Fibromyalgia - Symptoms 

Symptoms of fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia has many symptoms that tend to vary from person to person. The main symptom is widespread pain.

There may be periods when your symptoms get better or worse, depending on factors such as your stress levels, changes in the weather and how physically active you are.

If you think you have fibromyalgia, visit your GP. Treatment is available to help ease some of the symptoms, although it is unlikely they will ever disappear completely.

The main symptoms of fibromyalgia are outlined below.

Widespread pain

If you have fibromyalgia, one of the main symptoms is likely to be widespread pain. This may be felt throughout your body, but could be worse in particular areas, such as your back or neck. The pain is likely to be continuous, although it may be better or more severe at different times.

The pain could feel like an ache, a burning sensation, or a sharp, stabbing pain.

Extreme sensitivity

Fibromyalgia can make you extremely sensitive to pain all over your body, and you may find that even the slightest touch is painful. If you hurt yourself – for example, if you stub your toe – the pain may continue for much longer than it normally would.

You may hear the condition described in the following medical terms:

  • hyperalgesia – when you are extremely sensitive to pain
  • allodynia – when you feel pain from something that should not be painful at all, such as a very light touch

You may also be sensitive to things such as smoke, certain foods and bright lights. Being exposed to something you are sensitive to can cause your other fibromyalgia symptoms to flare up.


Fibromyalgia can make you feel stiff. The stiffness may be most severe when you have been in the same position for a long period of time – for example, when you first wake up in the morning.

It can also cause your muscles to spasm, which is when they contract (squeeze) tightly and painfully.


Fibromyalgia can cause fatigue (extreme tiredness). This can range from a mild, tired feeling to the exhaustion often experienced during a flu-like illness.

Severe fatigue may come on suddenly and can drain you of all your energy. If this occurs, you may feel too tired to do anything at all.

Poor sleep quality

Fibromyalgia can affect your sleep. You may often wake up tired, even when you have had plenty of sleep. This is because the condition can sometimes prevent you from sleeping deeply enough to refresh you properly. You may hear this described as "non-restorative sleep".

Cognitive problems ('fibro-fog')

Cognitive problems are issues related to mental processes, such as thinking and learning. If you have fibromyalgia, you may have:

  • trouble remembering and learning new things
  • problems with attention and concentration
  • slowed or confused speech


If fibromyalgia has caused you to experience pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders, you may also have frequent headaches. These can vary from being mild headaches to severe migraines and could also involve other symptoms, such as nausea (feeling sick).

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Some people with fibromyalgia also develop irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is a common digestive condition that causes pain and bloating in your stomach. It can also lead to constipation or diarrhoea.

Other symptoms

There are a number of other symptoms people with fibromyalgia sometimes experience, including:


In some cases, having the condition can lead to depression. This is because fibromyalgia can be difficult to deal with, and low levels of certain hormones associated with the condition can make you prone to developing depression.

Depression can cause many symptoms, including:

  • constantly feeling low
  • feeling hopeless and helpless
  • losing interest in the things you usually enjoy

If you think you may be depressed, it's important to get help from your GP or your fibromyalgia healthcare professional if you have been seeing one.

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wallcom1 said on 11 November 2014

I never realised that fibromyalgia could be a link to all these symptoms ! I have all of them ! I must make an appointment to see my doctor,although not the same one as the last time that I went,who told me that my constant joint pains were just because I was getting older ! She also took a phone call whilst I was there and waved me away to end my appointment,even though I had other things to discuss.I was fuming.
Rant over-off to make an appointment

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Lee B said on 23 October 2014

My wife was diagnosed over 10 yrs ago with fibro and recently l was,is this a first for husband and wife to get this illness at the same time on here,regards Lee

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Me in TO said on 15 September 2014

Hi To all...would like to hear of any suggestions on how to deal with what I think might be Fibro....I read some of the comments and i am experiencing some of the same symptoms. Pain on a daily basis..I already have Tri-Germinal-Neuralgia in face and suffer from additional pain through out the body...Don't look forward to sleep as my body hurts even when laying down or sitting. My doctor has sent me for blood tests, MRI's,Cat Scans, consultations and has been wonderful in her help...still no definitive answers. Like many who have posted here i'm up and i'm down. Wish I had some answers. My wonderful supportive wife is worried I'll either be in a wheel chair or dead before her....every day poses a challenges on whether I can even get out of bed to get to work...Any suggestions would appreciated

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Chris b 48 said on 26 August 2014

Hi does any one feel that fms has affected there marriage ,I feel that my husband thinks I am such a kill joy too tired to do any think ,the more he makes me feel like that I get stressed then I feel worse ,some times I just wished I lived on my own no one to stress me out,

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Chris b 48 said on 26 August 2014

I have had fms since 2000 ,has any else felt this has affected there marriage,every now and again I feel my husband really has had enough I some times wish I lived on my own ,it makes me feel such a kill joy things he wants to do that I can't and that makes me feel worse .

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cheshireshell said on 31 July 2014

Despite having only a couple of symptoms of Fibro and all the classic symptoms of Rheumatoid, I've been diagnosed with Fibro despite 90% of my pain being in joints which are visibly inflamed.

An alarming number of people are being fobbed off with a Fibro diagnosis, when they present symptoms which are atypical and make diagnosis of other conditions trickier. I told friends last night and no fewer than 4 of my friends have all recently been diagnosed with Fibro too.

So many people that I know have recently been diagnosed with this, that one would think it was a communicable disease and we are in the middle of an epidemic. The absurd number of diagnoses of this condition pigeon holes many of us and makes it much, much harder to find out the real cause and delays us getting the help and treatment we need.

I don't doubt that some of my problems are down to Fibro, but only some of them. When I was diagnosed last night I was offered no further information and didn't even have the condition explained. No helpline to call, no advice on managing the condition.

Fibro is much too easily used as a catch all by lazy Drs who can't be bothered to investigate a patients symptoms properly.

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deejeant said on 05 July 2014

May sound wierd but does anyone taste menthol from time to time, or a cold sensation when you breathe in like you have eaten a menthol sweet. I seem to have all the symptoms including this...

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JCFMS said on 11 June 2014

Hi all, I just thought that I would write a comment sharing the symptoms I have with my fibromyalgia, hoping it will bring some assurance to other fibromyalgics that they're not alone.
My symptoms include:

• general pain that ranges from mild to excruciating
• tiredness, sometimes exhaustion
• hot sweats and chills
• feeling hot with sweating, or cold with shivering
• difficulty sleeping
• non-refreshing sleep
• sleep paralysis
• poor balance and coordination
• legs give way if pain worsens while standing up
• brainfog (fibro-fog)
• muscle spasm
• unable to regulate body temperature
• stiffness, particularly back stiffness
• swallowing difficulties
• episodic hypoglycaemia and tachycardia
• irritable bowel syndrome
• gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
• restless legs syndrome
• emotional instability and oversensitivity
• dizziness
• tingling
• tinnitus
• tremors
• headaches, sometimes migrainous headaches
• nausea, which occasionally is followed by vomiting
• runny or blocked nose
• sneezing
• unexplained burping
• flatulence
• episodic fever
• coughing
• anxiety and irritablily

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caz5063 said on 06 June 2014

I had an appointment with a rheumatologist and he couldn't have been any nicer than he was. He asked me to tell him what was going on and he sat and listened whilst I told him everything from the time I was cancer diagnosed just over 18 months ago to getting to feel like I had constant flu. I kept going 'off course'. He was lovely and just let me carry on talking. Even when I got upset he provided me with tissue. He then examined me carefully and thoroughly and apologised when I yelped in pain. He then told me to sit back down so we could have a little chat and then he asked me what I thought. I told him I didn't know and asked him if it is Fibro and he told me yes. It was what I wanted to hear (sort of) just so at least I knew why I was in pain. He also told me I have osteoarthritis too. Flip, I cried like a baby. Out of relief that I now knew but partly because I have had such a bad 18 months or so and can't understand why I can't get a break. All I can do now is get on with it. He did say he doesn't want to give me meds because they may not do much good in time as it will only get worse but he did say that painkillers are fine to take. I knew what he was saying and am grateful he was honest about the meds. The one good thing is that I do have a lovely supportive family even though my husband is disabled himself he worries more about me than he does himself.

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jaffacat said on 01 June 2014

Hi I'm 45 female & was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago. Probably had it for longer following a traumatic lung operation in 1983 age 14..I have been there bought the t-shirt & everything else lol. I'm currently researching the probable misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia as a parathyroid problem..which is curable!! The problem is..the research is American & there blood tests are done differently then ours!! Is there anyone on here who could help me please? I've got an appointment with the Gp tomorrow morning 2nd of June & I need to be armed with all info. Apparently 90% of Gp's will just say the figures are 'normal' but that isn't the case. Here are the test results..PTH 2.32..serum calcium 2.37...TSH 1.53 & T4 13...Thanks in advance :-):-)

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gateway9 said on 18 April 2014

Just want to say; for many medical doctors the jury's still out on the existence of fybromyalgia and if your's doesn't think it's real you probably will have a hard time convincing them ! I was diagnosed with it some time ago but the treatment offered, while helping symptoms, didn't otherwise suit me. Anyway, when the stress I was then under settled a bit the symptoms abated. Looking for answers to my general aches and pains this evening turned up this page and know I have most of the symptoms, know that my very helpful GP would try to help me with them but as a nurse my own jury is out on this ! I think I believe it's an illness and the symptoms are very real and need treating but not sure what to do myself. Just wanted sufferers to know that it's not that easy to make a diagnosis or treat but any GP who doesn't react with sympathy and understanding to the very real pain and distress of this is not worth the name of doctor ! I know mine would all be helpful in the practice and my own registered GP would be brilliant but I'll probably just keep struggling on. Good luck to all of you whatever happens for the future !

