Swine flu (H1N1) - Symptoms 

Symptoms of swine flu 

Cold or flu?

Do you know the difference between a cold and flu? An expert explains the conditions, treatments and remedies available.

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Cold comfort

Find out how to look after yourself if you get a cough, cold or flu, and when you need to see a doctor

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of other types of seasonal flu.

The effects of the illness are often mild, but some people (see below) are more at risk of serious illness.

If you or a member of your family has a fever or high temperature (over 38C/100.4F) and two or more of the following symptoms, you may have swine flu:

  • unusual tiredness 
  • headache
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath or cough
  • loss of appetite 
  • aching muscles
  • diarrhoea or vomiting

It makes sense to have a working thermometer at home, as an increase in temperature is one of the main symptoms. If you are unsure how to use a thermometer, read about how to take someone's temperature.

What to do

If you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home, get plenty of rest and use over-the-counter painkillers to relieve symptoms. If you are concerned, contact your GP. They will determine the most appropriate action to take.

High-risk groups

For most people, swine flu is a mild illness. Some people get better by staying in bed, drinking plenty of water and taking over-the-counter flu medication.

However, some groups of people are more at risk of serious illness if they catch flu.

It is already known that you are particularly at risk if you have:

Also at risk are: 

  • patients who have had drug treatment for asthma within the past three years
  • pregnant women
  • people who are 65 years of age or over 


For most people, the illness appears to be mild. For a minority of people, the virus can cause severe illness. In many of these cases, other factors contribute to the severity of the illness.

When complications occur, they are usually caused by the virus affecting the lungs. Infections such as pneumonia can develop.

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GC2008 said on 19 May 2011

I have a really bad flu but the only thing thats worrying me is that i have shorness of breath, is swine flu really still going around?

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redplum said on 15 February 2011

My boy is 15 and still vunerable to cold and flu as a baby. I find it very frustrating because I always fear the worst.
He had bad flu last sep when swine first arrived. His temperature so high and so stubborn that was none like any flu he had. We filled up on line form and he was issued tamiflu. The next morning after the medicine he felt like a new person and recovered quicky.
Even now no one knew if he had the swine flu last time.
This one started yesterday with very dry throat.
Today his appetite is poor and he complained of being lightheaded and tiredness.
I made him a lemzip
hope he will feel better after tonights sleep
god bless my little boy

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patricia_ said on 03 February 2011


I have been recovering from the swine flu for the last 2 weeks. My symptoms: high temperature, headaches (quite strong), dizziness, sore stomach, cough, general weakness, loss of appetite.

I am 30 years old and haven't been so weak for many years, feeling really bad. Although came back to work this week I am not myself, completely lost apetite, can't focus, headache is quite strong. Doctors advised taking antibiotics on two occasions, but I ignored it as it is a virus and probably shouldn't be treated with antibiotics. However I am still so weak and unwell that started regretting not taking the anitbiotic.

Anybody with similar problems??

Ah, got the flu in Poland, visiting; will think twice next time travelling in the middle of winter.

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mummy87 said on 16 January 2011

hi i have a 2 year old daughter who has had a tickly cough for a week or so but was eased with her inhaler, but last night nothing shifted it and today shes been weezing and coughing bad, evan worse now shes in bed, shes not had anything to eat since yesterday afternoon and now has a fever of 39.7 which has come down to 38.3 after 2 hrs, she complained her head nd eyes hurt earlier but i thought nothing of it, shes been lively today but a bit grumpy. i thought nothing of swine flu untill my friend mentioned it, but my mum thinks she may be 'too lively' for swine flu, im worried :(

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sammig1987 said on 16 January 2011

i am wondering if anyone can help my partner has alot of the syptoms of swine flu he usually sleeps for a few hours but he more or less has been sleeping for the past few days yellow sickness diorreha aching muscles really sore head hot and then into cold sweats sore throat and a cough. i still have a cough myself but it only took me a couple of days to get over it.and my mum has the same syptoms as my partner she keeps complaining of being really dizzy also its just i have 2 daughters 4 and 5 years old and they both have started with diorreha and my 4 year old has yellow sick nothing she has eaten has been yellow if someone could help please i have phoned nhs 24 and just to give them calpol and my partner paracetomol thanks and also there has been a confirmed case of swine flu over at my sisters work and she has the same syptoms also any information would be great thanks

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Little help plz said on 16 January 2011

OK im 16 years of age and I started feeling ill so I thought id check out the symptoms of swine flu as ive never felt like I do now. Yesterday i felt slightly ill with a sore throat and now as ive woken up its got alot worse. i have a slight headache and my neck and back are tight and ache alot. my nose is more runny than usual and when i was sick it was a yellowy type of colour. now i know that's most probably bile but i was just curios as ive eaten. i usually would have toast in the morning but im sitting here and i really don't want it. for a few days ive been feeling very hot and stuffy and a number of friends and one of my teachers have pointed it out to me. now usually i would disregard these symptoms and just assume that ive just got a bug but my friend has the flu who is a 16 year old female(dont know whether this helps) and ive not long ago visited her. i dont know whether ive caught it off of her but shes been of school for about 2 weeks and as soon as i visit her i am ill? i hope there is someone who can answer this question and thanks to anyone who takes the time to do so.

