Gallstones - Symptoms 

Symptoms of gallstones 

Many people with gallstones do not have any symptoms and are unaware they have them unless they are detected during tests carried out for another reason.

However, symptoms can develop when a gallstone temporarily blocks one of the bile ducts. These are the tube-like structures that carry bile from the liver to the gallbladder and then into the digestive system.

In most cases, this causes abdominal (tummy) pain, although some people also experience other symptoms if the blockage is more severe or a blockage develops in another part of the digestive system.

Abdominal pain

The most common symptom of gallstones is sudden, severe abdominal pain that usually lasts one to five hours (although it can sometimes last just a few minutes). This is known as biliary colic.

The pain can be felt:

  • in the centre of your abdomen, between your breastbone and belly button
  • just under the ribs on your right-hand side, from where it may spread to your side or shoulder blade

The pain is constant and is not relieved when you go to the toilet, pass wind or are sick. It is sometimes triggered by eating fatty foods, but it can occur at any time of day and it may wake you up during the night.

Biliary colic usually happens infrequently. After an episode of pain, it may be several weeks or months before you experience another episode.

In addition to the pain of biliary colic, some people also have periods where they sweat excessively and feel sick or vomit.

Doctors refer to gallstones that cause episodes of biliary colic as 'uncomplicated gallstone disease'.

Other symptoms

In a small number of people, gallstones can cause more serious problems if they obstruct the flow of bile for longer periods or move into other organs (such as the pancreas or small bowel).

If this happens, you may develop:

  • a high temperature of 38°C (100.4°F) or above
  • more persistent pain
  • a rapid heartbeat
  • yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice)
  • itchy skin
  • diarrhoea
  • chills or shivering attacks
  • confusion
  • a loss of appetite

Doctors refer to this more severe condition as 'complicated gallstone disease'.

Read more about the complications of gallstones.

When to seek medical advice

If you think you may be experiencing episodes of biliary colic, you should make an appointment with your GP.

Contact your GP immediately for advice if you develop:

  • jaundice
  • abdominal pain lasting longer than eight hours
  • a high temperature and chills
  • abdominal pain so intense that you cannot find a position to relieve it

If it is not possible to contact your GP immediately, phone your local out-of-hours service or call NHS 111.

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amanda246 said on 19 November 2014

i had a endoscopy 2 years ago where they found hiatus hernia and an ulcer. since then, with medication and careful diet, the acid reflux has lessened....until earlier this year. i have started have episodes of what feels like trapped wind and lasts for hours. this week it made me vomit as the pain was so bad... not sure what it is but as my mother had her gall bladder removed years ago i wondered if it was hereditary?

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Susie_T1968 said on 08 September 2014

I have been getting the following pain:
- Constant indigestion type pain underneath my chest, in the middle/top of my rib cage.
- spasm like pain under my left arm (pit) which comes and goes, but takes your breath away when it comes.
- bad cramping like feeling in tummy similar to bad period pain
- and pain in my lower back
I am waiting an ultrasound to ascertain if this is due to gall stones but does any one else experience pain in their left hand side as I understand it should be the right hand side.
Also feeling very tired and run down.
Had it now for about 3 weeks

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Gelxx said on 13 August 2014

I was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago and inflamed and infected gallbladder. The doctor told me I had sludge and would need to have my gallbladder removed and put me on a no fat diet (yes no fat). I have since spoken to the hospital for another reason and they have told me that I have been discharged re the above and that there was nothing wrong. I was on antibiotics for a week and spent 3 days in hospital with abnormal blood results. I am in constant discomfort and feel really let down by the NHs.

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Amandalil said on 15 July 2014

Hi all I got diagnosed with gallstones in march after years of been fobbed off with my local doctor telling me I had gasterentaritus I kept telling him it wernt that until finally this year march I decided to see someone else as the pain is excruciating I had 2weeks off constant pain in March got sent 4 an x-ray which confirmed my gall bladder was full am going for my operation on 21st of July but really really nervouse as never had an operation before am a single mum so wondering if there is any single mums on here and had the keyhole surgery and how was recovery how long was it before u was proper mobile thanks in advance

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EJ44 said on 08 July 2014

Most recently I found out that I had several mobile gallstones, and this was after weeks of examination, tests and misdiagnosis'. Doctors are reluctant to send me to a surgeon due to my age (I'm 15), and instead are relating my symptoms to other possible gastric conditions. The truth of the matter is, every single one of my symptoms is consistent with the stones. For the last 7 months I've experienced 4 accounts horrid indigestion (shaking, loss of breath, severe pain, vomiting) and I'd say at least 2 of those I experienced the gall-attack (severe pain in my upper right side and shoulder blade). Furthermore, I'm not necessarily a "bad" candidate for surgery:
I was very obese for my age and recently lost 30kg of weight in 8 months.
My diet has drastically changed.
It's hereditary; my mother suffered with gallstones and had hers out.
I don't think it's too far-fetched if I were to have it out but maybe I'm wrong? Right now I'm taking medication and other supplements to reduce stomach acid and prevent indigestion and my diet is strictly low-fat. There is a reduction in the pain in my upper right side but ever since my latest attack (4 weeks ago) I've been feeling very nauseous and just generally unwell. I'm being sent to gastroenterologist to clear up the possibility of any other issues going on but I can't see any other outcome other than the effect of the gallstones? So if anyone has any advice about what I can do to get rid of the nausea, etc, or if, in your opinion, surgery is a good/bad idea, that'd be great! I'm back to school within the next week and I'd really love to be feeling better by then.

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Lgl88 said on 25 June 2014

Can anyone relate to this?
For the past 3 years I have suffered from repeated episodes of what I thought was indigestion, sometimes it was just irritating and other times I was doubled over in agony, this is what I now call a bad episode. I would describe it as feeling as though if I could be sick id feel better but I just can't be sick. I've had lansoprazole, omeprazole, ranitidine and none of those worked the only thing that did work was drinking peptic liquid from the bottle. I've had bloods done over the years which have all been fine. My doctor is finally sending me for a scan now that I am experiencing sharp pains under my ribs on both sides and for the past week and a half I've had neck/back ache accompanied by a tension head ache although this could be unrelated I have seen other posters mention back ache. My bowel movements are fine, my appetite is fine. I notice it is worse after my main meal at night but I do have it sometimes during the day. I am 26 and the doc reckons I am a bit young for gallstones

What do you think? Does it sound like it?

