Underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism) - Symptoms 

Symptoms of underactive thyroid 

Many symptoms of an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) are the same as those for other conditions, so they can easily be confused for something else.

Symptoms usually begin slowly and you may not realise you have a medical problem for several years.

Common symptoms include:

Elderly people with an underactive thyroid may develop memory problems and depression. Children may experience slower growth and development. Teenagers may start puberty earlier than normal.

If you have any of these symptoms, see your GP and ask to be tested for an underactive thyroid.

Find out more about getting tested for an underactive thyroid.

If underactive thyroid is not treated

It is unlikely that you would have many of the later symptoms of an underactive thyroid as the condition is often spotted before more serious symptoms appear.

Later symptoms of underactive thyroid include:

  • a low-pitched and hoarse voice
  • a puffy-looking face
  • thinned or partly missing eyebrows
  • a slow heart rate
  • hearing loss
  • anaemia

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Walker41 said on 01 October 2014

My mother felt ill for years. Her GP said it was all in her head and told her to go away. Eventually she changed GP and the new one saw her once, did a blood test and diagnosed her immediately. By then she had the severe symptoms of change of voice and puffy face besides the usual ones of feeling cold and weight gain. She was 52 then. She is now 88 and has regular checks. My daughter was diagnosed with it aged 29 after checking her symptoms on the internet and telling her GP about my mother. Her diagnosis was within a couple of months of the symptoms starting. My sister and niece now have it too.

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sweetie28 said on 25 September 2014

Ive been feeling very ill 4 weeks now. My leg pain is excruciating I can barely walk. Now the pains in my arms. Im being tested for an underactive thyroid and although all the other symptoms match the gaining weight soesnt. Ive lost lots im skin and bone. Im only 28 and on my own with 3 kids my mood is so low.

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Firedly999 said on 16 September 2014

I am a 59yr old female. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 4 weeks ago, after I went to the doctor because I was feeling very depressed, sweating profusely for no apparent reason, and then feeling cold, weight gain and generally feeling unwell. My TSH level came back as 30. I was put on 25 mcg levothyroxine. Now 4 weeks later I am feeling increasingly worse. Constipation, pins and needles in my arm, extreme fatigue, almost like a low blood sugar effect. Just rang the triage doctor, who said none of these symptoms relate to my thyroid condition. Am I just going mad then? I should add that I'm also feeling very foggy. I forget things and find it hard to concentrate, I've lost the ends of my eyebrows, my nails have been peeling and splitting for years and we have a family history of thyroid condition.

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vkmbrown said on 02 September 2014

I am 25 and for quite some time have felt 'not right' I have a lack fo energy, a tiredness that feels so intense. Friends and family often joke that I act more like I am 75 than 25. I go to bed early and wake up feeling more tired than before. I am constantly cold, sometimes my hands and feet hurt - no amount of clothing seems to make me feel better - only a boiling hot bath seems to reach the chill. I am irritable, angry, I have suffered with depression and low moods, I am bloated and constipated and altogether just 'dont feel right'. My GP referred me for standard blood tests and they have said that my thyroid function is borderline - to repeat the tests in 4 months - my question is - what about the symptoms I have now - do I just have to keep pushing on through them - every day is becomming harder and harder to motivate and I am not sure where to go with it. Do the professionals just leave you hanging until its bad enough in their eyes to treat... because I have suffered with depression I feel like my GP sees me as a Hypochondriac! Unless you tick all the boxes your stuck feeling like half a person with half a life, becuase the other half your to lethargic to participate in!

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Siouxie said on 29 August 2014

Having taken Levothyroxine for two years and feeling much better, I was then put on Calcichew for another condition.
Unfortunately I wasn't advised to stagger taking the two medications. Calcichew acts to prevent the take up of thyroxine so after a while all my symptoms of the underactive thyroid returned.
It was a chance reading up on Calcichew for someone else that drew my attention to the information.
There must be at least 4 hours gap between taking each of the pills.
Now I know, I can alter the times. The warning isn't on the Levothyroxine leaflet or on the Calcichew bottle.
I will mention this to my GP when I next go in to review progress.
I had been back to the surgery a few weeks ago saying I had been tired and lethargic. I am retired but was enjoying voluntary work. I had to cease my voluntary activities because of the problems I was experiencing.

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Purple hair said on 18 August 2014

My son was born with this diagnosis and the doctors and consultants believed his thyroid gland did not develop in pregnancy so he has been taking levothyroxine since he was 9 weeks old and has had regular blood tests ever since and over the years the doseage has changed as he has got older. 33 years later he still takes it and continues to have regular blood tests but he has led a normal life and I have never had any problems with the doctors and they are more than happy for him to continue taking this medication

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herbie72 said on 17 August 2014

21 years ago I had that dreaded call from doctor to confirm I did have an under active thyroid. Took quite a long time to keep my thyroid under control. Having read all comments I understand how many of you may be feeling. My GP has to chase me all the time to have my regular 6 month check up. Always try to put these blood tests off because I have a fear of them....not good is it?..The job I do requires me to be at a reasonable fitness level & regular tests undertaken. Have found that when I work out 30 minutes a day & eat a balanced diet.....plenty of spinach...I don't have any issues to report. Am not saying everything was great at the beginning, far from it, had the usual weight gain, hair falling out, tired etc, but by understanding my condition and reading up on it and having a brilliant GP
It has enabled me to take control of my life....don't let this overtake your life...Look at what you can do differently, be honest with yourself.Are you exercising everyday, eating foods like, spinach, kiwi fruits....Have had this condition for 21 years and I want suffer in silence....do.something, get that GP to.listen......take control and don't let this overpower you......If doctor want listen....then make a complaint...Simple....

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joyce59 said on 15 August 2014

iam having the same problems love the summer my gp put me on levothyroxine for 3 months now refuses to give me any more. i saw another gp at the same practice he has put me in touch with a mental health team. ias a nurse i know i have a medical problem. as i work for the NHS i expect someone to listen when it comes to my own health.

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pony person said on 22 July 2014

I was diagnosed 9 years ago and have been taking thyroxin ever since. about 3 year after initial diagnosis I felt unwell and started to gain weight. I had to fight with my GP to get an appointment with the specialist. within 2 minutes of having a consultation with the specialist he agreed my thyroxin need to be upped. Results were my health improved and I was able to loose the weight.

I have recently been feeling unwell again. My blood test indicated I may need to reduce the Thyroxin but I refused to do so without consultants say so. within 6 weeks the bloods now show I need an increase in my medication.

Has anyone else had such a sudden change in their need?

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Mac2224 said on 20 July 2014

I have had 11 out of the above symptoms for years, gradually getting worse, but my TSH levels are deemed as normal. My daughter is 13 and has just been diagnosed with Hashimoto Syndrome, an autoimmune disease, which will cause the thyroid to become under active in later life. As part of the genetic investigation, I was asked about our family history many times. Almost everyone in my family has got a thyroid issue, so I always stated that I was the only one that didn't have an under active thyroid. I stated this, because my GP had done yearly blood tests and all of them came back with a 'normal' TSH level. It took the comment and investigative nature of one of the leading head and neck radiographers in this country to proof these results wrong. She took one look at my neck and said she would like to scan my thyroid after my daughters examination. The scan didn't take long at all for her to diagnose that I also suffer from the same disease as my daughter and that my thyroid isn't working properly at all! She send me back to my GP, who is very puzzled about the result and only reluctantly arranged for another blood test. My appointment is in two weeks time and I am almost certain, the TSH level will be deemed as normal again...

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JMT52 said on 14 July 2014

I am not surprised to hear that so many people are struggling to get their GP to understand and treat their symptoms properly.
I have had an underactive thyroid for many years and I am certain it is not being fully treated as I still have many of the symptoms listed on this web-site.
I originally diagnosed it myself, the GP said I was wrong but the tests proved I was right !
I think we need a campaign !

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Lovethesummer said on 25 June 2014

I wish my doctor would look at me and listen to what I am saying. My symptoms are not a figment of my imagination, and no, I do not want anti-depressants.

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georginadrey said on 29 May 2014

To all of you who are fighting against the grain of doctors who wont prescribe as they wont go against the blood tests; keep plugging! If your gp wont do anything ask to be referred to an endocrinologist otherwise you'll complain to the ombudsman (http://www.ombudsman.org.uk/). My GP took one look at me and said that I couldn't have an underactive thyroid as I was under weight. Wouldn't you be underweight if you had a small child, worked full time, was doing a degree at night, tended to a dying brother, your mum had just died and you were training for a charity marathon run plus you had all the usual hypothyroid symptoms?
No, you arent going mad, it's your gp who is!

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Suelo said on 21 May 2014

I was feeling really rough for ages, was told by my doc that I have classic symptoms of Hypothyroidism but my TSH test came back as normal so she can't treat me or prescribe medication. I continue to have all the symptoms (see www.thyroiduk.org.uk for list) but can't get it treated. Its widely known by Hypo experts that the TSH test used to diagnose it is not fit for purpose as the level deemed as 'normal' is too broad and doesn't recognise that people can feel very ill on TSH over just 2.0 (I'm 2.3 and most of the time I feel bloody awful!)
Failure to diagnose and treat Hypo is a huge problem, many docs and endocrinologists are not very knowledgeable about it and the ones that are won't go against the guidelines and prescribe treatment if the TSH test result is normal (see what happened to one doctor when he did ignore the TSH test and treated according to patients symptoms at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-506717/The-wake-pill--controversial-thyroid-supplement-help-tiredness.html ) so the best course of action is to educate yourself about it. Even people already prescribed medication should because it doesn't always work or suit everyone. See www.patientopinion.org.uk/opinions/8632
Because lack of diagnosis and treatment is such a big problem there's lots of info available about it and support from fellow sufferers. In addition to Thyroid Uk's site mentioned above see also Health Unlocked's excellent website at:
https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk/posts some of the folk who post on there are very knowledgeable, some are seeing specialists and they are always happy to share info.
So don't be left feeling hopeless if you're doc isn't able to prescribe or treat your hypo or if s/he tells you can't have Hypothyroidism because it doesn't show up on the TSH test or that you must be depressed or have ME.

