Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. In this video, find out what causes it and the treatments available. Part of a series on embarrassing conditions.

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Embarrassing conditions

Self care tips for treating embarrassing conditions, including bad breath, flatulence, smelly feet, piles and sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition where a person sweats excessively, and much more than the body needs to regulate its temperature.

Excessive sweating doesn't usually pose a serious threat to a person’s health, but it can be embarrassing and distressing. The inconvenience of it can also have a negative impact on your quality of life.

There is no set way of defining excessive sweating, but if sweating is interfering with your daily life and normal activities, you may have hyperhidrosis. Read more about the symptoms of hyperhidrosis.

Many people with the condition are too embarrassed to seek medical help or believe that nothing can be done to improve their symptoms. However, there is help available. 

When to see your GP

Visit your GP if you feel that your sweating is interfering with your daily activities.

If you suddenly start sweating excessively, visit your GP so that the cause of your sweating can be investigated.

Also visit your GP if you are having night sweats, because it can sometimes be a sign of something more serious.


Excessive sweating can be challenging to treat and it may take a while to find a treatment right for you. 

Doctors usually recommend starting with the least invasive treatment, such as anti-perspirants. If this doesn’t work, you’ll move on to treatments such as medication to block the sweat glands and surgery.

Most people experience a significant improvement to their symptoms with time. 

Read more about treating hyperhidrosis.

Types of hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can either:

  • only affect certain parts of the body, most commonly the armpits, hands, feet or face; this is known as focal hyperhidrosis
  • affect the entire body, known as generalised hyperhidrosis

Most cases of generalised hyperhidrosis have an underlying cause, such as:

  • it can be a side effect of taking medication
  • it can be related to another condition, such as an overactive thyroid gland

Doctors may refer to this as secondary hyperhidrosis.

Most cases of focal hyperhidrosis have no obvious cause, although many experts believe that problems with the nervous system may be responsible. Doctors sometimes refer to this as primary hyperhidrosis.

Read more about the causes of hyperhidrosis.

Who is affected?

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition. It is thought that there are currently over one million people in England affected by it. 

Primary hyperhidrosis usually begins during childhood and gets worse after puberty. Men and women are equally affected by the condition.

Secondary hyperhidrosis can begin at any age.

Hyperhidrosis can be a very upsetting condition and it can sometimes be debilitating. People with the condition may experience feelings of depression and anxiety

Read more about the complications of hyperhidrosis

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missnikki26 said on 11 October 2014

Hey i'm 26 and have suffered from generalised hyperhidrosis for about 10 years,ever since puberty. I don't get much in the way of sweating on my face but my hands and feet are pretty much clammy all the time. I can just about deal with that as it comes and goes but what i am really finding difficult to deal with, is the horrendous sweating i get from under my arms and around my groin. I am not even kidding, it is the worst. It is really badly affecting my life. I was bridesmaid for by best mates wedding and spent most of the day under the hand drier in the toilet trying to dry the awful armpit sweat patches that had ruined my lovely dress. There isn't any smell when i sweat (thank god) but the amount of sweat that comes from my body is shocking. I am totally saturated. I leave patches on chairs and wetness, to the point where someone has actually asked if a drink had been spilled (to which i replied 'yea must have been' awkward!!!) I literally feel like there is steam coming from everywhere on my body at times and it makes me feel like a freak . Its embarrassing and upsetting and i am really at the end of my tether. I am tired of people staring and making nasty remarks.

Now i went to my dr and he advised me to use driclor, i tried numerous sprays, roll-ons and i used them as directed but all they did was burn and still didn't stop the sweating. i am considering trying anything before i end up on anti-depressants. I just can't stop it, no matter what situation i am in,whether i am nervous or relaxed, i'm not overweight and don't take any other medication. I am so fed up with this! I can't enjoy anything ever. People say its not a big deal and there are worse things i could suffer from, which i can see their point, but having this is stopping me leading a normal life.

what can i try that will alleviate this horrible affliction? I can't have all the sweat glands in my body removed can? Haha that would be sooo gooood!

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JCP said on 21 September 2014

I have had this condition since puberty (now 44 years of age) affecting just my underarms. I did have one course of Botox when I was 40 on the NHS following a GP and then consultant appointment. It was 25 injections under each arm and was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. The effects lasted 5 weeks. Since then I have found the perfect product for me - Klima Antiperspirant. It has truly changed my life. No sweating at all. They do other products too for other areas of the body. I apply 2-3 squirts just before bed approximately every 3 days and there's no sign at all of my condition to the outside world. I feel liberated!

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emily3526 said on 14 September 2014

Hi, I want to share my experience with you. I am using Electro Antiperspirant to treat my HH and it just works perfectly!!!

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notanothername said on 07 September 2014

Ihave been suffering from this awful,embarrassing condition for years,although I have not had it diagnosed.My GP can't or won't help or give me any advice and I am at my wit's end.
Im a 61r old female,who has osteo-and rheumatoid arthiritis and I take loads of prescription drugs.I have this sweating all over my body,head and face.It is embarrassing and upsetting.I can't look anyone in the eye when it's happening and this is ruining my already lmited social life as I just don't want to mix with people.My hair just drips with sweat and I can feel it running down all over my body.It stings my eyes and makes it difficult to wear makeup.I also go bright red,which is not a good look.I carry a fan in every handbag and use it frequently to try and cool myself down I feel as if I am going to melt!!
I don't know anyone else who has this awful problem.

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Hannbethany said on 30 June 2014

I have has this condition since I was 11 and I am now nearly 18. It started off with just my hands and feet so didn't bother me too much but now it has developed all over my body this is without any medication taken. Still being at school, it is embarrassing as I sometimes get comments from other students. Nothing really seems to work for me and I have tried everything.
My advice:
- if nothing works for you, just ignore what people say
- keep moving so that sweat patches don't occur
-use a lot of deodorant, I find Sure the best

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DTok said on 21 June 2014

I strange method i use when going out dancing or somewhere where you know there will be lots of people is to go out in slightly damp cold clothes. I found this out by accident when i was going to a small gig in an un air conditioned club. My dress wasn't dry so put it on damp. I usually sweat so much where it looks like i have been in the shower. That night and others since no. Everyone else does but not me. Also for ladies with long hair. Dry hair naturally then finish it with straightners etc. I wash mine at night, let it dry then style in morning. I feel i don't get as much sweaty head hair.

