Ovarian cyst 


Ovarian cysts

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac of tissue that develops inside an ovary. Find out about the symptoms it can cause, long-term effects and treatment options.

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Who is affected by ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are common. It is estimated that nearly all women who still have monthly periods (from puberty through to the menopause) and about 1 in 5 women who have been through the menopause, will have one or more ovarian cysts.

Ovarian cysts that cause symptoms are much less common, affecting only 1 in every 25 women at some point in their life. 

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An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on a woman’s ovary. They are very common and do not usually cause any symptoms.

In most cases, they are harmless and usually disappear without the need for treatment. However, if the cyst is large or  causing symptoms, it may need to be surgically removed (see below).

An ovarian cyst will usually only cause symptoms if it ruptures (splits), is very large, or if it blocks the blood supply to the ovaries. If this is the case, you may have the following symptoms:

  • pelvic pain 
  • difficulty emptying your bowels
  • a frequent need to urinate
  • a change to your periods, heavy, lighter or irregular
  • indigestion or a feeling of fullness and bloating
  • tiredness

Read more about the symptoms of ovarian cysts.

The ovaries

The ovaries are two small, bean-shaped organs that are part of the female reproductive system.  A woman has two ovaries, one each side of the womb (uterus).

The ovaries have two main functions. They:

  • release an egg approximately every 28 days as part of the menstrual cycle
  • release the female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, which play an important role in female reproduction

Types of ovarian cyst

There are a number of different types of ovarian cyst. The two main types are:

  • functional ovarian cysts - they develop as part of the menstrual cycle and are harmless and short-lived, they are also the most common type 
  • pathological ovarian cysts - they occur as a result of abnormal cell growth (most pathological ovarian cysts are not cancerous) and are much less common

Read more about different types of ovarian cysts.

Diagnosing ovarian cysts

As most ovarian cysts do not cause symptoms, they often go undiagnosed. Or they are diagnosed by chance - for example, during a pelvic examination or ultrasound scan for an unrelated reason.

If you have symptoms that could be caused by an ovarian cyst, you will probably be referred to a gynaecologist (a doctor who specialises in female reproductive health) for a vaginal examination.

Read more about how ovarian cysts are diagnosed.

Treating ovarian cysts

Whether an ovarian cyst needs to be treated will depend on:

  • its size and appearance
  • whether you have any symptoms
  • whether you have had the menopause (post-menopausal women have a slightly higher risk of developing ovarian cancer)

In most cases, the cyst often disappears after a few weeks. A follow-up ultrasound scan may be used to confirm this.

Due to the slightly increased risk of  post-menopausal women developing ovarian cancer, regular ultrasound scans and blood tests are usually recommended until the cyst disappears.

Large cysts, or those that cause symptoms, may need to be surgically removed. Your gynaecologist will be able to discuss this with you.

Read more about how ovarian cysts are treated.


Ovarian cysts do not usually affect a woman's ability to conceive.

If the cyst is large and needs to be removed, it may be possible to carry out the procedure using keyhole surgery (laparoscopy), which may help preserve your fertility.

However, exactly how this is managed will depend on the specific features of the cysts, the blood results and the clinical findings in each individual case.

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Louweez said on 03 November 2014

I am 20 years old and had a medical abortion 2 weeks ago at 8 weeks pregnant exactly. I was told when I had an ultrasound that I have a ovarian cyst on my right ovary and a tilted womb which 1 in 4 women have. I've been experiencing sharp pains in the lower right side of my abdomen and would like to know if this is something that is caused by abortion or if something could be happening with the cyst. Please sensible answers only, I do not want to be judged by my decision to have an abortion and just want to be helped. Thank you

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sarahk32sarah said on 21 October 2014

Hi Im needed any advice on anyone who is getting recurring cysts.
Im 38 years old and was diagnosed in Feb 14 a 16cm dermiod cyst on the right ovary along with an 11cm one on the left.
I had my first surgery in Feb to remove the larger cyst followed by second surgery in April 14 to remove the other cyst both were complex cysts.
A check up ultra sound in JUne 14 showed another large cyst on the left ovary around 9cm this was removed in Aug 14 along with the left ovary. I also had an issue where my organs had all stuck together as a result of the prev surgery.
I thought this was over with after the ovary was removed as the left ovary was the one growing reccurant cysts.
On the follow up ultra sound in Oct 14 i was amazed to discover another 6cm cyst on the left ovary that was meant to have been removed??
After speaking to the surgeon as to why i even still had two ovaries i got told they dont have great visiblity using key hole surgery and i now require a 4th operation in 10 months.
Has anyone had similar issues i need advice thanks

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bazile said on 09 September 2014

Most of the information on ovarian cysts is devoted to pre menopausal women. I am post menopausal by about 10 years. I have had problems with my bowels and this has resulted in the diganosis of an ovarian cyst, which is having an effect on my bowels.

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Sophie1996ross said on 15 August 2014

I'll be 18 next month, the day before my sixteenth birthday (September 22nd) I had awful abdom pains, I didn't know what it was at the time but it was agonizing! 3 days later I went to see my go as the pains hadn't stopped, the first think she tested for was pregancy as I was extremely swollen, but I'd always been big and as I lost weight the swelling had grown so I never noticed. After 6 weeks of visiting my go 2/3 times a week she finally sent me for an ultrasound, where hey discovered i had a 25cm cyst on my left ovary, this of course had to be removed with surgery. Then scanned the cyst twice more before i finally had my operation on the 13th of December 2012. After I woke up from surgery i was told the cyst has grown another 12cm and measured and 37cm when they removed it and they drained 11litres of cancerous fluid from the cyst aswell as removing my left ovary and part of the tube!! At 16 this was extremely scary to hear as I had never even considered that anything like that could have been the problem!!

Make sure you keep on at your gp if you feel something isn't right because I was told by the gyni doc, if that wasnt found when it was it could of killed me!

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phoebeheald said on 25 July 2014

I am now 18 and I have been suffering with lower abdominal pains since I was 14/15. Still, I've been going to the hospital and doctors loads of times and nothing has been found out! Already self-diagnosed myself with this.

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TashaS said on 20 July 2014


I came out of hospital on Friday after being admitted on Monday with severe lower abdo pain and nausea/vomiting, with a one-off occasion of yellowish, watery discharge at the start of the initial pain. After many theories and waiting 4 days to have an ultrasound they finally found that I have a 6cm (approx) ovarian cyst on my right ovary. However, after finding out this information I was told 6cm is the cut-off point for urgent removal and that I would need to see a gynaecologist in an outpatient clinic and was discharged with antibiotics and pain relief.
I'm a little worried as I'm going on holiday to Thailand at the beginning of November and do not wish to ruin my holiday by potentially being in pain or needing to have an op there. My Mum has had several, large cysts taken off her ovaries in the past to the extent where they finally gave her a hysterectomy.
I'm hoping I will be given an appointment for surgical removal because of my family history and holiday coming up but I've been told it's not certain as my cyst is only a simple cyst and only 6cm. Please can anyone give me any advice or has anyone had a similar problem? Thank you.

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nessynoodle said on 24 June 2014

Hi all, ended up in a+e on Sunday 22nd June with sudden severe abdominal pain, Docs thought appendicitis until ct scan, it showed cysts on right ovary, they said one could have ruptured, sent me home the following day saying they were referring me to gynecology department, still in constant pain and now worried even more after reading all your comments, I had my left ovary and fallopian tube removed in November 2013 due to an ovarian tubule mass, now wonderiby how long the referral will take, sick of the way am feeling, constantly feeling ill

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kay benson said on 08 April 2014

i am 16 and have been sent home from the womens in liverpool today. i have a cyst in my right ovary and its really effecting me. no pain relief that i have been sent home with is working. i am lost with what to do i need help!!

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Chrysanthemum2014 said on 13 March 2014


I was recently diagnosed with having two dermoid cysts - one on my left ovary at 8cm and one on my right ovary at 3.5cm. I had two ultrascans and it was only the MRI scan which revealed the cyst on my right ovary. I was told by the medical staff that ultrascans are never 100% accurate because it only conveys an image that is interpreted by the radiologist. My suggestion would be to insist on a MRI with your doctors to get the full picture. Up until this point, I was led to believe that I only had a simple 'chocolate' cyst which may or may not be on my left ovary. The MRI provided a firmer diagnosis.

I have since had a bilateral ovarian cystectomy and have half an ovary left on each side. I have not had children and I am worried that my this would reduce my chances of conceiving. At present there is a question mark hanging over my fertility. If you have any experiences similar to this, please share.

Many thanks.

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helencatlady said on 11 February 2014

Hi Samanine,
you need to insist on another blood test. Did the sonographer tell you what he saw that made him suggest you got bloods re-done? Have you asked your doctor what the results of the ultrasound were? Don't take no for an answer as this is obviously effecting you mentally and physically so they should be investigating it further, don't let them fob you off!! Good luck xxx

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Samanime said on 08 February 2014

Hi All

First time posting here, I really hope someone can help me...

I am currently 20 years old, have been having irregular and extremely heavy periods for 12 years. I have been going back and forth to various doctors within my surgery, who have told me a variety of things: 1) Lose weight, 2) I have depression and it's all in my head, 3) To go on the pill (went on all of them.... made it worse! and 4) I have Asperger's Syndrome so I am more likely to be over exaggerating.

Anyway, after having a blood test after time number 80 of visiting my G.P she initially told me that it is indicative of Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (which they were not doing anything about).

I was then told that I needed to have an ultrasound and an internal scan. I had the ultrasound last week and the sonographer told me that I needed to ask my G.P for blood tests. Yesterday I did and spoke to one of the G.Ps who informed me that in fact now the one from July was perfectly normal.... and that because of that they are not doing another one.

For years I have been struggling with really bad dull abdominal pelvic pain that is there all the time, my abdomen is swollen and fluidy at points (not actual fat), keep having to urinate frequently, keep gaining weight, my moods are all over the place and that my periods are so heavy I have a tendancy of fainting when they eventually arrive due to the alarming blood loss.

I am sorry to bother people with this, I just feel like I am losing my mind with this, I just want to know if I am over reacting.....

Many thanks

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helencatlady said on 05 February 2014

I was so, so relieved yesterday when I received a phone call from the gynae. dept. of the hospital, they have opened up a new operating list with a different consultant. My operation date is the 19th of Feburary! :)

Thank you to who ever listened.

To any other women in my situation it goes to show that if you make enough noise and say that you know it is not safe to wait when you have an ovarian cyst (see my previous posts) someone will listen.

I will re-post when I have had my operation :)

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helencatlady said on 03 February 2014

From reading the posts that other women have put up it seems the NHS have a 'cross your fingers and hope your cyst doesn't rupture or create torsion leading to possible septicaemia' - before we get round to operating on you. I know very well what can happen as this happened with my other ovary/tube 15 yrs ago. I'm sorry but it simply isn't good enough. If you go in as an emergency and not a planned operation it can effect the outcome re. your fertility as you may not have a specialist surgeon operating on you. I suggest this is an area that needs to be urgently looked into by the NHS so changes can be made to their approach. It should not be as my consultant said 'that you have to be presenting in agony and/or being constantly sick' to make the operation urgent, as if you were in this state you could already have septic material inside you!!!!

