Norovirus - Symptoms 

Symptoms of norovirus 

Diagnosing norovirus

The only way of diagnosing norovirus is to test a stool sample in a laboratory.

However, this isn't usually necessary because treatment is the same for all causes of stomach bugs.

If you have a sudden episode of vomiting and diarrhoea, it's likely you have norovirus.

The first sign of norovirus is usually suddenly feeling sick followed by forceful vomiting and watery diarrhoea.

Some people may also have:

  • a raised temperature (over 38°C/100.4°F)
  • headaches 
  • painful stomach cramps
  • aching limbs

Symptoms usually appear one to two days after you become infected, but they can start sooner. Most people make a full recovery within a couple of days.

Apart from the risk of dehydration, norovirus isn't usually dangerous and there are no long-lasting effects from having the illness. However, it can be pretty unpleasant while you have it.


The main risk from norovirus is dehydration from your body losing water and salts from vomiting and diarrhoea.

Thirst is the first sign of dehydration. Other symptoms include:

  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • headache
  • tiredness
  • dry mouth, lips and eyes
  • dark, concentrated urine
  • only passing small amounts of urine (less than three to four times a day)

Mild dehydration is common and can easily be reversed by making sure you have plenty to drink.

The young and elderly are more at risk of becoming dehydrated. It's therefore very important that you seek medical attention immediately if you think your child or an elderly relative is becoming dehydrated.

Severe dehydration

If you don't replace the lost fluid, dehydration will get worse and could lead to complications, such as low blood pressure and kidney failure. It can even be fatal.

As well as severe thirst, you may also have:

  • dry, wrinkled skin
  • an inability to urinate
  • irritability
  • sunken eyes
  • a weak pulse
  • a rapid heartbeat
  • cold hands and feet
  • seizures

If you or your child has any symptoms of severe dehydration after catching a norovirus infection, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Read more about treating norovirus.

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The 104 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

poppy0123 said on 18 November 2014

It has been such comfort to me reading these messages over the last 24 hours! I honestly thought I might die at some points, so knowing other people had felt the same way and got through it has been really reassuring.

It all happened so fast - I woke up at 2am with a desperate urge to vomit. Ran to the bathroom and have never vomited so forcefully in my life - I didn't know it was physically possible. Staggered back to bed and drifted off to sleep, only to be woken up literally an hour later with the same feeling I was going to be violently sick within seconds. This happened every single hour all night until about 10am. At points I didn't even have the strength to go back to bed in between vomiting - I could only just lie on the floor of the bathroom next to the toilet. Standing up or even sitting up could sometimes be enough effort to make me vomit.

Other symptoms included a high temperature and weird muscle aches. The aches were the same as severe flu. I also could barely think straight and everything, even watching television, seemed really overwhelming and made me feel sick.

Between 10am and 7pm the hourly urge to vomit had gone, but I vomited whenever I had a sip of water or orange squash. I could feel myself getting dehydrated as had a growing headache throughout the day and lips were dry. At midnight I was able to have a couple of sips of water without vomiting and this morning I have been able to eat half a piece of toast and some non-fizzy lucozade.

The last 24 hours have just been horrendous. The vomiting convulsions were unbelievable. Good luck to anyone else going through this

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Jlawson118 said on 07 November 2014

This was in September 2013 when I was 17 and I think it was norovirus,
Me and my mum had spent all of this Saturday cleaning and tidying the house, my step dad came home later in the afternoon and we just had pizza later on and then settled down in front of the TV,

Around 9/10pm I felt very bloated and was passing wind quite a lot, and on a trip to the toilet it wouldn't pass, then all of a sudden it all came out as diarrhoea. I have IBS though and constipation followed by diarrhoea did often happen to me no problems.

Once I felt the diarrhoea pass, I went to bed for sleep. Woke up around two hours later at 1am feeling another rush to the toilet, where my mum was on it, added to this I felt really sick but thought going to the toilet might ease it. All of a sudden I then gipped and then threw up all over the floor. Didn't have time to make it to the toilet or a bin.

My mum and step dad cleaned it up whilst I was in the shower. After the shower, I was on the toilet again with continued diarrhoea and was sick again.

I think I was sick twice in the night I think before eventually getting to sleep.
I awoke with diarrhoea in the morning until there was nothing left of me to come out. Eventually on Sunday evening I ate chicken and rice but immediately afterwards I still had diarrhoea, and then Monday morning I felt fine, got dressed, had breakfast and then went for my bus, but I was late, the bus drove off without me which was a good job as I needed the toilet again.

I took an Imodium, managed to have a tin of soup at lunch time and keep it in.

Monday evening my step dad started with the sickness all night but by evening he was fine and eating normally, and after that my mum suffered with diarrhoea only for a few days.

Horrible virus, and I feel bad for all those I've read who've had it a whole lot worse

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steph886 said on 28 October 2014

This is the second time we've had Norovirus in the house. Twice in one month! The first time only lasted a few days but this time its horrendous! My lo has been sat on the toilet for 4 days with violent sickness as well. She can't hold anything down at all - hope we're not next AGAIN. This is a very contagious, persistentbug so be aware that your immunisation period is not not long after the first bout.

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ABec9260 said on 17 October 2014

Can safely say has to be the worse i have had. started a few days ago had aches allover just assumed was a random bug that would pass. then went to the doctors as stomach began to ache constantly but not enough to bother me. doctor proceeded to take temperature which was high. as 3-5 days passed then began to out of the blue feel sick and started to through up anyting that i conumed. after which couldnt sit still was constantly up and down. then diarea kicked in like previus comments basic pure water but unlucky for me currently have hemroids which irratated them. JUST MY LUCK lol. went again t doctors whom perscribed me the rehyration sachets. used one on the night to wake up on the morning to yellow diarea. well long story short finally stomach is back to normal with in reason. currently have constaption, last diarea was last night so alot better today. cramps are still present but nothing major so fingers crossed just a matter of getting back on my feets now

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horse1982 said on 15 October 2014

The wife any myself came down with this on Monday at 2am. Having 2 young kids we are used to this misery.. typically once every year.. And always ending up with my in-laws getting it a day after us after they step in to babysit.

Found out many people at my work have it.

Be warned.. It's doing the rounds in Middlesbrough and Darlington presently!


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TCH72 said on 25 September 2014

I'm recovering from it now, caught off my wife and two kids. Incubation period for me was five days, so goodness knows how many people I've inadvertently infected before I started vomiting. But the grim stuff only lasted 24 hours, so it could've been worse. Attempting my first proper food tonight. Have just had water, dioralyte and bananas up until now.

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Vespagirl01 said on 20 September 2014

I have just had what I would call the worst four days in my life for a long time, felt so ill and wasn't sure what it could be, reading all the below comments I now think I have had the Novovirus. The vomiting pain stomach cramps etc are the worst thing ever, hopefully on day four I am over the worst of it. Being a diabetic as well has made it so hard, never again' I just hope my daughter doesn't pick it up !!

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Eaay551 said on 12 September 2014

This virus is truly one of the most awful ones I have ever had. I felt dizzy and quite nauseous for around 2 days and after that time, it set it's teeth in. I went to the toilet to have a poo and what beat describes the diarrhoea is someone just turning a water tap on and letting it run for a long time. In my first visit to the loo, I would guess I passed around 2 litres of fluid. Immediately after, I was violently sick maybe 3 times before I left the bathroom. I took a drink of juice with me to bed and after the first few mouthfuls, I was running to the loo again but the diarrhoea did cease after some time. I had to keep a bucket by my bed because the vomiting came out of no where.
It was at this point I got the shivers, began sweating and my bones were really aching. I was constantly moving around in bed, tossing and turning literally all night because of the pain in my back and legs.
I carried on drinking lots of water as my mouth was constantly dry - a sweet fizzy drink seemed to help too somehow but I wouldn't recommend having fizzy drinks until the vomiting ceases.
A truly awful virus that hits you out of nowhere but doesn't last very long - 3 days for me.

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Lolly606 said on 31 August 2014

My systems started in the morning I woke up feeling not quite right light headed, headache, diarrhoea and I felt like I hadn't slept. By mid afternoon I started to get stomach cramps so I decided to have soup for dinner and I had 3 mouthfuls before I had to run to the toilet to be violently sick. I also started to get watery diarrhea along with another spell of vomiting, that's when the aching started, the shakes and going hot and cold. I did manage to eat a slice of toast and some fruit before bed.

During the night I got terrible pain in my stomach, chest and back which I can only describe as really bad indigestion which was very uncomfortable - I also had the sweats. The morning after I still had stomach cramps and the runs but managed to eat breakfast, my systems are now starting the ease but my stomach is still quite painful but hopefully I'm over the worst. Not a nice bug at all and I hope I haven't passed it onto anyone else.

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Stubla said on 03 August 2014

It certainly is doing the rounds again, I've had this bug 3 times over the past 2 years and this is worst case I've had of it. Severe stomach cramps, aching bones and severe poops .... Get some rehydration sachets from the chemist they will help you replace the sugar and salts lost if you get bad diarrhoea. I'm just starting to feel better now after 4 days of uninterrupted toilet breaks day & night....

