Tennis elbow - Symptoms 

Symptoms of tennis elbow 

Tennis elbow causes pain and tenderness on the outside of your elbow. You may also have pain in your forearm and in the back of your hand.

The pain of tennis elbow can range from mild discomfort while using your elbow, to severe pain that can be felt when your elbow is still.

The pain is often worse when you use your arm, particularly for twisting movements. Repetitive wrist movements, such as extending your wrist and gripping, can also make the pain worse.

If you have tennis elbow, you will usually experience:

  • pain on the outside of your upper forearm, just below your elbow  the pain may also travel down your forearm towards your wrist 
  • pain when lifting or bending your arm
  • pain when writing or gripping small objects – for example, when holding a pen
  • pain when twisting your forearm  for example, when turning a door handle or opening a jar
  • pain and stiffness when fully extending your arm

An episode of tennis elbow will usually last between six months and two years. However, the majority of people (90%) will make a full recovery within a year.

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avago84 said on 12 October 2014

I have been suffering with tennis elbow and golfer's elbow on my right arm for 7 months now I've have the injection which helped initially but pain soon went back to what it was pain killers and cream's,strapping don't help i am starting physio but wondered if anyone else has the same symptoms as me as i haven't seen anyone mention them on any sites .gr have developed large dents on either side of my elbow the skin covering these dents is constantly white is this a normal symptom from tennis elbow or golfer's elbow

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jimissaved said on 02 April 2014

very sore left arm with pins and needles

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