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A study comparing pre-hospital administration of packed red blood cells and freeze-dried plasma with administration of normal saline in patients with low blood pressure after major injuries Recruiting United Kingdom
A multi-centre randomised controlled trial of pre-hospital administration of packed red blood cells and freeze-dried plasma to patients with low blood pressure after major injuries. Authorised United Kingdom
Fetal RhD Genotye Non Invasive Prenatal Determination Recruiting Spain
Prevention and Treatment Of Diabetes Complications With Gastric Surgery or Intensive Medicines Recruiting Chile
Clinical validation of Factor VIII allo-antibody assays in patients with severe hemophilia A (PSTOL 15). Recruiting The Netherlands
Molecular Immunohematology in Ethiopian Sub-Populations Recruiting United States
Whole Genome Sequencing for Blood Group Genotyping and Definition as Exemplified on U- and St(a)+. Recruiting Switzerland
A sequential cohort study to compare tolerability and efficacy in patients receiving Octaplas® or Octaplas® LG Not Recruiting Germany
Clinical Value of CA 19-9 with Reference to the Lewis Blood Group Status for Prediction of Benign and Malignant Obstructive Jaundice Not Recruiting Thailand
The impact of general anesthesia applied alone or with epidural anesthesia on stress response caused by laparoscopic cholecystectomy, using hormonal, metabolic and inflammatory markers. Not recruiting Greece

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