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Lgl88 said on 25 June 2014

Can anyone relate to this?
For the past 3 years I have suffered from repeated episodes of what I thought was indigestion, sometimes it was just irritating and other times I was doubled over in agony, this is what I now call a bad episode. I would describe it as feeling as though if I could be sick id feel better but I just can't be sick. I've had lansoprazole, omeprazole, ranitidine and none of those worked the only thing that did work was drinking peptic liquid from the bottle. I've had bloods done over the years which have all been fine. My doctor is finally sending me for a scan now that I am experiencing sharp pains under my ribs on both sides and for the past week and a half I've had neck/back ache accompanied by a tension head ache although this could be unrelated I have seen other posters mention back ache. My bowel movements are fine, my appetite is fine. I notice it is worse after my main meal at night but I do have it sometimes during the day. I am 26 and the doc reckons I am a bit young for gallstones

What do you think? Does it sound like it?

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Jade_91 said on 27 May 2014

Hi All,
I am currently suffering from Gallstones and am waiting to see the surgical team but I am not only suffering from the chronic pain attacks but I am also experiencing hot sweats and cold shivers, constant bloated stomach, nausea sometimes before and sometimes after meals and always have some discomfort in the stomach. I wondered if this was normal to have all these symptoms or whether I should be worried about infection?
Can anyone give me some advice please?

Thank you.

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Lygia said on 17 May 2014

@Rachanne, I have had problems with my gallbladder for two years now and only after a 2 and half day of constant pain my GP has decided to finally send me for an operation. So I symphatize.

But, if you want to get rid of the pain, I can tell you what they give here (in the Faroe Islands, respectively Denmark) when one has a gallstones attack. Ibuprofen + Panodil. It works wonders, usually puts the pain down in about 30min to 1h. If it doesn't work, take another dose but not earlier than 6 hours. And don't take more than three tablets of Ibuprofen in 24h.

I hope it works. Keep us posted.

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Rib pain Jane said on 29 April 2014

Dear Rachanne,

Re pain relief please try Buscopan to help with your Gallstone/biliary colic pain. If you haven't tried it already?
It's an anti spasmodic and helps me immensely with the day to day pains. If you want to try it quickly you can buy small packs in most supermarkets and pharmacies. If it works go to see the Gp for a bumper pack.

Good luck, you have my sympathy, I am on the list for a lap chole! Can't come quick enough x

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Miker1156 said on 21 April 2014

I have had gut problems for almost the last 50 years (same symptoms but diagnosed as Chron's, Colitis, nervous Colitis, proctitis and currently IBS...).

So when, over the last 20 years, I had this excruciating pain behind my ribs and in my back that would come and go, I just thought it was something new that my guts had "blessed" me with.

However from Xmas through to mid Feb this year the frequency was (or seemed to be :<{ ) almost every day.
Finally I gave up and saw a doctor.

An ultrasound said my gallbladder and bile duct were distended.

I never had thought of gallbladder problems, what an idiot I was. I looked here and discovered that ALL my symptoms were here for the pain.

So, hello Gastro.
Was put in for contrast CT and MRI scans. Oh, and a gastroscopy for luck..........
The gastroscopy was appalling, sedation was non existent and the guy scratched my throat to pieces. I gagged for the whole procedure.

Yippee, people I knew had had theirs out. At last Gastro would actually be able to do something FOR me.

Well that was what I hoped.

No gallstones..........
Ergo, no op. At all
No way.

I did point out that after 50 years of random diagnoses for my guts that maybe they owed me over this new thing... :<}

They are now arranging an ERCP......

After last weeks scope, I am terrified.

So upshot seems to be; TOUGH, man up and live with the pain the next time(s?) it comes back.

Bugger that, I shall abuse the system and 999......

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Rachanne said on 13 April 2014

hey, looking for some help on pain relief.
the doc has given me codeine and im chasing it with paracetomol, but nothing is working, my arm, tummy and back are in constant pain.
Ive asked my GP for a stronger pain killer but she just looks at me like Im wasting her time.
Im on a low fat diet (lots of turkey,pluses and veggies) so its not excess fat causing the pain.
Its been 6 months and i've not even got a letter for an ultrasound yet, due to the GPs incompitance (111 paramedics diagnosed me as i called them one night when the pain got to much). The pain is really getting me down, I can't sleep at night.
Anyone have any advise?

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designerlady said on 27 December 2013

Four years ago I was diagnosed with an underactive Thyroid. A medical practitioner put me on Levothyroxine and upped the dosage dramatically within a very short period. I have been on a high dosage for three years.

My current practitioner is slowly taking me down to a normal level. You may think this is irrelevant but after extensive research I have found the Levothyroxine is responsible for my gallstones.

I went through terrible pain four years ago and doctors tried to get me to give up my gallbladder. I had read that bile dripping directly onto your colon can cause colon cancer and both my parents died from that.

I was told to eliminate all fat from my diet. I couldn't so I kept to low fat. Since then I have developed severe diverticulitis. I have to bounce between diets suitable for gallstones and Diverticulitis. I occasionally suffer from pain across my chest and down my arms sometimes and them pain in my back for Diverticulitis.

I originally had lots of little gallstones but now I have one big one of 13 mm. I know, well, I hope I can live with this for a long time, I am now 60. I also hope I can be complication free with the Diverticulitis. My doctor said we have to 'wait and see'. Wait and see what??

No-one now wants to take out my GB (thankfully) but the situation i am in is constantly on my mind. I honestly feel I am living with a death sentence.

I have been offered anti-depressants which i do not want to take.

As you can imagine I am amore than a little miffed at the medical profession.

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Oldie1951 said on 24 December 2013

It was interesting reading other people's comments and realise I'm not alone left to suffer constant pain through stones in the gall bladder.

In October 2013 I took myself to the local hospital A&E unit suffering with abdominal pain and another pain I didn't recognise higher up in the chest region. This scared me and the reason why I went to the hospital in the early hours.

I was admitted to the cardio ward suffering with abdo and chest pain. I was there for 4 days and vomiting for 2 of them. Apparently the surgical & cardio staff couldn't decide if I should be on the cardio ward or the surgical ward. Hey ho internal politics !!!

I was released (also had a dose of jaundice, which the hospital staff didn't pick up on until I mentioned I was yellow) on the 4th day, temporarily pain-free. I had scans, x-ray's and ultrasound while there, which revealed an inflammed gall bladder, a 15mm gall stone and a mild coronary disease. Inspite of this, I was released. Am I scared the pains will return as violently as they did in October? Too right I am and scared witless it will cause further cardio pain or even give me a coronary!!

I have since attended the cardio clinic who wasn't very happy the surgical team haven't given me a date for the removal of the gall bladder and the offending blighter causing the abdominal pains. The cardio consultant said he would contact the surgical team to hurry them along... While I'm sure this is helpful and looking after my health and welfare, I know for a fact that departments within the NHS don't always work together.

I'm well aware gall stones aren't exactly life threatening but left untreated the excrutiating pain is unbearable to the sufferer.

Hopefully it won't be too long now.