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Karenapp said on 30 July 2014


Just got over a bad bought of tummy trouble. Thought it was the curry until I got back to work and heard reports of others being ill with the same symptoms.

I woke on Monday with diarrhea and feeling sick. Made the journey to work, just! (in the car) Started vomiting when I got to work. Went back home and continued from both ends all day. My bones still ache and I still have bad tummy pains.

Is it doing the rounds again?

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DavidCoombs said on 03 July 2014

Hi Everybody,
My family and i went to Cornwall for a long weekend, lovely time, on the way home my son David age (12) started vomiting around 30 mins into our journey, i put it down to travel sickness at first or the Strawberries he had just eaten before he left. 1 Day later Both Jeannie age (15) and i age (34) woke up around 1pm and started vomiting and have diorherra at the same time. It was terrible i had to knock the wall to wake Karen my wife to help me as i was in such a mess and in so much pain i couldn't even walk. I have never felt so ill and ashamed at the same time. I am quite hardy and i don't normally get unwell today it has now spread to my youngest son Danny age (11) i have now found this and was wondering if anybody else had this from the 1st July 2014?

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William_S said on 02 July 2014

I really hate the Norovirus and luckily I have escaped it since just before Christmas time 2012. And still I am going strong and before 2012 I didn't had it for about 10 years or so. My round in 2012 was pretty mild compared to what I have read in the comments here. Vomited just 4-5 times during the night until 5 AM when I just fell asleep, that was about it. Next day I felt very tired and did not do much and just stayed in bed watching TV, the day after I was more or less fine (with a slighty reduced apetite), Luckily we have paid sick days here in Norway so it was easy to call my boss to tell I was ill. The times before 2012 I had that I remember it also for being pretty mild on me with a maximum of 4-5 vomits and no more.

I have had some stomach problems after this, but most probably not Norovirus related, as there were no vomiting or diorherra involved. Probably just because of stress or some food allergy (and sometimes due to heavy partying which is indeed my own fault).

I also tend to avoid food poisoining in countires where that is common (ie China and Thailand), so my stomach is pretty strong when it comes to infections.

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ollyc said on 24 June 2014

yet again another "bug" is doing the rounds, I started sunday night not feeling very well, then on Monday morning was rushing to the loo, this continued most of the day, then 5 o'clock this morning sitting on the loo with my head over the bath, projectile vomit,, the other end was exploding and I wondered where it was all coming from. Red face burning, and cold, so guess I have a temperature, sipped water, but ended up on the loo twice within 5 minutes, clothes messed up. Phoned chemist who said buscapan for the persistant painful cramps, and Dyrolyte for the lack of fluids,. I keep getting dizzy and my eyes can not focus, but tomorrow is another day

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Elizabeth410 said on 05 April 2014

My mother and myself have both been struck down with this virus. 12 hours ago I felt a bit sick, so had a cup of tea and a piece of toast thinking I was hungry. Then boom projectile vomited straight away followed by explosive water diarohea 30 minutes later. This continued through the night- never been in so much agony, spread eagle on bathroom floor with projection out of both ends, not up mention horrific gut cramps and spasms, thinking I'm dying !
This morning 12 hours on / my mother and I have chosen different paths - she rather more sensibly is sipping water, I on the other hand is ramming ice lollies and cold coke down my neck - for the simple gain that I cannot stand dry heaving !!!

I'm hoping I will be lucky and it's short loved 24 hour job. When vomiting and diarohea cease will be a definite relief regardless of any weakness etc !!

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Oakleaf 25 said on 25 March 2014

Sunday night, my lover abdomen began to get pains, which I put down to wind or indigestion..a bloated feeling ensued, but I was able to eat dinner Sunday eve.. took a ''wind-ese'' and some indigestion remedy and went to bed.

Awoke just before 5am with a feeling that all was not well, and my hands were tingling-I felt very scared and unsettled.

Rather than try and fight the nausea, I went with it, and on my goodness, I can honestly say I haven't been as horribly sick as that in many years.

The violence, the forcefulness, the fact that my body went into such frightful and uncontrollable spasms at each heave that I actually wet myself.

A big mistake was using the sink, the loo would have been a far wiser cleaning up after made me heave and gag again, but it had to be done... oh the misery..changed my clothing, and just rode the wretched thing out. My head ached, and the ongoing nausea was horrible.
My dreams, fevered, were full of bizarre images.
now, just over 28 hrs after vomiting began, I still have a dull headache, and weak as anything, just lying in bed is all I feel fit for.
I bleached down the bathroom, but have banned all visitors.
Will keep myself under 48hr lockdown so as not to infect others.
I haven't caught noro for about 4 years, and feel like wearing plastic gloves whenever I go out [like another person said] but if someone prepares food, or a coffeecup isn't cleansed in a cafe, then what the heck can we do?
Seems hand washing before ANY eating is the only way to go, and soap and water ,as those hand sanitisers are useless against noro.
They just give a false sense of assurance. Soap and water, and bleach solution for bathroom is only way to go.

Good luck to other sufferers. You will feel better soon x

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shay68 said on 14 March 2014

Last week around 1:00pm I became nauseous, diarrhea started not long after. Soon it was severe, every 10 min. Until it was just water. Vomiting started about 3:00pm. About every 15 min. Diarrhea and vomiting continued, at the same time now about every 5 to 10 min. Around 6:00 pm the leg and feet cramps/ muscle spasms started. So bad I couldnt stand/ walk. I became dizzy and could not think straight by about 8:00 pm. My husband who is a EMT Firefighter said it was ER time. I was given 4 bags of IV in the ER my electrolytes checked twice with blood work. At 2:00 am I was admitted into the hospital. They could not get my levels up to where they should be, I was so severely dehydrated In that short amount of time. The Dr. Was shocked I had gotten so bad in such a short amount of time. I spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital just trying to get everything back on track. It took me about a week from the day I got sick to regain my energy, and get my appetite back. I don't think it was food poisoning since I ate the same thing as my family and no one else got sick. Whatever it was, It was bad. I have had the stomach bug bad before, but never like this.

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dedemah said on 09 March 2014

Started last night with a fainting and chill spell I thought was needing to eat. Ate as much as I could, and a few hours later, felt sick. Chalked it up to eating too much, vomited it up, tried to go to sleep with a burning stomach. Woke up at 9 with diarrhea, watery as all hell diarrhea, and ended up with having an accident. Thats when I realized it wasn't just food causing my problem. It became progressively looser until it was mostly just the water I was drinking to keep my hydration up, which was useless because I would puke it up an hour later or it would come out the other end.I spent the better portion of the night sleeping in the bathroom, which I recommend everyone to do as the toilet is there and you won't end up having messy accidents. This morning now I am exhausted, with massive back pain, frequent cold and hot chills, and stomach cramps, but thanks to immodium it's stopped for now. I'm going to send my boyfriend, whose family I know I caught it from (they got slammed one at a time), to get some jello as I'll need the sugar and possibly a very unsweet electrolyde drink, because I can now keep down small sips of water.

Having had this before as a child, and getting this at least once every couple of years, I suggest everyone stick to a brat diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) with sugary or electrolyte liquids in between when you can't keep food down. If you can't keep water down for more than 12 hours, I would go to the hospital for an IV to replenish your fluids.

This virus is the worse of all flu viruses, and can take upwards of a week to leave your system, so make sure you have your professors or your school number at the ready in order to make sure you don't miss too much work.

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Tashajadem said on 20 February 2014

Suffering with this now, began to feel sick at about 8 o clock last night and eventually at around half 10 I had to run to the bathroom to be sick. This continued every half an hour until about 2 when the diarrhoea started, and I couldn't move from the bathroom. Immediately after I had been sick I felt fine then as I've said it came back over me half an hour later, this lasted until 5 o clock in the morning and that's when the cramp in legs, stomach and back began. It's been almost 10 hours since I was last sick but I feel no better, haven't been able to eat anything but drank lots and lots of lucozade but I'm still so thirsty. This is a horrible virus!

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User846885 said on 18 February 2014

I was walking the dogs, and I suddenly came over all queer- I went to pull them away from drinking out of a muddy puddle, except, it wasn't a puddle. I had diarrhea whilst walking the dogs.
I am now in bed as I cannot even tense my stomach without feeling the need to run to the toilet. I have been sick multiple times in the night.
This is the most unpleasant virus ever. I cannot even eat a dry cracker without fearing that I will end up with stained bed sheets. My son has also had it- he was up with diarrhea, whilst being sick into a bowl until 5 in the morning.

