Polycystic ovary syndrome - Treatment 

Treating polycystic ovary syndrome 

Weight loss tips

People talk about how they have successfully lost weight and an NHS dietitian offers useful tips.

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Pregnancy risks

If you have PCOS, you have a higher risk of pregnancy complications, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), pre-eclampsiagestational diabetes and miscarriage. These risks are particularly high if you are obese.

If you're overweight or obese, you can reduce these risks by losing weight before trying for a baby.

Polycystic ovary syndrome medicines information

Read more about the medicines used to treat PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can't be cured, but the symptoms can be managed.

Treatment options can vary as someone with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may experience a range of symptoms, or just one.

The main treatment options are discussed in more detail below.

Lifestyle changes

In overweight women, the symptoms and overall risk of developing long-term health problems due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be greatly improved by losing excess weight. Weight loss of just 5% can lead to a significant improvement in PCOS.

You can find out if you are a healthy weight by calculating your body mass index (BMI), which is a measurement of your weight in relation to your height. A normal BMI is 19-25. Use the BMI calculator to work out if your BMI is in the healthy range.

You can lose weight by exercising regularly and having a healthy balanced diet. Your diet should include lots of fruit and vegetables, whole foods (such as wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals and brown rice), lean meats, fish and chicken. Your GP can usually refer you to a dietician who can offer specific diet advice.

Read more about losing weighthealthy eating and exercise.


A number of medications are available to treat different symptoms associated with PCOS. These are described below.

Irregular or absent periods

The contraceptive pill may be recommended to induce regular periods or periods may be induced by progesterone tablets (which can be given regularly or intermittently). This will also reduce the long-term risk of developing cancer of the womb lining (endometrial cancer) associated with not having regular periods. An IUS (intrauterine system) will also reduce this risk but will not cause periods.

Fertility problems

With treatment, most women with PCOS are able to get pregnant.

Medications called clomifene and metformin are usually the first treatments used for women with PCOS who are trying to get pregnant. These medications encourage the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries (ovulation). You may be offered one of the medications or both together.

If you are unable to get pregnant despite taking clomifene and/or metformin, a different type of medication called gonadotrophins may be recommended. However, there's a risk this medication may overstimulate your ovaries and lead to multiple pregnancies.

An alternative to gonadotrophins is a surgical procedure called laparoscopic ovarian drilling (see below). This treatment can be as effective as using gonadotrophins, but it does not increase your risk of multiple pregnancies.

It is likely that a fertility specialist will check that your fallopian tubes are not blocked before most of these treatments are used because this will prevent them from working.

Unwanted hair growth and hair loss

Medications to control excessive hair growth (hirsutism) and hair loss (alopecia) include:

  • particular types of combined oral contraceptive tablets (such as co-cyprindiol, Dianette. Marvelon and Yasmin)
  • cyproterone acetate
  • spironolactone
  • flutamide
  • finasteride

These medications work by blocking the effects of "male hormones", such as testosterone and some also suppress production of these hormones by the ovaries.

A cream called eflornithine can also be used to slow down the growth of unwanted facial hair. This cream doesn't remove hair or cure unwanted facial hair, so you may wish to use it alongside a hair-removal product. Improvement may be seen four to eight weeks after treatment with this medication.

However, eflornithine cream is not always available on the NHS because some local NHS authorities have decided it is not effective enough to justify NHS prescription.

If you have unwanted hair growth, you will probably also wish to use a method of physically removing the excess hair (such as plucking, shaving, threading, creams or laser removal), although it is unlikely these will be provided on the NHS.

Other symptoms

Medications can also be used to treat some of the other problems associated with PCOS, including:

  • weight-loss medication, such as orlistat, if you're overweight
  • cholesterol-lowering medication (statin), if you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood,
  • acne treatments


A minor surgical procedure called laparoscopic ovarian drilling (LOD) may be a treatment option for fertility problems associated with PCOS.

Under general anaesthetic, your doctor will make a small cut in your lower abdomen (tummy) and pass a long, thin microscope called a laparoscope through into your abdomen. The ovaries are then surgically treated using heat or a laser to destroy the tissue that's producing androgens (male hormones).

Laparoscopic ovarian drilling has been found to lower levels of testosterone and luteinising hormone (LH) and raise levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This corrects your hormone imbalance and can restore the normal function of your ovaries.

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idontknowwhattodo89 said on 29 May 2014

Hello all; I am new to this page. Today I went for an altrasound where I was told it is polysictic ovaries. I went on the pill when I was about 15-16 years old.. as I was having the heaviest and most painful pills ever. The fist pill gave me light bleeding.. the second pill- I cant remember. I then came off it as was getting headaches. Then I went on to cerazet.. for about 2years and had no period just the very odd light spot.. I am hopeless with pills so then decided that I would get the implant and had no period again with odd spot which is normal (?) Because of working dementia patients and them grabbing my arm it was painful so had it out and went back onto cerazet for a few months and just forgot to take it so came off it.. that was 2 and a half years. I went to the doctor because I was feeling really low and my moods were up and down and felt sort of depressed. The doctor ask me about my periods and this is when I said I aint had one for years. I had hormone tests and many more. One hormone was in range but lower than it should be.so had a altrasound and one of my ovaries is 10.7 and the other 10.4 so larger than they should be. It is all now sinking in and feeling very confused. I do not want to go back on the pill as feel this is the reason to why I am in this mess. What over treatments would help. I am losing weight.. but I aint very over weight. I have now noticed that I am getting pain / twinges in the ovarie area.

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User856089 said on 18 March 2014

I'm 25 and a mum to a nearly 3yr old. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 18months after I had my first child as I was unsure why I wasn't able to conceive as my first was a really quick conception. I am extremely overweight so I've been told I won't receive any fertility help until I've lost weight.
KJ1 - it seems we're in the same situation, I agree it is hard and as we had already been blessed with one miracle it seems sometimes it's not "ok" for us to discuss our soul destroying torments. My sister has PCOS and can't have children full stop so I can only imagine her pain along with women in her situation - I hope we'll both be lucky in the future and that anyone suffering PCOS can get the help and answers they need .