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Barbarajean2 said on 06 May 2014

I was diagnosed many years ago with an underactive thyroid after pesetering my doctor to do some blood tests. At the time I had put on 1/2 a stone each week for 3 weeks and was told it was "my age" or I was "eating too much"! My meds were increased and then cut about 6 months ago. Just made an appointment to have my blood tested again as I'm back with symptoms again - weight gain of 10 kilos even although i've increased my exercising and cut calories, depression, dry skin, aching hips and arms, libido zero, tiredness, feeling cold, cramp in feet etc. its the total package that is getting me down but especially the weight gain as it means I'm feeling every ounce of it when I exercise! The depression isn't helped either when I see the scales going up each week or staying the same even although I'm doing more and eating less! Insist on getting your blood checked if you get fobbed off. You know your own body. had to insist on an earlier appointment so being squeezed in this Friday instead of the following week.
Will let you know how I get on.
Keep fighting for your health.

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Ebonyevan said on 13 April 2014

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid many years ago. My dose of thyroxine was reduced to 75mg over a year ago. Over the past 6weeks I have gained 6kilo in weight. I have been complaining to my GP of pains in my left groin, knee and legs that come and go, more so in the evening. I am also experiencing constipation. I have appointment made with GP and blood test have been taken so I hope this identifies my thyroxine dose is too low.
In response to other members with problems similar to mine I would urge them to persist with their GP or consultant. Medicine is not a exact science and we are all different and unique. For some practioner's unless the patient presents with text book symptoms they feel they may not have identified they cause. Hope this is of help to some people.

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ridalsjojo said on 06 April 2014

Hi Guys. I have been feeling very poorly for a year now. Started with a bad throat infection and then constant pain in my ear, face and neck. ENT doc not sure what was up so ordered an MRI. This showed up a large nodule on my right thyroid gland and a small one on the left. I wish I could say its been plain sailing but far from it. Ive now had a fna biopsy 3 times. 1st not enough tissue samples, 2nd benign, possibly!! And now hanging on the third. Have recurring bad throats. Swollowing issues. So tired and run down. Loss of voice or low husky voice. Consultant is rubbish. Got a great nurse practitioner who is fighting my corner and ran bloods to confirm hypo and explains why im so poorly. Cant treat hypo tho until consultant makes a call on thyroid tumour (and he wont see me till end of May!) Consultant addamant face pain and neck lump not to do with thyroid tho but my spine?? Lump is about 3 or 4 inhes from my spine? So MRI booked to check spine and inner ear. Was told that thyroid never causes pain. What if the tumour is sittling on a facial nerve? Im at theend of my tether tbh. Struggling to hold down my job. Yeterday and today really shaky in a low blood sugar kinda way too :(

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missyC2014 said on 28 March 2014

Hi my name is christine, i was told 18 mths ago i had an underactive thyroid.. it was quite high, was told it was meant to be 0.2 - 4.0 , .. mine went to 33.9 .. was so sick, thought i was going mad, with meds of 200 mgs a day its has dropped to 0.023, still not were it should be, but its the weight gain thats killing me, i went from a size 4 to a size 18, my asthma is bad too from it.. pls pls someone tell me the weight gain goes down, even if i get down to half of were i was ... i just feel so depressed .. was going to ask my doctor about removing the thyroid.. has anyone requested this and has it worked ???

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LouiseABC said on 26 March 2014

Hello all! I've decided to comment on this thread to see if anyone has any answers. I haven't been diagnosed with anything (yet), although my symptoms seem to be pointing in that direction. I went to the doctors and insisted on a thyroid test and it came back "ok". He said the tiredness was down to having a one year old. Well, that one year old is now two and I am knackered all the time. It's got to the point where I'm bedridden for two days a week. Does this sound familiar to anyone? My hair has started snapping off, my skin is horrendous and (even though I have a calorie restrictive diet and go to the gym when I have the energy) I have not lost any weight. It's really getting me down. I feel like I will be palmed off again at the doctors and I'm going to have to feel ill for years. Any advice will be genuinely appreciated. If its not my thyroid, what else could it be?

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ShannaghAnn1 said on 25 March 2014

Im 19 and i was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid gland when i was 8 but told that with how low my levels were doctors were sure ive had long before i was diagnosed.
Recently ive noticed that my hip bones are very sore and ive been told that my knees are very weak, i never knew that an under-active thyroid could cause this, i was told the obvious signs but never that it could affect my bones. Is there anything else it affects that isnt being mentioned?

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felixtired said on 25 March 2014

Have been reading all your comment,s and so do connect to lot,s of your experiences tight throat ,told nothing to do with thyroid problems extreme fatigue now weight gain knee,s feet shoulder aching low,s dry spot,s .....and others need to find a doctor that truly understand hve been on lev for some time but still so tired think people or medical profession don,t understand all your comment,s give me hope because you have them to thank,s not alone ...

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Wendyj3 said on 07 March 2014

I was told yesterday that my results of my hip X-ray show bone thinning,so I'm off to see an endocrinologist,just hoping I get answers and help at last.

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Emmaj28 said on 06 March 2014

Wendyj3 vision problems,pains in your hips and the feeling of a lump In your throat are all symptoms of Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is a type of under active thyroid, hope this helps

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Fran20 said on 02 March 2014

I hope this isn't inappropriate but a message for Wendyj3 really, as I had the exact same symptoms; namely very stiff hands, painful knees on bending down, - I had an underactive thyroid but diagnosed 13 years before the symptoms which I put down to getting old! I was 44. I was diagnosed with going through an early menopause, prescribed HRT & my symptoms disappeared overnight. I hope this helps.

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Wendyj3 said on 01 March 2014

I have also had an underactive thyroid for about 3 yrs and over the last year have the feeling of a lump in my throat,I have had a camera up my nose and down my throat but nothing was found,I find it hard to swallow my food somethimes.My bones in my hip,Knees,feet,fingers,elbows,shoulders hurt so much most days I find it hard to even walk.my eye site is becoming quite bad.I keep going back to my gp and he hasn't got any answers to give me anymore.Im 46 yrs old and feel like I'm 86.

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annoldn said on 23 February 2014

I have had an underactive thyroid for about three years and have been given a prescription for 100mcg of Thyroxine. For the last two years I have had the feeling of having a lump in my throat which never seems to go away.

Recently I had a cold and related cough which lasted three weeks. After that time, and the cough not going away, I went to the doctor, who gave me some anti-biotics. Result was the chesty cough did actually go away, the throat less tight. However, the tight throat has slowly returned.

For the last three years I have had a very tight throat and have been treated for asthma. My concern is whether the symtoms I have are of an under active thryroid or in fact I have asthma too as an extra complication.

Any suggestions ??

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Sarahmarie1992 said on 20 February 2014

I am 22 years old and for the last 5 years had the same repeated symptoms. Been soo tired and suffered from low amounts of energy, I'm constantly cold especially in my feet which then makes me need the toilet even more. I was going to the doctors constantly and my bloods where coming back but they never wanted to treat me as of my age and I also have IBS however this was coming more or a problem and was needing sleep constantly and Ben after a long sleep was still shattered. Finally after keeping on and changing my doctor who finally listened she said I had thyroid and was prescribed a low amount of the tablet. I'm now going for repeated bloods an been put on a higher dose. If you feel strongly enough don't give up, you know your body better then anyone and I'm so glad I didn't give up. It's so reassuring to read others who are going through or have thyroid problems xxx

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amelierose said on 28 January 2014


Go back! Go back and "moan" - because that's the thing. You're not moaning if you feel unwell! Alright, so your bloods came back fine - maybe there's something else going on. Your Dr should have looked into other possibilities, suggested other tests or other treatments. It's your health and - as a taxpayer funding the health service - it's your right to seek and receive treatment if you're feeling unwell.

In the meantime, you could also look into other remedies - acupuncture is very, very good. My sister suffers with Fibromyalgia, for which the usual treatment is "take painkillers" which actually doesn't really help. She also gets very, very tired, and feels ill a lot. But since she's been doing acupuncture, she feels loads better, has tons more energy, etc... I didn't think it would work, but it really has made a big difference, and it's not expensive, so it's really worth bearing in mind.
Anyway, good luck, whatever you decide to do :)

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devonlass said on 26 January 2014

I have an underactive thyroid and take levothyroxine, but my symptoms are bad, I am exhausted, I have slept a significant portion of this weekend, my eyelids feel permanently heavy, I can't concentrate, I've put on over a stone in weight in the last month and half, yet I am very careful with my diet and exercise 3 times a week! The skin on my hands is terrible despite all the hand cream I wear, but most if all I am snappy and grumpy. I went to the doctor early December and they said my bloods were fine, I don't want to go back again and moan, but I can't take feeling like this....any suggestions?

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Jojjo said on 26 January 2014

I'm 26 years old and I have been to my dr and was told my TSH was at 3.5 so within the normal range a but over a year ago. My mum is a GP in another country and suffers from an underactive thyroid herself. When I went home for 3 months over the summer my dad made me go to the gym with him as he was concerned I weighed more than he did (I did about 6-8 hours of high intensity work out each week) and my mum then had me tested and my TSH was 2.5 (T4 normal) that test was also done fairly late in the day, I always feel the worst in the mornings. Has other people found their TSH improved after starting to exercise?

I am being treated for depression with a small effect of 100mg of sertraline. But I am still tired, I sleep about 12-15 hours every day, if I sleep less it makes no difference, I am always tired when I wake up.

My hands and feet are always ice cold. I'm 178 cm tall and I've gone from weighing 62 kilos 6 years ago to weighing 90 kilos despite no changes in activity or food intake (that's an increase of nearly 50% body weight in 6 years and going from a BMI 20 to 28 and when I was younger I used to have a BMI of 17 despite eating a lot) My nails are brittle (I do however bite them which may be why) and I easily get constipated. And like i said, I've suffered from depression most my life and my mum told me she did as well until soon after my little sister was born (this was around when she started being treated for hypothyroidism)

Im starting to think I'm just being a massive hypocondriac, but I'm just soooo tired all the time and keep feeling depressed and unmotivated despite treatment (CBT didnt help either as my moods arent triggered by any thoughts its just a general mood state) I cant motivate myself to go to the gym, and being a student I cant even afford it.

My GP is lovely but I feel like I'm just exaggerating when I see her so I just dont push it... I don't care about my weight I just dont want to be tired all the time..

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Balirear said on 21 January 2014

I am an extremely active 61 year old. I do circuit training 3 times a week, yoga every day, water aerobics, running. My diet has always been extremely good but recently I had two major concerns. Blood pressure went up (considerably) cholesterol climbed, I was extremely tired, and could probably tick a lot of the boxes above, including loss of hearing. This had been going on for 4 years - I also was becoming continuously ill. Yep was diagnosed with under active thyroid. My doc is very good as currently I am having weekly blood tests to check TH levels. Now on 25microgrms of Thyroxin and it has made a BIG difference. If you are under par and symptoms above ring bells insist on having a blood test and get tested.