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annifer said on 25 May 2014

Sara - go to another GP, as this page shows this is a recognised condition and they should be able to help.

I got recurring atheletes foot with my hyperhidrosis too.

I do lots of other things too to try and hide the sweating and make it easier to deal with, hopefully someone will find this useful:

I'm a 30yr old female and I've had it all over my body (but especially head, pits, hands and feet) since puberty . I went to my GP when I was about 20 and she refered me for botox injections every 6 months. They hurt but they worked for the first 4-5 sessions and then not at all. This isn't available on the NHS anymore either which is a shame. She suggested the sympathectomy but there were too many horror stories. So now I just live with it.

My advice:

- Wear black/white a lot (like amanda below says). It hides wet patches quite well.

- Exercise. I have always been put off by this due to the embarrasment so I bought an exercise bike and sweat to my hearts content in privacy. Regular exercise seems to lessen day to day sweating.

- Use an anti-bacterial detergent. My clothes could still smell after washing but this stuff stopped that entirely.

- Try special deodorants. Tripledry was mild on my skin and worked a bit. Perspirex is what I currently use, it's strong and can irritate but it's the best stuff I've tried. I'd rather have red pits and be able to wear something other than black cardies.

Hope this helps :)

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sara Tatty Teddy said on 04 May 2014

Hi, I was diagnosed wit Hyperhidrosis in December 1992 when I was 1 and a half, since then my feet have got really bad, the skin just drops off in lumps and the skin splits between and under my toes from the excessive sweating, I doesn't matter what wear on my feet and I have even tried walking around my house in either socks or bare feet still happens, I can't go swimming or to the beach because I am so embarrassed by my feet. I also get spots at the top of my legs which itch like hell. I have never had any treatment for the problem as my GP says she doesn't know what she is looking at which find quite weird. Is there anything anyone can sujest I use to help with

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Finchwood said on 26 April 2014

I have suffered from this horrible problem since spinal surgery in 2003. It starts in my head, face and neck and spreads down my chest and back to the groin. In all these years the only thing that helped was Oxybutinin 5mg morning and night. It was like a miracle for about 5 years then suddenly stopped helping. I got several fungal infections in my tongue caused by the dry mouth you get with this drug, also everything tasted foul, I had urine infections and worst of all the sweats returned. I am now desperately seeking an alternative even though my GP tells me there isn't anything else that can be done..
I am a female aged 67

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Bagio84 said on 23 April 2014

I sweat a lot on my underarms and it can be embarrassing, this usually happens when I am at work and I can see the wetness on my shirt. I have not been to the GP yet but I have been reading online about dealing with sweats. I will be trying a strong anti perspirant spray called Odaban from Amazon, its a little expensive but i have read so may positive reviews. I understand how embarrassing sweaty arms, or any other body parts can be. I suggest you check it out, Ryan95 maybe you could give it a try. I am buying one today.

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Big Jen said on 17 April 2014

I have suffered from Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis for many years but it has got much worse over the past few years. I am now 53 but due to another condition know that it is not down to the menopause. I also have MS and recently was diagnosed with depression and prescribed Fluoxetine (Prozac). At the time my GP prescribed it I also mentioned my HH for the first time and he prescribed Amitriptylline to try and help. Within a few days the sweats were even worse, even when just sitting still the sweat was soaking my hair and dripping down my face and neck and I needed a towel at hand permanently. Being a Nurse (until my MS symptoms and the sweats meant I had to give it up) I searched for HH in Medical Journals, only to find that SSRI's like Prozac can cause it. Obviously being a sufferer already meant Prozac had worsened it. I printed off the article and took it to my GP explaining that alongsied my MS medications the Amitriptylline was making me too sleepy to function. I was swapped to Mirtazipine for the depression and Imipramine for the sweats. Almost immediately the sweats reduced and I could sit at the counter in the MS shop where I volunteer once a week without having to have a fan permanently blasting at my head and a towel on my lap to mop my face and the back of my neck. That was just a few weeks ago and I have now requested the GP puts the imipramine on repeat as it has now run out and the sweats are creeping back.Although the Mirtazipine is causing drowsiness and a hangover effect, it is having some effect on my depression - however, the fact I am not embarrassingly dripping sweat everywhere is also lifting my mood. I know it might not work for everyone but it might be worth mentioning IMIPRAMINE if you have Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis.

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Ruqqiie said on 22 March 2014

I am 16 years old and I have had hyperhydrosis from when I was around 6 years old. At first I didn't mind and it was only on my hands but then as I grew up it spread to my hands and feet. Whenever I wear a tight shirt, I have to change it 5 minutes later because I sweat and at school I can't hold my pen or anything actually because it just slips out so I have to wrap everything around in tissues to hold it. As I grew, it got worse and worse to the point where my hands will look like a lake because theirs so much sweat! I would always be embarrassed to touch peoples hand and they knew it was sweaty so they avoided it. I went to the doctors and she gave me a liquid roll on to put on every night but it didn't work, then she gave me a powder to put on and it did work but it would cause my skin to get irritated and itchy and I have marks on my skin which I have had for 2 years now. I normally sit in the tub with cold water and at night i rest my feet on the metal frame because they overheat and sweat. I started using Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream and it really helped even though it was a tiny bit pricey and it slightly stopped the sweating and odour under my arms. The doctor suggested a Botox but I hate needles and she said it was really painful and the tablets have many side effects so I didn't get them. In the near future I may get an Iontophoresis machine even though it's expensive because I'm going to have this for the rest of my life so I might as well try reduce it a bit....