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BHPAUL said on 13 April 2014

for the past 6 months my wife been hell to live been a long term suffer of arithris and suddenly back in september went all strange on me depressed telling me she didnt feel the same way about me have been together for 15 years with really strong relationship. up still christmas we battled through since jan she got worst wont let me near her wont even sleep in the same bed everything my fault i mean everthing she went to doctors and was told she got fm since this she constantly denied having it even though we have nhs letter which confirms this she now move out because she cant cope with the symtoms and me telling her she needs to get medication to help will not accept any help from nobody and says i want be on my own its seems to me its driving her brain mad depression anxiety over stressed and wont accept any thing wrong just want know has anybody else got through this with there partner please please

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Jamie1972 said on 27 March 2014

I strongly believed I had Fibromyalgia. All of the symptoms listed here were exactly me.

I had a blood test and it was identified that I have an Under Active Thyroid.

If you think you have Fibromyalgia it might be worth having a blood test and ask your Doctor to check your TSH levels.

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Belletoujour said on 14 March 2014

me again ,i thought id give a list of my true symptoms
lack of concentration
forget where im going / what i was going to say .
tingling in hands/feet -tingling in arms and legs
severe headaches/migrains
sleep deprivation
irritated by noise and light
back spasms
find i'm more sensitive to hot and cold
hot and cold sweats
restless legs.
waiting on xray results from neck and chest as gp thinks i may have carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome.. will keep you all updated after mri results come back ...... take care everyone ..

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Belletoujour said on 14 March 2014

hi kay1357,i had might aswell ,rewrite your story as i am experiencing the same.ive had test after test,, pelvis, hip,chest ,neck xrays, none of the gp's will "put a label to my symptoms". its been established that i have ibs,depression,anxiety...yesterday i had a slight tingling sensation starting at the nose and slowly working to the left of the face ,was so worried i tried invane the nhs direct so many times as my gp surgery had closed,anyway went to gp who carried out various tests ,asked me raise my eyebrows -then told me it looks like my mouth seemed to be lower on the left eyebrow hadnt moved ,so bizaar. he actually asked me if its all in my mind ,then said he'll organise an emergency mri at neurology dpt, then said if i get unusual twitching or slurred speech to go to nearest was bad enough that i reach max 3 hrs sleep ,im now so so can ask the gp for a sicknote for depression and anxiety ,im currently recieving ESA.
its so wrong that you need to rely on your own research . i dread going back to gp for anything as hes made me
feel silly,making me question myself , i know my body best,,,,,,,,,

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kay1357 said on 13 March 2014

My own GP doesn't seem to think I have Fibromyalgia, although a nurse practitioner in the practise and another doctor in the practise changed my medication and it clearly stated on the prescription "for fibromyalgia " my own GP keeps putting depression or joint pain on my sick notes !!! I have missed so much work over the last year that I have given in my notice at work and finish at the end of March. I cannot concentrate properly even when I do get into work and my memory is shot . I suffer from complete exhaustion, pain in numerous places which varies from joint to joint, my sleep pattern is not good, I am either constipated or have the runs, I went through a bad period of itching all over my body and have suffered from depression. Some days the pain is so bad that even after getting myself to Waitrose to try and shop, another customer just nudged me and the pain that went through my shoulder had me tearing up and I had to return home. We will struggle on just my husbands wages but I have worked for 41 years and paid into the system and my added worry is not being able to claim any benefits. Has anyone else had this problem and may be able to advise me please.

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Alison1974 said on 18 February 2014

Morning all. For years I have suffered with back problems which led to me having surgery in 2007. I was told I would be back on my feet again within 6 months but 3 months later the pain came back. I also suffer with depression and have done for 20 years. 2 years ago it was diagnosed as Bipolar, but I don't have manic episodes, I'm constantly down. Around the same time I started having troubles with my stomach. I had my Gallbladder removed then I was diagnosed with Chrones disease and had surgery to have part of my colon removed. At the time of being diagnosed with the Chrones I was taking Diclofenac for pain relief, which I was told to stop as this had caused the Chrones. As soon as I stopped I started getting severe pains in my legs. It would start at the hip and move to the groin, thigh, knee, calfs, ankles and the soles of my feet. I have been referred to doctor after doctor until recently my own GP sent me to see a Rhuematology specialist. After a very painful hour of him pulling, poking and prodding he deduced that I am either suffering with Chrones related Arthritis or Fibromialgia. He sent me for X-rays and blood tests. He is also going to contact my Chrones doc. He gave me a booklet on Fibromialgia and I couldn't believe what I was reading. Everything on the list I'm suffering with. I am in constant pain, I'm lucky to get an hour or 2 at the most sleep at night, in fact I can't remember the last time I actually had a full proper nights sleep. I go back to doctor in 4 weeks for definite answers. My family and friends have been so worried for me and all I want to do is end my life because of the pain, no sleep which then makes me more depressed. I also have the Fibrofog which is terrible when I am trying to talk to someone. The itching is a nightmare also. I'm praying the doctor can come up with some sort of pain relief for me. I struggle to eat anything with the Chrones, dizzy spells etc. I desperately need a way out of this.

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smiffy2311 said on 06 February 2014

I too have just been diagnosed with having Fybromyalgia after over 3 years of feeling ill. I have been going to my GP about all of the individual symptoms which started with severe ankle pain and hot flushes but was told I was pre-menopausal although I was only 39 at the time. I have been suffering with ankle, knee, hip and elbow pain, have shooting pains and crawling sensations in my legs and suffer with awful tiredness which is really affecting my job as a care assistant as it is very physical. Work have been very good and have let me cut my hours and have given me lighter duties but I am really worried I will have to give it up altogether. I am always exhausted when I first wake up and can hardly stand in the morning due to the pain and stiffness in my ankles, feet and hips, and I walk like a 90 year old for about half an hour until the pain is bearable to go downstairs. 3 weeks ago I decided to change to a different GP within the practice and she was amazing and told me that she had looked at all my visits over the past 3 years and suspects I have FM and sent me straight to the hospital for blood tests to rule out anything more sinister. I am due to see her tomorrow morning to find out the results, so fingers crossed I will finally get some answers!

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suparky1 said on 03 February 2014

I have just been told I have fibromyalgia and I am so upset about the whole thing, I haven't really told many people because some friends and family don't understand. I have a 2 and 3 year old and I am really struggling, my husband works shifts on a 4 week rota and out the hours up to 13 hours a day or night. I have read some posts and just hoping that I can manage the pain and sometimes when I get up I walk like an 100 year old woman. I am going to start execrise more if I can, to see if that helps.

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novax12 said on 23 January 2014

following a car accident, resulting in severe whiplash i have been told i have fibromyalgia. thanku other driver who couldnt look were he was a home carer.legs stiffen up hands dont always work.i lose power sometimes.forget a decent nights sleep thats in the past.i set my alarm an hour early in the hope that i can get moving in time for work.severe headache constant need to go to bathroom forgetfulness but the worst thing is the pain.still trying to get a regime of painkillers that are effective but dont give me a poor husband is worried sick about me .feel so bad about that.

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yehbut said on 21 January 2014

painfulbuddha said on 11 May 2013

yep painfulbuddha that sounds about right
has do many of the comments here ,

Catt5 said on 08 October 2013
catt5 and a few others.
dont ask for a 2nd opinion demand you want one from some one more knowledgeable ie i would like a referral to hospital please,and dont take no or any other reason as an answer.

its also amazing how the words "duty of care" can get things done.

someone asked about benefits fibromyalgia is i understand a reconcilable condition by the DWP
read it here

also good info here for all benefits and esa pip etc

hope my above links stay put

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Kerry40 said on 20 January 2014

For a couple of months now I've been feeling rubbish. My dr recently ran some blood tests but all came back either normal or satisfactory. He did this to rule out thyroid, arthritis, etc. Most mornings I wake up I feel so sore, stiff and achey I feel like I've been run over by a bus. I'm constantly shattered and never feel like I've had enough sleep. I seem to have good and bad days. The pain rests in my joints - neck, fingers, back, etc. I've lost interest in doing some things either I haven't got the energy or just feel so tired. My worry is that my dr will just tell me I'm depressed. I'm seeing him next week but despair I won't get this sorted. Surely I'm not imagining this. I wonder if it could be Fibromyalgia as I'm guessing this wouldn't show on a regular blood test?

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leaporlepor said on 03 January 2014

I was born with internally deformed feet and the pain I have been gettin over the last 8 years was put down to my birth defect pushing other joints out of line. I have been finding that the pain has been affecting parts of my body that should not be affected due to an extention of that problem. I went to the doctors recently in full body agony and could barely walk even with my walking stick. My doctor has now diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and changed my pain medication. It is early days and have seen no change with the new medication but I won't be up to my full dose for a few weeks now. The diagnosis crushed me as I have only recently accepted my reduced mobility due to the problems with my feet. My family are upset also as it seems a low blow so to speak. My ray of hope is the support that seems to be out there that I didn't get with a nameless deformity. Even though I feel terrible mentally I am hoping that I will learn to live with this sooner than the 27 years that it took me for the other. I can even use the lessons that I learned 3 years ago at pain clinic. There was a woman in the group sessions that had fibromyalgia and all in the group learned the same skills but tailored to individual conditions. I can adapt what I was taught and some of the bits specific to her and hopefully that along with better medication will help me to again get some semblance of stability in my life.

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geekgirl101 said on 27 November 2013

I've had a long history of obesity, migraine attacks, insomnia, IBS, and I'm unable to bear children. Just a couple of years ago I began noticing sharp pains in my neck and shoulders, muscle tearing sensation in my upper arms, and joint pain in my fingers. My doctor put it down to RSI and posture pain. But it kept getting worse over the years despite me trying to take precaution on how I sat and how often I used a computer. I noticed the pain was then migrating into other areas like my wrist and lower arm, side of the hands, my upper arms felt like they got shot and the bullet was still there, my feet were sore too as if something heavy landed on them, the back of the ankles, the shins, and right up the leg near the groin area. The leg hurt so badly one time I couldn't walk and in my attempts to go down stairs I stumbled and fell all the way down. My doctor brushed it off again as a frozen shoulder and gave me arm exercises which didn't help at all. Last year I noticed I was feeling exceptionally tired, often falling asleep in the afternoon, I put it down to it being too hot or winter setting in. My migraines were playing up frequently as if I hadn't slept in days. I revisited my doctor again just a couple of weeks ago in absolute pain. He suspected I dislocated a shoulder despite the pain being in both arms and sent me to A&E. After they ran a couple of simple tests on me they came up with Fibromyalgia since they weren't able to associate the various types of pain, pain sensitivity, sleepiness and anxiety with a single cause.