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OldMa said on 21 January 2014

I am coming up to be 70 and have only been diagnosed with an under active thyroid for about a year.
I find the Tramadol that I am prescribed for pain in my back helps with the low energy issue I suffer.
I have friends who are also taking Tramadol who also find it helps release energy, but others for whom this medication does not have the same effect at all.
Doctors are not too clear on the whys and wherefores of Tramadol I have found.
I have only had one negative experience at the surgery.
This was from a medical student who stood in on my appointment. ! . The doctor had asked if I would mind of course, and naturally I was quite happy for the student to be there. However ! When I asked if my doctor had any views on an alternative medication for under active Thyroid that I had heard of, the student piped up
"If there were good alternatives we would have prescribed them for you".
This was said very aggressively which fair took my breath away!
I have an excellent relationship with my doctor, who later asked me to let her know of the alternative I had heard of.
The unbelievable arrogance or ignorance of the student was bothering, and I do hope she will be enlightened !
I am not cynical enough to believe all doctors are swayed by the drugs companies, but I also do not think they are super human!

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Kathlyn said on 03 December 2013


About 6 months ago my doctor told me my bloods were fine when I complained of feeling tired, hair falling out etc. My Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level was according to him okay because it was just under 6. Having looked over his shoulder at my record on the computer screen I saw my previous readings for several years which showed a steady increase from 2 to 3 up to 6. I then managed to convince him that 2 to 3 was the right level for me even though the average he worked to was a lot higher. He put me on the lowest dose of levothyroxine 25 mcg tablets which initially helped a lot. Just had another blood test and yes the TSH has gone up again and so I am now on 50 mcg tablets. I believe need to check my TSH level every 6 months until it stabilizes. Speaking to my sister she has been on these tablets for 25 years but at a much higher dose i.e. 100mcg. Makes me think an underactive thyroid might run in the family.

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Keeks43 said on 16 November 2013

Hi, I have difficulty swallowing if my meds are too low, whether it psychosomatic, I don't know, but your mum's not alone.

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Floppsy said on 25 October 2013

Hello,could anyone please tell me if they get a "feeling" in their throat with thyroid problems.described as a lump in the throat,swelling,throat closing. I am posting this for my mum as after 20 years of suffering this problem alongside under active thyroid she can no longer cope with this "feeling" and doctors don't seem to be able to help her.please help,thankyou xx

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LisaC123 said on 08 October 2013

Everytime I go to the docs, it feels like I'm telling them what to do when I ask them about a possible underactive thyroid. I too am convinced that's what my symptoms are but, being a 40-something woman, we're supposed to feel sluggish, put on weight, suffer with moods etc!! However, I have now started getting deafness, tinnitus, slight vertigo and neck pain along with the usual I am being referred to ENT... How do you get the doc to insist on testing without telling them how to do their job?

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helsbels1968 said on 03 October 2013

I am 100 % I have a thyroid problem but all my bloods keep coming back normal , pain in the whole body , dry skin , put on over a stone in less then 2 months although i ride my horse and push bike 12 to 25 miles aweek and eat a good home cooked menu always ! in the last 6 months I have started with carpol tunnel and also high cholesterol levels at 7.9 which i never had before , i have just had my bloods done last week all normal but i am going to have to push this i cant life like this anymore has any body else had normal bloods i also have sore throut on and off ! i have no engery what so ever although i do have good days and totally pain free and free great always put this down to depression but its the bloody pain that makes me depressed as i cant do the things i want to and waking up in the morning and having no engery is not on and its doing my head in now and it needs to be sorted is there any other tests i can have i had my TSH all normal but they checked everthing at the same time and i fasted for these , will this make a difference ?? i have read that the TSH test should read 1.5 to 5. but then i read it should not be over 3 grrr so i dont know what is right please help i am at my wites end thank you

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Cava73 said on 03 October 2013

Hi I have had an overactive thyroid years ago had the iodine treatment. Then years later my thyroid went underactive been on thyroxine now for about a year feeling better but now my throat is swollen and very sore! Is this right? should i bother a doctor?

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ladyjo04 said on 27 September 2013

I have underactive thyroid & found out this week. I am relieved to say the least my symptoms were;

*Pins & needles in arms & legs
*Tired by 3pm at work
*Hot flushes
*More pain than usual on period
*tight shoulders & muscle cramps
*Sometimes teary at random things
*Can sometimes hear my heart beating slow in my ear
*Weight Gain ( 2 stone in 6mths)
*Dizzyness which got me sscared so eventully went A&E i felt that bad & took 2 weeks out of work to get tested.

I felt like this for 6 mths an doc said it was stress from work until i had 10 blood tests all at once after seeing 5 doctors , when it finally came bk my TSH blood test was 6.5 and should be under 4.

Im soo relieved that i pestered the GP even tho i felt like i was going mad,One doctor even said it was a manifestation in my head.

Keep going bk & pushing for the thyroid blood test as you will be the one who feels poorly & you know your body more than anyone else.

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lauract06 said on 26 September 2013

I to im so confused ive not been to the docs for ages thinking that all my symptoms where due to me being over weight. As it is I have every symptom named above plus some of the later symptoms yet my tests always come back borderline... This morning I'm going up for yet more results if still borderline I will not be given anything! Yet all symptoms still persist.. losing weight is a no go one week it 5lb off the week after on the same food diary 5lb will be back on... making me very down... doesnt help tht my docs surgery has 5 doctors and getting in to see the same one is a no go! But yet all docs have differing opinions as to what to do ggggggrrrrrr rant over I think

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lunarminx said on 22 July 2013

My body does not convert T4 to much T3. I make so much Rt3 that I may as well not taken any T4 even though my tsh was great. Now I take a straight t3 and feel 100 times better, its broken up half in the am and half early afternoon. I have gotten so bad at taking the pm dose that I lose half my eye brows and maybe need to shave once every few months before its noticeable. I have now gotten to the achy joints. Please don't be lazy and skip your medicine, its not worth feeling bad again.

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Tori85 said on 10 July 2013

Hello everyone,
I am Tori and i have hypothyroidism, i have been seeing alot of panic comments which has made me post. It really isn't all that bad, a simple blood test will show whether you have hypothyroidism or not, and is treated very easily. I personally went to the doctors thinking i may have diabetes due to some symptoms i was having, everyone is different but here are what mine were:-
-Tired alot (small tasks were making me very sleepy)
-Cramps and pins and needles in my legs and feet (i also got what felt like growning pains in my knees)
-my weight fluctuates all the time also :(

After i was diagnosed, i saw that i actually had quite a few of the other symptoms also. I have have blood tests every month ( this is not common, it is normally once a year, but my levels are constantly changing) and i take one tablet a day in the morning. Easy i still have off days but like i said that is me personally and the fact my levels change alot. Hope this helps. There is no need to panic, a simple blood test and you will know.

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kes2008 said on 03 June 2013

please am i going mad.. i have had a sensation of something stuck in my throat for about 3 months now.. hoarse voice, gained a stone in weight in 8 weeks.. i did put this down to quitting smoking but with everything else reading though these comments.
I am constantlyon pain relief for neck and back pain.. just started getting really bad muscle pain in my ankles and knees.. went to ENT they put a probe down my nose to my voice box said looked clear and come back in 2 months will clear up on its own.. well i have had it 3 mths and has no cleared up yet. have just booked myself yet another apapt with the doc to see what i can do next.. if i had bloods taken will that show up if it is my thyroid.. also have majot hot flush spouts and insomnia whic i take herbal sllep pills to get some.. lack of sex drive.. app this is the menapause i have been told but could it all be related to my thryroid.. i feel the docs are not taking it seriously where as i am worried about it all..
on anti depressants cause they said i was deppressed cause i was tired all the time and teary because of the pain .. feeling really fed up now.. and do not know what to do next..

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Tierd out said on 02 June 2013

Hi everyone, can I tell you that I am totally confused????
I have had fibromyalgia for 14 yrs but in the last year I've put on tons of wieght my gp has done blood test for under active thyroide which has come back as retest in 3months
I've just read all the possible symptoms and I have them all even including deep hoarse voice and loss of eyebrows !!!!!! I'm even going to the depths of tattooing eyebrows on and am having them done tomorrow !! I've hated not having them about as much as I hate the wieght gain!!!!!!
I have believed that most of my problems are fibromyalgia related now I'm not so sure ???? And can you suffer the symptoms when the blood test isn't conclusive ? I'm not sure what to make of all these ailments ?? I get very depressed , have always had very dry skin and have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel in both wrists !!!! Along with swollen knees ankles and hands and of coarse all the muscle pain and tiredness of fibromyalgia !!!!! Where I go from here I've no idea ???? Thank you for letting me vent !!!!!!! Bye

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lei481 said on 31 May 2013

Maybe you could have fibromyalgia as well as symptoms similar. X

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Deb38 said on 19 May 2013

Could someone tell me if having made a comment on this page they have had the help they need?

For example, I was diagnosed with hyper hypothyroidism, about four years ago. I am currently on 100mg of levothyroxine daily, and I feel horrible, I am tired all the time, I wake up every morning feeling like I have had no sleep, i have put on loads of weight which makes me feel even worse... I forget things, and that makes me feel like I'm losing my marbles.... everything is an effort and my joints hurt all the time...I'm cross all the time, and I can't find anything in my life that makes me happy... When ever I speak to my doc, I'm told my levels are correct, and that I need to eat less to lose weight..I . hell of a way to make me feel better... I can honestly say I absolutely detest my life.... So back to my question has anybody received any help from posting their question here?

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Stephage84 said on 28 April 2013

Hello everyone
I have had an underactive thyroid for 10 years and pcos for 2/3 years I'm currently havin test done an my thyroid gland is swollen I constantly feel I'm bein strangled x I do take thyroxine but not had blood test in 2 years I feel so depressed and sad my symptoms are severe hair loss x constantly tired x aching muscles x painful joints x can't concentrate low moods x no motivation x weight problems x tearful dry skin x abdominal pain anxiety x slow heart rate and the list goes on
I really see no hope for me I'm 28 a mother of a 9 and 6 year old a wife and work x I feel my own gp thinks I make things up and so I didn't go bad but this week went to see another gp and he said he was concerned of me and felt for me he was lovely so I may get a little help now x I have read about other medication to help our with symptoms and I'm currently trying coconut oil on my hair x I slimming world diet and 30 day shread exercise to which I have lost 1 and 1/3 stone but has been very hard x I have never felt to alone and low I'm my life if anyone has advice please do xxxxx

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lanaismommy said on 04 December 2012

they are getting much worse. I am constantly tired to the point where I could sleep the night and most of day through, and even then wake up feeling still as tired. My skin is itchy and becoming very very dry , I have no inclination to do anything and often sit and cry for no particular reason. Ive always been big , but i;m geting fatter and am eating less then I have done in the past . Im constantly freezing (sitting here with coat and fire on full) . The last few months however im suffering from insomnia where I find it difficult to drop off then wake up throughout the night, the last two nights ive not slept at all could these all be thyroid problems? because surely if it was id be able to sleep?

