'I'm delighted with the results of the operation' 

Peter Revell-Smith, from London, had surgery to treat Dupuytren's contracture 10 years, after he first noticed something wrong with his little finger.

"It was about 10 years ago when I realised something strange was happening to the little finger on my right hand. Over the next few years, it became more and more bent, and ended up at a right angle to the rest of my hand. It didn’t hurt, but it gradually interfered with everyday activities. It was especially awkward when I put my hand in my pocket!

"My GP referred me on to a hand consultant. He diagnosed Dupuytren’s contracture. I thought he would say there was nothing he could do about it, so I was delighted when he said he could perform a small operation that would straighten it out.

"I went into hospital as a day patient. I had an open fasciectomy to cut the cord that was causing the problem. The operation went smoothly and it felt uncomfortable, rather than painful.

"I was sent home all bandaged up. I had to keep my arm in a sling for about two weeks. I had to keep it dressed for around three weeks in total and I still wear a splint at night.

"I am delighted with the results. I couldn’t drive for a few weeks, but was back on the golf course after about five weeks, which was sooner than I expected."

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