.

If you're not going to have another IUS put in and you don't want to become pregnant, use another contraceptive method (such as condoms) for seven days before you have the IUS removed. Sperm can live for seven days in the body and could fertilise an egg once the IUS is removed. As soon as an IUS is taken out, your normal fertility should return.

Who can use an IUS

Most women can use an IUS, including women who have never been pregnant and those who are HIV positive. Your GP or clinician will ask about your medical history to check if an IUS is the most suitable form of contraception for you.

Your family and medical history will determine whether or not you can use an IUS. For example, this method of contraception may not be suitable for you if you have:

An IUS may not be suitable for women who have untreated STIs. A doctor will usually give you a check-up to make sure you don't have any existing infections.

Using an IUS after giving birth

An IUS can usually be fitted four to six weeks after giving birth (vaginal or caesarean). You'll need to use alternative contraception from three weeks (21 days) after the birth until the IUS is put in. In some cases, an IUS can be fitted within 48 hours of giving birth. It is safe to use an IUS when you're breastfeeding, and it won't affect your milk supply.

Using an IUS after a miscarriage or abortion

An IUS can be fitted by an experienced doctor or nurse straight after an abortion or miscarriage, as long as you were pregnant for less than 24 weeks. If you were pregnant for more than 24 weeks, you may have to wait a few weeks before an IUS can be fitted.

Advantages and disadvantages of the IUS

Although an IUS is an effective method of contraception, there are several things to consider before having an IUS fitted.

Advantages of the IUS

  • It works for five years (Mirena) or three years (Jaydess). 
  • It's one of the most effective forms of contraception available in the UK.
  • It doesn't interrupt sex.
  • An IUS may be useful if you have heavy or painful periods because your periods usually become much lighter and shorter, and sometimes less painful – they may stop completely after the first year of use.
  • It can be used safely if you're breastfeeding. 
  • It's not affected by other medicines.
  • It may be a good option if you can't take the hormone oestrogen, which is used in the combined contraceptive pill. 
  • Your fertility will return to normal when the IUS is removed.

There's no evidence that an IUS will affect your weight or that having an IUS fitted will increase the risk of cervical cancercancer of the uterus or ovarian cancer. Some women experience changes in mood and libido, but these changes are very small.

Disadvantages of the IUS

  • Some women won't be happy with the way that their periods may change. For example, periods may become lighter and more irregular or, in some cases, stop completely. Your periods are more likely to stop completely with Mirena than with Jaydess.
  • Irregular bleeding and spotting are common in the first six months after having an IUS fitted. This is not harmful and usually decreases with time.
  • Some women experience headaches, acne and breast tenderness after having the IUS fitted.
  • An uncommon side effect of the IUS is the appearance of small fluid-filled cysts on the ovaries – these usually disappear without treatment.
  • An IUS doesn't protect you against STIs, so you may also have to use condoms when having sex. If you get an STI while you have an IUS fitted, it could lead to pelvic infection if it's not treated.
  • Most women who stop using an IUS do so because of vaginal bleeding and pain, although this is uncommon. Hormonal problems can also occur, but these are even less common.

Risks of the IUS

Complications caused by an IUS are rare and usually happen in the first six months after it has been fitted. These include:

Damage to the womb

In rare cases (fewer than one in 1,000 insertions) an IUS can perforate (make a hole in) the womb or neck of the womb (cervix) when it is put in. This can cause pain in the lower abdomen, but doesn't usually cause any other symptoms. If the doctor or nurse fitting your IUS is experienced, the risk of perforation is extremely low.

If perforation occurs, you may need surgery to remove the IUS. Contact your GP straight away if you feel a lot of pain after having an IUS fitted. Perforations should be treated immediately.

Pelvic infections

Pelvic infections may occur in the first 20 days after the IUS has been inserted.

The risk of infection from an IUS is extremely small (fewer than one in 100 women who are at low risk of STIs will get an infection). A GP or clinician will usually recommend an internal examination before fitting an IUS to be sure that there are no existing infections.


Occasionally, the IUS is rejected (expelled) by the womb or it can move (this is called displacement). This is not common and is more likely to happen soon after it has been fitted. Your doctor or nurse will teach you how to check that your IUS is in place.

Ectopic pregnancy

If the IUS fails and you become pregnant, your IUS should be removed as soon as possible if you are continuing with the pregnancy. There's a small increased risk of ectopic pregnancy if a woman becomes pregnant while using an IUS.

Where to get the IUS

Most types of contraception are available for free in the UK. Contraception is free to all women and men through the NHS. Places where you can get contraception include:

  • most GP surgeries – talk to your GP or practice nurse
  • community contraception clinics
  • some genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics
  • sexual health clinics – they also offer contraceptive and STI testing services
  • some young people’s services (call 0300 123 7123 for more information)

Find sexual health services near you, including contraception clinics.

Contraception services are free and confidential, including for people under the age of 16.

If you're under 16 and want contraception, the doctor, nurse or pharmacist won't tell your parents or carer as long as they believe you fully understand the information you're given and your decisions. Doctors and nurses work under strict guidelines when dealing with people under 16.

They'll encourage you to consider telling your parents, but they won't make you. The only time that a professional might want to tell someone else is if they believe you're at risk of harm, such as abuse. The risk would need to be serious, and they would usually discuss this with you first.

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The 85 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

monkeysmum said on 19 November 2015

My GP is making it incredibly difficult to get the Mirena removed. I've been asking since the start of August. I've had it 4 years in Feb and it's caused me to have multiple cysts on my ovary which causes pain. My periods have returned and I've just had enough and want it out. They said they won't remove it before the 5 years and to see how I feel after xxx weeks and then when I return saying I still want it out They say the same again. They said they want me to have a scan and if it's in the right place they won't remove it I have to wait until December and go all the way to Cornwall for the scan or wait until January. Chances are it's in the right place so I'm stuck with it against my will for another year of pain. They say you can have it out whenever when they put it in but then they refuse. It's all down to money. I will never get a Mirena again and I'll never trust the word of a gp again.

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Jodie_biv said on 03 November 2015

I had the Mirena fitted on 20th October, (I am 24 and have no children) the process was quite uncomfortable but it was bearable, just like a pinch! I wouldn't necessarily say it hurt, just uncomfortable but over quite fast! the day I had it I had quite severe cramps for that day and the day after, also slight spotting, I then had 11 "normal" days of no bleeding or spotting. Then on the 12th day I came on what I assume is my period which is a lot lighter than my usual periods! Currently on my 14th day after insertion and on my very light period still,
The Mirena doesn't interrupt sex, my partner does however say he can feel it but it causes no interruptions, don't let horror stories out you off, I stick by my far :)

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LMc2444 said on 21 October 2015

Made an account just for this!
I had previously been on the injection and various pills but bled through them all. I couldn't be without them though as I would be in absolute agony.

I went to a sexual health clinic and they suggested a coil. I really didn't like the thought of something being inserted, especially after reading all the horror stories online! So I put it off for months.

I saw a gynaecologist who was adamant the mirena coil would be the best thing for me. We went into a room with a nurse and the doctor inserted it.
I have to tell the truth though, my body went into shock and I fainted for a few seconds BUT I do not regret this decision at all.

I think my body reacted to it a lot different to how others would react. No bleeding the next day and I'm now on the 5th and still no bleeding. Although it's completely normal to spot for days/weeks maybe months for some.

I had cramps for the rest of the day that it was inserted. But that's also normal. Next day though, I was up and around which I didn't expect at all.

Just don't pay attention to the horror stories because it could really work out for you and I think this is already looking very good for me!

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Twistedribbon25 said on 20 October 2015

I thought I would share my experience, I had the coil fitted yesterday, the reason for having it fitted is because in the last seven yes my husband and I have had three ectopics and five miscarriages and it was felt that it was not safe to carry on trying to conceive. The nurse who fitted my coil knew the reasons behind why I was having it done, and was so lovely and caring.
The fitting itself was painful, but the pain only lasted for a few mins. For the rest of the day I had quite bad cramping, which has continued into today, but I was told this was normal, a hot water bottle and painkillers are helping ease the pain.
As its only day two I can't really comment much more, but if you are thinking of getting it done it's really not that pAinful, (and I am a complete wimp when it comes to pain!) just take painkillers about half an hour before your appointment.

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Natural minded woman said on 28 September 2015

I had a Merina IUS fitted 3 weeks ago and experienced the following. Some symptoms were almost immediate and others developed over a few days:

Anxiety and chronic nervousness
Constipation / generally poor digestion
Awful lower-ab pains in the form of waves of severe cramps lasting 4-5 seconds each (I'd get about 3 - 4 a day and had one evening of continuous pain, 2 weeks after insertion.)
Horrible mood swings ranging from despair, crying fits, bad temper and elated joy.
Constant indecision, confusion and mis-processing
Greasy skin and spots on my face
Achy lower back

I'm a generally balanced, well-tempered, healthy woman who works hard, eats well (avoids sugar), and exercises regularly with fun activities.