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loutaffy said on 15 November 2013

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which in one way was great to put a name to what was wrong with me. tied all the time didn't want to be here no more had enough of the pain to weak to do anything .went to the doctors the other day cause the pain was getting to much and he said well u have got Fibromyalgia I was like what is that and plus how long have I had this as no one has ever said :/ to me about it but when I read up on it, I was hoo my god its like reading my life I thought great for once I can put a name to it all as I thought is it all in my head as one doctor did tell me that once :( anyway what u all have put has helped reading it all thanks to everyone that has put there story has been a great help xx

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George Q said on 22 October 2013

I am recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I put the condition down to post surgical trauma following my gall baldder removal in February (Thanks for that NHS)

I have been to the doctor about my symptoms and have blood test after blood test only to be referred to a rheumatologist who then asked my a load of questions and then confirmed i had the condition.

Any online symptom checks did the same thing so I a surprised that it took my GP so long to put two and two together.

Another side effect of my surgery was that my weight was increasing and not stabilising, no matter what exercise I did or diet I stuck too. I then came accross the wheat elimination diet and this has stabalised my weight and had a massive impact on my pain levels in that they are virtually gone.

So perhaps worth investigating for yourselves.

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Reubensgrandma said on 22 October 2013

Hi, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia nearly 3 yrs ago , I worked full time in a job that I loved but struggled more & more each day with pain & forgetfulness that they finished me with poor health , I also have a stoma which I struggle with due to it not working as it should . I was being treated for depression by my GP who kept telling me depression can cause pain , even thou I kept telling him I only started feeling down because of the constant pain etc , I saw a different (younger ) GP one day ( I was told my my rheumatologist that a GP under 40 is more likely to consider fms than an older GP ) and she referred me to a rheumatologist , who sent me for lots of tests, all came back clear she did the pressure point test and because I had more than 18 painful points along with other symptoms I was diagnosed with fms , it is such a relief just knowing that you're not actually going mad and a name for your symptoms , I now take a cocktail of pain killers pregrabalin being the main one , they dont get rid of the pain bub take the edge off , each day is still a battle with such a variety os symptoms this illness has , my husband is really good helping me whenever he can , financially we are struggling , after battling to get ESA I eventually was given it earlier this year , I have to go for a medical assessment each yr , but because of the shake up with benefits it is becoming harder & harder to get / keep ESA , dial told me to apply for DLA and helped me with all the forms but I was told that I wasn't entitled to it , because even thou I am in constant pain i can walk more than a set area the trouble with the forms is they are set yes/no answers which as you all know fms has such a range of problems that vary each day it's hard to answer a lot of the questions pacificly , I hope this helps & answers some of your queries , xx

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Catt5 said on 08 October 2013

What do you do if you can tick yes to most of the symptoms but your doctor will not believe you and just dispenses usual medication? My doctor,who I have to see, not allowed to see the other doctors in the practice as she is my doctor! I have painful legs, extreme tiredness,depression, IBS symptoms .I'm only being treated for depression only. I was sent to physio for my knee ,it;s still not better.My toes cross over each other and I have cramp in my calves all the time, painful hips down to feet .I also have problems in my hands which another doctor years ago said was carpall tunnel syndrome but ops on hand didnt work.
I have begged to be referred but she just dismissed me ,I have not been back since last year .I've lost all confidence in doctors now!

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Jackie Gilmore Crowe said on 13 August 2013

I find this so interesting reading this. I was struck down with a flu 2 and a half years ago and ended up with 4 months off work due to what GP said was "post viral fatigue" I had to do a phased return back to a job that I love dearly- working with teenagers with learning difficulties. 2 and a half years later (June this year) I took another flu type illness to end up exactly the same as back then! After loads of blood tests I am told "post viral fatigue" again. I don't have the constant nerve pain that some people get but the exhaustion is unreal, I get breathless, neck pain, I gauge my day when my boyfriend asks judging by the size of the imaginary knife sticking out of my left eye, my leg muscles ache just walking upstairs. I don't know if I have this disorder but then I'm not sure. I asked to be tested for ME and my GP just said "I think post viral fatigue is a better name for it" I am still off work and know that I will be for some time. I think i can do stuff when I get up in the morning but once I do something like hang out a washing or have a shower I have to sit down to recover. I am 47 years old and when out in public often have to have a seat, I don't go out very often but when I do I feel about 90 it is really getting me down, I also off and on, have the anxiety that many people are mentioning that they get, it's awful. I am normally a very very busy working mum (fortunately my son is 17 so can help me around the house) who goes to the gym, body pump, cooks and gardens for a hobby etc I am now reduced to doing basic things it is really getting me down. I wish there was something I could do. I can't believe that GP's are ignoring these things.

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Cat69 said on 01 August 2013

Message to HOLS15

Tell your doctor you want a referral to rheumatology!
I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for years but these last few, I've been totally exhausted, and ache all over constantly...I tried to tell them it was more than depression...but I was just ignored!

I'd had issues with my knees and wrists for years, and they were getting worse, so I wanted them to look into referred to muscleskeletal unit who then referred me to rheumatology...went today...had a bettery of tests to rule out fibro, but she is pretty sure I do have it...

My point being tell them you need a referrel...make up an ailment in a joint or something and they have to send you elsewhere!! Hope it helped Hols15

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Hols15 said on 16 July 2013

For the past two years I have been having these symptoms and every time I visit my GP I'm told I'm depressed and given anti depressants. In the past year I have finally given up hope of finding out what it is as I feel I'm not being listened to and even feel like my family think I'm making it up. I went back to my doctor 6 weeks ago as I had been having palpitations for 3 weeks after seeing a locom went back to visit my normal doctor who again told me I was depressed even after my mum speaking to her and telling her that I am down as can not get an answer to this. The pain is unbearable today so much so I want to cry but feel I can not talk to anyone as they think I'm making it up. I have an appointment booked on Friday so think its time I showed my doctor this. Has anyone else found it hard to be diagnosed with this? I think the problem I face is that as I had postnatal depression which shows up on my notes they put it down to that and I have tried over and over again to explain that I am very happy with my life I have a supportive family and 2 happy and healthy children and am completely at my wits end with this

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superee said on 20 June 2013

As I have read more and more of the comments, I see that there are so many people that understand what I am going through. I did feel all alone although I have people who are very understanding. So to everyone out there that has left comments and are going through what I am, at least you know you aren't alone and there are people out there that know how you feel. Like so many say, they hide behind smiles etc as it's easier than having people think you are either a hypochondriac, just a moan or worse that you are weak. Although I have mental health issues as well as all the pain etc, I still have a bit of inner strength, which we all do and need to deal with this every day.

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superee said on 20 June 2013

I just wanted to say to '3caratbabe' that I feel exactly as they do. I also liked the comment at the end and although I haven't read all the comments yet, feel that I am not alone as someone also feels as I do. The humiliation of relying on others to look after me, pensioners walking past me and I am only 43 now. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago, although have had it longer. It is getting worse and I often feel I can't cope any longer with the symptoms, but have to. I am just lucky as I have very understanding members of family and friends and the best partner. A Rheumatologist can diagnose if you have this condition, which is a real condition and any GP's that say it is just depression should be reported in my humble opinion. Hope that 3caratbabe can feel better knowing that they are not alone!

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fenwoman said on 21 May 2013

I have all the symptoms and when I mentioned this to a doctor at my local surgery he told me that there is no such thing as fibromyalgia and that it is just another name for depression and since I wouldn't take chemical antidepressants I didn't have it!
If doctors refuse to acknowledge that the condition exists what hope is there for sufferers?

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pool lady said on 13 May 2013

i spent five years going backwards and forwards to specialists, doctors and pain clinics, i was given lots of medication and even warned of depression, i had scans and Xrays, whilst i had damage it was not enough to cause the pain i was told, i was advised this it was just going to get worse and here is more drugs, i was written off, however i was then recommended to this consultant they looked at my scans and could see the cause of the pain, i was on crutches and in constant agony, 4 months after they operated (key hole) I was off crutches and pain dramitcally reduced, , i am now back working full time, the best ease of pain i have found is a hydro pool, it takes the pressure off all joints. Dont give in life is not meant to be spent sat in a chair in pain

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painfulbuddha said on 11 May 2013

I suspect that I may have either fybromyalgia or ME. On the few occassions that I have mentioned it as a possibility to NHS physios, GPs and pain / back consultants, I have been made to feel that they don't want to even consider the posibility. I feel that any mention of it seems to make them suspect I am a malingerer.

I have had terrible stiffness for a number of years. 8 years ago I hurt my back at work. Every year since then I have had a few days off work because it has gone into spasm. In January 2012 it went into massively painful spasm in the middle of the night.

Since then I have had 2 MRIs that show 2 disc prolapses and degnerative disc wear, but nothing that should be causing the pain, stiffness and spasm I get.
When I mention to specialists that I get spasm, pain and stiffness in areas other than my back, I have been told that the symptoms are not possible because the disc damage is too low.

Before my back went badly, I was diagnosed with depression and although my stiffness, tiredness and nerve pain were very much a part of this, I was just told by the pyschotherapist I was referred to that physical symptoms are not in her remit. At the end of the psychotherapy course, she told me that I am the only client she has failed with as she failed to find the cause of my depression.

I am at my wits end. I had 4 months off work last year because of my symptoms and am still not working full time. I love my job and spent years training and fighting to get where I am. All that is slipping away as I cannot take up new oportunities and am struggling to manage just 3 days a week doing easier work that is below my pay grade.

My career and marriage are both under threat. I have had to stop many of the activities I previously enjoyed. Time not working is just spent recovering.

Can anyone give me advice about how to get a medical professional to take the ME / Fybro possibility seriously?

Thanks for reading.

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AmandaJHoare said on 29 April 2013

My Story

I havent been diagnosed with this yet however, after numerous visits to the accident and emergency clinics. I have finally had suggestions of whats wrong.

