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Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours that grow in or around the womb (uterus). The growths are made up of muscle and fibrous tissue and vary in size.

They are sometimes known as uterine myomas or leiomyomas.

Many women are unaware they have fibroids as they do not have any symptoms. Women who do have symptoms may experience:

In rare cases, fibroids can cause significant complications, such as infertility and problems during pregnancy.

Read more about the symptoms of fibroids and complications of fibroids.

Seeing your GP

As they commonly cause no symptoms, fibroids are sometimes diagnosed by chance during a routine gynaecological examination, test or scan.

However, you should see your GP if you have persistent symptoms of fibroids so they can investigate possible causes.

If your GP thinks you may have fibroids, they will usually refer you for an ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis.

Read more about diagnosing fibroids.

Why fibroids develop

The exact cause of fibroids is unknown. However, they are linked to the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is the female reproductive hormone produced by the ovaries (the female reproductive organs).

Fibroids usually develop during a woman's reproductive years (from approximately 16 to 50 years of age) when oestrogen levels are at their highest, and they tend to shrink when oestrogen levels are low, such as after the menopause (when a woman's monthly periods stop at around 50 years of age).

Who is affected?

Fibroids are common, with more than 40% of women developing them at some point in their life. They most often occur in women aged 30 to 50 years.

Fibroids are thought to develop more frequently in women of African Caribbean origin. It is also thought they occur more often in overweight or obese women because being overweight increases the level of oestrogen in the body.

Women who have had children have a lower risk of developing fibroids, and the risk decreases further the more children you have.

Types of fibroids

Fibroids can grow anywhere in the womb and vary in size considerably. Some can be the size of a pea, whereas others can be the size of a melon.

The main types of fibroids are:

  • intramural fibroids – the most common type of fibroid, they develop in the muscle wall of the womb
  • subserosal fibroids – fibroids that develop outside the wall of the womb into the pelvis and can become very large
  • submucosal fibroids – fibroids that develop in the muscle layer beneath the inner lining of the womb and grow into the middle of the womb

In some cases, subserosal or submucosal fibroids are attached to the womb with a narrow stalk of tissue. These are known as pedunculated fibroids.

Treating fibroids

If fibroids do not cause symptoms, treatment is not needed. They will often shrink and disappear without any treatment over time, particularly after the menopause.

If you do have symptoms caused by fibroids, medication to help relieve the symptoms will usually be recommended first.

If these medications are ineffective, surgery or other less invasive procedures may be recommended.

Read more about treating fibroids.

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acd74 said on 04 May 2014

Must read. Ladies we need to stand up for our health.

I have just had a Myomectomy and Laparoscopy and I am recovering very well, my operation was 9 days ago. After thinking for quite a few years that I was gaining weight, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids last June. In all honesty I didn't have the regular symptoms, my periods were 'normal' etc. However, I noticed when I lay on my stomach I felt something hard, I thought well I know I'm not pregnant (I was diagnosed with secondary infertility about 10 years ago). I went to my gp and instantly he said that, it is fibroids. Ok, on my second visit it happens that I had to see a female dr and she was awful about it. I asked her if she had a bad and although I am a woman I don't suffer with 'women problems'. She told me that she wasn't referring me anywhere not even for a scan. Basically, I went home and cried and thought how they he'll I am going to move forward with this. In fact, she gave me some options that were certainly not emphatic with my situation. So with little choice I said to her I'm trying for a child, the Dr said to me "after 15 years you're now trying for another child". That statement shattered me. She gave me a date to return when my period was due. I never went back but, by July I was now bleeding continuously. I was so naive to my illness that I went to A&E and told the dr I think I'm starting my menopause. Again, straight away the Dr said it's the fibroids. From there on everything moved quickly for me until I had my op and do not regret it. At the scan last year I was told I had a few and big ones, at that time the biggest was 8cm. Last were my surgeon told me he removed 25 fibroids, the largest had grown to 15cm and my womb was the size of a 6 month pregnancy. I am sore but it's not nearly as bad as what I had anticipated. I think I will need a new wardrobe too.