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Kj1 said on 16 March 2014

Hi, when I was 17 I had my child and everything was fine. I have always been up and down with my weight but just before I had my child I lost quite a bit.. Year half after my child was born I found out I had PCOS after given a scan and some tests as my periods suddenly stopped.. Longest I have been without one is about year!! My child is now 4 and a half I have been trying for a baby for least 3 years now and nothing has happened.. When I was told I had PCOS they told me I could have always had it but as I lost weight before I had my child could of helped me.. I have tried metformin which gave me periods sometimes but I was still not ovulating.. I have seen 2 consultants now and no one seems to want to help me all I get told is I'm over weight and I'm young. It's really starting to get me down now and I feel alone as I don't know anyone personally with same condition. As a women I find it hard to come to terms that I may never have another child. This could be selfish as I already have a healthy beautiful child. I'm waiting to see another consultant at the end of the month and fingers crossed they can actually help me.. I have also joined the gym and trying to shift this weight.. Sorry for the essay just wanted to share my story and have found it great reading others story's something to relate on.. Good luck to everyone x

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Petitfours said on 25 January 2014

I remember how that feels. I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis when I was 26 and my periods stopped. I spent a fortune on pregnancy tests and I ached to hold a baby in my arms. I wish I had known then what I know now! I have two healthy teenage boys. It took about a year of treatment and tests, first cholmiphene which didn't touch me, then eventually ovarian diathermy (or drilling as it seems to be called here). After the diathermy, I used fertility awareness (google it) and I conceived within 4 weeks of the operation. I was still able to conceive for up to 8 years afterwards although the cysts and the endometriosis have both returned now.

At the same time as the treatment I was also looking in to adoption agencies, but that is a very personal decision. Please don't despair, there is an awful lot that they can do for polycystic ovaries. You just need to hang on in there whilst the you find the best way forward for you.

Good luck and keep at it.

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stacyandy123 said on 17 January 2014

i Got diagnosed with Polycystic ovary when i was rushed into hospital for extreme stomach pains when i was around 18 thats were they told me i had polycystic ovarys to be honest i got really down about it now i went to walsall hospital and i go every 6 months just for a check up and to be honest they have said the same thing for around 4 years they put me on the pill to regulate my periods then they told me to come off the pill to be honest it was like they were just fobbing me off so i went back to my doctors and asked if they could do anythink for me so they transferred to cannock hospital and i cant say i can fault them they have been brilliant they have diagnosed me with Polycystic ovary syndrome i go back in april because me and my partner now have been trying to conceive for the past 3 years with no look were they are going to test us both to see if there is any other problems and go from there but im still getting quite down about it every time i miss a period i get excited and do a test it always comes up negative and im just trying to keep a smile on my face is there any think that anyone knows might help with conceiving ??? we will try any think that could help Thanks stacyx

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shanelle123 said on 16 December 2013

I got diagnosed with pcos at 15, I had a very hard time accepting that one day I may not be able to have a baby. I was very large as a child and had irregular periods, so I was put on the pill which helped me lose 4 stone, my periods became regular and less painful. I am now 19, and have decided to come off the pill and try for a baby! since coming off the pill my weight is creeping back on? so im at a catch 22 now. Has anyone else had this problem? and can they offer some advice?

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Katylou2013 said on 26 November 2013

Hi I was diagnosed via ultrasound with pcos at 15 years old now 23 I have found that my GP's over the years have very little to no knowledge of pcos and I'm the one telling them what needs to be done. I recently went to see my new GP who actually knows what pcos is and knew what she was talking about ( thank god) only to be told she can't put me on any hormone treatments as they have lost my ultrasound in the crossover from paper to electronic files years ago so there is no evidence I have pcos. Pretty simple I will have a blood test or ultrasound no can do to get this I will have to be referred to a specialist (which will take a lifetime) and then if they see fit they will refer me for an ultrasound at which point they will review the results and see if they can put me on anything.
So I asked to be refers to be told they don't have the funding for this try next year it's as if I don't matter I had this at the ages of 16 when I was referred to a specialist regarding excess hair and when told I was the perfect candidate for laser I wouldn't get it on NHS and it costs into the 1000's again not gunna happen still to this day I'm having to deal with the same problems with no help from NHS I feel there is very little support and I would be willing to pay for treatment if it was more affordable. I'm a young professional and I feel saving for a deposit for my first home is more important than getting rid of my beard. I just feel a little lost as to who can help me get the treatment I need be it laser or hormone

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kelis said on 18 November 2013

I have had pcos since being a teenager im 35 now and just want to say i managed to concieve and had my son then had my daughter 4 years later so it is definatly possible to get pregnant just keep trying and good luck :)

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kazt84 said on 11 November 2013

I was told 4 years ago that I had pcos by my gp after an ultra sound scan, she referred me to a consultant who told me that I didn't have pcos and it was just multiple cysts on my ovaries, was sent away with a coil, which lasted 6 weeks as I got an infection, was referred to another consultant who said I had endometriosis gave me some treatment and then sent me away, then three months ago I was rushed into hospital with abdo pain, had a scan which showed pcos again now being referred to yet another consultant for another coil as my partner and I were not ready to try for baby, feeling very confused by it all

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ea_eleanor said on 27 October 2013

This PCOS is a new thing to and i just dont know how to deal with it. All the gp tells me is i should start trying for ababy.

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gypsy2522 said on 18 October 2013

Hi, I had a miscarriage when I was 23 and found out from an ultrasound that I have PCOS. I read up about it and my doctor told me about treatments available. I found the conceptive patch to be the best. And I did a bit of soul searching when it came to the hair growth, using hair removal is not good for your skin and at the end of the day its only hair. My friends have been really supportive and we have contests on who has the best lady moustache and beard. We giggle and make light out of it and though occasionally I still use hair removal when it gets a bit bear grylls, I rock it out ;D I mean, if that famous female painter can rock a monobrow, I can rock my 'tash!

So for those of us out there who get diagnosed with it and feel ugly or insecure or even scared by it. Dont be :) its okay and its actually really common, but because we're so self concious about it, we talk to each other about and thats a shame. If guys are kool for having beards, taches and hairy on their chest and/or tummy, then surely in terms of equality we shouldnt feel like freaks for having something similar because of some medical condition.
C'mon girls, llet's rock this look :D

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cjt1984 said on 12 October 2013

My wife has polycystic ovaries and found out through her doctor at age 18. She was told it would be very difficult to conceive due to PCOS which she obviously found quite upsetting. However, determined as she was she lost loads of weight and did conceive. We are now expecting our second, so I think it does show that sticking to a good lifestyle does make a difference. So to those disheartened, don't be as it can be managed and you can get pregnant!

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jemma121 said on 08 October 2013

Hi I 22 and was told today that I have pcos syndrome and cysts. I gonna be working hard to lose lots of weight as some time in my life I would like to have children. Got very upset about it today and then realized all I can do is work hard to reduce all the negative risks with having PCOS. Good luck to everyone and I hope everything goes well.