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helencatlady said on 03 February 2014

Following on from my last post below. I managed to speak to my consultant who has been able to move my operation 2 weeks forward to the 14th May and put me on the cancellation list. This is still a wait of over 3 months more, a total wait of 8 months.
After reading the info. above I realise that the terrible indigestion I have been getting is also a symptom of the cyst. I was not suffering from this before and I also feel pressure up into my diaphragm so I am sure that my cyst has got bigger. Also my fatigue has got worse if I manage to get to Tesco's to do the weekly shop I am totally wiped out afterwards, often needing a sleep.
I also have symptoms of blood in my urine and was sent for cystoscopy last Nov. This was investigated very quickly under the new 2 week cancer risk rule. I had day surgery which was a biopsy of a red patch they found on the wall of my bladder. The surgeon spoke to me in recovery and surprisingly said no biopsy had to be done as the red patch had disappeared, which I was obviously relieved by. But I now have trace blood constantly showing up in my urine again and another sample has been sent to the hospital.
I cant help but think that the two things may be related even though I know that the two systems, urinary and gynae. are separate. When the cystoscopy was done at the hospital the doctor said he could clearly see where the bladder was being pushed inwards by the cyst!
I am at my wits end :( my dad wants to send me private but why should he spend half of his retirement pot on that? So I have requested that the hospital do another ultra sound to see if the cyst has got bigger as all of my symptoms point to the fact that it has. If they will not do this I may ask my dad to pay for an ultrasound privately and then take the scan info. onto my NHS consultant.

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helencatlady said on 01 February 2014

Dear Raferz I fear you may well have an ovarian cyst but at least an ultrasound will set your mind at ease. I will continue my post tmrw. as I am now needing to urinate again surprise surprise!

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helencatlady said on 01 February 2014

I was diagnosed with having a 13cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary 4 and a half months ago. This was actually diagnosed by chance when I went a doctor referred me to my local hospital for an ultrasound of my kidneys, due to my ongoing kidney pain. I saw the consultant at the gynae. dept. of the hospital and was told my operation date was the 22nd of January 2014.
I was actually horrified by the waiting time having experienced myself exactly what happens when you have an unknown ovarian cyst that suddenly ruptures. This happened to me 15 years ago. I remember I had had some sharp pain and dizziness around the time of ovulation and was actually waiting for an appt. for an ultrasound. One Sunday I was suddenly in excruciating pain, I was literally curled up in a foetal position in agony. My partner at the time managed to get me to A&E where upon I was, after what seemed like an eternity I was given an ultrasound. I had an ovarian cyst on my left ovary about the size of an orange that needed surgery straight away. I recovered well but was told that it had been very serious as the cyst and twisted my fallopian tube and cut off the blood supply to my ovary. This had then become septic gangrenous and had it have got into my bloodstream could have caused my death.
So with my previous experience I was counting down the days to my op. My symptoms are needing to wee every 30 mins, kidney/loin pain particularly in the morning, bloating, periods of diarrhoea or constipation, extreme tiredness. The day b4 my op. I began to feel unwell and felt like I was getting a cold so I rang pre-op who advised me to see how i was in the morning. I woke feeling terrible head full of cold, blocked sinuses and nose, chills, constant eyes watering. Needless to say when I rang the day ward I was told by the Sister that I should not come in and not to worry I would be slotted in soon.
My appt. came through and my new date is the 28th May 2014! (continued - sorry 4 long post)

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Rafferz said on 13 January 2014

I've been having pain in my right pelvis/ hip area- gets worse when I stand up from sitting, drive, lie on that side etc. I went to doc today expecting it to be muscular issue - but after he prodded at my belly, stretched my legs etc he said not. I'm now going for blood tests an an ultrasound. He didn't say what it might be but, on reading this, sounds like it could be cysts. Thoughts? Thanks

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Corben0711 said on 08 December 2013

Hello sher808
I am 39. Six years ago I had a huge ovarian cyst on my left ovary, described as being the size of a bowling ball. I also had several other cysts on my right ovary. The cyst on my left ovary had twisted and cut off blood supply to that ovary so it was dead ( prime reason to get them removed) the surgeon could not save this ovary but she removed all of the cysts on my right ovary and I recovered very well and within six weeks was back at work and back to my old self. I already had 2 children and was not thinking about any more, but last year I found out I was pregnant again! So with one ovary it's business as usual! Sadly we did not manage to keep our little boy, we lost him to complications (nothing to do with cysts though) I now have another cyst 14cm - currently being investigated. Surgeons will not just rip out your ovaries Willy nilly, they will save what they can. I had emergency surgery so no prior consultations, I did not meet the person who operated on me until afterwards and she still saved my right ovary. You will be fine and will go on to have children, make sure you express your feelings to your consultant, I am confident that most people who operate on people, choose this career because they are passionate and care about people. Take care x

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sher808 said on 06 December 2013

In a routine self exam i discovered i had an unusal lump in my abdomen, went to gynae who recommended a US. When the result came back it showed i had a dermoin cyst of 15cm on the right and 7cm on the left. The doctors says i will have to operate. I have no pain or discomfort other than shorter periods. I celebrated that. But i whave been reading and i cant see anyone reporting removing the cyst and leaving the ovaries in tact. Must the ovaries be removed? i havent had kids and would like to. So if anyone who has sucessfully removed a cyst this size and still have their ovaries intact could share please. Im so scared!!!

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samanthah1987 said on 13 October 2013

Hi may 2012 I had miscarriage and underwent a d&c. A couple of days later I was in absolute agony and was rushed back into hospital where they said I had PID, I then had a laparoscopy to remove some scar tissue around my ovaries yet I was still in constant pain after lots more visits to the doctors and gynae outpatients they couldn't find anything wrong with me and just fobbed me off then in july 2013 all my feet were swollen and they thought I had dvt which came back negative and they did abdo scans and internal examinations on 2nd of oct I was doubled up in agony with right sided abdo pain and went to see my gp which she thought was appendicitis went back to sau and they did another scan which the sonographer said that my cyst on my right ovary had doubled in size and that's what the pain is, which I then said I didn't know I had a cyst which then she said they had picked it up on my scan back in july I was really mad that they hadn't told me about this and I ended up having surgery to remove the cyst ovary and tube 1 week 4 days later I'm in absolute agony still and the painm as spread to my left side I just don't know what to do any more I've been back to my doctors and they have fobbed me off again with more pain killers which aren't touching the pain..

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shanice1 said on 12 October 2013

Hello, I'm 17 years old, I recently got rushed into hospital with appendicitis, I had a camera in my stomach and the removed my appendix long with an 8cm cyst they found on my ovary, they said I was lucky because if it was any bigger they would of removed my ovary, I have to go back in November, I'm scared incase the cyst comes back as they told me that they cyst wasn't normal, so they sent it off to the lab, I rang the hospital and they said that everything will be discussed at my appointment, then the doctors said its benign, I feel like there's something I've not been told. I just don't understand at 17 why I have a cyst on my ovary and how long has it been there, has anyone else had the same experience? Thanks

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sparkles91 said on 16 September 2013

Hi ladies,
I had a laparotomy to remove a 12cm dermoid cyst and my left ovary in August last year after doctors found a large mass in my stomach, originally thought to be an ectopic pregnancy. They also found smaller cysts on my right ovary, but decided to leave it be for the time being. After a severe hemmorhage they finally operated and removed the whole left side. I am currently waiting for an ultrasound after experiencing pain in my right abdomen, although this is only because I had to fight for it as no follow up appointments since my procedure have been arranged. I'd advise anyone who believes they have a cyst to really push your point when visiting a doctor, as a few years ago I was turned away from A&E in excruciating pain after being told I was being silly and had only pulled a muscle. Don't sit and suffer In silence ladies and don't be put off by unsympathetic doctors! I'm only 21, and could be facing infertilitly, but I would rather that than a lifetime of pain and feeling horribly ill.

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dani9514 said on 13 September 2013

Then apoligised however I have done some reasearch on them and the develop in four major parts of your body, wich is your ovarys, nasal passage, brain, and spine alough I have another one on my right ovary I am really worried about my back pain incase I have one on my spine! I have just changed doctors because I feel he has really let me down and failed me misrably but I believe that 1 out of every 10 woman will develop these in both ovaries and with loosing my left ovary I should have been scanned regular to see if my right one was at risk now there is a chance I will loose my right one and never have anymore children I have just turned 30 and will go through the menapause if this happens I'm worried sick! Has anyone else been in this situation? Ii just can't wait to have this thing out if me its living my lastone developed hair and teeth etc...god knows what this one has I have googled some pics and they are like monsters! Sorry everyone I know its a long story to read hope to hear from one of youse soon. Thanks

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Aroy8 said on 08 September 2013

Hi everyone glad I found this its good to express your pain and feelings, I have been having lower back and leg pain for 6 months I though it was a slipped disc or something so my doctor put me on strong painkillers and I had an MRI it came back normal then I was sent away am am in extreme pain everyday all day and I feel that doctors don't take it seriously or NHS staff after numerous visits. I have noticed bloating, increased tummy plus stretch marks :( nausea and pain in my groin and thighs, I went to the out of hours yesterday seen a nurse she did normal checks and felt my tummy she said ill give you more painkillers and said I need to get my doctor to order me and ultrasound, I am so angry and will be complaining about the NHS and my doctors as its been 6 months now and no one takes the responsibility I think it might be ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer or endometriosis, I am now going to have to call private hospitals and pay a lot of money to get an ultra sound and a CA-125 blood test anyone not had this I would suggest it. Sorry for the rant but I have no one else to speak to.

Ash x

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snoopyloopy said on 04 September 2013

Hi guys. I have just been told the news I have a large complex cyst of 12mm. I'm petrified waiting for my gynaecology appointment. I'm of course worrying I have ovarian caner which see's only 20% survival rate. I have 2 young children. I feel awful. I first presented with symptoms 3 months ago. I told my Dr I thought it was a cyst and she basically told me I don't know that and brushed the idea off. It's took 3 months just to diagnose me. I think it's disgusting. No wonder this silent killer is a big killer in relativity.
I would just like to point out ladies that I am pretty confident you need to say your cyst measurements in millimetres (mm) and not centimetres (cm). Mine is 12mm and that is quite big. So if for example you say you have an 8cm cyst then that is enormous. I know some women do have enormous cysts though.

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Muyi said on 11 August 2013

Hello I just wanted to share my story an hope it helps anyone going through similar situations. April 2013 I had pain on the right side of my abdomen I thought it was my appendix until I went to A&E and the doctor told me I had a mass in my stomach she could feel. Sent for me to have an x ray and said yes there was something there. From that stage it became loads to tests. Ultra sound, gynaecologist consultation and an MRI and blood tests. Discovered it was bilateral dermoid cyst. Right one about 15cm and the left 7cm I was petrified. When coming on this website loads of tales have been told of removing the whole ovary for just 8cm cyst and I thought that's it am never going to have kids and am going to go into early menopause. I am only 23 by the way discovered all this information when still 22. After months of blood test and waiting I finally had my open surgery Monday 5th August at queens hospital. The Dr. manages to remove both the cysts without touching my ovaries. However the right cysts had embedded some of my ovaries about 50 percent. The Dr did and ovarian reconstruction and told me I had more than enough chances for the ovarian tissue on the right side to grow back. Even with one full ovary and half an ovary I was more than content but this just made me over the moon. Reading this site can sometimes be depressing and you lose all hope, I do know that dermoid cyst is one of the safer cyst but am encouraging everyone just to have faith. Test the doctor and ask questions and ask for options and just don't say yes to every suggestion they give you. Yes they are the Dr but it is your body!