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Btreacy said on 21 February 2014

Hi just wanted to ask anyone on here question
My mum has fibroids and has had since she had my brother in 2002 ,and was told then it was the size of a grapefruit, but recently she felt it was getting bigger and her stomach was swollen a little more (bottom right of her stomach) so she went to the doctors . The doctor didn't even ask her anything about her fibroid and just assumed it was bowel cancer, she's now awaiting a referral letter to be seen at the hospital. She doesn't have any symptoms of bowel cancer and any symptoms she has are those of fibroids. Do you think it could be the doctor over reacting or has anyone heard of this kind of diagnosis? Would like to know as I'm going a little out of my mind at the minute

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binker said on 25 January 2014

Agnus Cactus Result!

Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience of fibroids - I had been having heavy periods for a while and was prescribed a Mirena coil (progesterone) which helped for a few years but gradually the bleeding seemed to increase again and became virtually continuous. After a scan it was found that I had a 7cm fibroid. My GP suggested HRT or ablation or cauterisation. I decided to think about it. I began searching for solutions and read the stories below. I saw the recommendation of Agnus Cactus and checked this out with my local supplier and my GP. There seemed to be nothing to lose so I started on 2 tablets a day and within 2 days my bleeding had reduced to a bit of spotting. I couldn't believe it at first and continued to use sanitary protection for several weeks ( just in case) but it is now 2 months later and I have had one day of bleeding. It is such a relief and I am not so tired anymore. The past 2 weeks I have had very tender breasts, like being premenstrual but also with stabbing pains which seemed unusual, so I reduced the tablets to one a day to see if that helps. I am 52 so it is possible that I have menopaused but it seems too much of a coincidence.
It is definately worth trying Agnus Cactus, you will have nothing to lose except £7 for the tub! All the best!

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Ruby091 said on 29 November 2013

How do u actually reply to people on here?

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Ruby091 said on 29 November 2013

Yes look into a non surgical alternative at st. Mary's hospital in London. They can zap away fibroids in an MRI machine directed ultrasound. There was a big article on it in the daily mail saying how successful it is, people come from all over the world to get it done. Yes it costs £5000 but if ur at child bearing age it's an alternative to scarring on ur womb. In some cases apparently your consultant at the hospital maybe able to refer u on the NHS I've heard. I'm not taking away the marvellous work our surgeons do but this is an alternative for some women. Google it!

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Ruby091 said on 29 November 2013

Hi ladies I just felt the need to share my experience so far as it may help. Firstly, had really heavy periods for months, pain so bad at one point actually passed out while driving home from work, but ok pulled over. Doc sent me ultrasound and they found a huge 8.5cm fibroid, plus possible multiple polyps on the lining of my womb. Cried for a week, drank wine! Then went on a health kick and bought a smoothie maker (cured my anaemia with iron pills of doc and raw spinach, kale, lemon smoothies, not a great taste but have so much more energy too) anyway, had my hysteroscopy yesterday and it was absolutely fine. I had a complete panic attack when I went in, blood pressure 150/90! Through the roof so they rushed me in 1st, I am a bit of a drama queen but I really did over react. Its a bit scary cause its the unknown but once u get that anaesthetic in ur fast asleep. Anyway woke up, checking myself for holes lol! nurses and anaesthetist were so fabulous really calmed me down. Kind of gutted, fibroid was too large to remove polyps the camera they use is not flexible so they did a biopsy of fibroid and sent me to recovery?? Anyway the notes (read by the nurse) said I will need keyhole surgery to remove fibroid and shrink it via injections for 3-6 months before. They r sending me for an MRI scan in 2-3 weeks to see if they can see more before keyhole. Obviously I'm now really down 3 months before this me and my partner were trying for a baby. I really feel for all of u it's just like being invaded by an alien! By fibroid is distorting my uterus too and it's a submucal one. I'm bleeding a little and in a bit if discomfort off the op yesterday but on good painkillers cocodomol, obviously the 1st step is to get the biopsy benign benign benign results back! I'm hoping the keyhole will be the labaroscopy op (I've spelt that wrong!) it's all the risks involved that r frightening me. One last thing I am also looking into a non surgical alternative at st. Mary's hospital

