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Title Recruitment status Location
Vaginoscopy Against Standard Treatment (VAST): a Randomised Controlled Trial Recruiting United Kingdom
A randomised controlled trial of outpatient hysteroscopy looking at the effects of temperature and pressure Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Prospective randomised controlled trial of room temperature versus body temperature saline in outpatients hysteroscopy and pain scores Not Recruiting United Kingdom
A prospective randomised controlled trial of traditional hysteroscopy or "no touch" hysteroscopy comparing patient discomfort and time taken to perform each procedure Not Recruiting United Kingdom
A prospective randomised comparison of surgical treatment and expectant management of intrauterine polyps/fibroids in premenopausal women with abnormal uterine bleeding in an office hysteroscopy setting Not Recruiting United Kingdom
POET: Prevention Of Endometrial Tumours Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Optimum intrauterine filling pressures needed to perform outpatient diagnostic hysteroscopy Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Studies on the H Pipelle, a New Device for Endometrial Sampling at Hysteroscopy Not recruiting United Kingdom
A randomised controlled trial of outpatient polyp treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding Not Recruiting United Kingdom
Role of Intrauterine COrnual Block (ICOB) in combination with direct cervical block in outpatient endometrial ablation Not Recruiting United Kingdom

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