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Cabryce said on 17 February 2014

Have had this for 24hours. Same horrid symptoms as everyone else. Wanted to post as I had this 2years ago as well and managed to avoid my husband and baby girl getting it. Here's what I'm doing to avoid spreading it this time. We have two loos, so no one else will use my one for at least 48 hours after symptoms stop and I'll be disinfecting everything, getting new toothbrushes etc. If you have just one loo you need to do the rest every time you use it. Use a disinfectant or sterilising spray on loo, sink, door, light switches (on a cloth) and loo handles. Wash well and dry hands with paper towels, then bin them. Any clothing that may have any sick or diarrhoea on it must be kept away from other people. Put new clothes on as soon as you stop vomiting and get everything, clothes, towels, bath mats etc in the washing machine with When really ill at the start just don't leave the bathroom, even sleep on the floor, just don't spread it! I've found it's no use trying to take water or medicines till some hours after the vomiting stops. By then water will be the most wondrous thing. If someone is helping you clean up make sure they wear rubber gloves and ideally a mask(or scarf over nose and mouth) as this stuff is airborne. Fingers crossed these steps keep it from my baby boy, little girl and husband this time too. Good luck to you! This will pass.

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Sarahdorothy said on 30 December 2013

Just suffering the later stages of this horrible virus today after 36 hours of hell. It comes on extremely quickly, from feeling fine one minute to a sudden feeling of extreme nausea and the already mentioned projectile vomiting. I woke up at 2am yesterday with a sudden urge to throw up and proceeded to be violently sick 8 times in 12 hours. I couldn't even keep a few sips of water down and became so dehydrated I even found myself getting pains when I tried to urinate, after having crawled to the toilet. I also had a raging fever, was dripping with sweat and felt like I was going to pass out every time I was sick. However, after having been sick, I was freezing,with hands and feet like lumps of ice. Then the stomach cramps struck, with griping pains in my tummy, a horrendous pain in my kidneys and a shocking backache. Managed a couple of glasses of water and a sugary tea 16 hours after the first onset of vomiting and then fell into a fitful sleep, still burning up. Woke up this morning with sheets drenched in sweat but feeling a bit better. Managed some toast and cereal but still feel very wobbly and now have the second stage,of diarrhoea, which struck without warning. This really is a horrible virus and unfortunately for me, my second bout in three years. There doesn't seem to be any reason in its victims as the children I was with over Christmas are all fine. The only small comfort if you are suffering,is that although you feel like you want to die, the worst part is fairly short lived. If you can cope with the first 24 hours, you will feel a little better.

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kmja said on 28 December 2013

I don't know if this is what I'm suffering from but all the symptoms and experiences seem accurate! I went to bed last night fine and woke about half 4 in the morning with a strange crampy feeling in the stomach. Once I'd got myself awake properly, I then felt nauseous. I went to the bathroom where I was met with diarrhoea and was stuck there for about an hour. Got to bed again and about 5 minutes later I needed to go back. This happened for about an hour. At this stage I was just using my en suite but when I suddenly felt like the nausea could turn to sickness I ran to the main bathroom so as not to waken my partner. I projectile vomited as I got in the door and had to get on the toilet as I had no control of the diarrhoea. Was sat there vomiting into the bath for hour. I got that cleaned up and tried some water but it came straight back up. Few more trips to the toilet, I tried water again with paracetamol.. Which ended up me vomiting it all up in the en suite so it needed cleaned too. So it's 11 hours later, I'm sat in bed (can't lie down) still with diarrhoea, horrendous stomach cramps and vomiting. And my limbs feel so achey :(

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Reddymom said on 25 December 2013

The virus ripped through our family of 4, in each person lasting about 36 hours and seemed to come from nowhere. Started with my 13 year old feeling unwell, then vomiting hourly for 3 hours, accompanied by dizziness and headache, fevers and shaking. 4 hours later my 17 year old followed the same pattern, needed Motilium. Then me, just flu like symptoms, slept on and off for 24 hours - no food. 24 hours later hubby; flu like and all out at the bottom end. Floored the lot of us from Sat 21st - Dec 25. Fridge is full and no one ate a thing from Sun-Tues. Can hardly believe the impact it had on us all, all feeling like we were going to die and now everyone is absolutely fine. Cheap Christmas.

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unmerry said on 24 December 2013

Unmerry Christmas to me. .

Monday 23 I was cooking and though the nausea was from the frying food...

That same day I Go to bed with body ache.. and though some panadol will do... yet at 00.00 I woke up wit severe stomach cramp.. and do a few trips to the loo... (watery diarrhea)

So im in bed with tea and eating a craker.. hope im not to have more symptoms like many others have experienced.. yet I feel num fingers and very weak..

Ho ho ho.. uni starts with 3 tests and cant study due to feeling poorly..
Lets see what happens next :( my thoughts are with those in the same condition. . Xxx

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xr770a said on 03 December 2013

Started feeling generally unwell on the Friday, nothing specific, this lasted for about 48hrs, thought I was dodging flu or cold bug, on the Sunday everything broke out, frequent diarrhea and vomiting....the vomiting slowed but not the diarrhea. Its now Tuesday I have had cramps and severe tummy pains, regular sessions of diarrhea, not so urgent, have not eaten since Friday ( except a small bowl of porridge only managed 3 mouthfuls and felt like i'd eaten a 5 course meal) Had headaches etc aching joints and a short temperature.....just want it to go away and leave me alone.
Also had Diarholyte and lucozade. Lost over a stone weight.

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Jazzy123 said on 29 November 2013

I was always a bit sceptical of this bug - until now!! I've had the flu once and this has totally different symptoms. Started with a nasty experience in the toilet followed by severe nausea, stomach cramps add in freezing cold feet and hands and such a dry mouth its thoroughly unpleasant. Feel generally unwell. I'm in Notts so wonder if we are midst an outbreak...

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Dan85 said on 28 November 2013

I came down with this today I think. Within 20 minutes I went from being fine and dandy at work to having sharp stomach cramps, prickly waves of nausea and cold clammy skin. Usually I only experience this sensation when shopping with the wife so I knew something was wrong. I barely made it home before unleashing hell in the downstairs lav. I feel absolutely horrendous and I can't stop being sick, and i wont even mention the jip the other main symptom is giving me. All I'll say is I'm glad this is supposed to be over fairly quickly as none of the anti sickness medicines I've tried stayed down for more then a couple of minutes so there's no relief its totally relentless.

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sir_phlemalot said on 18 November 2013

i have had it. For ahem 3 ahem weeks ahem hargghhka.cough cough splutter ahem.bye

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BeckyJay991 said on 26 August 2013

I'm suffering with this right now. Started last night where I threw up everything I had eaten, was then followed with me being unable to get off the toilet to throwing up acid. Now I can't bring anything up but still heaving violently. The worst thing for me is, I can't walk due to the back pain and cramp all over my body. Never felt pain like this.

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Cariad1964 said on 01 May 2013

Living in Florida now, from wales....I woke up at 6am Monday with stomach cramps and diarrhea . Took acitominphen with little effect. Fell back to sleep only to wake at 9am with projectile vomitting. I tried to sip water but everything came back up. I honestly felt so bad...I took co codimol for the throbbing head and sipped on sports drink. Vomiting lasted around 7 hours when my husband finally gave me some anti emetic (nauzene)..sorry don't know brand name in UK. This worked very quickly and I vomitted only once after this. The diarrhea was so bad that it was coming out as I was vomitting and I had no control. Slept all night Monday and most of Tuesday. Today, weds, I tried to get up for work but am super thirsty, dizzy and feel generally weak, have been able to eat one banana and a slice of dry toast..
.so hope to be back to work tomorrow. My son has it now...YUCK

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penni70 said on 20 April 2013

I thought I had got away with it! My eldest daughter had this 2 weeks ago, was being sick every half an hour for 24 hours, thankfully only a small amount from the rear end, the scarey thing was she was 7 weeks pregnant at the time. She could not even keep down a mouthful of water. A week and a half later my middle daughter had it and she was sick also, no bad tummy thankfully but was sick several times within a 24 hour period. Luckily she did not have it as bad as my eldest. Now today I am at work and after severe tummy cramps have just exploded from the rear end and am now left feeling extremely sick.
I need to hold it together until 5.30 when I finish work but in all honesty I can not see this happening. Wish me luck!

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Mrsfleming said on 14 April 2013

Fine on Friday evening. Woke at 1 am feeling sick and with stomach cramps. Nasty stuff. Perched on loo unable to move while trying to reach the sink at the same time, unsuccessfully. This lasted about 4 hours. All day Saturday in bed. Fever, sweats, leg cramps and violent headache. Paracetamol didn't help. Horrendous thirst. Kept drinking iced water. Sunday bed till lunchtime. Sunday night, feeling 99% better. Ruined weekend. Nasty bug resolves fairly quickly.

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Boot5y said on 12 April 2013

On Tuesday evening within 15 minutes I developed some terrible aches and pains. During early hours of Wednesday the vomiting started with hot and cold sweats. I started to take paracetamol but with no real benefit. Yesterday the pains had gone but the vomiting was still there but a new evil the onset of painless diarrhoea had started. I cant eat, I only sip water and flat Cola the Cola helps make the taste of water vomit better....I was wanting to lose a few pounds in weight and now I have thanks to the Norovirus diet..I figured out its better to laugh at it now, vomiting is now second nature.

The worst thing for me was it is my sons 12th birthday tomorrow, he has mild autism and other was my frist birthday with him since he was 5 years old and when I told him that I didn't want him to catch it from me all he done until I phone was cry.