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echo73 said on 13 March 2014

I'm a suffer of 4 long, hard, embarasing, tiring years of craniofacial hyperhidrosis, I would not wish this on my worst enemy and do you think I can get help, no !!!, I have worked all my life and canot get funding from Lewisham NHS to attend St. Thomas Hosp for botox treatment as they say it will not help me (they have never seen me?), and that there are no clinical trails to suport my reqest. You name a hospital, I've been here, I tried a prvate cliic and they just insuled me by saing we dont do beauty treatmets, I dont sweat from my underarms or anywhere else for the matter. I am a woman of 55 and when I have a bad session which is nearly eveyday, I look like I have just got out of the shower, dripping wet , I walk around in Winter with summer tops carrying a towel to wipe off the sweat, how embarrassing is that, people think I have somecontagious botanial disease and walk away from me I am at the end of my tether with this emotionally and physically. Any information would be greatly aprecaited !.

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S100 said on 11 March 2014

I have suffered from this excess sweating for about 3 years now and at last have found Probantheline tabs 3 times a day have stopped it in its tracks. You do suffer a dry mouth, but this is nothing compared with before. I also have Fibromyalgia, and my Dr. Suggested the long term medication I have been on has upset my sweating performance in my body. These tablets are not the easiest to take as they have to be taken on an empty stomach but I don't care as the result is fantastic. Do try to persevere.

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Knt2490 said on 26 January 2014

Iv been suffering with hyperhydrosis since i was a teenager under my armpits it was so bad i was changing my tshirt 5-6 times a day. It took as little as walking to the bus stop to cause huge sweat rings requiring a change of clothes. I didnt fancy steroid injections or the operation, my mum spent hours on the internet looking for another less invasive cure for me and eventually found a spray called odaban. You spray it on before bed and wash it off in the morning. At first i was using it every day however years later i can manage to go 4-5months without requiring it and when i begin to sweat i use it for one night and thats enough to keep me going for months until i require it again and it still prevents me from sweating excessivly.

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Amanda37years said on 15 January 2014

I suffered sweating in my hands, underarms & feet since I was 7 years old or younger.
Things that help:I only buy cotton clothing becoz anything synthetic makes it worse esp tshirts and blouses. I always wear socks with or without shoes.

As for treatment I purchased an iontophoresis device for £350 but to be honest I never had the chance to figure out if it works or not as its so awkward to use. I think you should ask your GP to refer you for iontophoresis treatments if you want to try it because it won't cost you anything and it would be properly set up by a specialist.

I was prescribed by my GP probantheline tablets but they made my mouth dry and only work if i remember to take it on an empty stomach. I rarely take them now as I developed bad breath because of them. They work okay for occasional use but be careful if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

So the best part is I discovered a miracle antiperspirant called sweatguard. Its a bit pricey but it is so worth it. I ordered the black and white bottle described as the strongest at £20 each & I also ordered the slighter weaker one £15. It's a roll on with a aniseed type of smell and I use it on my underarms, hands & feet. It makes your hands completely dry for a couple of hours so if you have a job interview then it's a life saver. I can wear anything I want now too and even light colours.

I'm still searching for the ideal solution becoz I don't want surgery so I'm hoping I can get botox on the nhs and I will try sage tablets as I read that they reduce sweating.

Don't bother with the foot or hand sprays from sweatguard. A soapbar is good if you're smelly too. Just buy the antiperspirants roll ons.

I complained about a few of their products so now I have lost the chance to a 28 day money back guarantee but I'm happy at that because its the only product that worked for me.
they can be snooty so don't expect great customer service

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Ryan95 said on 09 January 2014

I'm an 18 year old guy who suffers with excessive sweating of my hands and armpits and also to a certain extent my feet too. Even as I write this parts of me are drenched with sweat. I'm extremely conscious about this problem and frequently makes me feel down aswell as leaving me feel on edge 24/7. I can get a mini panic attack over the thought of something as simple as having to shake somebody's hand. If I'm not sweating I will instantly begin again the second I become conscious of it, which leads me to believe that a large part of the problem is the mental aspect. Almost 2 years ago I went to the doctor about it as I had just asked out a girl and did not want her to notice. The doctor fobbed me off with some stuff that didn't really help, however due to embarrassment of not wanting to go back again and gaining a slight bit of confidence by having a girlfriend I never returned. Now though I am becoming more conscious than ever about it and am contemplating returning to get the problem sorted once and for all to help ease my mind. Reading things other people have put up here does help in the sense that I know I'm not the only person suffering. If anybody knows something that particularly helps with stopping hands sweating i would really appreciate it :) hopefully I can tackle this problem soon and get my life back on track and become happier about myself. Good luck to everyone else in sorting out there problem too

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Bobby143 said on 15 December 2013

I'm a 22 year old man and Ive had this for as long as i can remember (armpits, hands and feet), my confidence has been affected to the point its changing me as a person. I used to enjoy going out socializing and being in good company. Since I've had this condition everything has changed, like i said before my confidence is at an all time low. Whether I be at work, driving, nightclubs, festivals, a lot of ordinary, everyday situations. You can be sure ill be sweating. I don't like talking about it, i get very embarrassed. I can relate to every other comment on here so way or another and its comforting knowing that I'm not alone. I will only ever buy black or white so the sweat patches are less likely to be visible. I am spending a fortune in cloths because after a while the sweat begins to stain. I don't think it smells but its started messing with my mind and now I'm having second thoughts so its not only affecting me physically but mentally too. Not good! I've been to my GP about 4/5 times now and I've tried loads (pills, deodorant etc). I think the next step is to be referred to a dermatologist and someone who specializes in this area. I will get this sorted one way or another! fact. Try not to let this get you down I know its hard but the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes it feels like your getting no where but keep plugging away! I feel better already for getting this off my chest. Don't keep this in for so long and tell no one like me, Help is available if you talk to the right people.

Rant over lol..

Good lucks guys! :)

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hev44 said on 06 November 2013

amyt100 please let me know what name of over counter item you found to treat hyperhidrosis or sweating,i am taking hrt at moment but do not seem to be working,thanks cant take it much more and doctors are useless

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Samw88 said on 07 October 2013

Glebeboy ....
After years of fighting my doctor to "fix" me I got referred to a specialist who prescribed me oxybutynin hydrochloride 2.5mg. Please can u let me inform what mg you are prescribed as though this takes some effect i've not been as lucky as u to no have had an attached. I believe i need 5mg plus each day!! This will be another discussion with my specialist!!