The last 2 weeks I been back and fore to hospital with heart palptations and terrible back pain. It started off for no reason. I was sitting in the car and I felt as if my chest had sunk, I let it go until the night where I felt funny I had a burning sensation through my arms and chest anf then I started to have palptations. I went to hospital spent most of the night there, everyday since then o been worried thinking I might experience it again. Drs at the hospital think it may be anxiety. I then went in again and saw a brilliant dr who said that I am likely to have anxiety, I told him about I always have achy arms, back, neck and so on this is where he suggested the fibromyalgia.

I never heard of it before so when I came home I looked up symptoms amd so on, I ache everyday for the last few years but pain is getting worse. Heres a list of what I get:

-top arms
- bottom arms
- collar bone
- tightness at back of neck
- shoulderblades
- bottom of back
-legs in general
-cold and hot flushes
- fingers
- palptaions
-muscle twitches
- wrists
-I rarely get headaches
- hands
- back aches
- stiffness

The pain varies in severity. I use about 2 tubes of deepheat/cool gel within 5 days. Im fed up of the pain hope I get a diagnosis soon . I wouldnt carw if they told me I had this atleast I will know what it is and I can learn to live with it.

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debbienmatt said on 05 November 2012

im back at the doctors tomorrow after months of back n forth mainly with headaches and was on a group that someone mentioned fibromyalgia or MS, these are the symptoms ive been having and got worse since feb - headaches, dizziness, weakness in arms and legs,aching burning or painful chest, shoulders, back, hips, legs, feet, arms and hands, mood swings, depression, panic atacks, bad memory, struggle with speaking sometimes seems slurred, dropping things and not able to grip sometimes, spasms in my hands, arms and back, cold hands and feet, constipation or loose bowels, weight gain, nausea, cramps, weeing more, waking up tired. any comments or advice x

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3caratbabe said on 20 October 2012

I am increasingly getting worse with the symptoms occurring more & more. I have 'moments' (crying) as I call them so randomly. The loss of independence is cruel on anyone & limitations of everyday things is a major part of my depression. Working is becoming more and more difficult due to the pain, tiredness, headaches lack of concentration or even remembering what you were to do two minutes after a thing was asked of you. My mother who is 36years older than me can walk further with more ease & also manage to carry her own shopping bags.This can be so embarrassing when we are out shopping together. The sensitivity to light, noise etc is hard for people to understand when you try to hide away from it. I feel I am coming round to the idea that I will never be cured but I do try to pace myself through the day to help my symptoms. Keep our chins up and smile through the pains x

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moirab said on 01 September 2012

My husband was diagnosed with ME and Fybromyalgia a feww years ago and has experieced similar to a lot of you with regards to GPs! He has many of the symptoms all of you mention but the worst one just now is loss of balance and dizzieness. Do any of you have these symptoms?

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sazelle said on 13 August 2012

Hi I have been having diagnostic test since October 2005, I have now been told that I have FMS, Bursitis in my right hip, and hypermobility in hands elbows and knees. I was given painkillers which left me feeling really spaced out and I have to drive 30 miles to work each way so I chose not to take them, because o f this I just feel really unsupported, I am constantly tired and feel upset like the world is against me! I want to do the exercise but the pain is horrendous the next day ( this is just walking on a treadmill) because I don’t have time off and I don’t take painkillers my employer just thinks I am a moaner I work in a call centre so I am sat in one place for long periods of time. I am at my wits end now!!! I don’t understand brain fog is that were you just drift off?

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missy8 said on 06 August 2012

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 16 years ago when i was 27 and that was after years of being in pain and feeling exhausted all the while. i had a small break of about 5 years where the pain wasnt so bad but now its come back with a vengence!! luckily my employers are quite reasonable and got me in touch with occupational health. although here i am again today off work through the pain, hardly able to move and this time its affecting every joint and muscle apart from my feet!!! my days off from work at the moment consist of me being ill so not good. painkillers help for about an hour but dont get rid of the pain completely. and yes i suffer badly from brain fog (which i didnt know about until i read an article about 2 yrs ago), i just put it down to old timers lol. as fo dla i didnt think fms sufferers could get it. well hope we all wake up one day and have no more pain :) cus no-one realises theres anything wrong with us cus if you're like me you put a smile on your face and suffer in silence.

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nannacamper said on 18 July 2012

I have been suffering from these symptoms for over 20yrs, It has gotten worse in the last 12yrs, I had spinal surgery hoping this would cure my pain & for awhile it did, but then all sorts of things started, extreme pain in my neck shoulder arms and knees, blurred vision (which I had tested for glaucoma) severe headaches put down to migraine, now I am in pain all the time, I take sleeping pills but don't sleep, if I turn over the pain starts again, I cant seem to find a comfy position at all..I loss the use of my hands just doing the most simple of things.. and that scares me, as I have scalded my self a few time.. now my beloved hubby does most thing for me.. and I feel helpless, I cry a lot these days.. but I hide it from those that are dear to me..I have always been an active person, a biker and ex nurse, now I feel so low that I just cant be bothered with anything, I am going to the doctor again tomorrow hoping for a diagnosis, and I am at the pain clinic on the 27th of this month. I am now preparing myself for the future, getting a bungalow rather than the house I am in (I crawl up the stairs) and a walk in shower will be better than climbing into a bath(which I fell doing).. I just want to say how glad I am that I can now understand what is wrong with me and that I am not alone..and that I am not a hypochondriac which is what I am sure the doctor I had last thought.. I have now change my doctor and this one seem to understand what I am going through.. well that felt good to get off my chest even though my hands are locking up.. take care and gentle hugs to you all.. <3

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Magwitch said on 24 April 2012

Summerdelight: contact your local branch of DIAL. They helped me get DLA. I get the lowest rate care but the highest rate mobility, possibly because I also have spinal damage from an accident plus cervical and lumbar spondylosis.

I have had FMS for many years now, and have found that prescription painkillers do not help at all, because the FMS pain is neuropathic. I take St John's Wort, which does help as it increases serotonin levels, but this MUST NOT be taken with any form of SSRI or antidepressant! My muscle and ligament pain is helped by a hot power shower, and gentle exercise. Repetitive movement should be avoided, as this can cause muscle cramps. I find that a halogen desk lamp helps the depression and brain fog. The major thing is to stay positive. Until my accident and the onset of FMS I had a very active lifestyle, walking, rockclimbing etc, but now I have an 8mph mobility scooter, which means I can still get out and about and retain my independence. As an ex-biker, I'm a good rider, so I use it mostly on the roads.

My diet is mostly vegetarian now, with low sugar and no alcohol or caffeine, and I find this helps. I also avoid chocolate!

I have days when all I want to do is lie face down on the floor and die, especially when it's cold, grey and windy, but I will not give in. I have a great-grandson to keep amused today, so it's on with the waterproofs and on my bike!

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summerdelight said on 04 April 2012

Hi i also have fm i am still working i find work very hard as it is very painfull, also feel very tied. But like most people have said not a lot of GPS do or say much about it, i tried saying to my GP i am not sure how much longer i can cope with working but he said nothing i thought i would get advise on what help i coild get ie benifit od DLA.
Does any one else get any of these for FM?

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Emmyloules said on 01 March 2012

Oh and I also get numbness or tingling in my hand often, occasionally my foot and restless legs some nights.

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Emmyloules said on 01 March 2012

After reading all of this I am really wondering if I have this. Like many of you I have been to the doctor repeatedly and actually dread going now as he puts everything down to anxiety and I'm sure he thinks I am crazy! I had many of the symptoms already, IBS for years, aching muscles even just going up the stairs, upper back pain, but since an operation 3 months ago it has got much worse. I was extremely stressed as we didn't know what was wrong but it turned out to be endometriosis and a simple cyst on my ovary. Since then I have been in pain from head to toe but mainly down my right side which is strange! My neck, shoulder blade, ribs, hip, knee all hurt and the muscles around them. I also feel really breathless and wheezy though which is strange, I am going for an asthma test soon, its almost as if my lungs 'bubble' but chest x rays come back clear. I am always tired, I have brain fog and my vision is blurry (only in the right eye of course!) I ache even just to hold my 2 year old son or to walk up the stairs. I am sensitive to touch too for instance by bra straps hurt me especially under my armpit. Strong smells irritate me as does loud noise. I bruise so easy too. I am currently waiting to see a neurologist after going to my doctor, again, and forcefully telling him it is not just anxiety! As I was experiencing symptoms before my emotional stress related to the operation! I am just so fed up and scared I convince myself I have something bad and then I get worse.

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McDiarmid said on 29 February 2012

Hi, I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome and fibromyalgia in 2005. I used a stick then and the next year I bought a four wheeled walker with a seat as I was getting tired and in a lot of pain while shopping. I was having a lot of problems with my periods and had to have a total hysterectamy. Since then I have been diagnosed with bladder problems and they want to give me a stoma which I said no to after a lot of thought. I have now been diagnosed with ibs and I am now wondering if I will keep getting more things wrong with me. I now have a powerchair to go out and about with which helps a lot.
Since I have been diagnosed I have had a lot of nurses and doctors being nicer to me . I take tramadol, amitriptyline at night I also take medicine for my ibs and stomache problems.Life is hard but I rest when needed and try to be sensible.I have given up anything with caffine and aspertame and try to eat sensibily.

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vonnie52 said on 25 February 2012

this chronic pain is so hard to bare at times i do find exercise helps alittle i do zumba and afterwards i am totally exhausted so hot bath and bed is all i can manage the pain is daily so most days is a struggle i also find if i do too many things in the day brain fog is worse so is the pain so its still trial and error for me

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diddle said on 24 February 2012

Hi I was diagnosed 6th July 2011 i am 46 and i feel so depressed it has totally taken over and changed my life i look ok most days quite normal whatever that is but its the pain all over the stumbling about the brain fog just coping day to day is really geting me down and i put on a very good mask for family and friends but they dont really understand in fact unless you have got fibromyalgia i dont think you would. my sleep is a joke i go to bed at 11 and am up at 5 but oh how i wish i would have slept that long i get about 2 to three hours and am like an old women when i get up. I am on amitrptilyne, citralopram co codamol and 20mg pain transdermal patches and still no rest bite, i cant ever see me working again not how i am i miss having my 2 grandsons i just cant cope and i am so low at he min i jus want to cry. I have a good family and my gp is the best she is so understanding but they havent got this awful thing called Fibromyalgia sorry if i sound depressedbut i need to let it all out and looking at this site i think alot of you feel the same.I too love laying in a hot bath and also have a chair massager with heat and thats nice for a bit but you cant do that 24/7. oh well one day we could all feel better but i do say there is always someone worse and that works for a while lol take care all you fellow sufferes.