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nickiw25 said on 25 July 2013

I had 6cm ruptured cyst on my left overy in May 2012 I had to have open surgery to remove cyst have a wash out. Reconstruct my ovary and follopisn tube. When surgen opened me up my ovary was the size of an apple and had been pushed round to my bowel. The only side affect I got was really heavy periods which I put down to my contraceptive implant in my arm also I was always tired. That was untill my cyst ruptured after a gym workout the pain was excrusiating. I arrived at A&E with a temp of over 40! I spent a whole week in hospital before they give me a scan to see that I had a ruptured cyst before that they was treating me for pelvic inflammatery? The day after scan I was taken to have surgery. I remember a lady suffering with cysts saod to me you will be in here all the time now and she was right since then I have seen in hospital 3 times with cysts on both ovaries had my left ovary and tube taken away and still in cronic pain every month around ovulation and alway tired. Im only 28 or I would just have everything took away.

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Jl3perry said on 16 July 2013

"I have bilateral ovarian cysts. One is fluid filled and simple approx 5cm and the other ovary showed up on the ultrasound as haemorragic or as an endometrioma as it had intermediate echoes and is approx 4cm in size. What are the next steps the doctor/gyn will take?."

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marieevans1990 said on 20 June 2013

I have been having these pains near my ovaries since I was 13 (22 now). I have ben fobbed off by so many doctors with 'oh its probably just normal period pain'
The pain usually lasts around 4-5 days however this time its been 9 days and pain meds aren't really helping. Been to hospital but got to wait for a scan, not sure how long thats going to take.
Struggling right now and not sure what to do.

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sianjane said on 17 June 2013

I have an 18 year old daughter who is in extreme pain. She has been to the doctors and has been told she might have an ovarian cyst. Our GP has requested an urgent scan but this can not be done for another 4 weeks and I am really worried about her. She is only slim anyway but the weight is dropping off of her and she now has a swelling in her groin, do we wait or what. Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

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Lou_lou84 said on 15 May 2013

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advise as I seem to be banging my head on a brick wall with my doctors! From November last year I've had problems with my stomach, indigestion, bloating, really bad pains and pains in my back! I've had 2 ultra sounds which have shown nothing wrong with my stomach or bowels but have shown a 5cm cyst/mass on my ovaries but they have said because I'm only 28 it's nothing to worry about…… having put my symptoms in the search of google I have found they all come to the same conclusion that its possible that its ovarian cancer?? I've told one of my GP this an they have said not to believe all I read on the Internet and not to worry its probably just IBS,?? Anyone think i should get a second opinion? Or just except what they've said?? Thanks in advance for any feed back.

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DawnieG said on 02 March 2013

Thank you all for sharing, So glad I found this page as I have found it reassuring but so sorry you are all suffering the same as I am. I am 49 and had a hysterectomy at 36 (fibroids/endometriosis, but that's another story). I kept my ovaries as I didn't want to go through a premature menopause. I've been extremely tired for the last few years, now I am in constant back,kidney/upper thigh/pelvic pain and can't get through the day without taking painkillers, can't sleep properly and spend half my life in the toilet. After burying my head in the sand for far too long, a couple of weeks ago I felt a large lump on my tummy over my left ovary and despite being the lightest I've ever been in my adult life I can't do my jeans up as my stomach is so swollen, so went to see the GP who got me an urgent ultrasound appointment yesterday. Although they insisted they weren't allowed to discuss it with me I gather there is a 10cm cyst on my left ovary, now I have to wait until Tuesday to see the GP again. I am terrified of having more surgery but just want to get back on with my life again.

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Amanda89 said on 05 February 2013

I am 23 and have been suffering with sever abdominal pains since i was 15, I have been back and forward to different doctors and specialists, put on countless different medication including hormones at the age of 17. At the age of 18 i was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease. In April 2011 i collapsed in work and was rushed to surgery as they thought it was my appendix but it turns out i had bacterial fluid built up in my womb, tubes and cervix which had to be drained. I was then put under another gynecological specialist with yet more medication, in august 2012 i was discharged from the gynecology out-patients. On Thursday i started to experience yet more pain in my left abdomen and a very swollen stomach which just seemed to get worse, so on Saturday i could hardly walk or even stand so my partner rushed me to on call doctors who admitted me to the surgical ward straight away. I was left till Monday until i had a scan which shown me to have to have a cyst on my right ovary with some fluid behind it, They were unsure whether this was fluid or blood from the cyst and i could have endometriosis . I was then told i was able to come home (even though i remain in pain) and be seen by the out-patients again as they didn't have any beds available on the gynecological ward. Today i have been to see my own GP who is very distressed that i had been released as i have low temp and low blood pressure. I was discharged with Tramadol and Paracetamol which wasn't (isn't) touching the pain i have now been taken off them and put on Dihydrocodeine 30mg Two tablets four times a day. I am now waiting again for an appointment. I have suffered for 8 years with this pain and i'm getting rather disheartened that i will never get sorted...My advise to all you young girls, be persistent and stand your ground..you know your own body no one else does.

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jlrl471 said on 30 January 2013

I am 19 now but last year in May when I was 18 I started getting severe adominal pain on my left side. This continued to happen usually around the time of my period each month. I went to the doctors 5 times and each time was given urine tests, pregnancy tests, asked about my bowels, STI tests even had a gynae examination to see if it was pelvic imflammatory disease - all negative! Finally the doctor referred me for an ultrasound but warned me that is was very unlikely to be cysts and in fact when I returned the next week and reported that the pain I had experienced had gone now he offered to cancel my ultrasound! Here to warn people you know your own body, I knew there was something up, make sure you push for investigations! It turned out I had dermoid cysts not just on my left side but also on my right! One measuring 11cm and one 6cm! Need to have an operation to remove both possibly my left ovary removed! Thought that the NHS website on this topic can be very misleading! I am that person who has cysts on both ovaries that are abnormal (dermoid) and will affect my fertility there is also a large chance I will be having open surgery not keyhole. I understand that I am not the majority of people but I read the information on here before my appointment to have the results of the scan and this lured me into a false sense of security. When I was told it was a definite operation as soon as and my fertility would most likely have been damaged by the sheer size of the cysts I was in complete shock properly gutted obviously but even more so because it is not what the info on here leads you to think. Ovarian cysts can be very damaging and extremely painful yes they occur normally in women but do the NHS really think that the women who are reading this page have the average painless cysts that cause no problems?! I don't think so this needs to be edited to give more info on the possible dangers to help people push for investigations before there ovaries get to the removal!

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jess_1990 said on 29 January 2013

When i was 13 years old, i had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. The cyst weighed the same size of 3 sugar bags. ...
Doctors didnt know that i had the ovarian cyst, untill i calasped and had to go to A+E. doctors thought it was my appendix, i then went into theatre for a Laparoscopy, turns out i had a dermoid cyst which was huge and had wrapped around my fallopian tube 8 times. I had the removal of my ovary and falliopian tube. If doctors knew this before my ovary and fallopian tube could of been saved! I am now nearly 18 and still suffer with problems.

If you have symptoms of pain in that area, bleeding go straight to the doctors!

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ashleysb94 said on 22 January 2013

Hello, my name is ashley and im 18. I found out in the start of january i have a cyst on my right ovary. Im due to have a scan the start of febuary to see if its getting bigger or smaller. Ive had mad amounts of pains in my lower abdomen. Also my belly gets hard sometimes and feels uncomfortable, ive put on abit of weight aswell. Im really scared as to whats going to happen with the scan results. Back in september i didnt have a period for 3 months, and has countless of pregnancy tests, blood tests and thankfully im not. But i just want thia pain to go away, ive had enough now, i can still feel the pain now but its only a slight pain :/ f

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Carol45 said on 18 January 2013

I had a scan on Tuesday and my cyst is 15x11x13cm so quite big. Have got a consultant appointment on Monday so will find out the course of treatment. I am assuming I will have to have an op to remove it. It has been growing for 11 months (the dr originally thought it was my IBS!). I saw it on the screen and it was black which a doctor friend of mine said was good as it usually means it s full of fluid. It is on my right ovary and the doctor who did the scan couldn't see how it was attached to the ovary as it was so big. My left ovary is normal. Hoping for good news on Monday....

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Nicola8691 said on 17 January 2013

I had an ultra scan on monday and they found a lump 17cm by 11cm. they said it has a black mass and have prepared me for ovarian cancer. im praying its just a cyst. has anyone else been told it looked like a solid mass and then it turned out to be a cyst or did they syggest something else at the ultra sound? got CT scan tomorrow . any input appreciated

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jlg22 said on 06 December 2012

During the last month I found out a had a cyst, had lots of scans and hospital appointments and last week I had my EXTREMELY large ovarian cyst removed. I thought I would comment on this because during the process of my ovarian cyst I would read different stories on different websites and I found it comforting.
I have only just turned 22 and have never had problems with my ovaries/periods or anything before.
The cyst the removed from me last week was 35 cms long and I have lost just under 2 stone now it has been removed! Through the summer months I felt like I was gaining weight, had constipation, back pain and pain during sex but like most people do I put it down to other things and ignored it.
I eventually went to the doctors on the 31st October, within 3 weeks I had a ultra scan, CT scan, blood tests, had a gyne appointment, met my surgeon and had it removed less than a week after meeting my surgeon.
Due to the size of my cyst they could not see what organs it was attached to (if any), what ovary it was coming from or anything else, basically I was 'full up' right from my ovary upto my boobs, I looked pregnant and my tummy was rock hard.
The treatment I have received from the NHS has been fantastic, I can not praise them enough. As scary as it was going down the oncology pathway they reassured me it was VERY low risk and as it turns out my massive cyst was benign, it was just SO BIG.
Due to the size of my size the incision is from my belly button all the way down to my bikiki line, not great but a small prize to pay! Recovery has been fine so far, just sore, swollen and uncomfortable, stitches being removed soon. I spent 2 nights in hospital and again I was treated wonderfully. I had a epidural for pain relief which was fantastic.
The NHS have been so supportive and when a cyst can potentially cause harm they get you seen to SO quickly.

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anbuma said on 22 October 2012

dont know if i have a cyst but believe so.do have lipomas(dercums disease?)lower .abdomen so swollen & painful both sides cannot sleep & also sore onleft sidedr said gynae was keeping check on ovaries when had op in august fro stress incontinence-not so he never mentioned it &
wheni asked he said go to DR fro referral..saw dr on thur-refused to refer to gynae.abdo more swollen in last 2 weeks - 2-3",ongoing for year + painful & protruding ribs(left side)and cough which lasted 4 weeks -dr did nothing.also swollen nose & eyes with bruising & headpain.given a spray. end of. not able to eat much -breakfast cereal & small lunch thats it.told dr this-fell on deaf ears.
have fibromyalgia(diagnosed 2005)and things worse in last 14 months.all scans clear.when said abdo is more swollen and solid mass dr just said We know that.

last resort to go to A&E as DR not listening ,cannot change gp practces as have been advised.
also lost weight recently(thru not eating?)

also i ahve gained about 2.5-3 stone in few years -which can only be one reason having read others' stories it has to be a cyst?
fed up with DR not taking me seriously.feel even my family dont believe me.more support from others in forums.find things out oninternet cos drs dont give you any answers.my dogs have more compassion than dr and they sense things arent right.