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Omnii said on 25 November 2013

I have been diagnosed with 8cm fibroid which during ultrasound the doctor couldn't see my uterus and ovaries well as it is in the anterior wall of my uterus preventing her to see other structures ,,, so she ordered MRI to do and I am going to do isa to know if it is the single or multiple one ,,, I am 28 years and married year ago and it is killing me to know that I had it and I can't stop crying ,,, still don't know my treatment options and what to do

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Ladywriterwriter said on 15 July 2013

I have a Subserosal fibroids yet my mate has same but they are in a different position, so she does not have to have an op where as I do. I am having it this week and dreading this. Cause I know I will be in pain afterwards. Just the thought of this. Then I went to docs again as to a lump on foot and now also got a bunion which will eventually have to be operated on to, I thought what is this, my bad luck for having to have operations or something, like buses they all come at once. The only operation I have had before is wisdom teeth removal at hospital under GA. Apparently this fibroid I have can get large. just great! just viewing my frustrations really and know you all feel the same.

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LAR1 said on 10 April 2013

Dear all, get herbal , i have used for over a month now and can see a great differance. lighter periods, no irregular bleeding, not much pain. hormones getting back on track and in time fibriods will shrink. Im taking Angus Catus, Hormeel S . Julie x

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kriss95 said on 04 October 2012

Hi, just wondered if one of you lovely ladies could tell me if on the day of yr scan's do they show them on screen if you have any fibroids? my gp as refered my at last after going bck unforth for the last 6yrs with stomach complaints,they firstly told me i had ibs so then on would tell me my syptoms were due to that , i also changed my diet march this yr to contorl the stomach pains and started toexcerise more which resulted to loosing a stone and hlf so i nw nly weigh 8 hlf stone i have started to bleed every two wks my periods have always been very heavy with lots of clots and if my husband hadn't had the snip 6yrs ago id think iwas misscarrying every month they r so heavy that when i stand up the blood jst pours away from my like someone has turned the tap on full pelt,im also concerned about a lump i have had four the same length of time was only the size of a pea but is now my like an orange but i can only feel it when i lay down and have started to get really bad lower back pain and achy this sound like anyone else?

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adelene said on 26 September 2012

i was diagnosed with a multiple fibroid uterus 4 years ago , the doctors reffered me to a gynaecologist who put me on medication to help with the bleeding i was also given an implant every month called zoladex where they injected it into my tummy i had that for 6 months at a time to try shrink the fibroids, i could barely walk when it was time ov month from all the pressure on my organs aswell as my spine.
On april the 3rd this year i had an open surgery myomectomy, after surgery the doc told me that he removed the fibroid and said he couldnt find any more, they let me out ov hospital on the 6th april, since having the operation i have been plagued with alot ov pain and havent been to well which ended up with me going for another ultrasound scan where they told me i have fibroids again so now i have to way up all the options ov can i cope with surgery again, im only 32 n i dont have a family yet as havent been able to concieve at all because ov the fibroids but im now at that stage where im thinking is it best to get a hysterectomy just to stop these fibroids growing back..

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shabaz27 said on 26 August 2012

I had a hysteroscopy and fibroid resection this morning at Nuffield Brentwood (courtesy of the NHS) It was my first hospital experience and it was great. I was given the choice to have a spinal injection to numb the lower half of my body. The pros were that i wouldn't have to deal the the side effects of the General the Con was that i'd have dead legs for 3 hours. I could also have the GA. I opted for the general anestetic and by a stoke of luck i suffered form no side affects and felt perfectly fine within an hour of the op. I now have to keep reminding myself to take it easy as i feel perfectly fine!! The whole experience was excellent.