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Fats4290 said on 23 February 2012

For about a year now i have noticed my body hurts alot more when people touch me, like a hug will feel like a huge bear hug and my arms chest and back will hurt for a while, my back started hurting alot more and my neck too.
But recently it has become worse, when my boyfriend touches me it hurts and he gets annoyed alot of time and feels like i am rejecting him but i am genuenly in pain and i end up getting annoyed with myself for being a "wimp". I have sleepless nights, have started taking sleeping pills to help but its not working i still wake up tired, i read that maintaining a active routine such as running or doing some sort of exercise regularly could help in the long run, any comments on that?
I am so lost i don't know what to do to help myself, my doctor hasn't really helped so i've taken it into my own hands to research it, just wondering what other do to help themselves who have this?

thank you :)

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andria333 said on 18 February 2012

Hi everyone iv just been reading through the posts and a lot of you would like to talk to other sufferers, if you are on facebook there are some really great groups. i found this site last year and its great for realising your not alone lol but after finding the facebook groups its helped me a lot to have daily support if needed. if you search fibro on fb there are many groups. i wish you all the best and hopes this helps a little :)

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vonnie52 said on 31 January 2012

i was diagnose 4mths ago and i am so glad to have found this site i am in agony daily i am so glad all my children are grown up i would not have cope if they were young this fatigue total exhaution i have been off work nearly a year and i cant see how i will ever work again my neck shoulders back my knees its endless agony and no one believes me because i look so healthy friends have said,i realise now that i have had this condition since i was 23 i am 52 now it all started with pain in my neck but being a mother of 3 i just got on with it and ignored the pain for years as i have got older now i cudnt ignore it no more my whole body is in agony from my toes to my scalp i am living on tramadol but it doesnt touch the pain exercise i do zumba 5days aweek it does not help my fibromyalgia at all but i keep on with because i need to lose some weight most days i have to lie in a hot bath to try and ease the pain when i say i do zumba 5days aweek its more like 3 really some days i am so exhausted i cant get out of bed i would like to talk to other people with this condition because no one else understand my gp are good but they didnt go into any details with me about this condition they gave me some info on it and as left me to it really i have research alittle into this condition and its depressing and the brain fog it would take me all day and nite to talk about that

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gezzeee said on 29 January 2012

Hi everyone, i feel so much better after reading your posts as i now know i am not alone, i have been diagnosed with fibro since 2010 but have had symptons since 2000, i have been to the dr so many times with so many aches and pains and not one picked it up until i saw a young locum one day, she was very good and referred me to the hospital for tests to confirm her diagnosis.I have to work as well so can not take the usual antidepressants and tramadol as it makes me feel like a zombie, turned down in the past for dla but life is a nightmare always in constant pain all over but you have to get on with it people look at me and when i tell them i am in pain all the time you can see they dont beleive me.. cant get comfy at night as have had constant pain in my left arm for 6 months its agony if i dont drop off in 10 mins i have to turn over and it starts all over again, lucky if i get any sleep all night, i fall asleep on the bus on the way to work let alone on the way home, i want to sit and sleep at my desk but i have to fight it by walking to the loo. i too am constantly sweating to the point of embarrasment and i can not stomach anyone smoking near me the smell makes me sick. I just hope that one day i will egt up and feel like i used to in the past and for more understanding from fellow humans

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JaneyAlice said on 13 January 2012

Hi everyone. I guess I'm a bit of a hypochondriac but after looking at the symptoms of this condition it seems to make sense of how I've been feeling. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitus four years ago and have since experienced trouble with sleeping and neck and back pain. I related both of these things to my UC but within the last year I've started to get a ringing in my ears and feeling tired all the time. My sister passed away just over a year ago, could this have worsened my symptoms? Is how it started for everyone else? I want to go to my doctor about all this but I guess I just want to be sure I'm not just making it up in my head. Thank you.

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foxesmad said on 05 January 2012

I have struggled with most of the symptoms of this condition for years without diagnosis. When referred to a rheumatologist I was told that I had mild to moderate arthritis in the joints he examined. All the other problems were put down to depression. I have now been referred to the sleep clinic, and the series of tests is taking months without result. I have fallen asleep at the wheel, and am under performance review at work - the fibro fog takes a grip and I feel helpless which only adds to my stress. And still no diagnosis!

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jhayes said on 02 January 2012

ive read all your comments and so sad alot of them and pretty much say the same thing....lack of understanding by people and yet again doctors.please change your doctors.i had my dla refused on renewal because of my doctor..even though he said i wasnt in pain lol etc on the form..even though he referrd me to pain clinic and to wheelchair services obviously i am appealing as i pointed out its contradictory..if i get dla back or get refused i am writing a letter to my doctor and hand delivering it no matter how ill i am.he needs to know he is shocking dr and also i have many instances and i will give name of other fibro patients he has treated badly..1 being an old school friend; i will then change my doctor.theres no secret that it will be a struggle especially if you cannot work...but you have to fibro has progressed now they say it doesnt but thats to save government and nhs can be progressive in some cases..i am in a wheelchair..need carer..never been lazy always been active and wont have anyone saying im lazy when ive been more active in the past more than theyve ever been.i mean who would exchange a 34k a year job for a £67 a week benefits...i always say i woudlt wish this on anyone but i would like my gp and the other skeptical doctors to experience it not for a day but for a year...and me be their doctor ;-) and treat them with the same rudeness they have me.thats karma! anyone need to talk to me i will keep checking back.we need to stick together.

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jhayes said on 02 January 2012

well said Madijo!! exactly! majority of the medical profession are very dismissive of fibromyalgia...yes even this day in age.this includes neuros and rheumatologists and especially gp's.i havent had 1 good gp who treats me with any sort of humanity.i am treated like a cow in a cattle market...sneered at,...laughed at on a few occasions..i have been in tears many times with i cry but i get angry and wont be told no.your doctor has a duty..he os payed handsomly..keep going back.i will be changing my doctor again but not until i have sent him a letter.alot of gps have no bed side manner anymore and are only in it for the money..i mean gee when i was bedbound my gp wouldnt come out to me because i had been to the dentist a week before!!!!!...nopw we know its fluctuating illness he shoudl know better but sadly they dont and they dont want to know.if they cant treat it with anti biotics...paracetamol..or drugs they get paid for pushing on you they really arent bothered.funnily enough when i needed flu jab they were willing to come out lol..why?..because they were getting paid for it lol.anyway i digress...if youre not happy with your doctor change them asap..we are genuinely ill dont let anyone pull you down.also if you arent getting a great service from your doctors there is now a service on nhs choices where you can leave reviews on your doctor...go for honest..leave a review for doctors in the uk that have been rude and rubbish towards people who have fibro ... let them see we arent happy and that we wont go without a fight....or at least a bad review so other people can see how bad the medical profession is getting in this country.

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lovelylea said on 13 November 2011

Hello Samkia7

We are all here to help each other any way we can. I'm at moment having fibro-fog inability to concentrate. They are people out their who think we are all mad and there is nothing wrong with us just coz they cant see whats happening they think its in your head.
They dont realise how much pain we going through day in a day out. It makes me so mad that some people are so ignorant to the illness.

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samkia7 said on 10 November 2011

I had an operation 10 years ago and ever since the symptoms started , first one pain then another and so on just like others have explained , i was told eventually i had Fibromyalgia and only things along with pain killers that i down all the time is drugs that knock me out , which i wont take anymore , which angers my GP, the last year things have even took a different turn , i have started sweating as some have said in their posts at the slightest thing which gets me down and migraines i am having at least two a week which are taking it so out of me and of course you worry and your mind plays tricks telling you its something else even though the GP assures you its migraine only , i along with pains in arms & legs neck etc get terrible pain going down the sides of my nose and even in my teeth and sometimes ears even though they can never find anything wrong with them , but my face is in agony ! I am feeling so bad and worrying so much at the moment & could cry as i try to write this which is making my arms & fingers ache so bad , i feel so alone with this and having found this site i just hope people keep writing about how they feel etc as this has given me hope reading things i can relate to , so keep posting your comments please . I am going to contact my GP again ! & ask about going to the pain clinic as i have read in some of the comments posted . I feel finding this site a glimmer of hope as said lots do not understand unless they suffer and even though i would not wish this on anyone it is a relief to be able to see and read there are others suffering like myself and will understand just how painful this is ! Thankyou & best wishes to you all !

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mrsellgee said on 08 November 2011

Hi Everyone
I have had another trip to my GP who still cant or wont give me a diagnosis of any kind although she did mention that consultant may think I have FM.. I finally got stronger painkillers too (naproxen and dihydrocodeine). I still have the burning pain and struggle to sit or walk for more than 10 mins. I have a physically demanding job and am expected to lift people up and down stairs and push and pull stretchers etc I really do not know how I am ever going to be able to do that kind of work again as most days cant lift a kettle or even hair brush when pain bad.. I also struggle now terribly to drive for any length of time, pain in arms and legs not to mention neck and shoulders. I also worry that I am losing my mind, I stop at traffic lights and seem to forget to start moving again! People will say Hi and I seem to stare at them blankly for a mo prior to responding. Here I am now writing this and my arms and shoulders are burning(pain) and the neck is stiff and sore, thats just after a few minutes. I really do wonder how my family put up with me! I hope the consultant whom I have an appointment with on 1/12 can help me. I have gone from working in a full time demanding job and being a busy working mum to someone who struggles on a daily basis to do anything including getting out of bed somedays. Hope you understand my frustration, I'm sure most of you have been in a similar situation.. Take care x

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lovelylea said on 04 November 2011

Hi All

Hello dragon lady sorry you feeling bad but not all doctors recognize F.M but you have to keep going to the doctors telling them about the pain the fatigue. It can take years before you get told you have it. You also sound like you have M>E which is chronic fatigue illness. Hope this help you in some way.