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User717704 said on 09 October 2012

I had one recently back in 2010. So i was out one night unaware with this. I ended up going to use the toilet on a night out in the pub (locally), I had a few beers so i needed to urinate frequently.

All of a sudden I heard a click, and then I wasn't able to walk.. Anyways following that it was very painful. I went to see somebody regarding that because I needed to go into hospital, and so after the assessment and an ultrasound, they ruled out that i had an 8cm in diameter cyst that had burst. Looking back on this, they said it must have existent for a few years.

Regarding to all these things, I had frequent painkillers since i was on morphine from the pain. I had to rest alot to heal. But i didn't think i would have ever experienced that in the first place.

The GP did mention however, they are common, sometimes we women produce more follicles during our menstrual cycle, and therefore end up creating fluid pockets as you like within the Fallopian tubes. Cysts are common in all women, many people have discarded the card these days that it is not a diagnosis on PCOS. Depending on how often you know you have them is very good to know, but sometimes no symptoms for cyst's are diagnosed.

I get recent sharp pains sometimes, especially if i am partaking in physical activity, such as sprinting. I end up feeling nauseated sometimes too for unknown reasons.

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sundaygirl said on 23 September 2012

I have had pelvic pain on and off for a few years. I managed to get an ultrsound and a transvaginal scan which showed what i was told were functional cysts. I was told this was normal and that 96% of women had them. So far so good. Then this past few months i started getting sharp stabbing pain in right ovary, accompanied by a sort of shivery "shock" feeling all over my right side. I have bad acne, insulin resistance and persistent weight gain so i went back to GP last week and said i thought the cysts were causing trouble. When i told her that i was having trouble emtying my bowels completely (sorry tmi!) she told me i was constipated and gave me movicol and told me to take it for 2 weeks then come back if pain still there.
I am not constipated, the sharp stabby pain is still there making me feel sick and shivery. Feel bloated and sooo tired, all the time.But no one listens. I'm sick of living like this.

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DottyPoppy said on 14 September 2012

I visited my doctor in early August because I had really severe 'period' pain which actually stopped me from laying down and sleeping. The pain was in my lower back, my lower abdomen, and down my legs almost to my knees, but it was the pain in my groin which was the worst. I've had gradually worsening period pains for a while now but this scared me as I have never had pain like this before and it happened two nights running, so I decided I needed to speak to the doctor. She confirmed my abdomen was unusually swollen and a bit lumpy so sent me for an ultrasound. This has recently confirmed I have two cysts, apparently one quite large and one a bit smaller.
I have today now had a blood test for CA125, the cancer marker, and I am going to be referred to a gynie at the hospital, although I have had to ask for an urgent appointment as a routine one can take 8 - 12 weeks !! If I have something more sinister I want it sorted as quickly as possible so am not prepared to wait 12 weeks.
After reading everyones experiences on here I realise you have to insist you are taken seriously and demand certain courses of action. I intend to demand removal of my cysts and whatever necessary to ensure I get back to better health. I urge everyone to read up on the symptons and possible treatments and not be fobbed off to suffer long term as some poor souls on here have.
Will keep you all informed of my journey, but till then take care.

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loumall said on 12 September 2012

I get really bad pains in my back just before my period that are so intense i can not move,i went to my gp who basically dismissed me saying it was due to my age!!!!!!! so i just suffered until they got that bad i also had pains in my legs, my stomach was bloated despite being on a diet the weight did not go. I am so tired all the time i eat just small amounts and am full so i had enough and went back to my gp to demand they do something and after being fobbed off and suffering for 6 months i have fnally been sent for a scan. After reading some of the posts i am totally shocked

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Kareemah29 said on 12 September 2012

Hello, I read most of the stories but I still have yet to find one similar to mine. I am 21. I had an ovarian cyst at the young age of 18months. Upon entering the ER, I was rushed into surgery. Successful but I guess do to my age, my hospital stay was 2 Weeks. I don't know much.other than what I've been told. I'm waiting on my records to be sent to my home. My mother told me the doctor said I may never had kids, the chances would decrease as my age.increased. Well, idk about that for sure. I have a daughter. She'll be two soon. My father denies my surgery but I have grown up with 3 scars across my waistline so I know the surgery took place for sure. Ovarian cysts also run in my family. My aunt had a miscarriage after 5 months. Her story goes on... But as for me, I want to see a similar story. And more than anything, I'd like to see my records!

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Elizabeth L R said on 01 September 2012

I am 18 years old but was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst when I was 13. I went to the emergency doctors with severe pain in my lower right abdomen and was immediately admitted to hospital as the doctor thought it could be appendicitis. I was checked over by a doctor where she pressed on the side that was hurting to try and locate the exact cause of the pain and when I went to sit up I felt excruciating pain in my right abdomen. The doctor was not certain of appendicitis because I was not vomiting but I was given blood tests, set up on an IV and kept in for the night. The next day I went for an ultrasound scan where they found something on my right ovary. I was scheduled for a laparoscopy that afternoon and when I woke up, was told that a 6cm x 7cm ruptured ovarian cyst had been removed from my right ovary. It turns out that the night before when I felt my pain worsen was when the cyst had ruptured. I was allowed home the next day and the doctor reassured me that what had happened wasn't the cause of anything that I had done and that it would not affect my ability to have children in the future. I recovered well from the surgery but began feeling twinges of pain again about a year later. Because doctors thought my pain was related with scar tissue from the surgery, it took until I was 16 to be finally diagnosed with endometriosis which I have now learned could have caused the cyst in the first place. It is a painful condition but now that my doctor had found a treatment that works for me, I am able to cope with it fine.

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CharleyH said on 20 August 2012

My name is charley I am 17.
I was admitted to hospital a week ago with suspected appendicitis. where I had a tummy x ray and numerous blood tests, it was all fine so I was sent home on the Monday with my diagnoses being a water infection. By Tuesday night I was in so much pain so I went back to A&E I spoke to a surgeon who asked me questions ten that was it I was admitted again. The next day I had more blood tests, An ultrasound and another tummy X-ray and it all came back fine but I was still experiencing pain. I was sent for a CT scan on the Thursday and it found out that I had two cysts one on my left ovary and one on my right, the right was bigger than my left. Bearing in mind I am 17 the doctor told me this shocking news when I was on my own (without family being there) So of course I got really upset. I was told they wouldn't operate unless it was over 5cm because of my age and everything and luckily it is under 5cm, I was still in a lot of pain so I was kept in for a further two days until I came home yesterday. I now have to take 20 tablets a day Untill I go back to hospital in three months to have a scan to see how everything is. I read through my discharge letter and the right cyst measures 4.8 x 3.9cm, which is obviously very close to 5cm but I just hope with the tablets I have been given the cysts will shrink without the need for an operation.

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Aaeesha said on 13 August 2012

When I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst this year, it came as a massive shock to me. Primarily because I had limited pain and didn't really add all of my symptoms up to appreciate what my diagnosis could be. I thought my usual irregular uncomfortable periods were normal for me, the bloating a form of food allergy and the extreme tiredness a result of a long commute to work and a stressful job. In total, I was shocked, scared and thought the absolute worst.

I had to insist my GP refer me for a scan when all the gastrointestinal tests etc came up clear. I eventually had a diagnosis and made a choice of the treatment facility I wanted to attend (I eventually got a referral after causing a fuss with my GP). I saw the gynae consultant quite quickly, made a decision on my surgery, got a date and had my procedure 10 days ago. I was horrified at the thought of having laparoscopic surgery as I had never had surgery for anything before. The procedure was done as a day case procedure, everything went much better than I ever expected and I came home the same day. My pain was well controlled in the treatment facility and despite feeling extremely delicate and tender, I have managed on paracetamol and a few ibuprofen. It is early days but I seem to be doing quite well.

I think the purpose of my story is that there can be good, positive outcomes for a lot of patients. Being aware of how to negotiate the system comes in handy, as does persistence and going to the right healthcare provider. I would encourage everyone to proactively seek the outcome you want; read around, be persistent and stay positive.

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stay posistive said on 10 July 2012

I agree with Megamum you are left wandering when you are finally going to get to the end of the road in terms of treatment. I had my first cyst when I was 21 and had gyney problems ever since and i am now 50. I had my womb removed but asked to keep my one enlarged ovary in .this was when I was 40 now again I have been dignosed with another cyst I think it was caused by Endometriosis and the consultant was suprised I did not know i have had this for some time. Consquently i am constantly tired ( I thought this was down to my menopause which started not too long after my womb was removed) I now released looking at everyone's comments that this is being caused by the cyst. I also constantly going to the toilet to wee only to find that while my bladder felt full there is hardly any passing of urine, this means I am constantly looking for the elusive toilet on my travels its tiring. I have had several cysts over the years but manage to get rid of them by using Epsom Salts in a hot bath - I know this might not work for everyone but it did for me on several occasions and after seeing the blood afterwards there was no pain afterwards so I guess it burst I could be wrong however this cyst by pass this method so waiting to for a Care Plan in six weeks does this mean its a code I will have to wait for months for treatment. I am going on holiday soon so worried that I become ill overseas does anyone know if thishappens does your insurance ( medical) pay out even though they know I have a cyst or should I consider cancelling as I am on the plane for at least 10 hours worried if it will ruptered via the pressure.

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bianco905 said on 11 June 2012

Im 51 yrs young and gone through menopause, diagnosed back in Jan 2012 with a cyst on each ovary, one the size of a tennis ball, had MRI which also showed endometriosis attached to bowel. Had appointments with gyny doc and oncologist doc and pre op assesment a few months ago, just found out my gyny surgeon off sick after having back operation. Only found this out from oncologist appointment through chatting, no one has informed me that this could delay my treatment or if alternative arrangements are available. Does anyone know what the hospitals should do so that treatment is not delayed. I believe there is an 18 week care plan from diagnosis, not sure how this works or who to complain to, any suggestions.

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Sunshine71 said on 05 May 2012

I’ve been reading everyone’s comments about ovarian cysts and thought I would share my experience as well.
I’d always been a big person so decided to go on a diet, I started to eat very healthy, and do lots of exercise. My weight started to drop, and drop, and my dress size got smaller and smaller. However my shape started to look as if I were pregnant, heavily pregnant!
I visited my GP who in turn sent me for an ultrasound. It turned out I had a massive cyst which filled my entire inside, pushing my vital organs about. In fact the origin of the cyst could not be identified just from the ultrasound.
I only knew something was amiss by my shape, as there were no changes to my monthly cycle, everything was “to the day” and I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever.
I was referred to a gynecologist and had further scans etc which showed a cyst on my left ovary. Within a month I had an operation to remove the cyst and I also had my left ovary removed.
The cyst was 30cms and weighted 15lbs (no wonder I looked pregnant) I lost over a stone in an hour!!
My histology results came back all clear (begin)
I now have a very neat scar that runs from my bikini line up, around the inside of my bellybutton and to about 4 inches above my bellybutton.
I was advised to rest, not lift anything heavy, and not to drive for 6 weeks after the operation, but I recovered a lot quicker.
My right ovary still works perfectly each month, however I do get a shooting/stabbing pain at the time of ovulation each month where my left ovary used to be, could this be a “phantom” thing??? I’ve read online that this can occur for a few months after surgery, but my operation was 16 months ago.
I had my operation in an NHS hospital and the care from my consultant and the nursing staff was amazing, I couldn’t thank them enough.

