Ingrown toenail - Symptoms 

Symptoms of an ingrown toenail 

The symptoms of an ingrown toenail will vary depending on how severe it is.

Mild symptoms

Mild symptoms of an ingrown toenail may include:

  • inflammation of the skin at the end of the toe
  • pain if pressure is placed on the toe
  • red skin in the affected area
  • a build-up of fluid (oedema) in the area surrounding the toe

Moderate symptoms

Moderate symptoms of an ingrown toenail may include:

  • increased inflammation of the toe
  • white or yellow coloured pus coming from the affected area
  • bleeding
  • infection of the toe 

Severe symptoms

Severe symptoms of an ingrown toenail may include:

  • severe pain, redness and inflammation
  • an overgrowth of skin around the affected toe (hypertrophy)
  • severe infection of the toe

You should visit your GP or a podiatrist (foot care specialist) if you have a persistent or severe ingrown toenail.

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