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JANT100 said on 31 August 2013

Hi AmyT100 please can you let me know the product that you have found. I've tried a few but nothing has worked yet.

Many thanks

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AmyT100 said on 26 August 2013

I was tested in 2007 after visiting my GP because if excessive facial sweating. I was told it was anxiety and prescribed beta blockers then taken off them because it made absolutely no difference only to be told after visiting the hospital that there's nothing wrong you'll just have to live with it!
I was turning down offers of nights out, avoiding going out in hot weather it was so embarrassing after doing a little research I found an off the shelf product and this has helped immensely I can't recommend it enough its changed my life

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b_berkshire said on 27 July 2013

I've suffered from hyperhidrosis for more than 6 years, it is so bad I have developed a skin condition under my arms for which I need to apply a steroid cream to reduce the rash. I've tried every type of medical antiperspirant prescribed by my doctor to reduce the sweating and the bad odour, which nothing seemed to work. Last year I was referred to the hospital to receive specialist treatment, I've been on the waiting list for a year now.
I have been advised by my doctor to not use the steroid cream for more than a year, 2 years on I still require to use it and am still waiting on the NHS waiting list to receive some sort of treatment. I am considering to pay for botox injections myself, although I'm worried they may not last very long and I will not be able to pay for them regularly. But I am at that point where I will try anything, although the sweating really bothers me and causes the rash, it is the bad odour which comes along with it that really upsets me and stops me from seeing friends and going to events.

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Ladywriterwriter said on 29 June 2013

I have sweated under my arm pits and under my breasts, but more arm pits, I am female, I have thyroid issues and on meds for this and hypertension etc, and have read that meds can contribute to the sweating, its not very nice and I dont like it. I did not know it had a condition name until I did an internet search. I thought it was something I would just have to put up with. I do not sweat at all on my face or anywhere else. Just armpits mainly. My Dad suffered with over sweating years ago so I guess its genetic. Plus the stains on clothing plus also being female it can be even worse I think. When I see my doctor soon I will ask them if there is anything can be done, I use anti ps and d's etc but still sweat. I assume dropping weight may help of which I am doing now. I guess its our hormones working on over time, as I am also at that age where my changes are coming into place, so have all these challenges in my body on top to deal with. I also sweat on my feet but this is not an issue, its mainly my armpits area. It does make you self conscious, especially when you walk down the road and its begun already. But I dont let it affect my life though. I just say something like, god I am sweating again.

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NessyCox101 said on 05 April 2013

The person talking about taking tricyclic antidepressants just be careful because I was put on amitriptyline due to nerve pain without being told that a side effect was increased sweating and when you're already suffering from HH that can be a hassle!

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sugababes06 said on 01 April 2013

It is kind of consoling to know that there are other people suffering from the same condition. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis from I don't know when. It made my life very hard as I felt really isolated not being able to socialize. Everytime that I was going out I had to wear a black jacket over my shirt because I was hiding the potential marks.

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Assynteach said on 06 March 2013

Fibromyalgia and facial sweating. A few days ago someone posted a comment saying they wondered if excessive facial sweating might be related to fibromyalgia. Suddenly there was light! I too have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia - though apparently this is now called chronic regional pain syndrome - and have been plagued by wildly excessive facial and cranial sweating. The bit about having to stagger getting ready to go out and standing by a fan could have been written by me! I have a large fan permanently set up by the side of my bed for this very purpose. But it's no help when I'm actually out of the house with sweat dripping into my eyes and my hair so wet with sweat that, without the least exaggeration, I look like I've either been caught in a really heavy downpour or, when it's really bad, like I've just come out of the shower after washing my hair and not yet used a towel so it's dripping down my face and back. That really is no exaggeration. At times I've been reduced to wearing wigs to hide my sopping wet hair under, but that doesn't really help as I feel self conscious and embarrassed about the wig so my sweating gets even worse. So the idea that this problem might be related to my fibromyalgia is a huge revelation. It may not help me find a treatment but at least I no longer feel such a freak. And maybe, just maybe, if the tablets my doc is trying out for the fibromyalgia work (they're the old-fashioned tricyclic antidepressants which sometimes work apparently) then there's at least a glimmer of hope that my debilitating and socially isolating facial and cranial sweating might actually be reduced too. So massive thanks to the person who suggested there might be a link. Thank you.

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Glebeboy said on 02 March 2013

I suffered with this condition and it was ruining my Ifie. I was afraid to go to public functions in case of an attack. My whole body would sweat, dripping from my hairline down my face. I am now prescribed oxybutynin hydrochloride and I have not had an attack for several months. I found this treatment on the Internet. My doctor hadn't known of this treatment. We need to do more to make doctors aware.

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bj13 said on 20 February 2013

I'm 18 and I have only recently found out I have Hyperhidrosis. I started excessive sweating when I was 11 under my arms and it became more noticeable when I started secondary school. However things have gotten worst, as my palms are suffering too - they get clamy all the time, especially when I'm nervous. My feet get occasional sweats but for now I can cope with them.
I afraid it's going to get worse; it took 6 years to develop to my hands and feet.
Botox is really expensive and surgery is too risky.
I've tried perspex and sure maximum protection. But it's my hands that worry me the most.
Any advice?

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Fibrosufferer said on 09 January 2013

I suffer from excessive sweating on my face and hairline and sometimes on my hands. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember. I am getting fed up with having to dab my face all the time and having to stagger getting ready as I have to stand in front of my large fan to cool off. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago and believe that my HH is a symptom of the condition. Does anyone else suffer with Fibromyalgia? I really need to get something from my doctor but don't know what to ask for? I was wondering whether Botox would help? I would like to know how long it lasts for and what side-effects it may cause? If anyone out there can help, I would be extremely grateful :-)

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BubbleBathGirl said on 06 December 2012

I've suffered from really bad hyperhidrosis under my armpits for years... It's been a constant source of irritation and embarrassment at work, as I'm always customer facing, so there's no hiding it! (I've had some odd looks from people in the past...)

