Hand, foot and mouth disease 


Adults with hand, foot and mouth disease

Although hand, foot and mouth disease mainly affects children aged 10 or younger, adults can be affected.

Adults with the condition are also contagious and should stay away from the workplace until it has completely cleared up.

Hand, foot and mouth disease gets better on its own without treatment and complications are rare in adults. However, the symptoms can cause severe discomfort.

Is it the same as foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot and mouth disease is not the same as foot and mouth disease, which affects cattle, sheep and pigs. The two infections are unrelated, and you cannot catch hand, foot and mouth disease from animals.

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Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection that can affect young children.

It doesn't usually pose a serious threat to a child's health, but it can be be an unpleasant condition, particularly if it affects younger children.

Typical symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease include:

  • cold-like symptoms, such as loss of appetite, cough and a moderately high temperature of around 38-39°C (100.4-102.2°F)
  • a non-itchy red rash, made up of spots or small fluid-filled sacs (vesicles), which usually develops on the hands and feet, but may also occur on the knees, elbows, groin and buttocks; sometimes the rash can develop into painful blisters
  • painful mouth ulcers

Read more about the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease.

When to see your GP

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a self-limiting condition, which means it will get better on its own without treatment. The symptoms will usually pass within seven days.

However, speak to your GP or call NHS 111 if you're unsure whether your child has hand, foot and mouth disease.

You should also contact your GP if your child isn’t drinking any fluid or their symptoms last longer than seven days.

Treating hand, foot and mouth disease

There is currently no cure for hand, foot and mouth disease, so treatment involves making your child feel as comfortable as possible while waiting for the infection to take its course.

Possible treatment options include:

  • using paracetamolibuprofen and mouth gels to relieve the pain of mouth ulcers
  • drinking plenty of fluids to help relieve a high temperature

Read more about treating hand, foot and mouth disease.

What causes it?

Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by a group of viruses known as enteroviruses. The most common types of viruses that can cause the condition are:

  • coxsackievirus A16, A6 or A10
  • enterovirus 71

Enterovirus 71 carries a higher risk of causing serious complications (see below).

Read more about the causes of hand, foot and mouth disease.

How the infection spreads

A person with hand, foot and mouth disease is highly contagious until about a week after the symptoms begin. The infection can be spread if:

  • contaminated droplets are transferred from an infected person for example, if an infected person coughs or sneezes, the droplets can be inhaled by another person or can contaminate surfaces, leading to the spread of infection
  • fecal matter (stool) is transferred from an infected person  for example, if an infected person doesn't wash their hands properly after going to the toilet and then contaminates food or surfaces (the viruses can live for up to four weeks in a person’s stools)
  • you come into contact with the fluids of an infected person’s blisters or saliva

Because of the way the infection is spread, outbreaks of hand, foot and mouth disease can occur in places where groups of children need to have their nappies changed or use a potty, such as nurseries or childcare centres.

You should keep your child away from school or nursery while they are unwell. However, there's no need to wait until the last blister has gone before your child can return to school or nursery, providing they are otherwise well.

However, some schools and nurseries may reserve the right to refuse to take your child until the condition has cleared up completely.

It is rare, but possible, to get hand, foot and mouth disease more than once, although not during the same outbreak. As they get older, most children will develop immunity to the viruses that cause the condition.


It’s important to make sure that anyone with hand, foot and mouth disease keeps drinking fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Dehydration can often occur because the mouth ulcers can make drinking fluids painful.

Life-threatening complications such as brain infections (encephalitis) have been reported during epidemics of hand, foot and mouth disease caused by the enterovirus 71. However, these complications are very rare and they have been limited to the Asia-Pacific region.

Read more about the complications of hand, foot and mouth disease.

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Rachew said on 16 November 2014


I agree the symptoms are not mild at all.
I've been diagnosed with 2 or 3 different things but its HFMD from reading everything on here.

1 question, what can you use to put on the rash?
I've been using Aqueous cream but not sure if its helping, as when I wash my face with warm water and dry it off it feels better than less red until I put the cream back on.
Is it best to use this or keep the rash open to the air?


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rbeb said on 11 November 2014

I completely agree with the comments below, this is not mild in adults! It would be really useful to have an adult page on this illness, and the contagiousness / incubation, it is not clear above.

It is clear that as more children spend time in childcare, this illness will become more widespread, as it is probably impossible to contain in that environment.

On other sites it says it can remain in stools for a number of weeks after, does this apply to saliva too? When can I kiss my husband again?!

I had a similar experience to others:

Night before: Dizziness, couldn't stand up (thought was due to lack of sleep)

Day 1: high temp, shivering, aching, flu-like symptoms, headache, no appetite. Bed all day.

Day 2: high temp, headache, weak, no appetite. sofa all day, bed at 7pm.

Day 3: could stand up, temp lower, still no appetite, felt it was passing, but then the sore throat kicked in, could hardly swallow liquids. Spoke to 111 to get an out of hours appointment, as thought at this stage was tonsillitis. Had some tingling in hands, but thought nothing of it.

Day 4: The spots appeared, saw a doctor, confirmed HFM. Still no appetite, very sore throat. Hot and cold flushes. Blisters very painful in mouth, and all around tongue.

Day 5: Spots becoming more prominent, more painful, like pressure points on your extremities. It's more than just hands, feet and mouth. It's ears, scalp, nose too.

Day 6 (today): struggling to walk on painful blistered feet, although need to be up and about, so hobbling. Feel better in myself, can eat now, but not much appetite, so mainly cups of tea.

Really hope it passes soon.This sounds exaggerated, but it's really uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at. If one of the blisters bursts, the greater risk of passing it on, so you have to be quite careful not to scratch or knock them.

I suspect I caught this from my 2 year old who picked up an almost undetectable strain of it from nursery

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Neetsrik said on 05 November 2014

I'm glad I read through the comments! wasn't at all sure, having assumed I was down with a bout of tonsillitis,what the pinprick spots were on my hands yesterday morning but now it would seem I have HFMD. Tea tree this evening is helping with the itching a bit, the cold water thing for hands certainly helps......if only I didn't have tenderness and pins and needles trying to pick things up.! This would be my day 4 of illness having started out with a bad headache, fever, then the throat. My family thinks it's funny I'm taking so long to eat the smallest things but it's a real effort!

Thanks folks for sharing your experiences! Not insignificant in adults!

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Hachirou said on 13 October 2014

Hi, name is Daniel 19y M

day 1 - slight fever towards end of day I thought it was just from a lack of sleep.

day 2 - again at night but this time i felt naseous and more feverish

day 3 - around 3 after eating lunch I quickly came on with a fever, progressively got worse as the night went on, completely sore and fatigued, a bit dizzy and just couldn't think straight (from high fevers)

day 4 - in the morning I started getting a sore throat (thought it was due to fever etc) still dizzy and disoriented, in afternoon I took some acetaminophen took a nap woke up two hours later and I had broken through my fever. no longer confused and disoriented. throat did not hurt too much yet.

day 5(1) - I notice red dots and white (pus) areas in mouth in the morning, thought i had strep and went to a walk in clinic. Test came negative but doctor seeing symptoms believed I had strep and prescribe ibuprofen 600mg and antibiotics hence after throat began to get worse and more dots appear in mouth. I also began taking my precription,

day 6(2) - throat pain was up and down, the red dots had become ulcers, like white pimples in your mouth all over various spots, the red dots began to form on hands feet as well. progressively formed more as day went, and at a rapid rate too. I didn't really need medicine for the pain on hands feet I can manage those but the pain in my throat etc was just unbearable. still on my prescription, eating a bit here and there ignoring the pain and constantly drinking water (still on prescription, took 4 (600mg) ibuprofen instead of 3 due to pain)

day 6(3) - woke up at 7 today throat was swollen quite a bit hands and feet still the same a little nauseous today though. salt gargle didn't help last night. forcing myself to eat a little so i can take ibuprofen to help swelling and pain. today is worst, hopefully it's the hump in the road and form here simmers down.

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Jenn17 said on 01 October 2014

I am so glad I found this site. I believe my case is mild but still irritating and painful.
Just an FYI- I have no children of my own and rarely come in contact with them, but I work with people who do- which proves that adults with no symptoms can carry this around and give it to others!
Here is how my symptoms have played out-
2pm Sunday- felt absolutely fine
3pm Sunday- severe headache comes/glands are sore and swollen. Figured it was a cold or flu, so I took NyQuil to try and sleep it off.
8am Monday- Terrible headache, very sore throat/swollen glands. Fever and body aches are present now.
4pm Monday- My nose has "crusted up" on the very inside of the nostril several times and there are red spots in the back of my mouth now. Headache will not let up- even with ibuprofen every 4 hours
10am Tuesday- All symptoms persist all day long- and as I get ready for bed I notice painful, flat red spots on the fingertips/down the fingers of both hands.
8am Wednesday- Headache and sore throat are slightly better (red spots remain on back of my mouth) , but seems like spots on fingers are more sensitive and have spread. I also have a touch of diarrhea today and am feeling quite dehydrated.

Nothing I have tried has really helped the symptoms. I think it is just a matter of time that heals this one
I am hoping that this is the beginning of the end of this virus for me.
It is very uncomfortable.

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Mabbi34 said on 13 September 2014

I believe that I have Hand and foot disease. The appearance of little blisters on my hands began about 6 months ago. I did have a sore-ish mouth at the time but no ulcers. In the beginning I did not notice and blisters (which dry out and then peel) on my feet. I did not have a sore throat at the time.

I went to see my GP about the rash and she said it looked like contact dermatitis and gave me Fucibet, I also took anti-histamine whilst I had it. It took a while but it did clear up, using the Fucibet, constantly washing my hands and moisturising them with hand creme. However from time to time the blisters reappear and I follow the same regime, however in the last 2 weeks I have noticed the little brown spots and peeling on the soles of my feet (the second and third part of what happened with my hands) So if I am getting them on the soles of my feet it cant be dermatitis?? The do not hurt but occasionally they are itchy until the blisters subside. In looking at this I feel this is what I could have??

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Nettip said on 09 September 2014

I am now on the 5th day of this virus. Yesterday was the worst day. The soles of my feet were burning making impossible to put on shoes and walk anywhere. I spent the evening with my feet resting on an ice pack to try and relieve the pain. there was no difference when I awoke, still had the rash on my arms and body and the spots blisters were more pronounced on the heels and toes and fingers.
My sore throat is no more. The opensore on my nostril is still there but not so sore.
now it is lunchtime, the soles and heels of my feet are still burning but the spots on my fingers and hands seem to be fading away. I really hope this is the end of it.

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Nettip said on 08 September 2014

I am a 54 year old female living in Greece and have contracted Hfm virus. It is extremely painful and uncomfortable, I feel like I am stepping on pins. It started with a sore throat and pains like neuralgia in my back thighs and calves. Loss of energy and a high temperature. After one day the temperature came to normal but the sore throat did not go away and did not develop as it would if it was a cold virus. I then developed pin like spots on the bottom of my feet, toes and fingers this got worse as the day wore on. My gums developed a deep red line along the base of the teeth. I felt terrible. this was day three. Day four I was hoping to wake to some improvement. I was disappointed, the pain in the feet was worse and I was now covered in a rash on my arms, upper legs and abdomen. Not itchy. I also had a small open sore at the nostril.
The sore throat is subsiding but I can now sense that I am developing mouth ulcers.
I hope tomorrow i feel a bit better. Whoever said that the adult form of this virus is mild is wrong. It is quite debilitating. I will let you know more later on. i am taking paracetemol ...

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cherrypipster said on 15 August 2014

This says that the rash is non itchy but in my case it was very itchy and painful. I was advised by the doctor to take an antihistamine one of a morning and one of a night and it worked.

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pained said on 05 August 2014

I am a 40-year-old female in Canada who has contracted HFMD. My daughter is 8 months old and contracted the virus first from a friend. Her symptoms were indeed mild - she only got two visible spots on her hands and one afternoon, she had a lot of tiny pinprick dots on her legs. None seemed to bother her. She seemed significantly better after three days (one day plus with a fever and two days with lessened appetite and discomfort).

My experience has been very similar to ones described below; beyond the initial fever/sleepless nights and very sore throat, there was excruciating itch, extreme discomfort and burning sensation. My spots and lesions appeared first all over my scalp and especially in my hairline - I didn't connect these at first to HFMD. About 12 hours later, I checked my throat and welts appeared throughout - some feel like cankersores. Eating and drinking are extremely painful. The spots appeared slowly, then rapidly, on my hands - there are at least 25 spots on one finger and they have blended into large welts. The fingertips are especially painful. Opening doors, using keys, brushing teeth, etc. are nearly impossible. Another 12 hours or so later, my feet began to itch. The spots are not very visible on my feet, but I know they're there because wearing shoes and walking is painful, plus, the itch is never-ending. I have next-to-no spots on my face, though I feel burning sensation next to my mouth and worry they are going to appear soon.

One unfortunate side effect of this virus is that it has made me more impatient and highly irritable. My mind is so pre-occupied with the itch, burn and pain that I can't think, read or talk clearly at times. It kind of makes me feel mental :( I accidentally bumped my finger on something and that made me cry with frustration and pain. I can't wait until this passes and I'm so scared that anyone who has crossed my path before my symptoms were really apparent will get it from me.

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TigerInMN said on 22 July 2014

I'm glad I found this site as it is difficult to find a lot about adult instances of HFM anywhere. I'm 31 and in the US and I got what I thought was the flu or a cold beginning Saturday with a high fever (around 102F), fatigue, and achiness (like I'd run a marathon). This continued through Sunday between doses of ibuprofen.

I woke up Monday morning and my fever had broken so I thought I was in the clear. I still had a sore throat but didn't see any indications of strep or anything else so I assumed I was great.

By later Monday morning my feet had broken out with what I thought was an extreme case of athlete's foot. I've had this plenty of times in the past so I didn't worry too much about it. But it completely covered the bottoms of my feet as well as around my heel and between my toes.

I've since gotten some of the blisters on my hands, in the back of my throat, on the inside of my leg near my groin, and a couple of small ones in and around my nose. Today (Tuesday), the sores on my feet are very painful which makes it pretty difficult to walk with shoes. The blisters in and around my nose are extremely itchy today as well but as long as I don't have to walk around much, I'm not miserable.

I haven't lost my appetite through any of this really although I've had to stick with things like soup that don't feel abrasive going down. I made the mistake of eating a cookie yesterday and that was pretty painful. Here's to hoping I've seen the worst of it!

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Jeaves79 said on 28 June 2014

I'm 35 and a co worker had hand foot and mouth. 3 days later I had it. The red spots started on my hands, the next day my arms back feet were covered. My cheeks had two small sores, but went away fairly quickly. My aunt who is a nurse told me the best thing was to eat garlic, as much as you can take. I put freeze dried garlic in my water bottles and drank them all day, I also ate cloves here and there and put garlic on everything. It lasted 8 days, but I think the garlic really helped as the sores in my mouth went away almost immediately. Hope this helps

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jujuzinha74 said on 28 June 2014

I am so glad I came upon the comments for this post. I have been reading up on this virus and everything says that adults rarely get it and if they do, it's mild, and only on hands, feet, mouth, etc.
Well,, my daughter got it first, we didn't know what it was but then it turns out it was hand, foot and mouth disease. She was really miserable for a few days. My husband and I both got sore throats very soon after, and had runny noses, cough, but nothing too bad. My husband got a fever and a bad cough and a couple of blisters. I thought I was home free. Nope. A couple of days later, I got a fever and aches all over, I felt horrible. Then that night I started to get blisters on my scalp, and they've just continued to develop, all over my scalp, my face, in my mouth, my belly, back, hands and feet. Ugh, so itchy and painful. Last night I couldn't sleep the whole night because of itching and pain. The fever went away quickly though, and I've been taking Ibuprofen. This morning my hands and feet have started having an all over, painful itching, even where I don't have blisters.
When I take a lukewarm shower it helps a lot, and I'm trying very hard not to scratch anything.
I'm just so glad to know this is normal for this virus, because my symptoms seem way worse than what is on the sites I've read, especially for an adult. I figure I probably never had this when I was younger.