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Little help plz said on 16 January 2011

OK im 16 years of age and I started feeling ill so I thought id check out the symptoms of swine flu as ive never felt like I do now. Yesterday i felt slightly ill with a sore throat and now as ive woken up its got alot worse. i have a slight headache and my neck and back are tight and ache alot. my nose is more runny than usual and when i was sick it was a yellowy type of colour. now i know that's most probably bile but i was just curios as ive eaten. i usually would have toast in the morning but im sitting here and i really don't want it. for a few days ive been feeling very hot and stuffy and a number of friends and one of my teachers have pointed it out to me. now usually i would disregard these symptoms and just assume that ive just got a bug but my friend has the flu who is a 16 year old female(dont know whether this helps) and ive not long ago visited her. i dont know whether ive caught it off of her but shes been of school for about 2 weeks and as soon as i visit her i am ill? i hope there is someone who can answer this question and thanks to anyone who takes the time to do so.

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floppy johnson said on 15 January 2011

I have had a cough for about three weeks, i put it down to Ramipril tablets i have been prescribed by my doctor, upon contacting him to change these tablets which are noted for giving users a cough, he told me it wasnt the tablets, but now i have a sometimes very runny nose, which seems to alter at night to a completely blocked nose, where i can only breathe through my mouth, i am very tired as a result of wakeing up either coughing or choking and then sometimes ending up coughing till i vomit, some sort of clear bile, my calfs ache, but no runs, and no temperature, or loss of appetite, but i do wake up with my mouth very very dry with what can best be described as light brown coloured lumps, stuck to the roof of my mouth, which when wet can be spat out with water, please help, any suggestions please, and thank you

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Rowanessque said on 14 January 2011

Not sure if its flu, nora virus or something else. Mum took ill on the bus yesterday, yellow vomit. She had complained of feeling tired in the morning, and back ache. Then her legs felt heavy and she felt tired, like she could walk but slowly. I wondered then if they where flu like symptoms.
Any way when was vomiting, it wasn't like she retched it just came up like acid, well we managed to get home, couldn't get a taxi. Had to get off one bus, get another and she was resting every so often.
Now she is complaining of a pain in her side when she coughs, being a nurse you think all sorts.
Thing is we where both hot in bed last night, and I feel strangely tired and clammy today, like I could just go asleep for a week.
She's in bed right now, resting best place for her. Might take her advice and go up and rest myself.
We are not sure if its flu, nora virus or something else. I get over anxious when she is ill. very over anxious so I could just be causing my symptoms with anxiety.

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Supervisor said on 09 January 2011

I work within the NHS as Working/Domestic Supervisor on Night-shift.
I was taken just over a week ago into A&E with a chest pain. The Bleep holder that night had asked if I was ok as I looked a bit grey. She sat me down and had my stats taken which showed a high reading. So off to A&E where blood was taken, X-Rays, ECG etc.this was New years Eve. I was told eventually that I had pulled a muscle on the right side of my chest and to visit my own GP middle of the following week for a check on progress. Over that weekend the chest pain got worse as I had a niggling cough. By the Monday it was to painful to go to work so phoned in sick for the week..Went to the doctors on the Friday of the following week when I had developed the starts of a what i think was a cold. Symptoms were bad though just for a cold and returning home with sick note and took to my bed where I have just risen. Still poorly but not as bad. I put it down to Bed rest, Antibiotics, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen tablets. will see how the next few days go but think bed rest is most important if this is swine flu?
It could have been picked up from work but I am unsure on the incubation period of swine flu as within my work we have to clean rooms that have been contaminated by the flu.
Strange that I have not been informed of any set protocols within the NHS for the handling of the rooms and patience with Swine Flu for myself and my staff.

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Dawnmillican said on 08 January 2011

late November my 1year old was ill with flu I treat him at home and after 3 weeks he was better during this time my 10 yr old fell I'll with the same thing my baby had we thought he would get better within a few weeks he had headaches fever loss of appetite aches and pains after 3 weeks he was still no better and on 16th december he started with severe pain in his right hand side we thought maybe be his appendix he was admitted to hospital in a severe state turns out wasn't appendix he had severe pheumonia which had also caused a pleural effusion he spent 6 days on iv antibiotics and a further 10 days on oral antibiotics. None of his symptoms pointed at all to pheumonia but now it's apparent it is a big side effect of swine flu.....now my 7 yr old daughter has become I'll been I'll for a week now with same symptoms as my other 2 I don't want to risk her getting as I'll has my son didbut all docs are saying it's flu can't bring them in think bus is ignoring how serious this flu is becoming

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Pear1 said on 07 January 2011

Some people post on here do appear quite poorly and really should speak to their doctors or NHS direct. They may have secondary bacterial infections, which will require antibiotics and can get worse (and sometimes be very serious) very rapidly.

