Autism spectrum disorder - Robyn's story 

'Other people may just perceive me as being odd' 

Asperger syndrome: Robyn's story

Robyn Steward was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, when she was a teenager. She describes how it affects her physically and socially and how she learned to cope with it.

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ian poolton said on 13 June 2012

ive had to diagnose myself as having autism.ive had ulcerative colitis since aged 16 or 17(im 45 now).in the last 4 years i changed my diet to low fat no sugar and lots of snot started coming out my sinuses.been breathing out one nostril for as long as i can remember and food getting stuck in the last year ive cut out most fat and have recently had an ear infection in one ear and it closed up and fluid leaked out(aspergillosis of the sinuses)ive freaked out a few times and got into some serious problems in my picking out earwax out my nose constantly and its greasy.

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soooo0 said on 05 January 2012

I think that your video is an insperation too. I'm 13 and I have aspergers and I have never been able to live with it. But at the end when you said that it does not define you, made me accept myself. Thank you

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ppatto said on 06 October 2011

thankyou so much Robyn Steward. your video is an inspiration. my son has asd and is nearly 4 i can only hope he inspires people in the way you have me. we love our son so much and this has helped so much thankyou

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