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Justin1979 said on 27 June 2014

Hi all, I'm a 35 year old male in the UK currently suffering!

Last week on family holiday in Tenerife my little boy (almost 2) came down with this. He's had it before so I recognised the symptoms and apart from a fever and very sore throat which left him unable to eat or drink properly for two days, he recovered pretty quickly.

Then two says later I started out with a mild sore throat and low fever which very rapidly progressed to shivering, burning up, muscle aches, headache. Throat so sore I've been unable to eat or drink pretty much anything, so dosed up on ibuprofen.

Them the rash on the hands. Feels like pins and needles when you touch them, with some that are more fluid filled. The worst rash is on the back of my ankles and top front of my feet - raised white fluid filled blisters which is where I got slightly sunburnt. Also got a few of these on elbows too. So painful!! Also a crusty sore under nose.

Fever has come down now but still feel terrible. Throat still killing me and rash showing no signs of going away. It's been give days so far. So hungry and fed up. I hate this!

Glad I found this forum as you guys are describing exactly what I have. It's hard to find good information for adults suffering from this, which seems to be much worse than the kids!

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athomePA said on 20 June 2014

I'm Back! I thought it was all over! Day 9 - pimples appeared at the base of my neck and chest. Today - day 12 - I felt an itch at the base of my wrist and there it was - a new small white pimple. I thought this resolved itself in 10 - 14 days. How? What? Did I forgot to get off this ride? Now there is a new rash on both hands. This time they did not start with red blotches. Right now my toe is itching - I'm afraid to look. Do you know if I'm infectious for another 10 days. Is this round two? Some of you posted that you had two or three rounds of infection. God bless you - and help me!

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athomePA said on 19 June 2014

had this joy for the past 10 days after a nasty summer cold - classic symptoms and sequence along with the nose sores and finger nail pain ( hope I don't loose a nail ) - when the sore throat started I gargled with warm water and 2 dissolved aspirins - seemed to to stop
the pain and progression right away - benadril helped and teatree oil was a god sent for the pain and iching - good luck - and God bless younz with patience - I wonder if the silver colloid would help

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nailsdesert said on 12 June 2014

I am so, so glad I found these comments. I have been suffering from HFM since Tuesday and it has been horrible. Just when I've thought the worst is over, more symptoms begin. Tuesday I went home from work early with a slight fever, sore throat and feeling dizzy and muscle achey. Tuesday night I barely slept because I woke up every 30-60 minutes with fever and I shivered so hard it made my muscles hurt even more. I slept in on Wednesday and felt a bit cold and fluey. Went to the doctor and he said I had a virus. Barely an hour later I started getting painful, red dots and splotches all over my hands. It felt like the skin of my hands had tightened so much my hands didn't fit inside the skin anymore! It gradually got worse and worse throughout the day and by the time I got to bed that night I was so sore and itchy. My feet started getting sore and itchy too. I couldn't sleep. I got up at 3am, frustrated, and checked out my sore throat in the mirror. The roof of my mouth was covered in blisters. Didn't sleep much for the rest of the night and was still so, so sore and itchy on Thursday morning (today). I have crusted over bits under my nose (even though I haven't been blowing it) and in the corner of my mouth. I have that gross mucus running down the back of my throat. It hurts to eat or drink. My feet and hands feel like they are on fire and all prickly, like pins and needles. I can't grip things properly because it hurts. Warm water feels horrible. I went back to the doctors today and he looked at my rash and told me it was an infection and there was nothing I could do. I'm seriously hoping it goes away because this is anything but mild.

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Br312 said on 03 June 2014

I'm a 46 year old man and have had this for years without knowing what it was until now . I get severe blisters on the soles and sides of my feet and small profusely itchy blisters on my hands . This is usually accompanied by a heartburn like feeling and a flushed feeling in my face which causes a redness down to my neck .

I'm so glad i have a name for it now and that I'm not the only one with this

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jhuflyer said on 03 June 2014

I thought I would share since these comments seems to have the most information for adults with HFMD.

First off.....it's awful. My youngest contracted it and ended up hospitalized for dehydration. Then my oldest caught it. Both were pretty awful to watch and wished it on no one. Then I caught it.....

4 pm Sat: General Malaise, dizzy, 99.5F fever
7 pm Sat: Very weak, very dizzy, 101.5F fever
8 am Sun: Fever steady 99 to 100F all day, sore throat
4 pm Sun: Red spots appear on hands
8 am Mon: Red spots all over hands, subtle but there
4 pm Mon: Feed feel like pins and needles, hands begin to itch uncontrollably.
Monday night impossible to sleep because of itching
8 am Tue: Feet are itching uncontrollably, hands hand evened out in terms of itchyness and spread of rash

Some things I've learned:

1) This is NOT mild.
2) The rash is both itchy and painful. It feels itchy when not doing anything like you have fiberglass insulation in them. Upon using hands (e.g., to open jar) the pain becomes "searing" like hot needles.
3) Cold water helps tremendously, but it's temporary (and short lived at that)
4) Antihistamine doesn't do anything.
5) Cortisone cream does nothing.
6) General practitioners are not useful for information on this disease.
7) The sore throat is manageable by gargling salt water and using throat lozenges.
8) Acidics foods/drinks are to be avoided at all cost.
9) Wash hands like crazy continously
10) Exisiting cracks/scrapes on feet/hands/arms/legs are "attacked" by the virus and exhibit blisters
11) Where's the vaccine for this horrible disease
12) I can deal with pain at night, it's the itching that horrible

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Keely_93 said on 22 May 2014

I caught this virus from my daughter who was 10 months at the time, her blisters were small, didn't seem to bother her very much, and on her torso too. She never seemed too fussed about this, it was cleared up in 4 days for her.
When I caught this I was so ill I couldn't move, my ears were leaking clear fluid, I have a blister so huge at the back of my throat I ended up popping it, it didn't clear up for 2 weeks and has left me frightened every time my throat feels sore since. The blisters on my hands and feet were incredibly itchy and painful! But every cloud has a silver lining, I lost 10lbs in those two weeks.
But I notice it doesn't mention the unbearable pain in your ears at a loud noise, a big swallow or overuse of your mouth! Excruciating!

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ccyndi10 said on 08 May 2014

I am a 43yr old female. I went to bed one sat. night and woke about an hour later coughing. I mean I could not stop! I coughed about every 4th breath i took. Needless to say I did not sleep all night. I finally fell asleep about 6 in the morning only to wake at around 9 a.m. with a wicked sore throat and terrible congestion in my chest. I also had what I thought was a low grade temp of 100.1. I stayed in bed all day sunday. Terrible chills, muscle cramps, and an even worse sore throat and chest. I literally felt like I was coughing up razor blades! The pain was almost unbearable. I saw the doc first thing Monday. He asked if I had been around any children. Well, I hadn't. In fact, it had been about a week since I had seen my grand daughter. So he tells me I have bronchitis and laryngitis and gives me a host of antibiotics and some cough syrup. I go home and remain in bed. I noticed tuesday night that I had a rash on my arms and hands as well as my ankles. little blistery rash. The rash doesnt hurt , but I assumed it was an allergic reaction to my antibiotic. So I stopped the one that I thought it could be. I called the doc and he said to continue on the one antibiotic and come back if not feeling better thursday. Well it is thursday and I do feel better. But I have blisters or I call them lie bumps in my mouth since yesterday and they hurt like hell! So when I got to work today I looked up viruses with all my symptoms and here I am on this site! I feel sure that this is what I had or Have and I wouldnt wish this on anyone! Now I know why the doc asked if I had been around any children!

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calasara said on 26 April 2014

I am a 44-year old woman, and have had HFMD for three days. I am not sure where I picked it up; we had a birthday party for one of my daughters last weekend, and perhaps someone there had it. My brother and older daughter caught it as well, but their cases have thankfully been milder. Mine has been horrific. It started with a very mild fever and sore throat on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday evening, I noticed the first sore on my hand. By Thursday, sores had cropped up all over both hands, as well as on the inside of my right arm. On Friday the sores popped up on my feet, in my mouth, and on my face; I have had the crusting over behind my ears and under my nose that one of the posters below described. There are also sores under my hair. It is excruciating; I have been taking Tamiflu (in case the flu is somehow part of this), and alternating doses of ibuprofen and tylenol. The ibuprofen helps a little, the tylenol does nothing. I have been using cortisone cream on my hands and feet, but it doesn't help much. I may try some of the suggestions others have posted below, and thank all of you for that. I do wonder if I can get anything prescribed that is stronger than Ibuprofen, and I would really like to know when this will end. My older daughter will have to be out of school for two days next week because of her case, and if I still have it this badly after the weekend I don't know how I'll be able to manage. HFM is really one beast of a disease.

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AmDimi said on 20 April 2014

I am a 34 year old mother who contracted this virus from my 10month old baby who had contracted it from nursery. I am now on day 5 of the more severe symptoms but did notice very sore muscles & a sore throat in the days prior to getting the fever. In hindsight, I should have taken action earlier but at the time I was not aware that adults could be infected by hand, foot & mouth. I suspect that I caught it through a small cut on my hand whilst caring for my baby. I have suffered as described by many others here but have some information about what has helped alleviate some of the discomfort for me.
Ibuprofen taken 3 times a day helped to take the edge off the burning soreness.
Calamine lotion dabbed onto the itchy sores offers temporary relief but needs to repeated often.
Sterimer nasal spray cleansed & soothed my nasal passages & seemed to help the itchy sores in & around my nose.
Tea tree oil diluted to 5% has been invaluable. I have used this on all the sores & it has alleviated the itching & cooled the burning. It does dry out the skin so a dab of aloe Vera applied immediately afterwards helps to heal & also offers continuing cooling. I also gargled with the tea tree solution to eliminate the virus in my throat & help with the mouth sores. All of this needs to be repeated as necessary but the relief is worth it.
I also tried eating lots of fruit & veg with anti-inflammatory properties but this was hard due to lack of appetite & mouth soreness. Definitely stay away from chocolate, it burns!
I can honestly say this is the worst virus I have had the displeasure of experiencing but I hope that this information is useful if you are suffering too.

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A parker said on 31 March 2014

My baby son got a mild fever on the weds, then on the fri he had spots and rash all around his mouth and on the back of his legs. It looked painful but he didn't seem at all bothered. It wasn't itchy as he never tried to scratch once. His throat was sore as he went off solids for a few days..... Then...

5pm Sat - felt fine
6pm Sat - was crawling into bed feeling ill
7pm Sat - had a temperature the highest I have known
The fever and shivers lasted until I woke on Monday morning. That was when I noticed the red spots. The best description of the discomfort is, it's like un scratched mosquito bites. Can live with it fairly easily, but it's a mare if you catch one. The ones on my feet feel like mild pins and needles when I walk. Throat is sore and have mouth ulcers.

Total loss of appetite, don't feel hungry either.
Chocolate makes my throat feel like its on fire
It goes for previous healing wounds. I had cut my finger a week ago and this flared up (same with my son).
Cold water eases discomfort on my hands

40yr old male, my partner hasn't caught it.

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MizzDazzle86 said on 30 March 2014

I am 28 and just recovering from this horrible horrible disease. It started on Tuesday afternoon, with a painful sore throat, that came on very quick and very aggressive. That evening I started feeling feverish and weak, and suddenly just couldn’t stop shivering. When I woke up the next morning I was sore all over, the whole of Wednesday I was tired and weak but just thought it was a flu. That evening a small pimple had appeared on the palm of my hand and it itched like crazy. But thought nothing more if it, about an hour later another pimple like spot appeared on the same palm. Little did I know this was just the start, went to bed still itching like crazy. Woke up in the middle of the night itching when I woke up the following morning, I was still itching and this time the whole of both my palms was covered in bright red sores, and itching wasn’t easing off at all. I went to the GP ASAP. The GP then diagnosed me with HFMD and was told there was no treatment. The way I was itching I was like this is gona be impossible and needed something to stop the itching. The doctor prescribed Eurax, which didn’t help a wink, So the past 3 days I have been suffering, I dunno whether it’s the duration of time that’s passed or whether its actually helped but the one thing that seemed to help with the itching was pure African Shea Butter, it kept my hands moisturized and eased the itch, also applying ice cubes helped a lot especially with the burning sensation and soaking my hands in cold water. But with two very active under 5’s it has been a tough few days. Ibuprofen or any strong painkillers will help. Also you wont be able to sleep well so I suggest getting some sleeping pills but as I said its just a suggesting. Oh yeah I had a lot of crust build up on my nose and in my ears which are now scabbing over in some places, no one else has mentioned this. I can honestly say this was the worst thing I’ve experienced in my life, I wouldn’t wish it on any one. Take care all!!

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Chris5899 said on 19 March 2014

I'm a 32-year-old American male living in San Francisco, but this the only thread I've found that documents adult experiences with HFMD. I've been sympotomatic for six days. At times, the pain has been excruciating; thankfully, though, the worst seems to be over.

Day 1: Malaise; swollen neck glands
Day 2: Malaise; very sore throat; fever
Day 3: Very sore throat; extreme pain in hands
Day 4: Very sore throat; extreme pain in hands
Day 5: Very sore throat; pain in hands
Day 6: Sore throat; no pain in hands

The rash — red blisters of varying size — presented on Day 3 on or in my scalp, face, nasal passages, throat, hands and feet. Rash-related pain, however, has been confined to my hands and throat. In my hands, I felt a persistent, hot, stinging sensation on Days 3 and 4, and in my throat, the pain has been both chronic and severe. Swallowing solids and liquids was especially difficult between Days 3 and 5.

As far as pain mitigation goes, the following regimen, which came mostly as a result of a desperation-driven trial-and-error process, has worked well for me. For general hand and throat pain, Ibuprofen. For hands, Benadryl (capsule), ice compresses and Indian Healing Clay (my wife happened to have some on hand — it temporarily alleviated the hot, stinging pain). For throat, cough drops and a gargle comprising equal parts Maalox (liquid), Children's Benadryl (liquid) and Anbesol (liquid). The gargle, recommended by a family friend who is a Nurse Practitioner, was significantly more effective than Cholraseptic spray.

Thank you to all who have posted experiences here — good knowing that I'm not the only adult whose brush with HFMD has been far from "mild."

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dannitb89 said on 17 March 2014

I am 24 years old and my symptons for HFMD started on Wednesday last week. At first I felt nauceous and dizzy so was sent home from work. Then a headache and high temperature followed. On the 3rd day I woke up with red spots on my hands and feet, and felt like I had pins and needles. I went to visit my doctor who diagnosed me with HFMD. He told me there was nothing I could do but wait it out. He also told me it wasn't contagious and I could continue to go to work (even though I was in extreme pain). I havent been able to go into work. I looked the disease up on this site to find that it is contagious also. My hands and feet became so itchy, I tried a few different creams i.e. aloe vera and antihistamine but nothing worked. Allergy tablets had no effect either. The only relief I had from the itchiness was having a cold bath or putting my feet in a bowl of cold water. I am on the 6th day and my hands, face and feet are starting to clear up thankfully. I agree with the other comments below that this virus is definately the worst thing I have had and is ridiculous that they state the spots are not itchy and that it is mild.

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Caz7771 said on 14 March 2014

I have had hfmd over the last week and im 25 years old . I caught it off my 2year old son who has had a couple of mouth ulsters which didn't really bother him and a rash across his bum.. I can possibly say it's the worst thing I have ever had , and I've had some illnesses in my time. On the first day I was fine in the morning then at lunch time I started with a sore throat and by 3pm I was completely out of it.. Terrible fever and lacking in energy that much that I could not get up stairs to bed without help.. I tried to sleep with the fever and sore throat but only got a couple of hours sleep.. The next day I was still exhausteres and my throat was even worse at this point I could not swallow at all.. I had blisters all in the back of my mouth on my tongue and inside my lips.. I just tried to rest but also had terrible back pains similar to flu .. That night went to sleep and was woke. Up by my feet burning when I stood up it was like a thousand splinters in each foot .. Today the pain in my feet is still there and now I have a rash on them and all over my hands.. My finger tips are so sensitive and my nails on hands and feet are sore to touch and feels like they gonna drop off. Been to doc again they don't seem to interested as I'm an adult but not much can do about that .. I think there needs to be more awareness of the severity some adults can get the virus. Hopefully I can sleep well tonight because I'm soooo tired and wake up pain free in the morning..

