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How Often Should We See Our Orthodontic Patients Recruiting United Kingdom
A clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of miniplate surgical treatment to bring the upper jaw forwards in 11-14 years old children Recruiting United Kingdom
The Use of Quantitative Light Induced Fluorescence Digital as an Oral Hygiene Evaluation Tool in Orthodontics Recruiting United Kingdom
The benefit of prolonged orthodontic retention - a randomised clinical trial Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Application of molecular diagnostic methodologies to analyse plaque microbial population shifts associated with placement of fixed orthodontic appliances Not Recruiting United Kingdom
The effect of a fluoride releasing, non-primer step required, no mix composite: A clinical trial Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Do information leaflets entitled "your first visit to the orthodontist" help to improve knowledge of, and satisfaction with, the initial orthodontic consultation Not Recruiting United Kingdom
A randomised clinical trial to compare bond failure rates with and without the use of Ortho Solo Not Recruiting United Kingdom
A randomised controlled clinical trial comparing aesthetic arch wires and nickel titanium arch wires in initial alignment Not Recruiting United Kingdom
A randomised controlled trial comparing conventional, active and passive self-ligating orthodontic bracket systems Not Recruiting United Kingdom

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