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gingerJo89 said on 30 October 2012

I was diagnosed with a goitre and an underactive thyroid 9 years ago, when I was 14. I took the tablets religiously for years and all I got for it was very fat. A few years ago I stopped taking them and now I'm very skinny which I'm very happy about, but now the muscle aches so bad, I wake up every morning with a hand that's so painfull I can hardly move it. I'm terrified if I take it again I'll put on weight, I've been bulimic and anorexic in the past and this would really upset me, any advice?

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ScottishBadger said on 20 September 2012

I recently had tests done to check my Cholesterol only to find my "TRG's" were high, I was asked to come back and have fasting bloods taken to check again. This time the results came back that my thyroid levels were not right. I was asked again for more blood and results were I had an under active thyroid. I have been prescribed 50mg levothyroxine and have to return in 2 months to have bloods checked again. I was told high cholesterol and low thyroid levels are linked?

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shellychell19 said on 18 September 2012

Hi, I have recently been suffering with head aches.. constantly tired feeling drunk all the time like my head isn't mine
I don't want to do anything at all feels too much a effort I use to go to the gym but don't anymore because of the way I feel..
my skin itches all the time
can someone help me please

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libbyloves said on 04 September 2012

Ive just read through everyones comments, and feel very relieved, Over the last 12 years Ive been diagnosed with depression,me,chronic fatigue,dry eyes, and on my last visit, a long time ago, because i've been made to feel I'm wasting doctors time, possible carpel tunnel. I've had an ultra sound on my thyroid which has shown 4 nodules and a large cyst, but not been aspirated as they apparantly look ok. But I really don't feel ok, the fatigue is crippling, the joint,muscle and bone pain are unbearable now, and I am struggling to get through each day. have headaches for 5 days at a time, neck pain, absolutely no sex drive, feel very low some days, on one of my visits when i pleaded with a doctor to recommend something that would help me feel better, he suggested amphetamines. Thats how seriously he is taking my problem! I put on about 5 stone when I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now 12, but have never managed to lose it, been to the gym, although now too tired and hurting to do much exercise now, but have extremely active job, and I'm now eating less than I've ever eaten and slowly gaining weight, eating one meal a day, and no snacking at all! just desperate to keep weight off as always asked how much exercise i do etc on every visit to GP, I'm only 42 5 ft 7 and a size 16, but creeping up to an 18, no matter what I try. My partner and my daughter are so fed up with me being ill all the time and sure they think I'm putting it on, I've also never used contraception in 12 years, and never fallen pregnant. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, armed with my enormous list of symptoms, and I will not leave until I'm taken seriously!! and will be changing surgerys, if I'm not listened to. Forgot to say been trying to grow my hair for about 7 years but it always breaks off worse on 1 side so that one side is inch shorter so have to get levelled out on every trip to salon and skin on my legs sooo dry and scaly!

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sitb8 said on 03 September 2012

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid at the age of 30 as a male all the research then (1991) was based on menopausal women , I have fought vigorously to self medicate especially as no one new how much throxine was in my blood stream before being diagnosed. I am happy and active on 240mui grammes a day, yet my gp will not except it and wants me to drop it down .

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User708499 said on 30 August 2012

Hi Joy59, Ive also just been told this week Ive got Lichen Sclerosus it came to me as abit of a shock as Ive never heard of it before so I have been researching about it all week. I also came across some page that said about having an underactive thyroid, I might go and get my thyroid checked out. I'm going for a blood test soon so hopefully they can find out from that.

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Joy59 said on 17 August 2012

I have just been told I have a condition called Lichen Sclerosus. About to start using a steroid cream. The symptoms are, very itchy, inflamed and sore vulva. Painful during sex, feels like vagina has shrunk! Have read about this condition and it mentions having under active thyroid. Does anyone out there with thyroid problems have the same condition as me and what treatment have you had?

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DamianB said on 15 July 2012

I am very new to this - only 6 days ago I had a completion thyroidectomy - the removal of the total thyroid (or what what was left of it). I am feeling seriously weird and wondered if anyone who has thyroid issues can help shed some light.
A bit of background - I am a 35 year old man, very active, fit and up to 5 ays ago, energetic and positive. A few months ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but only after having a left side lobectomy as there was a large lump but was told it wasn't cancer, after testing it in more detail I Was even the bad news. So, I have just been back in for completion surgery. I am totally on edge, teary, angry and can't think straight at all. I have weird muscle spasms, blurred vision and am very lightheaded. From my recent experience with part lobectomy I know I did not feel like this before. I have been given 125mg tyrosine per day. I am wondering if this dose needs to be increased. I am a fairly big fella - 6ft tall and 15.5 stone (not fat) yet any way :) What do you think?

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User697652 said on 15 July 2012

I've been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism over 10 years ago, I've been taking thyroxine 100mg. Reading all the posts here, I should consider myself lucky. I don't have weight problem at all. Doctors are always asking how is it possible I am skinny. I don't know. But I know something is not right, because my hear is thin and weak, (much weaker than it used to be) and I'm having irregular periods. My GP is not different than yours as it seems from these posts, she ignores whatever I'm saying. "It's normal at your age" she keeps saying. I'm 45.
I'm fed up with GPs, and frustrated that nobody can give a proper solution. I'm trying all kind of vitamins, so far didn't make any difference. I'm starting to think that long term thyroxine can have a really bad effect. Some of us gain weight, some of us losing hair.
I can't help wondering if it is the hypothyroidism or the pills which causing these symptoms. I will go back soon to the GP and will insist to do further checks. - including iodine deficiency

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Annais03 said on 09 July 2012

Hi everyone, Iv got an appointment next week with my GP. I had tests done about 3 years ago and was told I had an underactive thyroid but they said to wait and see if it would sort itself out without tablest. I keep going back to my doctor as symptoms are getting worse but as I keep getting put with diff doctors they all keep saying same thing of waiting. The last one told me i was worrying about nothing and that i should eat less and do more exercise even though i run everyday and eat healthily. Its so irritating he didnt even check over my notes and treated me like i was just making it all up. Im dreading the doctors now urgh just wish the NHS would start taking thyroid problems more seriously. I feel exhausted and ache all the time.

Hope everyone gets well soon!! xxx

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abibabyjane said on 29 June 2012

I have had an underactive thyroid since I was 15 now i am 17 and am experiencing irregular periods, the last few months i have had 2 and they have been mostly brown. this month i had one but it was hardly a period, it was the tiniest spotting that lasted about a minuite. I really want children when I am older is this serious and will I have trouble? :/

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fruitbasket said on 18 June 2012

Ive just found this site and what a relief to find that other people are as frustrated with the medical profession as I am.
My hypothyroidism is linked to a pituitary tumor (benign and not a brain tumor) and it seems that my pituitary gland - which is the master switch for all hormones - is shutting down bit by bit. Since 2004 I've been diagnosed with the tumor, under-active thyroid and most lately growth hormone deficiency.
I take a cocktail of drugs for these conditions (including 150mcg levothyroxine daily), but still don't feel better. Did a bit of research myself and found out that the growth hormone I now have to inject daily lowers the amount of thyroxine in my body!
Told my GP who looked up my findings during the appointment and upped my throxine to compensate.
Saw my Endocrinologist who promptly dismissed the info and lowered the throxine to its previous level.
Latest blood tests show that my throxine levels have dropped to half of the minimum 'within normal range levels'.
What they don't seem to take into account is that while I feel as I do ( exhausted, breathless, aching, hugely overweight - all the usual) I haven't been able to work. I'm going back to work on Wednesday, as without my wages, my husband & I can't afford the house it's taken us 7 years to build. Do I feel able to do my job? Absolutely not, but it's either that or lose my home.
I just wish the medical profession would get their act together and realise that while we just seem to be a set of blood results to them, this condition has a massive impact on our lives. The caring profession? Really?

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GT Hinny said on 22 May 2012

I'm 49 and was diagnosed (Hashimoto's disease) after 5 years of symptoms in September 2011. My TSH leveI was greather than100 and my organs under functioning. I also gained two stones over this time but I still find it impossible to shift this weight. I take 150mg of Thyroxine daily; I was advised to take it as soon as I wake up in the morning and I try to leave an hour before having breakfast. There have been improvements; the draining fatigue has gone and memory is slightly better and my mood improved. The symptoms of constipation and heavy periods are being addressed in other ways, so cant judge. Interestingly it was later discovered that I had only trace levels of Vitamin D and I feel since taking a supplement that this has had most effect. I understand it can take a considerable time for things to improve. Here's hoping it's soon!

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Tierd out said on 18 May 2012

Hi all , I've just been told I have under active thiyroid & I'm anaemic !!!!! 13yrs ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it's changed my life I'm disabled in constant pain and now putting weight on !!!! That's just too much to stand I feel dreadful !!! So low and so sad !!
I'm wondering now what is wrong with me ??? As the symptoms are overlapping between fibromyalgia , chronic fatigue syndrome & thyroid ????!!!!
I'm sort of getting used to living with my illness but getting larger and not been able to stop that happening will be too much
I don't want to sound dramatic but living with fibro & being able to control my weight kept me sane !! So what do I do now ?????????

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User171353 said on 11 May 2012

Hi, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the end of last year. Initially I was put on a low dose of Levothyroxin, (25mg), which was raised to 50mg after 3 months. I had a blood test to check levels 2 weeks ago and they came back normal.
I suppose I should be glad that they're normal...but I just don't feel right. I don't know whether to go back to my doctor but I feel as though I'm being a pain in the butt when I do go.
Can I ask you all please...Did you all have scaley, dry skin on your legs before starting meds and if so, when did it clear? Mines dreadful, really dry and itchy. Also, I still feel very low and tearful, exhausted, cold, sluggish etc. I just want to feel better again. Incidentally, the tablets I've been prescribed started off by giving me a rash. That's now cleared but I am left with a chronic upset stomach which I presume is also due to taking them. My weight continues to raise despite having joined a gym and I feel rubbish. I thought I'd feel better once the medication was sorted out and was so looking forward to that day...instead I feel no different at all.