I tried a bunch of of 'big brand' products and a few home remedies to try and deal with it, but most either haven't done the job, or they've been so strong that they've given me a rash! (my skin is way too sensitive!)

In the end, someone recommended me a really good antiperspirant for HH, and it's helped me so much! If anyone is interested, it's called AHC, and it's available from Amazon!

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ShannonGLD said on 16 August 2012

I am 14 years old and have recently been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, I have always been a sweaty child and it was only since I started high school that I became more aware of the condition, I had always had a feeling I had a condition of some sort and that's what I always told people if anyone said anything. It was never that bad but ever since I was around 12 it became increasingly worse, I began sweating in more places more excessively and it really did knock my confidence levels, I didn't feel normal because I couldn't wear the things my friends were wearing and couldn't do some of the things they used to do because I was worried that it would make the sweating worse, it got to a stage were I would just stay in all day if the temperature reached above 20 degreees. After I'd been to the doctors I felt a lot more happy because I knew they would do something to help me and to help me get on with my life, I have been having tests done to see what is going on andd I am beginning to gain my confidence again in the things I do and the things I weat, my friends aree really supportive and I thought they would just laugh about it but they didn't, they know its hard for me and they know its embarrassing for me but they do always help me . I am just so happy thaat something is being done about this condition because it means I can get my life back on track, so I can live a normal teenage life.

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Samantha101 said on 08 August 2012


I suffer from hyperhidrosis on my face, and it really gets me down. I have tried several things including botox, it improved slightly but for GBP200.00 a go it did not improve as much as I was expecting. The Dr that I went to see advised that sometimes you need a couple of treatments to see an improvement. I was wondering if this is true, or if she is trying to make money out of me?

Please let me know.

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sophiebug1 said on 25 July 2012

i suffer from hyperhidroses and have been prescribed pro banthine 15mg tablets [propanthine bromide] but cannot get it from my local pharmasists can you tell me of one that has it in stock' in england'

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sophiebug1 said on 25 July 2012

i have suffered with hyperhidroses for many years i have tried medicine but the only one that works is propantheline but i could only get a weeks supply.does anyone know where i can get some more on prescription as they seem to have stopped making it .

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shirleymay said on 29 May 2012

I am so pleased to find this web site. Am 75 years old and have been dripping with sweat for 60 years of my life.Winter and Summer ,happens any time and when it is warm continusly no stop.I walk about and you would think I had just steped out of a boxing ring because that is all I can compare my self with.,if I try to do anything the persperation pours from my face stings my eyes so i can not see.My bed and pillow is soaked every night,it needs drying out.I have never known that I may be able to get help with this,I will do all I can to sort this horrible problem out.If any one has any idears please reply. shirleymay.

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steigertiger said on 23 September 2011

I would just like to tell you of my own experience, in the hope that someone can make a more informed choice about ETS surgery. I suffered with extensive facial sweating from my teens. I also got very sweaty on my torso but this was not really a problem as it tended to occur during exercise only or very rarely on other occasions. However, the severity of my facial sweating meant that I was mopping my head all of the time - which was very embarrassing in social circles. After years of suffering, it made me feel quite depressed. My GP is very supportive and he referred me to both a dermatologist and also a surgeon. As they could find no cause for my HH I opted to have ETS surgery. Although this totally cured my facial sweating (I don't sweat there at all) I now suffer from compensatory sweating of my chest, back, groin, legs and feet - which is much worse than my original facial sweating, as I sweat through my clothing which is confined to black and white. I can leave a wet patch on a seat through groin sweating and must wear an under t-shirt under any shirt or other top. I think about sweating about 80% of the time and how I manage the sweating or the potential consequences if I do not. I would not care if I sweated during exercise only, but it is very embarrassing when this happens in a social setting. My GP has also prescribed me ditropan which does lessen the compensatory sweating to a certain extent, but it does give me quite severe dry mouth and does not seem like a long term solution. Please be very careful about opting for ETS surgery. I understand that they now treat facial sweating with botox, but nonetheless I would not have ETS if I knew what I did now. I am happy to chat about this further with anyone if they are interested.

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Nickinamanoo said on 19 September 2011

I'm a 25 year old male with some complex problems, which have only manifested in the last 5 years. To put it simply, I have seizures, chronic pain in my R shoulder and Depression & Anxiety. Because of these problems, I'm on a lot of medication. About 18 months ago, I started to suffer from excessive sweating - mostly concentrated at my armpits and lower back however, since this started it has deteriorated. I can go for a shower, get out, dry my hair and in less than 10 minutes i'm soaked through - Head to toe.

I have been to my Doctor and he has put my hyperhidrosis down to the medication I'm on however, i've been on these medications for the last 5 years and I never used to have this problem. I've used the aluminuim antiperspirant but, I can't use that on my head or face, or anywhere else for that matter. I've been put on a beta blocker to try and reduce the physical aspects that may contribute but no success.

I can't stress enough how much this is destroying my life. I'm terrified to go out of my house and only do so under certain circumstances. My relationship ended, I fear to socialise with friends - even at home, I dare not consider trying to get back to work yet (my seizures have cost me my career) for the obvious embarrassment that could be caused.

Because of all of my previous medical problems, my GP refuses to refer me to anyone about this because he feels my treatment needs to be 'de-medicalised,' and that I seek answers that are organic rather than the wider holistic picture. This is not the case in this matter, I have approached my sweating with an open mind, I have used techniques taught by Psychologists to reduce anxiety and yet nothing works.

I don't know what to do anymore. Sorry if I sound self pitying but, the last 5 years have been hell and this is just the icing on the cake that makes me want to give up.

If anyone has any advice, I would be really glad to hear it. Thanks for reading.

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trucknut said on 08 September 2011

Hello all, it is finally good to have figured out that I am not sweating for no reason. I have noticed that when im at work either coupling/uncoupling loading/unloading the truck I turn into a human river, again at home I can't even start a job such as vacuuming, washing or anything slightly strenuous without this severe sweating.
Regards anti-pirspriants I have found one that affords some protection and that is Nivea silver, I read that silver is used as an antibacterial killer or something along those lines and have found that it does actually work for me. It isn't 100% but it does last for the majority of the day.
Again I must sympathize with those who suffer with it when sleeping, I have ruined countless pillows and sheets waking up completely drenched.
I would recommend trying the Nivea silver as it might provide some relief during work or other occasions.