It took my doctor a year of test and mri scans before he told me i,d got F.M

Soft hugs and cuddles for all xxxx

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dragon lady said on 02 November 2011

Hi, I think I might have fibromyalgia. I have suffered with a long term mental illness for many years due to a childhood of abuse. For three or four years now I have been going to the doctor with one pain or another but despite tests including an mri, nothing has been found and I was told to go home and get on with it. I have quite a high pain threshold so am lucky that it is not completely ruining my life like so many of you but it is a constant nag of pain making life difficult at times. I have been spreading out my visits to the GP telling him about one symptom at a time because I didn't want to be seen as a hypocondrac. It has now come to a head as I now have difficulty in wearing shoes due to the pain in my left ankle and the Fibro-fog has begun to set in with my children asking what the hell is wrong with me. Tiredness comes like a giant tsunami and no one seems to understand. However I can only find a couple of the pressure points and wonder if indeed this is what I have. I don't know what to do next. Any advice would be helpful.

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mrsellgee said on 31 October 2011

I have been signed off work since May due to chronic pain. I have 99% of these symptoms and yet my GP cannot give me a diagnosis...I am now awaiting an appointment with a consultant at the rheumatology clinic, I also am on thyroxine for underactive thyroid, as well as atenolol for atrial fibrillation. I am 40 and feel like 90 most days, I struggle to get out of bed, need help to wash and brush my hair, cant even use hoover most days due this burning pain in arms. I feel like I have been beaten up. I feel so depressed.. dont know what to do. Glad to see peoples comments on here at least I know I am not alone.. Some people just cant understand that just because I dont look ill that I am feeling awful and in constant pain.. One day in my shoes then they may understand. I only hope that this consultant does something as the only pain relief I am being given at the moment is paracetamol and ibuprofen which does nothing to ease the pain... Rant over.. Take care everyone

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lisakirby said on 20 October 2011

hi im 35yrs old my doc told me that i have fibromyalgia i have bin in alot of pain for bout 6yrs know and they just kept sayin all diff things 2 me am so glad that have finaly got an answer i can say it is not very gd havin this sort of pain and i wish u all well xx

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lovelylea said on 20 September 2011

Hi Nicjayne78

Keep going to doctors repeating were the pain is how chronic it is. It took me nearly a year to convince my G.P. I had a accident on the tram in sheffield, At that time i was the conductor, we hit a car on the tracks and i went flying right down the tram hurting my back badly i now walk with crutches having a wet room put in, in place of my bath room and i;v been told i will never work again. So good luck with getting diagnosed.

Hope all are feeling ok. Hugs to all x

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Nicjayne78 said on 19 September 2011

Hi all

Looking at all the symptoms above I am convinced that I have f.b as I have chronic pain which started off as costochondritis but has since progressed to wide spread pain as well as feeling low and having issues sleeping and a few other things. My GP has already sent me to a arthritis specialist who said that I have hyper mobility in my joints but I'm not convinced that is the problem. They did mention it could be f.b but apparently the specialist checked some of the pressure pointe. I am just so frustrated I don't know what to do. X

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happy 1 said on 11 September 2011

i was diagnosed 11 years ago. irecognise myself in all the above. i wont venture into my history as it is set out well above. i have been down every route possable to find relief from this hiddious illness but i have recently discovered therapy that has done wonders for me and helped others to my life is improving i have energy! ihave less pain its not a cure but i feel so much better in every way .

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fibroman said on 06 September 2011

Hello all, I'm a 40 year old man and started with fibro over 3 years ago and I have had a right battle with the NHS as a whole to get diagnosed with FM, it was only from my persistance of going to the GP constantly and doing my own research that I finally got a specialist to diagnose me, I must have had every test under the sun, xrays, nerve conductive test, MRI scans you name it I've had it, I'm now under the pain clinic for the 3rd time after being fobbed off twice before and they're now offering me acupuncture, they're staring it in my right arm to see how it goes, as thats where the most pain is, if that works they're going to start it on my left leg and neck, I've been told that it will more than likely reduce the pain there by about 30% which as got to be better than what I'm suffering now. I have also had a contail of drugs and have tried them all I'm sure. I also have inactive thyroid which doesn't help with fibro. Throughout this I have carried on working but it's very hard.

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lovelylea said on 05 September 2011

Hi all,

How's everyone doing?

Feeling really down today, i had to stop work because of a accident at work. I then get told i'v got F.M and M.E so not going to beable to go back to work and since i'v told my work mates none of them have talked to me in any form like facebook, texting and phoning its like i'v fell of the edge of the world. Hate it when this happens yet when i see them they talk to me so two faced and i cant deal with that. Just goes to show who your friends are.

Ok thats my moan over a done with not going to bother with them anymore if thats there game.

Bye for now gentle hugs to all xxxxx

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Madijo said on 02 September 2011

I hope that one day very soon, someone working within the NHS or government reads some of these comments and realises that Gp's aren't doing their job as effectively as they could.

They are highly paid after all their training, so if they are specialising in a particluar field, why aren't we able to access this information and make our choice accordingly, ? We can do it for hospitals. Then we would know if they are going to be bothered about our condition. Simple. Common. Sense. ! It wouldn't waste our time or theirs.

I have been trying to find a knowledgable Gp now for over 15years, who knows a helpful amount of information about it. Stress related conditions require sensitivity and understanding, and Gp's are the first point of call. Why then have I developed anxiety now and increased symptoms at the mere thought of going to see my doctor.

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lovelylea said on 01 September 2011

Hi All,

Razor3ad glad i could help. Dont think any one as recovered its a long term illness.

My day to be upset and grumpy, as any one ad really sharpe pain which goes from bum right up back and makes legs and feet numb. I'v been having these for last two days i now cant get out of bed and with my bladder trouble having to wear pads that are rather large. Moan over.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Love and gentle hugs for all xx

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razor3ad said on 29 August 2011

hi lovlylea and thanks for your advice. its 07-05 hrs and ive had 3 hours "sleep". i am now keeping a diary of the pain as you advised, on a 1-10 basis of the pain i am experiencing, a 1 being uncomfortable at best to a 10 being where i feel like kicking the doctors door in and not leaving till something is done,unfortunatley a 10 involves me not being able to move, my wife karen (bless her she puts up with me and never complains and i would be dead without her) sees me reduced to tears regularly and i worry what effect my illness is having on her health and mental well-being. i have found that a powerfull hot shower aimed at my neck and spine seems to help a little...i wouldnt wish this condition on anybody......does anybody who is diagnosed with fibro get cured? or at least get to where they can lead a decent life?..i have to stop our grand children from visiting alot as i dont want to scare them as they are only 3 and 4 years old and i dont want them to see me when im having a bad time...anyway thankyou for letting me let some steam off and, for everybody whos suffering today i hope you can all tolerate it and if i could take your pain away i wishes to you all

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lovelylea said on 28 August 2011

Hi all,

I do hope you are all well in a sense. Razor3ad keep going on about it when you go to see GP it took me ages to get it through to my doctor. Take notes in with you saying how you feel and how much pain you in.

Well im in so much pain at more goes right up my spine, my arms and numbness in fingers.

Ad to cut out a few foods as they make me sick at times.
Been trying to watch my weight now and iv lost 10lbs so pleased with myself.

Well take care gentle hugs to all xxxx

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razor3ad said on 26 August 2011

hi, my name is ken and i have been told by a friend who has been a nurse for 24 years that she feels my "condition" is definatley fibromyalgia.
i have been suffering for over 3 years and my doctor either doesnt understand or hes not interested. i am suffering probably about 23 hours a day. the pain killers and other pills help a little bit but not much....the question i have is how do you get your doctor to diagnose whats wrong?..i have done alot of looking into what my diagnosis could be and fibro certainly fits the bill (i have all the symptons) if anyone could advise me i would be very gratefull as my doctor seems to think fibro doesnt really exist and im imaganing the pain!!

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jackmyrna said on 26 August 2011

hello everyone, hope youre all having a "good day ? "
i have had fibromyalgia for 12years. it took 3 years to get diagnosed. Most days i feel tired and achey to some degree but there are days when i cannot function at all ! My speech becomes slurred and i cannot be bothered with anything because of the pain. Lots of people think i have a great life not working for a living !!! this infuriates me, i used to work 13 hours a day running my own business - do people think that i enjoy feeling like this ??? i wish i could be "normal " and resume my life again. Has anyone heard of any new treatment plans recently ?, if so, i would be gratefull for some information on these. Thank you.

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lovelylea said on 13 August 2011

Hi all,
Hope you all feeling well. I.v not been to bad just very tired with having M.E and F.M. The drugs i take make me sleepy as well. I am now having a walk in shower room as im having trouble getting in my shower now which is over the bath. Finally got some crutches to help me when i am out and about. and my lovely hubby as got me a recliner chair which helps me stay up longer instead of going off to bed early cos of my bed that we had made special for us with a extra thick memory foam matteress.
Gentle hugs to all take care x

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JUSTJACKO said on 08 August 2011

Many products we eat and drink today contain Aspartame (Nutrasweet; Equal Spoonful; Candarel etc. If you suffer from fibromyalgia symptons, you should stop taking any of these sweeteners, Stop drinking soft drinks such as diet cola as these products not only cause fibromyalgia symptoms, they help you gain weight. Why is aspartame dangerous, according to Dr Robets in America, when the sweetner is heated to 86 degress F aspartame converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. This methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. Whilst multiple sclerosis may not be a death sentence, methenol toxicity is!