None of these were typical of my character and when I attended a walk-in clinic, the nurses were very understanding and agreed to remove it immediately. Having confirmed that it was perfectly placed and nothing was wrong, the removal was fast and painless, and within 20 minutes I felt back to my old self.

I believe that many women love the Merina, but if you have severe side-effects or don't feel yourself, don't put up with it!!!

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nikkinuu said on 12 August 2015

I had my first mirena coil fitted at 16 years old. Mainly to treat heavy periods after negative effects on the pill. Having it fitted at that age was very painful, my stomach went into spasm however after a few uncomfortable days all was fine. It worked really well to combat those heavy periods, unfortunately it fell out after about a year. I had another 2 fitted for about 4 years each after that (much less painful).

I had no issues at all while i had the mirena coils fitted. I had little or no periods and didn't suffer any side effects other then a cyst which healed on its own.

Removal was fine, a little uncomfortable i suppose a little like a smear test but nothing to worry about.

However when it came to my recent removal me and my husband were ready to start a family. My doctor has assured me that all should return to normal after removal. I beg to differ. It has taken 3 months to even have a period. If i had known this previously i would of had it removed before my wedding. It appears im not alone in this and that in a lot of people it seems to take 8weeks up to 6 months to get that first period. however some do become pregnant almost straight away.

Also another thing to look out for is the massive hormone crash after, i had mirena coils for 9 years and wasn't prepared for an artificial hormone free body. I felt sick, head achy, and experienced major mood swings for around 2-3 weeks after removal.

However i would still recommend the coil. it allowed me to live a life almost period free and not having to worry about pregnancy.

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rachelwot said on 03 August 2015

I had the mirena fitted on the 31st July, from the minute I had it put in i started having very strong tummy cramps. Although they arnt as strong now and are more like a strong period pain. Is that normal. I also found it very a painful procedure. Iv had 2 natural child births n have a high pain threshold. I had it put in for long , heavy , painful menstruals.

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pinktiger said on 27 July 2015

I had my Mirena coil fitted 2 days ago and I have to say I've had slight bleeding but nothing over the top. I cannot feel it whatsoever and wondered if it is even there. I've not felt for the strings and I'm am a little constipated as I'm scared it will fall out. (I'm still getting used to it) As for the fitting I cannot really comment on as I was asleep whilst having another procedure, I've always wanted to have one but felt scared of the antithetic as it hurts like a bitch. Anyway I'm really happy I've had it done now and I don't need to worry about it. not had much pain so can't complain

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Cathy 56 said on 19 July 2015

I had my Mirena coil fitted a couple of months ago and wish I'd done it sooner! I feel I'm back to my old happy self and have got my sex drive back. I no longer have periods or (best of all) PMS. I believe I was in the perimenopause (I'm 44) and my periods and PMS had been getting worse, especially anxiety. I don't need contraception as my husband has had a vasectomy, so the coil is simply for my well-being. I wish I hadn't been put off having one in the past because of internet horror stories.

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thomas ml said on 07 July 2015

Hi I have had the coil for 1-5 years ,,,, I have never been able to feel the stings ,,, for the last month I have been peeing a lot , sleepy ,,, my sense of smell is so strong and I have just been sick :( is there a chance I could be pregnant ?

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Lucy4287 said on 28 June 2015

After reading a few comments after having my Mirena IUS inserted i thought I would share my experience. I am 27 and had no kids.
I must say i was naive going into the GP surgery and under the impression it would be mildly uncomfortable. I would say it was painful having it placed but it only took around 10 minutes. I know there is local anaesthesia available but unfortunately not where mine was placed!
The professionals placing it were very supportive and once it was in place it felt like what can only be described as a localised pain similar to a period pain which lasted for around 2 days but controlled with ibuprofen.
Initially sex was uncomfortable but after 3-4 weeks was back to normal.
I did experience some lower abdominal pain for 3 weeks afterwards but short lasting and again, controlled with ibuprofen.
Its now been 4 months and have started having occasional abdominal pain again and it can be quite strong but it comes in waves and doesn't last long. I have had no spotting or periods since insertion. From speaking with others who have had a mirena I am hoping this pain will disappear after the first 6 months!!
My mum also has a mirena coil and had no problems, my sister on the other hand has had pain and heavy bleeding with her jaydess coil. It is worth speaking through in length with your GP before choosing your contraception!

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24sam said on 03 June 2015

I have had the coil in for over 3 years now. I had it fitted a few weeks after my son was born. It was not painful at all when fitted. I had irregular bleeding for 12 months, lighter than my normal periods, but since then I have almost gone every month without a period, with very occasionally slight spotting which has lasted for literally a day. I haven't had a period so far this year. I am wondering if anyone has experienced high anxiety levels with this? I have been suffering for the last 3 years with severe anxiety, which has been confirmed by my doctor, and I am thinking maybe this could be either the cause or making my symptoms worse. I have regular panic attacks, sometimes daily. I have always been an anxious person but never to this extent. Has anyone else experienced high anxiety levels with the mirena coil and if so can having it removed help??

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Katherine_1357 said on 31 May 2015

Wanted to share my experience as I almost canceled my appointment after reading comments on here! I'm 20 years old and have no children. I had a Mirena coil placed 3 days ago, and yes it was painful but after suffering horrendous period pains for the past 2 years it wasn't anything worse than a bad period pain, maybe slightly sharper (I might also add I have a very low pain threshold!) I had bad cramping on the first day but ibuprofen and a hot water bottle eased the pain. I'm now 3 days in and no pain, bleeding or anything. Don't be put off by negative experiences if you're considering the coil, everyone's experiences are different and you won't know until you try it... My mum and sister both had the coil and loved it! Now looking forward to 5 period-pain-free years :-)

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chloe250 said on 10 May 2015

I thought I'd share my experience with the Mirena coil. I had this fitted 3 days ago. As I'm only 17 and never had children, it was a very nerve wracking experience. This was my last resort as the pill and injection have not helped with heavy periods. Although they stated this may not work either as it's the same hormone as the depo injection. The pain was pretty much bearable during insertion apart from when they injected numbing gel into my cervix which was that excruciating I had to get the doctor to stop. For the past three days, I've been bent double in agony with period pain like cramps. I'm not sure if this is normal though. Hopefully this will get better over time but so far I am regretting having this done :(

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Arachne said on 28 April 2015


2 weeks after that I was still bleeding on and off and feeling extreme pain. I got a phone consultation with a GP who insisted I should wait 6 months before I decided to get the coil removed. He prescribed medicine for the pain, however after going to 3 different pharmacies I found out that medicine had been discontinued. One of the pharmacists suggested I get the coil removed asap.

Almost 3 months after I had the coil fitted I started bleeding uncontrollably feeling pain. I was bleeding so much that I had to change my super plus tampon every 30 minutes (which I was careful not to insert too deep). Also, the bleeding was accompanied by mucus the size of my palm.

2 days later the coil just came out. The bleeding and mucus became even worse.

I went to see a gynecologist immediately. She told me that my body has been under so much strain due to the coil and she didn't understand why the other doctors didn't insist I get it removed asap. She said coils usually get rejected by the body within the first 2 weeks, and she was really worried mine wasn't until the 3rd month.

The week before the coil came out I was feeling extremely badly and my depression and anxiety (which I suffer from chronically) were a lot worse than usual. My therapist was against the coil.

Also, I suffer from a thyroid dysfunction and I feel like all those hormones from the coil and the pills made it even worse. Moreover I gained 3 kilos during the 3rd month of having the coil. Probably because of the combination of the coil and the pill.

The coil took 3 months of my life since I couldn't do anything most of the time because of the pain I felt or because it magnified my mental health issues.

My doctor said it can take up to a month to recover. 1 month has already past, but I feel my body and mental health are still in a very bad place.

Please think twice before getting a coil fitted. It's the worst decision I ever made.

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Arachne said on 28 April 2015

I had the Mirena coil inserted in January because I needed contraception and also due to suffering from dysmenorrhea.

Even though I asked for local anaesthesia or something to help with the pain they asked me if I had any ibuprofen with me and if I did to take one. That didn't make any sense since the ibuprofen would need some time to kick in and also things like that aren't strong enough for me. When I have my period I take 8-10 ibuprofen capsules a day and I still feel pain.
I found the insertion the most painful thing that I had to go through. And also the consultation was very misleading and I felt like they were pushing me to get the mirena coil even though I wasn't sure. Were they getting money from the company to promote it?