Sorry for sounding so miserable. Would be great to hear from anybody on the same meds who've faced the same problems and come through them. Cheers, Teresa

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Barrie wilson said on 09 May 2012

Hi, i've just joined the website. I had a blood test about five years ago and the result said that i had an underactive thyroid. I had no idea just what this meant. But my doctor was addiment that i should start thyroxine treatment. This i duly did and began to feel absolutly dreadful I looked up the sighns and symptoms, and i had none of them at all. I had always been able to manage my weight ,but as soon as i begain this treatment the weight simply piled on. I spoke to my doctor about this and he told me, with a big smile on his face, that it was a normal thing to happen when taking Thyroxine. When i mentioned to him that i had none of the symptoms , he just said, "well we have begun your treatment as a preventative measure" I did some research and it appears that if your thyroid is not underactive or if it corrects itself and you carry on taking Thyroixene, then you will definitly get an overactive thyroid. I mentioned this to my doctor and was told to shut up and put up,he was the doctor i was the patient. Also since being on this medication i now have what i can only describe as a "smokers "cough.And it wont go away. I mentioned this also to my doctor and he simply said "stop smoking then", i have never smoked . Has any one else came across the same problems, and any idea what this cough may be as it is driving me nuts!!

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sair 1972 said on 07 May 2012

I was diagnoised with underactive thyroid 11 years ago, my Doctor too ignored my comments and complaints. My Nurse was fantastic she knew there was something, after blood tests I was put on 100mg thyroxine. I now have three fantastic children (which i probably would not have - as thyroid conditions can cause problems) we had been , the nurse expalined in can be an added complication. we were trying for a few years for children Once I went on the medication, 1 year later - I was pregnant !!!
I do struggle with weight. I eventually went on an extreme diet - through the pharmacy and lost three stone which I have managed to keep off. My problem and frustration now is I have joined the gym, have been going 3 times a week, working off around 800 cals a session. I am living mainly off pasta and salad - and nothing !!!
When I joined they do a health MOT and I never did any exercise, 3 months after lots of exercise had another MOT and results were worse than the orginal - How does that work !!!!!!!!!
I have put on weight and gained in areas such as blood pressure, cholestrol and my hip and waist measurements !!! it is such hard work - I am currenntly on 175mg thryoixine and underactive thryoid. How many others out there find it so difficult to get fit and loose weight ? could it be diet or is it my metabolism fighting back against the exercise !!!!
Any advise would be appreciated

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sonny68 said on 26 April 2012

II have been ill for 5 years but the last 2 years its been unbearable, am always tired, pains from head to toes, I have swollen hands, feet, neck and head and its so painful. My weight has double, n I did work out 3 days at the n 2 day with personal trainer I am so tired I can no longer exercise, it takes me most the day to get out of bed. Doctors did finally take notice of me in January this year, the first blood test reading came back tsh at 11.0 the second tsh came at 9.0. Could anyone tell me at what point do I need treatment, my doctor told me I was borderlne for under active thyroid. I am really confused , n need help

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Grayc said on 17 April 2012

I have never had any symptoms of an underactive thyroid,however, about 5 years ago blood tests showed this to be the case. I have been on 75ug until November 2011 when the annual blood test suggested I needed to up doseage. Well several tests later I am now now on 125ug and I am waiting for my GP to have a "telephone consultation" with me later on today after my most recent blood test - I am guessing my dose will rise yet again to 150ug. Can I ask to see an endocrinologist about my condition as I am beginning to worry especially as I am symptom free - my biggest concern is why is my thyroxine level low - what is causing this - but the GP's just tell me its common - Oh I am a 51yr old active male - I gather this is more a female complaint - another reason to be concerned!!

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missyp1972 said on 13 April 2012

I have read all of the posts on this site with interest and what really shocks me is the lack of care and understanding a large number of you receive from your GP's. Most GP's appear to be dismissive and uniniterested where thyroid disorders exist.

I was diagnosed with quite a severe underactive thyroid when I was 25, I am now 40. At the time I was suffering with paranoia, depression, weight gain and extreme tiredness. I remember finishing work on a Friday and going to bed when I got home and not taking till Sunday morning and still wanting more sleep.

It was my mother who suggested that I see my GP and I remember that when I walked into the surgergy I burst into tears because of how dreadful I felt. When my blood results came in my GP said that my thyroid was so low that I could have gone into a coma at any time.

I now take 300mcg a day of Thyroxine but I should only be taking 225mcg (according to my GP but this is not enough). I am tired all the time, I ache all over in fact every joint in my body hurts - feels like my bones are breaking.

I lost the ends of my eyebrows years ago! I cannot lose any weight despite swimming, going to aerobic classes and walking to work everyday. I eat healthily but still do not lose weight (even tried weight loss pills).

Every time I visit the GP they are unhelpful and blame my weight for everything (size 20 and used to be a 10) I have had tests for arthritis, liver disease and other illnesses but they come back normal.

I shiver constantly, I work in an office with blokes and they are hot all the time yet I am freezing.

I am only 40 but I feel like I am 60. I am studying for a degree and find it so hard to concentrate and also hold down a full time job that I often feel like I cant cope.

I was also diagnosed at the end of last year with Stage 1 Chronic Kidney Disease but my GP seems unconcerned with that also.

I think the NHS is letting us all down. More research needs to be done on thyroid disorders.

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jennitaylorxx said on 28 February 2012

i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 14 years ago when i was two weeks old and i have been taking medication and been having regular blood tests all my life.

i am lethargic and bad at remebering things but i still manage to get good grades at school.

im really grateful to all my doctors over the years and just wish luck to everyone who has hypothyroidism.....

you guys are all awesome!!



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catriona1961 said on 02 February 2012

I'm lucky I suppose, my GP has hypothyroidism! I'd been to see her with a series of symptoms and 4 years ago she started giving me blood tests every 6 months. Its taken till this week for me to reach the point where I can be treated, so I've actually only taken 2 days' medication.

I agree with other writers here, that the pain is not understood by others. Its bone and muscle pain that is hard to describe, only my GP knows what its like as she has it too. I used to love the cold weather, but nowadays I shivver in the summer and winter is unbearable. I told my GP about my depression, but it isn't all the time and sometimes I just want to cry all the time. I'm so fatigued I often don't have the energy to do anything without a sit down after - ironing means I sleep for an hour afterwards. I am also suffering from memory problems - go upstairs and can't remember why. I have to write lists and more lists and take them with me.
Reading other symptoms I now say, oh yes I have that too - severe cramps, dry hair that was always rather greasy, very dry skin, I'd blamed my period problems on early menopause !

Hoping I will improve now as I can't continue like this.

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beckarrrrr said on 16 November 2011

I was diagnosed with my under active thyroid about a year ago. This first sign I actually had was constipation and the irregular periods. The doctors didn't think anything of it until I had the goitre in my neck. I was diagnosed with it when I was 16 and I've now only just turned 18.

I'm currently suffering from hair loss due to my thyroid problems. And I don't actually know how to solve this hair loss.

It is pretty frustrating knowing that I'm going to have this for the rest of my life.

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Guildlive said on 01 November 2011

I have had overactive thyroid, iodine treatment and now underactive thyroid. On your symptoms and all the symptoms I have ever read, nobody seems to mention extreme headaches. This was the first sign to me that something was wrong and all through my varying treatments, on and off medication, when the headaches came back (worst week every day for many hours) the heads were the thing that warned me something was wrong. I could cope with the weight loss etc etc., but the blinding heads left me thinking of tumours and all sorts of other things. I was relieved to realise what the eventual problem was. Heads disappear on medication. Hope this symptom might click with some people.

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coleyd170 said on 28 September 2011

I am convinced I have underactive thyroid - i have 90% of the symptoms listed - sensitive to cold, weight gain, depression, tiredness (to the extreme) muscle aches/weakness, cramps, dry skin, brittle hair and nails (again to the extreme with hair) and heavy and irregular periods... I also have just been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome recently, which can be caused by underactive thyroid, i have wondered for years if i have had it but just put up with the symptoms, my weight gain seems slower - 3yrs ago i was a healthy size 10-12, 5 foot 6, normal weight for height etc, i have had 2 babies since, but managed to lose the weight after my 2 yr old within 6 weeks by diet and exercise alone, i then had another, now 9 months old, and lost all but 7lbs of the weight after by eating 1200 cals a day and exercising loads, I had problems with my knees so had to stop the high impact exercise i was doing, but now swim and walk a lot, still eat 1200 cals a day, the weight has piled back on, i got down to 12 1/2 stone, and am now back up to nearly 15stone in a matter of 5 months, thats 2 1/2 stone i have put on... does anyone know if it can be caused by hormone changes, ie pregnancy/birth etc? I have suffered with extreme tiredness for 4 yrs now, to the point where i could go to bed at 10pm, wake up at 10/11am the next morning and be exhausted ready to go back to sleep by 2/3pm, literally falling asleep and not being able to keep my eyes open, weekdays i wake up at 7.30 to take my eldest to school and by 12 i can barely keep my eyes open, went to bed at 10pm last night, so have had 9 1/2 hours sleep...

how likely do u think it is that i have hypothyroidism? I get blood tests for my CTS in a week or two anyway to find out the cause so will find out then, but other than thyroid problems i cant work out why i have CTS, dont type/do computer work lots, no repetitive movements which can cause it...nothing... i'm at my wits end with feeling tired all the time/no energy! :(

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jodie1234 said on 17 September 2011

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 16 years ago and have had many of the symptoms including weight gain - like i needed help with that!, tiredness and constipation!! Great!! i am now on a dose of 250 mcg of thyroxine daily ! This year i was referred, for the first time to an endocrinologist, who upped my dose to its current level. What i wanted to share was that he read a 'paper' that suggested taking your thyroxine last thing at night on an empty stomach improved the absorbtion of it. I think he may be right it does seem to have helped- it might be worth asking your GP's or consultants if this would benefit you?
Since i was diagnosed two of my sisters and a good friend have alos been diagnosed. It is good to be able to talk with someone who understands what you mean about the bone aches and lethargy and doesn't think your overweight and lazy. Not wishing this condition on anyone but I wish my doctors had a couple bad days with an underactive thyroid so they could properly understand what we say and the frustration of not having the energy to do what we want!
Good health to you all!