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misery said on 01 August 2011

Hi all,i hope you are all ok.Itry and catch up most days with the messages and have to say how sad i was to read the message from GUMPIE.i am sure most of us are on Anti-depressants because of this illness but GUMPIE they also help calm the nerve endings that is more the reason for us taking them,and they will help you feel a bit better in yourself,you will not be branded MAD like we have all felt. I have always gone along with the idea that we have to try everything or else we will never know.Anyway try and keep in touch with us all so we know how you are getting on

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lovelylea said on 28 July 2011

Hi Misery,
It was a great stress off my shoulders, thought i was going mad and wasting the gp time. I hope now i can get to control the pain the best way i can. Sorry to hear you having a badtime at mo. I wish GP were a more open minded with fibro and a listen to patients when they are telling them there in pain all over and stop taking years to say you have F,M.
Hope you start picking up a little in the future. take care to each and every one with fibro. xxxx

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misery said on 28 July 2011

Dear lovelea, It is such a relieve to be told a diagnose isn't is12t that you want to be told you have an illness it is just that you know you havent been complaining all this time for nothing.A fter 12yrs of having to take time off work so often i was iLL Health Retired off and 22 operations later was diagnosed with Fibro 2yrs ago. Now i obviously have had help to manage it the best i can,hopefully you will be able to do the same.let us all know how you get on

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misery said on 28 July 2011

Dear lovelea, It is such a relieve to be told a diagnose isn't is12t that you want to be told you have an illness it is just that you know you havent been complaining all this time for nothing.A fter 12yrs of having to take time off work so often i was iLL Health Retired off and 22 operations later was diagnosed with Fibro 2yrs ago. Now i obviously have had help to manage it the best i can,hopefully you will be able to do the same.let us all know how you get on

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gumpie said on 27 July 2011

Hi I have had Fybro for about 4 yeras now. There are days when I feel quite "normal" but two weeks ago I had an awful flare up and was aching all over. Three months ago I took an overdose as I didn't want to live with this pain anymore. I was taken to hospital and my stomach was pumped seems I can't even kill myself properly. I have not told anyone of what I did as after my brain fog lifted I realised that wasn't the way out.

I am still working, its a resposible managerial position and enjoy it, but sometimes getting up in the mornings means rolling out of bed onto the floor , which does wondrrs for my knees and then pulling myself up.

I am coping at the moment with painkillers but refuse to take anti depressants as I am not depressed I am in pain.

To think that this will never go away makes it look like a bleak future for me. I want to run and swim and go canoeing and abseiling like I used to. To make matters worse I also have diabetes and also my bladder is infecting all the time, I also have IBS,

So if anyone feels better than I do count yourself lucky, I will keep on working until my brain no longer functions. THis is what scares me most the days when I can't be as sharp as I used to be.

I don't think i will get much sympathy from my bosses but I am going to print out what Fybro is and hope for the best.

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misery said on 27 July 2011

Hi everyone,i hope you are all coping ok. i am on the downhill tread again,am feeling so tired which tells me i am in for a few days of feeling like my body dosn't belong to me,ie,spaced out,irratable,feeling like someone has turned a tap on & drained me of everything! I would be interested to hear how you all are?

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Twinno1 said on 23 July 2011

hi there
i have just found this website and have just registered with you.
i was told i had sero-negative arthritis a few weeks ago but i'm not sure i agree with this, i have been seeing a rheumatologist for years now and it seems as if she nevers listens to all of my symptoms and only listens to the pain related symptoms. i have been doing my own research and i think fibromyalgia seems to fit alot more than SA. getting kind of fed up of the trips back and too to the rheumatologist now. last time i saw her i told her about my fatigue and the RLS, i have also lately been showing signs of IBS which my twin has so it most likely is. i also have very bad jaw pain, and from previous research bruxism (teeth grinding), is also very common in people with fibromyalgia. going back to see her in a few months so i think i'll definately be telling her my other symptoms and make sure she listens this time!

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salchic said on 22 July 2011

Hi, this is my 1st time on this site so please be patient with me ha ha!!
I would just like to say, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 weeks ago. It all started last November after having flue virus. My G.P did not have a clue what what was wrong after doing all the normal blood tests etc and they were all fine, so I decided to do my own research via google. I went back to my G.P and told her what I had discovered and could it possibly be this? She then reffered me to Rhemotology clinic to see the main consultant whom deals with Fibromyalgia. He did a test on me which involves pressing lightly on 18 parts of my body and I scored 18/18 positive. He said It was 100% Fibro. So for those of you who are getting no where with your G.P, tell them to send you to a rheumatologist who specialises in this field. It is a poor job when you have to do your own homework and diagnose yourself but as G.P`s now seem to train in certain fields instead of ya old fashioned general practitioner whom used to train in everything, they now dont. I hope all this helps and I apologise for my bad spelling.

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lovelylea said on 13 July 2011

Hi all,
Been to dr today and he still not will to say i have FM what more does he want im in pain day in day out. He upped my morphine to 30mg as well as pregabaline at 300mg and morphine liquid 4 times aday.
I am also been sent to a pain clinic again. Not so happy again. :-(

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lovelylea said on 09 July 2011

Hi Misery,
Like you i check every day on the comment. Be to asda this morning total washed out now, and very irritable at the slightest thing my husband say or does so you not on your own. I cant take sleeping pills with been on morphine but would love to have them and get a good nights sleep because i cant get comfy and the pain sending me mad. To turn over in the night i have to wake my husband to help me turn over, which is not fair on him. Hope you all having a good day today. ;-)

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misery said on 08 July 2011

Hi,Lovlylea,sorry you are having another bad day.As i read the comments daily ,i have realized how lonley this illness makes us all feel.I have been to the shops this morning but now i am utterly washed out & am getting irratable at the slightest little thing,i would be interested to hear if other people get like this.Ihave also taken note on the restless legs problem & i have to admit that although i dont like to, i take a sleeping pill every night as i was not getting any sleep at all "pain clinic suggested it to me"so at least i can now get a few hours sleep of a night which obviously helps.Keep plodding everyonexx

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misery said on 08 July 2011

Hi Loveylea, sorry you are bad again. You know the more i read peoples comments the more i find how apart from the obvious pain, how lonley it makes u feel. I went out to the shops today to get a few bits but now i am so tired ,i feel like i have run a marathon.Do other people get so tired?

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Annibel said on 07 July 2011

I am finding the pain so unbearable now-can't do anything and making me even more depressed and anxious than I was already. Can't sleep properly at night but can crash for a couple of hours per day on the settee! Most days I'd rather not get out of bed because it all starts again. I have recently lost my Husband who was my life and my main support so feel very depressed with it all. Not sure what to do!

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lovelylea said on 07 July 2011

Hi Misery, Thankyou for the comments you put on and letting me know others who are in pain all the time do care. xxx Having a bad day i fell over bruised badly on by backside. Pain is just unbelieve today. xx

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misery said on 05 July 2011

Hi Lovleylea, sorry to read how bad you are feeling if it is of any consolation,that is how i feel when i have my bad days! keep going just don't think you are on your own as i promise you that we understand. Big hug.

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misery said on 05 July 2011

Hi;all you fellow sufferers,

i thought i would share with you how miserable life is again. I am having one of my “i am so tired i don’t know why i am even bothering living weeks”. I don’t want to talk walk breath or live just want to sleep but can’t even do that because i know when i wake the pain and the tiredness will just start all over again.I am so glad to be able to share with people who understand.

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lovelylea said on 02 July 2011

I ad a bad accident and never got over it, pain is unbelievable day and night i'm never out of pain. I did say to my gp i had heard of fm and could i be suffering with it. Got told go away the pain is in my head.If the gp thinks it is in my head way am i on morphine, pregabalin . What the gp doesnt see me trying to get out of bed, trying to turn over in the night, getting into the shower ect, all done with the pain everywhere you name a part of your body it hurts. The pain is so pain i ask my husband if i could have my legs cut off. Im at the end of my tether with it now.

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jhayes said on 12 June 2011

i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago at the age of 29.i was fit healthy very active before..never stopped.over the last 2 years i have gone down hill rapidly..all m.s tests etc clear.i feel the main problem sufferers of fibromyalgia have is having a bad doctor/specialist.i have only even been met with negativity and a doctor or 'specialist' who will not diagnose with a name and i usually get the quote marks when they say fibromyalgia.what they seem to fail to understand that for someone who has been in pain for 10 years and not knowing what illness they ahve a diagnosis can be a relief..and this diagnosis does not enable us to be disabled but completely the opposite..we can help treat ourselves or at least help ourselves on the basis of knowing what illness we possibly have.if you have a good doctor thats great but they are few and far between in the uk..especially with invisible illnesses.the doctors should also learn that we do not develop fibromyalgia because we are depressed but we develop depression due to the fibromyalgia and the pain etc.they would not talk about a cancer patient like this why talk about a fibromyalgia patient as if it is all in the head?...every illness has different levels of pain and the medical profession should not judge one person over another...pain is pain at the end of the day.cancer...fibromyalgia...m.s etc. anyway i just wanted to state that the medical profession should be more symparthetic or at least less judgemental of people who suffer from an invisible illness...fibromyalgia can be made worse by stress and the medical profession doesnt help this when they sneer and huff and do not listen.we are people who are not lazy and if they bother to listen alot of us have been very very active before fibromyalgia..oh and exercise isnt alwasy seems it is always test book quotes like exercise...etc like we dont know and havent tried many times.just listen to the patient they know their body and not to judge,

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heidi_4862 said on 15 May 2011

I have just been told i have fibromyalgia, and it was quite a relief to be told im not going mad. I was fit and healthy till i had an accident at work, I had really bad pain in my knee and hip, and was told they could not find why, this was 4 years ago. I also feel like i have no energy and ache all over and also have problems with my bowel, my eyes are itchy and have dry eyes, and cannot cope with bright light and cannot drive at night. but am glad im not mad, i have learnt to pace myself
and not get to independant on painkillers, I will not let this win, i have a lot of support from my husband and children.