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Emzina said on 24 February 2014

I am suffering with this at the moment, and I can assure you, as do the other posts here that as an adult this is definitely not mild!!

I am a 30yo female and contracted this from my son's nursery. He seemingly has avoided this!

Started day 1 with a fever of 39.5, this lasted a full 36 hours, nausea, hideous chills just generally rubbish.

As the fever broke on day 2 the sore throat started and on closer examination I had what looked like blisters.

Day 3 I woke up and my hands felt like I had scalded them, the fingertips particularly. Then red spots, blisters and blotches started appearing and closely followed on my feet.

Day 4 and my feet are extremely painful and I can barely walk, it feels as though they are burned and I'm walking on hot sharp stones. And they are swollen and covered in red blotches and blisters. My hands are the same.

Thankfully my throat feels much better. But to say adults develop a milder version of this virus it's simply not the case, this is very painful and hindering.

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User843580 said on 10 February 2014

Having just experienced this horrendous virus I felt like I needed to comment and offer help for others.

I contracted this virus from my 4 year old daughter who had thankfully, had it in a more mild version than I have, however we did have two poorly days and over a weeks worth of an angry looking rash on her face. So still quite a nasty virus in children.

My symptoms have been consistent with the others who have written on here. Day 1 It started with a temperature, chills and achey feeling. Day 2 Next morning the sore throat started, it hurt but the worse was yet to come. I felt
Tired and like I had the flu. I had a red spot that tingled on my face that I continued to watch grow, fill and weep. Day 3 the throat pain continued and when looking in my mouth I saw large white blisters/ulcers all over my mouth and throat. It was impossible to eat and drinking even hurt. The blisters then started on my hands, face and feet. They looked unsightly and that night itched like mad. Day 4 The next day I decided I needed a trip to the gp who confirmed the case and have me antibiotics for infected throat and skin, she gave me pain relief and told me to go to bed and rest as pulse and temp was high so body was obviously fighting the virus. I did that, I slept and slept
Day 5 The blisters had gone down slightly but throat still agony. Slept most of day. I actually felt hungry that day but was afraid of eating due to the pain, but after pain relief and throat spray I managed some soup. Day 6 throat stating to ease and blisters calming down, still shattered but have a bit more energy, yet to experience day 7 but fingers crossed.

Advice for anyone diagnosed with this virus would be to keep on top of pain relief, although sometimes it doesn't appear to do anything. Invest in throat spray, this helps numb the throat and helped me get to sleep initially. Attempt water and rest. Worst virus I've had as an adult.

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Tallulah belle said on 28 January 2014

My 3 yr old daughter started to get ill at Christmas, her hands were covered in deep angry blisters and had a few on belly I took her drs as I thought it could be hand foot and mouth but the dr said it was chicken pox. My daughter very ill her hands and feet were covered as was round her mouth.she ended up being covered in a red blister rash that we was not convinced was chicken pox!!! My 13 year old son then got it his throat was do sore and mouth was raw!! Blisters in ears nose hands and feet! Now my daughters finger nails are falling off!! So she got over that now really does have chicken pox! What I would like to know is if anyone else had the rash all over body??? As I am convinced she did have it!! Pls could you let me no if you had it like this. Thank u x

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monteirors said on 19 January 2014

Pure agony. After I caught this virus, I would say to the authorities in health: The society should know better this virus and symptoms, and how to prevent it. My sister overlook it and did know anything about it. My both nephews had this virus (but mild symptoms, about one weeks before I visit them), and my sister did not inform me, I went to visit them, and now I being tortured.

I am 29 years old male and I likely caught HFMD from my 5 years old nephew who had it 1 week before. First day: During the evening, I started with headache, sharp sore throat, lack of energy, body aches and during the night I had fever all night long, it was hard to sleep.
Second day: I woke with spots in my nose like acne, some red spots. As the day developed, I noticed some small blisters and red spots in my right hand and later, in both hands. After, spots in my feet and uncomfortable to walk. (I had the impression I burned my feet's sole.). Second day, I developed more small blisters and spots in my hands and on my fingers also. More blisters on my nose. They started to itch gradually and now it's my big issue . Sharp sore throat is constant, hard to eat. I noticed as well some red spots on my ears and in one of the elbows, in my bottom and back. To Walk now is painful. In the end of this day, feet and hands were swollen and getting sensitive.
Third day: another nightmare to sleep. All the symptoms described above but I feel me very irritated, stressed and weak. It's getting hard to prepare food for me (soap and drinks) because my hands are sensitive due the blisters. After the fever, the torture will start. The blisters are itchy. In this third day, I also noticed a change in the patterns of stains in my skin (feet
and fingertips).Some concentrated reddish marks formed, they are more defined as before. Most of them, on my feet's sole but some small in my fingertips. I hope tomorrow is the last day of torture, if not I am going to a local hospital.

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kampbell said on 11 January 2014

My two year old daughter is just recovering from Hfmd and has really suffered. No blisters on hands or feet but all in the mouth and on lips. The blisters kept drying up, cracking and bleeding. Awful! Terrible fever too. The only thing she could eat/drink for a while was ice pops. The GP prescribed Daktarin and said nothing more to do except let it run its course. She is on the mend now but I have now got it!! Extremely painful gums, high temp and massively swollen neck glands. Mild this is not.

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K4vita said on 09 January 2014

Hello, my 4 year old is currently suffering from HFMD. His hands and feet are still peeling although the fever is lesser day by day. His cold sore is taking its time to heal. I was told he is due for a flu vaccine. I was wondering if it is advisable to get it done under this circumstances. When I took him to the GP when the rash and skin appearing rough and dry he was not diagnosed to Hfmd. But later on my friend who is a doctor she immediately spotted it and informed me of hfmd. Can anyone let me know if it is safe to put him through this flu vaccine. I have heard negative feedbacks about this vaccine from many parents. Also, is the school not obliged to let you know if this hfmd has been going around? My son never had this before. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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ktpwallis said on 29 December 2013

Ok so my hfmd is back for the third time in three months. One spot and awful sore throat and earache which I can't ease at all. I think the reoccurrence may be due to the fact that I am diabetic which makes it hard to shift any bug.

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HW2009 said on 26 December 2013

My 17 month old picked this up at nursery. She had a small ulcer on her tongue, and a few spots on her hands, it luckily wasn't unwell with it at all. However the following week, I began to feel like I had flu- muscles aching and extremely tired, followed by a sore throat. By day 4, red lumps coated my throat and tonsils, which then turned into mouth ulcers. The pain was unbelievable, regular paracetamol and ibuprofen took the edge off for about 30 mins at the most! I was unable to eat or drink without excruciating pain- I said to my husband I'd rather be going through labour again than have HFMD! gargling with chlorhexidine mouthwash and salt water helped with the recovery I think. I'm just so relieved that I had the bad case of it rather than my little girl- what a horrible illness!! And by no means mild!!

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1901dawnb said on 25 December 2013

My 2 year old is currently on day 6 of this horrific virus, and in no shape or form can any of her symptoms be described as mild. It took us 4 visits to different doctors to get her correctly diagnosed. She has a mouth and tongue full of huge blisters leaving her unable to eat anything even though she is starving and desperately wants to eat and she is just managing to drink a small amount of water daily. Added to this is the flu like symptoms and itchy hands and the fact she is unable to sleep for pain for more that 30 minutes at a time. So in no means is this a mild virus. I doubt any parent who has to see their child suffer in agony and begging you to make the pain stop would agree with the above description of this HFMD.

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Elron_uk said on 22 December 2013

My little one has this at the moment and while it is uncomfortable, and undoubtedly painful it is important to understand the clinical use of the word 'mild' eg no serious complications or side effects and non-life threatening. Chickenpox is also described as mild and we know how awful that can feel. The description and advice is spot on. Like colds & chickenpox this is one my lo and family will just have to ride out :(

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frogger said on 22 December 2013

I've developed Hand, Foot and Mouth as an adult, having caught it from my baby daughter. Started with a day of fever (39.1C), then the spots started appearing on my hands, feet and then face. The feet have been the worst, as they appeared on the underside, making walking extremely uncomfortable, like walking barefoot on sharp stones. After overdoing it yesterday by going into town (tried to carry on as usual), the pain became pretty intense so I've had to resign myself to keeping my feet up most of the day now. Several others have been affected, but all in different ways, so this is an extremely infectious disease and in my case pretty incapacitating.

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beccy88 said on 13 December 2013

On Thursday last week my 14 month old son started with a high temperature he had been off his food for a few days and dribbling excessively however we put this down to his cutting his back teeth.
On Friday tiny little marks started to appear on his legs and arms, fever had gone. I spoke to the pharmacist who told me he had chickenpox.
By Saturday we took him to OOH GP who diagnosed a pox virus but not chicken pox due to the absence of the spots on the trunk of his body. They were now on his arms,legs, hands, feet and face.
Sunday afternoon I started with severe pain in one side of my hip and later in the day a fever. By Monday morning i too had the beginnings of the same rash on my hands and face. I went to see my GP who diagnosed HFMD. By now my sons hands had completely blistered which were massive compared to his tiny hands.
My son is now well on the mend and I highly recommend using Calamine and Aqueous Cream rather than the lotion.
As I can describe the symptoms I would say this is the most horrific virus I have ever had. Adults do clearly get it as I am 25! My hands and feet are incredibly itchy and painful but started almost as pins and needles in my fingers. Because it affects the throat it's common to get a throat infection, my LO started to improve massively after the DR gave him some antibiotics as have I, I was also diagnosed yesterday with tonsillitis which a day of penicillin has already improved massively. I'm not one to take paracetamol all the time for minor illnesses however have been taking soluble paracetamol and codeine as it coats the throat which has helped massively as well. I hope this helps at least one person because we have had an awful time of it!!!

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ktpwallis said on 10 December 2013

HFMD is hideous in adults! Nothing seems to work on the pain or the itching. The first few nights are entirely sleepless and the sore throat and earache is extremely painful. I found dairy very painful to eat and chocolate was excrutiating for some reason - my sister also said this! I originally had it for two weeks and was signed off work for this time. After this the skin on y hands and feet started peeling and still are six weeks later! On top of this imagine my delight yesterday to realise that it is back in all its glory again. As a final gift some of my fingernails are falling off. Nsh is well off with its advice here.

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joanne_joanne91 said on 07 December 2013

I am so glad I've read through all of the comments on here, after feeling as though I am completely abnormal (from reading the 'nhs advise'.
At least a fortnight ago, I noticed some skin coloured pimples on my hands, started with about 2, and doubled every hour... Within 6 hours, my hands were covered! After about 12 hours, they started itching like mad!
Being a full time worker, and not having time to visit my GP, I decided to have a look on here and self diagnose! Being an eczema suffered, I narrowed it down to just a flare up of that (as HFMD 'isn't itchy'). After about 2/3 of extreme itching and what turned into severe pain, I gave in and visited my GP. She immediately advised it was HFMD, but then decided it couldn't be as I wasn't 'ill'. In myself, I seemed fine! She advised she had never known anyone to get the sores on their hands (which had now gone to my feet) before getting the flu symptoms. She also advised that it is a myth that the rashes are not itchy ... Ironically my GP'S husband had just recovered from HFMD, and she advised he had been terribly Ill and in excruciating pain! The GP advised it is one of the worst/most painful/uncomfortable illnesses she has seen; especially in adults! Due to not being ill however, my GP also narrowed it down to eczema-even though she was still convinced the sores were identical to HFMD.
And yesterday, surprise surprise, within 1 hour: I became terribly ill! I immediately knew what it was (luckily the GP had prepared me for the pain!). And I haven't had a wink of sleep all night, my head is pounding, my throat is killing. I am in agony. And this is roughly the 12th day after the rash on my hands originally appeared!

So, please, as bad as it sounds ... Prepare for the worst!
The rashes are VERY itchy, they turn intl bubble type blisters (which burst and become more itchy), make sure you get a cream for the rashes ... Otherwise the pain and itching will keep you up all night! And the flu is horrible!

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EllDivino said on 06 December 2013

I would like to echo the following comments below and say, this isn't a 'mild' illness for adults in any shape or form!

I started being very ill on Tuesday just gone with fever, feeling sick, headache, aching limbs and throat which feels like I have swallowed razor blades, loss of appetite etc etc...got worse last few days and last night I developed the rash/blisters on my hands (which has got progressively worse today) which feels like I have been grabbing stinging nettles for a week and it is hurting just typing this!...

Went to the Docs who wasn't very helpful and couldn't wait to get me out so totally agree with you on this...seems like your on your own!

Would like to hear any more updates from everyone on here on recovery time etc...

I wouldnt wish this on anyone!

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Bookworm49 said on 01 December 2013

My granddaughter caught HF&MD from her childminders group after having chicken pox, and although it looked bad I don't think she was too unwell. She has passed it to her baby brother who is 4 months old and he is having more than a bit of discomfort! Persuading him to feed has been a problem but mum and dad have been very patient and persistent with liquids. His mouth area is covered with large angry blister/spots and his hands are covered with the same spots - nothing like the tiny innocuous dots shown in the picture above! My daughter now has it and is in a great deal of pain and discomfort; she can't sleep because of the pain in her hands and at day 4 shows no signs of abating. This morning with a sore throat and cough, I looked at my hands....

Please update your comments on the severity - doctors seem to think this is mild!

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A__E said on 29 November 2013

As mentioned, this is not mild in adults or babies! My baby and I both have it. We both had a temperature for a few days and have the mouth sores also with some on the face. The ones inside the mouth are agony!! My baby (11 months)won't take milk or eat food other than yoghurt and wont drink water and gets so agitated with the fact he can't suck his dummy. He is on day 7 of illness and day 5 with spots and still wakes up every half hour screaming. Im on day 3 and feel like ive got loads of razorblades inside my mouth, one blister is on my tonsil so feels like tonsillitis. I also have a fever, shivers, headache and feel sick. Can't eat, can't drink, can't sleep. Sorry to sound negative but it's better to be prepared isn't it?

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Djkinsey said on 26 November 2013

This is far from 'mild'
My partners nephews both came down with the virus, both being under 2, and both were admitted to hospital. After about five days they are both recording well although still covered in blisters and sores all over their body's!
My partner then had flu like symptoms for 24hrs, and is now fine except for a blister on his nose.
Now I have caught the 'mild' virus,
Day one-heavy head, very lethargic.
Day two-extreme pounding headache, uncontrollable shivers, and impossible to warm up, with a temperature of 39.4C, extreme dizzyness and hallucinations.
Day three-massively inflamed tonsils, still dizzy and feeling like I had tonsillitis (I have tonsillitis on average 3times a year)
Day four-after finally having a decent nights sleep, waking up to the sensation of holding nettles that have been dosed up on steroids! Feet also painful, and sores had appeared on my face, that oozed clear fluid if touched. Hard to stand or touch anything without wincing in pain!
Day 5-yet to experience!
After scrolling though everyone else's comments I think whoever wrote out the information for HFAM need a clip round the ear! They obviously haven't been through it! It is almost unbearable! Just thankful I haven't had the mouth ulcers!

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Katie Shopper said on 19 November 2013

I'd had a thumping headache every day for well over a week so knew I was going to get something. My throat started to hurt and it seemed sore to breath. I've had a horrible cough and have had a really croaky voice. My tongue has been sore on both sides. I'm on day 6 from when the real symptoms started and today I've noticed a sore patch right by the corner of my mouth. I still feel and sound rubbish and I am wondering when all this will end! My two sons had HFMD and luckily they only had blisters on their tongues, although they were very painful for them. I've had no appetite to speak of either and occasionally feel quite sick. This is one evil virus!