I had a cough for two weeks at the beginning of December and then it rapidly got worse. More mucus production and the sensation of air filling a part of my lung more slowly. I went to my very experienced doctor and he said he thought it likely I had pockets of pneumonia and needed antibiotics (said he suspect this if a nasty cough has gone on more than a week). I believe it at first I had a virus (which caused the cough), but then went on to develop a bacterial infection i my lungs. The infection responded to the antibiotics but returned 4 days after completing the 7 day course, and a second course of a different antibiotic has cleared it. At no point did I have a very high temperature and I'm glad I saw a doctor when I did. There is a lot of pressure not to see a doctor, but please do if you symptoms get worse or don't improve.

I'm otherwise healthy and in my 30's and a few friends I have not had contact with have had a similar pattern of illness recently.

Get well soon.

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mnx said on 05 January 2011

I've had a sore throat and bad cough for weeks now, but only last night I started feeling lightheaded and then I was aching all over and suddenly so tired. Then I had a diahrrea and felt like vomiting at the same time, but managed not to. Today, I still feel lightheaded, achy everywhere, especially, on my lower back and neck, eating very little, sore throat, coughing my head out, bringing up phlem, but have no temperature or runny nose. I'm beaten, feel extremely tired and week, as if I'd gotten in a fight with Mike Tyson. I'm a mother of 2 young children and want to make sure this is not spread in my household. Called the NHS Direct, but they're so busy, you feel guilty to wait on the phone for advice just in case someone out there needs it more than I. Could somebody tell me here, please, is this really swine flu?

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keria said on 05 January 2011

Went to doctors last week and doctor said i had the flu and not to worry, but i noticed everyone seems to be getting swine flu so looked into the symptoms. I have a tickly, yet painful cough that hurts my chest, i can hardly sleep at night and im always tired - i had about 11 hours the other day but felt like i only had 2hrs, Last night i was sick but it was thick mucus with red bits but didnt think anything of it, get intense headaches if i stand up suddenly, walking/going outside i get out of breathe easily and end up coughing up mucus, i have a temperature near enough all the time quite high but ill but shivering as i feel freezing. Anything to be concerned about?

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maestrouk said on 02 January 2011

I have just got back from 5 days in a room on my own in Hospital.
It started about 12 days ago with Flu like symptoms then not eating and no taste, then no sleep and everything got worse.
Had to have the Emergency Doc who then sent me to the Hospital to investergate.
Turns out I was that bad I was addmitted on the spot and then after the bloods were tested moved into Isolation as I now had Pnumonia as well as now comfirmed Swine Flu. I managed to escape the Hospital ( I had just about all I could take ) and managed to leave with 3 Days Meds to go ( Very high doses anti Biotics and Tamiflu ).
So now I will have to be careful until I am better ( should not be on my PC with the lack of energy I have )
These drugs in high doses make you feel so ill in their own way that I would recomend that if you get Swine Flu you don't wait as long as I did and then might get Pnumonia at the same time and then you are in big trouble.
So in all I am just happy to still be breathing and hope the next few days will sort me out.

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kirsty_douthwaite66 said on 31 December 2010

i have a 20month old daughter who has had a cold and cough for about 3weeks now she also has tohave aninhaler 5times a day , suddenly today she lost her appertite and gone really feverish and sleepy what can i do and is it swine flu, i have just been informed by my uncle that he has flu (we saw him 2days agao)

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clarey1985 said on 30 December 2010

i would like to know what happens if u do have swine flu now im still waiting for nhs direct to ring me back as i think my 1 year old son might have it! do they give anything to the rest of the family as i also have a 2 year old daughter??? thanks

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tinals said on 28 December 2010

my 5 year old son has had more than 2 of the symptoms mentioned above for over a week now. He's constantly falling asleep, nose is pouring, sneezing, coughing and generally looking like poo! He's barely eaten during this time either, yesterday it was half an apple! i dont want to force the issue of food but i've managed to keep his fluids up. I just hope it doesnt last much longer

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karispirit said on 24 December 2010

To rebeccaroseu. I would definitely get your mum to have herself checked out. The mere fact she's got heart problems is reason enough as a chesty cough can put extra strain on the heart and can cause fluid on the lungs. Don't worry about being a worried daughter. You obviously love your mum very much. Definitely get her checked up by the doctor and if you're still not happy get her to go to the hospital instead. Better safe than sorry!

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rebeccaroseu said on 23 December 2010

hey my mum is 56 and has a heart condition and chronic kidney disease, for the past 8 weeks or so, on and off she's been having a really bad chesty cough, fever, headaches and aches and pains, i'm really worried about her but she keeps saying its nothing, anybody know if its something bad or am i just being a worried daughter?