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Pinny42 said on 29 April 2012

I have been having a dull pain on right side going into my groin for months now which is painful in the morning but doesnt go during the day was very painful during the start of my period
Could this be cysts ?
Going for a scan this week to find out any advice

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xxsusanxx said on 24 April 2012

so many people seem to be having the same problems as myself.. started few yrs ago pain in lower right side of back and right side at front was sent for an ultrasound scan to be told i have 2 cysts 1 measuring 2.5cm and other 3cms doc said i should not be in the pain that i am in.. to date i have had 3 scans regarding this and was back at hospital last week.. the doctor said he wants to do yet another scan and also done blood marker tests. i have no clue what they are. he said he would only contact me if they showed anything well i received a letter today and i have to go back in 2 weeks time to see the doc.. can anyone tell me what these bloods he has taken are for please.. i am at my wits end with all of this.. i even asked them to take away my cervix and ovaries as they are no use to me considering my womb was removed nearly 11 years ago but was told it was a complicated operation and could cause more problems.. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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nortone said on 21 April 2012

Update - Post Op

I went into hospital Wednesday and had my dermoid cyst removed. The surgeon was surprised at the size, it measured over 12cm and was full of hair. The surgeon was not able to separate it from the ovary and the right ovary was also removed via laparotomy. Fortunately, the left ovary was clear. There was a lot of infection in my abdomen (which may account for the pain I was in). The cyst has been sent off for histology reports and I should hear from my GP in 2 weeks. I am keeping everything crossed.

I spent 1 night in hospital and cannot fault the care I received. The nurses on the ward were wonderful.

I'm now home and to be honest, I didn't realise I would be in this much pain....I can't lift anything, can't sit up and am finding it hard not to be able to do things for myself. I have 4 scars, one through my belly button, one on each ovary site and one in my bikini line. All have disolvable stitches.

I've had to listen to my body and just rest. I am taking Ibruprofen during the day and codeine at night (which knocks me out). I've been signed off work for 2 weeks.

I'm starting to take small walks to try and build my strength up and hope that the pain will start to subside over the next few days.

I'm just very glad that the cyst has been removed and am looking forward to getting back to normal.

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carer66 said on 13 April 2012

Great news, pre op on monday for hysterectomy, cant wait to take my life back...pain free.

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nortone said on 10 April 2012

Update....after being placed on a 20 week waiting list for a laparotomy I went back to my GP to ask if they could do anything. They spoke to my hospital consultant and brought the procedure forward. I am now due to go into hospital next Wednesday to have the dermoid cyst removed. This will still be almost 5 months after going to the GP....but better than the timescale originally quoted.

During the pre-op I mentioned that I am now having discomfort in the left ovary (the tests were done back in January and a dermoid was found only on the right ovary). They have said that I can consent separately for the left ovary on the day of the operation.

I have consented to have the rt dermoid removed and possible removal of the right ovary. I do not want both ovaries removed unless there is absolutely no alternative.

The pain seems to have gone but I am in constant discomfort and have constant back pain. I will be very glad to have the procedure.

I can't thank my GP enough for chasing this up for me. It's just a shame that the NHS waiting lists are so long.

I would urge anyone to go back to their GP if you are in discomfort or pain.

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Mojopearl said on 10 April 2012

Can anyone tell me how long it should take from GP appointment to trans-vaginal scan to see if there are ovary problems? I've been waiting 3 weeks for an appoinment already. Any answer really welcome as of course very worried whilst waiting.

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carer66 said on 05 April 2012

sorry i didnt think my first post would show

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carer66 said on 05 April 2012

I went to my gp because of water work problems, went for a scan were it was discovered i had a very large cyst on my left ovary, two smaller ones in my tubes and another cyst on the outside of my uterus,both ovaries are very enlarged and i also have fibroids,they booked me in for a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy last month, the surgeon described one of the cysts as 'massive', my follow up appointment is next week and im so scared of them saying they are not going to do anything, i havent had a decent nights sleep in a long time because of the pain and the constant need to pee,the odd night i do sleep i wake up with the most awful kidney pain, sex has become the most awful painful thing i have ever experienced and i really cant take any more it is affecting me mentally. i actually regret going for the tests in the first place,cant understand why i wasnt treated during the investigations and i hace an awful feeling after reading all these posts im going to be fobbed off.

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carer66 said on 05 April 2012

i'm dreading going for my follow up appointment next week incase they say they are not going to remove my cysts, it is affecting me mentally now,the pain starts as soon as i get into bed and is making me feel so down, i really cant take much more of it, you would be done for cruelty if you let an animal suffer like this.

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carer66 said on 05 April 2012

Bloomin heck i cant believe some of these stories, i went to my gp because i was having trouble with my water works,i was sent for a scan were i found i had pco,cysts in my tubes,a massive cyst on my left ovary,a cyst on the outside of my uterus and fibroids,i went in for a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy,the surgeon described the cyst on my left ovary as 'massive', i'll see you in 6-8 weeks, my appointment arrived for 15 weeks time,i called and they changed it to 11th april, i dont sleep at night because of the pain and the amount of times i need to pass water, the odd time i do sleep i wake up with the most awful kidney pain, sex is out of the question because it hurts so much and i feel like im losing my mind, i feel about 5 months pregnant, i cant get my head around the fact that the surgeon just had a look at what the scans had already told him what was there, the thing that scares me is going back next week and being told they are not going to do anything, do they remove them or as some have said just wait and see.

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Mary1961 said on 25 March 2012

Just an update I had my appointment with the gynea consultant last Thursday after 2 bloodtests 1 for ovary function and one for cancer. Thank God the cancer one is negative but I wasnt told it was for that I only knew cus I was a nurse long ago. Anyway the consultant was nice but I was only in his office for about 5 mins and that included another scan. I am due to go in to have it removed on the 16th by keyhole surgery and they are going to take both tubes and ovaries away.
I an ok with this as I am 51 and they havent worked for years. I am hoping that all the pain will go after. I will update you all after the OP.

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hanz123 said on 23 March 2012

Hi guys i wonder whether some of you could give me any advice, i have been reading alot of comments on here about how alot of you haven't been treated very well in regards to the cysts you've had and alot of people feel they've been palmed off. I was diognosed with a cyst on my right ovary which was found just after i had suffered with a nasty urinary tract infection, i was scanned internally to check the size of the cyst and then went to see a gyny who did a smear test (i am 21) and did some checks, i was told to come back in 6 months to see if the cyst had gone. Like alot of you i have been in some pain, not to the point where i am in agony but have had a dull ache, feeling exhausted and bloated. I am due to go back for my follow up appointment next week and i still have the pain which has got worse over time i wondered what advice you could give me when i go for my follow up. I know my cyst is still there i can feel it and i really want it to be gone, i don't want it to get to a point where it ruptures and i am in terrible pain. Do i need to be persistant with the Gyny and press for something to be done? Or do i just take his advice? I have a feeling he will just palm me off again but i really want something done about it. Help xx

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Missy10 said on 21 March 2012

I have suffered with numerous ovarian cysts for the past 13 years, I found out I had them when one burst when I was 15. I am in terrible pain daily it can get so bad that it floors me, literally I was suddenly hit with a really bad pain, the other day, and fell down the stairs. I was sent to a gynecologist a few years ago and was told "ovarian cysts don't cause pain. Bye." I came out after less than a minute in the consulting room feeling as if I was wasting their time and was never given a follow up appointment. All I have been given for the past 13 years has been painkillers and have just been referred to the pain clinic as my GP says anything else is too drastic even though I have asked for something else to be done because I'm fed up with being on painkillers. My GP also told me they no longer freeze off the cysts, the remove the whole ovary. I see on here they mentioned all the methods in which they'll treat you, buy in my experience they don't, they just mask the problem with painkillers, which are meant to be a temporary measure.

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leeper said on 19 March 2012

I don't know what gynecologist would say cysts don't hurt. While not all cysts are painful, many are uncomfortable and can be very painful. It can cause uncomfortable pressure, dull pain, and very sharp pain especially when it gets twisted. I went for many years with pain from cysts and endometriosis. Every Gyn I have seen has told me that both problems can be very bothersome. Listen to your own body and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. I do want to say that you should not be afraid most are not life threatening.

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Mary1961 said on 17 March 2012

I have suffered from what I can only describe as period pains for the last few months as I have had a coil in and havent had any periods for 4 years I wondered why 2 months ago I was in so much pain I went to A&E where after about 3-4 hours of painkillers (morphine etc) the pain went I had a MRI which revealed nothing so was sent home. Just after thas I started to have a pain iunder my ribs, which I thought I had caused when excercising.
A month later I was with my daughter at her 8 month scan when the pain started again. I went home and the next day visited my GP again I explained about the pain and the Young lady suspected kidney stones, while I was there I told her that I had lost the threads to my coil and she decided to send me for a scan.
This Thuirsday I was told by the hospital that I have a 12cmx10cm cyst on my right ovary I have been refered to the Gyneacologist and should be seen in the next few weeks as my case is classed as urgent.
The reason I am commeting is that if I had not lost the threads on my coil I would still be being investigated for kidney stones and treated for pulled rib muscles. Am I lucky!?

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nortone said on 16 March 2012

I had terrible abdominal pain behind the belly button and around the groin. The pain kept me awake at night and I visited a walk-in centre in December who said it could be a bowel spasm or stress. I then developed pains under my right rib cage and pains in my chest. The pain was so bad I couldn't catch my breath.

I visited my GP in January of this year. They sent me for a chest x-ray (clear), bloods, which came back to show I was anaemic and an ultra-sound scan.

The sonographer did a trans-vaginal exam and discovered a 2.5 cm cyst and a suspected dermoid cyst measuring 6cm on my right ovary. He said I should have a 2 week referral to a gynaecologist.
Instead, the gynae appoinment came through for 6 weeks time. I went back to my GP and had the appointment brought forward.

The Gynae did an internal examination, said she also thought it was a dermoid cyst and that I would be placed on a waiting list to have the cyst removed by keyhole.

I am now on a 20 week waiting list! This is not acceptable. They are 'assuming' it is a dermoid but will not know if it is benign until it is removed. I can feel the cyst. I have constant back pain, pain around the abdomen and am suffering with extreme tiredness. My CA125 is slightly raised but the GP said this can be caused by the cyst... I've Googled this and have terrified myself.

The gynae said that a cyst should not cause pain (they may want to read the threads above). So if mine is causing pain, why isn't it being treated urgently??

I have visited my GP to ask if the appointment can be brought forward as I am so worried about this. I have also developed pain in my left ovary.

