Prostatitis - Symptoms 

Symptoms of prostatitis  

Most men with prostatitis will have a persistent (chronic) form of the disease, where symptoms come and go for at least three months.

Possible symptoms of chronic prostatitis are:

  • pain in the pelvis, genitals, lower back and buttocks
  • pain when urinating
  • frequent need to urinate
  • difficulty urinating, such as problems starting or 'stop-start' urination
  • pain when ejaculating, which may contribute to erectile dysfunction
  • discomfort in the perineal area (the area between the scrotum and the anus)

The symptoms may vary from day to day: some days they may be particularly troublesome, on other days they may be mild or almost non-existent.

Sometimes you may also experience tiredness, joint pain, muscle pain and a high temperature.

Medical emergency

If the symptoms of prostatitis are severe and develop suddenly, see your GP immediately. This sudden, severe type is known as acute prostatitis and needs to be treated immediately.

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alanjohnfrancis said on 03 July 2014

I've been suffering from Urinary Tract Infections on at least a yearly basis for the past 11 years. After a very serious bout that 3 weekly sets of antibiotics didn't shift it, my Dr diagnosed Chronic Prostatis. Having read about it, I have had all the symptoms for a very long time. My Dr has now prescribed a different antibiotic that I'm going to have to take over a 3 month period. I hope this is the correct diagnosis this time as I've just about had enough of UTIs.

If you're reading this and like me have been a long term sufferer of UTIs, don't hesitate to bring up Chronic Prostatis with your Dr. Don't suffer any longer than you have to.

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insignia said on 09 April 2013

diagnosed acute prostitisis,symptoms temp 38.ooc to 38.9c severe rgors, chills, nausia, prostate pain, flank pain, general aches, abdominal pain. burning on urination blood in urine.. hospital out of hours perscribed macrodantin .gp changed meds and perscribed cipro for 5 days i felt well on day 5. now day 10 and i feel very unwell. history of colliforms on 3 sputum samples since 2010. also abdominal symptoms with current heart failure.. any advise welcome.. ps also pain with ejeculation...

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User662320 said on 07 April 2012

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods like fruit,vegetables and fish would be beneficial. Avoid fried and fatty foods,coffee and alcohol
Adding saw palmetto and zinc would also help

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