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nany101 said on 11 November 2013

On the fifth day the symptoms got a little bit better and day six i am almost back to normal except for the looks of my hands and feet.
The Itching and burning became bearable and gradually just noticable, i swallow slightly easier and except of a couple of flares i am no longer cold.
I even managed to go out for a walk.
The sight of my hands is disgusting so i wear gloves outside.
I had spots on the face that seem to start clearing. They were like focal sunburns and they peal a little. I had a few red spots on my tummy as well that haven't been a problem at any stage.
i was fortunate not too develop too many mouth ulcers so i am back to normal food. Sore throat and minor ulcers persist but overall much better.
During the pick of the illness i had warm soups without seasoning, yogurt and milk.
My baby had the virus before me but without hand and feet spots. He had low fever for a couple of days and then he got crusty, angry looking spots on the face especially around the mouth and a rush on his bottom that looked similar to nappy rush but was much more extensive. He was misdiagnosed as Imeptigo based on the face changes as it apparently looks similar. So keep in mind atypical presentations!

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Mummy_tee87 said on 10 November 2013

Noticed some tiny blisters on my almost 3 year olds hands and feet. Actually, they where more like little red spots, and he had two red marks on his tongue. That evening I had two little blisters appear on my tongue. Took him to the doctors the next day who confirmed we both had hand foot and mouth. He was surprise that I had caught it as it was very uncommon for adults to get HFAM (apparently.) That day and the next 2 (currently on day 3 of this) has been a nightmare for me, my son however, is breezing through it. He hasn't lost his appetite, isn't struggling to eat and the blisters on his hands haven't gotten any bigger either. Plus, no fever for hi, luckily.

Myself, however, am in a lot of discomfort. Mainly with the ulcers. I now have 7 in my mouth which are so large I struggle to eat, and even talk. My throat is so sore it hurts to drink anything, hot or cold. The blisters are bearable, but uncomfortable and they hurt just to do normal household chores.

Even though it is apparently uncommon for adults to get this, and when they do, to get it mildly. It is apparent, given my circumstances, and a few others who have posted here, that, that isn't necessarily the case!

I'm hoping it'll start to go by tomorrow. Missing my food! Lol. Good luck to anyone that catches this! I would much rather the flu then HFAM!

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nany101 said on 08 November 2013

If you are unlucky to get it, it is a nightmare. First chills,muscle aches, fever and then the sore throat. As sore as it can get. Not being able to eat at all.
Then the hand and feet turning red with numerous spots feeling extremely itchy and getting to the point of painful with burning, pins and needles.
And as this gets unbearable(ibuprofen is all that works a bit) mouth ulcers develop.
I am now day three and counting...

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American Dad said on 08 November 2013

My son contracted HFMD and wasn't keen on food or his bottle so getting fluids into him wasn't easy. He's only 11 months old and was suffering with throat/mouth pain but his fever and temperature were fine thankfully after the first evening. What worked for us was giving him sparkling water through a dropper or straw and chocolate ice cream. The ice cream certainly seemed to help with the soreness and help numb it slightly and then he could enjoy the water from the dropper. It was good to see him full of smiles again. Hope this helps anyone else with their little ones.

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Dolly_Dagger said on 05 November 2013

This is anything but mild. I think this information needs reviewing.
I developed a bad headache Friday, then was exhausted Saturday and awoke Sunday with the worst sore throat. By the evening I was developing blisters on my hands and feet, but far far worse are the mouth ulcers. I have them on my lips, tongue, cheek and throat. It has made eating impossible and I can only tolerate cold drinks. Ice cream is soothing but even yogurt makes me gag. Speech has been affected due to the sores on my tongue.
The blistering of the hands and feet is tolerable, but they are painful enough to be a bother.
I may have caught this from my toddler daughter as she thankfully breezed through a 2 day cold. Our GP seems to think she may have had the virus with only minor symptoms and no sores.
Day 3 now and it has been unbearable. Definitely not mild.
Good luck and my sympathy if you have picked this up. I have found Corsadyl, Corvonia throat spray, Bonjela and Ibuprofen helpful.

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User817107 said on 04 November 2013

I caught this from my baby who had a high temperature and few sores which didn't seem to bother her. She was back to her normal self quite quickly.

On the other hand I was floored by this illness. Sore throat, headache and fever, which we thought was tonsillitis. Then sores on my hands and feet which burned intensely for 3 days. The only relief was ice.

After that the symptoms began to ease. It took just under a week to be back to my functioning self.

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BekkiiR said on 28 October 2013

I work in a nursery and because this is contagious before the blisters come out the children are allowed to stay at nursery as long as they are well. I had blisters start appearing in my mouth Saturday night and i have been in agony with them ever since, they are at the back of my tongue, the inside of my cheeks and around the front of my bottom jaw!! My tongue has swollen and it's so painful to eat. The blisters on my hands and feet are not bothering me but I feel miserable :(

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BekkiiR said on 28 October 2013

I work in a nursery and because this is contagious before the blisters come out the children are allowed to stay at nursery as long as they are well. I had blisters start appearing in my mouth Saturday night and i have been in agony with them ever since, they are at the back of my tongue, the inside of my cheeks and around the front of my bottom jaw!! My tongue has swollen and it's so painful to eat. The blisters on my hands and feet are not bothering me but I feel miserable :(

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Paul_F said on 27 October 2013

It's now 3 days since this I last posted.

What I've found is Corsodyl mouth wash helps with the sore tongue and gums, and gargle with it helps with the throat.

Soaking in a tepid bath with 2 teaspoons of salt and a capfull of dettol gives a little relief from the burning & itching.

I've given up with the cream I was prescribed, but I'm using normal hand cream on my hands & feet as the blotches/blisters are now getting smaller, and the skin feels really dry.

Hopefully I'm getting over this now, my temperature seems normal, and I have a little get-up-and-go today, the first time for a few days.

Good luck to anyone starting out with this - you'll need it! :)

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Doriblue said on 26 October 2013

If this is mild then the next stage up must be torture. I suffered with the feeling of not being able to get warm and shivering under layers of blankets, but my temp wasn't that high. I was then very achy and lethargic, sore throat with gunk at the back, which is why the docs said i had tonsillitus. I argued against it but clearly I know nothing because im not a doctor. Day 2 and 3 I couldn't eat, could barely drink, and my face had flared up with what i thought were spots, turned out to be blisters and all my skin on my face and scalp was itchy. All over my face, I couldnt even pluck up the courage to go outside it was that bad, i also had what felt like a million cuts all in my mouth, under my tongue and throat, even drinking water stung. Day 4 and the blisters on my hands and feet could be felt but not seen, i had trouble holding things and walking. I am now on day 5 and feeling alot better altho my hands and feet blisters are now showing and hurt more, im feeling better in myself. I was prescribed penicilin by the doc because they thought i had tonsillitus so i have taking that with ibuprofen. For my throats and the cuts inside i sucked on Strepsils Cool Lozenges, at first they stung but they helped so much iwas able to eat a full meal. Suck on them for a min, remove then after a min do it again, i did this for 5 mins as i cant stand lozenges and it really helped. Has to be the Cool ones (light blue box) I also found calamine lotion to help with the blisters on my face and hands. Didnt think it would do anything on my hands but they were soothed and i could touch then gently with no pain at all. Good luck everyone, I've just passed it to my husband so will test more out on him!

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Doriblue said on 25 October 2013

Tuesday I felt tired and could not get warm, thought it was just a cold. Wednesday my throat flared up so much that I cried everytime i swallowed. Called the doctors as I also had some spot (blisters) appear on my face. Got told it was tonsillitus, very rare to get HF&M in adults. All last night i had to fight myself to not scratch my hands and feet, which are highly sore today. My whole face is filled with blisters, so much so that i have to be careful when i rub my nose. Hardly any dots on my hands at all but they are itchy as i type this, feel like someone has also sliced my mouth with razors. From the comments it doesnt sound so rare to me.

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Jas_77 said on 25 October 2013

This is not a mild disease in adults! I started with the shivers & a few spots on my hands, that night had a fever & sweats. In the morning my throat was so sore that I couldn't even swallow water, my hands & feet were covered in painful spots. Now the spots are so painful that I can't stand & it's difficult to walk, my hands are sore & itchy. I can't hold anything or even bear to wash them as it's so painful! It's day 3 now & my hands and feet are burning with pain! I think I caught it from my 4 month old baby but he only had a few spots on his knuckles & have no idea where he caught it from!

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Paul_F said on 24 October 2013

Well, isn't this a nice disease!

Within 2 days I've gone from nothing, to feet so painful I can't walk or wear anything on them. Hands that are on fire, my tongue feels like it's twice the normal size and is red raw, and the skin under my beard is a weeping mess of sores. Lovely.

My GP prescribed some Fucibet cream, but after 24 hours it's done nothing, and I also bought some Piriton alergy tablets, they're supposed to help with the symptoms, again done nothing.

I now feel like I'm running a temperature, I feel like being sick all the time, and I have the runs.

Taking Nurofen helps with the pain a bit.

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Bev54 said on 19 October 2013

I am 59 years old & suspect I have picked up HFMD 7 days ago from a holiday flight.. 24 hours after the flight, upset stomach, I felt like I was getting a cold, slight sore throat, sneezing etc, horrible tenacious mucous at the back of the throat, upper and lower lips very sore and feels like ulcers are erupting, roof of mouth very sore, tongue very sore, sensitive to hot drinks, coffee tastes foul, feels like when as a child you ate too many sherbet lemons. Headachy, out of sorts, only one itchy spot on foot. I have not gone to the Drs, since if it is HFMD, its supposed to be self limiting, and its supposed to be mild in adults and I don't have the full blown symptoms.
7 days later, I still feel out of sorts, upper and lower lips have only just stopped feeling sore and did not fully erupt. But my tongue is still painful and my gums are still tender. I just keep taking the odd teaspoon of manuka honey. I am on the mend

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Hangarman said on 17 October 2013

Do you know what the incubation period is for HMFD? One of our guys at work has been diagnosed with it and he's been working the past few days with the symptoms.

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User330321 said on 15 October 2013

I'm 54 and have Cystinuria, an incurable kidney disease, this HMFD I must have caught from my grandsons who in turn got it from nursery. The worst thing is there was no way of knowing they had it until it had already been passed to me. I'm already taking the best part of 200 pills a day and am taking ibuprofen as well now as its the only thing that seems to be helping the sore throat, temperature, muscle pain headache etc etc
As others have said, I totally agree that this is not a "mild" infection.....

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Paulo wanchope said on 15 October 2013

Felt compelled to comment on this subject, I'm on day 5 now and am finally getting some progress.

The last few days have been thoroughly miserable to due this " mild " illness.

Began with sore throat and horrendous fever and night sweats, the day later my mouth was filled with painful ulcers on tongue, and gumlines, everywhere basically .

The real fun began later that day when I started to get burning sensations in my hands while driving.
Within hours I had angry red spots all over my hands, so painful I couldn't put my shoes on.

I also developed sore huge spots on my face, in my nose and ears.

The severe burning and itching led me to A and E , desperate for relief, of course I was told nothing can be done .

No sleep for 2 straight nights, a diet of ice cream and ice cubes for 5 straight days , finally easing off but I look like something from a horror film !

All this from my 10 month old daughter who had an angry rash on her bum, and was grizzly for a day or so. It has been doing the rounds at nursery but we were told adults rarely get it and it's nothing to worry about.

Well it certainly hasn't been mild for me, the gp was gobsmacked at the severity of my face sores .

Highly highly unpleasant experience, wouldn't wish this on anyone,

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mariagrace1 said on 17 September 2013

hi there, i have a little girl who is 6 months, she has had extremly similar blisters on her feet since she was 6 weeks old, ive seen two doctors, chemist and a specilist in the hosptial and yet there still to diagnose her! my health visitor told me today to look at hand foot and mouth, she now has these on her hands but not alot! and ive not noticed anything in her mouth, surely she wouldnt of had hand foot and mouth since 6 weeks old, can anyone help me?

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rescue a greyhound said on 06 September 2013

I don't have a clue how I caught this. I'm assuming it is HMFD. My doctor said it was the only thing he could think it was but as I didn't have any mouth ulcers and I was too old (59) he wasn't sure. I started with a really heavy summer cold about three weeks ago so when a week later my smoker's cough turned to a chesty cough I wasn't surprised. I then had a sore throat (very unusual for me) and felt quite hot. Three days later I noticed a couple of itchy spots on the side my right hand and the soles of my feet felt as if they were on fire. By the evening my right palm was covered. The next morning both hands and feet were covered in red, very itchy spots. These have since spread up both arms and legs but no further. The worst crop of spots is on the back and inside of my arms and at the top of my legs.
I agree this is not a mild disease. I'm very lucky I don't have mouth ulcers but coffee tastes foul (sour milk) and when I had a fizzy drink it felt as if my mouth was being scoured. I still have a sore throat but temperature normal and I don't feel ill just not quite right!
My doctor gave me anti-histamines which seem to take the edge off the itchiness.
The top of one of my fingers is numb and the pain when trying to hold anything or do something simple like unlock a door is like having a handful of splinters.
I was not told how contagious this was and just hope I haven't infected anyone else. Just told it would be better if I didn't go to work (which I didn't) - I'm a Support Worker providing personal care.

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crudge666 said on 12 August 2013

'm currently going through my second bout of Hand, Foot, and Mouth.
Our Nursery which our son goes to said there was a case of it going around, and behold! our boy picked it up once again.
Our boy was bad with it for three days, he had 3 large ulcers on this tongue and sores in his mouth, he also came down with a fever, he couldn't eat solids so the only thing he would have was his milk. Let me just say he has handled Hand foot, and Mouth a lot better than me!
No matter how hard I tried not to catch this virus, I still managed to get it!
First came the mouth ulcers not just one but 5 in the first day, second day 5 more and the fever, third day, I lost count!
I also had very small, sores/spots on my hands
I was bed bound over the weekend, couldn't open my mouth, couldn't eat and sleeping was out of the question due to the pain.
The only food i could manage was our 15 months old Ella's baby food (I recommend Banana and blueberry baby rice)
I looked on the NHS web site and they say adults only have mild symptoms of this virus! trust me I wouldn't wish my worst enemy with this virus.
I am concerned that the times I've been to the GP and seen 4 on different occasions that they not convinced that it is Hand Foot, and Mouth, which is alarming as I say my son has been diagnosed with the virus, then 5 days later on my mouth is full of sores and ulcers.
To be fair to the GP's they have gave me a full examination but if they don't see a sores or spots on your feet they don't think its Hand, Foot ,and Mouth, which baffles me.
I can't really recommend anything to ease the pain for the mouth ulcers, I've tried Difflam Spray, corsodyl, co-codamol, paracetamol, and old school hot lemon and honey drinks, none worked.
If anyone does read this and has Hand Foot and Mouth, just hang on in there, the symptoms will ease off but its a long painful journey.

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skittybell said on 11 August 2013

I am in Australia and have been unlucky enough to b a part of a recent out break of hfmd in kilmore vic. My 2 1/2 year old was the first to catch it from either the playground or swimming pool. She was in serious pain with a really high temp and would not sleep at night just woke crying every hour. I took her to the docs the next day as over night she had developed blisters on the outside of her mouth and legs and bottom. Antibiotics where given and swabs where taken as docs didn't know. She suffered for 3 days with very sore throat hardly eating. Results came back from swabs n doc said it was a staph infection along with another type of virus. Even after it had been in local paper that a major hfmd out break was occurring. Then it was my turn. I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and if I hadn't been in so much pain would have gone to hospital! The body aches where excruciating, felt dizzy, sick, headache them the sore throat started. Spent 24 hours in bed. I was lucky enough to not get ulcers in my mouth but the sore throat was bad enough. Woke today with swollen hands and feet that feel like they have prickles all through them, and the tell tale blisters. This is not a mild disease and feel for anyone who has suffered from it. Glad I found this thread as I was thinking it couldn't be hfmd as what we went through was not mild.