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madam84 said on 10 April 2013

went to sleep at about 11pm on the 8th april2013.
woke up suddenly at about 1am with an overwhelming feeling to be sick. was sick like i have never been sick before. Projectile vomiting until i felt empty, went to sleep but woke up 2 hrs later to vomit again. this just kept on happening all night. i felt thirsty so i sipped some water and this even came back up.
Then it started on the other end!!!
i slept most of the 9th as i was so tired from being up all night and my energy levels were low.
Today I am feeling much better but I have a mega headache and mouth is constantly dry.
I'm sure I caught it on the 7th as I was in central London all day, on off buses, trains and in large public areas.

Carry anti bacterial gels when going out.

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Number 88 said on 08 April 2013

At 2am on Sunday morning I woke up with bad stomach cramps. Went to the toilet and had awful diarrhoea. About five minutes later had an overwhelming urge to be sick and projectile vomited. Immediately after I felt slightly better but an hour later - more watery diarrhoea and more vomiting. This cycle continued each hour until 2pm at which point the sickness stopped. At this point my temperature went up to 40 degrees and I felt awful through the night into Monday. Monday morning and my temperature is slowly dropping, and the diarrhoea has stopped. Feel completely washed out and can only eat dry toast. Absolutely awful while it lasted!

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User762500 said on 07 April 2013

Heres a breakdown of the worst illness ever I've ever experienced:

Day 1: Woke up with splitting headache and with light stomach pains. It took until around dinner time before I vomitted for the first time. after this it was non stop on the pan all through the night at least once an hour with just liquid blasting out the bottom end. after each episode i felt slight relief and ensured i drank a pint of water to replace fluids.

Day 2: waking up feeling slightly less spaced out than the day before thinking i'm maybe getting better, slept most of the day 'again' tried dinner but ate less than 1/3 of plate. the evening brought on more stomach cramps and frequent but less frequent trips to the pan. again during the night probably 1/2 the vists to the toilet from previous night.

Day 3: Waking up feeling a whole lot better my stomach still not feeling 100% but i was able to eat a banana and a yoghurt and then a small lunch with the appetite coming back nicely. I'm hoping by tomrrow i should be pretty much back to normal.

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Jilly37 said on 07 April 2013

Started with aching body on Friday, felt sick but wasn't, didn't eat much that day. Felt slightly better yesterday so ate a bit more, really wish I hadn't, spent most of last night on the toilet must have gone close to 10 times, started with bad stomach cramps, wind, then came the runs, my god have I got a sore bottom today. Sent my other half for some Imodium which seems to have helped, also had plenty of water and managed some dry toast but stiff feel rotten, got headache now and just feel tired due to lack of sleep. Think I must have picked this up from a house I clean at whose baby contracted the norovirus while in hospital the other week, either that or from using the bus the other day. Nasty virus!

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tam75 said on 21 March 2013

hi guys well what can i say on tuesday morning i heard the front door close at 5:30am it was my partner leaving for work! the very moment i opened my eyes i had to most overwhelming feeling of sickness. then knowmore than ten minutes later that was me bent over the loo thowing up for england then about 1and a half hrs later the other end started like pure water. the stomach cramps when i tried to lay down were that unbareable at one point i thought i would have to call an ambulance as i was home alone this lasted for 10 hrs solid and stopped as abruptly as it started (probs cause there was nothing left inside as it had felt my whole insides had been vomited out). 52 hrs later and im bk in work on a night shift (probs caught it from work in the first place as work in the medical inviroment) feel ok but not quite myself i have not ate for 3 days as of fear of it all starting again. i have never felt so ill or had so much pain in all my days ive given birth twice an they were a walk in the park compared to this nasty nasty bug. i just hope to god i have not passed it to any of my children. and pray i never get this ever again.

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rob44 said on 19 March 2013

this virus is so nasty started for me ealry hours of sat morning 2am feeling sick and diarrhea, then by sat afternoon none stop being sick every 5mins so bad was taken into hospital because i was sick over 100 times, 3days on still cant eat bad diarrhea stomach cramps etc
never felt so ill

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Charliesgirl said on 22 February 2013

My 11 year old daughter started with stomach cramps and nausea within half hour had extreme diarrhea and violent sickness! Was vomiting whilst on toilet with diarrhea all night. Couldn't even keep water down. Now has high temperature, very lethargic, extremely tired and thirsty. Very nasty bug! Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, just hope I or my husband don't get it!

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jmarie590 said on 11 February 2013

it started for me on thursday at 1am.started being sick and then the bowel movements came (just like water) you cant control. i was sick about 7 times all throughout the night intill 3pm friday and the diarrhea is still going today. i had to have a sickness jab which helped and been taking dioralytes to help my salts. iv had extreme cramping everywhere and headakes. iv started by sucking on iceubes as i couldnt bare to drink anything and am very dehidrated! i hav started drinking today but cant hold down a single bite of toast. day four and it still going. try everyhing you can to stay away from anyone who has it as its very contagus!

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EmmaDC said on 09 February 2013

My husband came down with norovirus on Monday, 4th February in the evening. He was hardly sick at all,but had watery diarrhea all night, and unfortunately this was accompanied by quite a high temperature, so he felt cold and shivery too. He didn't sleep, an the next day we travelled home. I did everything I could think of to avoid getting it, but I think it was in vain as the night before he got ill we shared a curry (worst mistake) and shared drinks too.
I had very painful stomach ache around 7pm on Wednesday night and realised I wasn't going to avoid it....mine was all sickness, and I was sick about 30 times between 10pm and 8.30 am the following morning. In between bouts of sickness I kept drinking sips of water and lucozade, which kept me hydrated as best as I could. My sickness came to an abrupt end on Thursday morning and, thank goodness, I've had nothing since. However, I've never felt so nauseous, bloated, gassy and off my food. Every single thing I try to eat or drink makes me feel sick. I've found that taking a Zantac works quite well. My husband, 5 days on from the start of the virus, still feels really nauseous, giddy, gassy and fatigued. We were wondering if having dairy products was delaying the healing process? Any thoughts?

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GW_1982 said on 09 February 2013

I had this nasty nasty bug 3 years ago (nearly to the day!) remember I had just started a new job and thought to myself it was a really bad start!

Went out last night to an awards night, didn't drink too much but when I got up this morning felt a bit light headed and thought it was due to lack of sleep. Had a bacon roll and then headed off out to a training course. Progressively through the morning started feeling worse and worse, dull thick head, dizziness, lack of concentration, had plenty of water but at lunch time I made my excuses and went home. I honestly thought it was the bacon sandwich, thought I would be sick then back to college within the hour (haha dedication). Came home started shivering and achy limbs, had a bowel movement, everything was normal, although quite a lot of it, then vomited and felt better. Thought I would have an energy drink as I may have been dehydrated, about an hour later I was sick again, just fluids. Decided to change to water. Had another bowel movement, again stools were normal consistency but there was a lot. Went on like this for rest of day/evening. Kept throwing up water so thought I would try sipping some lucozade for some sugar. To begin with felt absolutley great, had a nap for an hour and could move around. Kept sipping lucozade and water then taking big gulps (as I was really thirsty). Was then sick again, some 6 hours after my last bout of vomiting. So far counted going to the loo - about 4/5 times all times been 'quite a lot' but normal consistency, have also urinated, it was quite pale and have vomited 5 times. Now having bad headache, achy limbs and 'full' feeling stomach. Also can't sleep (it's currently 10 past 12 at night). Feeling really thirsty have started sipping water and lucozade again.

Really horrible illness! Hope it pushes off soon.

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Loobylou89 said on 02 February 2013

I started to feel ill in the way home from work on Thursday evening and when off the bus tried to make it home to be sick but that never happened, I had to find a bush (poor leaves!) and from then on when I got home it all started, projectile vomiting and diarorreha every half hour, shivering and a pounding headache. I spelt in the loo that night as every time I tried to lie down my stomach would hurt and I would have to run to the toilet. This carried on until around 7am Friday morning, almost 12 hours. I had a few sachets of diaralyte to see if that would work and it did seem to after a while. By 1pm I hadn't had any motions both ends so tried some flavoured water, I got fed up of drink normal water so stopped (bad me I know!) but didn't bring anything up. On Friday I slept on and off all day, had a temperature this time no shivering, and kept drinking the flavoured water. By 4pm I tried some rich tea biscuits to see if that would help and nothing happened so hoping I was over the worst of it! I still had a terrible headache, achness all around and nausea feeling but still no more motions. Later on that evening I tried some dry toast with marmite and managed to keep that down. Also took some paracetmol but that didnt help. Did have one bowel motion at 9pm but haven't had any since. Today woke up still with a headache so had some dry toast again and some lucozade, trying to get some sugar back into me. My headache has gone but still have the nausea feeling which is horrid! Have managed some soup and a pitta bread and a small pasta dinner today. I think I had the lighter version of this virus but would never want this again or wish it on my worst enemy, don't know how I would have coped if it was worser!

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User745320 said on 02 February 2013

i started to have pains and aches and stiff neck with headaches and then next day loose bowels and continued for 3 days and couldnt drink water or anything as so nauseous and on the 3rd day i fell so weak, and dizzy. went to urgent care and i was dehydrated. they gave me 1000cc fluid and i felt some better, and some medicine to ease the stomach cramps, they hurt so bad and a sore still with it, but not as bad and now starting to eat some. this is a bad virus. try and stay indoors and away from others.