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User587263 said on 26 August 2011

Hi rlh79

You suffer the exact same as I do, I've had this for 44 years now and it's a living hell at times. I noticed you've tried the prescription roll on, that's actually not meant for your face - try Odaban instead. You can use it everywhere (well, almost) but you can use these www.coolwrapps.com for those parts. I use them and I don't know what I'd do without them.

Surgery is a huge no-no for this. It's banned in Sweden (where it was pioneered) and has just been banned in Pakistan, too. Do google Corposcindosis if you get a bit of time. I can't stress how important it is to understand the risks of ETS - which far outweigh the benefits imho. You would suffer CS - Compensatory Sweating - as your sweating is so bad which would mean you still being drenched with sweat but more concentrated in other areas - it would be far more noticeable than it is right now :( I have had a lot of Hyperhidrosis friends tell me they wish they could have their old sweating back. That would be the best case scenario by the way, the worst case scenario isn't worth thinking about. It's a very risky procedure where your lungs have to be collapsed so they can reach the sympathetic chain and slice through it. If they miss the T3 & T4 chains and get T1 & T2 instead, then it's a permanent disability. If they nick your lung then it's likely to be far worse. I can put you in touch with people who've suffered from ETS if you think it'll help?

I'm on the Very Sweaty Betty website - google verysweatybetty and you'll find us. I think it'll really help you to talk to other people with this disease. We are recommended by Channel 4's Embarrassing Illnesses, if that helps. Same invitation applies to everyone here, male or female, young or not so young!

There are some free giveaways on the Sweaty Betty website at the moment. There's two different antiperspirants (one that can be used everywhere) and www.coolwrapps.com xx

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rlh79 said on 21 August 2011

im hoping someone can help me.. im 32 yrs old with 3 children... im overweight. i have spodulosis and 2 slipped discs, which im on medication for. tramadol and amitryptaline.. which side effects include sweating. but even without medication i still sweat excessively. from walking around a supermarket, to walking into a room.. it tends to start on my face and on my scalp. my hair becomes soaking wet and my face too within minutes of starting. it then spreds to my whole body. it is so embarracing. iv been to my gp, who first gave me a roll on to use on my face which just stung, then i was given some tablets, which dried my mouth but nothing more. i went back and was referred to a dermotoligist, in hope i would get botox injections, he told me it was impossible as it was too wide spead, but he would referre me to a surgeon, and told me i would be able to have an op to cut the glands at the back of my neck. i attended the appointment in high spirits thinking i was going to be free from sweating.. he told me he wouldnt do any treatment for it, because if he cut the glands it could cause dry sunken eyes, and dry mouth. so that was that. i was referred back to my doctor. and here i am 6 months later suffering with the same thing that no-one seems able to help me with.. i know i need to loose weight but i cant exercise as i am in constant pain with my back, so i cant change my medication as its the only combination that give me some pain relief. but i also cant keep on like i am, i have limited social life, i cant go out on a night out as within an hour it has started and my hair is soaked and i feel disgusting. i end up miserable and home within hours of going out. i want to get this sorted so if anyone knows of anything i can do pls help me.

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iolmata said on 30 June 2011

I hope this can help to somebody. Last year I discovered a really good help for everybody who suffers from hh and excessive sweating. It’s a Spanish company that created new garments which prevent the sweating coming out. Their website is easy to find and I think they sell all over the world. T-shirts are maybe a little thick but, truly, they are worthy as the tranquillity you feel knowing that perspiration won’t come out is really amazing! Thank you all of you for sharing your stories and giving solutions. Good luck!

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Melsj said on 06 June 2011

I have suffered with excessive sweating from my hairline for many years. I cannot have a fringe as the sweat runs down and drips off it. When I go out and dance I end up with such wet hair I look as if I have just got out the shower and it is very embarrasing and soul destroying. I now avoid nights out when I am likely to dance. I go to the gym regulary and the sweat literally pours out my head. I am so fed up with this and I really do not want to go on my family holiday to Turkey as I will spend most of my evenings mopping my brow and feeling self conscious. I have heard botox can help but also know it is expensive. Has anyone had botox for this condition. I would love to know if it was money worth spending.

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Moose10 said on 31 May 2011

In addition to my comment : I am 24 years old and my doctor has declared me almost underweight so I know thats not the problem. While it worsens at work, while physically active and in the heat I find I don't need to go far from my sofa to start sweating.

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Moose10 said on 31 May 2011

I suffer from hyperhidrosis under my arms, on my scalp, palms, back, chest and hands. I have suffered from this for a few years and feel it has gotten worse. It gets extremely embarrassing as I have to wear a cardigan over any tops or dresses I put on, regardless of the material and I cannot wear lighter trousers as I get patches on my back. I have been recommended many types of anti-perspirants and have found that while they work for a couple of weeks I get irritated by them and have to stop using them. I have even tried talc but this leaves me with white patches and only works very temporarily. The furthest I have come is finding a deodorant called PitRok which helps with the smell. I have considered men's anti-perspirants but feel embarrassed looking. I have also considered surgery but do not know whether the NHS offers this service. Help!

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mel456 said on 31 March 2011

hi Rachelnbella,
what surgery does that help? i have palm hyperhidrosis and only heard of ETS surgery for that type.

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racael88 said on 31 March 2011

im nearly 23 years old ive had sweaty hands and feet from being born, its my hands that really get me down, i wont have a relationship because im so embarrased. my gp's dont do anything for me apart from give me roll on for hands but it doesnt work, they just dont help and its really getting me down. my mam has overactive thyroid and i get tested every year and always comes back normal. help please!!!