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rjc89 said on 19 December 2010

My mum is 60, she's been ill for 3days now, getting progressively worse. she's coughing, and her chest rasps loudly when she breathes. she is sleeping an unusual amount and is constantly tired, runny nose,loss of appetite and diarrhoea. she constantly feels nauseous. she insists it is just flu and she will recover, but i'm worried its swine flu. does it sound like it? please help

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liney07 said on 14 December 2010

Well its December 2010 and I must admit Ive been feeling very ill myself - I havent been to the doctors yet but convinced its swine flu. Ive never felt so ill for so long ever! no energy, feeling generally very ill and today been feeling sick! I also have a cough and headache - going hot and cold - no appetite - i did have a sore throat at the beginning - god knows where its come from, and 5 and 3 year olds also seem to have the same

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crowmar said on 11 December 2010

i started feeling unwell on monday - sickness, absolute lethargy, sore throat, temperature and feeling really really awful - 5 days later i feel only marginally better and it has been suggested that i have swine flu which threw me a bit as there has not been any mention of it re-emerging n i work for the NHS! - so take folks it is back

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Phillon said on 24 July 2010

On Thursday 22nd, I returned home from early from work as I had a sore throat, plus I felt really run down in the morning.

When I returned home, I measured my temperature which was at 38.8. Later on that evening I also had chest pains on my right hand side, along with hot and cold flushes.

Today is now the third day, my temperature is still a bit above normal 38.1 still have sore throat.

The reason I'm posting this update is because I had swine flu back in October. The symptoms that I'm experiencing now are the same as back then.

My work place is multi cultural office. I understand that there is another outbreak in India maybe more people should be aware of this

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Leslie Page said on 08 May 2010

When my wife’s GP diagnosed swine flu I queried it, because she did not have a raised temperature, which I understood from the NHS pamphlet was an essential symptom. His reply was - Quote: You state she did not have a raised temperature at the time but this is not uncommon in older patients. Unquote: (My wife was aged 77).

If her GP is right, why has the NHS not published this problem more widely?

After a month, the GP decided it was not swine flu, and a three weeks later my wife died of, among other things, aorta aneurysms (both AAA & TAA) and kidney failure.

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cindy ann said on 17 March 2010

I have had flu like symptoms runny nose sore throught ect but recently my daughter who is 13 has had aches and pains in her legs and had a sore head and has recently been sick and had diarrhea this is quite alot of the symptoms of the swine flu and was wondering if anyone else had these symptoms or is it just the normal flu :-/

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MiniDick said on 02 February 2010

I had a pretty bad cold about a week and a half ago, which eventually went after around 4 days, I caried on having a really dry throat and I wasn't sleeping very well. Around 3 days ago I woke up with a nasty headache, which throbbed whenever I strained, coughed or leaned forward, it was especially bad around the eyes. Next, I started to have neck ache, aching joints and I was feeling sick almost all the time.
I get tired just walking up the stairs and I have NO energy whatsoever. Funnily enough, I haven't had a cough or the sneezes, I haven't got a runny nose either. I called NHS direct and they told me to contac the Pandemic phone line, they confirmed I had swine flu and my other half collected my Tamiflu.
I can't believe how ill I feel, it's REALLY knocked me off my feet, I can't eat and just the smell of food makes he feel sick. I'll be glad when it's finally gone. I'm 30 and I had the winter flu about 6 years ago but this is 100 times worse......bad times. Thank God for the NHS.

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JandG said on 27 November 2009

I have two daughters aged 3 and 6 who are both complaining of aching legs, particularly their knees and thighs. They appear to have a temperture and a loss of appetite. In the past few weeks they have had coughs and runny noses. As I write its day 1 of these symptoms and they have both had doses of paracetamol (Calpol),which seems to take the edge off for a while. My wife is 31 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child so I am trying to keep the girls away. I am an asthmatic and having had flu before, I know that you can be in bed for a week feeling helpless. I had my seasonal flu jab a couple of weeks ago. The girls look pale and completely lacking in energy, which is not their normal nature. I really hope its just a bug that passes by tomorrow.

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Charlie x said on 25 November 2009

Hi - At the moment I am currently ill with tonsilitus and I'm off school sick. After talking to my friends mum I found out that because my immune system is already down I have more chance of catching another illness - I have some of the symptoms of swine flu and I'm quite worried about it - I have a dry cough and I'm aching alot.. I recently had earaches but I worked out thats one of the symtoms of tonsilitus.
I've been having a dry cough now for about 3 days and it's starting to feel like a tingly sensation - I'm still not sure if this is only tonsilitus or if it's something else Help
Charlie x

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2hotxxx said on 18 November 2009