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Misties said on 01 February 2013

I am 60 quite active on Monday I felt a little sick but just diarrhea and headache for 48 hrs then as I was walking dogs on Wednesday all of a sudden projectile vomit started and I had to get home fast... I then felt so tired, ached all over, headache, and cramps and spent most of the next few hours in the smallest room the only thing i could do in between was sleep, 36 hrs later I can keep water down. I now feel really drained and I dont wish this on anyone. I will now try something light to eat.

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charlieyankie said on 31 January 2013

The new GII.4 Sydney strain is currently doing the rounds in USA after hitting the UK and Europe in December 2012. There is still norovirus about in the UK but nothing like at Christmas.

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Soo 57 said on 26 January 2013

I have just come back from visiting my 60 yr old partner in hospital. He was fine yesterday, this morning woke up feeling sicky, but went to work. The visits to the loo started soon after he arrived and by midday he had collapsed twice through extreme projectile vomiting and diarrhea and also dehydration. The paramedics had to be called. His normally high blood pressure had dropped to 86/43 and he passed out again at hospital. By the time I left him in an isolation room tonight he was on a re-hydration drip, had been given anti sickness medication intravenously and had been told he will be in hospital for possibly 48hrs, We have been told his kidneys have been damaged through the dehydration, although probably only temporarily. This is a horrible horrible virus, my heart goes out to anyone who has it. I'll be glad when he's home, and my fingers are crossed I don't catch it!

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JButtsy said on 24 January 2013

Wow, very, very nasty. Had Norovirus for nearly 5 days now and honestly, never felt worse. I'm a teacher so suspect I've caught it from one of my 'little darlings'!

Temperature, headache, tummy cramps, back ache, chest pains and projectile evacuations from both ends! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Just want it to go away now.......

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paradidle said on 23 January 2013

Felt strange on the 21st Jan, like a "full" feeling yet I hardly ate. Went to sleep that night. Woke up at 3am with shivers and a sweat. Stomach cramps prompted the bathroom where I spent the next 3 hours passing water and everything else. Luckily I didn't vomit but felt sick nevertheless! Cramps continued through Tuesday with diarrhoea every hour. By 4 pm it had stopped, by 7pm I was eating again. Still felt rough.

Wednesday afternoon and things seem normal, thought still haven't got my appetite.

I think I had a mild run of this...

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jcplum said on 19 January 2013

I started feeling unwell on Friday 18th Jan in the morning, stomach feeling a bit strange but didn't make anything of it. During the afternoon I started feeling a little sick and my body started to ache so I went off to bed, this was about 4pm, I knew I was hot but felt cold in bed so wrapped my self up. 8pm and everything started to happen, I've been sick before many years ago but not like this, it wasn't the fact that I was being sick, I felt like I was going to pas out, sweating and shaking. The symptoms lasted only a couple of hours and was only sick a couple of times, But I felt very weak. Today the 19, I've continued to have an upset stomach and managed to eat a couple of crackers, but have drank lots of water. I got it from a customer of mine who has been ill during the week. I just hope I don't pass it on to my family. Reading the other comments, I think I've been lucky!

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maxmax said on 19 January 2013

Horrible virus, started 15th Jan with projectile vomiting along with severe stomach pain and non stop diorreha every 10 mins for 5/6 hours, followed by headaches sore ribs due 2 vomiting and tiredness, still not feeling right 4 days later worst experience ever, recommend drinking plenty bottled water,few friends have come down with the same, very contagious.

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malkym said on 10 January 2013

My norovirus started 8th January in the morning.Violently sick with blood in it. Then the diohorreah started. Had it constant for 2 days with sore back sore legs and very bad stomach cramps. Went to my GP and got medication for nausea etc. Doesn't seem to be working. This is one of the worst things i have ever had in my life.

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bucket lover said on 09 January 2013

It started at work on the 07/01/2013 without any warning, I had stomach cramps and aching limbs for 2 hours then the armageddon started, every orivice was being used at the same time, I had chills, sweats, extreme aches, diarrhoea, headache and of course vomitting, I drove home but had to stop 4 times for toilet issues, not very pleasent on an open motorway.

Day 2 left me with m uch the same except the vomiting was on the decrease I wished I was dead and welcomed it with open arms.I am now into day 3 vomiting has stopped diarrhoea is still present but not as bad, I cannot taste anything properly ( I tried sucking an orange this made matters worse and tasted horrible)

I am still only drinking water with lots of ice in it. I hope to return to work tomorrow but as it is a 27 mile journey I dare not risk it until I have not used a toilet for longer than 2 hours, if you are unlucky enough to get this virus I can only offer one small piece of advice keep warm drink water (even if you can't keep it down drink small sips of it it does help) and above all keep yourself to yourself so your loved ones don't get it.

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lornaserena said on 06 January 2013

This is now the 3rd day of the notorious, still feel sick and have terrible stomach cramps. I work in a nursing home with 70 residents so i am bound to have caught it from the ere. My first day started off with nausea followed by sickness then diarrhea. this lasted all day and night. i felt so incredibly ill. Then came the stomach cramps. I also had cold and hot shivers, muscle ache, disorientation, headache and sweats. Felt off and on by the second day. No more sickness but i still had nausea. I also had diarrhea but took immodium which worked really well. Had a proper (small) meal on the 2nd night and felt much better. Today i woke up with griping stomach cramps and nausea. Attempted to go to work but got sent home after 1/2 an hour. 5th person to get sent home this morning. Hoping this is all going to end soon. Drinking vitamin c tablets has really helped.

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Imploded12 said on 04 January 2013

I am not sure what I had but had diarrhoea from Boxing Day to 3rd January. Got boss on my back about work, but was too ill to go to doctors, and find that if it was the virus it would be a waste of time anyway. Been feeling dizzy and light headed, I am also asthmatic and that is playing up too.
Just need to hibernate for a few months :-D

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Lady24 said on 03 January 2013

I had what I assume is this virus three weeks ago, it started during the day with horrific cramping and spasms that got worse by the hour combined with severe nausea. During the first night I lay awake writhing with the cramps and spasms which made it impossible to sleep combined with the nausea, by the time it was morning the diarrhoea started, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced, ( I have travelled a lot so am used to diarrhoea but this was on a whole different level!!) forceful and very violent and so watery, it went on the whole day with only approx 10 minutes gaps between episodes, this continued through the whole Saturday night. I kept trying to climb back into bed between episodes but soon realised that this was useless as I was just running back and forth so gave up in the end and just ended up sitting on the bathroom floor when there was gaps in between. Had a brief respite of a few hours Sunday am, ate a piece of toast around midday and it all started up again, by 3am I felt incredibly ill, dehydrated, confused and dizzy I had a bad fever and the nausea was unbearable, I had hardly slept at all since the Thursday night and the lack of sleep was terrible. luckily I had Diaoraltye rehydration sachets so took small regular sips of these. By Monday Midday the diarrhoea was less frequent and I started to feel less confused and dizzy, by the evening it had more or less stopped. My advice drink rehydration sachets like dioralyte, suck on lolly pops (not healthy but the sugar helps and the sweet taste helps with nausea) suck on boiled sweets,had a huge craving for salt so had a tiny handful of pop corn, flavoured water was a godsend, plain made me feel more queasy. Wasn’t actually physically sick, my heart goes out to people who have that to contend with as well as the diahroea!

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bruckie1 said on 02 January 2013

Woke up yesterday and throughout the day and into the night violent vomiting around 16 times had chills and pains only time i was warm was when i was vomiting my head felt like it was going to explode. No diarrhea. I have never felt so ill in my life. feeling a little better today although no sickness still feel like my head is exploding and managing to keep water down. Hopefully feel better soon.

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gemmarenz said on 29 December 2012

Hi my daughter woke up around 6.30 this morning with a high temp headache and uneasy stomach! she has only eaten 1 crumpet and 1 butterd roll but wasnt complaining of stomach cramps afterwards!!!
does this sound likely to be norovirous?if so when should i expect the sickness and diarrhoea to start?

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kris1960 said on 28 December 2012

I woke up to awful stomach ache yesterday morning, then as soon as I got up I started to vomit violently. and this continued on and off all day and into the evening, I managed only 2 glasses of water all day. my head hurt, joints, and at times I was shaking with cold, the only time I was hot was when I was being sick, luckily it did not effect both ends. I have got up today and am too weak to go out still. In fact the best place is bed with this virus, take a bucket though.

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wendybournemouth said on 27 December 2012

OMG I have never felt so poorly. Was violently sick three times during the night yesterday. After each attack I had the rigours....shaking uncontrollably and sooooo cold. Stomach pain, dry mouth, headache, aching muscles/joints, varying degrees of body temp. loss of appetite, tearful and never slept so much in my life. Its day 2 and I feel alot better but very weak and emotional. Thankfully my husband and elderly mother have not caught this.