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spaarks said on 18 November 2013

it's absolutely shocking how something as potentially serious and painful as gallstones keeps getting passed off as nothing major and people being sent home...

my partner had a severe attack 4 days ago and all they have done for him at the hospital so far is keep him nil by mouth, pumped full of drugs and have only performed 3 scans in the whole time he's been there...

it is absolutely appalling how long the waits are and how none seems to know what the other person is doing...communication between staff is so atrocious never mind expecting anything in terms of communicating with family or the patient themselves....

as a result of being kept in, on a drip and not allowed solid food for days on end, my partner is now so weak he can't even stand or move about which means that by the time they eventually manage to schedule his surgery, he won't be strong enough to undergo it!

it is absolutely ridiculous how the nhs seems to operate on a '9-5, 5 days a week, one thing per day' basis....for example, they scanned him yesterday at 7am and then decided he must wait until this morning to have his blood taken for blood tests...Why? in that whole day, his stones which had passed from the ducts they were blocking had returned and he is worse off today because they made him wait yet again.

he is now being told they 'only do endoscopies on tuesdays and wednesdays' so if they can't book him in for one this week he will have to wait another utterly retarded is that logic? surely if he has deteriorated overnight it would be a priority to schedule his endoscopy so they can treat him quicker before he deteriorates again?

i can see why people opt for private treatment....

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Mensihopeful said on 21 October 2013

Hi I am waiting for a date for surgery removal of my GallBladder. I am a bit scared but want the pain to end.Could anyone who has gone through this procedure tell me how they felt after surgery. Thanks

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Tinateaspoon said on 23 August 2013

I have hereditary spherocytosis and first experienced pain in April 2011 and suffered with it for 6 months. I was on a strict diet of homemade soup and nothing else, and still was up every single night with excruciating pain which lasted from 20 minutes to an hour which was relieved a tiny bit by having someone thump my back constantly. I firstly had an endoscopy which came back normal, I then had an ultrasound which showed pigment gallstones! In June I went back to my GP because the pain had been going on for hours and the doctor noticed I was jaundiced and sent me to a&e to have my gallbladder removed straight away. The doctors gave me an MRI scan to see where my gallstone had got to and it had disappeared completely which impressed all the doctors how I managed to fit an 8mm gallstone through my bile duct. Because of this the only conclusion they had for my jaundice was my hereditary spherocytosis and said they couldn't operate because my gallbladder was too inflamed so I had to wait for it to go down. I was finally allowed to leave hospital 5 days later when my jaundice had gone and my potassium levels weren't low anymore because of all the vomiting I did. I finally had it removed in October and now they're wanting to remove my spleen! Haha

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kreacher said on 10 August 2013

in 2011 i had my gall bladder out, my pain started a year beforehand, constant backpain and started being sick and as it came to june/july i was gradually getting worse not being able to sit stand sleep without being in pain, i got to sleep through sheer exhaustion alone, it was like a viscious circle, by the time july came around i was vomiting not only food but fluids aswell, due to me not being able to eat i was losing weight.

my stools were the same colur as cement and not solid but not runny

i went to my local accident and emergency with severe pain twice and got sent back home, once i saw my gp there and asked to be admitted to hospital but no i was sent home

made appointments to see my gp and got told ibs and muscular pain, so took some pills which didn't do a thing

finally had a home visit, by this point could hardly get out of bed and after pleading got admitted to the hospital, they ran tests and did a ercp, found i had gallstones and took them out.

a couple of weeks later had the same symptoms and went through the same battle to get into hospital, got admitted back to hospital, then after a few days even though in pain on morphiene, still being sick the docs wanted to discharge me, my parents got involved and finally had my gallstones and gallbladder removed, i even refused to leave the hospital, i still had some fight left in me

whatever you do never give up, you know your body better than anyone

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mariamim said on 27 July 2013

Hi, its really interesting reading everyone's comments. I'm 25 years old, the right weight for my height etc, and always been quite physically fit.

Like most of you have said I have had severe pain in my right side on and off for over two years. A couple of months ago I had a scan that showed my gall bladder is completely full of gallstones. The radiographer said she had never seen anything like it in someone of my age, size etc, and that she was 99% I will have to have the whole gall bladder removed. The pain has become increasingly worse, and I often feel sick. I have been put on a waiting list to see a surgeon, but it is a minimum of a 6 month wait just for a consultation. I went back to my GP and said that I was concerned, and he pretty much said I will only be seen quicker if the pain becomes so severe I cannot function as its become septic, or the other option is just to turn up at A and E.

My grandmother, and two of my cousins also had the same problem at a young age, which then developed into pancreatitis. A third cousin of mine is currently in hospital with severe pancreatitis.

I'm not sure if its hereditary, but I'm quite concerned that I'm just being ignored. When I discussed it my GP simply said its a common operation and not considered severe, hence the long waiting list.

I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience, or been treated in A and E? I'd really appreciate any advice. Thank you

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fibrochimp said on 18 July 2013

They discovered I had gallstones when I had a back x ray done. I've been on a fat free diet for 8 weeks, I also can't eat chicken. Its been over 7 weeks since I was referred and I'm still waiting to hear anything at all from the hospital. In pain everyday and I've passed one stone which was agony. No idea how long I've got to wait but it's starting to cost a fortune in clothes due to the weight loss. Also the fatigue is killing in this heat. I just want the thing taken out.
I don't know if everyone has the same pain or if my fibromyalgia is making it worse :( It would help if I at least had a date to look forward to.

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peaseblossom said on 06 July 2013

All I can say is that I am so amazed that GP's are not picking up something as obvious and fundamental as this! I have had rightsided pain and diarrhea for 10 years and been told 'oh, its just IBS' or 'its muscular'. Two years ago it suddenly got much worse, no one would listen until I finally hoffed up the money to see a private consultant who wrote to my doctor and insisted that I needed to be referred to a gastro enterologist. By chance I happened to get a severe eye infection which required high dose antibiotics, I noticed that my stomach improved. So... I have been on antibiotics for a year and half, waiting for NHS appointments (four months in between most)... at last they have found out that I have cholangitis so I await to find out whats to be done. The NHS seems to be a complete lottery on finding someone who knows anything. My advice to anyone would be to absolutely keep knocking at your doctors door and tell them their job if needs be, most of us seem to be better qualified at making a diagnosis than they are!!!

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rs1020 said on 01 July 2013


I would strongly suggest you get endoscopic ultrasound done to diagnose the problem.

My brother had very similar is problem severe abdominal pain - it could not be diagnosed for several years. We went through various treatments - for liver, then pancreas - every time the pain returned after few months. Ultrasound also did not reveal anything. Finally a doctor asked for endoscopic ultrasound and that is when gallstones were found in the bile duct. After that we had a laparoscopic surgery done to get the gall bladder out. He has been fine now for over 6 years.

Hope it helps.