The first month went by quite well, even though I did get lower abdomen pains and brown spots.
Then I had my first period and everything went downhill after that.
I started bleeding non stop, and when I wasn't bleeding I was in severe pain.

5 weeks after having the coil fitted I went to see a gynecologist. She said everything looked fine and I should wait for six months, even if I feel pain because that is the amount of time needed by the body to adjust to the coil.
That caused me distress since I felt like a martyr trying to tolerate an unreasonable amount of pain just because the doctor said so. She gave me some pills to stop the bleeding, but they only lasted for a week and the bleeding didn't stop immediately.

Then 2 months after having the coil inserted I booked an appointment with a GP and explained my situation. She prescribed Cerazzette (contraceptive pills) and told me to wait for a few more weeks and if I feel that the coil isn't good for me to get it removed.


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Rbond said on 09 April 2015

Hi, I wanted to share my experience of Jaydess to hopefully help put your minds at ease. After reading and hearing so many horror stories of coil insertion I worked myself up so much I was close to cancelling my appointment. However I didn't and I went yesterday to have it put in. I was on my period so hoped it would be easier to insert.
Basically it was, I laid on the couch, legs in stirrups. The doctor did an internal examination to feel for my cervix then inserted a speculum. She used some local anaesthetic gel in my cervix. Waited a few minutes then used a clamp to hold my cervix/uterus in place, this was uncomfortable but bare-able. She then inserted the coil, this did make me swear but was over so quickly and the pain was too. She then cut the strings, and that was it, over in less than 5minutes. I had some cramping but only like mild period pains and today I've had less cramping than yesterday. I took some paracetamol & brufen an hour before hand then 4hrs after. Obviously everyone is different but I hope this helps to know that it isn't always a terrible experience.

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1991 said on 03 April 2015

I had the Jaydess Coil fitted on the 16th March. This was followed by just 20 minutes of intense cramps and then I went to bed with a hot water bottle and went to work the next day.
Unlike my friends who recently had it fitted, I had no further pains. Some discharge. Did make me feel pregnant due to the hormones!
I couldn't feel the strings until 2 weeks after having it fitted and they felt extremely short and spikey (just out of my cervix) with a blood clot. Then the strings went again. A couple of days later I had uncomfortable cramps and when I felt it, the strings were very short, fresh blood and also a hard lump on my cervix.
I then went into crippling agony and was taken to A&E. 6 hours later the Gynecologist saw me, couldn't feel or see the strings. In a different position using her fingers she felt the short spikes and eventually removed it (painless). ***She had never heard of the Jaydess Coil, never seen it before, didn't like the huge knot in the strings and more importantly, the device was so short. The strings were either cut too short or made too short.***
They don't xray you anyway, so the silver strip which attracted me to it rather than the Mirena was invalidated.
She recommended the Mirena in a few weeks when the inflammation has gone.
Also - she said don't keep checking your cervix. It can (obviously) introduce infection. Check it once and if it's wrong, get seen!
Two days post removal I have woken up to blood soaked clothes (TMI) and bad cramps.
Shall be speaking to the clinic who fitted my device to find out what the hell they did. Not happy.

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ENK said on 24 March 2015

I had the jaydess fitted 7 months ago and couldn't be happier. I'm 28 and have never had children. I have been on the pill in the past but hate taking a pill every day, had problems with my skin when taking the pill and coming off it again, I also felt I questioned my mood swings, not knowing if it was me or the pill.
The fitting was uncomfortable but not particularly painful, just a bit worse than a pap smear.
It did take a while for the IUS to 'settle' I was aware there was something there and did take ibuprofen or paracetamol as required for a couple of weeks but it was no worse than period pain.
While my periods used to be very short and regular they lighter but over a longer period of time, though I do feel that they are becoming more regular and settled.
I can't recommend jaydess enough, yes there was some settling in and changes in my period but it is so good to not have to take a pill every day! I read a lot of bad reviews when I was deciding what to do so am keen people know it can work out and is a great, convenient option!

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daisy85 said on 03 March 2015

I am 29 and had my Mirena coil inserted three months ago as I have struggled with heavy menstrual bleeding for years. I had high hopes that it would really help. I started with constant spotting that I assumed was normal, but I also started feeling really low and tearful as if I had continuous PMT. It was getting so bad that I thought I had better try an antidepressant. It wasn't until I started reading others experiences of low mood and the Mirena coil that I realised it could be the coil making me feel so miserable. I have also had very painful breasts, daily headaches. I had the coil removed today and the doc said that it was definitely the coil that I am extra sensitive to. Apparently 1 in 10 women get theses side effects, and they can be so invasive.
If you are considering having one inserted, please be aware that the hormone can effect more than just the lining of your womb, be aware of your mood and if you are feeling very low the coil might not be for you. It is not worth having if you are feeling so miserable!

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Ruth127 said on 28 January 2015

Had Jaydess fitted 2 hours ago, really pleased with how it has gone so far. I'm 30 and not had children. The doctor made me feel completely at ease, the fitting was quick. The pain wasn't sharp but a dull pain that gradually got stronger, it made me wince a bit but nothing that bad at all and it was over fast. Now I feel like I have moderate period pains but, again, nothing I can't handle! I didn't even feel faint after. After reading so many negative stories I thought I'd share another good experience.

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LadyWard said on 28 December 2014

I had a Mirena Coil fitted in June this year. Diagnosed with PCOS in1989, I had no periods for about 17 years then they suddenly returned, very heavy and lasting for ages, so suffering for about 3 years I went to the GP and had scans and was diagnosed with polyps and fibroids. In June I had polyps and fibroids removed and a coil fitted, lining of my womb as 14 mm instead of 3mm and my uterus was enlarged as I had had no children this was unusual. Six months of spotting and light periods, I was so chuffed, saw my consultant for 6 month check and then low and behold on 22nd December, my original problem returned, heavy bleeding, rich red blood and large clots bigger than before, the pain was excruciating, and I am still suffering today,28th. Back to the GP me thinks, I am in so much pain! WHY?

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Lotus flower said on 04 December 2014

I would like to share my experience with the mirena coil, I had it fitted not for contraception but for extremely heavy periods. I am 47 years old and have suffered with heavy periods for the last five years to the point I became anaemic. The gynaecologist suggested I have the mirena coil because I had no other problems with my uterus, I had it fitted in October 2014, after the coil was fitted I had period pains for the first day , the next three days was pain free then I had bad period pains for 3 days and bleeding, heavy bleeding started for 2 days then normal bleeding then light bleeding and spotting this pattern continued for the next 2 months it is only now that I have no bleeding but period is still irregular and maybe irregular up to 6 months until my body gets used to the mirena coil. Compared to what I suffered before the coil was put in, I am glad I had the mirena coil fitted.

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HeyHobo said on 25 November 2014

Since the age of 14 (I'm 24 now) I have had excruciating period pain, even to the point of hospitalisation every few months. I went on the pill when I was 15 and over the years I tried literally every single type of pill. I also tried the implant which just made me really low and bleed constantly.
In November this year I decided after advice from friends and several gyno's to have a Minerva coil fitted. I had this done under general antsthetic becuase I have a heart shaped womb and they had to check that it had fitted correctly. I had pain for about two weeks after the coil was fitted however not nearly as bad as my normal period pains, I also now have slowly started to get my sex drive back (years on the pill killed it completely!). I feel better in myself I feel happier and less anxious (as the pill has strong links to anxiety disorders) and generally more healthy. I would recommend the coil especially if you are getting nowhere with the pill or the implant. It's well worth the slight amount of initial pain for five years of feeling like yourself and pain free periods!

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MillieJK said on 10 November 2014

I don't understand where I can even get the Jaydess coil from?! I live in Watford. I've already had Mirena & all the other types of protection, Jaydess seems the only option for me. If anyone sees this comment or the NHS actually reply I'd like to know where I can actually get this from! Thank you.