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poppyseed42 said on 24 July 2011

I have recently been diagnosed with polymyalgia Rheumatica after a blood test showed a positive erythrocyte sedimentation rate(ESR). I have muscle and joint pain, shoulders, neck, arms, elbows, upper thighs, also a weak feeling at times in my limbs. I feel low mood, lethargy, some sleep disturbances, sometimes insomnia, other times sleeping very heavily. Normally people are in their 60's or at least 50's before they suffer with this.I am just 42 years old ! My mother had underactive thyroid and so does my sister aswell. The positive ESR shows there is inflammation in the body causing muscle aches and pain, if my muscle pains were because of underactive thyroid, would I still have a positive ESR on testing my blood? I feel I am a bit young to have poymyalgia and I am wondering wether it is worth asking my GP to test for thyroid problems? I would be greatful for anyones advice please.

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Sugar12 said on 12 July 2011

ive suffered with an under active thyroid since I was 19, I'm now 30, I'm taking a very high dose of 250mcg at the min, but for the past year now it's been skipping between 225 - 300mcg, I never come back with a normal blood test, I can't remember a day without feeling so tired, when my speech goes n I start sounding drunk that is when I know my thyroxin needs to be increased, I've gone from a slim size 10 to a size 18 n I still putting weight on. I think their needs to be more research into this condition. N a better medication, my doctor says what I'm on at min is very high n I'm at risk of having a strok but it's what my body needs but the scary thing is every year I gradually have to get an increase in my medication, so I'm not sleeping all day, my memory loss is terrible, to the point I have to set reminders for everything, even an alarm to go off when I need to pick my child up from school. That's how bad I can get some days.

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petlover said on 04 March 2011

finding this site is like finding an oasis-i have suffered from an underactive thyroid for about 7 years now and have good days and bad days -i have been tested for everything under the sun and most of tests come back normal-i started off taking 25mcg and was on 125mcg up until january of this year when after yet another trip to have bloods done was put up to 200mcg(is this a big jump in one go ?)-despite taking this I still feel dreadful and am finding it hard to function -have had time off work and have a male boss who is less than understanding-wish I did have physical symptoms then people could see how i was feeling -I also feel that the doctors do not understand the condition and its associated symptoms -muscular aches and pains ,depression,low energy.sleep interruptions(i could go on but after reading this site you all probably understand and sympathise)-any way for now will keep taking the tablets and try to get through the day-thanks for this site

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littlewren82 said on 18 February 2011

I've thought I've had and underactive thyroid for about 10 years or so now but my blood tests always come back normal. I have been overweight, with my weight increasing and then decreasing by up to 2 stone, for many years now and I recently put on 7lbs (after losing a stone over the course of a year) in just 4 weeks; I have gaps in my eyebrows where the hair just will not grow anymore and they have been like this for 4 or 5 years now; I often get very red cheeks which is not through blushing and I don't know the reason for it; I feel tired often and suffer from bouts of exhaustion; The plughole is full of hair every time I wash it; I have very dry skin especially on my hands which often cracks and bleeds; I often feel very cold especially when sitting down for long periods but then I've recently started feeling very hot in the evenings; and I have what I call a weak ankle which sometimes just 'goes' randomly and without warning and feels like I've twisted it badly.

I've got Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which means that many of the symptoms overlap such as being overweight, irregular periods (i'm on the contraceptive pill which has regulated them but they were irregular before) and tiredness.

Can anyone tell me whether these sound like I could have an Underactive Thyroid please and where I could go from here?

Thanks so much. After years of going back and fore to the doctors for blood tests and asking them about PCOS and Underactive Thyroid on several occasions I always feel like a hypochondriac and that im wasting their time when i go to the doctors now but it took over 10 years fro me to be diagnosed with PCOS and that was when I asked to see a specialist after getting many many 'normal' bloodtests back. It's very frustrating.

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User529555 said on 16 February 2011

Hi, just been reading peoples accounts regarding their thyroid problems and suddenly feel less alone. I had surgery in 1999 to remove a pre cancerous lump and have been on Liothyronine and Levothyronine since. I have found that the Liothyronine has been a complete life saver however I have recently run in to a problem. I collapsed recently and was taken to my local hospital (not the hospital that look after my thyroid condition) and apparently I have a heart condition called atrial fibrillation. This hospital has blamed my Liothyronine medications (as AF can be caused if you are over active, which I m not) but my endrocrinology specialist is sure it has nothing to do with the meds, and my blood test results support his opinion. I m now stuck between two different hospitals, which is proving very stressful. I still have the palitations which have increase since being put on Atenolol but I ve not had another AF attack. I really am stuck as to what to do. I feel so down, given that the Liothyronine was working and I was feeling more like my old self and had even managed to shed 2 stone in weight with the help of slimming world. My GPs comments to me were " I have 100's of patients on T4 who just take the tablets and get on with it, why can't you" which just about sums up some GP's attitude towards this condition, and shows a huge lack of understanding where this condition is concerned. Anybody who is struggling with there GP should ask for 2nd opinion after all its your life and why should you settle for this type of attitude towards a medical condition that is hard to deal with.

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User529555 said on 16 February 2011

Hi, just been reading peoples accounts regarding their thyroid problems and suddenly feel less alone. I had surgery in 1999 to remove a pre cancerous lump and have been on Liothyronine and Levothyronine since. I have found that the Liothyronine has been a complete life saver however I have recently run in to a problem. I collapsed recently and was taken to my local hospital (not the hospital that look after my thyroid condition) and apparently I have a heart condition called atrial fibrillation. This hospital has blamed my Liothyronine medications (as AF can be caused if you are over active, which I m not) but my endrocrinology specialist is sure it has nothing to do with the meds, and my blood test results support his opinion. I m now stuck between two different hospitals, which is proving very stressful. I still have the palitations which have increase since being put on Atenolol but I ve not had another AF attack. I really am stuck as to what to do. I feel so down, given that the Liothyronine was working and I was feeling more like my old self and had even managed to shed 2 stone in weight with the help of slimming world. My GPs comments to me were " I have 100's of patients on T4 who just take the tablets and get on with it, why can't you" which just about sums up some GP's attitude towards this condition, and shows a huge lack of understanding where this condition is concerned. Anybody who is struggling with there GP should ask for 2nd opinion after all its your life and why should you settle for this type of attitude towards a medical condition that is hard to deal with.

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favred said on 12 February 2011

Cant believe what I have read. How many unhappy under active thyroid patients there are. I had my thyroid removed years ago. Yep same as most on hear blood test come back okay but I feel so ill and no energy.
Have asked for Liothyronine tablets. When patients have been on these feedback much more positive.
Guess what pound a pill . How can I get to try these tablets. Why do all the doctors ignore us? I'm now being referred to fatigue specialist. Wast of time and wasting the quality of my life. My doctor reduced me to 50. Now im on 100 one day then on 125. He has left me on that .
I'm thinking of increasing it more. Probably end up giving myself heart attack.

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KiwiChic said on 01 February 2011

I commented elsewhere on here, lost where I was at. Anyway diagnosed 2 years ago and after 1&1/2 yrs of blood tests every 6wks and me packing a sad because I was over it all, the doctor has me alternating on 100mcg one day and 150mcg of Levothyroxine the next...just a complete pain in the... especially when I stuff toast in my mouth and have to take my pills to work so I can have them 2 hrs later! anyway I just cant seem to make the weight dissapear and I have no idea where its coming from?? plus Im always tired. Nathan I know this is very depressing and unless we eat lettuce leaves and water I have no idea how to lose the weight and if anyone else has any suggestions out there 'do' share :-)

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Jonesybach said on 13 January 2011

I went to my GP 3 years ago about feeling extreamly tired and falling asleep at the drop of a hat, and unable to concentrate in class, always feeling ill, lack of will power, anyway my Gp then diagnosed it as Glangal fever (not sure its correct spelling) after 4 months began trying to go back to school but unable later taken back to my GP and complained it was something else and after the next 9 months and many blood test's, weights, ect was diagnosed with Underactive thiroid. the symptoms began creeping up again and i was on 25ml so they increased my dose but again so many months down the line the symptoms creeped up again and yet im sat here still feeling tired but better than previously and sleeping for 9-11hrs and im still tired. I have suffered depression, tiredness, most of the above, and suicidal thoughts i was given councelling for this. but being a young lad i feel as if i am losing a battle Im 6ft tall bright, but im a broad bloke but i hop on the weighing scales and i weight 17.5 stone and im not exactly fat i go to the school gym everyday i eat healthyish but i am young. I have the basic 3 meals a day and i drink squash and water. can anyone reccomend any ways of losing weight and feeling a bit fresher in the morning. you take the medication it works for a while but later you seem back to normal and its fustrating. thanks nathan x

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Bea74 said on 14 December 2010

Looking at all these comments has made me realise that im not alone, I was being treated for deppression for two years and getting worse, I asked for a TSH blood test and was then diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and put on levothyroxin 50mcg , this was fine and i felt so much better with in days of starting treatment, i even began to lose weight . 6 months later and all syptoms are coming back , ringing in my ears is driving me crackers, itchy legs hurting muscles, hair falling out and as for my voice it sounds like iv smoked for years ( i dont and never have) i also feel tired all the time and my memory is terrible. i have had anouther test and my TSH levels are back up again to what they were when i started treatment, this worries me :O( I now cant see my GP untill 4 th jan but he is really good and i know he will listen to me and give me treatment that i need. My main concern is weight gain I am now six stone over weight never been so big even when i was pregnant .... This is a general moan and feels good to talk about as no one else understands, so thank you for listening or should i say reading .