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Coljumar said on 23 August 2013

My daughter has been diagnosed with pcos syndrome and is very low and unhappy believing she will not conceive. I have logged onto many websites looking at herbal medication to help with insulin levels and balancing hormone levels. She is currently taking some of these herbel treatments and I wondered if anyone else had also done this with success.
Would be grateful if you could share any tips etc.
thank you

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louh391 said on 04 August 2013

I was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 15. I didnt have periods and had awful pains in my tummy. After no help from the doctors I went privately to see a gynecologist. He found cycts on the outside of my ovaries! I had them removed and was put on the combined pill which I have been on for 10 years.
I was also diagnosed with mild type 2 diabetes so I also take metformin. This combination of medication has been amazing. I lost 3 stone had regular bleeds and all other side effects.
Then last month at the ages of 26 my doctors at the local gp decided that I had to come off the combined pill as its high risk. Even though it has done wonders for my pcos. She did not care about that.

I have now bee pescribed the mini pill and im worried about how this will effect me???? No bleeds and weight gain? Two things that wont help my pcos. Will.i be better coming off the contraceptive pill all together??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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Tigger1982 said on 10 July 2013

I'm 30 years old and I came off the contraceptive pill last May. My husband and I waited a few months to allow my periods to return to what was normal for me! After 6 months, I still hadn't had a period, so I went and saw my GP. She told me of the possibilities of what could be causing me not to have a period and referred me for a scan and I was diagnosed in January with polycystic ovaries. The specialist I saw put me on provera to help kick start my periods, and I had my last period at the beginning of may and have had nothing since. I wasn't sure whether this was normal or not and am not due to be seen again by my GP until November. My husband and I are trying to concieve and I am using a basal thermometer to chart my temperature. Strange thing is I'm pretty sure I've ovulated as my temperature peaked but I have done 2 pregnancy tests, about 2 weeks apart, and they were both negative. I just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem or is currently in the same situation as myself. My husband is supportive but it would be nice to hear from others in the same situation.

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Niimo said on 03 July 2013

I just had a blood test, and my doctor thinks i have PCOS,
im 14 years old and im really scared

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Jade_10 said on 29 June 2013

I wanted to share my experience to help anyone who could be going through the same thing that I currently am.

I haven't had a period since at least before Christmas 2012. I looked this up on the Internet and found something called 'secondary amenorrhea' if you haven't had a period for a whole, if recommend searching it and checking the symptoms as I had quite a few from the list. My periods have never been 'regular' but I'd had nothing for around 6 months now, I went to my doctors June 2012 who asked me a number of questions: do I inject/take hormones, have I lost a lot of weight recently in a short period of time, what my height and weight was to determine my BMI as obesity could affect my periods and if I've been really ill recently. All of these answers were no or normal.

She then decided to take a blood test, testing a lot of different things and I had to retake the hormone one. Both tests came back that I had a really high level of Prolactin in my body. This is released from the pituitary gland in the head and the cause of this could be that I have tumours on it. She said I'd need to have a brain scan and be referred to a hormones specialist and if there was nothing showing, a gynaecologist as I could have PCOS. I'm only 18 and my private doctor said that this occurs in 1 in 5 women. I'm currently waiting to have an MRI scan on my head to see if there's anything there and if not, an ultrasound of my ovaries.

I don't mean to scare any one but hopefully I can help someone who's in the same situation. A blood test can tell them so much and it will hopefully get you on the road to diagnosis and treatment.

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LiveLoveLaugh said on 28 June 2013

Hi there. Im currently 21 and have just been diagnosed with PCOS via a blood test, and am waiting to go for my internal scan to confirm. I dont know much about this condition, only what Ive read online, I believe I have been suffering with this since my early teens when i developed almost a full facial beard, and more body hair than the average woman. I had been to the doctors many times about my symptoms but because I am very slim and was young at the time I was always told it was puberty and nothing to worry about. My periods have always been irregular and Ive never become pregnant (not that Ive ever tried but there has been a few mistakes) and it was only after spending nearly a thousand pounds on laser hair removal on my face, which didnt work - the hair grew back the same after a few weeks, which i knew wasn't right, that I managed to get my doctor to run tests. The hair growth has always affected my confidence in life, but I have learnt to manage it, although I still find it stops me doing things, to the point that I will avoid going out in bright sunlight as i fear people can see any stubble under my make up. Im young and I try not to let it get to me, I know Im not alone in this, and Im so happy that I finally have a diagnosis and can hopefully get some hormone medication to help. As for the fertility problems connected with PCOS, I will cross that bridge when I get to that stage in my life and I dont intend on worrying about it now, there is plenty of treatments available to help increase chances of contraception. I know there are thousands of other women who suffer with this condition far worse than I do, and it affects us all in different ways, its important to remember we are not alone in this. I hope I have helped someone somewhere by reading this.

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Jordanlsmall93 said on 15 June 2013

I haven't had a period since July 2011. I'm 19 years old, almost 20 and a little worried. I got my first oeriod when i was 10 and they were always regular. I get my regular period pains every few months or so but no sign of a period at all. I've noticed my hair has started to thin over the last year and my skin has become slightly oily. My doctor says everything is fine and not to worry about anything. Should I get a second opinion or leave it until a period arrives? I'm started to feel very un-womanly due to this and is knocking my self confidence. Any suggestions would be grateful. Thank you.

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kezzak said on 14 April 2013

Ive been trying for a baby now for 16 months never had a problem before conceiving. About 2 months ago started getting a very sharp pain very low down in my left hand side (groin)area.
Spoke with GP who referred me for a pelvic scan. The nurse did a scan and then used a probe to have a look inside (vaginally) she asked me several questions and said i have too many folicles for my age (age 36) and that she thinks i could have polycystic ovuries but need some blood test to confirm this.
I dont have excess hair or skin problems im a size 10 slim n healthy with regular periods.
could this be why im not getting pregnant?

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jamie01 said on 08 April 2013

Hi,im 33 and was diagnosed with pcos 2yrs ago i was suffering irregular and prolonged periods with terrible pain and sickness,i had a diagnostic laparscopy in witch they found a large cyst in my left tube they removed that and i now have fibroids and my right ovarie is pickled with cysts!the dr has put me on the mini pill to try stop all ny bleeding (i seem to be be bleeding more often than not)this is having a huge strain on my relationship and family life as my mood swings are terrible they are very unsettled!im due back to the specialist on the 15/04/2013 i need something to settle alk of this and wondered if a hysterectomy may be my answer?i struggle with weight gain i find it hard to get below 13st!i hope i can get more advice my dr has been useless.