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LP92 said on 09 November 2014

Having had my coil fitted yesterday I wanted to share my experience of the fitting to reassure anyone considering getting one. Quite a long description but I hope that people find it helpful! I had previously been taking the pill but it was causing me all sorts of problems, as well as potentially being less potent due to my Crohn's, and around four healthcare professionals recommended the coil to me as a solution. I was really nervous before (and reading comments on here didn't help much!) but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I took some paracetomol about 50 minutes before the appointment and then some ibuprofen about 15 minutes before. I'm assuming it worked! The doctor went through the risks and benefits with me before leaving me to take off my underwear and lie back on the bed. You have your legs up in stirrups (with your lower legs dangling over the edge) and this actually really helped to relax the lower half of my body. She opened my vagina with a speculum but this was only mildly uncomfortable and not painful at all. She then cleaned by cervix before using a clamp to keep it open - sounds horrific, and was quite painful, but only momentarily before it became a dull ache. She then measured my womb (slightly uncomfortable) before putting the coil in. Again, this was unpleasant but then faded. The key is to relax the whole way through! Easier said then done but if you are mindful about how tense your muscles are and practice some deep breathing it really helps. It isn't painless BUT I would definitely not describe it as agonising. Afterwards I had some strong period-like cramps and had to lie down at home but it was nothing a bit of ibuprofen and a water bottle can't fix. I also had a little bit of spotting but nothing alarming. It's now the next day and I have a dull ache but again nothing worse than a period cramp. We shall see how it all pans out over the next few days/weeks!

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Merz64 said on 04 November 2014

I would like to share my experience with the coil. I live in Australia and had the first coil inserted in around 2011 as I had been on the pill since the age of 16 and was 46 years old and my GP said that because of my age i was at risk of blood clots if I continued with the pil. She sent me to a Gynea who suggested the new Merina. I had it inserted that day with now problems. Had very little bleeding and then just the odd spotting. In 2012 after a regular Pap smear, my doctor could not see the strings so was sent for an ultra sound and it was found misplaced! So had an appointment arranged for the hospital to go under to get it taken out and another reinserted. ( Apparently the first ones strings were too short) Have had no drama's with it. No periods.The only downfall is being 49 (50 next month) will probably not know when im going through menopause as blood tests to see what hormones are doing, will be impaired with the hormones of the Merina.
I could have elected to get my tubes tied but this option was offered and i don't regret having it. :-)

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19VEE71 said on 28 September 2014

I'm due to have my coil removed and will be having another one fitted at the same time,however,the last time it was fitted,it was absolute agony like contracting labour pains!,I've never experienced this before(I've had 3 fitted in my life) it was definite cervical dilation pain but was told this is normal??? I'm really anxious about it,anyone else had this complication???

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Crazy baker said on 27 September 2014

Just wondering, when they tell you your periods will stop & because I'm 43 & peri menopausal it can stay in for 7yrs, is that because you have 7yrs worth when you have it put in??? Mines been in 26days now, everyday the bleeding is heavier, stomach cramps are awful, even to touch my lower stomach & back hurt to touch, even worse about 5yrs ago I lost 11stone, in the 26days I've put on 11lbs & look pregnant!! Don't know how long to persevere with it, do I ring the clinic that put it in or see my gp? I didn't even want this I wanted a complete hysterectomy!

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Chloesmum x said on 18 September 2014

I had my coil fitted 3 months ago now and I have been bleeding ever since. My coil is not for contraception purposes as my hubby has had a vasectomy, mine was for extremely heavy and painful periods. The pain isn't as bad and the bleeding isn't as heavy but I am so fed up (as is my hubby) of the continuous bleeding. I am going to persevere up to the 6 months and then nobody can say I haven't tried. I have had all tests and there is no medical reason why I bleed the way I do. I am unsure what my next step will be as this is the last thing to try....possibly hysterectomy ??

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Lynda9123 said on 10 September 2014

Had a mirena fitted 8days ago and since then have been bleeding and suffer period pains. Wonder if this is normal and when will it stop.

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User902541 said on 10 September 2014

I have had Mirena coils fitted since 2002. The first one was fitted and in place for five years, the second for just under three years and the most recent was fitted five months ago.
My periods were erratic for the first six-nine months and then disappeared completely, however, this time around I am suffering with a lot of headaches which doesn't correlate with earlier experiences. My bleeding has improved significantly, however, the headaches are a grind. I have faith that the periods will disappear eventually but find the headaches more of an issue. Is there any similar experiences with headaches? I am not sure if it age related as I am now 46, however, I am fit and healthy and don't consider any other issues like high blood pressure that would trigger headaches and assume its menstrual related.

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ndurr said on 10 September 2014

I had incredibly bad periods that happened at any time, with random flooding so I daren't sit down anywhere without plastic bags, towels etc. I also had fibroids removed, after which I had the Mirena fitted. For me, it worked brilliantly, with bleeding non-existent fairly soon afterwards. No side effects or other symptoms at all.
I had it removed a few weeks ago because it had been in for tis lifespan, and the doctor told me that having a contraceptive injection would have the same effect. Unfortunately it has not and I'm back to constant bleeding/spare clothes etc, so I'm now having another Mirena put in in about 10 days. I can't wait!

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freeway26 said on 27 August 2014

i had mirena fitted sept 2011 at gynae at the time i was there for the consultant to examine me in theatre as he had agreed to giving me hysterectomy. i have suffered with painful and heavy periods all my life, after having two children thought they might have eased but no they came back with a vengeance. I had thermal ablation done a few years ago that didn't work, so back to gynae where he agreed to give me hysterectomy as i am 43 and don't want anymore children. On the morning rounds before theatre he came and asked me if i would try mirena if they could get it in, so i agreed, it worked sort of my periods lessened to the point where it was a bit of spotting for a day or two but they never regular and just happen with no warning. 3 years on I'm now considering having it removed as I'm all over the place with them at present day i have now been padded up for my 5th week, cramps and the most awful staining like you get at the end of a period normally. I'm tired, moody and ache in so many places its starting to wear me down i just don't know what to do for the best.

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shouldhavestuckwitharabbit said on 27 August 2014

Well I am new to the coil, only had it fitted a week ago and other than the fact it hurt like hell which I was not prepared for in the slightest :( I drove to the shops (all of 10 mins drive) to find myself stuck in the supermarket toilets for two hours being sick, going hot and cold and having diarrhoea - all at once! I am never ill, I am fit and healthy and this really threw me. I was so concerned I called the doctor (from the toilet) and she told me it was just unfortunate but it will pass. Thankfully it did but now I have another issue...I have the most awful wind ever. I did not link the two until I googled the coil online. Is anyone else suffering with this and if so what do I do? Will it go away? I am so desperate as I feel I can not go out now or invite anyone to my house as I stink! When I say I have bad wind, I am talking almost constant passing of wind, maybe up to 20 times an hour. I have never had this before so please someone help x

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Buns said on 21 August 2014

I had a Mirena fitted in November (2013) and it wasn't that painful. I had cramps and bleeding afterwards for a few days, but they were like a period, so the usual tricks made the pain go away. I didn't have any problems just occasional spotting which I was told was normal. Since April this year I have had sporadic severe cramps which follow no pattern and barely bleed with them. Its extreme period pain, but i have no blood. I have had an ultrasound and am now waiting for the results. I have also found that I am often bloated and crampy and now to add to everything I am getting thrush?! As you can imagine I'm not exactly in a great place with it all. I just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems or any more advice on what I should do. The Drs being ok but i think they're tolerating me tbh. Im 26, have a healthy diet, am of a healthy weight and exercise regularly, so I'm really struggling with these issues. The other thing, is that as a form of contraception, its great!! And so im reluctant to get it removed :( Any help, advice or even similar issues from others would be great. x

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mousesock said on 18 August 2014

My verdict: so good so far.
I'm 25 and dont have kids and been on the pill since i was 17 i also have polycyctic ovaries. I had mine inserted about 8 weeks ago by a sexual health clinic. They were very thorough in discussing all the long term contraception options and put my mind at ease that this was the right choice. It was painful for a few seconds during insertion but it was over before i knew - took about 5 - 7 mins in total. I felt a bit light headed and had to drink some water and lie down for a bit but they were patient and waited till i was better before they let me leave. Had some pretty bad cramps for a couple of days and some weird leg pains but since then I've not had any more pain at all and returned to sex about 3 days after. However, I have been spotting almost every day since. It gets heavier and lighter but very manageable with panty liners and small tampons but its not even enough to interfere with sex. After my 6 week check up the nurse advised this was normal and and take up to 3 months to settle then fingers crossed no more periods!
I would certainly recommend this over the pill - no chance of forgetting pill, I've lost weight and don't appear to have a monthly cycle as of yet. I 'know its not for everyone, we all react differently but I'd like to contribute a good story to this thread!