I've not had much experience of the NHS as I've been healthy up until now. I am extremely disappointed with the waiting times. I'm being made to feel I'm a nuisance when I call the hospital. They are not living with the worry and pain of this. I just want it taken out

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jamiehope said on 15 March 2012

after suffering horrible stomach pain 18 months ago after test and MORE test doctors found a 5x5cm ovarian cyst on left. i fell pregnant which was fine but 9 months ago i gave birth, a week later i was rush into hospital with horrendous abdominal pain after suffering with dull achy pain for previous 2days my cyst had burst which also knocked my appendix. i had sugery and were both removed but 9month later (2wks ago) i had more pain (after i run) i went to my doctor who said it was a urine infection and put me on antibiotic. nothing worked and the pain got worse so i went back to my doctors and now he is saying i may have another ovarian cyst! im so upset and really cant do any more surgery.... i just dont want it to burst again! does any know if they will wont to remove my ovaries or not?

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krivers said on 07 March 2012

Its odd most people have reported pain when their not supposed to cause pain, mine is also painful. I'm waiting surgery to have my 8cm left ovarian cyst removed, I've named her Celia :) I've been told I might lose my whole left ovary.
I was annoyed with the NHS because I went for an ultrasound May 2011 and was told everything was fine. It wasnt until I went back to my GP Janurary 2012 for an unrelated problem that a different doctor suggested a follow up ultra sound which found my cyst. I know people who have had smaller cysts burst and been in agony, so I'm trying to take things easy until its removed, but I also feel tired and sleep more than usual! Its odd to think how something so simple can cause so much agro to so many different people, although I am sorry you've all had to go through ovarian cysts it is very comforting to know I'm not alone and its inspiring to read all your stories! so Thank you to you all for sharing

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danzella said on 27 February 2012

I was just reading all your stories and thought that I would share mine - luckily I seem to have had much more luck with the NHS than some of you! I lost my baby last year on 2nd September and at the follow up scan a week later they discovered 'something else' in there. I had an ultrasound in the October which was inconclusive. I saw a consultant in November who said that she was sure it was a fibroid but they would do MRI just to sure and as they were so sure it was a Fibroid they would write with the results. Had the MRI in December and then panicked at beginning of Jan when I got a letter saying I needed blood tests done and an appt with another consultant. Had the tests done and saw the consultant at end of Jan who was very honest with me and said that they still weren't sure what it was but could be cancerous and they would not know until taking it out. Had my surgery on Wednesday (22nd Feb) and get the results next Monday but consultant said it does not look like it was cancerous. It weighed over 2kg and I had no symptoms whatsoever that anything was there!! Although my right ovary and tube was also removed I would recommend anyone having it done. I do not have children and after loosing my baby last year I do really want kids - I still have one ovary so still can conceive. As I said I have been really lucky and the NHS in my area have been amazing.

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Rachel39 said on 22 February 2012

Hi i was told on Dec 28th 2011 i had a 5cm cyst on my right ovary ever since i have felt very tired and in pain like labour pain or a dull ache 24/7 been on every painkiller going and nothing takes pain away.Unsure if me been wiped out all the time is normal with the cyst? As i could happliy sleep 24/7 hubby away so dealing with 2 grown kids and house work did have a job but due to health i had to give it up can anyone out there help as going a bit mad thinking there could be something else wrong when all bloods are saying different as theres nothing else going on so is my tiredness all down to my cyst and as ive had it so long ive named it (Cyril) advice gratfully recived

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bethany18 said on 18 February 2012

on wednesday 15th feb 2012 i wnt to my local GP and told him about pains lower belly and he said it was apendisitous and he has never been wrong and that i would need to stay in over night at hospital incase i needed to be observed and have them out.. i got to the hospital and was sent home and told to come back the next day for an ultra-scan to see if they can determine what it was. i was then told i had 2 syst's on my ovarie one was quite a size larger than the other one and was bleeding which is causing the pain and discomfort. i was then told when i had seen the consultant that if the pain hadn't eased within the next month then i have to see a gynacologyst.

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MelVic said on 16 February 2012

I was in A & E last November 14th with very bad pain in my lower abdomen & lower back, I also felt weakness in my legs. The Doctor I seen at first thought that it was apendacitus but after an examination I was told they did not think that it was and so where going to send me for an ultra-sound scan the next morning. I was given strong pain killers Morphine, Tramadol & codine. The next day I had a scan and was told I had a csyt on my ovary that was around 3cm x 3cm x 3cm and that I would see a consultant to see what they suggested to do about it. A consultant cam e to see me the next day and decided to do some watchful waiting to see what happens, needless to say the pain did not go and for the whole of December I still felt very poorly. I went to have an ultra-sound on the 29th Dec to be told the cyst had gone and I was now okay? I went to see a consultant a couple of weeks later who examined me and told me that the pain in my lower back, lack of appitite, extrememe tiredness and two stone weight loss in two months was down to a possible bowel problem as I had suffered with constipation (but realised myseld it was the codine) stopped taking the codine and now have very loose bowel movemnts on a daily basis but I am putting this down to me not eating as much as normal, not by choice but because i feel full after a few mouthfuls of food. My GP decided it was in my head and put me on anti-depressents and told me to see how I go. I took the advice which was at the end of January and thought maybe they was right but then this week on Monday 13th February I recieve a call from the hospital to ask me to go back for an ultra-sound as even though the consultant had signed me off saying it was not a gynalogical problem they had again looked at my pictures from the previous scan and another Doctor wanted me to have another as the picture was blurred! I went to the hospital yesterday and was told that the cyst is still there!

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lxj3nkins said on 08 February 2012

after reading the info and everyones stroies id thought id share mine.
in august 2011 i started to notice i was getting lots of random pains in my lower abdomen and that my periods although they have always been pretty irregular they where now going crazy! after ignoring it for a few weeks and taking pain killers when it pained i started to get sent home from work alot because i was doubled over in pain and you cant massage at work when your that sore! i finally went to see my new gp after moving to london a few month before it all started and he gatve me metofolic acid? rubbish. i was back after a few days in pain again, and he decided to schedual a US the snographer said she would pass the results to my gp. the next day i was rushed to a&e and seen a gp there who gave me pain relife injections and told me i had a cyst as he could check the notes from the scan i had. let alone 2 days later i was in a&e again where another dr told me i would need to stay overnight to see they gynae team. they scanned me again the following morning and found i had a ruptured cyst and several others. this was november. in december i was rushed in again by my own gp to find i had another rupture. at this point now while im writing i know within a few days i will be back as after having a month were iv only had aches in my left ovary area i am feeling sick dizzy and the pressure and ache is worsening like the last twice i ruptured. i have seen the gynae just 2weeks ago who said they hope it could die off as i havent had a problem in a while, well she spoke way too soon as i might see her again by the end of the week. but they really do just push you from pillar to post i am on reduced duties at work by my gp because of the swelling and cant do some aspecs of my job like massaging, ive just turened 21 and having to go through this and all the drs want to do is keep an eye on me! my next appointment was ment to be 3mth from end of jan, my appt is in may? dont the nhs do math?

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User641512 said on 04 February 2012

can someone please tell me if you have an ovarian cyst and you go for a ultra sound can they tell you on the same day if you have a cyst or do you have to wait for the results?

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12345Me12345 said on 24 January 2012

Im 19. Chirstmas 2011 I was in Hospital with lower admoanal pains- They thought it was my appendics. Then they fount it was a cyst on my overy which had burst. Now I have cysts and lumps under my arm pits, under my breast now. I went to the doctors today they are sending me for a blood test tomo- I've searched on the itnernet and that and it said all of those symptoms may lead to cancer? :/

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mini76 said on 16 January 2012

beano97 - read nhs website on FIBROIDS. that might be your case.

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mini76 said on 16 January 2012

to beano 97 - have you been checked for FIBROIDS? check the nhs website for more info on them. heavy bleeding and being anaemic, especially is connected with this.

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Beano97 said on 15 January 2012

I went back to my doctors numerous times as I had periods lasting from 10 days to 6 weeks from 2008. I was told there was nothing wrong even tho I explained they were extremely heavy. Finally in aug 2010 I was sent for an internal, it was diagnosed I had a cyst of 30mm on my right ovary. was told I would be referred to a gynaologist. I recieved a letter with an app Dec 2010 who after I told the history was thi would be sorted shortly. I had another internal in jan 2012 then was told the cyst was still there but it would be a case of returning in 4 months - I am having to take pain killers to function & even tho my doctors constantly say nothing is wrong, I am anemic.

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weechris said on 04 January 2012

I have been having pain in the right ovary area for the best part of a year now. I was sent for an ultrasound scan by my GP and also had a Ca125 blood test done. The ultrasound was clear and the Ca125 test was normal. I have had breast cancer, so have been concerned about spread to the ovary which can be common. I was more relaxed when the tests were clear, but recently I have been experiencing more severe pain in the same area, which, in recent days has spread to the left side. The pain also radiates to my back. I also experience a sharp pain on my right side when I lean on that side. Obviously, my big worry is that my previous breast cancer has spread to my ovaries, but, having said that, I have been experiencing this pain for about a year now with no further symptoms, so I do take heart from that. I know I have to go back to my GP and get a definite diagnosis, but am obviously worried about this. Has anyone else been in my situation and can give me some reassurance?

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mubin said on 31 December 2011

hi i am 30 years old.i have very horrible story can any one help me i had in 2008 a brain tumour i was operated for that two times but tumour is still there .then in 2009 i was discovered with ovarain cyst in my left ovary it was almost 20 cm .then it was operated with laporoscopy but i had to many problems all blood was gone and my homoeglobin come on 2 .then again after two months later i discoverd a cyst on same ovary in my left ovary then again i was operated this year in march they also remove ovary and tube.now i had a big cyst on my right ovary what to do again plz can any one help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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mubin said on 31 December 2011

hi i am 30 years old.i have very horrible story can any one help me i had in 2008 a brain tumour i was operated for that two times but tumour is still there .then in 2009 i was discovered with ovarain cyst in my left ovary it was almost 20 cm .then it was operated with laporoscopy but i had to many problems all blood was gone and my homoeglobin come on 2 .then again after two months later i discoverd a cyst on same ovary in my left ovary then again i was operated this year in march they also remove ovary and tube.now i had a big cyst on my right ovary what to do again plz can any one help me plzzz.

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lin1313 said on 16 December 2011

I have had 5 ruptured ovarian cysts in the last 4 years- i have had no symptoms other than extreme and sudden central pain around my uterus. I then end up with the shakes, nausea and weakness. I have been rushed to A&E every time-knowing myself from experience that it is internal bleeding! I am left in A&E to go through the same process every time involving blood tests, urine samples, blood presure checks all of which show no signs that i am bleeding! The staff do not listen to me! It is only when they finally do an ultrasound that they spot the ruptured cyst and the bleeding into my abdominal cavity. One of the occasions i was left for 8hrs before they did a scan and i had lost 2.5litres of blood. I had to have 2 blood transfusions and they expected me to be gratefull to them after my op for saving my life!! NHS do not take me seriously. I am terrified, i'm only 27 and have 3 children to care for. Why don't the just listen to their patients and do the god damn scan.
The last episode i had i was told 'they don't do scans at the weekend' so i would have to wait until monday. Lucky me that it was only a small bleed around the back of my uterus.