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Xtaniaxkx said on 01 August 2013

Horrible virus , started off aching all over thought i had done my back in ! Then began to shiver and had a temp of 38.6 , was up all night hallucinating and slept the whole of the following day as well . Felt slightly better the next day after sleeping for such a long time but began to notice blisters on my hand and later that day a pins and needles sensation in my feet too , killing sore throat unable to swallow that's when I visited my Gp and and was diagnosed , haven't had any blisters I can visibly see in my mouth yet so hope sore throat and blisters on my hand and feet will be all :(

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KBW01 said on 30 July 2013

I would also like to say that HFMD is horrible in adults. I must have caught this from my 16month old who only seemed to suffer from a temperature and few hand spots for a couple of days.
I started off with a sore throat (which was the most painful sore throat I have ever had) which was then followed with tongue blisters which covered the whole of my tongue (I never got the fever and only felt a bit tired but generally felt ok). At the most painful part of the illness I could not even swallow a yoghurt. Eventually on day 7 I got some blisters on my hand which finally allowed the Dr's to diagnose me (too late though as I managed to infect a work colleague or 2 and also my husband)
The sore throat went away after 10 days but the hand and tongue blisters continued for 51/2weeks. There were not as many blisters as at the start of the illness but they were still very painful.
I did return to the Dr's after 5weeks and they did agree that the time period seemed to be lengthy so did do some blood tests to see if I was in good health and fighting the infection.
All websites about the illness state that this is a mild infection in adults and only lasts 10 days however I wanted to point out that this may not be the case!

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Liverbird 2013 said on 27 July 2013

Similar to some people who have posted their experience with HMFD, I have never heard of or came across this disease before. I have picked it up from my 20 months old son. I can just confirm that the throat ache is infernal - in comparison the pain of a tonsillitis seems like a walk in the pain. I get great comfort from all these comments knowing that I am not the only one who experiences unbearable soreness of the throat and moth ulcers. It is day 4 and it does not seem to get any better. I cannot eat and am living on ice water and shakes... the pain is driving me up the wall. I started off using an anaesthetic throat spray from the chemists which helped only a bit to relieve the pain. I have now switched to another one. It does not take the pain away completely but offers significant relief unfortunately for a short time only and can only be used every 3 hours... but at least it gives me a break. In another thread I read that gargling with soluble aspirin helps as well.. I will give it a go. Good luck and speedy recovery to all other HMDF sufferers!!

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Spike1969 said on 26 July 2013

Whoever put in the information that this virus causes mild symptoms has either never had it or has not had the strain that is currently wreaking havoc with my system!!

I am on day 5 of this vile virus and still feel like death warmed up, the nettle like rash on my feet and hands is just about bearable but the pain from the ulcers all over the inside of my mouth and throat is excruciating to say the least, (still got muscular aches as well so not slept properly for nearly 4 days).

Eating anything other than purees, scold soup or ice cream is a non-starter (think swallowing razor wire and you will be somewhere near the sensation); still at least its good for weight loss whether you need to or not :((

Currently looking forward to mouth rinse with benzydamine hydrochloride every 2-3 hours (only 2 more hours to go to my next "fix" lol).

Anyone who contracts this nasty bug has my utmost sympathy, its anything but mild from my (very personal) experience!

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nannyp said on 26 July 2013

I am 59 and caught H,F & M from my grandson who caught it from nursery. He was very ill with it, ending up in A & E after screaming non-stop for hours on end, He could not eat for a week and more worryingly, was unable to drink for several days.

Having been told adults do not get this horrible virus, I nursed him for two days whilst his parents went back to work. 3 days later I started to develop a cough and annoying throat. I have had a couple of dizzy turns and pain in just one hand but, be warned, you do not have to develop the spots to be suffering from this disease. I have only found one (on my hand) so far!

After reading other people's experiences, I think I am getting away with a milder dose. I have a very bad, deep cough and sore throat that feels sore deep down. I have spent two days soaked from sweating attacks and had very bad aches and pains for the first 4 days, like flu as well as hot and cold turns. I am hoping it is on the mend after 6 days but only time will tell.

I have raised 5 children and have never come across this virus before! It is alarming to think it may be possible to get it multiple times!

Thanks to all who have posted comments here. They have really been useful to me as the medical profession seem to be way behind on information about this nasty virus.

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msnell said on 20 July 2013

mild in adults? hmmm I do not agree at all! I would not wish this on any one. I can almost cope with the blisters and mouth ulcers but this sore throat!!!! feels like I am dying :(

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agony said on 06 June 2013

Im from Australia,its 3.30 in the morning,in absolute pain,both feet&hands.my nearly 4yr old son had this 7days ago,its very hard to diagnose,because of discomfort he was in,he didn't want anyone touching him,took us 3 doctors to get correct diagnose,it was thought he may have caught it from mcdonalds playground as only place he has been around children recently.i had a slight fever,then seemed to recover&then 2days later(4days ago),sore joints,legs,hips,lower back,that day,in the afternoon,4pm felt sick,sore throat,naseua,then cold,could not get warm(4hrs),then had severe 12hr fever,temp around 38.5,my son was similar,the fever almost made me delirious like a badcase of food poisoning i once had whilst overseas minus the wonderful bamboo hut&ocean view,both fevers lasted 12hrs& broke with a sweat near end 4am(3 days ago).woke to small pink dots on hands&feet.But felt not bad that whole day a bit of lethargy&loss of appetite,i thought this is normal after fever(read a few sites saying mild conditions in adults, not true)my throat was sorest at this point,thought the worst was over,next day dots worsened,by that afternoon,could hardly walk.Most of my sores are on feet,they have been radiating pain,similar to what others have said,it takes me back to cold winter mornings as a child on an asphalt playground your running&fall,your hands slam down on the ground,you get that jarring,burning sensation,its very much like that.I have to do a
couple of mantras&psych myself before attempting to walk,yes very painful.Lying in bed,felt like i had burns on hands&feet,woke with a blister on my tongue,it soon popped after strepsil,i dont have severe mouth pain but they helped some.Panadol is only good for fever as most have advised,& moderate relief from blisters,the blisters are the worst part for me,i move my feet around,seems to help but once in a position for a while pain will radiate again,Good luck

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mwant29 said on 04 June 2013

I have currently got HF&M and have to back up others who are saying that this is definitely not mild in adults.

Mine started with a scratchy throat Saturday (also noticed I was very tired in the days before it started, felt like I wanted to sleep all the time) then a fever Saturday night.

Sunday I felt like I had full on flu with very bad throat and could hardly get out of bed, Monday a bit better and could get up then spots started on hands. Tuesday (today) went to doctors and got diagnosed as hands are VERY itchy and each spot feels like a splinter. Throat is still very sore and I am still very tired.

Also seem to have spots in my nose and ears and on my feet.

There does seem to be some divergence in symtoms described here and my experience.

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Beetle78 said on 14 May 2013

I have to agree with the comments below - this virus appears to be much worse in adults than the 'mild' conditions described. I contracted it from my 12 month old (who brought it home from daycare). He was grumpy for a couple of days, but over it very quickly. Different story for me.... Started with a fever, shivering and sweating all night and day, accompanied by a worsening sore throat. Day 2 was spent immobile in bed with a severe headache. On day 4, my throat now has huge white blisters which are incredibly painful. Overnight last night I developed a rash and some blisters on my hands and feet. The blisters are extremely itchy, and my hands and feet are becoming more painful by the hour - as below, a pins and needles like sensation - it hurts to put weight on my feet, and to bend my fingers. I saw the doctor this morning, who couldn't really help me, but gave me a formal diagnosis. And it sounds as though many people have had a worse experience than me, so this is definitely not a mild virus in adults!!

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Jeni35 said on 07 May 2013

Am on day 4 of extremely sore throat. Hands were so sore yesterday and couldn't hold much.. Almost pins and needles like.. Had 2 spots on hands yesterday.
Today hands and feet sore, have painful and itchy blisters on feet, both sides of hands, in my nostrils and my throat is covered in abscesses.
Have been to dr this morn and diagnosed with hf&m
This was definitely more mild for my 3 1/2 y/o.

Am feeling better after reading these comments that I'm not by myself as an adult with hf&m - I'm pretty sure I am otherwise healthy and don't have a compromised immune system so I feel that perhaps Wikipedia and sorts should update their data on hf&m.

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lobsterbraingirl said on 03 May 2013

I got a slight sore throat on Monday this week, then on Tuesday developed lots fo mouth ulcers, something I have never had before so this was quite distressing! On Wednesday evening i noticed that my feet were stinging and then found the small red spots/blisters on my feet, mostly on underside of my toes and on balls of my feet, it feels like walking on needles or that you have been stung by stinging nettles. On Thursday having decided I couldnt got to work I noticed that i also had the small spots/blisters on my hands and fingers all round my knees! Oh joy.I have felt exhausted and have only been able to eat liquid food as chewing with ulcers on the side of my tongue has almost brought tears to my eyes. This is no way a mild virus! It is Friday today and my feet are less painful but the blisters are still there. My tongue still hurts pretty bad so considering getting some numbing mouth spray. I have been using mouth wash and bonjela to easy mouth pain plus painkillers so far. I intend to get lots of sleep as I think that will aid faster recovery. My partner has just now found a ulcer so looks like he is next in line for this hideous virus.

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blackheathmum said on 14 April 2013

Apparently HFMD is doing the rounds in London at the moment. I think I caught it from my 11 month old son. Where he got it from I am not sure as he is not at nursery yet. He had much milder systems than I did. The progression of the disease for me was:
Mon - felt generally unwell and sometimes dizzy. Overnight slept badly, had hot and cold flushes and couldn't stop shivering.
Tue - the really sore throat started. I've never had such a sore throat, it felt like I was swallowing razor blades. I couldn't eat anything and even drinking anything was very painful. All I drank all day was lemsips.
Wed - very sore throast continued. Got Ultra Chloraseptic anaesthetic throat spray from the chemists, which helped for a bit after spraying but can only be used every 2 hours. Only drank lemsips all day.
Thu - my throat was less painful today but not much. The red dots appeared on my hands and soles of my feet. There were painful to walk on and to hold things (felt like pins and needles).
Fri - throat continued to improve. Red dots still all over hands and feet. Still painful to walk or hold things.
Sat - started to feel more normal, throat less painful and hands and feet started to heal. My hands had not really blistered but they peeled badly while healing.
I did not get the mouth ulsers - if they are as painful as my throat was then I am very glad!
One of my main problems was that I was due to have a root canal done and the dentist would not see me until more time had lapsed to ensure that I was not contagious. So by the time I was seen by the dentist the infection under the tooth was quite bad and very painful.

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NZ Kiwi said on 05 March 2013

After a hard weekend, I woke on Sunday with a numerous amount of ulcers in my mouth. I just thought because I'd had a big Saturday night, I was a bit rundown.
Felt terrible Monday, but kept up the salt mouthwashes.
Tuesday, went to work, but felt peculiar all day, and sometimes a little dizzy.
Now Weds, I cannot get out of bed, let alone go to work. Have all the symptoms of a cold/sore throat, but also with the mouthful of ulcers. Thought this could be the hand, foot & mouth virus, as I have never had this many ulcers at one time (and if i do ever get one they norm clear in a day or two). Also there have been cases of this virus at my sons preschool recently.
My two year old son had a cold two weeks ago, I am now wondering whether he actually had this strange virus. None of us have had the sore hands/feet though? Hmmmm...

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sputnik said on 14 January 2013

Caught this from my son - he didn't suffer half as much as me! I honestly thought I was dying, I've never felt so ill. Fever, sore throat, severe headache, all-over body ache on the first and second days, then the spots came on the third day. Painful? I could barely walk. Or grip anything. Luckily the spots in my mouth weren't painful, or it would have been 100 times worse.

It's been 8 days now and the spots are still there, but healing up. Most of them didn't blister badly, but each one was painful and itchy - yes, itchy!! Disregard anything that says you won't itch, because you will.

This thing is only mild in that it probably won't kill you, otherwise it's really nasty.

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Mel_T said on 08 January 2013

This is not a mild condition in adults.

I am a 24 year old female living in Australia. I do not have any children and don't have any contact with any children.

On Saturday morning I woke feeling off. I was sweating but had goosebumps, was hot and cold, and just generally feeling crappy. I thought it was just because it had been very hot the previous day and had carried into the night and as a result I had had a restless sleep. I started to feel better after a shower. I also had a sore throat. Later that day I noticed a few spots on my hands. They were itchy but not overly irritating.

Sunday I woke up and had a very sore throat, had more dots, and they were alot more itchy. I decided to go to the doctor to enquire about how contagious it is, as I'm a nurse and due to go back to work on Thursday. The doctor only saw me for 2 minutes, said I had HFMD and said I'd be fine for work on Thursday. He seemed very "blah" about it all.

Monday (yesterday) I woke up in agony. I had painful blisters all over my hands, feet, up my arms. I wasn't able to walk and spent the entire day on the couch.

Tuesday (today) I'm the same, but I have even more blisters everywhere. Now all over my face and occasional ones over my legs. The ones on my feet are so angry looking and I still can't walk. I do have some blisters in my mouth but I'm so thankful that they're not painful as I've read on here - I wouldn't know how to deal with it.

Other symptoms I've had: feeling generally off, diarrhea, on and off fever, sore throat. I haven't suffered from a loss of appetite, but I've never really lost my appetite, and I'm still able to eat fine as the blisters in my mouth aren't painful.

I hope it clears up soon but think it's safe to say I won't be able to go to work this week if I can't even walk.

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kingbazza said on 15 October 2012

my child's school has just sent home a letter saying several of our staff have recently renewed their Paediatric first aid and it was brought to their attention that the following diseases do not require exclusion from school Conjunctivitus ,flu,glandular fever hand foot and mouth disease, head lice, ringworm,slapped cheek disease, Threadworm and tonsilitus . all should be treated surely
but flu can be serious even for adults (temperature,sickness,diareha,and the inability to eat).
hand foot and mouth ,it clearly says that they should be safe to return to school or work once the symptoms have passed, what is the right answer should you send children to school with hand foot and mouth disease,glandular fever
etc plus the letter i think should state all should be treated.

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itchyhands said on 25 September 2012

I left a comment here in June when I had self-diagnosed hfmd. I still have large cracks in six of my fingernails left from the blisters in my nailbeds but apart from that I have recovered.
I have been suffering from shingles for the last four weeks - also a nasty virus. I seem to have a lowered immune system at the moment and wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem. From what I can gather it just looks like bad luck but I'm curious to know if anyone else has had shingles or another nasty virus within a couple of months of having hfmd.

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tracycyres said on 22 September 2012

I have this right now and believe me it isn't mild. Noticed 4 days ago 2 spots on my finger, woke the next day to 10 more spots on my hands and a few on my feet. I also had a sore throat. The day after (2 days ago) I had ulcers in my mouth. I went to the doctors that day who diagnosed HFMD. She gave me difflam spray and hydrocortisone tablets, which sting like mad. She said my 2 year old would have picked it up from nursery and gave it to me. She was poorly last week but just put it down to cold. I'm diabetic, and have just been diagnosed with MS also which makes my immune system virtually non existent. I could cry with the pain in my mouth. It is literally full of huge ulcers. Mouth and tongue :-( I'm utterly miserable. According to the nurse I have it mild!!!! So I really feel for people who have severe HFMD!!

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Welsie said on 12 September 2012

Hi - I think I have HFMD - having never had it before, I'm self diagnosing. I live in Singapore and its quite common here. My mouth feels like I've cleaned my teeth with paint stripper. Its been very sore for about 4 days now. No signs of blisters on hands or feet. I generally feel miserable, tired, stuffy head & headache, no appertite, etc. Eating/drinking hot food is very painful. I do hope I'm wrong after reading the comments above. I'm 59 so this is not something I'm taking lightly.