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SophieBella said on 24 December 2012

I have been vomiting, had a raised temperature, had a headache and aching muscles for 2 days now however I have had no diarrhoea. However shortly after these symptoms started for me my mum had the same only she isn't vomiting but has diarrhoea.

Both of us are constantly around m dad and he hasn't got it. Does it vary from person to person and are some people immune?

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kiwi marshmallow said on 20 December 2012

I work in Healthcare and a ward I have been working on was closed today because of possible Norovirus (not confirmed), but very likely.
Had a dodgy stomach for a while and feeling very nauseated. Not spiked a temp as of yet, but feel a headache coming on, joined by left side abdomen pains.
If I have contracted Norovirus, it will be a very unmerry Christmas for me and my family.
Ho ho ho!

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gemz111 said on 18 December 2012

I have been ill with this bug since sunday. My symtopms came on very quickly it started with a headache, sore throat ( not sure if the throat is related??) and a temprature. I went to bed on sunday night feeling very sorry for myself with stomach cramps. I didn't get any sleep that night and I spent the majority of the night leaning over a bucket I slept in a room with both windows wide open but I still felt like I was sleeping in a oven! I spent the whole of monday sat on my sofa wrapped in a blanket got to about 2:30pm and I started being sick there wasn't alot to be sick though because I had lost all my appatite and hadn't had anything to drink/eat since about 6:30 the night before. I couldn't even bring myself to drink water as the though of anything going in to my stomach made me heave! I spent the whole of today feeling much better in comparison to the worst day of my life. I still have stomach cramps and a temprature but on the whole I have felt much better. I haven't had diarrhea though but my sister we have both had the same symtoms but I haven't had the diarrhea and she has.
Can you still have the norvirus without the diarrhea?

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Shel5386 said on 17 December 2012

My 4yr old son has just come down with this, its horrible! He woke at 5.30 this morning being sick and diarrhoea at the same time and in my bed! I feel so sorry for him, hes been sick 3 times and had 4 lots of diarrhoea within a hour and a half.

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Pars1531 said on 14 December 2012

Omg! I have been feeling dreadful all day! Like been dizzy and having headaches then tonight I have been having seriously bad stomach cramps and every time I go to the toilet I feel like I'm going to throw up too so I'm scared to go to the toilet. I am pretty sure I have the norovirus! I haven't been sick yet but I'm pretty sure I will be because I feel seriously sick. I have never felt so bad in my life. I actually feel like I'm dying! I want to cry it's that bad! :-( many some miracle will happen and I won't be sick and I will be feeling much better in the morning but I highly doubt it by the way I'm feeling just now!

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charlieyankie said on 08 December 2012

Please read this very informative article regarding noro virus:
It has got lots of help, advice and information for individuals and businesses, especially hotels, for dealng with a noro virus outbreak.

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kotek500 said on 06 December 2012

In Cambridge, where the Norovirus is doing its rounds, and spent most of yesterday suffering from the symptoms of this nasty bug. Luckily only had one session of vomiting but the stomach pains are still with me. Feel exhausted still but the aches are fading away. By only having the chronic symptoms of not knowing whether to go for the bucket or the toilet for one day, I reckon I got off lightly after reading some of your stories.

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charlieyankie said on 06 December 2012

Hand washing is crucial, hand gel is not a protection against norovirus, you must wash your hands before putting them in your mouth.

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Laraminx said on 06 December 2012

This must be the most evil stomach bug ever! I came down with it suddenly four days ago at 2am on a Monday morning - I was woken by stomach cramps and then proceeded to have the worst diarrohea I have ever had. I have a phobia of vomiting so was doing everything in my power not to vomit, but at 6am my body caved and I was violently sick over and over again. Unbelieveably the diarrohea lasted for nearly 24 hours - and i'm talking running to the toilet 6+ times per hour for 24 hours. It was insane. Everything would happen so quickly with both the diarrohea and vomiting that I wouldn't know whether to sit on the toilet or lean over it - YUCK. By the time the diarrohea was coming to an end it looked so weird - like green leaf debris in the toilet. Accompanying all of this was the worst lower back pain I have ever known. I was bent over like an old woman and shuffling about in agony. For the first 24hours I couldn't keep even the smallest sip of water down and my advice for anybody suffering from this would be to resist eating or drinking anything while your body is trying to battle this early phase - it didn't help and just made the symptoms worse. I was so thirsty and found swishing cold water in my mouth and spitting it out over and over again gave some relief. After 24h I tried sipping small sips of water every 15 minutes. It's agonising because you want to drink more but refrain from doing so or everything starts up again! Friends also recommended sucking on small ice cubes which helped my rehydrate slowly. It's now been almost 4 days and I still feel very weak, nauseous and achey but the worst of it is finally over. I don't really have an appetite but know that after 3 days without food I need to try to eat again - weirdly enough I'm craving chicken breast! Good luck to anybody suffering from this awful bug!!

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keith ridley said on 06 December 2012

its 8am and just had the worst day and night in my life.i was in work yesterday and felt dizzy bout 11.30am .Went to the loo and didnt quite make it embaressing.Sent home in a taxi .About 2pm i was shivering badly and went to the loo only to experience the worst projectile vomitting and diahorea ever.Couldnt even keep water down and being diabetic was really worrying. Finally stopped being sick at 3am havnt been to sleep yet and still have the runs .In the future i am going to use a hand sanitzer every day as i dont want to experience this again fellow sufferers take note

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kimance said on 11 November 2012

I lay in an empty bath in the end, no longer able to sit up on the loo with a bowl to be sick in without fainting. Im finding an ice lolly is comforting. I was told no juice or fizz but i had a little lucozade which stayed down. We're keeping well ventilated and looking forward to a banana later

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steveo26 said on 10 October 2012

Omg .... Last few days i been feeling a lil drained n feeling hot n cold with headaches coming and going...Last night after 1 hr sleep i woke up with stomach cramps...this really was painfull... I tried to go to the toilet but nothing happened felt really sick too... I took some ibuprofen and 30 mins later i managed to get some sleep... I woke up this morning with stomache ache n feeling sick... Had a few glasses of water...And splosh without warning i rushed to the toilet n only just made it i been twice since.. im still felling sick and very shiverish... Please just go away.... I wouldnt wish this illness on any one

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Tinda said on 09 September 2012

All the above symptoms must be what I have...I woke up about 3am Saturday 8th feeling sick...I have a gastric band so its really difficult to actually be sick! I was wretching so hard & being sick for ages, every time I got back in bed it started again, stomach cramps, aching limbs, then came the husband found me laying on the bathroom floor! My headache is terrible, can't get rid of it, my knees ache & my eyes feel like someone is poking them, I'm finding it difficult to regulate my temperature...I've managed to get down farleys Rusk of all things, but feel so awful...never felt so bad before...I sympathize with anyone who gets this :(

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lm71 said on 02 September 2012

This virus is evil. my daughter had it sun/mon last week. i did not see her til thursday and thought i would be safe by then. Friday/sat night woke up to go toilet around 3am and the watery diarrhea started quickly followed by the nausea with no warning. i called my husband to get the bucket as it was coming from both ends. This happened 3 more times til about 7am. Each time i got back into bed rolling around with stomach cramps. From 7am no more sickness but diarrhea coming out like a fast tap. Temp raised at 38.2 and body actually aching so that it hurts. Slept on and off all day saturday. Feeling desperate urge to guzzle cold water but worried may sick it up again so suck ice cubes. Sip a little water but tastes awful. 4pm sat starving so decide to have a few grapes. An hour later im throwing up again. Turbulent nights sleep sat and into sunday still got the watery diarrhea, not aching as much but still ache around lower back. Temp is raised but not as much as yesterday. i do not want to ever get this again. i have been bedridden for 2 days.

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patchy said on 11 August 2012

I know what this bug can do. Had it twice on a cruise ship just two weeks ago. Many passangers affected. Spent days in isolation in my cabin. Whole ship had to be sanitised and we were all barrier nursed. Rotten luck, but well looked after by all crew concerned.
Not enought people pay attention to hand washing. Best way to keep infection down.

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eward80 said on 07 August 2012

OMG I've been ill for 5 days now. I woke up on Thursday 2nd August feeling sore, achey, shivery, sore head but just got on with it at work, then on the Friday diarrhoea started, still I soldiered on until the Saturday night, and I've been bed ridden since, all day Sunday and Monday. I've got cold sweats, shivery, achey all over, headaches that no pain killer will shift and once I've been awake for about 5 minutes I'm on the toilet. Thankfully I'm not vomiting! No appetite tho.
Feeling slightly better today so hopefully I'm over the worst of it. I spoke to my doc on the phone as couldnt face going all the way into the surgery just to be told, rest, drink plenty fluids, which I've already been doing. Not heard of many bugs going around the Edinburgh area, but I've been to Birmingham with work and apparantely there are a few down there. I can recommend dioralyte to rehydrate yourself.
Worst bug I've had in years.

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winterwolf said on 14 July 2012

On Thursday 12 July i was in my office with an extreame pounding headache and crampy stomach. I took some pain killers and though nothing more of it.... until..Friday 2am i was awoken by those horrible nightmares u get when i have a very high temperature and I knew what was coming. Started being sick every half hour and the other end almost every 15 minutes.
At one point i was actually crying wishing it would just be over. lol. I tried sleep it off but there was no joy there for the back and muscle pain was horrid and uncomfortable and the stomach cramps where unbearable.