Hi it is very interesting to find that the the apparant outbreak of swine flu began in late march early april! As in the middle of december 2008 i actually had every one of the swine flu symptoms listed.
It had all started on the wednesday night with my 3 yr old son! He was up all night with sikness and dihorea. Then i started to feel unwell and had the sickness and dihorea then came the aches in my legs and hips and my top half of my body was roasting and my legs where like ice ( no kid like ice) . By the fri i was still in bed and was feeling worse i have never experienced pain like this in my life! by the fri night my throat was very sore and i couldnt breath properly ( i'am also asthmatic) this wouldnt ease and eventuallly my partner had to phone an ambulance so wnen the paramedics arrived they put me on the oxygen and took my temperature which was 40.8 even though i couldnt feel the heat that was coming from me. I was then taken to a +e and they said to me it was flu, i was bed riding for the next week and couldnt even look after my child properly my mum had to look after him,but to me that wasnt seasonal flu so does it not make you wonder that swine flu has been around longer than they claim and did i actually have swine flu or just seasonal flu? who knows!!!!

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SloJoe said on 10 November 2009

Please consider other people if you do start to feel unwell . Following just basic hygene rules can ease the spread of this illness

Plain old ordinary 'flu can make you feel very ill indeed and indeed can kill.

.Save a thought for those with ME/CFS who have suffered those 'flu like symptoms which can last for years.

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anne09 said on 04 November 2009

My experience has been within the last seven days. I began with a cough about two weeks ago. Then came the temperature which went up to 38.5 C for 2 days, one minute i would be hot then freezing. Pains shooting down the front of my legs. The cough got worse, i went to my GP day 2 saying i thought i had a chest infection, he said it is a virous due to having a temperature. He advised me to stay in bed plenty of fluids. He did give me a prescription for antibiotics if my symptoms got worse. I have been in bed for 6 days, feelings of complete exhaustion, waves of tiredness appear as soon as i move. Headaches from coughing and feeling very dizzy, with very slow reaction times. Also complete loss in appetite and overall interest in food. This is probably my first encounter with flu, i am 30 and would not wish this on anyone.

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dont know what to do for the best said on 25 October 2009

My 5 year old is suffering from a constant annoying cough and has a sniffly nose, and although he feels hot and looks sweaty and pale his temperature is fine ???
It's so hard to decide whether he could be suffering from just a normal cough and cold ( afterall it is October ) or Swine Flu, especially as one of his friends is just recovering from it.

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keavney21 said on 24 October 2009

I thought I was coming down with a common cold and was sceptical about the hype over 'swine' flu, however, I now take it all back.

After starting with the ususal, dry throat/back of nose, sneezing and general aches last sunday, i stayed away from work on the monday, I said several times, it didnt feel like a normal cold! Went back to work Tues and a temperature started and lasted through to Thurs (last day in work Weds). Rang my GP but they wouldnt let me go into sugery with my symptoms, GP called me and went through a health check of which I ticked the boxes. Got anti-virals collected and have never felt so bad. I dont take time off work and this has kicked my ass big time. I've developed a lovely gravel sounding cough in which it feels like I'm going to cough up my lungs everytime, its awful, as someone said, if I was a horse I'd have been shot by now!

I think that people can get too scared about the differences between a cold and flu, I'm 38 yrs old and have never ever had flu just mosty a bad cold. However after being knocked off my feet for the last week, I never want flu in whatever format again. I just hope the cough subsides and doesnt complicate matters for me.

I had all the symptoms with one additional, my eyes hurt my head when moving them in whatever direction, as my brother had just got over meningitis this worried me, but this now seems to have passed. Fingers crossed!

Dont take your health for granted, get checked especially if you have had the cold symptoms for at least 3-4 days with sign of letting up. Stay off work and limit your contact with everyone, stay clean and we should all be able to put this to a bad memory very soon! I personally cant wait to feel 'normal'!

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buuuug said on 21 October 2009


I dont recall having a fever either (unfortunately i do not have a thermometer so not an empirical claim) but i had a sore chest on the Sunday whilst feeling achy and tired. I put the latter two down to me doing some decorating and the sore chest as a nuisance however, by Monday morning (5.30am) i had no voice. By midmorning it had worsened and i was in and out of sleep all day.

Tuesday a voice had returned and i had a real sore chest still, i had now started to cough which hurt and produced phlegm and since then to today, Weds has subsided. I now seem to have the runny nose, occasional cough, chest has eased a lot and only occasionally feels stiff, i go hot and cold, shivery and lightheaded.

Unsure if this is swine flu and/or if i can go back to work tomorrow would i be irresponsible and pass it around or not but for all intents it would seem my symptoms have presented themselves in reverse order to what seems to be the conventional norm.

Glad others report no fever too as thats been a big concern to me. Unfortunately the website is ambiguous when following the questionairre as you have to answer yes to fever and that clearly cannot be accurate and so dissuaded me from having Tamiflu, too late now.

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Mrs Derby said on 17 October 2009

Do not believe that you have to have a fever. I had a terrible flu for a week. No one thought it was the flu because I had no fever. The next week I could not breathe. I went to ER and the doctor initially had no idea what was wrong with me because I did not have a fever or any symptoms besides decreased lung sounds. He flat out said it was not pnemonia or bronchitis because there was no fever. That is until he got the xrays. I had terrible pnemonia.