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Percy1970 said on 29 August 2012

Woke up last Friday (24 August) morning with a slight irritation in throat when swallowing. Throughout Friday, throat became more sore and I felt extremely fatigued. Saturday, woke up with my sorest throat ever combined with fever/sweating.
Sunday, red spots appear on my hands (particularly around wedding ring finger), feet and around the end of my nose.
Saw out of hours locum on Sunday night, who diagnosed viral infection, prescribing penicillin for throat and antihistamine for spots.
Monday, feet felt like they had constant pins and needles, making it very uncomfortable to walk.
Was working Friday-Monday inclusive.
Went to "Minor Accident/Illnesses" unit on Monday afternoon (and ultimately albeit briefly for a second opinion to A&E). Was advised I'd had an allergic reaction, but to take time off work (and take feet out of work boots!) to air feet. No more medication prescribed.
I've not been sick, I've had no loss of appetite, spots do not itch - but having read all before, felt had enough reason to add my experience.
The question of HFM was touched on by locum, but dismissed because of the symptoms I hadn't had.
I guess I've had a milder strain(?)
As of now throat is more/less normal, hands are healing well, nostrils still a little sore - it's my feet, still covered in red spots and blisters.

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Deebree said on 25 August 2012

I was unaware of this disease until today when i went to the ER because of an uncomfortable rash I had pretty much developed over night. After reading others comments I would have to say my symptoms are more on the mild side. I'm in my early 20's and about 3 days ago I was feeling under the weather and assumed I was getting a cold, I was tired and had a slight fever, the next morning i woke up to a soar throat. Later that day at work I noticed a small red spot on my finger and by the end of the day I had two or three more, my feet were sore as well but I assumed this was from working. I woke up this morning to my hands and feet feeling tender and swollen and several more red bumps, my feet being so tender walking is very painful. After googling my symptoms I decided to go to the ER. The doctor told me she was pretty sure this was HFM and that it would go away on its own, she said Its contagious and not to go to work, I called into work and found out someone else is beginning to show symptoms and just the day before I shared my drink with them. So far not much has changed with my condition except I am starting to itch a bit, my spots are not blistering and I am hoping that my illness is not sever enough for them to do that as I need to return to work asap, I don't believe I have any ulcers or blisters in my mouth however I did develop a cold sore on the corner of my lip when my first symptom of fever set in, I'm not sure if that is related or not but cold sores are not something I typically get. What I find confusing is how I contracted this disease I work in a bar and have no contact with children in my personal life.

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Revdchristine said on 24 August 2012

Am on day 6 of HFMD and endorse the severity of symptoms - severe pain in hands and feet, which are smothered with large red blisters, and all finger tips are now thickened and totally numb. Blisters are still emerging and so presumably I shall not be able to return to work (in hospital) for many days yet. Still feel quite unwell and listless. This does not feel mild - is further research called for?

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kelly lakin said on 20 August 2012

My 2 year old is on his 13th episode of HFM, we dread it...poor little mite seems to get a different strain each time. We thought he had kicked the virus 8 months ago, when he was covered from head to foot in it and the doctors said he was building an imunity to the virus....
There is little sympathy or support. Everyone thinks it is related to the cattle disease...and the 10 days off Nursery is harsh, when he feels o.k. in himself and does not understand why he is in confinement very often.
I am keen to get in touch with more mums and Dads who have children with repeated cases as we feel we are alone in this....

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fordy 40 said on 14 July 2012

Think I'm starting again with this horrible illness. I had it at 23 and was ill for about 3 weeks, not being able to eat, and devoid of energy. I can't remember aching all over and having a weak grip in my hands before though. Has anyone else had these symptoms. I'm going to the emergency docs today, as I don't want it taking hold again.

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fordy 40 said on 14 July 2012

Hi folks, hope you're all fully recovered from this nasty virus. I had it when I was 23, and now I feel like i'm starting with it again.
Can someone please confirm that severe aches and pains accompany this illness. Also my hands feel very strange and I'm finding it very difficult to hold and grip things. The side of my tongue is also extremely painful, with a couple of ulcers on it. Thanks folks.

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David1984 said on 13 July 2012

I am a 27 year old Male and have always had a very strong immune system. I believe I am on day 14 of Hand/foot/mouth and still have symptoms. I had a different cold for an entire week before I caught the sore throat. The order of my symptoms: Sore throat for 3 days and on the third day I caught the fever accompanied with aches and pains all over my body. the fever was the sweatiest fever i ever had and lasted all through the night and a little into the next day. That morning is when I noticed some spots on my hands on the palms & in between my fingers. The souls of my feet were very sore and felt as if I had worn sandals all day or something. The spots got worse on hands and feet throughouth the next few days until they were so painful i didn't want to touch anything or walk. They were unbarably itchy but painful if I touched them. Miserable to say the least. I was very tired and fatigued and took many naps. I forced myself back to work (financially) the rash and spots have now turned to white blisters and the skin is falling off leading me to believe I am creating new cells which is a good thing but now I am still experiencing extreme fatigue and the blisters at this rate will take another 7-10 days to dissappear which is frustrating. I have also noticed continual hot flashes through mostly my face but definitely feel hot almost instantly with any sort of physical activity. Even walking sometimes I get the hot flashes. One thing I will mention is that I was consuming a significant amount of alcohol for the past 6 months and quit cold turkey about 3 days before I showed symptoms which I've read can absolutely compromise the immune system. Couple that with having another virus I'm thinking maybe that's why my immune system couldn't fight it off. I have never been this discouraged by any sickness and it's definitely not mild.I have struggled to find any doctors or research that relates to what I am going through. Hope to be rid of it soon.

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DaneeFos said on 10 July 2012

I too am very upset at reading the information on this page. I have definitely not found the symptoms to be mild! I caught this from my 15 month old son who had a few small ulcers on his tongue and was off his food for couple of days.

I on the other hand had large, red blisters on the palms of my hands and fingers which made my hands burn, I then developed some on my feet too. I have a rash on my back and chest and worst of all I have numerous red lesions in my mouth and on my tongue which have yellow middles and are very very painful! I have had this for 6 days now and the lesions are still very painful, I can barely eat and it wakes me at night. I have been given difflam oral rinse which makes me want to cry when I use it but does provide some relief, if somewhat shortlived.
Please look in to this and amend you advice accordingly. My GP said he didnt realise adults could even get it and didnt know what advice to give me and clearly the symptoms are not mild as stated above!

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maggiedo said on 05 July 2012

My son picked this up last week. we are in the lothians area. Difflam throat spray prescribed by doc really helped as it got to the point where he couldn't swallow. Even then he would only drink warm sugary milky water for a few days.

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hellenebright said on 02 July 2012

Adults and adolescents who are suffering from a more severe form of this illness (like me) should check out the Wikipedia entry for it, which has information from Alabama where doctors have identified a new strain, that targets adults and has more severe symptoms. It's not clear from the brief report cited whether it affects younger children so badly. The article needs an update methinks. Its not a mild disease in adults - certainly not in all i- vomiting, diarrhoea, very painful throat, severe fever, and in my case very painful hands, and spots all up my legs as well as on the hands and feet. The nurse I saw certainly did know all about it, and did not tell me it was only a mild disease in adults

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trez74 said on 02 July 2012

Just been diagnosed with HFMD, Not Mild at all!!! Very High temp, aching like flu, shooting pains in legs, stomach cramps, followed next day by the spots which are soo ichy that it sends you insane! The sore throat painfull throat cant swallow!! Cant see anything mild about it!! I caught from my son 18 months who had been really ill previous week three trips to doctors and not diagnosed!! No wonder he was so unhappy!! Just praying now my other child and husband dont get it now!!

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Azmom96 said on 01 July 2012

My kids got this 2 weeks ago. Be advised that if your child is swabbed for strep it will show positive. I found this out because I was told my kids were too old to have HFMD (12 & 16) even tho they had been exposed to it. Granted, the rash had not showed on their bodies, but their throats were a mess. Rash showed up on hands, feet, and around the mouths the next day. My hubby just went into the hospital, found out he had a bad gallbladder and it was removed today.....last night he started getting little red spots on his hands. Today he is covered. Thank goodness it didn't delay his surgery. The hospital staff are the ones who told me a strep swab would show positive with HFMD. Now whenever they go into his room they wear disposable plastic covers over their clothes as well as rubber gloves which must be discarded upon exiting the room. Sign on door marks him as "highly contagious". I'm just hoping I don't show up with symptoms next. Post about GP's being re-educated is right......pediatricians need to be also. My kids Pediatrician acted like I was an idiot for even suggesting it. HFMD - it's not just for babies anymore!

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DavidIsGiant said on 29 June 2012

My child has had this twice in the past 8 weeks. Both times he avoided mouth ulcers. He did get bad blistering on both has hands and feet. Calpol helps. Calamine also helped when he started to rub his hands or feet together.

It comes and goes fairly quickly. I think it is worse than it looks.

I recently got this. It felt like painful pins and needles in my feet when I stood. Gripping and doing things with my hands were very uncomfortable. I also found my hands were itchy. Calamine helped a little. I found myself running my hands under a cold tap fairly frequently. That soothed.

I work at a computer and it affected my productivity because I was distracted by it. I didn't find my symptoms were mild but they were bearable.

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itchyhands said on 20 June 2012

As a recent victim of this hateful virus I feel it's important to add to the growing number of sufferers who feel that an update is required for GPs.
This is most definitely not a mild disease. Extreme fatigue and sore throat followed by a high fever on the first day. On the second a rampant outbreak of psoriasis which had been dormant for many months. On the third day small red pin pricks began to appear on my hands. I went to the GP and was told it was probably psoriasis and was prescribed betnovate cream. That night the pin pricks turned into burning itchy sores which kept me awake and reduced me to tears. The next morning the sores began to appear on my feet - mainly on my heels which made walking extremely uncomfortable. I went back to the GP. Still diagnosed as psoriasis. I am not medically trained but knew that I was dealing with something else completely.
It was only after speaking to a friend who works in a specialist hospital that hfmd was suggested and it was only as a result of reading the comments on this page that I could work out what I had.
Strong painkillers, antihistamine and lots of e45 cream helped and after a week I began to feel human again.
Having read the other comments I now feel fortunate not to have had the mouth ulcers as well!
Is there a new strain of this virus which is spreading and causing such agony?
I too have great sympathy for anyone else who contracts this disease and I hope that all of our comments lead to a greater understanding of the misery it causes.

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charlieB86 said on 19 June 2012

I have caught this off my son, it is more then a sore throat it's like my whole mouth is full of razor blades i think this may be the blisters causing this. i wanted to cry eating mash potato think I will take the advice of another comment on here and dig out the ice cream as even a cup of tea is pain full to drink and this is the only thing I can normally drink when i have a throat infection. and I am not a wimp as I suffer from throat infections and tonsillitis quite a few times a year. blister are ok just not that nice to look at.

my son had a couple of days of being very tired then one day of really bad ear pain once the spots came out he was much better still a bit grumpy but I can't blame him for that.

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Johnsie said on 19 June 2012

This experience is about as mild as a Siberian winter. A very sudden onslaught of furious sweating and fever coupled with a sore throat from the dark ages engulfed me within a matter of hours. My kidneys also ached like I had been on a five month bender. Went to a GP "tonsillitis" have some antibiotics. Next day I am still sweating out a hideously high fever and cussing having to swallow due to the ring of fire that is my throat.  The following day I wake with spots around my mouth like an acne ridden teenager, brilliant how to hit someone when they are down.  As the day develops so do the charming spots.  My hands are on fire as these mini volcanoes appear. Excruciatingly itchy not remotely "mild"! A chicken korma is mild! Then I notice they are spreading onto my forehead.  Great I must be allergic to the antibiotics (self diagnosis knowing I am going back to the dr the next morning). So I have tonsillitis, I can't take my medication and I look offensive to any poor unsuspecting person in the street. The only thing that makes me smile is thinking what they would think if they saw my hands!
Next day my GP says it is not a reaction to the antibiotics but I have a different infection and to take some other antibiotics. I then get a third opinion and immediately they diagnose me with foot and mouth. I had to laugh, this virus needs renaming, my mates are going to go to town on me!  I am now day four into this brute.  The itching has subsided on my hands but thankfully started on my feet which is thoroughly  awesome! My face is still repellent, my tongue is still swollen.  Basically I am itching my feet, look disgusting, have rabid hands and sound weird because of my tongue. People will probably believe me when I say I have hand "foot and mouth", that's if they understand me! So whoever used the term "mild" should come over here, take some of this and reassess his prose.

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bigdude said on 19 June 2012

let me just start out by saying arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh, i caught this from my young brother who screamed for 3 nights and we couldnt figure oute why, now i know, i started a few days ago with fever, then a sudden loss of appetite, then when i was feeling hungry i had unbelieveably sharp throat pain and the folowing morning the red spots started, i tell u if my doctor shruggs me off ill sit there til i pass him it. i can hardly walk i can hardly move my fingers and as for typing ths post ive only got 3 fingers that havnt got spot under the nails, i feel like ive rolled round on the nettles, im 28 and aint no whimp and i tried to dismiss, ive been round child carers for years and have never had nor heard of hf&m before

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User687008 said on 16 June 2012

Yes, the "mild in adults" description doesn't
really fit with the discomfort I'm going through either. The sore throat is like nothing I've ever endured before, swallowing ice cream is the only thing that is half endurable. I had a bacon sandwich earlier which was about as much fun as eating a razor wire and bramble salad. Only 2 days in and hoping that the tingles on my feet don't all turn into the blisters that are starting to develop on my hands. And in addition ive got weeping sores round my mouth and scabs all over my head.

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kelliott28 said on 14 June 2012

As a dad who got this not so nice junk. I would definately say that it i not a mild strain. I had a temperature for the first few days then as that died down the red bumps on my hands and feet and in my mouth and lips started. The nausea started with the diarrhea and the last two days have been hell. The bottom of my feet are now covered in blisters from this junk and feel like i am walking on fire. I slept basically the whole day the first day I had it due to the itching so I took bennadryl to help with that and it knocked me out. Whoever says this is mild obviously has not had this before. I would not wish this on anyone this is very painful. My feet are the worst every spot that i apply pressure to when i step is a solid red blister that is painful beyond words. I have tried pain meds and get a few hours of relief but not much. I have a very high pain tolerance but this is even stretching it as to what I can take.

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Notorious Bob said on 14 May 2012

If this disease is "mild in adults" I'd hate to imagine anything that is "acute"!! As a 46 yr old who's never had chickenpox I think I'd rather have that! I'm into day 4 now and the blisters on my feet are excruciatingly painful. I look like something out of a zombie horror movie. Also have a lot of blisters on my bum, the back of my head on my scalp, the back of my throat and little pin prick blisters on my hands which hurt more than they itch.

But it's my feet that are the worst. I can hardly walk and putting any pressure on them, like resting them on the floor or each other, causes a mounting wave of pain. Seriously, I'd rather have chickenpox.

Amazingly enough the doctor had me drive to the hospital for a diagnosis and then the doctor there basically couldnt care less. Basically if youre unlucky enough to get this you're pretty much on your own.

Looking forward to being able to walk again without the intense pain!

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julesie14 said on 29 February 2012

My 4yo son had a mystery virus 2 weeks ago with a high fever, very sore throat and a rash on his stomach. A&E discounted meningitus (phew!), doctor thought it might be shingles but he got beter within 48 hours so we never really knew..
A week later I had a seriously painful throat and husky/lost voice and was very tired all week but carried on working. At the weekend I was really fatigued and had a fever, sweats, chronic back pain and a headache. I also had acough and a really bad sore throat - but a different kind of throat pain to the previous week. Monday I went to work feeling low and clammy, Tuesday I felt a lot better in myself but developed a swollen mouth/ulcers on lips.Tues eve nticed tingling in hands and feet was developing into little red spots which feel like I'm walking on stinging nettles, not nice!
Have taken the day off today on account of feeling clammy and contagious now that I realise what I have got. I spoke to my doctor who suggested it wasnt serious although I may get some joint pain and there was no need to stay off work unless you are feeling unwell. He said that most adults would have had this when they were little but all my friends and family say they havent really heard of it before and dont think thatthey have had it?!
I would definitely agree that this is a nasty bug and not mild in my experiance!

