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Exploring interventions over the watchful waiting period for children with hearing loss secondary to chronic otitis media with effusion (‘glue ear’) Recruiting United Kingdom
Oral steroids for resolution of otitis media with effusion in children Recruiting United Kingdom
Children's drops for ear pain in acute otitis media: the CEDAR randomised controlled trial Recruiting United Kingdom
A controlled trial of Probiotics in the prevention of episodes of otitis media in general practice Not Recruiting United Kingdom
An Alternative Booster Vaccine Against Meningitis and Ear Infections Not recruiting United Kingdom
Evaluating a risk factor checklist and training video for GPs as a means of reducing practice variation in referral for glue ear. Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Randomised trial of pragmatic strategies to manage otitis media in primary care Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Randomised prospective study of treatment methods for middle ear effusions in pre-school children Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Trial of alternative regimens in glue ear treatment - effectiveness of surgery for otitis media with effusion in 3.5-7 year olds using multiple developmental and economic measures combined with classical clinical measures Not Recruiting United Kingdom
A comparison of the efficacy of 10% lidocaine solution and EMLA cream as local anaesthetic for the insertion of tympanic membrane ventilation tubes. - 10% lidocaine and EMLA cream as LA for insertion of grommets Not Recruiting United Kingdom

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