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lindsey87 said on 29 October 2012

is coming off the pill dangerous if you have pcos? im 25 and was diagnosed last year, however my gp hasnt given me any advice. im not trying for a baby but im scared that by being on the pill and stopping ovulation will increase my risk of not being able to ovulate when im not on the pill. also what options are there to stop body hair, i dont have facial hair but do have nipple, stomach and lower back hair. thanks.

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ooopsydaisy1704 said on 05 May 2012

I went to have a mirena coil out which was well overdue and I hadn't had a period which the nurse thought was odd, she queried pcos and I said I had a scam some years ago but nothing came back. She looked at my records and showed me the screen scan confirmed pcos 8 years ago and I had never been told!!! I had even been about hair loss and weight gain. I am now very confused was the coil the right thing to have with pcos. I am now experiencing period type pains and don't know what to do next. If I haven't had a period in 2 months the nurse said to go back for scan and hormone blood tests. I just hope my hair grows back, on my head of course the hair on my body is bad enough already!!! I just wish I had have been told at the time, the diagnosis explains a lot!!

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nednoodle said on 05 May 2012

Also I meant to say that what worked for me (it may not work for everyone) was going on an anti-candida diet. It was tough but totally changed my life and my PCOS symptoms really eased which I do feel was as a result of the diet. Doctors are very dismissive of the anti-candida diet but if you are desperate it might be worth a shot. I went off the pill (and actually felt better once off that - although speak to your doctor about pros and cons of trying this as they do say that it helps to regulate your hormones but I didn't find this was the case for me). I gave up all sugar, fermented items (including alcohol-boo), dairy, tea and coffee etc. I also tried to cut out wheat. My skin cleared up within a month and all my other symptoms eased within a couple of months.I stuck at it for 6 months and since then have really cut down on sugar and alcohol and hardly eat or drink dairy now. My periods returned and have been regular since. Although it sounds really hard, by cutting out sugary things completely, I found my cravings disappeared. I lost about 2 1/2 stone which was a fantastic side effect but not the reason I tried the diet. I recommend "Candida Albicans" by Leon Chaitow which explains the diet and reasons for it.

Hope it works for you guys too.

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nednoodle said on 04 May 2012

MissMarie2012, I know how you feel but don't give up. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago after my periods became irregular. My doctor was utterly useless and just kept changing the pill I was on (basically I was having a permanent period for several months in spite of taking the pill, after having always had normal cycles). He didn't seem to appreciate that this was a problem and wasn't normal.Eventually after about 6 months and lots of research, I went back and asked him if he thought it could be PCOS. He said no as I wasn't having any abdominal pain (not even a symptom of PCOS!)

I perservered and actually paid to see a gynae with an interest in PCOS privately which I really couldn't afford at the time but I was feeling so unwell that I thought it was worth it. He was lovely and horrified that my doctor hadn't referred me earlier through the NHS. He transferred to being an NHS patient so it was free, did blood tests and scans (which showed that I had classic PCOS, all 3 of the main criteria) and wrote to my doctor basically telling him how he needed to care for my condition. I also saw the gynae again several times and he referred me to a dietician,put me on metformin (which didn't actually work for me but at least I tried it) etc. It was so nice to have someone listen to me and realise that I wasn't a hypochondriac.

So I would go back to your doctor (take someone with you for backup if it helps!) and bring in information from the reputable internet sources to show him/her and demand treatment with a specialist endocrinologist or gynae. Don't take no for an answer! If your doc,won't help, change surgeries. Or if you can afford it,do your research and find a good endo or gynae who will see you privately.

I wish you luck! Don't give up because you deserve proper treatment. PCOS is a serious condition that shouldn't be ignored and there is no excuse for GPs nowadays to not know more about it as it is far better understood than ever before

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MissMarie2012 said on 01 May 2012

My doctor won't give me any help at all. Told me to wax/shave and that's it! No meds available apparently and no allowed surgery. They just don't care :( Please help me somebody, I'm 21 and have had this for 5 years. Well the symptoms anyway. I'm desperate :(

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Txpcosus said on 19 March 2012

I came upon this because I have pcos so I often have questions. I wanted to say this because I read several posts about acne.
I deal with the usual symptoms, but metformin did help the acne somewhat. A friend of mine who swears by natural methods and supplements suggested high doses of a good quality fish oil for my acne (since the metformin just slightly helped).
So I started taking a gnc brand of fish oil, 3-4 a night for two weeks then just 3 a night after that. I couldn't believe how my face looked and felt. I could feel the change in my face and of course I have a much clearer complexion. The only time I breakout is right before my period, but I just up the fish oil back to 4 a night during that time and it's still nothing compared to my acne before.
If I ever run out and don't have it in my system for any longer than a couple of days, I notice breakouts begin again.
I'm a low Carber who eats lean protein but I don't eat fish and I was so pleased when it worked for me. (dr said 2-4 pills of the higher strength I take is fine and healthy long term). Just important to take a trusted brand and of course check with your dr because I'm sure it affects all differently.
Hope this helps someone, it was worth the try for me! It took about 2-4 weeks for full effects. (I use that Avon professional system during breakouts before periods and it is a big help too).

I'm still hairy and have somewhat thinning hair, but I thank God razors exist. :).

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f82 said on 13 February 2012

I have been on 2000mg/day metformin for 3 years. For the first time in my life I have regular periods and show signs when ovulating. My moods are more stable, I think clearer and have lost quite a bit of weight, I also no longer feel compelled to eat like a horse. For the first 6 months I felt nauseous 24/7, constipation and fatigue, but that passed. I highly recommend.

I do not recommend Diane35 or any other contraceptive pill. They induced my cystic acne (Diane) and I bled for three years straight while finding the 'right' one. GP/Gyn tend to throw the pill at us as a quick fix but it only masks the symptoms. 'Now I use a diaphragm- no extra hormones to add to my hormonal imbalance . Coming off the pill also helped me shed that extra weight.

Ladies- get electrolysis! Forget immac, waxing, all that pain. Works on all hairtypes/pigments. If you're not on Diane, Spironolactone, hair reduction creams or similar, it's the way to go- It is worth it in the end- take it from me. With Laser hair removal on my body yielding good results, I now feel like a woman for the first time in my adult life. Like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

And do not get laser on the face (unless you have a thick, manly beard)- you run the risk of induced hair growth.