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pammieg80 said on 14 December 2011

WOW! So glad i found this page! didnt realise so many people suffered from ovarian cysts! Well, i thought i'd share my story - i was admitted into hospital 6 years ago for severe abdominal pain and i was in for 5 - 6 weeks before a scan was done and they figured out i had a complex cyst - 11cm x 10cm x 8cm - i was booked in for an op to remove it (laparotomy as its too big for laparascopy) and that got cancelled because somebody else needed an emergency op .... so they decided to re-book me in for 3 months later, and do regular scans in the meantime to make sure it didnt grow much bigger, regular CA125 bloods were done as well. the cyst went from complex to simple, and shrunk slightly to 11 x 8 x 5 cm, and 5 YEARS on they are still 'monitoring' me - at my last scan, i was told that there is 'sediment' in the cyst?! (i have no idea what that means) i never used to get symptoms from it, however, my periods are now lasting 11 - 14 days with a 1 or 2 day break, and i get shooting pains in my lower groin area, i am due to see my consultant again in January and am going to make a point of asking if it can be removed - according to my Dr, she receives letters after each appointment saying i have requested it be monitored - where in fact, they say that they will monitor it and automatically re-book me in for another scan/blood/consultant appointment!! Has anybody ever been left for a similar amount of time... from what everyone else is saying, i should have had this out yonks ago!! i am definitely going to ask for it to be removed at my next appointment in January!!! Am hearing too many scary stories and i have a 10 year old daughter to think about as well!!

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catd87 said on 07 December 2011

After reading other peoples comments I thought I would add my experience- I have complained of pain in my stomach for over a year- after I was sent to see a gyne doctor(a horrible experience may I add) I was told that the problem wasnt gyne it was by bowels- I went to see a specialist that told me that my pains were not coming from my bowels to go back and see gyne. I gave up going to my doctor and whenever I had pains I applied heat pads to my stomach to help with pain!! Low and behold 2 weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with appendicits! When I came round after the surgery I was told it wasnt my appendix at all it was actually an ovarian cyst that had ruptured! The care I got from the surgical team was first class I really could not complain!
My understanding was that someone from the gyne team was to come and speak to me about my experience but no one came and I was sent home again, I ended up in hospital again 2 days later with really bad pain, the hospital couldnt decide if I was to go to surgical or gyne ward... I was finally sent to surgical after 5 hours waiting and was told someone from gyne would come see me... I left hospital after 2 nights and still spoke to no one from gyne.... Im feeling fustrated because Im not sure of what I can do to prevent this from happening again- Ive been told by friends and family to go on the combined pill as it stops ovualtion process! I feel from speaking to others there is not enough after care or information given to those affected by ovarian cysts... I did'nt even get a follow up appointment I was just sent on my way!! I really feel the NHS should offer better aftercare and more information for this as it seems to be very common.

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User106466 said on 04 December 2011

i was in pain for 2-3 years but doctor wouldnt listen to me. I got rushed into a&e several times and yet again they never did a thing. Finally a few months back of me demanding my doctor for a scan to see whats happening i was dignosed with a cyst it was only 4 cm at this time. I had my operation on the 23rd august 2011 and as soon as i woke from it i had no pain i was up on my feet within half hour my life was back too normal. Oh no it wasnt a month later id gone back to gp and said im not well i cant walk eat sleep i was in agony so went for another scan i now have a 7cm cyst thats bulging full off fluid and i have being ill ever since. I saw the consultant on wed 30th november 2011 i now have 2 wait 3 months to see if the cyst goes it self i think that is disgusting nhs are useless im in pain as i type this but i have to suffer. Also my surgeon was a nasty man he was shouting at me alot off the time and wouldnt tell me what he done to me whilst operating but i found out hed removed the full ovary and put the coil in the wrong place now because the coil was in the wrong place i now have back problems because i never had the hormone i needed im only 21 i could be in a wheelchair in less than 10 years im now looking to go private for a hysterectomy as thats what nhs want to do but not till middle of next year but im not waiting and suffering. Nhs are horrible they need to treat people better as its recently being told in hull daily mail hull are the worst hospitals around!!!

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Clarkey77 said on 29 November 2011

I too had a cyst experience back in 2008 that hopefully will give some of you hope..... I have definately been there and have the scars and baby to prove a positive outcome (eventually!) ......To cut a long story short a 'cyst' (suspected peritoneal cyst) was identified when I was 12 weeks pregnant, measuring around the size of a house brick. I was monitiored with the plan of draining the cyst after the baby was born. However for the next 8 WEEKS! I was in and out of A&E, in absolute againy (labour was a walk in the park in comparison!) signed off sick from work, pretty much overdosing on several painkillers and even morphine did nothing to soothe my agony. I cried every day I could barely walk some days, I think I was actually depressed I felt so so low. On the final A&E triip my CRP levels read over 147 which indicated an infection. So what followed was one emergency scan, phone call to husband at work, one signed consent form indicating I may lose my 20week baby, an epidural and emergency surgery under GA. They removed a foul smelling disgusting 1.36kg twisted ovarian cyst, ovary and fallopian tube leaving me with a 10inch scar running vertically down my tummy but the agony had gone. My baby was unharmed (and I conceived a second child in 2010). What I guess I am saying is a) my cyst was believed to be fluid and would disappear, IT DID NOT, b) I under communicated my agony, I should have screamed the place down! and c) I accepted all expert advice and opinion, I should have sort more and more and questioned it! My experience threw me, I have never had health problems, I'm generally fit and did not have problems conceiving. PLEASE go back to the specialists and get more opinions, more scans and advice so you do not have to endure the agony that I went through. Good luck and post again if I can help with any questions you have...:o)

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SARB78 said on 21 November 2011

I woke up on Monday 4 weeks ago in absolute agony, with vomiting and acute pain on my right side abdo and leg. I was taken to A&E by ambulance to Whipps Cross. Initial diagnosis appendicitis but soon ruled out once my symptoms got worse and more localised. I saw 6 different registrars who told me different things, surgery, no surgery, pain relief. I didn't know if I was coming or going. I had 1 ultra sound which revealed a cyst on my right ovary 8cm by 10 cm and a smaller on my left. I was discharged a few days later having had no other scans or tests and given a follow up appointment for the end of February 2012. I have been off work for nearly a month, unable to walk very far, in pain, no appetite, and having terrible side effects from the very strong pain relief. I have no faith in this particular gynaecology department and for my own sanity have taken the last resort of paying a lot of money to see a consultant within the next few days. We women are not treated accordingly. I'm 33.

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User613489 said on 06 November 2011

I think it's disgusting how the NHS don't seem to care about ovarian cysts, i am 19 years old and i had an ultrasound last monday and they gave me no info i had to go to A&E the next day because of the pain and they suggested i took a magnitude of pain killers including codeine, i am at college and the painkillers send me to sleep i can't concentrate at my college and have to rely on family members to help me with my son because the pain is really bad. They say if there is symptoms they will remove cysts but thats a lie i have to wait 6 weeks to have another scan. They were meant to give me a scan 4 months ago but they never bothered. All the NHS can be bothered to do is wait all the time no caring about the consequences it could be doing to someone's health.

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Soleo said on 05 November 2011

I have had 3 ovarian cysts. The first one grew to hold 2 litres of liquid before it was diagnosed. The second one I got a year later and had 1litre of liquid. Both were removed surgically, too big for keyhole. at the time of the second op they found another one on my other ovary. I was recently diagnosed with a fourth ovarian cyst, which is so unlikely to happen. I decided I wanted to try anything I could so as to not have surgery again. I read an article on the net that said Chickweed tincture would shrink it. I bought some and have been taking it religiously for 8 weeks. I have also been wearing a piece of Zoisite crystal in the top band of my pants every day and night, as this is used to treat ovarian problems. It may sound hippy-dippy but I was willing to try anything to get this cyst to shrink!
Well, I had a rescan yesterday and my cyst has shrunk from 6cms to 2cms, which has never happened to me before. I wanted to share this information as I am now totally convinced that there are natural, non-invasive ways to treat ovarian cysts and maybe this could work for someone else too.

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cmilnedunn said on 28 October 2011

I just wondered if any of you have had a blood test CR125 ? This is an ovarian cancer marker but its not 100% reliable and is just a protien marker - you should insist on having it ir to know your results. I had it twice now and am having a a total hysterectemy with my overies and tubes out on 14th november 2011.

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jayjay82 said on 13 October 2011

I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst in November 2008, it measured 16cm x 10cm and was wrapped around my left ovary. I underwent keyhole surgery in March '09 and was unfortunate to lose my left ovary and tube during the surgery due to damage from the cyst.
Then yesterday (Wed 12th Oct) I was told that I now have a 5cm x 4cm cyst on my remaining right ovary after months and months of pain which has been ignored and put off as something else. I will be completely honest and will say that I am now terrified on what the outcome will be this time. I consider myself very lucky that I already have one child who is 8, but at 29 years of age I am now having to face the prospect of becoming infertile.
As for my doctors, I have pushed and pushed, finally seen a new GP registrar who has pushed through an emergency scan and when I left my doctors (the day after my scan and my results sent by fax as emergency) I have my appointment for a weeks time with the hospital Gynae unit. Lets see what happens now - my biggest fear is if I have to have surgery again.

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Emma_1984 said on 03 October 2011

I have just found out this morning that I have a cyst on my right ovary 14cm x 13cm x 10cm and will be required to have it surgically removed. I am in despair at the moment, as me and my partner were wanting to start a family soon and even though the consultant has said my fertility will be fine, I can't help but think the worse. Just landed myself a new job too, after being made redundant in June, waiting for my start date so unsure what to say to my new employer about possible time off work before I've even started......was told 3 months ago it was a fibroid, went for a ultrasound 3 weeks ago to get the results this morning and now I've got to wait for my pre op assessment appointment to come, its ridiculous waiting around and when I hear about other peoples cysts bursting, I'm feeling on edge all the time worrying. I don't know what to do with myself, waiting to start work, and worrying about exercising in case i make it worse, couldn't of happened at a worse time in my life, so bloody frustrated and wish the NHS would just stop making me wait, while my cyst grows and grows, wish I had the funds to go private, would of been sorted my now!!

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User600215 said on 29 September 2011

Hi ladies! I'm winding myself up in to a state of anxiety about this.... I've had agonising pain after sex and a twinging bladder for about a month now.... now my period is 5 days late and I'm not pregnant. I'm waiting to have scans for ovarian cysts but am so worried it could be endimitriosis or pcos... my periods have always been regular, I am 20 years old and desperate to start a family in a few years. Has anyone been diagnosed with cysts and had the same symptoms?

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User600215 said on 29 September 2011

Hi! I have some questions and am winding myself up in to a high state of anxiety about this.... I am 20 years old and have had some strange symptoms in my lower abdomen for about 2 months... I started feeling some twinging sensations in my bladder for about 3 weeks, following this I had sex and experienced the worst cramps I have ever had! It was so bad that I wanted to call an ambulance but didn't purely because I didn't want to cause a fuss... following this my bladder felt strange for about 4 days... heavy and twingy, i felt as if I could not stand up straight as it would hurt. My GP thought I had an infection or a kidney stone... things got better but I will still having strange twinges in my bladder. I had sex again a while later and boom- AGONY! I have been to the GP again who has referred me for scans for ovarian cysts. My periods have always been regular and I have never experienced pain from sex before. I'm just so worried that I might have endimitriosis instead.. I'm 20 years old and am really keen to have children in a few years and just wondering if anyone who has been diagnosed with cysts had had similar symptoms? Thanks so much, sorry for being neurotic!