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kizzygirl said on 25 August 2012

I was diagnosed with a enlarged uterus has i was experiencing back ache/ heavy periods and then no period,s visa versa. And pains down one side of my thigh plus going to the loo often .
I was sent to the Hospital and after a few internal
and external scans + a MRI scan.
I was told my fibroid was the size of a tennis ball sitting over my bladder.
I had two options a hysterectomy or a fibroid embolisation, On deciding to do some research on the pc the decision i decided to take was to have the fibroid embolisation.
It meant 3 weeks of no heavy lifting , the fibroid would shrink n expel out of the body naturally with in 6 months.
Instead of having my womb taken out n the risk of early menopause which i didn't want to happen.
In week 3 after having the small opp i was back to normal bruising took a round a month to completely disappear n no scar's has cuts where so small you had to really look to find them.
I feel so much better my stomach has shrunk down no hard bloated feeling and looking pregnant.
Its the best decision i made.
The procedure of the Fibroid Embolisation is to block the blood feeds to the fibroid to stop it then will shrink n expel from the body..
To fully read about this procedure Google, it is a simpler treatment for some fibroid problems probably not for multi fibroid problems.

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clara66 said on 08 August 2012

Its great you are recovering quickly, can you tell me how the op was preformed?
Im 46 and suffering from fibroids, 16 wk size, and have been told this is borderline size for keyhole surgery. I've had my gallbladder removed in April which required 6 wks off work due to problems post op. Im not looking forward to another op so soon but I do need the fibroids sorted out as Im in pain and now, not just uncomfortable as before. My sporting hobbies are now becoming difficult.
Your quick recovery is reassuring to me.
Many thanks.

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kjm2304 said on 04 August 2012


I went doctors and they said i have fibriod 20 weeks size they did blood test and came bk 32 for the ca125 so low not be ovarian cancer but need scan etc. its very scary and i am worried could it burst? its pressing on my bladder and feel need to urinate all time has anyone else felt this? until i have scan i am scared it ovarian cancer and want this out asp. If i go private will it be lotsquicker and does anyone know costs etc. mant thanks for any advice i am so worried about it


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Neens said on 06 July 2012

I had a hysterectomy on Monday 2nd July 2012 as I had large fibroids and had suffered very heavy periods since I was a teenager. I am 48 and have completed my family so hysterectomy was not a problem for me. I am now 4 days post op and feel fantastic, I no longer have any back pain (which used to be unbearable). I also had an anterior prolapse which was repaired at the same time. I must admit I was terrified at the thought of surgery, but now it is over with and I feel so well, I am glad I had it done. Ladies, do not suffer if the option of hysterectomy is there ... I had my surgery done privately as I did not want to have to wait for the NHS date. Best thing I ever did.

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seasidelover said on 04 July 2012

I was suffering heavy bleeding because of fibroids. I have given up caffine and alcohol and now my periods are manageable.

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suna5h41 said on 16 March 2012

SteffieCygne, thank you for your valuable comments, I am about your age and have very similar problem to you as well which is reassuring for me. I have been thinking of the procedure fir a while but have been put off by the comments on various places about hysterectomy. Your comments are very reassuring. I have been told that my fibroids are about the size of 24weeks, I guess that is big. It is not causing any major problem for me like uncontrollable period (heavy but controllable) or pain or anything like that but my stomach feels hard and uncomfortable when I eat or drink. My doctor told me that the uterus is sitting right up which doesn’t help. I have gone through ultrasound scan and then referred to the Gynaecology dept. They have looked through the camera and confirmed the 24week fibroids hence no wonder my stomach feels like I am pregnant. When the Gynaecologist discussed with me I wasn’t keen on hysterectomy so they prescribed me with tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid. These medicine will only reduce the blood flow/clots and only taken during period time. I have gone back to GP to refer me back to the Gynaecologist to discuss hysterectomy although I am very very nervous about it. Reading SteffieCygne comments made my anxiety a bit better. The GP told me that I will have to be off from work for 6weeks. So will have to wait and see now.