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Rachelnbella said on 29 March 2011

hi there im 19 years old and have had this condition since i can remember, i have seen my doctor again today and she has finnally agreed to refer me. how ever i am finding it hard to find a nhs hospital that does the sympathectomy in england, as i cant travel far with a 7 month old bby. has anybody had this operation on the nhs and where thank very much xxx

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mel456 said on 24 March 2011

I am 18 years old and have suffered from hyperhidrosis of the feet, armpits and hands. I have suffered from this since i was in primary school. A roll on lotion works for my armpits but nothing else. I have tried lotions creams, Iontophoresis, botox, proprananol, yoga, i have seen therapists aswell and nothing has worked. I want my hands cured the most because it is the most shameful for me. Recently i have started blushing everytime i talk to someone. I really want to go for surgery .. what do you think i should do. All advice will be much appreciated thanks.

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MiddleAgedSpread said on 19 October 2010

I am in the menopause, but my severe sweating started many years ago, the menopause merely exacerbated it! I was plagued by rivers of sweat bucketing down my face and head 24/7. It severely impeded my life and had me on the brink. However, after years of nagging various GPs for help, I have finally been precribed a drug called Clonidine, and it has changed my life! The side effects are minimal (dry mouth mainly) but it is so worth it! I haven't broken sweat for four days now, neither have I had a dreaded hot flush! Please get to your GP and insist on it! I am unable to take HRT, and frankly was reluctant anyway, so this is a wonder drug for me! I just wish more GPs had known about Clonidine a few years sooner!

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fester1973 said on 11 October 2010

Hello all!

With reference to the deo's high in Aluminium Choride,
Could anybody suggest a brand. I've tried every type available at my local store, and none keep me dry for more than maybe a few minutes.

My condition isn't as bad as some of those described elesewhere, but being 37 years old, it is affecting my work, I'm getting ashamed to have business meetings because I sweat so much.

I haven't yet spoken to anybody about my condition, and doubt whether I have the confidence to mention this to my GP.

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Pixie67 said on 07 August 2010

I’m 42 and have suffered with generalised hyperhidrosis since childhood. I spent years trying various treatments from high strength deodorants, beta blockers, a change of diet and even hypnotherapy but nothing worked. Everyone’s condition is slightly different but my sweat does smell!
About 10 years ago I had a thorascopic sympathectamy which was only partially successful as I found I was sweating much more heavily on one side than the other and I also experienced compensatory sweating. Even my make-up looked considerably different on each side after a couple of hours. By that point I was so demoralised I made the decision to learn to live with it and stopped looking for a solution as I found the disappointment so difficult to deal with. I restricted going out socially and would often remove myself from situations I wasn’t comfortable with.
Then about 7 years ago I went to a private clinic and had Botox injections under the arms which was mostly successful for that area for about 6 months, however the treatment was very expensive so I didn’t continue with it.
Finally this summer I was suffering so much I went to another clinic and had Botox again but I was also prescribed Propanthelyne Bromide, (a drug that I had never heard of) but is used to treat general hyperhidrosis. Such a simple thing, tablets that I could take 3 times a day have simply transformed my life beyond all recognition. I have been taking these now for a month and I can still barely believe it!
To those of you who are still searching, please ask your GP for this drug which I now get from the NHS, I regret how long I went without knowing about it. As I said, each case is different and what works for one may not for another but it has given me a life and a lifestyle for the first time in longer than I can remember. Good luck all of you and don't give up!

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rachie34 said on 28 July 2010

i'm 38 years old and have suffered from hyperhidrosis.i used to get a river running from under my arms,it was awful,it stunk and i felt dirty.
i tried all the tablets+roll ons from my doctor to no avail. eventually i told him i wanted referring to the hospital to have surgery.
my surgeon was fantastic.. i had a Thorascopic Sympathectomy.. they used keyhole surgery through my chest,deflated my lungs+burnt the nerve endings under my armpits.
it wasn't nice but the rivers stopped..in the beginning after the operation i stopped sweating under my arms but started sweating down my back a lot..after a few months however it all evened out so now i'm slightly more sweaty than other people but not noticably so.
having that operation 13 years ago was the best thing i ever did...it gave me my life back.
please,don't be scared to ask for it..its a last resort but well worth it!!
hope this helps

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Rugger1 said on 13 July 2010

I am finally glad to have found out that its not normal to sweat like a river all the time. I have been putting up with this problem since around the age of 14 (I am 28 now) and have been told before by a doctor I saw about 10 years ago that there is nothing that can be done and I was over weight and unfit, so I have just put up with it.

However I have recently decided enough was enough and as I am neither massively overweight or unfit there had to be a solution to this. I have the problem all over my body from head to toe to such an extent that some times when I go to the gym I end up with rivers of sweat coming down my legs. It is not only confined to exercise and last month I was at a clients corporate function when I started to sweat uncontrollably out of no where, within about 30 minutes my shirt and back of my trousers were soaked, I had to leave the event and go find a shop to buy new clothes. (that is one of the worst cases but I have countless others).

I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago and he said no its not right lets do some blood tests. These came back last week and all he said he could find was a low red blood cell count and nothing else!!!! He feels that there is nothing wrong with me (although he agrees that he initial said there was) and he cant do any thing for me. He wont refer me and all but told me to go else where if I wanted help.

I know its not normal and I now have the bit between my teeth to sort this out. Is there any where or any one I could turn to for advice, help or diagnosis? I am not going to fight my doctor for months on end just to prove him wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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lollypop1132 said on 08 July 2010

Toricam take the infoo on hyperhidrosis to ur GP and tell him that u would like to speak to someone that knows about it.
I am 21, I live in Scotland I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis for 2 years now. It was my work that first informed me that i had a problem. So i went to my GP and he prescribed roll on deodorant with high levels of aluminium chloride. This never worked so i got reffered to botox. This never worked either it just itched and burned for 4 weeks. I finally got put thru to dermotology who reffered me to a specialist in Surgical Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis (http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1296530-media). I felt so happy to talk to someone that knew what it was and seen this surgery as a cure. Finally months later it was the big day Jan 2010.
Once back home it was very uncomfortable and the mepore was ripping my dry skin. But i kept my head high knowing it would all be over. 6 weeks later the mepore came off and i started to notice sweating again. I was told i am in a very small percential of patients that it hasn't worked on. I was so upset i really thought i would be able to live a normal life again. I got reffered bk to dermotolgy being told about ITS and then passed to neurology who declined having me come in. Now i am stuck in limbo not knowing where i'm going with hardly any contact from any of the doctors.
My life has changed. I dont like going out and dancing. I have danced all my life and was training to become a proffesional dancer but the embarresment got too much and i quit. I feel awkward having intamte moments with my boyfriend as i can soak the bed with sweat. As for clothes i'm having to choose wisley (cotton helps the air thru). I so self conscious now I'm scared to wear a dress incase someone notices the dark pathces or that i'm going to the toilet every 10 mins to wash, dry and spray.
To be honest i wish i had never found out it was a medical condition and i hope no-one has been thru what i have.