Try a low glycemic index diet, AKA the diabetic diet.

I still suffer from acne, Differin helps but I am starting a 10 month course of roaccutane, which is said to reduce oily skin and shrink pores, fingers crossed.

Good luck ladies.

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Leah32 said on 10 February 2012

This is in response to 'ajo1'. I have been taking Metformin for 4 months and recent blood tests now show that my blood sugar levels have dropped significantly. I was fine taking the drug and haven't had any other side effects. Other than that one issue, I can say that it does seem to have helped some of the symptoms that I have e.g oily skin/hair, excess hair growth. I'm not taking it to help my fertility problems but I haven't yet noticed any difference in my monthly cycle.

As for your question on suitable contraceptive pills, my own suggestion would be Dianette or Clairette, they are specifically for ladies with polycystic ovaries and have helped me over the years. The only problem for me is I get more headaches when on the pill, hence the reason I wanted to try Metformin as an alternative.

Hope this helps.

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MrsRoberts said on 04 February 2012

I have PCOS i have be trying for a baby for over 2 years now.
I got no luck on getting preg i been to the doctors and i got told i had to lose weight.
I lost the weight then me and my partner had to have some test.

I would like to know if any of you ladys have had your belly swell like someone who is preg.
please help i really want to become a mum before i am 40.

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kate70 said on 21 January 2012

I have had PCOS for over 10 years now, and up until recently was using Immac, but recently have had a severe reaction on my face to this... face swollen, very 'itchy', so have'nt used since. Doctor prescrbed Vaniqa Cream, altho a few days ago it started to 'irritate' the skin, and this cream i have found out, does not remove the 'facial hair'
Just want some advice, of anything else that can be used to remove the 'facial hair', as its starting to get me down somewhat, and feel self conscious of it.. thanks

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ajo1 said on 02 January 2012

Has anyone else had a bad experience with Metformin? I tried to wean myself onto it several times, and just couldn't get on with it, with bad side effects (diarrhoea). Ten or so years later on I'm wondering if it's worth another go, as I'm struggling to lose some excess weight?

Also which contraceptive pills are the ones specifically supposed to be good for PCOS? I'm on Femodette but am just about to change to Yasmin as I didn't get on with femodette so well.

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wildkatzt1 said on 08 December 2011

Im 31 I had pcos. I was diag at 18 but told prob had since I was 15.
Please everyone who has been diag with this insist on metformin. Also if your body allows u 2 take a contraceptive till you are ready to try for a baby.
I only found out in may that My body did not produce any progesterone and was producing excessive amounts of oestrogen caused by the pcos. This had resulted into another condition causing me to need a hysterectomy( was done in 2.5 weeks) I was told metformin would have helped stabalise my oestrogen because I would have been able to keep my weight down. Because I react badly to the pill I should have been taking a mild progesterone tablet everyday.
If your perIds change from what you are normally like go to gp.

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josieleigh1 said on 06 December 2011

Im 17 years old and i have be told i have polycystic ovaries. Im not over weight i eat what i want really and im am the average height for my age. Im not looking on having children for a while yet becuase i want to get my education and all of that stuff but having children is the one thing i can not wait to expirence,i would like to have them know if it was practical but i cant. My doctors have not told me much about it and said im am fine but, there is always this constant worry and i always wonder will i be able to have children in the future? I also get this horrible pains during sex with my partner and i have to stop and the doctors said that was because of the cysts on my ovaries?

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danielle1308 said on 05 November 2011

I am 21 and have recently been sent for an ultrasound in which they told me they think i have PCOS but when i went back to my Doctor she didnt offer me to have blood tests done and said there is nothing they can do until i am trying for a baby?? Is this correct as i have read it can cause infertility and surely if i leave it it will just get worse?? I have asked to be sent to a gynocologyst so will hopefully get a better answer then but was hoping someone would be able to put my mind at rest until then as have no idea how long the waiting list is to see them??

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IJ83 said on 01 November 2011

Hi all,
I'm 28 and I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries this May. For two years I've been going to a GP with painful/heavy/irregular period complains and all she did is have a look herself and said it all looked fine. So this last time I just asked directly whether her check would show anything like PSOS or fibroids and she said no, but as it looked normal to her she wouldn't refer me to a gyno...So I just asked to refer me privately, as me and my husband have been trying for a child for a year unsuccessfully and I knew that something wasn't right because of my periods. During the consultation with the gyno first thing he said was 'How long have you had the spots on your neck and chin? I've told him since my early 20s, and he said that I might have the PSOS.A scan showed that I have polycstic ovaries, but not necesseraly the syndrome. The gyno has prescribed Metformin 3xday and said to try and lose weight and keep trying for a baby. I've been taking Metforming for 6 monts now and the symptoms have improved, but I am really struggling with weight loss and still haven't fallen pregnant. I'm 1.72m and 90kg, a size 16 now (my normal size is 12) and I eat healthily, not a boozer, not keen on sweet stuff and go to the gym regularly. This condition is very common and the people with PSOS that I have spoken to have had kids, so there's hope for us, though it is a struggle! My syptoms were acne on my neck and chin, painful periods, irregular cycles, weight gain (+15kg in 4yrs). My advice to you girls - insist on a gyno check with full works (scans and blood tests) and don't leave it! As for me, I will see how things go and will be going for a follow-up check in two months to see if things have improved at all...

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IJ83 said on 01 November 2011

Hi all,
I'm 28 and I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries this May. For two years I've been going to a GP with painful/heavy/irregular period complains and all she did is have a look herself and said it all looked fine. So this last time I just asked directly whether her check would show anything like PSOS or fibroids and she said no, but as it looked normal to her she wouldn't refer me to a gyno...So I just asked to refer me privately, as me and my husband have been trying for a child for a year unsuccessfully and I knew that something wasn't right because of my periods. During the consultation with the gyno first thing he said was 'How long have you had the spots on your neck and chin? I've told him since my early 20s, and he said that I might have the PSOS.A scan showed that I have polycstic ovaries, but not necesseraly the syndrome. The gyno has prescribed Metformin 3xday and said to try and lose weight and keep trying for a baby. I've been taking Metforming for 6 monts now and the symptoms have improved, but I am really struggling with weight loss and still haven't fallen pregnant. I'm 1.72m and 90kg, a size 16 now (my normal size is 12) and I eat healthily, not a boozer, not keen on sweet stuff and go to the gym regularly. This condition is very common and the people with PSOS that I have spoken to have had kids, so there's hope for us, though it is a struggle! My syptoms were acne on my neck and chin, painful periods, irregular cycles, weight gain (+15kg in 4yrs). My advice to you girls - insist on a gyno check with full works (scans and blood tests) and don't leave it! As for me, I will see how things go and will be going for a follow-up check in two months to see if things have improved at all...