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SteffieCygne said on 18 January 2012

To my previous comments, I should just like to add that having now read some of the comments on this page, I think some are over sensationalised and very off putting. I also did lots of reading up on the internet, and talked to lots of people before my operation but for all the bad stories one reads the majority of people who have this operation and I would now add my voice to all the women who have had hysterectomies and said it was the best thing they had ever done. It is true and I am yet another proof of that,

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SteffieCygne said on 18 January 2012

I had a partial (laparoscopic) hysterectomy 5 days ago and I would recommend it to anyone. I went to my doctor last August simply because my stomach felt hard, distended and solid, but not because I suffered from heavy periods (quite the contrary).My stomach had felt like this for over a year. The doctor felt my stomach, said there was some abnormal swelling & sent me off for an ultra sound, which I had 2 hours later. I was then diagnosed with fibroids the size of grapefruits and a number of smaller ones. I was referred to the gynaecologist who I saw within 3 weeks. He told me the fibroids were currently too big to operate on with key-hole surgery,so I would undergo a 3 month treatment to shrink them. He noted that I looked 5 months pregnant with the fibroids. So I had Zoladex injections & Kliovance (HRT) for 3 months. Reading the scary side effects in the leaflets nearly put me off but in fact I was fine and had no side effects at all.(I suspect if you have taken the Pill and had no side effects then HRT will be fine too.) So 5 days ago I went into the Royal County Hampshire Infirmary where I had first class treatment.My only anxiety prior to the operation was not knowing if I would have my ovaries & cervix removed as well as my uterus.I’m only 47 and didn’t want to come out as a menopausal women.I also didn’t know to what extent the fibroids had shrunk & if I would need a bigger cut as opposed to key-hole surgery.However, it all went fine. I was told I had some very nasty fibroids, but all were contained within the uterus.I have 3 tiny cuts which are v.neat & barely visible & one bigger one ( about 3cms) from which they obviously removed everything. I had no bleeding at all & am now just a little tender & bruised but otherwise I feel fine already.My stomach feels softer & that solid feeling has gone. It was much less harrowing than I had imagined.

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nellie16 said on 13 October 2011

To cut a very long story short I was diagnosed with a large fibroid after a scan following two rejections of the Mirena. After a few tests I had the fibroid removed in August, and was fully recovered within a couple of days with minimal bleeding and no after op pain. i havent felt this well for years.

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Yorkshire Lassie said on 10 October 2011

I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids, after heavy bleeding on my period. I used more than one tampon at once, got one 'lost' and had to had it removed at A&E. It had been 'lost' for anywhere between 2-5 days, when it was finally removed. It was only the awful smell that gave it away, I could not feel it or retrieve it. Because I nearly killed myself I was sent for tests which resulted in my diagnosis. I am very angry that I was not given any support or information that there might even be something wrong with me earlier. Why don't all women receive simple information to explain what is and is not normal?Probably because only women have periods and we are expected to put up and shut up! There should be a massive public health campaign explaining what to look out for and when to visit the doctor. I had to change the most absorbent type tampon every 15 minutes and have always worn tampons with towels....had I been told this was not normal I could have taken action sooner and increased my quality of life significantly. I am extremely angry and upset that I have had to suffer in ignorance for so many years.

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funsmiley said on 21 September 2011

hi, my mum has just found out she has friboids, she has been suffering from bad painful heavy periods for years. she visited countless doctors and has been put on medication on and off doctors had no idea what it was.
sometimes she has been unable to walk due the back pain and the heavy bleeding and has found herself stuck in bed and off work.

anyway, the past few months have been horrendous for her and shes been so unwell. she went to our GP last week and they got her in for an internal scan where they found 2 friboids, im not sure how big they are. she is very annoyed that its taken the doctors this long to actually find a cause. My mum believes shes had them for years though at first they didn't show symptoms. She doesn't want to go down the hysterectomy road as shes only a few years away from the menopause so she has an appointment to discuss what to do in a few weeks.

at the moment she is on medication once again to help control the bleeding. i have seen how uncomfortable they have made her and honestly no one should go through it.

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riceisnice87 said on 18 July 2011

After years of heavy and painful periods, passing large clots, backache and my haemoglobin going down from 12 to 5.5 last year i was given a course of iron tablets, put on the pill and also given tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid. I had a us scan that found that i had several fibroids the largest of which was 3.9cm x 3.5cm. I saw a gynaecologist and she recomended i have the mirena coil fitted as this helps with heavy bleeding so i had it put in in feb this year, there was still some bleeding but i had stopped taking the pill as the coil is ment to work. However two months later whilst i was at work i heamorraged and the coil had actually come out in the force of the blood and clots. I had to go to hospital to see what had happened. They said that this shouldnt have happened with the coil as i hadn't touched it and hadn't had sex so it was a mystery. I am now on the pill all of the time and stil have some blood coming out and some pain. After another us scan this year in june my largest fibroid is now 7.8cm and i have one that is growing on a stork as well as several small ones. I am now waiting to see the gynaecologist to see what they say. I would like them taken away as i know it can be done. Hopefully it will get sorted.