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Bury rock said on 15 August 2014

I had the Mc coil fitted on 13 March this year after suffering heavy periods to the point I was on iron tablets for anaemia. The turning point was when I went away for the weekend for the first time in ten years and it was spoiled by Mother Nature, I felt so weak and had to sleep on a towel to avoid embarrassment with the hotel maids. I had also completed my family with four children, and at 43 felt I wanted some me time. The procedure itself was uncomfortable but quickly over and I suffered period type aches and spotting, I then continued to bleed for the next three months for three weeks out of four until I went back to the doctors and was persuaded to persevere. Things have calmed down now thank goodness, and I have a light period for five to seven days once a month that hardly warrants a sanitary towel, just a panty liner. I am glad I carried on with this as it is such a relief not to have to worry about falling pregnant or the horrible heavy draining periods I had to endure. I found a packet of matress sized night time towels I used to have to use in my dressing table drawer the other day and I am so glad that's in the past!

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Loulouanna said on 14 August 2014

I had mirena fitted December 2013 was ok worked fine 4 me I was spotting for a week an some cramps but after week I 4got I even had it in never bleed after the first weeks spotting, but I wanna go in 4 baby number 3 had it took out 2 week ago but iv read things on websites about it an ppl had it out for mouths an still not seen nothing now I'm staring to worry I got told b4 it was put in that every think goes bk to normal with in 2 week of having it out has any 1 else bin thou this ???

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Beetle77 said on 12 August 2014

I managed to keep my mirena for a week before it had to be removed. Absolutely horrendous experience: appalling cramps, bloated stomach (8lbs weight gain in under a week!), mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, two focal migraines, constant headache, sore breasts, thrush, nausea, hot flushes, night sweats, low mood, very irritable and I could not stop crying. The cramps, irrational crying and migraines were the deal-breaker though. I had a scan to check there was no issue with the position of the coil, or perforation of the uterus, but it had been inserted properly. The possibility of feeling like I did for another day, let alone months, was too much and they removed it straight away.

I have nothing but praise for the Doctors and Nurses at the Family Planning clinic, but I don't think this thing should be pushed on to women quite so strongly. I know that people are far more likely to report a bad experience, but there are just so many bad experiences reported. Out of all my friends who have used Mirena, only one is entirely happy with it. Everyone else has either had it removed early, or quietly put up with the (often horrible: hair loss, acne, mood swings, thrush) side effects.

I am so relieved the wretched thing is out of me, the pain was unmanageable and I felt like I was losing my mind at times. Now I just have the thrush and mouth ulcers to get over...

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Ladylady83 said on 11 August 2014

Like many women sometimes hearing the side effects can be worrying so much so that I too delayed having the coil fitted. I got pregnant and went on to have my daughter who I love. After having my baby I had the coil fitted and it was the best thing ever I avoided sex altogether for a week whilst I went through the slight cramps but after a few months it was great 4 years on I now have to remember to have new one fitted. I would recommend mainly to those in long term and exclusive relationships as it won't protect from stds.

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EMJB said on 08 August 2014

I had the coil fitted earlier this year and it has changed my life. I used to have awful periods after the birth of my first child 9 years ago, they were so heavy I couldn't leave the house when I had them, I had such painful cramping and clotting and my PMS would rule me for 3 weeks every month. After my 2nd child in 2012 I had hoped perhaps they would change and settle in to a new more 'normal' pattern but they didn't, they got even worse. I went for scans of my womb etc to rule everything out and then my GP suggested the coil. I was unsure as some of the side effects were things I was already battling and I didn't want to make them any worse. But I had it fitted, it was no more uncomfortable than a smear test, over and done with very quickly and my GP talked me through he procedure as she did it. Afterwards I had bleeding for a couple of weeks and went back to my doctor upset that it hadn't worked for me but she said that's how it goes for some women and to give it time to settle. Sure enough, it did and I haven't had a heavy period in months, infact I hardly notice them! I get no cramping, no PMS, I don't have to stay home, it has literally changed my life and I'm so pleased had it fitted.

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wilkinsonfan87 said on 27 July 2014

I'm having the coil in on Monday and after reading half the comments I am totally scared and thinking of cancelling it! HELP!

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wilkinsonfan87 said on 26 July 2014

After reading the "horror stories" I am truly terrified about having my coil fitted on Monday... I'm not scared of the procedure it's the cramps /bleeding afterwards ! I literally feel sick at the thoughts of going through some seriously bad stuff afterwards..

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SNAAAAAKES said on 07 July 2014

I had mine inserted Wednesday last week and it's been fine really. I was very scared prior to and during the appointment (previous sexual assault and only one internal examination beforehand so I wasn't sure what to expect) but the nurse practitioner was lovely and very reassuring. She suggested having someone there with me during the process, so I asked my boyfriend to come along. I was a bit hesitant to ask because I thought he'd be uncomfortable, but I'm so glad he was there- it really helped having someone to hold my hand and keep a conversation going. The insertion itself was uncomfortable and an unpleasant feeling, but it was over within 3 or 4 minutes. As I've never been pregnant, I thought it would be really painful, but even the worst of it was bearable. I felt a little faint afterwards but was fine to get off the couch and get dressed after 5-10 minutes. I wasn't sure if it was the procedure itself that made me feel funny or coming down off all the nerves and adrenaline where I'd been so anxious. I bled a little for the rest of the day and had some moderate cramps. It wasn't excruciating though, and I probably *could* have carried on as normal maybe 1-2 hours after the insertion, but I'm glad I didn't have to. If you can, I would advise taking the rest of the day off completely- I really appreciated not having to get out of bed very much once I got home. Fast forward almost a week and I'm barely cramping and not bleeding at all. Hopefully I won't have any more periods while I'm on this and it'll continue to be as hassle free as it's been so far.

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annmarie11 said on 17 June 2014

I would just like to share my experience. I'm 36 and came off the pill at Christmas. I had really bad pains like trapped wind every month after the 3rd month it was so bad I went to out of hours. They referred my to gynaecology I went private and within 2 weeks I had a laporoscopy and hystocopy and laser treatment for endometriosis. The doctor put the coil in while under anaesthetic since then I have had a lot of bleeding but now 2 months on it has settled no pain only thing is slightly bloated stomach which I've never had before. I am also aneamic but on iron tablets for this now. I didn't really like the idea of having the coil fitted and still don't but apparently it will hopefully stop the endometriosis coming back which was more pain full than child birth...

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Lyn234 said on 12 June 2014

I've had the Mirena for 5 years now and it's been so easy to forget about it that I did and now my replacement is overdue - whoops! Having it fitted felt slightly uncomfortable, not much more than a smear. I had period like aches for the rest of the day, but not really painful. Since then nothing. I have a monthly 'show' not really bleeding for a couple of days. I suspect I do have some pmt like symptoms each month, but the hormones mean that I can't acknowledge that myself! But I do find my husband extra irritating! It's straightforward and reliable, so much easier than pills or other methods I would highly recommend. I will be having this one replaced as soon as I can.

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Thomas85 said on 15 May 2014

After reading a few of the comments on here I would just like to shed some light from an endometriosis perspective.

I was diagnosed with endo, aged 18 and have struggled over the years. Tried various pills which weren't suitable for me. Had unlicensed drugs to shut my ovaries down to give my body a break.

I reached a point where I was stressed with work, personal issues and nothing was working treatment wise. After surgical treatments my specialist advised me of the mirena coil as last resort as I was considered too young having not had children.

It was the best thing I did, admittedly I should have never let my GP insert the coil as my body went into shock in the surgery after it was fitted incorrectly.

It was not an overnight treatment and my specialist kept me going. It took a year for the coil to settle.. Irregular periods, mood swings and pain.

That was 5 years ago and I can honestly say the past four years have been pain free and I haven't had to have time off work on a regular basis. Anyone out there thinking it will work over night, it won't for some but stick with it.
I have had a cyst which had to be removed but a week off work in 5 years is better than a few days off every month.

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amyj1 said on 12 May 2014

I had the Mirena Coil fitted on the 27th of January 2014, I have been bleeding for 12-15 days at a time since ive had it fitted. Has anyone had the same problem??? Its really getting me down.

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PBear said on 10 May 2014

I've been reading the comments on this page and wanted to share my so far positive experience as it seems that most people only want to share their negative views. I had my coil fitted yesterday, it took about 10 minutes and I have to say was pain free and not really even uncomfortable. I've had the tiniest amount of spotting so far and to be honest no discomfort or pain. The doctor did say that I could expect period like pains and cramps. I am hoping that this is the start of a new me, as my periods had become heavy and unpredictable as to when they would happen. The only concern I have is over any weight gain as I have recently lost just over 2.5 stone and I really don't want to have to work any harder trying to keep my weight down.