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The thyroid is the limit said on 11 December 2010

This is for Bella 43. Bella, you sound quite angry about the 'treatment' you've been getting from your GP. YOU ARE BEING FOBBED OFF. Depression is just ONE symptom of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland). Antidepressants may help lift your mood (they may not, they don't work for everyone) but THEY ARE ENTIRELY INAPPROPRIATE IN YOUR CASE.
Something similar happened to me when I started to suffer from hyperthyroidsm (overactive thyroid gland) in 1987 at university. The stupid on-campus GP put my symptoms down to 'student nuerosis' (QUOTE: 'I think you're just worried about your exams,' - even though my exams were FIVE MONTHS AWAY!!!), even though I told her I was normally fit, but that my hands were shaking, I felt almost constantly anxious, I'd lost a stone over two weeks and was suffering from the most extreme insomnia I'd ever known (I was so ravenous, I once sat up nearly all night eating - 3/4 of a loaf of bread and a pound of my flatmate's cheese!)
I TOLD her I thought my thyroid gland was OVERACTIVE (it's my body after all, and I know when something's wrong with it), but she just wouldn't listen. It was a 'power/status' issue for her, as the doctor. The upshot was that when I came home to London (I was a Warwick Uni), my family GP took one look at me (I now had a goitre the size of a golf ball in my neck) and referred me to a specialist at St George's Hospital in Tooting.
It was a clear case of medical negligance - and it wasn't just her misjudgement. I WAS sent for thryoxine tests in Brum, but it depends when in the day they're done, as T4 levels vary. Mine must have been showing up borderline, even though I was suffering physically and emotionally in the way I've described.
I had almost half my thyroid gland removed in Sept 87 and now suffer from mood swings (moods are controlled by thryoid gland, not just metabolism) and depression.
THE GOOD NEWS: INSIST on seeing an ENDOCRINOLOGIST (specialist in hormones). It's your RIGHT under PATIENT CHOICE

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sally64 said on 04 December 2010

i have been suffering from hypothyriodism now since 2004, when i first went for my blood test they came back boarder line , but as the months went on i got worse my hair started to fall out more when i washed it , i wanted to sleep all the time , i was sent for a blood check and was told that it had dropped and was given levothyroxine 25mg . but as the months passed i still had the same symptoms plus muscle ache with tingling , went again for blod tests and went to 50mg , to cut the story short this keeps going on , i stopped at 150mg for a few months and it was only a couple of months ago i was put up an extra 25mg so now i am 175mg i still have the aches n pains , i still want to sleep alot and i know on my next blood test i will go up again .. your thyroid is in your neck and hold 126 hormones that your body needs to function once your thyroid starts to fall it will keep going till there is no more , tablets will not stop it ,they are given to replace what you have lost , you will feel the cold , your hair loss will be more than normal , you will want to sleep for britain , your muscles will ache and your joints and the same as me some of you will suffer hypertension with it , there are loads of other things you can get through thyroidism , to many for me to list . it is from where your immune system attacks and kills your thyroid and theres no stoping it . i am sorry to read that some of you have had poor understanding doctors , i was lucky my doctor sent me for loads of test to get to where i am now and he still very supportive of me . good luck to you all .

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bella25 said on 06 November 2010

Can any one tell me what the 'normal' levels are? I have just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid with a level of 11.9 and told 12 is 'normal'. I'm being retested in 6 weeks to re check levels. Having read some of the comments here,I'm not sure what these levels mean. My GP seems to be quite reasonable about it, but the test was only done due to high blood pressure having been picked up at a routine check. Once I checked sites about the problem I realise I do have other symptoms.

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bella43 said on 02 November 2010

I have been suffering from most of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid for over 18 months. My first blood test showed up as abnormal however, the goal posts had just been moved and I was just out of the new ref ranges so if i'd gone to my GP a couple of months earlier I would have been on thyroxine. instead i was told i was depressed (even though after answering all the questions the only thing that matched up on the questionnaire was tiredness) 12 months of anti-depressants later and I have come off them only to feel exactly the same as i did before I started them and while I was on them......that was a waste of NHS money wasn't it? I have now gone to another doctor who has sent me for more bloods so fingers crossed I will have an answer by next week otherwise I really will be depressed

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ss83 said on 31 October 2010

Just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Went to the doctor with joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. However due to a family history of hypothyroidism and RA was tested for both straight away and got the results the next day. I had gained weight and always felt tired but just thought this was just normal for my lifestyle. I think having the right doctor is obviously very important; and in my case this proves that there is still hope for the NHS.

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Tashya87 said on 28 October 2010

Hi Ankha, I too had the same problem with facing the doctors who previously had fobbed me off and told me my weight gain was due to eating too many takeaways (which i wasn't). After eating healthily and going to the gym six days a week for six months and losing no weight i decided enough is enough. I told the nurse i just wanted to "rule it out" and guess what it was underactive. Just remember people know their own bodies, don't let doctors fob you off i thought i was mad for years, i have been lucky enough to have been put on the correct dose of thyroxine from the off and since have started to feel my old self again.

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Ankha said on 24 October 2010

After reading up on underactive thyroid after a conversation with a friend who has it, I'm convinced that this is the root of most of my medical issues (constantly tired, constipated, no libido, forgetfulness, always cold (or really hot), hair loss, depression, dry skin, heavy periods, weight gain). I want to speak to my doctor about getting tested, but I'm not sure how to bring it up. I've had issues with a certain doctor at my surgery before (fobbing me off when I told them I'm constantly tired, even after a really good night's sleep), and I don't want this to happen again. I'm training to be a teacher, and would really love to have enough energy to teach properly when I do my first practice in January, but the way i feel at the moment, I struggle to get in to Uni for 9:30 lectures! If anyone has any ideas on how I can suggest this to my doctor without getting fobbed off, I'd be really grateful! :)

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Haz0211 said on 11 October 2010

I have just returned from the doctors again being told that my blood tests with normal for thyroid problems. I am now regularly having blood tets as I show many of the symtoms listed on this site. I am on tablets for reynards as I have an intolerence to the cold, nose spray to keep my keep my inner tube clear as possible to help with my hearing and ecema cream for my eyes to take help the dry skin and puffiness. I have put on considable weight in the last 12 months (I have always previously suffered from weight loss) and all my doctor said is that i need to watch what I am eating and do more excercise!

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numberoneestateagent said on 08 August 2010

I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid within last 6 weeks and since taking levothyroxine I have felt progressively worst. I was okay at first and have then gone downhill. Doctor increased dose to 50mcg and it really hasn't helped. Need blood test to see if more needed. However, I'm wondering If I'm having some sort of allergic reaction to the thyroxine because my feet swell up really badly and ache/in pain most of the time but particularly when I first get up. My hip also hurts. In fact I can't quite believe the pain I'm in. Also my neck hurts and I have a problem sometimes swallowing. Does taking the thyroxine cause some of the underactive thyroid symptoms to get worst initially ie thyroid starts shutting down and you need more than you're actually getting hence all these symptoms which seem to relate to having the disorder but which I never had before being diagnosed. Not really sure whether I need to raise this with the doctor at this stage before on full dose needed?

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snowdrop55 said on 04 August 2010

Just been reading comments from ‘treadsoftly’. You really need some support don’t you? I have had my thyroid removed as I had hashimotos; my condition is therefore treated as underactive. I have found that the thyroid UK website is quite good and has just introduced a blog to the site which may be beneficial to you. I have learnt over the years to pace myself and monitor my levels, unfortunately you will have tired days, you have to learn to pace yourself. I now know when I need a blood test to check my levels. You will, like most of us find that doctors do not always realise that the ‘normal’ levels in a blood test are what is ‘normal’ for you and you may have to negotiate with your doctor to make small changes to your medication.
Did you also have blood tests for the menopause diagnosis? Underactive thyroid can be known to cause menopausal symptoms, making periods irregular, hot flushes etc. once the medication has kicked in and working properly all this usually returns to normal. Hope this helps

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tiredat50 said on 31 July 2010

I believe my thyroid problems started after the birth of my youngest child (she is now 18) and I have finally been prescribed thyroxine but I had to visit a doctor privately to obtain this. On hearing the words "if you're not hypothyroid then I don't know who is" I promptly burst into tears. My medication has recently been reduced to 100 when it had been up to 150 but I have noticed a return of symptoms, muscle cramps, hair loss, concentration problems, feeling very low so intend to ask for medication to be increased to 125. Although I manage to work, looking back I really don't know how I've managed to carry on. I've just suffered one of my "throat episodes" - extremely sore throat, aching neck, legs and arms, feeling hot and cold. It is a constant battle because you are made to feel like a hypochondriac by the medical profession and by family who, understandably, can't see anything really physical and think you're just depressed or whiney. I've tried anti-depressants and they really didn't help - I did lose all interest in food and managed to lose about a stone, but walking round like a zombie seemed to offset the benefits somehow. I really sympathise with anyone who suffers whether diagnosed or undiagnosed with thyroid problems. I often describe it as having a faulty thermostat I'm so cold in winter, but then overheat in the summer when it's very warm. One of my daughters has recently undergone tests for endometriosis, which is apparently linked to thyroid. I can't understand why the medical profession focus so rigidly on these blood test numbers and do not want to look at the symptoms. Why are they so ready to hand out anti-depressants but not a trial of thyroxine? They mention osteoporosis as a possible side-effect of thyroxine, but what about the dangers of undiagnosed hypothyroidism? I hope that my gp will agree with me that despite the blood test results my medication needs adjusting.

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treadsoftly said on 31 July 2010

i have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid just a few days ago with a double blow of being told that ive started the menopause early. i was in such a state in the doctors room. Im heartbroken that i wont be able to have a child which i have always wanted. its been a very hard couple of days getting through the day. Im upset this wasnt picked up earlier as i might still have been lucky. im a little scared as it wasnt explained to me what would happen or what i could expect and if there was anything that i could do to ease my symptoms apart from the medicaiion which i was told i would be on for the rest of my life. ive tried to look for some support groups but havent found anything yet and im desperate to talk to someone about this. i felt my doctor didnt have the time to spend to discuss this with me. does anyone know where to obtain support for both please?

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Stace Cadet said on 26 July 2010

I've always had problems with bloating and constipation and was diagnosed with IBS years ago. My IBS seemed to follow no particular pattern as to what triggered it so the doctor advised me that mine was probably stress related. It's gradually been getting worse though and i've been having time off work due to it. Blood tests came back normal!

I was also on the contraceptive pill which my doc claimed was the cause of my weight gain and headaches so 3 1/2 years ago I tried the coil. That was a Big mistake!
Since going back to the contraceptive pill 3 years ago my skin has become a lot duller and lifeless, i'm constantly tired and get silly aches and pains for no reason. I feel sorry for my boyfriend who has to put up with my constant moaning and my lack of enthusiasm whenever he wants to go anywhere, but I just don't have the energy!

Anyway . . . 4 days ago I decided that enough was enough. I was so bloated and ached so much that I couldn't concentrate at work and so went to the docs again with the attitude that they would not fob me off with IBS/pill related answers or just give me laxatives! This time my boyfriend took me to his doctors in Wales where they examined me and gave me a blood test. Within 24 hours the doctor had diagnosed me with hypothyroidism! I always knew there was something wrong. The doctor must have thought I was crazy when my only response was laughter but I was just so relieved to finally have an answer to the years of suffering. I've just started taking thyroxine and am hoping that I might now be able to have a 'normal' life.