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teks said on 09 February 2012

I am helpless, my 15 yrs old daughter, she suffer this virus just this week, i feel so bad looking at her foot, and hands. my question what is lookalike when these blisters gets better, is there a cream to cure? thank you

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Puggers39 said on 27 January 2012

I have just recovered from HFM. It was far from a painless rash! You could feel the pain before the spot appeared which then became a small red pimple. This then grew into a fluid filled blister - the largest one about 5mm in diameter. The ones on my hands filled with blood and plasma and the ones on the feet with a yellow fluid. The GP game me steriod cream and said to take painkillers. I could not wear shoes or bend my fingers for 3 days. The worst part was the blisters at the back of the throat! I hope I never have this again. My husband had almost none of the same symptoms but apparently if you are prone to excema then you have a much worse experience than others. I have no idea where we got this from as neither of our children had it but I wonder if they transfered it to us.

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jknigh said on 05 January 2012

I have Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, and I am 7 mos pregnant. I agree with the previous posters who stated that it is not mild in adults. The blisters on my hands and feet are incredibly painful, but did not seem to bother my 2 yr old daughter who I caught it from. I have found no relief other than constant icepacks on my hands and feet. I feel that the adult version is in fact more severe, and more painful. I have not found any topical agent that stops the pain.

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ADunsire said on 03 January 2012

I had my almost 2 year old grandson with me at Christmas. At first we thought he might have chicken pox but he seemed to be bothered mainly by what we thought was just an ulcer on his tongue. My daughter said he had been around a couple of children in Inverness who had hand, foot and mouth but we didn't think that was what it was. How wrong we were! He's fine but I now have it and feel dreadful. I've had uncontrollable shivering and night sweats and now have blisters on my hands and ulcers in my mouth. Also have the runs and no appetite and tiredness. I also have a cough which has returned but I don't think this is connected. Thankfully only a few blisters on my feet. If this is mild I'd hate to have the severe form. Due to return to work tomorrow so waiting on NHS 24 to advise me if it is okay to do so.

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mdwright1032 said on 31 December 2011

I am a 32 year old male who had some family over for xmas. My sister in-law works at a daycare and apparently got the virus from irresponsible parents sending their kids to the daycare ill. She didn't know at the time but she spread it onto several family members including me.

I had a bad fever with horrible chills a couple of days after xmas. Fatigue, appetite loss, just feeling sick all followed. I woke up yesterday, with itchy hands and soreness in my feet. As the day progressed, I started getting red spots on my hands and they ached when I used them. The bumps turned into blisters by that night and now I have missed 2 days of work this week with no signs of improvement.

This is nasty and would not wish it on my worst enemy. This may be a new strand because this is not "mild."

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dookie said on 31 December 2011

I am currently suffering from HF&M, started with really bad fever and rigors 3 days ago. 2 days ago thought i had tonsillitis as i had sore throat and pus on tonsils - off to doctors for penicillin... got home and found red spots on my hands, felt like little burns or nettle stings. Yesterday checked my throat again and ive got little red spots across the roof of my mouth, ulcers in front of my tonsils, and sore along the sides of my tongue. Hands are still coming out in new spots with are both itchy and painful. Nothing really on the feet, just a small patch of redness. My daughter had a couple of blisters on her fingers, but shes started crawling so not sure if thats all connected. I agree that this is NOT the mildest of viruses for adults, guess it just hits some harder, im taking regular analgesia, anti-histamines, and using difflam spray on my throat and it still hurts like hell!!!

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HKDK said on 29 December 2011

My 2 year old daughter caught this in March and had a few difficult days but recovered well within a couple of weeks. She had spots on hands, feet, legs and nappy area and in and around mouth.I was about 4 months pregnant at the time and did not catch it.

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mal48 said on 16 December 2011

I am 63years old and caught HFMD from my 4year old grand daughter.It is anything but mild and I have never felt so ill in a long time.The blisters on my hands, feet and Knees I could cope with , but the vomitting and excrutiating adominal pain was hard to bear as were the blisters under my dentures I am now into about day 10 and it is the first day out of bed in the last 5.
I had never heard of HFMD until this last few days but I believe from my daughter it is rife in the primary schools in the Isle of Man where I live..

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princessofdarkness said on 15 December 2011

i currently have two children with this a three year old and a two year old. One has it in her mouth slightly but doesn't seem to bother her other tha saying once that it was sore. She has had it for three days now. One just started today and seems fine also. Apparently a few people have had it at Nursery so it has been passed about there. I have two more children who do not yet have it one is just eleven weeks old, i hope he doesn't get the mouth ulcers and stop taking feeds.

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Chris2725 said on 10 December 2011

My 12 month old boy had this and within 3 days I started to get a feeling like pins and needles in my hands. Within a few hours I noticed spots and blisters forming and can only describe the feeling as like grabbing a load of stinging nettles. Got mouth ulcers too and feeling very tired. I am 32 and have to say the symptoms are not nice... adults do feel it!! Thinking perhaps a new strain too....

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shayboch said on 05 December 2011

Both of my children (2 and 1) had this and although they found the blisters a little sore they seemed generally ok in themselves. My eldest struggled a little with the mouth ulcers but within a day or two she was much better and both of their blisters/ulcers healed up reasonably quickly.

Unfortunately I also caught HFMD and definintely do not agree with the statement that it is "mild in adults." I am on Day 6 (since visible symptoms started showing, ulcers + blisters) and I feel very weak and tired (from the lack of food). The blisters have been itchy and uncomfortable but the main issue I've found with this Disease is the mouth ulcers that, literally, covered one side of my tongue. My tongue became swollen and I've been unable to talk properly or eat/drink for days. The ulcers are incredibly sore and very painful and I can't wait for them to heal. For those suffering with the same I've found mouthwash very useful, stings a little but definitely helps.

Maybe it would be worth adjusting the information on this page as, the majority of adults I know who have had HFMD, describe is as very far from mild. It is incredibly painful and, I'm not ashamed to admit, has had me in tears over the excruciating mouth ulcers and I cannot to get over this.

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sharewatcher said on 05 December 2011

Seems that this virus has now reached Scotland (Dunfermline and Mid Calder) as my grandsons have now contracted it.

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bigbroon said on 03 December 2011

My nephew has just been diagnosed with this. I had surgery on tuesday and have wounds from the stitches etc. One wound has been weeping but been getting cleaned. Will this mean I am more at risk to catching this from him. It is doing the rounds at the local nursery but they haven't been telling the parents, the parents have been telling each other. As it is so contagious should the nursery not be advising parents so they can keep an eye on their kids.

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nicola4nick said on 02 December 2011

i have two children so far with hand foot and mouth and its not nice they should let ppl no if anyone in the schools have it so u no

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aibie said on 28 November 2011

Gosh, I'm 28, an adult and I can tell, it's not a mild illness at all, I've had it now for about 4 days and although I am lucky enuf,(fingers crossed) not to have sores develop on my mouth, it still feels horrible, I have blisters in my palms and then some scattered itchy ones around my arms from my shoulders to my elbows which makes my life hell..horrendous..I am drained of energy and feel tired all the time. so yeah this is not mild in any way.

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adb1 said on 24 November 2011

Present outbreak of this condition in children in Argyll and Bute Scotland

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PsyCop said on 16 November 2011

Not mild or short lasting from my experience.

I am 34, and was told yesterday that i had this condition after two weeks of a variable, unpredictable pin prick rash on arms and face, with worst rash now emerging on hands and feet, high temperature, headache, although no mouth ulcers.

I work in mental health and community care, and do not come into contact with children, so unsure as to where i may have picked this up..

Now been prescribed antibiotics four times a day, and told to return to doctor in a week.

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RockThunder said on 11 November 2011

My 14month son, has got this and luckily I have got this as well.

My local nursery and doctor have not seen so many cases of this come up, it has never been so prevalent. I wonder if this could be a new strain perhaps?

It does take it out of you and you do get cold/flu symptoms for about a week or so. All the kids + parents in our nct group have had it and generally it seems like they have felt rubbish for a long time.

In my son has got the blisters/spots on his hands feet, mouth legs and bottom. They dribble loads as well. They are generally irritable, lots of snot and a bad cough, trouble sleeping at night. With a low grade temperature. Calpol does help but not much.

My nursery did not have an exclusion policy for this, so he probably picked it up there. There is a hell of a lot of it doing the rounds at the moment.

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RockThunder said on 11 November 2011

My 14month son, has got this and luckily I have got this as well.

My local nursery and doctor have not seen so many cases of this come up, it has never been so prevalent. I wonder if this could be a new strain perhaps?

It does take it out of you and you do get cold/flu symptoms for about a week or so. All the kids + parents in our nct group have had it and generally it seems like they have felt rubbish for a long time.

In my son has got the blisters/spots on his hands feet, mouth legs and bottom. They dribble loads as well. They are generally irritable, lots of snot and a bad cough, trouble sleeping at night. With a low grade temperature. Calpol does help but not much.

My nursery did not have an exclusion policy for this, so he probably picked it up there. There is a hell of a lot of it doing the rounds at the moment.

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MyOpinion said on 10 November 2011

Not mild in adults in my experience. Started with flu-like symptoms then came the spots and mouth ulcers. Difficulty talking and eating for a day or two. Non-stop headache and sweaty fever. Over a week later and I still feel very tired and unwell.

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MyOpinion said on 09 November 2011

Not mild or short lasting from our experience. My 18 month old is still not eating normally after 2 weeks. He was very poorly with high fever and lots of spots around the nappy area. I now also have this illness which began 12 days ago with flu-like symptoms. Ulcers and spots appeared almost a week later and I still feel rough although ulcers and spots now subsiding (thank god!). I think there must be different strains of this virus and the one we have is quite nasty. Will these comments be considered when this page is reviewed?

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Saty said on 08 November 2011

My 2 year old daughter contracted this horrible virus which started out as a cold, cough then turned into a fever, the next day I found her waking up drooling over her pillow and she was still drooling when she got up. Her mouth looked as if she had stuffed something in it, when I looked inside her mouth it was full of ulcers inside her lip, all around her mouth and under her tongue. It got worse the next day, she couldn't swallow as her tongue was so swollen, she was gathering saliva under her tongue and drooling. I've never seen anything like this. Its definitely not mild she really is suffering. I can't imagine getting this as an adult. I have a 3 month old baby who has also got a cold I'm hoping he hasn't caught the virus. I wouldn't wish this dreadful disease on anyone.

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MyOpinion said on 08 November 2011

This is not a mild or short lasting illness in adults. My flu-like symptoms began around 10 days ago. 5 days later the mouth ulcers began and soon after that the little red spots appeared on my hands and feet. The mouth ulcers and spots are just now begining to disappear but I am still feeling tired, achy and generally unwell. Medical professionals do not seem to agree on when and for how long the disease remains contagious.
The information contained on this page does not reflect my experience of HFMD and should be reviewed and updated.

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Sarah L Davies said on 05 November 2011

Mild in adults, I think not. Been able to leave my flat for 3 days as I am unable to put any shoes on due to servere sores. Thought I had a cold until the second day I felt unwell and noticed the first of many sore spots before I went to bed , by the morning I could hardly walk. Even rest is hard as any pressure from bedding is unbearable.

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alidmun said on 05 November 2011

I have HF&M right now, and like others would say it has not been mild because I am an adult. Although I haven't got bad symptoms on my hands and feet, my mouth is a different matter. I have a cluster of ulcers on the side of my tongue covered by a huge blister, and it has become infected so I am on anti-biotics. The pain is awful, I wasn't able to talk for 3 days and can't eat. So feeling hungry as well as in pain. My 5 year old daughter also has it, and while has been unwell and had a high fever, her symptoms have not been as bad. I would not wish this on anyone.

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gussooooo said on 27 October 2011

my son is 19 months old and he had this...i noticed spots on hands and feet (palms) and i looked it up and found out it was HFMD, so straight away i kept him back from nursery, and i kept him away from the groups we go to, so not to spread it! (thats the most important thing here! keep your children at home! its so annoying when you keep your child back but others dont bother and thats wen you guys will get it too! ) he had small red spots, loss of apetite, spots on tongue, and around mouth and around bum, no fever but thats all really, i made sure i changed bedding straight away bathed him every night and washed hands regularly in day, to keep him clean, and so it doensnt spread to me or others, as i will be useless if i get ill! i wont be able to look after him properly if im il, so keep your little monsters clean while they have the virus!
also the virus stays in his poop for up to 5 weeks after, so to make sure you and other dont catch it, thoroughly wash your hands afterwards, and him!!!

so my son did not have a bad time with it at all really, the spots did not turn into horrid blisters which weep, they just sort of cleared up, and he was ok, and we did not catch it luckily! thought it let you know as most people only write the bad stuff.....so its not that bad guys, i guess it sepends on your immune system?????????????

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michael at bovey said on 24 October 2011

I caught it from my grandson: it took four days to incubate and began as a low grade fever, which has continued since then (now 8 days) accompanied by a background headache. After twelve hours the mouth ulcers appeared (they responded to Dentinox) and lasted four days. The blisters appeared on the third day, only a few, mainly on one hand and on feet but also ear lobe. But by day four I was finding that my skin was becoming increasingly sensitive. It felt as though my thighs, chest, back and scalp had been rubbed over with sandpaper - inside of chest as well as outside. Sore neck, loss of appetite and general lack of energy added to the joy. It feels as if it might be beginning to subside now, but this is a nasty little beast with new tricks up its sleeve.

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Kel_Belle said on 23 October 2011

Milder in adults?! I think not! I'm on day 3 of this living hell, by far the worst virus I have ever had the misfortune of catching. Started with a really bad sore throat about a week ago which promptly turned into a cold. Over the worst of that then I noticed I had what felt like paper cuts on my hands, thought no more of it till tiny red bumps appeared under my skin along my fingers palms and wrists. Went to he doctor immediately fearing shingles which I know now it surely is not! He diagnosed HMD.
So here I am now, wanting to vomit, itching and in a hell of a lot of pain. The rash spread up one arm, its on my feet and one ear, ulcers in my mouth come and go. The tiny red bumps on my fingers and palms have turned into about 20 rather large and painful blisters under my skin which is really sore to touch and splitting, also fingers have swollen so struggling to bend!
Ice packs will help the itching and tea tree oil has helped slightly with dryness but other than that there aint a lot of help regards this.
I hope that I never experience this again as its debilitating and rather frustrating!
Wish me luck! x

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Maevejb said on 22 October 2011

My 1 yr old son got this from nursery, though was undiagnosed for several days. Lots of painful blisters on his bum and round his mouth especially. Bit off form but still managed to eat and drink. 'milder in adults'... I have now got hand, foot and mouth and can honestly say I haven't felt as poorly for a long time. Can't sleep as it is so uncomfortable swallowing. The ulcers at the back of my throat are very sore and I'm struggling to eat much. Tingling in my finger tips and more spots appearing on my hands. I definitely think it's been more severe in me than in my son.

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samantha_j90 said on 09 September 2011

Shocked this says milder in adults. My boyfriend had this for 3 days, he was originally taken to a and e because they thought it was meningitis! thank god it wasnt! they then said they didnt know and it was 'random', told us to buy some itch cream and it'll be fine. after 2 nights of no sleep whatsoever, we rang the emergency doctor slightly worried. he had the red blotches all over his hands and feet, itching so bad he couldnt do anything, we had to keep his hands wet. He had like a massive coldsaw on his mouth nose and forehead, in his scalp and were starting to 'weep'. Thankfully the gp new what it was straight away but said he hadnt seen it in adults and because the hospital had told us it was nothing to worry about, the blisters on his chin had popped and infected the area causing Impetigo! He was prescribed antibiotics and cream for the itching and have seen a significant improvment within 4 hours! i agree there should be more information on the net and it should be made clear its deffinitley not milder in adults.