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ihateme said on 08 May 2014

I have had my coil in just over three years now everything as been fine up to beginning of this year, I am now have problems with it spent 4 weeks on sick leave due a massive infection in my pelvic, and a water infection that has knocked me off my feet. My Endo has now come back and i am in pain and have been to told to manage it with painkillers, have work briefing down my neck as i have had to take time off again. Feel rough as swollen up and tearful and hot flushes. Anyone else having any of these problems

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LantauMama said on 07 May 2014

I have had my mirena coil now for just over 5 years and have started having pmt symptoms, which I am now wondering if it means that its time to have it out. Other than that the coil has been a blessing, no periods for nearly 5 years, saved me a fortune on tampax :)

Its not for everyone and if you are suffering then have it removed, it should not take long to know whether its good for you or not.

My friend has however has just told me that is terrible for putting on weight, which gives me a brilliant excuse for becoming a fatty :)

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Aubiose said on 04 May 2014

Another quick update I have been to see the gynaecologist who has said the coil is not working for me I have now been bleeding for nearly 5 months :( I now have to have an op on the 2nd June an endometrial ablation I know everyone is different so please don't let my story put you off

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User869625 said on 02 May 2014

I had my mirena fitted nearly 3 weeks ago to try to deal with heavy and painful periods. The fitting was fine, I took ibuprofen half an hour before and the practice nurse brought in another nurse to hold my hand whilst she inserted it, but I didn't need her, didn't feel any discomfort other than the kind you might get during a smear test. I've spotted every day ever since, but that was expected. I had my period in the last 5 days, less painful, no clots but it is more liquid and as I was advised not to use tampons for 4 weeks, towels have not coped well with the volume! Yuk! Still, that seems like a small disadvantage that will hopefully not be an issue next month anyway! So far so good. I'll try and give an update in a couple of months perhaps!

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wocky said on 16 April 2014

I'm on my 4th or 5th Mirena (I've lost count!). I've had one for more than 20 years, having my most recent 2 days ago. Apart from a little loss at the time of fitting, I haven't had a single period in all that time. Prior to the Mirena, I had terrible, terrible problems with my periods . I'll have this IUS until post menopause. I strongly suspect that I would have needed a hysterectomy if I hadn't had one, so for me it's been nothing short of fantastic.

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User862182 said on 05 April 2014

I note there are a lot of negative reviews about the mirena. I has one inserted for 4years from the age of 23. I had had no children which meant it was very painful procedure. I am not going to lie when I say it felt like a hot poker being stabbed inside of me...but this pain only lasted for 2-3 minutes and it was over. Had slight cramping for the rest of that night and some spotting for first week or so, but my periods after a few months became non existent and was having no show of blood at all for the whole time it was in! It was great, as prior to that I had had very heavy irregular periods. The only downside it has is that I got spots on face quite a lot and gained a little weight (but this was controlled with exercise). I would deffo recommend it, as the pain is only a few minutes and then u can enjoy 5 happy years, I did!! It's different for everyone :)

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Emilina29 said on 27 March 2014

I had my mirena fitted may 2013 ( at 20years old) due to heavy and irregular periods after I had tried many pills that didnt work. The implant and injection weren't options due to anxiety and low mood. I haven't had children yet so they were concerned about fitting of the mirena. The fitting itself was slightly painful but I took ibuprofen and paracetemol before hand. Then during the procedure I had some gel in my uterus to help with the pain. The procedure itself was uncomfortable. I left the GP but within 20 mins i went into cervical shock! i was heaving, shaking, in extreme pain. Went back in and was given more pain relief. For 3/4 weeks my tummy was tender but it was bareable. Then in november, i had symptoms that were like pregnancy! I took a test which came out positive then another that came out negative. I went to doctors and they said i wasn't, i took a test when i got home and it said positive again! And yes i was reading it properly as others checked it! I was extremely nauseous, my tummy looked like i was pregnant etc. myself and others were convinced I was pregnant! Then I had blood tests and scans which proved I wasn't. Since then though, every couple of weeks I've been going through these symptoms and the doctors and I dont know why and they're getting worse. They kept telling me to keep the coil in for contraception and no matter how much I said i was struggling with the constant pain (which wasnt relieved by pain relief), extreme nausea, exhaustion, extreme mood swings, bloating etc. In the end i said if they didnt remove it i would rip it out myself! They did remove it 3 days ago and already I've seen an improvement. The bloatedness has gone down (almost back to normal), the pain has gone (its just cramping due to the coil removed), im laughing for the first time in months! My advice- if it doesn't agree with you get it out as soon as possible! don't listen to the doctors, you know your body better than they do! good luck!!!

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Aubiose said on 12 March 2014

Hey just an update from me i had my mirena fitted on the 16th Dec 2013 I have now been bleeding for 79 days with just a weeks break when I stopped bleeding for that week I thought I was finally getting somewhere but my joy was short lived :) my emotions are all over the place and because I'm so low even a simple cold is taking its toll on me :( the doctors have now decided to refer me back to gynaecology after numerous tablets to stop the bleeding but they haven't helped at all and the last few days have been a nightmare where I'm bleeding heavy and losing clots :(

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Nellthenurse said on 03 March 2014

I've just had my second mirena coil fitted. The first one was fantastic - I don't recall any side effects and no periods for 2 1/2 years . Then last June I started with bleeding after sex and also for 4-5 days a month . My gp referred me to gynaecology who decided I was one of the unlucky ones- in some cases the Mirena starts to fail after 2-3 years. I needed swabs to rule out infection and biopsies which are apparently the norm with abnormal bleeding. They fit the new coil at the same time as the biopsies which were horrendous and worse than childbirth!
Now 2 weeks after having the new coil I remain uncomfortable with abdominal cramps and I haven't yet stopped bleeding. My skin has broken out in big boils and I feel very emotional with moods swinging from happy to morose at the drop of a hat.
I came on here to try to decide whether to return to the gp or not but it seems my side effects are the norm. Not really sure how much longer i will put up with it before I return to the doctors . At 37 having my tubes tied is starting to look an attractive option.

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katsinpain said on 02 March 2014

I had a mirena coil fitted on the 6th Feb 2014. Almost straight away I suffered cramps. The 1st week was fine then i started bleeding on the 14th and havent stopped!! Im an emotional wreck. One minute im up but mostly im very down. I'm so tired and its interefering with my work aswell. It feels like I have constant PMT. My poor husband is suffering too as he only has to breathe wrong and i'm biting his head off. I have thought about it loads and I'm going back to docs in week to get it removed. I had it fitted for heavy periods but I cant carry on anymore

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Atheresa said on 13 February 2014

I had the mirena fitted two years ago and it was the best thing ever. I had a coil fitted before and it make me bleed very heavily. With the mirena I still have my monthly period the pain I use to have is gone. The only problem I have is the mood swing. A few days before my period I always get mad at my boyfriend for no reason but he is now use to it. When I get mad he said it's the time of the month. Other wise from that it's lovely.

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Loulou1003 said on 07 February 2014

I had the mirena fitted on tue evening the doctor was lovely and explained everything before and then during she told me each time I would feel pain. There were 3 times when I felt pain but I took paracetamol and tramadol before (I have pelvic congestion syndrome) this meant the pain was bare able. After I had mild cramping for a few hours. The next day I had no pain at all and only spotted a little. Now 3 days later and I have no pain and no bleeding. I read some peoples stories before and they did put me off a bit but I just went for it and so far I'm glad I did. Everyone is different and will experience different things.

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Aubiose said on 03 February 2014

I had a mirena coil fitted on the 16th December 2013 and at the moment I feel like it's the worst thing I have ever done I haven't stopped bleeding since the doctors just keep palming me off with pills to try and stop the bleeding and they have even put me on the pill as well to stop the bleeding but it's still the same :(

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claireally said on 15 January 2014

I had this coil fitted March 2013 and I wish I never bothered. I wouldn't recommend it I was pushed into having it after asking the doctors to have my tubes cut/burnt anything however with me being 26 they said I can't. Which I think is a joke as I've been on that many pills that didn't make any difference and caught 4x on them. They did tests and quickly gathered that the pill wasn't effective as a form of contraception for me and further tests this was my only other option.
When the coil was done I was told that I could expect the usual which has been commented cramps etc but I didn't really have any kind of pain at all and thought great. After about 3 weeks I rang and asked if should still be bleeding my doctors said that it was normal and I was given my smear and checked etc everything was fine. I stopped bleeding for 2 weeks and then I was back on again like clock work with heat would be my normal time. This lasted 3 weeks so I rang the doctors again who said keep with it, it starts to slow down the bleed 3-6 months. I literally now have about 10 days where I don't bleed and the rest I'm bleeding my doctors have now decided that something isn't right and I've now got to go in and have the op to remove it as my body has rejected it and it's now lost.
On another note my friend has also had the same coil and hers is wonderful she's stopped bleeding no pains etc she'd recommended to everyone. My only advise is that if you want it don't be scared about it, it's tight for some not others if it's not right trust me your body tells you if it's right you'll be fantastic for 5 years.