I'm not sure whether my own GP missed my thyroid problems before or whether my hormone levels have only just changed but if anyone else is experiencing the symptoms listed on this page then it's well worth asking to be tested/retested or seeing a different doctor. They all have different opinions!

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snowdrop55 said on 23 July 2010

I developed underactive thyroid symptoms after a very bad bout of tonsilitus many years ago. A follow up blood test revealed that the thyroid levels had returned to normal and I didn't need medication. A few years later, I developed a lump in my neck and a scan revealed a goitre, I was referred to hospital where the surgeon finally prescribed thyroxine.I needed surger and 2 operations later - no thyroid!
My levels fluctuate frequently and I regularly need to change my dosage, I too have problems getting my GP to realise that 'normal' is not necessarily 'normal' for me!
I have come to realise that if I have a good day, I can normally guarantee that the next day I will feel lethargic and off colour! I just want to wake up in the morning, most mornings and feel normal and well again!
Reading the other messages, I feel reassured that I am not the only one who has these bad days, periods of bad headaches, light headedness, cold, heat intolerance etc....
I have also developed an intolerance to wheat and and now cut out anything containing gluten. I am lead to believe that this could be associated with the thyroid problems but am not entirely sure. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Feebs said on 16 June 2010

I've been struggling to lose weight for a while now (1 year at WW - completely kept to the plan and only lost 4 lbs in the year!) and have been feeling really tired and lethargic for ages as well as a couple of other little things. I've been to the GP and had a blood test done and she says "Your blood is normal - you definitely have not got an underactive thyroid". I'm sure I have but she refuses to carry out any further tests and has refused to put be on a short trial of thyroxine. When I asked what I could now her response was "Well I don't know". Anybody know what I can do next?

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hypothyroidTA said on 03 June 2010

Hi, i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when i was 18 and i was sent for the blood tests after fainting a couple of times and i wasn't anemic.
4 years on, i can't say that life is back to normal. some months go better than others but i've definitely seen a decreased quality of life.
i've had no "better" months in the last year and half-but this might be unrelated to hypo.
recently i've come to realise that i started getting ill when i was 15- in year 11 at school....so it's no wonder i gained weight and was fainting 3 years later!
give up or reduce your intake of refined flours and sugars especially white breads and pasta and white and refined sugar. try this for 6 months and see if it helps. keep an eye on your health though!
i totally agree with what most of you have said. blood tests can't be relied on and we don't get enough support, understanding or time.
Look forward to hearing from you all and anyone else out there x
keep away from the soy!

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sothatsit said on 28 May 2010

I finally got a diagnosis a month ago and now everything makes sense. I've been feeling increasingly tired and run down for years with weight gain for no reason, lack of concentration - I even went down to 4 days a week at work because I couldn't cope. Joints and muscles - particularly in my legs - are painful and stiff most of the time. I put down brittle nails and dry skin to different water having moved house - how silly is that? I'm cold most of the time and feel draughts easily so I'm the only one in the office during a heatwave with a cardigan over my shoulders and coat over my legs. Several visits to the doc's during this time and was told that I'm getting older! I'm only in my early 50s for heavens sake! Just wondering if my sudden onset of a severe allergic reaction to shellfish has brought it to a head. I used to love seafood etc, all high in iodine - good for thyroid deficiency, but not had any now for over 3 years. Was this inclusion in my diet masking the symptoms? Anyone have any similar experience?

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realyfedup said on 13 May 2010

Ive had an underactive thyroid for years but didn't know for . Every time I went to the doctors about my weight gain, muscle pain and extreme tiredness they justt laughed. I don't think they believed me when I said I wasn't pigging out! I've been on medication and still dont feel much better. I still carn't lose weight, feel tired all the time and my hair and skin are realy dry, but the last blood test said it was normal. What can I do if the doctors won't listen. Does anyone else get muscle pain in their knees and ankles?

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Gabesie said on 10 May 2010

Diagnosed with undertactive thyroid 6 weeks ago. Does anyone else have the symptoms of feeling light headed at times? Have not felt well for a while but can't put my finger on how I have been feeling. Can anyone tell me their symptoms? feel like I'm going mad sometimes.

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MARCOB said on 19 April 2010

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 5 years ago and practically had to beg to be put on thyroxine cos the docs just kept saying it was borderline and gave me 25mg to start with just to give me a bit more energy. I am now on 125mg, having just had it increased within the last few days cos I'd been feeling "thyroidy" again for a few weeks and was due an annual blood test which came back "normal" according to the doc but when I asked what level was told it was 4 (the max docs go by is 4.5). I went to the doc and said I wanted the thyroxine increased, a few days on and I feel a bit better but not brilliant. I go back for another blood test next week to see if the level has gone down and will write an update in a couple of weeks. My message to anyone with symptoms of an underactive thyroid and being told they're "borderline underactive"is to insist on being treated and for anyone with an existing underactive thyroid who are getting ill again and then, like me, being told the result is "normal" to insist on an increase in medication. I am thinking of seeking homeopathic help to try and alleviate the symptoms altogether because thyroxine helps but as anyone with an underactive thyroid will know, there are still days when we feel absolutely rubbish. There are other treatments out there, as well as conventional, do some research and find out all you can.

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Jayne50 said on 11 April 2010

22 years ago after I had my first child, I was really ill, it was at the time an overactive thyroid, which the doctors failed to pick up, everytime I went to see them (and there was many) I was either told, get a job, your a hypochondric etc. Two years later it was picked up, by this time I had developed a heart murmer, anyway they put me on medication left me on it for several years when I went to hospital feeling really ill they said my thyroid had burnt out and I was now underactive. Since then I have wavered between the two and have my medication adjusted most years. A healthy thyroid fluctuates throughout the day, because we are on a set medication our thyroid will never be normal, there is a range they accept as being normal which probably isn't. I dont know anyone who doesn't have bad days, I too am, cold, tired and cry a lot. I dont accept bad news very well and generally feel lethargic. and the weight is so difficult to shift. I believe we are the only people who can improve our health, there is a thyroid book that explains, but how easy it is I dont know.

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teenteen said on 08 April 2010

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in 1986 after I had my second son. I put on over 5 st in weight during 2 pregnancies. I cried one day to my GP that I didn't know why this has happened, so he said just for a matter of interest he would do a blood test. I was so glad that I could prove it was not my greed. I have been on thyroxine since and had 2 more children and now i have about half my weight to lose. I have been fighting a losing battle with my weight for years. They said as soon as I was on the tablets I should start losing the weight but it never happened. I am now 50yrs old and still tired and have bad skin, poor hair growth and now I ache all the time. I know my weight won't help but I avoid the GP because I don't think there is much help or sympathy for my situation but it was not my fault to begin with. I do wonder if the blood tests are correct because I still don't feel that great after 24yrs.

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pink fairy said on 02 April 2010

Hi i am only 19 and was diagonised the other day with under active thyroid and have just started my medication. It took a while for the doctors to do something about it. I went to the doctors in Novemeber and explained my symptoms and that underactive thyroid runs in my family. They did a blood test and it came back under active however they didnt want to do anythin incase it was a 'blip'. I had 4 more blood tests before they did something. I cant describe how i feel most of the time, i just feel unwell. I am finding I just have no motivation, really tired all the time and feel down. I am hopeing that the medication helps me to feel better soon.

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hingleyj said on 16 March 2010

i have been taking thyroxine for over 5 years and although i feel slightly better i still dont feel as i used to,i still have to have regular blood work done as i still am not at the right dosage,my weight gain has been the worst aspect of it all i have gained over 4 stone and the doctor has just given me tablets for obestity,a condition i have never in my life had before.my skin looks dull and i now get spots,oh and my hair...well thats another story.i want to know who said that once, you start taking thyroxine you will feel well again because in my case its not correct.

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GIANELLA said on 14 March 2010

I was diagnosed with an overactive in June 09, and in November I decided to have radio iodine as expected this made me underactive, and I actually feel worse I have been on medication since January and I am awaiting to have blood tests, so I can go on a higher dose, but as far as doctors go I have found mine very good as she made sure I had all blood tests for any symptoms that I had but I had experienced in the 90's how some doctor's thought you were a hypocondriac

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avidreader said on 23 January 2010

I was diagnosed as having an under active yhyroid several years ago although had complained to my GP of always feeling,cold, tired and depressed for a lot longer. I have also gained weight, in spite of a healthy diet and exercise. However, I am now on medication and do feel slightly better. I had a frozen shoulder and went to an osteopath who told me that this was quite a common complication, along with muscle aches and pains. My GP was totally unaware, so those of us affected by this awful problem should take steps to find out more and get the appropriate treatment, sooner rather than later!

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kate74 said on 11 January 2010

I have had 6 months of just not feeling quite right with a number of increasing symptons including swollen lymph glans headaches ect and my doctor was fantastic she didnt let it go and eventually diagnosed hypothyroidism. I have been put on medication and now on week 4 and already feel alot better - not all doctors are bad - guess its the look of the draw!

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phoenix23 said on 02 January 2010

i totally agree with the comments, i was diagonised nearly a year ago doctor called me in for results was told i had a underactive thyroid would be on tablets for life given a form for free prescriptions and that was it, still so tired told doctor and he just says ur test come back as normal as tho im wasting hes time. i have high white blood cell count and hes done nothing about it told me itd be like for a needle in a haystack. nederless too say im changing doctors this time so hopefully mite get some answers.

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polie2olie said on 14 December 2009

i totaly agree with you there i too have been suffering for months, i dont like to bother doctors with silly ailiments but i have been a few times and have recently been pregnant too and had midwives taking bloods left right and center i have even discussed issues with them symptoms i could bearly move, instead of taking blood test for it i was told it was just pregnancy, then afterwards i was told i just needed to loose weight i have finally had a full blood test done and am now being treated correctly but i cant beleive how little time doctors now have for there patients, and i feel like i was ignored completely, that my suffering didnt matter to them at all

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glynisrose said on 08 December 2009

Thousands of people are getting later symptoms because the thyroid blood tests are not picking up that they are ill and they are being ignored by GPs and Endocrinologists.
This appalling state of affairs should be altered at once. Why should anyone suffer just because of the arrogance of doctors who insist on blood tests alone and do not listen to their patients?
I was called a liar, told that my bloods were fine and I was fine, all the time I was so ill I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I am not alone in having to go through this, something radical needs to be done now. How about bringing the reference ranges for blood tests into line with Europe and America? That would help a huge amount of people, even better if only doctors would listen to their patients and not ignore their genuine suffering.

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