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IJ83 said on 01 November 2011

Hi all,
I'm 28 and I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries this May. For two years I've been going to a GP with painful/heavy/irregular period complains and all she did is have a look herself and said it all looked fine. So this last time I just asked directly whether her check would show anything like PSOS or fibroids and she said no, but as it looked normal to her she wouldn't refer me to a gyno...So I just asked to refer me privately, as me and my husband have been trying for a child for a year unsuccessfully and I knew that something wasn't right because of my periods. During the consultation with the gyno first thing he said was 'How long have you had the spots on your neck and chin? I've told him since my early 20s, and he said that I might have the PSOS.A scan showed that I have polycstic ovaries, but not necesseraly the syndrome. The gyno has prescribed Metformin 3xday and said to try and lose weight and keep trying for a baby. I've been taking Metforming for 6 monts now and the symptoms have improved, but I am really struggling with weight loss and still haven't fallen pregnant. I'm 1.72m and 90kg, a size 16 now (my normal size is 12) and I eat healthily, not a boozer, not keen on sweet stuff and go to the gym regularly. This condition is very common and the people with PSOS that I have spoken to have had kids, so there's hope for us, though it is a struggle! My syptoms were acne on my neck and chin, painful periods, irregular cycles, weight gain (+15kg in 4yrs). My advice to you girls - insist on a gyno check with full works (scans and blood tests) and don't leave it! As for me, I will see how things go and will be going for a follow-up check in two months to see if things have improved at all...

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wendy0007 said on 19 October 2011

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with PCOS 7 years ago but had suffered years prior to that, just because you're not having a period doesn't mean to say you have not ovulated, I just want to give those of you out there a bit of hope as I have a son who is now 4 and the 6 months prior to conceiving I hadn't had a period so the shock of pregnancy was no doubt a big shock - my advice would be to relax - go for a massage is a great way to sync your body and a great treat too and just have fun practising making babies

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RachelJane2011 said on 24 September 2011

I was daignosed with PCOS when I was 22 and was simply told its very common and nothing to worry about... but we all know it is worth worrying about, I crave so much to have a baby and have tried for a year, ovulation tests are no good if you have PCOS as the results are inacurate so trying the oldfashioned way by just having sex everyday is the only thing I can do the doctors are totally unwilling to help and just tell me to lose weight but I am not overweight, its heart breaking everytime my period is late it makes me ill and I get terrible pains in my ovaries there is a part of me that hopes Im pregnant but then of course the tests prove otherwise, I am really grateful to people who shared their experience and I have learnt alot of new information that I will take to my doctor. All I can do is keep my chin up and I know I will have a baby

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blackLily said on 01 September 2011

I went to a hospital after a referral from my GP to have an ultrasound scan.

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year. Without any luck and having to deal with my long period-cycles, we have decided to investigate.

Since I have stopped taking contraceptive pills, my cycle has been between 32- 36 days. There was a one-off 45day cycle as well.

I am 164cm, 52Kg- normal weight, no history of diabetes in family either.

So I was shocked to hear when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have cried a lot and spoken to Mum, best friends and my husband.

I am not hopeless about having a baby in future, because I know there's some treatments...I really hope they will work for us and that we will have a family one day.

Here's an another helpful website about PCOS:


I'd like to hear more about everyone's experience with different treatments you've had...

Let's fight this together, girls.


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belles688 said on 06 August 2011

im 23, iv been sexually active sice i was 19 and never got pregnant until a few months ago when i had a miscarriage. iv been having problems since, my doctor sent me for a scan and that is when i found out i may have the sydrome. the doctor scanning told me i had it. iv never heard of it before and now i am terrified after reading this site. i do want children but now im scared i never will.

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Diamond13 said on 26 July 2011

I am having pains in my womb that are very servre that only last around 15 seconds, they are very irregular and happen at least 3 times a day.
I have had 2 miscarriages and I am only 21.
My periods are irregular.
Is it likely I have the sydnrome?

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diddydi2006 said on 20 June 2011

I just wanted to write this comment to try and give a story of hope really, especially for Natalie93.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 22 after they did some scans and blood test because they thought I had Pelvic Inflamatory Disease. They discovered that my irrugualer periods and weight gain were caused by PCOS. I was devestated as I had fears that I would never have children, or find it very difficult to do so.

Anyway, I managed my symptoms by healthy eating, exercise - but still my periods were irregular and I seemed to be piling on more weight. By the age of 25 I had had enough and was finally referred to an endochronolgist who decided that Metformin was the best course of action - he was absolutely right.

By taking the Metformin my periods became regular, I began ovulating and lost all my excess weight. Plus, I fell pregnant with my son. I have since gone on to have a daughter as well. I still take Metformin twice a day and will probably have to continue to do that until I go through the menopause, but I think this is a small price to pay.

I am so thankful to my GP for referring me and that Endo doctor for suggesting the treatment! Thank you!

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Natalie93 said on 18 June 2011

I'm 18 years old and I was just diagnosed with PCOS today after the results of my blood test came back.
I was given loads of print outs about this but I just can't get my head round it and I'm really scared since I've always wanted a family.
I told the doctor about my irregular periods several times and she said it was perfectly normal and I even went to her about my struggle to lose weight and the fact that I gained so much weight after I had my first period and ever since then. Will they give me something to help bring my weight down? I've tried everything they can offer me for my age and Type 2 diabetes runs in my family.
Could anyone help?

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HollyN said on 26 May 2011

I was diagnosed in 2009 after ultrasounds and blood tests. I have been put on metformin 500mg but it is not working. I have been on so many diets but cant shift the stupid weight around my belly and also sick and tired with the dark hair. I want to go into the RN and they wont let me until im 4 stone lighter. I have been nagging my doctor to up my metformin and let me see an endocrinologist and dietician. He never listens to me and still wont up my medication. I am now changing doctors. Im so bored with being stuck in a rut...