The sickness calmed down after a few hours but the runs did't eng until late Friday night. Couldnt eat a thing all day for fear of being sick again.

Finally woke up this morning 14 July feeling a little better. I managed to keep down a slice of toast and cup of tea. So i think its finally over. a big sigh of relief. Still got the really sore back muscles and cramppy feeling. I hope i never have it again

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chris952 said on 13 July 2012

On wed 11th july 2012 sat at desk in the afternoon and bang went very weak aching all over and a bad headache which i never get and i am very rarely ill went home wed night then the stomach cramps kicked in all across my lower abs underneith my belly button then the runs kicked in could not keep anything down only felt sick but never was when i drank water just after got the cramps then had to go to the loo i have tried taking ibupofen and buscopan cramps non of these worked its now fri the 13th !! and feeling better just had 2 slices of bread and soup not what i usually have for brekky but managed to keep it in and the cramps have gone i hope i never get this again it is evil mainly the cramps that did me and the aching really knocked me off my feet

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TJmum2one said on 08 July 2012

Sounds like you've all had what me and my family are going through.
Started with my 8 month old son being violently sick on Tuesday, after food/drink he projectile vomited all day, ran a slight temperature so cooled him down with a cooler bath, nappies were not wet so he got dehydrated which was a concern,
he refused to drink anything except baby juice so topped him up all day on that, even though he threw most of it straight back up again, he managed to get through the night,
Thursday i started being sick at 6am, and diarrhea (at the same time seemed to be about every 30 mins , both at the same time, but i stopped being sick around noon, but still had diarrhea until the following day, that then cleared up, my kneew and joints were stiff and had a headache, tried to drink lots, but mainly had to sleep it off,
next day we all seemed ok, my son threw up once and has only eaten very small amounts since,and i was fine nothing wrong at all, then today (Sunday) i had diarrhea this morning very badly but only for about 2 hours, i felt weak and tired and just drained,once i slept it off felt fine,

My husband now has it (without the sickness so far) he's felt hot/cold (feet were freezing yesterday) and had stomach cramps all day, i've found the only way to try to kill off the virus is to bleach whole bathroom and kitchen, wash towels and bedding and wipe down my son's toys (He's only playing with plastic toys that i can clean) for now, hopefully in the next few days it will have cleared, i hope on one else ever gets this bug.

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thecoldnorth said on 18 May 2012

Missyx thanks for posting. Had almost exactly the same symptoms as you, but headaches not so bad. Can sympathise with your freezing feet! Hope you are better now. My symptoms have lasted almost 10 days(first 6 days were worst) and have come and gone, always feel worse in the morning.  Stomach cramps and nausea got steadily better, but as I say, came and went with a good day often followed by bad. Have had more short lived norovirus before and this is less intense but much more prolonged. Overall much more draining and worrying, as it takes a while to feel appreciably better.

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missyx said on 03 May 2012

Hey everyone. I am wondering if the symptoms i have are this virus any advice would be Welcome.

I was fine one day and then it began Tuesday morning i just felt really sick but, i wasnt sick and awfull headache which i never suffer from. Also i felt extremely Cold / Freezing cold. When i fell asleep i woke up feeling like a block of ice. My feet feel like ice as i type. I feel extremley tired and weak like all i want to do is sleep, like no energy/motivation.. Also my ankles and the backs of my legs and shoulders ache awfull. Also a great need to drink / feeling extra thirsty. My appetite isnt to bad, i have feelings of needing to eat something. I noticed i am going to the toilet alot more maybe that's something to do with the amount of fluid i have drank. Today Thursday i felt okay at first but, then the sickly feeling came and the headache is still here but, is no were near as bad as it was. My feet are freezing though. Glad i came accross this page as i have never experienced anything like this before. Thankyou for your time.

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sickbug said on 14 April 2012

I am sitting on my sofa, just getting over this ! woo what can i say thursday it started and now saturday im just starting to feel alive again, i was sick so much and the other im surprised im still here, crying on the bathroom floor was the best part, i spend a good part of 7 hours being sick every 15 minutes and the other was like a tap, sorry to be so graphic but i want people to know you will survive ! ive never had a sick bug before so it was new to me, but i glad its gone, i just hope no-one i know has caught it from me time will tell...

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mo1948 said on 14 March 2012

have had e-coli food poisoning and gastro-enteritis BUT nothing like hit me early Sunday evening - feeling very sickish went to bed !!! spent the night on the bath room and bedroom floor violent sickness and "the other" !! lasted 12 hrs and had no strength to stand had to crawl on all fours Mon./Tues my legs kept giving way and my ribs felt broken and flu like pains shooting through my whole body coupled with bad head ache blurred vision - where has this come from ?? and now Wed am feeling on the mend but if this has been "caught " off someone Oh Boy would I like to meet them !! And my sympathy goes out to all the others on this site - I too thought I was dying !!

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pistoff said on 11 March 2012

My wife had all the symptoms of norovirus in the early hours last Sunday, she wasn't at all well. She finally went back to work in the kitchen of a care home on Wednesday having complied with the 48 hour after last symptom rule. That same day I showed some of these symptoms at the supermarket bakery where I work as a baker. (not the vomiting though) I had to struggle through to the end of my shift as I was the only baker with no one else to fall back on due to huge staff cuts. I called in later that day and said I wouldn't be back in the next day. I was told to call back next day and update them how I was. I did as they requested and told them that I'd had no diarrhorea since the night before and that I'd be back to work on Saturday morning which complied with the 48 hour rule.
On the Saturday I went in as I promised and was called to the managers office for a return to work interview having filled in the relevant foodhandlers paperwork. I was given a dressing down for not going back to work sooner as I could have worked somewhere else in the supermarket!
This cannot be right, can it?
I have been a professional baker for almost 40 years and have always had the impression that I shouldn't be anywhere near food of any sort for that 48 hour period. Can anyone clarify this for me?

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RoxyL said on 07 March 2012

I have never felt this bad in my life!! Went to bed feeling sick so just thought I'd sleep it off. Woke up at half 1 in the morning and was so sick! I thought I'd have thrown everything up cos there was so much but 15 minutes later I was being sick again! Back to bed, 15 mins later sick again so I didn't think there was any point going back to bed so I decided to lay on the settee with a bucket! Went to make myself a drink as I thought it might settle my stomach but just brought it straight back up. I was sick every half an hour till about half 10. Towards the end nothing but bile was coming up so I had to drink something as it felt better to bring something up. Everytime I was sick I went hot and dizzy but as soon as I stopped I was freezing and shaking! Later on in the day I felt like I had flu as I was aching everywhere and I had no strength whatsoever. I really hope I never get this again and I wouldn't wish this horrible illness on anyone! Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to stop it but I would recommend trying a stomach settler such as Andrews but only after you've stopped being sick. I read these comments on here when I first started being sick and I thought there's no way it could be that bad or that I'm going to be sick that much but it's true!! I felt like I'd had done a thousand sit-ups by the end of it!

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daveymitch said on 05 March 2012

Woah! Just got the T shirt on this one. A night at the theatre turned into a nightmare. Had stomach bugs before but nothing like this. Normally a fit healthy guy with a very good sanitise sanitise sanitise regime. Halfway through first act of a very entertaining "Fawlty Towers" stomach cramps started. As it was a small theatre in the round there was no escape until the interval. The longest 20 minutes of my life. Eventually made it to the gents only to have to queue for a cubicle. I apologise to the person I barged out of the way getting into the 1st available cubicle, however, the sight of my projectile vomiting must have answered any questions he might have had. Needless to say I didn't see the second act as I awaited collection by my family. Its the vomiting and diarrhoea at exactly the same time I couldn't cope with!!! Like they say you just have to ride this one out!!! Best done sitting on the loo with a bowl in hand! dont return to work too early you'll only pass it on to others

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vickstah said on 04 March 2012

Oh dear after reading all your comments i think i have Norovirus. I am about 9 hrs in feel like death!! I am used to picking up stomach bugs as i work with kids but i have never had such a sudden onset of symptoms. I had a few glasses of wine last night and fell asleep. My bf was still awake and suddenly i woke up feeling really nauseous. i think he thought it was the wine and just said.'go back to sleep' but i literally just made it to the loo in time. Projectile vomiting so forcefully it splashed out of the loo came through my nose,the full works!
Dirohoea is so very watery and i know i am very dehydrated as my mouth and lips are dry and powdery and im getting pins and needles iny hands and feet. Vomited 3 times but managed to keep about 200ml water down since 4am.
Did anyone else have blood in their feaces? Its only a very snall amount but concerning me all the same. Also i have a real nasty pain just underneath my rib cage im not shre if it is spasms from vomiting so forcefully but its really uncomfortable!!

