Labyrinthitis - Complications 

Complications of labyrinthitis 

Permanent hearing loss can be a common complication of labyrinthitis, particularly in children who have developed bacterial labyrinthitis as a complication of the brain infection meningitis.

It's estimated that as many as one in five children will develop hearing loss after having meningitis. The hearing loss can either be partial or complete.

Because of the high risk of hearing loss occurring after bacterial labyrinthitis, it is recommended that a person is given a hearing test once they have recovered from the infection.

Permanent, severe hearing loss following bacterial labyrinthitis can sometimes be treated with a cochlear implant. This is not a conventional hearing aid, but a small electronic device fitted under the skin behind the ear during surgery.

Read more information about hearing loss.

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rhonkempster said on 13 January 2014

Hello, I don't know if this is a reassuring website or not! I had a horrific experience where I nearly fainted in a busy shopping centre at Xmas time. I was hospitalised for a few hours then told it was a viral infection. Since then I get this dreadfull feeling in my abdomen then become dizzy. I have seen my GP and have been prescribed Prochloperazine, on 2nd week now. The symptoms are lessening but just now reading the website I had three small episodes. This is incredibly scary and I am suffering from acute anxiety as some of these attack have come on whilst driving - I just don't know when I am going to have an attack and whether anxiety brings them on. Feeling quite tearful and depressed.

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Toy Ranger said on 09 September 2013

Hi I have suffered Labyrinthitis for the last 5 years when I was first diagnosed my consultant put me on prochlorperazine and beta histamine three times a day. This was after being off work for 4 months and suffering severely with dizzy spells and bad heads, I was on then for 6 months and was able to do anything. Since I have been off them I do have small bouts of dizzy spells which I have learned to manage. Don't know if these will work for you, Good Luck. Hope this has been of some help.

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annefletch said on 07 July 2012

Hi DLM. I've posted under treatments. Have you asked your GP/ occupational health to refer you to a physiotherapist for VRT exercises specific to you?
You would prob. only need 2-3 appointments so it might even be worth paying about £40 per treatment to go privately esp. if you are loosing pay? My symptoms started to improove after about a month of VRT and same time off the tablets. ENT consultant said 6 months to feel pretty normal , a year to be OK., which turned out to be accurate. I went back to work after about 4 months. Physio. said you'll have bad days but they'll get less as you improve. Also if I'm ill with something else I get very very minor dizziness but tiny which is normal apparantly.
caffeine, chocolate and salt may worsen symtoms; hot chocolate does with me , so maybe worth trying reducing them ?
Good luck .

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DLM8 said on 17 May 2012

I have been off work for three months now with Labyrinthitis and it has truly been horrific. I am still suffering from "brain fog" and feeling like I am spaced out on drugs 24/7 which is horrible. I struggle to concentrate and my vision is still greatly affected. I have blurred vision in the distance like I cannot focus correctly and small print has shadows around the letters making it look almost 3D and standing out from the page. If I am in an environment like a supermarket or busy crown my vision becomes worse and I feel really unwell. I have constant dizziness, pressure feeling in my ears and my head, headache and bilateral tinnitus. I feel very fatigued which is totally out of proportion to my activities which are non existant as I dont feel well. What I have found most difficult to deal with is a lack effective treatment. I went private to see ENT consultant hoping I would come away with a magic pill and that didn't happen. I've been back to my GP on a regular basis for sick notes but still no treatment. I am no medication as the vestibular suppressants you are given initially slow down central compensation of the brain so its advised to come off them as soon as possible. The only thing I am doing is vestibular retraining excersise at home. I found a couple of websites VEDA and dizzytimes forum which have educated me immensely on this condition and the horrific, frightening symptoms that go with it. They are real and don't feel like you are going mad or let anyone tell you its anxiety or depression. These are real symptoms and extremely difficult to deal with. My concern now is that I have not made a textbook recovery and I am going to have to live with these symptoms for quite a while whilst they settle. I believe in some cases some symptoms never subside. My fear is coping with my full time Job as a nurse whilst I am still symptomatic that is not going to be easy. A truly horrible condition...

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dizzydizzydizzy said on 08 November 2010

It is now over six months since I first had a bad bout of vertigo upon wakening one Sunday morning which left me with Labyrinthitis. It has totally ruined my health. I can no longer do any fitness due to going dizzy the moment I move quickly. I have a constant hissing noise inside my head towards my left ear and have not had a decent nights sleep since it started effecting me. I was too sick to work for 4 months with it and although I have now returned to work I am really struggling as I feel shattered by lunchtime. I am still under consultation with my GP and feel as though I am stuck for good with this illness.
I have recently started feeling depressed with the whole situation and just want it all to go away.

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