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Mezz200 said on 20 May 2011

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago. After 7 months of Clomid and Metformin I was told that the only solution was to loose weight as I need IVF. My BMI must be under 30 for them to even think about it. I have lost 2 1/2 stone, but still not enough. It's virtually impossible to loose the last 1 no matter how active I am or how many salads I stick too. My Gyne said the solution is, and I quote "Eat leaves and Run!" Not good advice for someone with a 10 year history of back problems. My own GP won't help unless I loose weight, but she is rather on the large side herself and doesn't seem bothered whenever I ask for help. I am 40 in 3 years and will be too old for NHS help so I am pretty much stuck with the fact that I will never have a child. PCOS sucks! I hope all the other women here have better help!

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shannon96 said on 14 May 2011

I'm 14 and about four months ago i was told i have PCOS. I'd never heard of it before but i knew it was bad. When my doctor told me i almost cried. For about six months before that i hadnt had my period anymore so i was worried. I've been put on the combined pill and its making me have a period but its been working less and less effectively i think. I ws just wondering if there was any other treatment options i have? Its been hard finding out i have this because i'm still so young and i shoudn't have to worry about my future yet. I'm not overweight so i dont think itd help to lose weight. I also think im suffering from stress and slight depression over itand i could really do with some help. If anyone has any answers for me i'd be really grateful.

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AJNZ said on 09 May 2011

I had embarrassing facial hair, acne and irregular periods from about the age of 18. I finally sought treatment at age 24 after reading a magazine article about PCOS. By this time the facial hair had become too much for me to cope with. I was prescribed Dianette and I took this for about 10 years to control all of the symptoms. Electrolysis treatment got rid of my existing facial hair completely, much to my relief. Last year I decided to stop the Dianette treatment as I became concerned about the long term effects on the body from taking it. I am 35 now and at long last am managing to contol my PCOS symptoms with diet and stress reduction techniques. I have increased the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat and drink green tea. I take a multi-vitamin tablet daily containing evening primrose oil and star flower oil. I have also reduced my milk intake. So far my PCOS symptoms have not returned.

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aggy1984 said on 04 May 2011

Hey there,

I'm so puzzled! I have been finally told I have PCOS, but only one ovary is. The other is fine apparently.

I've since had hormone tests and all is 'normal' which is good to know but my periods are so irregular and to the point around the time i'm due on i suffer from awful anxiety attacks. I was sort of hoping it was hormones as i could fix this as i'm very emotional near or on my period.

I was a late starter and had my first period at 18. I have in the past taken the conceptive pill but have never been give anything specific it's always been ' try this and see how you get on' and none have worked for me so i've opted for natural body cycle instead. however now at 26 i'm no closer to being regular.

Anyway the doctor advised i came to this website to read up about it but hasn't suggested anything else at all.

What should I do?

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Maaf said on 16 April 2011

I got diagnosed with PCOD today. But the thing is that I by GG get periods absolutely regularly only once or twice has my period been delayad by a day or two, the Dr. who was conducting my sonography procedure said that this was very strange and i was amongst the very few people who has PCOD because of stress. I'm only 18 years old and hearing the dr saying that i have pcod increases my stress level even more. i have a lot of acne and it makes it very difficult for me to get out of my house and socialize with people including my friends. At this point of time I feel absolutely helpless and defeated. Please advise me what to do.

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sal105 said on 30 March 2011

I have found the process of trying to get help with PCOS extremely frustrating. After tests and scans at my own doctors I was told I had PCOS so they referred me to a nearby hospital and warned me they may want to repeat tests which was indeed the case. As some of the tests can only be done at a certain point in the menstrual cycle, for people with irregular cycles arranging appointments can be difficult (especially when a couple of months in a row I was told no doctor was available to perform scans). A series of cancelled appointments, lost records, re-referrals etc etc have led me to a year since I was told I had PCOS and no offer of any treatment. From reading these posts it seems I am not alone in finding it difficult to get help with this condition. I think I need to find the energy to fight for it a bit more as we really want to have a family. I wish everyone luck with their own treatment.

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zazoo said on 29 March 2011

ive had polycystic ovarian since i was 17 i am now 24 as i went to the doc as i never have periods i have 1 to 2 a year . my doc have check my hornmone levels and the came bk normal and that all they will do for me i lost weight and put it bk on my doc want give the conreception pill as im over weight ive ran into a wall ive been with my partner since i was 15 and we really want a babe any advice xx

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loobyloulou said on 14 February 2011

I was diagnosed age 22 after coming off the pill (which I was put on at 15 due to heavy, painful & erratic periods). We tried clomid but it didnt always work and as I was overweight IVF was not an option.. I had periods that would last for up to 8 weeks and had to have norethisterone to stop them but a friend told me about metformin treatment. Luckily through my work scheme i saw a gyn who prescribed metformin to help me lose weight (my BMI is over 40) and then I had ovarian driling and fell pregnant the first month. I had an easy pregnancy and relatively normal periods after but no ovulation. Had to have the op repeated to get second pregnancy and am now enjoying no periods at all due to having a mirena coil fitted. I cant rave about it enough - all my symptoms are reduced. My problem now I'm 40 is trying to find out whether i'm better off on the coil longer or shorter period of time in run up to menopause.
I hope this info is of help to you...

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scaine said on 27 January 2011

I was diagnosed with PCOS over 6 years ago and me and my husband where told we would never be able to consive naturally. We decided to try ICSI a form of IVF and on the day we where booked in to the hospital to start treatment I found out I was pregnant! Now we have 2 wonderful boys (4years old and 10 months old) both good sizes born and I had very healthy pregnancies with both.

All I did was lose about a stone and cut down on the old booze,.

Just wanted to share this with anyone out there trying to have a baby, don't give up against all odds I managed to have 2, Please don't get dispondent it will happen.

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lozab20 said on 06 January 2011

hi i have just been diagnosed with polycystic overies syndrome and burst in to tears i didnt have periods for 2 years as i was on the depo provera injection but i had a period in july aug and sept last year but then nothing again so my doctor sent me for a scan and i had that yesterday and was told today i have looked it up and i have a long journey ahead as i am overweight so need to lose alot of weight im only 20 but im hoping i can geet this sorted as my and my fiancee really want to have kids just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or advice for me x

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erika_elgisr said on 19 December 2010

I have been diagnosed with PCOS a couple of months ago. I have been complaining about the late periods for a few years, but doctors kept saying I was just fine.
My periods were always late, as long as I remember myself. After I received the diagnosis, I was adviced to make a laparoscopic surgery. And until now I totally don't like this idea. Right now I am suffering from depression, and not having any ideas how to get out of this. I am feeling upset most of the time. Getting nervous over everything!