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User651613 said on 03 March 2012

This was absolutely horrid.It creeped up so fast and it lasted just over 48hours.Everything you eat or drink comes straight back up which ended me feeling so hungry,thirsty and weak.The constant sick feeling in the stomach was the worst,feeling like you were going to throw up at any moment.It made it terribly hard to sleep and i also had a bad cold at the same time as this.I just lay there lifeless for 2 days unless i was to sit up to vomit then run to the bathroom.Possibly one of the worst illnesses ive ever had and ill never forget it.I have a huge amount of sympathy for whoever catches it!!!

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Bull1 said on 24 February 2012

Much the same as everyone else really. I'm normally a fit, healthy young person and I have found this virus somewhat devastating, possibly partly because I'm not used to being sick. At first I thought it might be food poisoning because of the sudden severity of vomiting. After 2-3 days of eating very little and drinking plenty of water as advised by my GP I started to feel much better and decided to have a nice meal to make up for it. Huge mistake! It came back with a vengeance during the night and I was vomiting with diarrhea practically non stop all night. I would highly recommend avoiding large meals to anyone who has this. God I hope that I never get anything like this again!

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nora b said on 14 February 2012

I am a 55 year old female, andI have just got over this awful virus. I started about 10.30pm last wedneday night and vomited every 30 mins for a full 24 hours. I also had severe diarrhea for approx 12 hours ending in the last 3 times I went to the loo i lost pure bright red blood. As a result of this i phoned my GP on the fri when I had stopped being sick and was told to go to the surgery immediately. After 25 mins and a whole host of blood tests I was told that it could be one of three things and they would not know till the bloods came back. I got a phone call yesterday to confirm it was the virus. I am today for the first time feeling more like myself but still only eating tiny meals. On the plus side between wed night and sat afternoon I lost 13lb. Good luck to anybody who gets this virus as you will need it. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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LauraIrene said on 05 February 2012

My son had it earlier this week, then me. Yuck! However, I followed my vet's advice (given to me about our dog) for a post-upset stomach diet: plain rice and either scrambled egg or poached chicken or fish. I could only eat a little (the dog got the rest), but It stayed down!

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OzzyFelix said on 27 January 2012

My eldest boy who is 4, came down with this last night, vomiting all over the dining room floor, half way through dinner. Poor little mite, he looked so poorly. It really does come from no where, he had been out with his grandparents all day with his younger brother and had been his usual lively self, in-fact he was this way until 2 minutes before being sick. The vomiting continued all night (every hour on the hour). The last time he was sick was 7am this morning. I found dry toast stayed down, in case anyone is wondering what to feed themselves or their child. Also to prevent, dehydration, I have been giving him beakers of sports drinks throughout the day, these also gives him some much needed glucose. I'm trying to prevent anyone else in the house getting it, by constantly washing my hands and using a sanitiser hand gel. I can't do much else, so fingers crossed this nasty virus goes soon! My youngest son is 20 months, the same age as my eldest, when he first got it. He had it for 3 weeks then and he got dangerously dehydrated as he was refusing anything including liquids.

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Eirnsown said on 07 January 2012

I am still suffering the effects of this bug. But I have self diagnosed. I started on Monday feeling dreadfully unwell went to bed and within an hour I had projectile Vomiting and yes it was frightening, but I knew I would feel better - I am not afraid of vomiting but this was something else. My diarrhoea was mild at the attach as I had had very loose poos during the day but thought it might have been the red wine from the night before. BUT for me it's the bug that is still within and has left me bed bound all week. When I read this site on Monday/Tuesday I expected to be up and running by Friday latest.. But here I am still in bed. A very nasty bug and I too don't wish this on anyone else. No one else in my house has suffered this far so I keep my fingers crossed!

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AmiiDelonge said on 05 January 2012

My advice is to try and eat something. Maybe just a slice of toast and some scrambled egg, anything that's light on your stomach. It feels a lot better, yes it may make you sick but it means something is actually there to come out, and it won't be as painful.
This virus effected me yesterday, at about 2 in the morning, I woke up and was almost immediately sick, and I was awake all night.
The virus made me very tired. I slept well last night, but I woke up this morning with terrible pains because I have pulled muscles and in my stomach and side from the vomiting.
My advice is to try and keep something on your stomach, it may not stay down, but it makes it a lot less painful. Keep hydrated, don't try and drink too much water, just drink enough.
If you get diarrhoea, I took an Immodium capsule and it seemed to prevent it.
I feel sorry for anyone who catches it, it is probably the most unpleasant thing I've ever felt.
Take care!

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Lotty J said on 05 January 2012

Had this horrible virus after new year , managed to get Christmas out of the way at least! Started with a nasty aching, cramping and bloated feeling then I felt extremely sick and started vomiting, not pleasant. When it says norovirus causes forcefull vomiting they werent wrong, it was literally projectile and there was so much of it,. Was only sick three times over three hours also had diarrhoea. Managed to keep water down once the vomiting had stopped. Around 12 hours after the last trip to the loo I had a slice of dry whole meal toast but have eaten very little since, really affects your appetite. Now my daughter has it, woke up in the night and uttered the dreaded words " mummy, I've got belly ache and I feel sick" just hope my husband doesn't catch it as well. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

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nc1980 said on 23 December 2011

im currently 36 hours into this bug/virus and it is horrific it makes gastroentritis seem like a walk in the park, i started to be sick at 6 pm + didnt stop vomitting until the following day at 9pm. aswell as the vomitting i have had chronic diarroeah for the most part. Was told to drink water but couldnt even keep that down , i had a round of toast after 30 hours and thats all ive managed so far, hopefully im over the worst now but if you are unfortunate enough to catch this be prepared for the worst 24 - 36 hours of hell its that bad

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pinkmoon77 said on 30 November 2011

What a sudden and sneaky illness this one is! Felt fine all day on Monday, until about half 7 on the night when I started to get the most horrendous stomach cramps. I felt sick and knew it was gonna come. By half 8, I was projectile vomiting. Extremely Violent vomiting which took place every 10 mins or so. Sips of water didn't help because it came straight back up. The pains continued along with the vomiting till about 1am. Then came the other... The diarreha was continues ..every 10 mins from 1am until 5am. Like water. I have never experienced such nightmare in all my life. I got no sleep. I had constant leg cramps from losing all the sugars / salts from my body through dehydration even though I was drinking water... I had sudden high temperature, I must have lost over a stone in weight overnight. It's early wednesday morning now. My stomach is gurgling like mad but no sickness or other since... I have just had a piece of dry toast, first I've eaten since the episode and my first cup of tea. I feel immensly weak and my eyes feels light... I feel light headed. I doubt I will be going to work tomorrow. This is such an infectious illness, my mother, sister in law and niece had this the same day as me too. We all saw each other on Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours. We have all suffered at the same time. I would not wish this on anyone... not even my worst enemy. Good Luck if you have it.. drink water even if you can't keep it down.

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Lizgj said on 23 March 2011

Sudden onset 24 hours vomiting horrendously acid. A good pinch of bicarbonate of soda in warm water helped to relieve the acid. Paracetamol taken and vomited .Colic but no diarrhoea problems. Raised temperature aches and pains .now day three feeling better but weak, tried small cup of Bovril and dry toast, later a jacket potato the salt tasted good. Headaches persist paracetamol helps.
Good luck and sympathies.

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Morgy said on 02 February 2011

I had this last year, was sick three days and as the other comments state, you wish yourself dead. I got it again two days ago which was surprising as I thought I would have had some immunity. The onset was fast, I had just done some physical exercise, felt fine sat on the couch to rest and that's when the stomach cramps started.

I don't know what is the worst thing about this virus, the stomach cramps of the vomiting. The vomiting is intense but shortlived the stomach cramps are terrible and long lasting, slowly building up to vomiting stage. At one point I was wriggling on the bed in all I can describe as sheer agony. Even when I was sick they did not leave me for a second. In the initial 24 hour period I got no sleep, and was not able to even sip water without bringing it back.

After 14 hours from the initial onset I was in the diarrhoea stage and the vomiting had subsided. This was easy street compared to what had just happened. I was able to drink water and evenlater in the day have a bowl of soup. Now 48 hours after and my body aches all over and my throat feels like ive smoked 40 cigarettes. The sooner they find a vaccine for this virus the better.

If you know of anyone who has this virus (including family) try to have as little contact with them as possible. It really isn't worth it and if you get the virus you will wish you hadn't. I had acute appendicitus once and the initial pain was probably on a similar scale.

Good luck

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stanke079 said on 19 January 2011

this was definately the worst illness i have ever had. projectile vomiting, watery diarrhea. that comes, and comes out, at any given time. day one i welcomed death, on day two now and not as bad but it does feel like someone kicked me in the back about a hundred times. im going to work on trying to eat today and get my back to not hurt so bad. still having the unexpected diarrhea.which will hold me captive in the house for another day. good luck to you if you have this because it will be the worst 24hrs of your life.

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donms287 said on 29 December 2010

Both myself and my partner had the norovirus over Christmas! He was ill on Christmas day and I becam ill on the Monday. I have never felt so ill in all my life!!! All I can recommend is drinking as much water as possible. I hope that I never get anything like this ever again!!!!!

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maddocksp said on 17 December 2009

Cna you Norovirus without the projectile vomitting?

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