wound episiotomy healing

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Babol University of Medical Science
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Iran, Islamic Republic Of
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Episiotomy wound healing
Sequelae of complication of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
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About the trial

Intervention 1: Group 1: Use of honey topical on episiotomy wound BID/day for 10 days . Intervention 2: Group2: Use of corcomin topical on episiotomy wound BID/day for 10 days . Intervention 3: Group control: Use of placebo topical( topical base material without honey or corcomin) on episiotomy wound BID/day for 10 days .
Treatment: drugs
Key inclusion and exclusion criteria:
  • Inclusion criteria: Inclusion criteria: primiparous women aged between 17-35 years; gestational age between 37-42 weeks; no smoking or useing drug; no history of disease impaired wound healing and not suffering from chronic systemic diseases
    Exclusion criteria: Median episiotomy; Perineal tear grade 3 and 4; infant in hospital admission and Irregular use of topical medications
  • Exclusion criteria:
  • Age minimum:  17
  • Age maximum:  35
  • Gender:  female
Primary outcomes:
Episiotomy wound healing. Timepoint: Befor intervention(2 hours after stitching)-5 days after intervention(after delivery)- 10 days after intervention(after delivery) . Method of measurement: REEDA scale (redness, edema, ecchymosis, discharge and approximation)
Secondary outcomes:
Preneal tear pain. Timepoint: Five and 10 days after intervention. Method of measurement: Visual analog scale
Target sample size:
Study type:
Study design:
Randomization: randomized. Blinding: Double blind. Placebo: used. Assignment: Parallel. Purpose: Treatment. Other design features: .
  • Name: Maryam Nikpour 
  • Address:  Babol University Of Medical Siences
  • Phone:  00981112199595
  • Email:  marinikpour@yahoo.com
  • Affiliation:  Babol University Of Medical Siences
  • Name: Sedigheh Smaelzadeh  
  • Address:  Fatemeh Zahra Infertility Center
  • Phone:  00981112238302
  • Email:  sesmael@yahoo.com
  • Affiliation:  Babol University Of Medical Siences

Technical details

Scientific title:
Comparative impact of honey cream & cur cumin cream on episiotomy wound healing in primiparous women (clinical trial double) blind) -
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Babol University of Medical Sciences
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17 November 2015


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