Gender dysphoria - Diagnosis 

Diagnosing gender dysphoria 

See your GP if you think that you or your child may have gender dysphoria. If necessary, they can refer you or your child to a specialist Gender Identity Clinic (GIC).

GICs offer expert support and help, as well assessment and diagnosis, for people with gender dysphoria.


A diagnosis of gender dysphoria can usually be made after an in-depth assessment carried out by two or more specialists.

This may require several sessions, carried out a few months apart, and may involve discussions with people you are close to, such as members of your family or your partner.

The assessment will determine whether you have gender dysphoria and what your needs are, which could include:

  • whether there is a clear mismatch between your biological sex and gender identity
  • whether you have a strong desire to change your physical characteristics as a result of any mismatch
  • how you are coping with any difficulties of a possible mismatch
  • how your feelings and behaviours have developed over time
  • what support you have, such as friends and family

The assessment may also involve a more general assessment of your physical and psychological health.

If the results of the assessment suggest you or your child have gender dysphoria, staff at the GIC will then work with you to come up with an individual treatment plan. This will include any psychological support you may need and a discussion about preliminary timescales for any medical or surgical treatment.

Read more about treating gender dysphoria.

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The 4 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

gina at choices said on 29 August 2014

p,s, one problem was family disputes with sibling religious sisters or mothers who are either the "law of god" like judge dred or think theyll marry little boys.
between characters who had sex rights over me and were married., and concealing child abuse it wasn't funny.
I had clearly said oh no were not. so family iinput can be colored by their own wishes and not what we said.
it was also in the background of other patients at times.
I was actually told "i don't care what its got written down there" as regards clothes etc. whereas you did my nails in hospital when I ended up there. just a bit of data for youre consideration about what you see at times.. I hope its ok.

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gina at choices said on 29 August 2014

the gender dysphoric symptoms can be excruciating at times. its ridiculous to suggest brain conditioning and an unnecessary cause of turmoil and worry to the child or adult in stead of just being left alone and allowed to live happily as a boy or girl as they wish.. actuallu I think those people who argue are very evil people who seem determined to cause unhappiness and pain.
in my view it is done deliberately. actually some argued with me its now resolved, but how do I know whats wrong ? it is actualy or was master "sun" at hammersmith hospital. so I was like dont argue with me
or them and it got nasty at times. but again there were 2 units one partly affected, im gina. and physically real.
and again ty master "sun"

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gina at choices said on 17 April 2014

look il tell you I got thrown out now have a new gp and hospital it now says gina androgen binding fault sex chromosome fault frame /muscle fault. it now says she and her. it also says gender dysphoria physically real. I had agree to reassign it on the phone. I did consent.. its just doing i. so theres notthing shady
it was/is my wish. i did tell them that. it is known to be damaged and a default. genome tests have been done
it is showing anomalies. I am number two there was another baby only a boy not as bad and not like me.
only partly affected that was at hammersmith hospital.
im a quite happy girl on hrt. now I get the transsexual hassle and the religion has started carping on.
its a disaster area but ....luckily.........being geeny weeny helped.. the cmht were brilliant to me this time.
my name was also changed. on the phone full reassignment was ok,. im sorry for other posts but
ive showed you it all for real. thanx again.
gina xxxx

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gina at choices said on 19 June 2013

sorry to leave a few posts but ill tell you what happened honestly. i sceamed bawled at male clothes and just said ok so im a girl, ok i had a genetic fault, it does that the same. i said girls make me feel sick leave me alone please in tears at times. i couldnt stand the sex advances, they made altho i do play around with them at times. i actually wanted a boyfriend like a girl and just go back to normal as one. if i didnt love i didnt want to know
i just didnt feel anything for her.. id actually said "same unit" and she was "barbie unit". so identity with females is like that in me anyway, shes the same. so they ust went yea it will do, when i told them about some things
but just said it wasnt psychitric it was physical.
i just accepted that.

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