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User555911 said on 17 May 2011

Hi guys, exactly one week ago I had an open myomectomy with hysteroscopy & transcervical resection of fibroids following nearly 20 years of painful and heavy periods. I was originally given Mefenamic & Transenamic acid by my GP, once I'd had an initial scan at the hospital (at this time I only had a few fibroids which were small). Unfortunately this treatment was ineffective and I was pretty much told to put up with it. After a couple of years of more pain and heavier bleeding, I decided to do some research over the internet and came across the Mirena coil - which was quite new back then. I printed off all the details and took them to my GP, who advised me that, at that time, the Mirena was only available to women who had previously had children. I stood my ground, however, and my GP relented - the Mirena was amazing for the first 5-7 years, but then started to become increasingly ineffective so, last year, I was sent for another scan where they discovered more fibroids had grown and the original ones had increased in size. I returned a few times to the hospital to have these monitored until my consultant finally decided that surgery was the best option. I was originally booked in for keyhole surgery, but in the last 3-6 mths my fibroids had grown larger and this was no longer an option. I had one fibroid measuring 8cm + over 10 smaller ones and, a week after surgery, am healing really well and feeling sore but pretty good. I put this down to having a good surgeon - my incision site is almost invisible already! - and upping my exercise routine prior to surgery, which has really helped with my core muscles (although I won't be able to exercise for a while now). My advice to anyone is to research everything thoroughly before seeing your GP in order that you can discuss every possible option available to you - Don't just take the first option offered; remember GPs are only human and you know your body better than anyone else!

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angel74uk said on 07 May 2011

Hi all just had a scan and a transvaginal and I have multi fibroid womb. My doctor is going to get full guns not only from me but also the hospital. The hospital has never heard of the gynaecologist I was referred to by my doctor and looked this person up whilst I was their and gynaecologist is not a gynae but a specialist GP who just deals with mirenas and so forth. I’m livid as this has been going on for a year now and I’m getting worse what with pain and bleeding. I am still taking northistorone for a year now and mefeanimic acid for the pain but I’m getting fed with taking loads of pills. I need to be better for my holiday, hope to get something done soon otherwise I am going to end up insane.

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angel74uk said on 24 April 2011

ive had the mirena fitted on the 4th march for nasty periods, went for my 6 week check up 2 weeks ago and my gyne panicked cos she couldnt find the strings also panicked me to, i got so worried i bled very badly which worried me, i am now awaiting a date for another ultrasound scan to see if the mirena is still in place and were are the strings are ??
my worry is that can i fly to florida in september? and not worry about bleeding through out my holiday and i can go down a lazy river and for once go swimming please help me somebody ???

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pinkyjules70 said on 27 February 2011

i have been referred by my gp to hospital as i always start to have a slight bleed sometimes 2 wks befor my period is due, i also have many fibroids which have given me a large womb. I also suffer with ovarian cysts that sometimes burst (extremely painful). I dont want a coil fitted for personal reasons and im to old to go on the pill so what options will be left?

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nibbub said on 14 February 2011

I am having fibroid embollisation at the Surrey Hospital having had years of discomfort and no diagnosis. I too was told to have a hysterectomy or the exact words were 'D'you want to keep it?' because I'm 48. I felt it was my only option and was very unhappy, I still have regular periods and not yet menopausal, but then I found out about this treatment and got referred to Royal Surrey Hospital and having the op in 8 weeks. I have a multi fibroid womb and have symptoms from bloating, 'periody' pain 3 weeks of the month, tiredness, constant urge to wee and lower back ache. All of which I just put up with until a routine scan showed up the fibroids. They do not shrink after the menopause. This is a fallacy. If you want to take HRT during menopause, which will make them continue to grow then embollisation is the best idea.

