High blood pressure (hypertension) - Symptoms 

Symptoms of high blood pressure 


If you are pregnant, it's important to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis, even if it isn't high.

Watching your blood pressure while you are pregnant reduces your risk of developing pregnancy-induced hypertension.

This can lead to a serious condition called pre-eclampsia where there is a problem with the placenta (the organ that links the baby’s blood supply to the mother’s).

High blood pressure usually has no obvious symptoms and many people have it without knowing.

Untreated high blood pressure can lead to serious diseases, including stroke and heart disease. The only way to know if you have high blood pressure (medically known as hypertension) is to have your blood pressure measured. All adults should get their blood pressure checked at least once every five years.

In some rare cases, where a person has very high blood pressure, they can experience symptoms including:

  • a persistent headache
  • blurred or double vision
  • nosebleeds
  • shortness of breath

Visit your GP as soon as possible if you find that you have any of these symptoms.

Find out more about who is at risk of high blood pressure.  

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summaluv99 said on 27 March 2014

JennyMon, If I were you I'd get a second opinion from another doctor. You shouldn't be getting chest pains and especially If you your BP is regular or down to normal. if not, that can be the cause of the chest pain and maybe your medication needs some more adjusting. Why are you getting high BP because knowing that can help enormously. It can be from age, diet, stress, lifestyle or genetics. Do you drink enough water?
At least if you get another dr you can insist they investigate it further. Better to be proactive, then you know what your health is doing. Good Luck

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jennymon said on 24 March 2014

my blood pressure has been very high for the last 6 weeks, and iv had this sharp pain in the left side of my chest for the same amount of time. iv been having my BP checked every week and my medication changed accordingly, but my GP dosent seem to think that the pain im having is related and thinks it muscle and will not send me for any test only a chest xray that iv already had and it was normal what do I do

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