I have not run a fever my entire adult life. That may seem great but a fever is a sign your body is fighting the infection. No fever, no fight.

Anyway, You don't always have to have a fever. Trust me.

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kateedunlanf said on 10 October 2009

Hi, it came on very quickly,it started with a headache and coughing, although i'd been coughing for several days berfore then.i became very hot at it's highest it was 39. and i felt dizzy and sick. i took myself off to bed, i started being sick and was very concerned that i was coughing up blood or red mucus, my vomit (sorry) was thick flem like and greenish with red i asume was blood,I've become very short of breath even just rolling over. i've stopped being sick now but havent stopped coughing, my whole body aches.i'm on day three of being in bed not moving.i've done the online questionare and got given a code, but then my computer froze and i lost it, can i re regester? does it sound like swine flu? my partner doesn't think i should be concerned.

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CelticDesign said on 03 October 2009

One of your questions is not clear. This is the one about kidney disease. I visit the renal unit at the Q.E. for check ups, as I have glomerulonephritis but at this stage I do not have kidney failure. So whilst I do not receive treatment for kidney failure the renal centre do of course provide care for this. Could you please reword this question? I answered 'no' and have authorisation for tamiflu,, but as I am left wondering if I answered the kidney question correctly and if I should take tamiflu or the other inhaled anti-viral I am tying up a phone line, trying to get advice. Not that I can get to speak to 'anyone', anywhere, as yet and it's Saturday, so no G.P.

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kevinski said on 05 September 2009

Is it possible to have swine flu without a high temperature? My wife has been very unwell for the past 24 hours with all the symptoms of flu except the fever. An article form the NY Times in May says that an unusual feature of swine flu is that one third of patients present without a fever. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/13/health/13fever.html

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Anony-mouse said on 21 August 2009

I have had a similar experience to Pusis. I wanted to add though that when I phoned the flu line and then NHS direct as I was concerned that I had been given the prescription code when I may not need it, I was told that I should pick up the Tamiflu but not take it as I would not be authorised with any again - so if what I have now is not swine flu but I do get it in the future, I would not be allowed Tamiflu.

I found this whole process really distressing. I was not being hysterical in going on the website, only cautious as I had been in contact with someone who was then diagnosed as having swine flu and I didn't want to spread it around my office. There really should be a second check before the codes are given out. I now feel guilty for taking up a prescription that I don't want to use but forced to collect it due to the 'now or never again' policy

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~Katherine said on 12 August 2009

Hi, concernedj.

Fevers go in cycles. When you're chilled the fever temp is high compared to when you're sweating when it's likely to to be lower. With a viral or bacterial infection, the population of the virus or bacteria will rise and fall and the immune system will respond in a number of ways: one is by raising body temp. So sweats are part of the fever cycle unless you're overheated for some other reason.

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concernedj said on 08 August 2009

Thinking logically??? might some people not take their temperature earlier enough, when they first get symptoms (to capture a high reading)? Temperatures can also change with time of day, what you are doing, time of menstrual cycle…etc etc. When I was diagnosed on the phone I felt like a furnace and clothes etc were getting warm around me although temp was only 37.5 on thermometer I had used (which I guess could have been inaccurate) - I had all the only many symptoms…..Not all the first 175 laboratory-confirmed cases included fever, though most did – Please see http://www.nhs.uk/news/2009/07July/Pages/Swinefluearlyepidemiology.aspx [on 17/07/09] (a great checklist) which said “By May 31, 175 of first laboratory-confirmed cases were entered in the FF-100 database. Study of these initial cases revealed that presentation involved a variety of features: Over 90% of cases had fever, Between 70% and 80% of cases had a sore throat, headache, dry cough, and generally felt tired and unwell, Chills, sneezing and runny nose, muscle and joint aches, and loss of appetite were present in 50% to 70%, Less common was nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, a productive cough, difficulty breathing, conjunctivitis or a rash.

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Scround said on 08 August 2009

According to the CDC, like seasonal flu, symptoms of swine flu infections can include:

fever, which is usually high, but unlike seasonal flu, is sometimes absent !!!
runny nose or stuffy nose
sore throat
body aches
fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme
diarrhea and vomiting, sometimes, but more

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sezzajayne said on 08 August 2009

i am unsure what to do as im 26 weeks pregnant and my fiancee is having swine flu symptoms but without the fever, but the has been someone at his work with swine flu! what should i do?

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avallen said on 07 August 2009

sorry! me again!! Just contacted helpline and nice girl said even if i have all other symptoms and sweats if don't have temperature, i cannot have the flu.
Wish that comforted me but, with my child due back... she is prone to chest infections you see and suffered from pneumonia a few years ago which was horribly and scary and the worst week of my life so far...
Would so like to be with our old doctor - he would have have chatted to me about worries and either reassurred me or given me wise advice...
Have no one else around that could look after my child.. Its all very horrible and very worrying!!