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bouncingbabes said on 15 April 2011

Hi everyone. I am really glad I found this, it has made me realise that I'm not alone not just the constant cronic pain, but the fact that most of you have got a not so helpful, understanding GP. My GP just told me that all I needed was sleep, I get if im lucky 4 hours a night, has been like this for past 22 years. My Fibro its at its worse now than ever, I get up walk about for about 3mins then have to sit, then have to go to bed for a lay down the pain is very bad, not only that but I feel like all my energy has been taken from me within minutes off getting up. I suffer terrible headaches that can last 3-4 weeks. I have 6 other medical complaints, which most are related to the Fibro.

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PAFC said on 27 February 2011

I haven't been diagnosed - but everything I have been reading suggests that I have had this syndrome to a greater or lesser degree since I was quite young. I have always been photophobic, hyper-sensitive to sounds, over-reactive to stimuli that most people find normal; at 40 I developed blinding migraines that would put me to bed for 5 days at a time. I have had long periods of food intolerances that took a lot of managing. These days I get shooting pains almost anywhere, dreadful tiredness for days at a time, sore scalp, burning mouth (mainly fruit, which is a dietary worry), numb face, slow mouth, giddiness, peeling finger and foot skin, painful skin on toes, legs, thighs, butt ( I have to wear my undies inside out because the seams hurt); the occasional migraine still with fortification spectra or an achey eye; sore eyelids; pain on moving from rest ... you name it. I was born with forceps, have had things fall on my head a few times, and had two caesarians (one nearly killed me.) And a total hysterectomy in 1989. So it's a rough ride. Do I have Fibromyalgia? Seems like it to me. Is it worth going to my GP when so little is understood so far?
Rev Pam Crane, Llandudno

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clairehiggins said on 20 January 2011

hi i have fibro and have only recently been diagnosed so i thought why not keep an online diary and see if that helps me and anyone else

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jubedu said on 07 June 2010

I have had all the symptoms of fybromyalgia for over 20
years but on the whole have ignored them as best as i could taking copious amounts of nurofen.

The doctors at our surgery will not give any ailment anyone suffers from a name as they feel i suspect that one may try to claim a disability benefit.

I work 6 hours a day in a fairly active role and i am now finding i can barely walk out of work when we finish. Once home i spend the next few hours trying to get in shape for tomorrows stint at work. My weekends consists of the same, so my life is just work and recover.

I am sooo stiff in the morning it takes about 3 hrs to get going. I cannot bath or shower (the shower is over the bath) until i have mustered up the necessary flexibilty to stride into the bath. I have osteo arthritis in my lower back,hips,kness and ankles but this i feel is now in my neck,shoulders and hands. I get fearful stabbing pains in my feet which makes me cry out in pain and the same pain in my thumbs. Then to top it all i have severe and i mean severe restless legs syndrome. So when i come home from work in agony the syndrome will not let me relax so i pace and pace and pace and cry and cry and cry until it decides to give me some peace.

I take 2mg Ropinirole for the restless legs which completely knocks me out for 5-7 hours , which, without this there would be no work. I had a massage once,paid for by my daughter for my birthday which was great and helped me feel betterish for 2 days. i cannot afford to pay for massage myself as i am low paid and earn just enough to survive on. the massage can only be done between the hours of 12noon - 2pm as after this time the restless legs kicks in and b4 that my legs are sooo sensitive i cannot bear to even wear clothes.

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Nasia said on 17 May 2010

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago.Now I have 2 children.One son who's 14 years old and a daughter who's diagnosed with autism.My pain gets worse every day.I recently heard that scientists are close to finding the pill to cure fibromyalgia.Have you heard of it?

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paula5650 said on 07 May 2010

hi i have suffered with fibromyalgia for 21 years, ihave had problems with doctors all my life, they dont seem to know how to treat you . Where i lived before i used to get a lot of help from the pain clinic but since i have moved home the pain clinic at this hospital after being transfered to them, discharged me and said there was nothing they can do for me. Ihave been on pain killers and antidepressants for pain for years but the last 4yrs have started sweating obsessively and had breathing problems,had a scan but my lungs are clear, so now my doctor keeps changing my tablets around to see if that helps but i feel a lot worse. i feel the doctors dont have a clue so dont want to bother, can you tell me if anyone else has had any of these problems please and what they did, or if you can give me advise thankyou.

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pat16 said on 18 April 2010

Hi Just to say that reading your stories makes life a bit more easy to deal with knowing I am not alone. I was diagnosed over 12 years ago but mostly told it was all in my mind. I have lived on tablets for years now but still can,t get the pain under control. I take 4 different types of medication daily besides using the eye drops for the dry eye sometimes connected to Fibro. and of course the stomach tablet. Since the death of my husband six years ago I go out very little. Mostly that is when one of my daughter in laws can take time off work to take me to the doctors, dentists, etc. I sometimes wonder what all these tablets are doing to my health. I have spent hundreds of pounds on alternative cures to no effect. Some days I can,t walk and others I can,t sit down. The longest time was 18 weeks when I couldn,t sit down and I was exhausted as even lying in bed was very painful and my legs swelled up to three times there normal size. Along the way I feel that the medical profession as treated me badly. One doctor even inferred I was just being lazy although I had worked all my life and brought a family up. I don,t have the same amount of tiredness now that I did in the beginning when at times it just felt as though somebody had pulled a plug and my energy just disappeared. That,s the only way I can describe it. I sometimes cannot wear clothing and have not been able to wear anything on my legs at all since I started with the condition. I have found a doctor at the local health center after all these years who seems to understand what I am saying but as you have to see any of them I can,t guarantee always seeing him. My condition seems to alter daily even hourly so no forward planning can be made. I do seem to get one good day a month but can,t sustain it longer. Some doctors have told me it will burn itself out but I think it will burn me out first. Sorry to go on but I feel a bit better for getting it off my chest. Best Wish to you all

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Sue K said on 04 April 2010

I am also glad I have found this site. I dont feel alone anymore. I have had fibromyalgia for over eleven years, the last year it has got a lot worse. I am on long term sick from work, some days I cant walk and have to be in my wheelchair. I have problems getting in and out of the bath and even washing my hair makes my arms ache to the point I am in tears. I am so tired all of the time and even a simple conversation with someone can leave me worn out. I am trying to fight this but every day now it gets harder and I am so worn out I dont think I have any fight left in me.

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Borisina said on 23 March 2010

Starmufc - hope you are feeling better than in Nov. just a glimmer of hope for you - eight years ago I was the same couldn't walk etc. I had a terrific GP at the time and this is what happened: I was prescribed anti anxiety pills to calm the nerves and the depression that at 36 I could not do anything but lay still like a cabbage. I took and still do Trazadone - a sedative that makes me have eight hours undisturbed sleep. I had two years of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to learn to live with pain and how to push the boundaries in excersise knowing I was safe. I changed jobs - my employer caused it so they had to remedy it by offering me a much less stressful job and I did a six hour day for four days a week the fifth day I slept so I could have some better time at the weekend. Two years ago I was "cured" and did the Run for Life in May; but it's still there in the depths and I get tired easily so: I still manage my life very differently. We moved so I had a relaxing environment to live; I changed jobs and work from home most of the week now and earn half of what I did but it is possible and much much better. I look after myself by going to very very gentle yoga, meditation and relaxation including body massage and sessions with a cranial osteopath. I see friends and I have pets. The best advice I can give is find what makes you happy and build as much of it in to your life as possible. CBT taught me that my mind can control my body and my pain - if I train my mind to get my body better it will. If that's not for you go to the London and Oxford Fibromyalgia and ME clinic supported by Guys hspital - google it and read the testimonials of those who have been treated there and see if that helps your decision. I hope this helps, it's not easy and still isn't but if you can beleive that you can improve - just a little each month - you can get a better quality of life back.

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babzi132 said on 22 March 2010

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My symptoms got worse after the birth of my son in 2008 when i was told i had sacral joint disfunction due to pain in my hips and sciatica. I was previously told i had IBS after the birth of my daughter in 2004 but it turned out not to be the case either.
I have trouble with memory now, my main pain is down my left side but cannot sleep for long on either side due to the pain. I get morning stiffness, pain in my hips and buttocks, numbness in my left leg and sweat with exersion performing simple household tasks. I lost my job in feb 2010 due to ill health and up until that point had been hoping to be able to return to some kind of work but now have to content myself with finding the energy to look after my two young children and keep my house. I have been struggling on for 2 years and have yet to experience a period of feeling well. I feel very lucky to have found this site and have found inspiration from a lot of the shared experiences on here as i know that i am not alone.

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Starmufc said on 10 November 2009

I believe that I have had this since I was very young. I have recently been diagnosed after my symptoms became so severe that i am now so bad that I have to use a wheelchair. I have days when I cannot get out of bed, I have to be carried to the bathroom, my family have to do everything for me and for most of my life I have been told I have had, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, depression etc etc. I am not depressed and don't really think I have ever been but when you can't get out of bed, when everything hurts and when you have absolutley no energy then the Doctors immediately say it is depression. Even now with the diagnosis of Fibromylagia I am constantly asked if I am depressed. I am the happiest I have ever been in many ways, I have a wonderful understanding husband and very supportive family. I get down because I can't do the things I am used to doing. I put myself through university, I have done a first degree and 3 post grad courses, I have qualified as a lecturer and a solicitor, not someone who is lazy or who does not push herself to achieve. I have done all this whilst bringing up 3 children so hard work is not something i am afraid of. I did find it hard but kept going, however in the last year and half or so my symptoms have got so bad that I cannot walk more than 10 mts without being in absolute agony, I take painkillers like smarties, I am on anti depressants but I am not depressed, I cannot bathe myself, I cannot cook or clean for my husband and children. My life has changed so much. My husband and I married recently and in March 2008 I walked for miles and miles around Paris now I can't even walk to the local shops. I know this is a long rant but feel I need to get it all out. I feel most of the time the Medical Practicitioners do not understand the condition, I am very lucky however that my GP has been very helpful. The Specialists at the hospital have done all they can but I am sure there is more they could do to cure me.

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TheDragonlady said on 30 May 2009

if you look at these symptoms you may (like i did) realise that these may have affected you long before the Fibromyalgia was even considered. mine affected me first when i was at school the pain,tiredness, fibro-fog, inability to concentrate, muscle spasms etc. be aware though that most people are not very receptive or understanding about the cognitive problems.

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