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alieast said on 09 June 2013

hi I have been in and out of a&e and admitted with biliary colic. I have now been told to avoid fresh vegetables and fruit. the cramping pain keeps coming back every three weeks. I am taking buscopan three times a day and I have a constant pain under my ribs on the right side. I have had ultrasounds and they show no gall stones so I am at a bit of a loss now what to do and cant carry on like this. any advise would be appreciated. many thanks

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hslark12 said on 26 May 2013

On saturday 11 may 2013, i was rushed to a&e in really bad adominal pain. I was ammited early hours of 12 may 2013 and was told to bed rest. On monday 13 may 2013, i had an ultrasound to find out what was causing me sereve pain. I was told by the ultrasound lady i had 2 ggallstones at 4mm. My mum has had here gallstone and bladder removed at the same age as me she now 40. Then on the monday 20th may was rushed back to a&e in the same pain but it had spread up to my shoulder. They realesed me at 2:15 the next morning still in extremly paiin. NEed advice waiting for leter form hospital but still in agone what should I???? Please help

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User131181 said on 16 May 2013

I had my scan on tuesday 14th of may 2013. The scenographer said she wasn,t supposed to give me my results but to put my mind at rest I have a big juicy gallstone as she put it. After reading everyones comments, I,m glad to see I,m not going mad, and the symptoms I,d suffered were identical. Pain in right hand side of ribs is painful, but can only co-codamol for the pain as I,m allergic to tramadol,and get problems with a lot of other pain relief. Going to see my GP next week, andI,m hoping he,ll offer the operation, as I,m in enough pain with 3 dilapidated discs in my lower spine without this adding to the pain threshold. I work part time as a carer, and can,t afford the time off, so I,ll be glad when it,s sorted. Thanks for everyone,s helpful comments.

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User765663 said on 17 April 2013

13 months ago I changed my golf swing,the next day I was in agony on my sternum and waves of pain across my stomach,I put up with this for 2 weeks to see if it self healed it got worse,so the doc guessed at muscle strain or a torn muscle the next year seen me at the A&E 4 times and getting IBRUFEN and Paracetamol ,I just kept phoning for repeat prescriptions,then after 8 months I phoned doc and they gave me DICLFLENIC AND PARACETAMOL still in pain last week went in on an appointment and I'm getting referred for an ultrasound to look for gall stones and I'm getting 50g TRAMADOL these are working great along with an ice pack in the middle of my chest ,after reading all the other complaints I'm sure it's stones I have and I don't care what they do with the gall bladder as long as I get my life back again try being a TAXI DRIVER with this condition good luck folks I just wish I had followed up and went to see local gp sooner

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teeg said on 16 April 2013

Until I get my gallstone removed, I have decreased my food intak which helps a bit. What relieves the agonizing non-stop intense pain for me is Alka-Seltzer or Eno. I prefer Eno. Either one takes effect within a few minutes. Hope this information helps.

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Pinxtar said on 11 April 2013

Hey there. To anyone suffering badly with gallstones, having them removed deffinately is worth it!!

I suffered several bouts of severe gall stones and pancreatitis. Which took 3 trips to the doctors, one trip to a and e, and a trip to the walk in centre to diagnose correctly ( I was originally diagnosed with a torn tendon in my spine). The attacks seemed to get worse and varied from 6 hours to 5 days at a time.

I suffered with excessive sweating, extreme chills, doubling over in pain, deleriousness, disorientation, severe vomiting, severe back and abdominal pains and jaundice. In less than 2 months I was admited 4 times to hospital.

I had my gall bladder removed as an inpatient, and although I have experienced some negative side effects- they are far better than the alternative...

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MissyJ said on 27 January 2013

Hi there. This is a response to GallstonesGone. Was really cheered up reading your post, saying how well you felt after the operation. I am due to have my gallbladder removed but am really really nervous as I have never had an operation. However, the consultant is absolutely fantastic and has been so patient and helpful. Just wanted to say thanks for your positive post, made me feel much better about it!

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swarve said on 27 December 2012

i have a gallstone and suffer realy bad pains in my chest and shoulder and back , sometimes i feel sick and belch but i have also noticed pin and neddles and a bit of numbness in my fingers ive read all reviews and no one else says this , do u think this is conected with gallstones ,

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pinkcarlady said on 06 December 2012

I was getting severe pain under my ribs on the left hand side which went through to my back and up round my shoulder blades lasting for up to hour at a time. I would also get periods of vomiting, diarrhea, and bad shivering. After a couple of months of this I saw my gp but unfortunately she was doing her training and said she had no idea what it was so gave me anti acid treatment. She also asked her mentor gp who has loads of experience as a gp (over 30yrs) and he said he had no idea either. In the end I kept a diary of the episodes and also a food diary which showed no particular pattern. Went back and say a different gp and she said gallstones straight away. I was sent for a scan and got an appointment within 10 day and went back for the results about a week later (although the "scanner" had said that I had had some pretty impressive gallstones. I had a letter from hospital today and an appointment to see the consultant on 12th with a view to taking it out.

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simonsez said on 12 November 2012

Hi all,

I'm writing this at 3:28am and suffering with a biliary cholic attack (severe pain the stomach area, in the middle of the back and belching) that I now know is caused by gallstones. This is the second episode for me, the first one about a month ago landed me in the back of an ambulance to A&E after calling NHS Direct (NHS Direct, Chesterfield A&E and ambulance staff were brilliant) with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Even 10mg of morphine hardly touched the pain and only another bout of vomiting a few hours later made it calm down. Luckily I saw a good GP the next day who gave me antibiotics and referred me for an ultrasound which, thanks to the brilliant staff at Chesterfield Royal, was arranged the following day and showed multiple small gallstones. I've now got an appointment with the consultant to discuss removal of the gallbladder. I've since discovered loads of people who have suffered the same and had their gallbladder removed. All have said what a relief it was and never looked back. I was reluctant until this second attack started tonight. The only relief that seems to work for me is tramadol pain killers but I've heard that diclofenac can also be effective (not tried it yet though).

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G girl said on 11 November 2012

i had some really bad pains last year and i just had a mis carriage. so thought it may have been an infection as i had to go hospital as lost a lot of blood. i had really bad pains and couldn't get rid of them i was sick with this too most the time it felt better after. but there was one time i couldn't get rid of it. so i was taken to the hospital they said it sounded like gallstones and made me an appointment for a scan for a couple of weeks later. my mum and sister inlaw had gallstone and both had to have there gall blader out. i didn't want that to happend to me so i stopped eatting fatty food and stuff that triggered the pain off. by the time the date of my appointment came around i had no epsions (sorry spelling) of pain and when she scaned me my i had about 4 small gallstones. this was last year and about 2 months after eating none fatty food and other stuff that triggered it off i did a tester to see if it was safe to start eating food without it hurtting. and it didn't hurt anymore so i was so pleased.
i guess i caught it earier enough to do something about it and happy i got to keep my gall bladder :)

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Emmerson1987 said on 31 October 2012

I am 25 years old and have been suffereing extreme pain in lower ribs, abdomen, back and sometime breast. When i first went to doctors they said it was just indegestion. I have these pain attacks about 4-5 times a week and they last for hours. I went back to doctors and upon examining me and describing my pain he said he thinks its Gallstones. Hes given me some tablets and i ahve to go back in 3 weeks to see if anythings changed.
I dont think i can wait 3 weeks. I am exhausted all the time and its now effexting me at work because im so tired.
Is there any way i can relieve the symptoms a bit or should i jsut persivere with the tablets.