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tmathew said on 31 August 2011

I am a 34 yr old Father of 2 young kids, 4yrs and 18 mos old. They both had a low grade fever but then began to develop rashes. We took the kids to our Pedi just last Saturday and both of my kids were diagnosed with HFMD. They had the common symptoms, blisters on mouth, nose, arms, hands, legs and sore throat.

That night I started with a fever, body aches, chills. Through the course of the next 2-3 days I began to have small red rashes in the common areas such as hands, finger tips (which feel like pins), very bad sore throat and then a lot more in uncommon places like my scalp, chest , ears, few on my legs.

I have not gone to the Dr yet to get diagnosed because I'm leaning towards it being the same thing my children got, but have not had the fever for a couple of days but it seems like I wake up with new rashes. Definitely not mild for adults and agree that more studies on adults is needed because no where on the net could I find any case studies similar to mines.

Kids are eating better and rashes are drying up. Waiting for mine to recede...

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Alliejohno said on 15 August 2011

my 11 month old son had a few blisters on th outside of his bottom lip for 2 days which we just thought was a sore lip as he had been teething and dribbling lots and shoving his hands in his mouth all th time. He had no other symptoms and was fine otherwise. Then he got a rash on his bum and around his nappy on his legs and back. I thought this was just a teething rash and it kept goin away with sudacrem. Then I noticed a few tiny blisters on his hands and feet and more rash on his legs. It was confirmed Hand foot and mouth disease. He has been eatin, drinking and playing etc as usual.
U must realise that th people who hav commented on here are only the more severe cases. I think there are more mild than serious cases but people dont comment on these. My sister in law had it bad so I am aware it's not nice.

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LucyAV said on 05 August 2011

My 2 year old son was very poorly with hand foot and mouth in March this year – fever followed by blisters all over his hands and feet, to the extent that some of his finger and toe nails fell off a few weeks later (fortunately they have grown back). I contracted this from him and contrary to the suggestion that this is a mild illness, it is one of the worst I’ve ever suffered from. Terrible fever, dreadful sore throat, followed by blisters all over my hands and feet that felt like I had pins being stuck in them day and night, making it very difficult to sleep and walk. Thankfully I didn’t get them in my mouth. At the time I was 10 weeks pregnant. I suffered a miscarriage a week later which I am sure was due to this illness – having had a miscarriage before I was looking for signs that the pregnancy was not progressing properly, and everything had been fine until then. Five months later my son now has hand foot and mouth again. I am 7 weeks pregnant and hoping to god that I don’t get it again too. More research needs to be done into this illness, particularly on its effects on pregnant women in the first trimester. Given that the fact I had this illness has not been recorded on my medical record, I wonder how previous research can show that the link with miscarriage is rare. Anecdotally I have heard of another case…

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Mom2Be_Houston said on 05 August 2011

To mom in Houston,

I also have similar symptoms to the ones you described. My bumps and blisters are very itchy and painful and also occur in my nose and scalp. I also live in Houston and had to go to two doctor's before I got this diagnosis. Benadryl and Tylenol do very little to help, although I have found some relief from Claritin which allows me to sleep a few hours but not much. I am 12 weeks pregnant also but I think I got the virus from my niece who I believe was misdiagnosed now that I know the signs of hfmd.

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mom_in_houston said on 29 July 2011

This is not a mild childhood ilness!! The intensity of the virus for my 2 yr old was very strong. He had blisters on almost every part of his body. He was extreamly uncomfortable and clearly in pain. He was prescribed tylenol with codeine for the pain in his throat and from the blisters on his skin. I have been reading alot on the virus and have not come across anything that describes a few of my symptoms. I developed blisters on and in my nose pretty quickly(after the initial sore throat, malaise and low grade fever). The blisters seep and create a crust that crumbles and falls off as it dries, leaving it to continue the process all over again. It is extreamly irritating and painful. I have also experienced blisters on my scalp, that have the same process. Along with the blisters on my hands and feet and continued sore throat, I am not in good shape. This is a nasty virus that apparently is diffrent for each person. My childrens pediatrician is gettting about 4 cases of this a day for the last 3 weeks. I am amazed that there has been no warning by the media on how contagious this is and how during the incubation peroid of about three days, there are no symptoms and you can infect or be infected. I have sympathy for whomever gets this horrible virus and pray that we(myself and 2 sons) get better soon.

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babybanks3 said on 19 July 2011

Hi Im 34 weeks pregnant and just discovered my 6year old has Hand Foot and Mouth - phoned my midwife who has asked me to come and have a blood test so they can test for immunity as apparntly it can carry risks - does anyone know what these risks may be? Im a little worried!

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ck1kattn said on 16 June 2011

I got HFMD from my 4 year old daughter, she had symptoms very mild and they even diagnosed her as having chickenpox at first until i went back with my husband, both of us were showing signs of blisters on our hands and feet, also we had a terrible soare throat. This has been an extremly painful illness i am still on my 3rd day and am covered in red spots i cant eat and my hands feel like i have needles in them, I also suffer with psoriorsis and this has broken out along with the blisters and I am in so much pain, I would not say that this is a mild illness!!

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Dijane said on 03 June 2011

I have had this now for a week. My hands are so painful - it feels like I have hundreds of splinters in my palms. Hot water really hurts, but running hands under a cold tap does help a bit. I am just so thankful I don't have all the ulcers that so many other people on here have. Although my doctor said I probably got it from my grandchildren, they don't have any spots or blisters - so where did it come from?

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warge said on 30 May 2011

I have been diagnosed with this by an A & E doctor, who seemed to think that I had been in contact with farm animals! It is not the mild illness that all the websites but they are most definitely wrong it is very wrong!

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whelan123 said on 13 April 2011

I have been suffering with a cough and sore throat for the last week. I went to the doctor, but I didn't get to see my usual GP.. So I was just given some antibiotics to help clear this. But today I have noticed a type of cold sore on the outside of my lip. I have also had loss of appetite and general sick feeling.. Could somebody have been a carrier of it and passed it on, as my sister works in a crèche and some children have got it..

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Chrissie13 said on 13 April 2011

I think I have picked this up too...I am a Beauty Therapist and I thought I had picked up warts after getting the odd blister on my palm...
However it didn't seem to resemble a normal wart or anything i had seen before.
Having read this I am sure I have HFMD. I have chronic mouth ulcers and have had headaches, sore throat, nausea and generalflu-like symptoms for nearly 3 week. I have 2 young children who so far are free from symptoms. Its is definately not mild in adults and is lasting much longer than suggested...Fingers crossed it is on the way out!

PS: Salt and Bicarb of Soda in cooled boiled water appears to help to draw any puss out of the mouth ulcers.... I googled a dentistry advice page and thats what theysuggest as ulcers can become infected by foods etc...

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little friend said on 11 April 2011

I have caught this from my 3 year old cousin. Ignore what is said about it being milder in adults. I am in so much pain i can hardly eat anything due to the blisters in my mouth. I cant wear any other foot wear other than flip flops. My doctor has told me it is the worst case he has seem for a long time. I would definately reccomend anti histamine tablets and creams for the rash it seems to calm it down and running your hands and feet under a cold shower.

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HannahArrowsmith said on 25 March 2011

This is the 4th time I have had this virus in 5 years - I am 30!!

Its extremely painful (and its meant to be mild in adults), my fingers feel like they have needles sticking in them and along with the huge cold sore I have on my face it is making me feel really miserable. I have found that pirton have helped with the itching and tea tree cream have helped with the blisters on my hands and feet - but I haven't been able to eat anything for 2 days. Best thing is to keep cool and drink plenty and speak to your Doctor about anti-viral meds.

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oxfordbloke said on 13 March 2011

I have struggled with mouth ulcers before but never had anything like this- needed prescribed pain killers to swallow. Paracetamol would only give slight relief for an hour. You need to identify foods that don't sting- found Complan energy shakes great that can be made up with water. Ones that need to be made up with milk are too painful to drink so avoid.

I was told that I had chicken pox by a doctor even though I've had it before. You need to be aware that it is very hard for doctors to distinguish skin complaints like chicken pox and hand foot and mouth (as a GP friend told us). Turned out I had hand foot and mouth. In hind sight I can see that the sore throat was a clue, the spots were not itchy on my skin and they did not blister like with pox.

Sit it out- 7 to 10 days seems about right as a duration of symptoms from my experience

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morgan28 said on 02 February 2011

Can't believe it says it's milder in adults, the only time I have ever been signed off work was when I caught this, I was off for nearly 3 weeks. I have never felt so miserable, my mouth was literally covered from the inside of my lips, tongue and round the entire gumlin with ulcers (I can't stress enough how painful they are), fever and nausea the whole lot.

Salt water rinse and a numbing throat spray (both of which sting intensly at first) helped along with regular paracetamol and good old rest (and Jelly). For some reason a year later, I'm still prone to a sensitive mouth and get more mouth ulcers than before - not sure if that's a hangover of the original virus?

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morgan28 said on 02 February 2011

Can't believe it says it's milder in adults, the only time I have ever been signed off work was when I caught this, I was off for nearly 3 weeks. I have never felt so miserable, my mouth was literally covered from the inside of my lips, tongue and round the entire gumlin with ulcers (I can't stress enough how painful they are), fever and nausea the whole lot.

Salt water rinse and a numbing throat spray (both of which sting intensly at first) helped along with regular paracetamol and good old rest (and Jelly). For some reason a year later, I'm still prone to a sensitive mouth and get more mouth ulcers than before - not sure if that's a hangover of the original virus?

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Lullabelle said on 29 November 2010

My 14 month old daughter picked this up at toddlers and I found it difficult to get a diagnosis. She had had a bit of an unsettled weekend, struggling to sleep and just not quite herself but no fever. She then developed a big sore on her chin and lots of spots on her elbows, knees and bottom. I took her to the nurse who diagnosed her with impetigo on the chin and flea bites elsewhere. This was absolute rubbish as the next nurse pointed out you only get a few flea bites not loads. This nurse then agreed about the impetigo and diagnosed chicken pox. By now the spots were really angry looking and had spread over her hands and feet as well as all over her legs and arms. I eventually got a third opinion who diagnosed HFM. This made so much more sense as the HFM spots are not itchy and she wasn't scratching and she didn't have any on her body or back. I then found out that impetigo cream can scar if the sufferer doesn't have impetigo so I immediately stopped using this. The only plus side was that my daughter didn't seem to develop the spots in her mouth and never lost her appetite.

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Hunnipot said on 01 November 2010

The first real signs of this was a small looking spot on my hand, then within 24 hours a lot more on both hands, and then 12 hours later on my feet, and continued to spread on my hands and feet. Then I got 5 mouth ulcers. I already had a sore throat, but have had one for a month now, so didn't think much of it. Prior to all of this, I couldn't get warm, so knew I was coming down with something. Unpleasant as it hurts to walk and do simple things like wring a wet flannel. Might have caught it from my kids, but if they had it, it was different to how I have had it. They have had fevers and spots on legs, but not on hands, feet and mouth. Just hope I haven't given it to anyone else as it took me 5 days to figure out it wasn't an allergic reaction unfortunately.

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Rich on the Hill said on 10 October 2010

I picked this up from my 20 month year old nephew and it has been really unpleasant - especially the first three days. My first symptoms were a few days of queayness, then I experienced rapid breathing and later developed fever and headache. Next the burning sore throat developed which I now know was the ulcers, these also developed down the length of my tongue and along the top and botom of the jaw. Very painful and difficult to swallow. Salt water gargling and paracetamol provide a ittle relief as does mouthwash and bonjela - but very difficult to sleep. After a day of the sore throat the spots on the hamds and feet developed also some around the mouth. The fever has passed now - so my mind and energy levels are OK but the pain from the ulcers is set to remain for a fwe days yet. Sympathies and good luck to others struck down with this!

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Sbag20 said on 11 September 2010

My mates son had the symptoms & at first we didn't know what it was but when she had him checked out they confirmed it was hand, foot & mouth disease. I have never heard about this apart from the animal version but since last night I developed a mouth ulcer thinking it was just an ordinary ulcer I just put sum Vaseline on it & today it has shrunken in size..I then developed a blister on my thumb this morning and while out shopping I noticed more little blisters appear on my other hand, but these blisters are not noticeable thank goodness! But the ones on the tips of my fingers hurt when I go to type on my computer or mobile or even write!
Dr. Confirmed it as head,foot& mouth & told me & my friend who suddenly developed blisters too in her mouth & on her hands this morning surprisingly, to just confine ourselves at home & get some rest & drink plenty fluids. & that people we have come into contact with might have the risk of having the infection themselves which worries me as my whole family might get infected too! Funny how the dr. Spoke so fast like wanted us out quickly..maybe didn't want to get infected too hahaha..
I say drink more fluids/water & get some rest & try not to get into close contact with other people!...
Hoping this goes in 7days don't want to be stuck indoors for that long! :(

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rcmang said on 16 August 2010

I also agree with debsyd. We tried everything. My daughter found bonjela and anbesol more painful than useful. The thing that helped her mouth ulcers was called Canker Cover by Quantum Health. We got them in Canada, however, there is likely something similar in the UK. They are patches which adhere to any mouth ulcer and form a clear, gel-like patch. This provides pain relief and protects the sore from food and drink for 8-12 hours. I was skeptical but they really worked.

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espurt2 said on 23 December 2009

My 20 month old had a bad nappy rash consisting of some horrible little blisters (that i though looked like chicken pox spots) and 1 blister on her thumb. I dont know if the nappy rash was HFM but if not and she only had 1 blister she had it mild. She was a bit listless for a couple of days but didnt seem to really be affected by it. 4 days after i noticed that I got a really sore throat and blisters on my fingers and palms (none on feet or in mouth though). I can see new ones forming hour by hour (its day 3). These are really painful and i feel a bit rough. I've also had a pretty bad headache of and on for a couple of days but not sure if that is connected.

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espurt2 said on 23 December 2009

My 20 month old had a bad nappy rash consisting of some horrible little blisters (that i though looked like chicken pox spots) and 1 blister on her thumb. I dont know if the nappy rash was HFM but if not and she only had 1 blister she had it mild. She was a bit listless for a couple of days but didnt seem to really be affected by it. 4 days after i noticed that I got a really sore throat and blisters on my fingers and palms (none on feet or in mouth though). I can see new ones forming hour by hour (its day 3). These are really painful and i feel a bit rough. I've also had a pretty bad headache of and on for a couple of days but not sure if that is connected.

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Funkzilla said on 09 December 2009

I can echo what debsyd said above. Most sites say it's really mild in adults but I've felt really ill with it as well. Our 3 year old had a fever last week and seemed under the weather but we didn't know what it was. He was fine after 2 days. Then a few days later I developed a very severe sore throat and slight fever. Then developed spots on both hands and feet which felt quite painful. 6 days into it now and feel slightly better but still not right. This virus shouldn't be underestimated.

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thirdpiglet said on 05 December 2009

We've found that Complan meal replacement drinks have worked well for our 2-year old - lots of vitamins and minerals but in chocolate flavour and cold - so not so painful to drink. Frozen peas worked as well :)

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debsyd said on 19 November 2009

Although it says the disease is mild in adults I've had it for nearly two weeks and feel quite ill. Picked it up from my daughter who had it very mildly and got over it in a week.

NB It might be useful when treating a child, to know that the mouth ulcers are extremely painful. Treatment is suggested as for normal mouth ulcers or teething, but when I tried bonjela and anbesol, both of these caused a lot of pain on application and the pain relief didn't last all that long.

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debsyd said on 19 November 2009

Although it says the disease is mild in adults I've had it for nearly two weeks and feel quite ill. Picked it up from my daughter who had it very mildly and got over it in a week.

NB It might be useful when treating a child, to know that the mouth ulcers are extremely painful. Treatment is suggested as for normal mouth ulcers or teething, but when I tried bonjela and anbesol, both of these caused a lot of pain on application and the pain relief didn't last all that long.

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ashleighthompson01 said on 30 July 2009

Please could someone add more detail of what spymptoms and problems people have when exposed to coxsackie A & B.

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