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PCOS Survivor said on 07 August 2010

I'm 34 and was diagnosed at 20 after going backwards and forwards for 2 years to the doctors, numerous blood tests and scans and finally having a laparoscopy, that I had PCOS. For over 13 years I took HRT which gave me regular periods and a good quality of life without all the side effects of PCOS.

8 years ago I had a beautiful Daughter after using Metrodin injections as all the usual tablets didn't work.

I have recently changed my meds ( the doctor advised I changed due to the increased risk of cancer at this point) to Metforim, the drug used commonly for diabetes although I have no symptoms of diabetes and have a healthy bmi the Metformin works just as well for me as the HRT did. I had to go through several different drugs to find the best ones that worked for me and I am glad I stuck it out to find the rights ones.

The best advice I can give is that you know your body best and to keep pushing the GP and Gyno and see a different one if they don't listen or take you seriously. The pill and a hystorectomy are not the only medical options for this diease. Also remember that your QUALITY of life is of paramount importance and not necessarily the fact that you want to have a child, once you feel better in yourself you can then face the uphill task of attempting to get pregnant - which not all couples who don't have the added disadvantage of PCOS can achieve!

I know this doesn't apply to everybody but please be encouraged that there is hope and parenthood and feeling 'normal' without the constant pain, irritability and tiredness can be achieved without being fobbed off and told to loose weight!

Don't dispair, dig your heels in and fight for what is rightfully yours - the feeling of wellbeing!

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taramagpie said on 26 June 2010

My My My, Over 3 years I've been pushing for help...didnt know what was wrong.... I'm not mad, I'm not depressed and NO I don't need to be ill !!

So it's PCOS ... normal ovaries on the scan but every other awful confidence zapping sympton.. I struggle to function at the worst points.

I am active and I eat well , but doctors seem to be deaf to my justifications !!

And I've just logged on and found you all here, same issues... same lack of help.. no usefull free help !!

There is so much we see about overweight people and increase in heart problems and diabetes.. is it any wonder when we are all here screaming out for help before we become those statistics !!

Its not something easily controlled when we have no information, support or medication that would give us a chance..

Bit like going down a steep hill on a mountain bike with no brakes and being told to stop !!

So Ladies... Is it time we all bombard the health secretary ???

Maybe just Maybe together we can do something ?? All write our stories and send hundreds demanding a care package.. after all we will get one when we end up with coronary issues and surely that will cost the NHS vastly more down the line ??

Tara x

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whittakeramy said on 28 April 2010

i was diagnosed with severe PCOS 3 years ago after only having 2 periods a year if i was lucky, so after then scans and blood work i was sent for weight management and within a year and a half i lost more than 10% of my body weight but was still not ovulating and not much had happened on the hormone front, so i researched what i could do to help (i was already going to the gym up to 6 times a week and on a healthy diet) and i found out about metformin which i was never offered, last week i was refered back to my gyne and he was surprised that in the past 2 years i have never been offered any other help than weight management, i was a little bit dissapointed that i had put in a lot of hard work but not been offered more help from the doctors but i should be having metformin when i see my gp in the next few weeks so this page is quite helpfull for me

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Isobel_S said on 16 April 2010

Hi Dragon1985,

After reading your message i just felt i had to give you some hope. I have pcos and endometriosis which my gynea doc told me i was highly unlikely to ever concieve a child. I have been seeing him ten years now. My partner and i are now the proud parents of a beautiful ilttle girl. i had no hormone treatments i lost weight and took multi vitamins and it happend naturally.As hormones also make me very violent. I know how you feel the weight gain with pcos and the mood swings are horrible and hard to deal with. SPeak to your doctor about they way you are feeling and most of all talk to your husband or a close friend as having someone to listen makes you feel relieved that you are not alone.

Good Luck

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dragon1985 said on 14 April 2010

iv not had periods since 28th of jan this year, and was at first told to lose weight, to which both me and my partner pointed out that i eat small portions twice a day with only a snack of fruit in between and have done since i fell pregnant with my DS in 2007. my Gp did blood tests and said that there is nothing there to show for my weight gain, but that my lh is slightly raised and that i could have pcos and is sending me for a scan. reading this article has made me wonder what i have got coming in the months ahead, because we are trying for a baby but i cant take any form of hormone as it makes me violent! i cant put my family at risk yet cos im only 24 i doubt they will do a hysterectomy either which would be my only treatment option. im so confused and upset by it all that its making me more ill and i dont know what to do.

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Rae91 said on 08 April 2010

I'm eighteen and have recently been informed that I most probably have PCOS (Have had the blod tests and the scans, just waitin for the piece of paper etc.) From reading all the comments above I'm starting to feel a little bit defeated by it. Does this mean that there's nothing the NHS will do for me? Sure I'm a little heavy and from what I've read, first its blamed on the weight and then it causes the weight. My doctor hasnt given me any information and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I have mose of the other symptoms but becuase I'm not thinkin of starting a family yet, does that mean there's nothing to be done besides being told 'go lose some weight.'

I've not seen a Gyno yet nor use any contraceptive like the Pill etc as it has nasty side effects. If this is all the options we have, do I just have to live with it???

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cookie74 said on 03 February 2010

I have been under the gyn since I misscarried 4 yrs ago I have PCOS I have gained weight rapidly due to various treatments offered now im being told that unless I loose 4 stone in 6mths there is no other treatment options offered to myself so girls if you dont want more children then trust me youre better off not seeing a gyn. Its has turned mine and my husbands lives upside down and left me feeling like theres nothing left. The reason they dont refer unless conception is required is there is nothing they can do other than for this outcome. The only options open to those not wanting more children is either the pill or remove the womb and ovaries. Not great I know but its reality none the less. I am now trying to beg the doc to give me orlistat to get rid of the weight they caused me to gain in order to get ICSI which I have been told is my only chance of a child now with my husband.

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Catherinejayne said on 21 January 2010

My GP won't refer to me to a Gyno. I last saw one privately 7 years ago when I was diagnosed. I don't want any more children and he said I would be wasting the gyno's time. He wants to put me on the contraceptive injection but I have a strong family history of breast cancer. Other forms of the Pill have made me feel very ill. I'm concerned. If I wanted more children I could see a specialist, how is this right?

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blue1900 said on 10 January 2010

My Gyno will not give me any other medication otherthan the conreceptive pill, which I cant take due to the side effects I get. So the condition is getting worse, apparently the above only applies to women trying to conceive, so the rest of us just have to suffer.....

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