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Kidsnkats said on 19 October 2012

I have had severe stomach pains since last Thursday. It is in the centre under my rib cage. I went to the doc on the Sunday as I was so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do with my self. She sent me to hospital where I was given pain relief and put on a drip. The surgeon said it was gallstone and to come back in the morning for a scan and they would book me in for a scan. The next day I wasn't in any pain, and the scan showed no gallstones. As I wasn't in pain (poss due to the painkillers) I ate some lunch and by eve I was in pain again. I'm back at the docs tonight as last night was horrific again. Somebody told me today that pain killers can relax your gall bladder, so the stones drop back to where they are supposed to be....?? Does anyone know if this is the case.. Could I have gallstones even though the scan showed no sign??

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ljac said on 21 September 2012

after having 2 severe bouts of what i can only explain as worse than childbirth.just beneath my ribs and into my back i was at a.n.e both times..1st diagnosis was inflammation of stomach,go home take lansaprozole,the 2nd attack reduced me to morphine and gas and air and lasted approx 6 hours both attacks in middle of night..was told the last attack was an osophegus spasm..nowere near the osophegus,had upper endoscopy yest all clear no inflammation or anything,the gp which carried this out couldnt believe i didnt have a scan after my last visit to a.n.e,and was more than likely my gallbladder..hooray were gettin awaiting scan after another visit to my own gp who reluctantly sent me,afraid to eat incase of another attack darent even go to bed at night should it come back on,suffering now with anxiety and panic attacks all brought on by this pain,hopefully will get sorted very soon and take my life off hold and remove this timebomb i feel im sitting on

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Gallstones gone said on 10 September 2012

Hi tinawaynebrown,
Avoid fatty food, especially first thing in the morning I found. It's hard but try tea without milk. Have toast with just jam, no butter. Eat lenty of fruit and veg. Eat light meals, less meat & cut off fat. Hope this helps. I had the gallbladder op last June and it was the best thing I ever done.

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Gallstones gone said on 10 September 2012

I had gallstone pain with each excruciating episode lasting up to 3 hours. It first started back in December 2008 while eating a pork sandwich. At first, I thought it was food poisoning but the pain completely passed after 3 hours so I forgot about it. As time went on, the pain became more frequent. I tried a remedy comprising 2 pints of apple juice for the first 5 days then on the 5th day, drank Epson salts mixed with lemon juice. The apple juice allegedly softens the stones in the gallbladder and the combination of Epson salts & lemon juice open the gallbladder ducts so the stones can pass into the stomach. This did not work and a few months later I got an episode of pain so bad lasting 12 hours that landed me in the Lister Hospital in Stevenage twice in May 2012 with a perforated gallbladder which was eventually cured with antibiotics. I had my gallbladder removed at Pinehill Hospital in June 2012. Was a bit sore for a week but after things started healing rapidly; it was nothing short of a miracle with all related pain completely gone. Now I feel like I never had the op or indeed any pain ever! I have had no side effects since my gallbladder was removed. Infact I reckon it had packed in years before as I have noticed no change and my liver had already been regulating the release of bile but that is only a guess. The surgeon gave me the gallstones in a jar which remind me of peppercorns with some bigger - about 30 - 40 in all. I would recommend getting the operation. I was initially scared as I never had an op before but the reward has been staggering. My special thanks to the surgeon that gave me my life back. If anyone has the same health problem and would like to discuss, please simply respond to my comments :-)

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Nicola1303 said on 15 July 2012

To Good or bad

I have been managing my one gallstone through diet quite successfully for a little while now. I do get the odd day of pain but I can usually attribute this to something specific I have eaten and know that if I stay calm the pain will pass.

I also have a friend who has elimated all of her symtoms through weightloss and diet and can now eat almost everything (in moderation)

I too suffer with anxiety so if I can do anything to avoid having an operation then I will do it! I havent tried the flaxseed tea yet - but will definitely have a go with that!


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good or bad said on 14 July 2012

Hi all, I have just been diagonised with a few gallstones (small) yesterday after having an ultrascan. Am seeing my GP for the follow up appointment on the 24 July. In the last few months have drastically changed my diet, have had a few odd bad attacks which only last 35mins and only up until Feb (all this started on Christmas Day) since April I do get more of a spastic colon pain now and again never had pain on my right throughout this always on me left strange enough. I have completely changed my diet in the last 24 hours and am going to try for a few months on a low fat diet before I opt for surgery. Also need to find out from the GP what his intake is of course most will opt for the surgery. I feel with a good low fat strict diet, drinking a cup of flaxseed tea (this is also if a gallbladder attack comes on - 1tbsp Golden Linseed Flaxseed, 21/2 cups water boil for 5 mins, let cool for 10mins, drain and drink) Flaxseed is extremely good in coating the liver and gallbladder. I suffer from such extreme panick attacks that could not even have the endoscopy done (went all the way to the surgery room) so I feel there is no harm in trying the non-envasive way first. Any input would be greatly appreciated, has anybody tried this way?

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JayJay2 said on 19 June 2012

Hi all
i went to my docs, because of having acid intergestion for four or five days at a time, this has been going on for maybe a year or so, he sent me for a ultrasound, which i had today, and i have two stones one 15mm and the other 13mm, i was very suprised as i thought iwould be in alot more pain than i am, and from reading your comments i should be in agony? they also said that my liver was inflamed, yet the only sign of all this is acid intergestion, believe my i count myself very very lucky from reading this page though, does anyone know what cause the stones?

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Lctlozz said on 18 June 2012

I have been diagnosed with over 40 small gall stones, I have recently had ERCP to remove 2 stones which were stuck in my bile duct, I have on average 2-3 attacks a week which usually end up with me in A+E reciveing pain relief, i have lost my job over this now and I just wondered if anyone else has experienced as many attacks as this? And is it normal?

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Nicola1303 said on 11 June 2012

Hi all

I too have recently been diagnosed with 1 gallstone which seems to be giving me a remarkable amount of pain not just in the general gallbladder area but also as general cramping all over my stomach. I also have started suffering with constipation for the first time in my life.

I am currently managing on solpadine and ibuprofen although they do not always work depending upon the severity of the pain

I am du eto have multiple blood tests tomorrow as my ultrasound has also detected a fatty liver - does anyone else have any experience of this?