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happyover60 said on 13 January 2014

I am now 62. I was part of the Mirena trial in 1990s and have had three. They are brilliant. I wish I could have another, not that I need it as I am now through the menopause. But perhaps due to the Mirena I had no side effects. No hot flushes, no night sweats. It was only due to a blood test that the nurse confirmed I was now in no need of contraception. One of the nurses that looked after me during the trial said they hoped it would also get licenced as a better alternative to HRT. Anyway, I wish I had stayed with it to help with vaginal dryness. That's the problem with the menopause. That aside, anyone who is thinking about a Mirena, go ahead. Have no fear. Their catch phrase when I was on the trial and after it was launched was "fit it and forget it..." How true was that. I have nothing but praise for the Mirena.

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R walters said on 11 January 2014

I wanted to share a positive experience. I read all the reviews before having my coil fitted and it scared the life out of me. I still went ahead and was amazed by how easy it all was. The whole procedure took 15mins and I only felt mild pain and a few cramps but the dr was brilliant and explained what to expect. I have to say it is a bizarre feeling but more odd than painful. After a couple of hours of mild period pain I felt like it had never happened. And three days on I have very mild bleeding (a drop a day!) I think it takes some getting used to psychologically knowing something is inside your body ,but I'm sure it won't take long to get used to it. No idea if it will make any difference to my periods as they were extremely heavy but so far a positive experience. My advice ..... Relax and go for it.

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mommabear said on 01 January 2014

After spending the last 2 months deciding what the best form of contraception was I decided to go with the coil as I was told I wouldn't be able to get sterilised (at 35 and 3 kids I don't see what the problem would be!) having not had one before I was a little worried about having it inserted but in all honesty it was fine. It was just slightly uncomfortable at times (3 times to be exact) and I've been pain free all day and only a little bit of bleeding which I was told to expect. So far so good :)

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linwell said on 27 December 2013

I would like to share my experience of the Mirena coil, or more accurately what mistakes the doctors can make.

I had once inverted 10 years ago because of heavy periods, i was 49 years old at the time. I had it inserted whilst having exploratory procedure under general anaesthetic For many months after I had lots of pain. I went back to my doctor who checked and seemed to think everything was ok. Lots of unexplained pain, scans, tests etc over the years revealed nothing untoward. Things eventually settled down and at the 5 year point, when it should have been taken out, my gp decided to leave it there for the next 5 years.

This year when it was over 10 years i went to have it removed. Three doctors later, none of whom could remove it, i had a CT scan which showed the IUD had been inserted on the outside of my womb all those years ago. There it lies now and I am facing a hysterectomy to have it removed. No scan showed it was in the wrong place, except the CT scan. My advice is, if you are in pain following insertion, go back and back again and again until it is properly investigated. I always knew something was wrong but felt silly trying to explain.

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S1290n said on 24 December 2013

Wanted to share my experiences as the internet seems to be filled with horror stories.

Had mine done at a sexual health clinic rather than GP as they fit 10 or so a day. They were fantastic, and it felt very 'routine'.

They used a gel painkiller during the fitting and i felt mild discomfort, but it was mainly uncomfortable due it being in a place i never thought i had!

Afterwards i got straight up and would have been fine to drive home-just felt a bit crampy for a few days. A week in I'm pain free, still irregular bleeding but a tiny amount and they are accompanied my minor cramps so you have some warning of them.

I would definitely get it again, and the best result is no longer being a slave to the pill which after 5 years on it, started giving me horrible side effects!

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sjh_17 said on 28 November 2013

I was on the Depo injection, it was great as I didn't get pains or periods! But it was annoying to keep going back every 12 weeks... So I though I would try the Mirena coil, it was fitted this morning, it was slightly uncomfortable but mainly painful, I felt a few sharp period-like pains during the fitting... I was then left with a dull ache of period-like pain (in my back too) the doctor said it would go away within a few days, she said I would bleed for a little while too, I haven't seen any yet but I do have quite bad period pains, sometimes so bad I have to hold my breath! I am a little bit worried about how bad the pain is, should I be? Also, when I sit in certain positions, I get that sharp pain... Its probably nothing but I will write on here in a few months to tell you how the coil has worked out for me!

PS- don't be scared if you're thinking of having it done, its really not that bad but I am just a wimp when it comes to pain! LOL all you have to do is relax...

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karina37 said on 23 November 2013

I had my IUS coil fitted in Agust 2013 as I suffered from extremely heavy periods. The only thing I can say is that it has changed my life! A normal period for me would last anywhere between 7-10 days, I would have to wear towels and tampons together yet still risk flooding every hour. I also had dramatic mood swings from one extreme to the other. For the first time in nearly 20 years my life doesn't come to a standstill every month, I think it's marvellous. There have been a few negatives such as mild back pain and irregular bleeding but the positives far out weigh these.
I'd had a bad experience in getting a coil fitted nearly 10 years ago, so when it came to this one I was pertrified. My GP recommend getting it fitted at a sexual health clinic as the nurses there had much more experience. On the day I took a couple of paracetamol and during the fitting I was given gas and air. It was more uncomfortable than painful but I think that was due to expertise of the nurse. I took it easy for the rest of the day, but I did have period type cramps all day requiring more paracetamol. My next period was significantly lighter and so far each month it has been lighter and the gap between slightly longer. I only wish I had had it fitted years ago as it has made such a difference for me.

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ggh1996 said on 18 November 2013

I got my IUS coil fitted 4 and a half months ago. The insertion itself was awful, unexplainable. The amount of blood was also sickening and I needed a hot water bottle to my stomach for 3 days and then the pain still wasn't very bearable. I told them before I had it put in that I had a very active lifestyle and they said that would be fine, but they were wrong. For the first 4 weeks I couldn't move very quickly the pain was excrusiating and then there was the blood too which didn't stop for at least 2 months. I went to the doctor worried with a history of anemia and they assured me it would get better.
Now, four months after the procedure of putting it in, I can't wear tight jeans or anything tightly in my lower abdomen without it starting stomach cramps that don't go away until I sleep or lie down. I can't apply pressure to my abdomen without causing a bleed or pain. Worst of all my boyfriend and I couldn't sleep together because he could feel the coil and refused to put me through the pain of it digging into me. And finally after seeing it go in and remembering all of the pain it put me through I am too terrified to have it removed as I know it will hurt a lot.

Also it states here that it doesn't protect against STIs and a condom is suggested, if you were to use a condom during sex with a coil in, it rips as this happened to me. The strings on the coil are metal and quite sharp, they ripped through the rubber.

Don't get the coil!

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bamboo01 said on 16 November 2013

Decided to share mine on here as it was just so bad- which is why a lot of negative messages are left here I think. I'm 21 and have never had any kids or pregnancies. I decided to get the coil as I'm in a very stable long term relationship, and as the prospect of children isn't too far away I wanted a method that was quickly reversible for when we decide to start trying. The insertion was absolutely agonising- I have a high pain threshold as it is, I've also had gall stones in the past so am aware of what pain is. I started bleeding as soon as it was inserted. The pain calmed down slightly for a few hours then turned up so bad I had to go to A&E as we thought it had perforated my uterus. Now, 10 weeks on I'm still bleeding very often and very irregularly, also heavier than before. My skin is worse and I am incredibly emotional all the time- all this is new. Also have cramping almost every day regardless of bleeding. It is hell and wish I never had it done. Giving it another 8 weeks!!

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blakey12 said on 30 October 2013

Just thought I would share my experience. I had the coil fitted around 3 month ago and to be honest I hate it! The procedure itself was a little bit painful I wont lie but not unbearable, however as I went to put my clothes back on afterwards I felt immediately ill. I vomited, my blood pressure dropped and started to experience extremely bad stomach cramps on the same scale as heavy contractions! I felt dizzy and had pins and needles in my arms and finger tips. The nurse and doctor took me into a side room to lie down with a glass of water but it didnt get any better.. eventually an ambulance had to be called as my blood pressure stil hadnt returned to normal and because of thes severity of the pain they feared my uterus may have been punctured. I was given gas and air in the ambulance and allowed home the same day after my blood pressure returned to normal. However since then I experience severe sudden cramps spreading down into my legs sometimes 2 / 3 times a day, I had. My smear test 5 weeks ago which came back borderline abnormal so I am off for a colaoscopy today I have been told it will probably be removed for this and I certainly wont be getting it replaced.