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Toricam said on 10 June 2010

I can relate to everyone who has commented ont his forum. I have suffered with excessive sweating now for about 17years, it has gotten worse since having my son who is now 7. I had my thyroids checked for over activity, nothing, i had to take urine for 24 hours they didn't find anything. I was given tablets from my gp and they just made me feel sick so I stopped taking them. When I got the results back from these test they put it down to me being over weight and was told I should maybe loose a few pounds and that should work!! This upset me even more as I wouldn't say my weigth has anything to do with why I am sweating so much. I have been using driclor which does work but it burns and I get very upset as it also itching and can be very uncomfortable. I went to see another specialist and she told me point blank that there was nuthing she could do for me and that I need to do some research on the internet and come back to her in 6 months. I got that appointment in January but it was cancelled by the hospital and was told I will get another appointment in due course, hmm its not June and I have not had another appointment. I feel like people are staring at me when I get on the bus my face is pouring with sweat and my hands are sweaty and clammy. I keep a tissue in my hand so that I can wipe my top lip but make it look like i'm blowing my nose. I asked my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist and he told me they would not do anything for me. Its coming up to summer and I would love to wear my clothes and not worry about sweat patches and feeling wet all the time. Pls some advice would be great.

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sweatybetty said on 20 May 2010

amy_kent keep going back to your GP until he refers you to the dermatology department in your area. Depending on where your sweating is there's a very affective treatment, available on the NHS, called Iontophoresis. I suffer from primary hyperhidrosis on my palms and feet and have done since i was a small child (over 20 years!) Like you, the GP told my mum there was nothing that could be done and so I learnt to live with it. However, when I had my son in 2008 it suddenly got alot worse to the point i was struggling to pick my son up because my hands were so sweaty and so I went to see my GP who referred me straight away and was very surprised I'd been living with it for so long without any treatment. I had my first round of Iontophoresis at the end of 2008 and it was fantastic. Since then I've only had to have one more and I'm having another set of treatment mid July. It's not a permanent solution but i can certainly handle 3 treatments in two years for the difference it makes to day to day living.
Don't give up on the doctors and don't just keep living with it. Keep going back to them and even see another one if you're not getting anywhere.
Hope you find a solution soon.

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amy_kent said on 29 April 2010

I suffer from excessive sweating and it is really getting me down. I have been to my GP and he has said that it isn't common enough to have specialists available to see me. He said that I need to research the internet and try to find a specialist that will see me on the NHS. I think this is terroble. It seems that you can only have treatment for things that effect your life if you are willing to pay. Is this not what we pay Tax and god knows what else for. If anyone knows of any NHS specialists please leave a message on here. Thanks

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karenofbow said on 05 March 2010

To anyone that is suffering from this, don't be put off and go to doctor. GPs will not have the expertise get referred to a dermatologist - there are a huge range of treatments. Trust me I've had this condition for as long as I can remember, affecting my plams and soles. I noticed when I started learing to write - ever tried writing on wet paper, doesn't work very well. Driclor had limited use, but I stopped due to itchiness and it wasn't really doing that much. Went for years and learnt coping mechanisms, you don't have to shake hands if your holding things! No sandals too slippy! Anyone having problems, insist on getting treatment, hyperhidrosis is a recognised condition. Any I've been successfully referred to don't get the GP's experience. Your patient deserves more. It might not work for everyone but my most successful treatment to date has been Robinal (tablet form 3mg morning and 3mg evening) has been really successful. Its off licence but both my daughter and I have found it works - not 100% but has reduced severity of onset and number of times. Also I've discovered lots of people have damp hands now that I've started taking part!

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hendo said on 26 February 2010

Just seen this condition mentioned on C4's embarassing bodies, I've suffered from excessive sweating of the hands and underarms for years and never realised there was a 'name' for it! It is really embarassing especially in a work situation when my papers and laptop end up with a trail of dampness across them. Also when I need to shake hands with people I have to wipe my hands constantly as the liquid is dripping off my hands! Glad to see this recognised!

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SkipSpence said on 15 November 2009

I'm in the same boat, I have to have three bed covers made and ready every night, as I have to switch them around and often have to then sleep on the floor as my bed is soaking wet.

It's also bad during the day but nothing like when I sleep.

I am male 23 years old, I don't know what to do. The GP said there was nothing I could do except use anti-perspriant. Which just does not work.

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SkipSpence said on 15 November 2009

I'm in the same boat, I have to have three bed covers made and ready every night, as I have to switch them around and often have to then sleep on the floor as my bed is soaking wet.

It's also bad during the day but nothing like when I sleep.

I am male 23 years old, I don't know what to do. The GP said there was nothing I could do except use anti-perspriant. Which just does not work.

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bigbob87 said on 04 September 2009

im 22 year's old and i dont like going out from sweating it's like iv just come out of the bath wet all over and it's taking over my life so as i was in asda the pharmacy told my they is thing's my doctor can give me to help this so i went to see them and i asked him about it and he said they is nothing i can do and we all sweat and this made me mad as they is thing's out there that will help me plz some 1 what's the best way to stop it as i feel like ppl are looking at me and talking about me even when it's cold it's still the same i dont wear is a t shirt and jeans i never where any thing more even when it's very cold and im still sweating bad and i feel like i want to go home and have a bath and not come out they has been a cupple of time's where i have come home from it will this never end

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taughey said on 25 August 2009

How strange. I am a GP and have just referred a patient with this condition for specialist treatment only to be told that the NHS will not accept referrals for hyperhidrosis. I will get to the bottom of this - no sweat!

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