Caroline1651 - I completely sympathise with you. I too read so much conflicting information that in the end i had to stop researching!! I have found any green beans, carrots, swede, peas, tomato, apples, pears, berries and sweet potato fine. I can also eat mushrooms, onions, rice, pasta, bread, chicken. I have recently introduced broccoli into my diet which also seems to be okay. The thing I have learned the most is that different people seem to have different triggers and what triggers one person may be fine for you. My advice would be to introduce different things very gradually and perhaps just start off having a spoonful of something different to see how you react to that.

I too tried to cut out fat altogether but actually found that this was making the pain worse as apparently a limited amount of fat is needed to make the gallbladder work. Low fat rather than no fat definitely works for me but it is still a lot of trial and error.

I have found the whole thing really difficult as I suffer with terrible health anxiety - it took me a few months of counselling to get me to the doctor to begin with so now having to have all of these tests and facing a possible operation is terrifying me!!!

Hope this helps and any advice from anyone else would be greatly received


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Caroline1651 said on 10 June 2012

Urgently need some dietary advice, as I was diagnosed with one large gallstone in the bile duct last week. I have had over a week of constant pain in between my ribs, which then moved down my right side. I am surviving on paracetamol/ibuprofen during the day and taking solpadol/ibuprofen at night, with occasional pethidine when it really gets intolerable.

I am seeing a consultant tomorrow with a view to having the stone removed (I want the whole d**n gallbladder removed, frankly) but does anyone know of any foods that must be avoided during an attack; or, conversely, any foods that can actually help during an attack? I have little or no appetite anyway, sip loads of water throughout the day, but I am really struggling to find vegetables that I can eat - all these dietary websites contradict one another! Eat cabbage/avoid cabbage: eat tomatoes/avoid tomatoes.... *sigh*

I know about fat free, and am following that religiously. What about bread? Skimmed milk? Which fruits should I eat and which avoid? Which veg? What about onions?

Any help gratefully received.....

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Ella May said on 10 May 2012

Hello i have been having sporadic bouts of unbearable pain since november, i spoke to a GP and went to hospital twice unfortunately by the time i got there the episodes would have past and i was actually diagnosed all 3 times with panic attacks which upset me very much because i have had panic attacks in the past and knew there was no possible way they could be to blame for such debilatating pain.

The last attack was 7 days ago, i saw a different GP yesterday and she said she believed i was suffering billary colic and has arranged for me to go for a scan to my utter relief , i think the fear of this never being taken seriously was almost as bad as the fear of the pain.

Anyway the last attack i had happened when i got back from hospital roughly 3 hours after the first one that night it was the worst one yet, it lasted for 6 hours and i thought i was not going to survive it but i could not go back to hospital as they did not believe i was in pain so had to endure it with no pain killers.

My question is that now 7 days later my rib area my back and my stomach are uncomfortable all the time its like the muscles are torn and it gets worse later in the day, i feel wiped out and tired is this normal and if so what is causing this now that i am not directly having an attack of billary colic?

Best wishes to everyone on this site suffering.

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MRGraham said on 26 April 2012

Hi Weeg
Please remember im not a medical proffessional Ican only talk about my own experiance.
If you have more than 1 stone ie lots of little ones, you can a risk of them travelling down the main Bile duct and causing secondary illness such as pancreaitis. If you have had 1 attack the chances are you will have more however you can reduce the risk of attacks by cutting out fatty or spicey foods and also some people get releif from avoiding dairy products. It helps if you have some understanding of what the gallbladder does and why it does it so you can then think about what you are eating and how it may affect you

It is a trial and error till you work out your triggers so to speak.
Speak to your doctor, they will then refer you on to a surgeon who will go through the options with you. I only had 2 options 1 was put up with the attacks and not have a op, or have the gallbladder taken out and be pain free (im awaiting the op now)

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weeg said on 25 April 2012

Hi, I suffered a bad attack lasting more than 8hrs,,,screaming with pain violently vomiting,,,nhs 24 doc was a waste of time,,i ended up going to hospital that night,,,put on a morphine drip with co-codamol and oxycontin(i take co-codamol & oxyconting for bone pain every day,,,rta). the scan showed gall stones,,,went in on the sat night got out on the monday morning,,the problem is that i am still in pain but it is not as severe as it was but it is very restricting,,,is this the norm? how long will it last? i dont know if it is a result of the constant wrenching on the sat night that has caused this(strained muscles). The pain is the same area,,right side under the rib cage traveling round my back,,,I cant go on like this and im hoping it will pass,,,,they want to arrange surgery but i take panic attacks and will freak on the build up to surgery(already had 8 surgeries to repair broken bones all over my body)...can anyone help me by advising me if they`ve had the same and the pain will pass or not,,,i cant go on with this constant restricting pain,,,,i got 3 kids and 4 dogs to look after and am currently getting help from a friend,,,plz help me if u can,,,Weeg..x

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MRGraham said on 23 April 2012

My case is slightly different, I have been suffering for around 7 months now, My doctors failed to pick up gallstones until i insisted on a scan which found 1 stone around 16mm. I was having attacks every night for about 3-4 months, my attacks would start around 8-10pm and last till 4-6am doubled over in pain, vomiting etc. I had been given a range of diagnoses from 7 different doctors on 10 occasions. I am sure they doctors thought I was mad because everytime i saw them I was fine, although i did explain if they saw me at 3 am then it would be a different matter. I am now on tramadol, Co-codamol to control the pain whilst I am awaiting a removal around the end of may which I am petrified about. Since finding out I had a gallstone I have cut out all far (as much as possible, my daily intake is less than 20g per day) I avoid spicey or rich food and i dont drink. I am struggling with the food thing because there is a few meals I know are "safe" but it means im constantly eating the same thing which gets very boring, however given boring food or a night in pain, I would rather be bored. My pain is only ever in the middle of the abdomen, right below the chest bone. My advice to anyone who found this page, if you experiance any of the symptoms shown see your GP and try to self help by cutting out fatty or protein rich foods and see if that helps your pain and discomfort. You may need to see your GP on several occassions to get them to send you for a scan but you know your own body and you will know if something is not right. As frustrating it is when you think your GP isnt helping you, you need to help them to help you

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MrsLP said on 16 April 2012

I have been getting pains and having "stomach attacks" for a few years now, my pain is right in the middle of my rib cage, however it is not a piercing pain, its really hard to describe, I go very hot and sweaty and the only way I can get rid of it is to lie on something cold, and normally on my right side, and then breath in and out like I'm giving birth!!

I have been to the hospital and they diagnosed me with a hiatus hernia and I have to take Omeprazole, however despite taking these and being on a low fat diet, I am still having attacks.

I had one at the weekend which lasted over 2 hours, I didn't think it was going to end, I also had pain in my back between my shoulder blades and later on a pain in my right arm.