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Zea said on 01 February 2011

I had the hysterectomy hassle at the age of 43. The registrar of the young female doctor I saw told me I should have a hysterectomy and to come back when I was willing to have it. My new female GP referred me to an older version of the female gynaecologist who looked at my date of birth and the totally inadequate ultrasound scan from the first hospital and said the same stating that my womb was full of fibroids and a myomectomy was not possible.
I had a large fundal fibroid whose removal was "technically easy".
In my experience female doctors are less likely to offer conservative treatment.
And I will never trust a doctor again.

Hospital Episode Statistics
Between 2000/10 there were 264,256 diagnoses of fibroids and 98% were admitted to hospital. Only 7% of them had an abdominal (open) myomectomy. There were 400,437 hysterectomies at least a third of which were of fibroids. Over the age of 60 the incidence of myomectomy goes down to 0.5%. The medical profession regards a womb over the age of 40 as redundant - the womb owners are told to have a hysterectomy- their choice is like it or lump it. There is no attempt at medical control of fibroids.

In 2002/03 in the different HA regions the rates of myomectomy varied widely from less than 2% to nearly 20%. The high rates were all in London, the highest being in SE London, probably because black women have more fibroids and have them younger and the ONS states that 10.6 per cent of London's population is black.

If you want to keep your womb live in London - the surgeons will have no more respect for your organ but a bigger percentage of them will be experienced at preserving it.

uterine artery embolisation
The online MRI scan of Ginette Camps-Walsh, Chairman CIM Medical Group shows 4 fibroids. She says Most Gynaecologists do not tell women about UAE, and some women have to be very assertive to be referred for UAE.

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DPB said on 22 January 2011

All your comments were very helpful. One question if you can help. How can the doctor cut the fibroids without touching the virginity? As it is very important to have the virginity before getting marriage. thanks for your help and suggestion in advance.

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mysh148 said on 20 January 2011

NHS failed to diagnose me with fibroids for over a year. I had unbearable back pains and heavy periods. My each visit to GP ended with pain killers and advice to rest. I visited privately gynaecologist and have been told that I have 5 cm fibroid and my options were to do nothing and put up with the pain and anaemia as it is not life threating and if it grows hysterectomy is the only solution( it was 2 months ago) . I didn’t give up. I went abroad to my home country to get second opinion. And it was completely different story from that point. I have been told that my only option is to remove fibroid and the sooner the better as it could still grow and pregnancy would not be possible. On the first visit I got operation date and was sent home. I did my blood checks, and had myomectomy last Monday ( 1.5 months from 1st visit). I went to the hospital 2 hours before surgery and on Wednesday I was signed all clear to go home. The cut still hurts a bit, but I am feeling great. I can’t do any heavy stuff for next 6 months. Hysterectomy was never an option due to my age (33). I still have to go to see the doctor in 2 weeks. I got 30 days off work , and after 6 month I can start trying for a baby. Girls, Please don’t suffer as per advice of your GP. Seek alternative options. Private healthcare abroad is incomparable cheaper and affordable, and you will be treated as a human.

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lauraw09 said on 29 September 2010

Hi i have recently been diagnosed with a fibroid i was told i only have the one which is 5cm but i think i have more because i get very bad pain i have been to the doctors but they just told me it wasnt anything to worry about as i only had the one and the pain that i was getting was down to ovulation which i dont think is right, I'am only 29 and i feel i wasnt given any real advise or any real explaination i just wondered if anyone could give me advise as i dont trust the doctors im with at the minute

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ellan said on 13 June 2010

i too have fibroids have had these for around 12/15 yrs. It was bad for me when I started to have problems as I was a student nurse in a white uniform. my periods were very heavy and at times i had to wear my Nurses coat. i approached my GP and I got an appt with a Dr in the hospital where I work. she advised Fibroids and they were small. I had a coil fitted called the Miranda it is inserted as high vaginal. It was great after about 2-3 weeks the bleeding stopped and i kept it in for 5 yrs. this would ensure thjat i did not bleed until I had gone thru the Menopause. I calculated to keepmit in form the 5 yrs when hopefully i would be thru it. And I had it removed in 2005 and have not had any problems since. If I had been younger i would have had it reinewed. Its definately worth a try for women who have completed their family. It should be fitted by a Dr in hospital poss one with a Womens gynea dept clinic. hope this helps all pre Menopausal women having problems.