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noname876 said on 06 August 2009

Of the symptoms listed I have every one, except the upset stomach, for the past three days. Whats bothered me most is I've been super achy, had chills, shakes, and just really bad spikes in fever (jumping as high as 102.3F, steady over 100F the rest of the time). I visited my doctor today and he's fairly sure I have the flu or a bad bug and I'm fortunate enough that he was able to prescribe me some medicine to help treat all this. He also did a test that is being sent off to determine if it is swine flu, I'll try to post back here if I remember after I get my results. If it is, I'd say this, you'll know if you have it when you get the fever spikes and when you are laying in bed covered with blankets and its 90 degrees in your house and your wife is complaining you have the air conditioner turned off. This thing has truly kicked my rear the past few days, hopefully this tamiflu will do the trick. Other than going to visit my doctor I've been staying clear of everyone (and missing work cus of it).. I'd suggest if you think you have it that you do the same.

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talltim said on 28 July 2009

This pandemic panic has to stop!
NHS resources are being stretched by the "worried well" being wound up into a state of panic not just be the media but also by the very system they are now pushing to the limits.
Just because you have a couple of the symptoms on the list DOESNT mean you have swine flu.
I currently have a number of sneezing fits a day, a sore throat and runny nose and depending on where I am a sudden cough. Its not swine flu, its hayfever, the same hayfever I suffer from each year!
Stop the panic and do sensible things like washing hands to avoid catching and spreading far more dangerous things like C.Diff and MRSA!

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freaky_me said on 28 July 2009

It really is crazy how many 'healthy' people with no underlying health issues are adding to the panic that has already spread across the world regarding swine flu.

If you are one of the above why take up valuable resources whether it be the diagnosis telephone number or the antivirals now available. All you need to do is clearly stated on the advice pages, treat as normal flu. Plenty of rest, regular flu remedies and even high dose Vitamin C should help greatly.

I have all the swine flu symptoms including terrible sore/ swallon throat, diarrhoea, headache, chesty cough. Along side this I have progressed HIV with a CD4 of under 50 (very little immunity to fight anything off).

I'm not panicing, in fact i'm quite happy to let nature take its course as there would be much less stigma and discrimination for someone like me to die from swine flu than an AIDS related illness. Sad but true in my opinion.

I would just like the majority of the some what 'healthy' population out there to bear this in mind when they just have a slight sniffle or headache etc etc before they request urgent doctors appointments and the antiviral swine flu drugs that other people may benefit from much more greatly. Thank you.

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LesleyAnne123 said on 26 July 2009

So far, a lot of people have gotten swine flu, only a select few of these people have actually died from the disease. Many of the people who have recovered from swine flu have health problems - yet they are fine. The media is going on and on about how many people have died, how many people are in hospital and so on but what they don't tell you is that the majority of cases are extremely minor. All you need to do is try to keep clean and keep an eye on yourself and your loved ones, if you notice these symptoms and beleieve you haveswine flu you are permitted to get antivirals. If you think you have it do not go to work as it risks spreading the flu further. If you have a health problem call your GP and get antivirals immediately, If you do not get any better within afew days and it begins to look serious then obviously you must take further action, phone yout GP again and get some advice. The chances are that if you get swine flu it will not harm you seriously and you will fully recover. We're all in the same boat, everybody is vulnerable to swine flu but if you take control then you will be able to pull through. We've suffered worse that this before. Swine flu will be forgotten soon; the people who have had it will grow immune to it and therefore it will spread slower and eventually dissapear. There will be some people who don't even get it! There's always a problem, if it's not swine flu it's something else -but we can fight them with all our doctors and scientists. Don't worry

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aimeebabe said on 26 July 2009

i'm 12 & i dont have any underlying medical issues,
but for the past 3 days i have had a sore throat,blocked nose,headaches & stomach pains { feeling sick, but not actually being sick}.
my mum thinks i probably dont have swine flu, but i am really worried because i have alot of the symptoms on the list. should i go & see my doctor to find out if i have swine flu or am i just overreacting?.

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carline said on 25 July 2009

I was feeling slightly feverish from last weekend and woke with a sore throat on Tuesday. Phoned GP who went through type and length of symptoms and decided not Swine Flu but arranged apointment for me to see GP the following morning about my throat as I had a history of tonsillitus. Saw GP who prescribed Penicilin (phenoxymethylpenicillin) for Tonsillitus and noted I did not have a temperature. I proceeded to go to work. I developed a worse cough over the course of the day. Next morning I had to travel to work by train. I started having coughing fit on train and used tissues but got various comments and abuse from other passengers - tried to explain that I HAD seen GP who verified that it was not Swine flu but had to leave train as could not bear to continue journey. I have been taking Penicilin for 3 days now and no better - cough is no better and I'm no longer convinced that this is just tonsillitus. Do I now just get some Tamiflu? I can't leave house for fear of being accused of spreading swine flu.