I'm just wondering if this is more gallstones now?

I do have a GP appointment for later in the week.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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pumpkin22 said on 16 April 2012

Last Thursday at 5am I awoke in intense pain, sweating and unable to breathe properly. I thought I was dying and it was far worse than child birth.
The ambulance came (Well 3 of them) and as my pain had lessoned they said it was probably gall stones and said to visit my GP. She agreed and actioned some blood tests that same day. She also referred me for a scan which I got the letter through on Saturday and my appointment is this Thursday. I have had another attack since then and don't know how much more I can take. I have a very high pain thresh hold but this is something different.
I was amazed at the speed with which my GP has moved and although I don't really want surgery, I just want this sorted.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page as it helps others like me to understand what is going on.
I am sleeping propped up in bed now and lay a hot wheat bag across my tummy before I go to bed. Not sure if it will work long term but so far have not had another bad attack, just constant belly ache

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Eagleluver said on 09 April 2012

I have recently been diagnosed with gallstones. I was originally seeing the doc about being hungry all the time and I was told that I may have an ulcer. I had some pain in my upper stomach and couldn't get in to the doc right away so went the emergency. they did an exam on me and then ordered an emergency ct scan. I went in the next day. I saw my doc a few days ago and this is when I was told that I have gallstones. I was shocked to find out the results of my scan. I go in on Tuesday to have a scope of my stomach to check for ulcer. doc said that the hunger symptoms sound like an ulcer and are not caused by the gallstones. I will get more info when I see the specialist on Tuesday. I was given a med called Tecta which has subsided the hunger feeling and growly stomach to some extent. feel a bit better except for the bloated feeling and acid. constant burping but no real bad pain. pale stools and very smelly. I have in the past have had pain between shoulder blades, but never in my wildest dreams imagined it was due to gallstones.
someone above said they are having headaches and I to get some headaches. not sure if this is associated with the problem but I do get them and in the front of head only and does not go any further.
will post again after I see the doc and get some results.
take care all

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Breverton said on 04 April 2012

Thank you for your reassurance dewruss. It has made me feel a lot better about the surgery. I have decided to go ahead with it. Have had 2 painful attacks in the last week and am fed up with feeling nauseous all the time, with constant back pain and worrying that anything I eat will have me doubled over in pain. It's getting so that I don't want to travel anywhere too far in case I have an attack! I also think that the risks of keeping the gallbladder (stones moving to places they shouldn't, possible rupture and constant discomfort) are much greater than the risks associated with the surgery. After discussion with a consultant, I've come to the conclusion that it's not working properly anyway so get rid of it. Even though I am still terrified at the thought of having surgery, I can't wait to get my life back. Will post afterwards on how it went for others who may be in a similar situation.

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bud2 said on 31 March 2012

Hi all. tried to post before.

I have similar symptoms to you and awaiting a scan on gallbladder. Pain around lower back, upper abdomen and
between shoulder blades. Also loose orange stools. On same meds. Hope you get result soon and feel better.

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bud2 said on 31 March 2012

Hello all,
I am having similar symptoms and going for scan to see if its gallstones. I have constant burping and loose orange stools. Pain in abdomen which goes right round upper and lower back. I actually thought I had strained my back by lifting something. I`m on the same medication too, although no hallucinations ,lol. Good job we can laugh, although it`s not funny lol. Hope you get your results soon and feel better.

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juju09 said on 30 March 2012

i have had severe pain under my rib cage for months now, by the evening my lower back, and neck and shoulders are very painful...also my stomach swells so i look about 9 months stools are loose and smelly....been back to doctors about half a dozen times, nobody seemed to take me so fed up that i was in so much pain that i recently went to my local hospital....i am now on ozmerapole and cocodamol, had blood tests yesterday and waiting for a scan...trouble is cocodamol giving me hallucinations lol...feel like somebody taking notice at last...might be a few weeks until i have a bad flare up like this recent one which lasted a week...anybody got any advice on what they think my problems are...sure it is gallstones but would like some advice...thanks

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lesleyjoan said on 08 March 2012

i have been told that i have gallstones i have had a scan wating to see spec. in constant pain under my ribs shoulder and chest &now as the day goes on my tummy is swelling up very uncomfry it is 5 weeks since i had my scan shoud i go back to the doctors as not heard from the specalist yet ?

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dewruss said on 29 February 2012

I can sympathise with Breverton as I suffered with gallstones for 18 years and all my doctor gave me was Gaviscon and told me to take diclifenic. It all came to a head one evening when I was so bad with dreadful pain starting in my back between my shoulder blades and working round to the front and side and non-stop vomiting, my husband sent for the doctor and a locum came and diagnosed it straight away said he would arrange an urgent scan which he did and in no time at all I was in hospital waiting for keyhole surgery. I would like to tell your readers that there is nothing at all to worry about with the surgery, I was only in for 2 days with no after effects and that was in 1996. I understand that they send you out the next day now do dont worry, just get it done. I must add that after 15 years I am now getting a bit of a problem again but the doctor says it is normal and I must keep off any fatty food.!

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Breverton said on 04 February 2012

I've recently been diagnosed with gallstones - apparently my gallbladder is full of them and, like others on this page, my GP (someone who only saw me twice for five minutes a time and is very cavalier about the removal of an organ) seems very keen to have my gallbladder taken out. I'm not that keen, particularly as my symptoms aren't really that painful - it's mostly just a discomfort - a bloaty feeling in my chest that very occasionally develops into a cramp around my upper chest which lasts for a few minutes and makes feel bad but eventually passes.

I don't have a loss of appetite - if anything, I'm even more rabid for food than ever. I get occasional stomach aches and some grumbling every now and then. I also get very occasional "head rushes" - again, not severe - just enough to notice. These aren't listed here as symptoms of gallbladder problems. Has anyone else suffering gallstones ever experienced stomach aches, head rushes or an increase in appetite?

I guess what I want to know is if these are problems associated with a dicky gallbladder or if I should be exploring other options with my GP.

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KarenMS said on 05 December 2011

I had my gall bladder removed 10 weeks ago and have recently returned to work. Tonight after going out for a meal I immediately became unwell after finishing the meal (gammon, egg and few chips) The pain was unbearable and exactly the same pain I had before my op! How can this be when I have had the stones removed? I was sweating, unable to drive, or stand or do anything the pain was so bad. When I began vomiting the pain subsided and I was able to get home. I am wondering whether I had better return to my GP tomorrow to make sure there isn't a stone still lodged somewhere!

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Walkfar said on 29 November 2011

I had pain, light stools and dark urine and when I went to walk in I was admitted with jaundice caused by gallstone blockage.

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User590456 said on 07 September 2011

My Gallstones give me pain and a large amount of gas which I end up belching out to relieve the pain.