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KerryAnne138 said on 14 October 2013

I had the IUS inserted 8 months ago and have had nothing but bother ever since.
Over the last 5-6 weeks I have had a constant period type pain (also in my lower back) and bleeding every day. With that I'm suffering from tiredness & lack of energy - most probably due to an iron deficiency with all the blood loss!
I have seen my GP, who performed an internal examination to find that the strings have disappeared! They believe the IUS has been displaced and has referred me to a different doctor for another examination. If they cannot locate the strings then an emergency ultrasound will be required and potential surgery to remove. If they do locate the strings I have asked for the IUS to be removed anyway as I am not getting on with it at all.

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sunlight said on 14 October 2013

I had a Mirena coil fitted 3 years ago because I was having irregular periods and had gained a lot of weight. This proved to be the onset of the menopause. The coil has never bothered me, although I have never been able to feel any strings from it!
Now I think I have a water infection, I am in pain when I urinate and there seems to be blood on the toilet paper when I clean myself after passing water.
Could it be because I have never had the coil checked and after 3 years, shouldn't I have been called in for a smear anyway? Making an appointment at my GP's takes a week! Should this be treated as urgent and will it be Ok to be looked at by a nurse?

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CherryDoll said on 03 October 2013

I had the coil fitted just a few hours ago, I've never had the coil before so I was rather nervous but the doctor and nurse were really helpful in calming me down. The fitting of the coil was not as painful as I thought it would be. The doctor warned me each time when I would feel some pain and she always asked me if I was ready. The pain itself was very manageable, I took some anadin 40 mins before my appointment as recommended by the nurse, and all I felt was a short sharp cramp which lasted for a few seconds, this happened three times in total. The whole thing took less than 3 mins in total and I can honestly say I have no fears about having it again in 5 years time. I had to stay lying down for a few mins and was warned that for the next 7 days I will have mild period pains, I have already started bleeding which is normal. You have to wear pads.Tampons and cups are not allowed for 7 days because the strings from the coil might get tangled around them. I do feel a little bit ill (light headed mostly). I will spend the next few hours resting then get on with my housework. I definitely recommend the coil, and If you do decide to have it, don't work yourself up like I did about the fitting, it's not as bad as you think!!

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LindaCmumoftwo said on 15 September 2013

I thought it would be good for some of you if I shared my experiences of this coil. When i had it fitted I remember reading lots of comments but not many from people who were having problems but decided to persevere.
Im 46 and last April after several years of extremely painful periods I decided to have the mirena coil fitted. I was in a long term relationship and my partner had had a vasectomy so it was purely for pain purposes only.
The fitting itself was extremely painful, I felt sick afterwards and on arriving home I had to lie on the kitchen floor as I thought I was going to pass out! . After that the pain felt like I was bruised inside, i certainly didnt want my partner anywhere near me and that feeling lasted for around a week. The bleeding was almost straight away and lasted almost 8 weeks not all those days were heavy but none were painful so although bothersome if felt so much better than the painful periods I had been experiencing but I was stll very tempted to have it removed. After around 8 weeks my cycle for the next 10 months was 2 weeks off 2 weeks on and again I thought although annoying to feel constant bleeding as the periods were almost painfree it felt worth it ... at around the 1 years anniversary i noticed that i was starting to go 3 then 4 weeks between bleeds but with them lasting still the 2 weeks. It it now sept and the coil has been in for 18 months now last month I didnt have a period at all so i have now gone 8 weeks and I can feel one is starting today I have no idea the duration of this one but even if it going to be 2 weeks Ill still be over the moon I persevered with the coil for more or less a year. My GP has told me as I will be 51 when this coil is due to be removed they will probably leave it for as long as Im getting period relief as there is every possibility it will take me up until menopause. Im very happy with my coil. I truly hope my experiences will help others worried about there own coil and what its doing,

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Naughtynaughten said on 21 August 2013

Just thought I'd add my experience with the Mirena coil. I have had it for 3years and it has been great I only bleed 2/3 times a year very lite I add and there is no pain at all. When it was inserted it felt like a bad period cramp and I bleed for about 6 weeks heavy at first then lightened, I would recommend this as I have all my family and friends who agree with me great if you don't want any more kids and forget to take pill like I did hope this helps

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oxeyedaisy said on 20 August 2013

I had the Mirena coil fitted today to try and control the heavy periods that have blighted my life for the past year or so. Fitting was absolutely fine. It was carried out by my GP and took 15-20 mins in total. I experienced very slight cramping during the procedure but nothing I couldn't handle. My advice is to just relax as much as possible!

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cluck1981claire said on 10 August 2013

Hi just thought I'd share my experience I had the mirena coil fitted about 2 years ago I wanted it removed due to me and my husband wanting another baby so I booked a appointed to see my gp she couldn't find the strings so refferd me to gyno at hospital which took six weeks finally got there they couldn't find anything either so refferd again for a hysteroscopy another six weeks wait went for that couldn't see it the doctor said it's probably fell out without you knowing I wasn't convinced surly I would know then I was sent for a ultrasound more waiting but nothing on the ultrasound either so next step was x ray had that still nothing so only explanation is it fell out don't know how or when but its gone so all that waiting for nothing I can safely say I won't be having another one xx

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C4Z said on 02 August 2013

I have just had the Mirena removed after 5 years.
I wouldn't ever have another one.
Although the benefits of few periods are many the ovarian cists I developed and in the 4th year the hyperpigmentation that developed (covering 70% of my face and extremely embarrassing) are not worth it!

Before you Have the Mirena fitted check all the side effects carefully as I don't remember the leaflet mentioning either of the problems I have suffered with and your doctor probably won't discuss it fully.

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MollyMoses21 said on 04 July 2013

I would like to also add that I would also have a watery looking period every time my partner and I would have sex once my period had ended and I would be in extreme pain. I would often wait for a few days after my period had ended and I would still get these period like symptoms.. I honestly thought that there was something seriously wrong with me. But like I said, time will tell with the Mirena Coil.... * Fingers Crossed* that it helps to alleviate the problem.

The surgen said that the Hysterscopy was all fine so I am guessing it was the IUD ( Copper Coil).

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MollyMoses21 said on 04 July 2013

I thought that I would relay my experience. About 5 years ago I went to my local Sexual Health Clinic to get the second dose of the contraceptive injection, but due to my blood pressure being high and the clinic staff had concerns that the injection would increase my BP and the fact that I had a stroke at 8 years old, they told me that I could not have the injection but gave me the alternitives... one being the coil. I decided that this was the easiest option as I would not have to go back after 12 weeks. So the Doctor explained that I would experience some slight period-like pains afterwards which I knew I could deal with. So it took around 30 minutes for the doctor to put this IUD in and the experience was not at all like she described!! It was worse!! It was like someone had stabbed me in my womb and then filled it!! I got those period pains alright!! and More! I was bleeding heavily for some time and could not get off the toilet that night.It was so bad that my mum wanted to take me back to the clinic to get it removed!
Anyway over the last 5 years I have had extremely heavy periods where I would bleed heavily for about 5 days and then they would stop and then 2 days of strange watery blood along with strange cramps that felt like someone was twisting my ovaries. So in the end I had to see the GP who examined me and explained that I would need to be referred to a Gynecologist at the local hospital because the threads of the coil had gone up into my uterus.
I saw the Gynecologist (19/06/13) who then had me scheduled in for day surgey 2 weeks later (02/07/13) for the removal of the coil (a standard copper coil) and to have a Hysterscopy. I can say 2 days on from having the surgery and the Mirena coil put in I feel somewhat better. I still have to take things easy and have pain relief at the ready! Time will tell if the Mirena works for me but I would never recommend the Copper Coil to anyone! It was a bad experience for me from the day it was inserted!!

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Knonomus said on 25 March 2013

I thought this maybe useful to some of you.
I had my IUS fitted today and after reading some horror stories I was a bit nervous!
I have never had kids or even had a swab/smear taken before, but decided this was the best route of contraception for me- Lighter/no periods and no thinking about it for 5 years! whoo hoo

The fitting was absolutely fine! It did feel like bad-ish period cramps when it was actually put in but apart from that no pain at all!
I have to say I'm quite a relaxed person generally and think of things as mind over matter and took paracetamol at 2 intervals before I went to make sure I'd be totally covered!

They could'nt camp my cervix very easily and took several attempts and she was worried that I would be in pain, but to be honest it was just felt like someone poking around down there. The cramps are still there but not too bad and I'm keeping up the paracetamol levels, but have to say I feel fine! (chocolate also helps) I wouldn't recommend a busy day after but I'm still functioning.

Would definitely recommend it... I did go to a Sexual health clinic rather than GP/nurse as they do it day in day out, which made me feel more comfortable and they did a real quick easy job was in the room for 20 mins total
Just relax is my top tip :)
Happy Days

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