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worriedmum0f2 said on 24 July 2009

i am really worried about the current situation with the swine flu as im a type 1 diabetic on insulin 4 times a day. i have two children under 5 and they are my world. i would like to know besides doubling my hygiene ( washing hands with anti-bacterial handwash,disinfecting my worktops) what other precautions can i take as i dont want this to affect my family and the people surrounding me. i know that most causes havent severe but i am also aware of people that have died from it and am very scared that almost all of my family fall in the at risk category. please anyone that is very clued on this please respond just need reassuring.

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ksa said on 24 July 2009

I recently went on holiday to spain in which I felt relatively ill on and off. However, once i return to the uk I was prefectly fine. It has only been the last few days were i developed a flu that gave me an extremely high fever and a sore throat were i am unable to drink any liquids, and if i do i usually vomit when i cough. I also had aches in my joints, and also light headedness. It has only been from last night that i feel able to move again, but the sore throat, vomiting, light headness and slight aches remain. I feel myself getting slightly better, so i am not sure whether i need immediate medication.

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haj228 said on 24 July 2009

i have a disabled 2 year old, he has a history of heart problems and has other underlying health conditions, not am i only scared for him but am worried if i get anything myself how will i look after him, i am a very scared single mum there just isnt enough information for us.

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Dulcie Wood said on 23 July 2009

yestoday i felt totally normall..
i was at a friends house and i suddonly felt really really sick. my eyes went really blood shot and i couldnt see anything. then i felt like i was about to be sick so i layed down on my friends bed and i fainted.. only for seconds. when i came back around it was wareing of but my back was acheing and my neak. after about 10 minites i was fine. like it never happed. what shal i do? have i got swine flu?

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Simon1966 said on 23 July 2009

I am living in Bristol & had the very basic symptoms about 2 weeks ago, a cough started out of the blue & my temperature was slightly raised. It only lasted 3 or 4 days & at the lime I hardly noticed it. Only checking this site made me think i had been exposed.
My point is that at the time I had it it was only supposed to be in London & a few places in the north of England. It was & is everywhere & all you can do is take the basic steps to keep yourself safe. Wash your hands often & keep away from people who are sneezing all over the place (the irrisponsible & unaware)....

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User297576 said on 23 July 2009

Hi. My doc thinks I've got swine flu. A couple of nights back, I developed a sudden headache, that was more behind my eyes and started to feel a bit feverish. Yesterday morning I woke up and I felt awful...same ache behind my eyes, couldn't seem to wake up properly, aching, very hot face but feeling freezing, neck and ear ache, blocked and runny nose and generally feeling like I'd got no energy. I went to work which was a 2 hour drive away and when I arrived, I started to feel a little better (although I think the work put my mind off how I was feeling). Anyway, it was in the car on the way back home that I started to feel really ill. The headache increased to a throbbing behind the eyes, my neck hurt, my nose was running and I felt freezing cold. I remember thinking I wanted to pull over and sleep for an hour, I was that tired. Anyway, I picked my partner up from work and he told me he thought I'd better get it checked out. So, I did the symptom checked on here and the results suggested I called my doctors. I waited only 20 minutes for my doctors to call me back and, after a brief chat, told me it was highly likely that I had swine flu. Couldn't believe it!! I was offered tamiflu, but being in my 20's, decided not to take them and my doc agreed that I probably wouldn't need them as I'd be able to cope with the illness as I'd previously coped with flu/a cold. I asked the doc...are you quite certain I've got swine flu because I don't think my symptoms are that bad! She said it was highly likely, and that because I'm young and fit and healthy, it shouldn't wipe me out as much as someone older and in bad health. I slept from 7pm last night all the way through until 7am this morning, woke up for half an hour then slept again for another couple of hours and have been off my food (but have been eating to keep my strength up, maybe I shouldnt!) I can cope with it though...it's not that bad, I find the head ache the worse of it all! x

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hellface4 said on 21 July 2009

I have a really sore throat and sometimes a sore head does this mean I have swine flue?

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Booradley said on 15 July 2009

I have only had the Flu once in my life (I'm 43) and I still remember the terrible feeling of it. I felt at the time like I was going to die. Seasonal flu does kill, some years more than others, but always vulnerable people. Too many people say they have the flu when actually they just have a bad cold. Hopefully we will all learn to take better care of ourselves and our families, and stop thinking we have the flu when it is just a common cold.

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TT11 said on 14 July 2009

My daughter is 2 and over the last couple of days has had a blocked nose which is now very runny, diarrhoea all day yesterday and she's been off her normal food. She's also started coughing this morning but not so much that I was that concerned. However she's happy enough in herself and will eat crisps! After reading up on the symptoms though today and as we are going on holiday on Saturday (in UK), do you think we should have her checked out just in case?

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