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holliebells123 said on 26 September 2011

I am aged 27 and am 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant! It was 3 days ago when I had pains on my lower right hand side and so I went to my GP who then sent me to hospital for a scan as he had the worry of an Eptopic Pregnancy.
It took 4.5 hours for my blood resukts to come back and for someone to agree to scan me! The man who scanned me was not an official member of staff to use the equipment and so he hadnt a clue what he was doing. We managed to see the baby between us along with a nice healthy heartbeat.
The nurse then booked me in for a more detailed scan today. Again the baby is lovely and healthy and in the right place but..... They found a small cyst on my left ovary and a huge 10cm Multi septal Cyst on my right ovary. I am having to be put to sleep and have an opperation to have this removed in 2 days time and have a risk of losing my baby!
I just can not get over the fact ive got a cyst that big inside me and I knew nothing. Its not causing me any grief or discomfort or even any pain (apart from that one day)... Im scared! :-(

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Bristolbaz said on 05 August 2011

I have had a very positive experience so far with the cysts I have. I had kidney pain, was sent for an ultrasound, no kidney problems but an ovarian cyst was found. Kidney pain went away, probably gravel... Cysts not causing me any pain but docs concerned as I am 53. The NHS has been very good. Sending me for several scans and now planning a laperoscopy as I have grown a second cyst. So, not all doom an gloom with the NHS, not sure why my experience has been better than others, just lucky I guess?

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samlynch84 said on 01 August 2011

I have been having bad stomach cramps almost everyday for 2 years. My doctor tried to blame it on stress at first then asked was it during my period like I'm an idiot!! Thn they decided it was all in my head. I was eventually sent for tests after I refused to leave without an answer. The doctor was horrible and got me so frustrated I started crying and I'm not a crier! He said my results were fine so theres nothing wrong, even though I was in pain as he spoke to me. Long story short my results were mixed with another patients!! I still don't know if I have a cyst or not! NHS is a joke and if I had the money I would go private straight away! Looking at your comments I would say it sounds like I have at least one cyst and a large one at that. I'm asking to be referred to a different hospital because my local one is full of specialists who don't give a damn for you!

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marlelc said on 23 July 2011

Ladies, thank you for your comments. As usual the words of real people reflect the reality as opposed to the words of doctors who prefer to stick to the theory that they want to believe to make their jobs easier and more impersonal than ever. I have 3 ovarian cysts and am in pain constantly, front and back and down to my knees. I am also totally exhausted. I can live with this and do not want surgery but would appreciate the health proffessionals being a little less dismissive of my symptoms. Currently I am told that ovarian cysts should not be causing me pain nor should I be feeling this worn out. All of the comments on this page are worth so much more than the 'factual' information from the NHS!

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jomc20 said on 23 July 2011

I had a similar experience to others posting here. Last week a GP sent me to A&E with severe abdominal pain. Having waited 4 hours to be seen, I was sent home and told to keep taking painkillers (I'd been taking Codeine & Paracetamol and/or Tramadol to little effe). They said I had Diverticulitis.

After another 4 days suffering and not eating at all I returned to A&E, by now desperate, and was kept in for 3 nights. As soon as I stopped taking the painkillers, I started to feel better! I hadn'[t realised that my extreme constipation was caused by them and this was surprisingly painful. I had an X-Ray followed by a CT scan of stomach and chest and was told there was a tumour/cyst on an ovary. I'm now waiting to see a gynae specialist on Monday. I know I am in the high-risk age group for a malignant tumour rather than an ordinary cyst but keeping my fingers crossed. My symptoms apart from low abdominal pain when sitting, standing up, walking are bloating and tiredness.

I do feel strongly that patients in severe pain should not be sent home by A&E depts. until thorough testing has been done. Apart from that, my hospital treatment was good.

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Indyjac said on 21 July 2011

I recently went on holiday to Bulgaria and within 24 hours was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pains. I underwent various examinations including ultrasound, cat scan, internals etc. The resulting diagnosis was I had to have emergency surgery to save my life, I had only 4 to 5 hours and there was no time to send be back to the UK. I had an ovarian cyst the size of a watermelon that weighed 11lbs! It was about to rupture and I also had complications with blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and my vital organs were under extreme pressure (all caused by the cyst). I was given 50 50 chance of making it through the surgery. Luckily surgery went well and the aftercare in Bulgaria was excellent. However, I am very angry with my doctors after having previously gone to them three times and was told ' loose weight', or 'its fatty tissue', which is lazy diagnosis in my opinion. So the main point I would like to make is it not acceptable to be told to 'wait until it goes away' or the responses I was given. Maybe I was an exceptional case and this does not happen to everyone, but somehow I don't think I'm the first or the last. So please, do not give up in trying to get treatment for this, even if you have to badger your doctor every week. It may save your life.

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Mummy2Bx3 said on 10 July 2011

hi i a, an ovarian cyst sufferer, i found out just over 7 wks ago that i had a cyst. i thort i was going to the hospital with a sever water infection but lo and behold i got sent to the gyne ward....were they discovered that i had a cyst that at that time was only 3.8 x 3.5 cm roughly ping pong ball size but still unwelcomed by me. i was refered for a follow up scan after 6 wks....in the mean time i discovered i was pregnat oh that was a nice surprise... i had my follow up scan and my complexed cyst is now 8 x 6.5 x6 cm and now i am being disscussed in a MDT meeting this week to decide if it is worth risking an MRI scan to get a closer look at it or just wait till i am over 16 wks pregnat to operate....so now i am left with the worry of what fate has in store for me will i lose my unborn baby will i lose my ovaries or will i die before they get me to the table.......God i just love being a woman....any imput on my little rant will be very much appreciated.thanx....

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Valentina1 said on 09 July 2011

I'm 25 years old and I woke up one morning with unbearable lower abdomen pain. I went to my doctors straight away and was treated for bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics. After a week the pain was still present and I went back to doctor. I was sent to hospital for scans and they found a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. I was told to come back in 6 weeks for a review as it may disappear in this time.
It is now 2 weeks since the scan and I'm feeling a lot of discomfort regardless is Im sitting down, lying down or walking. The pain is also on my right hand side which is confusing because they didn't find a cyst on the right..only left..
Painkillers are not helping but I don't know what my options are ... Do i just wait another 4 weeks or do I ask for a scan sooner? Should I ask to see a gyno?
Very confused..

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tackiejack said on 07 July 2011

In feb I went to my doctor about lack of periods and ever increasing girth. After numerous scans I was diagnosed with a 25cm x 10cm x 15cm ovarian cyst. I can honestly say that it never gave me a great deal of pain but seemed to 'sap' my energy. 3 weeks ago I had the cyst and an ovary removed - I am now energised again! I have a few more weeks recovery but I cannot fault the NHS service for the treatment I received. (maybe I am just lucky?)

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roo16 said on 30 June 2011

I had 2 small ovarian cysts in november last yaer, told by consultant to go away just leave them alone. I did, but in march this year ifound a huge lump in my stomach which on an ultra sound scan showed it had grown to 15 cm a week later whilst havinga ct scan it had grown to 20cm plus!! i look pregnant all the time and pain pops up all the time, sometimes on one side then the other, then in my legs, i need to wee all the time, great fun!! It did burst on 11 june this year, that was an experience, the pain lasted2 hours and was horrific but finally the cyst had gone, i went to my GP a day later as i was quite sore and they said everything was ok but it was refilling and now 3 weeks later is almost 20cm again. I have refused surgery, a radical hystorectomey it isnt for me, but i am not looking forward to next rupture but its the path ive choosen.

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raineybythesea said on 21 June 2011

I have recently had a scan which revealed a 11cm cyst on my right ovary, another 2cm one on my left, and various pockets of endometriosis elsewhere.

On my right hand side from my hip / groin area down to my foot I have been putting up with stabbing pains, water retention and discomfort, including discharge / bleeding between periods etc. for sometime.

I am now waiting to see the consultant. I have already have some ectopic endometriosis removed. I feel like a patchwork quilt after having to have 2 c-sections, my appendix out, an umbilical hernia repair (which they left non - disolving sutures internally) and the recent endo op which they thought was another hernia!!

Fed up now - just want it all to go away!

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sian39 said on 17 May 2011

I agree. Trying to get even a large cyst removed by surgery is difficult. I went into hospital 4 times with severe pain – so bad on two occasions that 4 different types of strong painkillers still didn’t work. Once I collapsed after being discharged the previous time only for them to discharge me again with a box of paracetomal. They have scanned me those 4 times I’ve been in and from the first scan a cyst was found. Originally was 6cm. (seems pretty big to me). Now after 10 months of varying between discomfort and severe pain they have finally agreed to surgically remove it after seeing that it was not going to disappear and is instead increasing in size. I think it is now 7cm.

That is 10 months of being constantly off work, hardly being able to do any exercise including not being able to walk more than a mile or so without pain and not able to have sexual intercourse (approaching 40 and wanting to get pregnant so time isn’t on my side). Just wish they had removed it in the first place but then they say that cysts can disappear and I suppose they don’t want the risks of surgery if not necessary. During this time I had very confusing information from the doctors. Once when I went in with severe pain I was nearly treated for appendix despite my history. One consultant told me it wasn’t dangerous to get pregnant again so I could still carry on trying (although I physically couldn’t because of pain) and another doctor said it was dangerous and would strongly advise getting pregnant. I don’t particularly want surgery but I’ve had enough now and need to get some kind of normal life back.

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Bee12 said on 30 April 2011

Megamum, I totally agree with your comments. I've had cysts well over a year now, they are painful as anything and I'm constantly bloated. An initial scan revealed 2 cysts on my right ovary, one being 3cm. A follow-up scan revealed only one cyst of 1cm on the same ovary and which was deemed so small it wasn't even reported to my GP (!?). I then had a FURTHER hospital follow-up at the insistence of my surgery whereby I wasn't scanned at all. A gyno manually checked my stomach and it was concluded the cysts had disappeared. However, online references say you should return to your GP if the cysts do not disappear after a few months and I could definitely feel mine after a time. When I returned, my GP just didn't seem to know what to do.. he put me on the contraceptive pill but this hasn't helped. I was told by another doctor when I first was diagnosed that they can remove them surgically but they prefer not to... (BTW, I am overseas at the moment and the pain got so bad I had an ultrasound and was told I now have cysts on both the left and right ovaries, one being 3.5cm! I feel let down by the NHS who should have monitored this more closely and who have totally confused me with regard to these cysts and what I can do about them. For info, the gyno here said they never fully disappear once you start getting them, the only real 'cure' is pregnancy, that they will return if you remove them surgically. However, a drug called Duphaston taken mid-cycle for 10 days will break down the cysts and alleviate symptoms. Who knows what is truth anymore..).

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megamum said on 05 April 2011

I take issue with the information in this article, particularly that cysts are "usually painless" , "disappear after a few weeks without treatment" and "if the cyst is large or is causing symptoms, it will probably be removed". This has not been my experience of the NHS treatment at all. I've had cysts on both ovaries for over a year now, which have been causing me symptoms the entire time, and been am consistently told to 'go away and wait'. My cysts are painful, the pain makes me feel nauseous and I look 6 months pregnant with the bloating, among other things. This article misleads readers into thinking that if they are having symptoms with their cysts, it will be removed or treated. This isn't the case. Trying to get treated for this is like beating your head against a brick wall.

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