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Rakhshanda said on 27 October 2009

hi, dear doctors and subscribers concerning uterine fibroids

i am at age 30 now married and having 2 baby girl kids. I was diagnosed excalty 6 yrs back with utrine fibroids when after our marriage after some 1.5 months we have to visit my gyne specialist in City of Rawalpindi in Pakistan for checkup and test of pregnency. On detail Ultrasound and other test they confirmed me with some possibility of pregnency but after 5-10 days of my first time gyne examination we have to visit again due to heavy bleeding and menstruation started after 45 day or so and it was my first time irregular menses.

Specialist local very sr prof advised to do a color dopplers ultrasound in Islamabad we arranged that and then they repored me with Benign or miss-carrying pregnency not properly pregnent all due to Fibroids declared by that tests. somehow our gyne informed me and our husband to worry more cuz this was just inside the walls of uterus and further pregnency was not most probably occuring. I was having regular heavy bleedings and spoting for next 2 months. after 3 months of last tests my bleeding got controlled with medicines but then again i had missing my period cycle days which alarmed us to visit the gyne and took tests confirming that i was now pregnent.

Thank Almighty we were blessed and during our treatment i had suffered a lot but carried my pregnency and on 23rd December 2004 i delivered a baby that was wonderful time. During labour a hazardous time i faced actually it was a sucking machine and injections in my backbone, after all i had then gone through complete labour process.

Again i was advised BCPs with mixed hormonal treatment and we're advised to take care. During next 9 months, no breast feeding due to anemia and low HB levels.

Again i got pregnent in 9 mo, this time more svere health issues. Again a baby girl born. after that time i have been on Melaine BCP. Now since more than 3 yrs i am suffering heavy bleddings, longer period times etc. wait

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jpla64 said on 23 September 2009

Thank you so much for your very helpful comments Mandy. I was examined 3 years ago and found, as you, to have an enlarged womb due to fibriods. The advise was stark - hysterectomy or nothing. I chose instead to control the symptoms by using the combined oral pill, although being in my mid-40s, I have to sign to say that I accept the associated health risks. Obviously, this has worried me, so recently and on the doctors advice I switched to a single hormone pill - the effects of which have been awful - my womb became swollen and sore to an unbelieveable extent. I have therefore switched back to the combined and although have had a bad first period, feel fairly confident this path will settle my symptons down again. However, until I read your comments, I had also felt so 'fed-up' as to actually reconsider the once-and-for-all option. So thank you for bringing that option into a sensible context as to the severity and IRREVERSIBLE possible side effects. I agree that every woman should take her time to ask questions and think very seriously about it. I would also add that bodies are very different and the doctors' charts of 'averages' are just that. Women should learn to 'read' their own bodies by observing what is happening and what is/is not beneficial. Despite the associated health risks, I'll keep signing for the combined pill rather than take my chances with a very invasive operation.

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Mandy23 said on 25 July 2009

I was diagnosed with up to 6 large fibroids in April. My GP told me I'd have to have a hysterectomy and when I researched what was involved I was horrified and terrified. I was referred to a gynaecologist at the local hospital and went prepared to do battle. Despite my fibroids more than doubling the size of my uterus (making it appear to be 20 wks pregnant), he reassured me that they cause no medical threat and there is absolutely no need to have any treatment. Yes, I have horrendous periods but I'd rather put up with that than take the risk of the dreadful irreversible side effects which can be incurred by a hysterectomy. He also told me that they will naturally shrink once I begin the menopause. Thousands of women every year are referred for hysterectomies unnecessarily and suffer hormone imbalances, urinary and continence problems to name but a few as a result of this major operation and have a very long road to recovery. My advice is to do your research, go in prepared and always consider the alternatives, there are many. You may well not need to have a hysterectomy at all. The uterus does a lot more than just produce babies! Information is everything.

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