Things that help me are:

1) Belching, posture and pushing the shoulder blade into the body or lying on that side/ then swapping sides if sleeping.
2) Take peppermint tea, you can get this in tablet form too if you don't like the taste.
3) I got prescribed Mebeverine tablets to stop the gut from spasming - this reduced the gas generated and reduced the pain. The consultant described this as the gut creating a foam which allowed bacteria the best conditions to create gas. (This helped me the most).
4) Avoid too much fat, but do eat fatty fish like mackeral. If you don't you will be sick anyway.
5) Cucumber juice is supposed to help, I eat more.
6) Onion helps me either in a hot meal or on a sandwich but not too much in raw form. I eat a lot of fried onion (works for me).
7) I avoid sugars, like sweets, chocolate, too much bread. I guess these simple sugars feed the bacteria causing more gas to be generated - which means more pain.
8) Eat moderately, never eat to being full,, but eat often enough to keep your system working most of the time. Again helps me. For example I'll eat something around 8-9pm when I begin to belch again.
9) Your whole system is disturbed and unlikely to be absorbing all the vitamins and minerals it needs so take a multivitamin tablet or three. I'm just about to start this policy because I realised the number of foods I no longer eat because they give me a problem like bananas - yet I need potassium.
10) I avoid citrus fruits as they give me problems.

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Ryan Curtis said on 02 September 2011

I've had symptoms of biliary cholic for about 6 months (although i didn't know that that was what it was). Then 6 weeks or so ago i had a massive cholocystitis attack that lasted 4 days. GP sent me for an ultrasound and sure enough 1xgallstone. I've a follow up meet with the GP on tuesday but .. my job ends on Friday and my accommodation ends with it. So I'll be technically homeless and unemployed ... I think I'll ask abuot the medication route first .. couple of months on those .. while I'm getting my life sorted out.

Think I'm having a 'mild' biliary attack now (hence why i was on this site). Had a very small amount of tuna in sunflower oil (my diet sheet says i'm allowed it once a week) - but i drained 95% of the oil anyway ... been virutally fat free for 6 weeks and lost 17kg! So I've got the pain, but luckily no raging fever like last time ... Will add sunflower oil to my never list.

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scarl said on 05 August 2011

Hi Everyone, i was diagnosed with gallstones 18 months ago now after having an attack, and a scan showed gallstones. However during this time i have only had the odd attack and painkillers took it away and i have eaten, pretty normally, over indulged at xmas, the odd curry here and there but i am a follower of weightwatchers and so 90% of the time i eat healthily.
This past couple of weeks i have had terrible attacks which occured after everything i ate, i am going for a mrcp scan next week to see if a stone is stuck in a bile duct, i also did a stool test at my gps request and have tested poss for H PYLORI bacteria, could this infection be the cause of my pain? most docs i have seen are keen to remove my gallblader :(. I am scared as i have never had an op. any help is most appreciated.

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SammySammy said on 03 August 2011

Hi pain9353,

Thanks for your reply.
No, I didn't have an ultrasound. I'm still waiting for the hospital to send the letter. When I saw my doctor last week, I explained to her that I can't continue like this much longer. This was when we found out that the hospital had written to them, saying they need my address and name so that they can send my appointment. It was all on the letter which my GP's assistant sent to them but they couldn't read it.

I was shocked when my GP told me that no one had replied to the hospital's enquiry. I could have had my ultrasound already! My GP said she will send it again, which was last week. She told me that she will ask them if they can give me an appointment as quick as possible. Now I'm waiting again. The good thing is that she gave me strong antibiotics and different painkillers. (diclofenac, and codeine for emergencies) They seem to work, my last attack only kept me up for 3 hours instead of a whole night. I could still feel it but at least it was bearable.

Your advice on food is very helpful, I was wondering why I kept feeling bad after all I had was a sandwich. Now I know... it had beef on it. Coffee is giving me problems, too.

I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with gastritis now, and I hope that all this will be over soon and you can enjoy life again. :-) I'll keep your advice on NSAIDS in mind.

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pain9353 said on 28 July 2011

Hi Sammy sammy,

ONe word of advice stay well clear of fatty food - takeaways, pastry, certain meant like ham,beef etc they can trigger attacks.
If i were you i would go get some stronger tablets tell doctor the ones your taking are not working!!!
I started a new job when my problems occured and i too worried about my losing my job but thankfully i have an understanding boss.
ALso have you had an ultrasound? and becareful if you take too many NSAIDS (ibuprofen/aspirin) as you will end up with what i Have which is gastritis and a little bleed. but dont worry you will be fine!

I hope that heklps

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SammySammy said on 27 July 2011

Hi tina,

I hope you are feeling better. Did you have your scan yet?

Hello pain9353,

I wish you all the best for your operation and hope that you will return to your normal lifestyle very soon.

I'm having problems for a couple of months and 5 weeks ago, my doctor finally told me that she will request a scan. So far, I didn't hear anything.

2 weeks ago, I had to call the NHS direct because I couldn't stand the pain anymore. They booked me in to see a doctor and he said it might be an inflammation. He gave me two different antibiotics and codein as a painkiller. He also said that if I get any more problems I should come back straight away. I had to go home from work twice since then and today I had the worst attack ever. (My manager knows what's wrong but I'm worried about losing my job over this.)

So I called the NHS direct and explained what happened. I was advised to take 2 tablets of paracetamol and 2 tablets of ibuprofen three times a day and continue with 60 mg of codein four times a day, even though I explained to the nurse that neither paracetamol nor ibuprofen had helped me in the past. I also told him that even codein doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm really scared and I don't even want to think about the next attack because they are driving me out of my mind. I'm also worried about what all these pain killers do to my body.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

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pain9353 said on 22 July 2011

Hello tIna

I to have problems with gallbladder and after going to and fro from my doctors and seeing my consultant im finally having my gallbaldder out. With regards to the pain i take Buscopan, diclofenac and diclofenac suppositries, mmm Trammadol, co-deine, omeprazole for gastritis. What medication has the doctor given you?
Also keep on at them about your ultrasound i was meant to wait a while but i had a severe attack and was in hospital on morphine and the following week i had my ultrasound which shows a polyp but consultant thinks it is representing a small stone!
My operation is now due end of August beginning of september and my god i cant wait to return to my normal lifestyle.

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tinawaynebrown said on 01 July 2011

I have had symptoms of gallstones for about 6 week, my Doctor has requested an urgent scan which was requested 3 weeks ago and i still havn,t heard anything. I am in constant pain which gradually gets worse throughout the day, i have constant pain under my ribs, right shoulder and my back, i also have loose pale stools which smells like baby poo which is extremely rare for me as i have always been constipated, i feel i am not being taken serious and at times i cry with the pain i am constantly tired as the pain keeps me awake at night, i do have painkillers which help a little but i always end up with a headache, Has anyone got any suggestions please.

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