Generalised anxiety disorder in adults 



Feeling anxious is sometimes perfectly normal. However, people with anxiety disorders find it hard to control their worries. A psychiatrist discusses the symptoms of anxiety, why it becomes a problem for some people, and the psychological and drug treatments for it.

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Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe.

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam or having a medical test or job interview. During times like these, feeling anxious can be perfectly normal.

However, some people find it hard to control their worries. Their feelings of anxiety are more constant and can often affect their daily life.

Anxiety is the main symptom of several conditions, including panic disorder, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

However, the information in this section is about a specific condition called generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)

GAD is a long-term condition that causes you to feel anxious about a wide range of situations and issues, rather than one specific event.

People with GAD feel anxious most days and often struggle to remember the last time they felt relaxed. GAD can cause both psychological (mental) and physical symptoms. These vary from person to person, but can include feeling restless or worried and having trouble concentrating or sleeping.

Read about the symptoms of GAD.

When to see your GP

Although feelings of anxiety at certain times are completely normal, you should see your GP if anxiety is affecting your daily life or is causing you distress.

Your GP will ask you about your symptoms and your worries, fears and emotions to try to find out if you could have GAD.

Read more about diagnosing GAD.

What causes GAD?

The exact cause of GAD is not fully understood, although it's likely that a combination of several factors plays a role. Research has suggested these may include:

  • overactivity in areas of the brain involved in emotions and behaviour
  • an imbalance of the brain chemicals serotonin and noradrenaline, which are involved in the control and regulation of mood
  • the genes you inherit from your parents – you're estimated to be five times more likely to develop GAD if you have a close relative with the condition
  • having a history of stressful or traumatic experiences, such as domestic violence, child abuse or bullying
  • having a painful long-term health condition, such as arthritis
  • having a history of drug or alcohol misuse

However, many people develop GAD for no apparent reason.

Who is affected?

GAD is a common condition estimated to affect about 1 in every 25 people in the UK.

Slightly more women are affected than men, and the condition is more common in people between the ages of 35 and 55.

How GAD is treated

GAD can have a significant effect on your daily life, but several different treatments are available that can help ease your symptoms. These include:

There are also many things you can do yourself to help reduce your anxiety, such as going on a self-help course, exercising regularly and cutting down on the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink.

With treatment, many people are able to control their levels of anxiety. However, some treatments may need to be continued for a long time and there may be periods where your symptoms worsen.

Read more about treating GAD and self-help tips for GAD.

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Sbm123 said on 16 November 2014

Hi back again. Every week it's a different thing that is wrong with me this week silts breathing in and out my mouth making a weird ab normal noise and struggling for a normal breath I was ment to go out with all my friends tonight and stayed in due to my anxiety it really takes over your life and it's upsetting to see all your friends fine and happy enjoying life while I suffer and life is just constant misery

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Indy kat said on 15 November 2014

I'm battling anxiety at the moment, and although I've always been quite prone to worrying, I've never quite felt like this. It's a relief to read that I'm not going mad and not alone with it. I felt such an idiot going to the doctor and telling him calmly that I feel like I'm about to die of a heart attack or something else. It seems like this is a common thing with anxiety, and it helps me to know that, so thanks to everyone who's posted here.

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Sbm123 said on 06 November 2014

I suffer panic attacks and anxiety all day everyday no energy atall not in the mood to do anything and everyday is a real struggle. i always find it better to speak to someone who is going through the same it helps

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Jlawson118 said on 04 November 2014

I'm 18 and I've suffered with IBS all my life so far.
Whenever I was upset or worried about something I'd be on the toilet often..this was mostly when I was younger and in trouble in primary school or I was worried when it was getting later than the usual time and my mum hadn't phoned my grandparents to say she was on her way home.
This eased a little as I got older. It occurred when I was worried about a close friend once threatening to take his own life, and then September 2013 it was a little funny when I was worried when my mum and step dad were arguing.

During that time in September I fell ill with a stomach bug that lasted a few days and I thought that was that.
A month later I was out drinking with a friend, got home and all that night I was up with an upset stomach and feeling sick. I wasn't sick or anything but I just assumed I was a little hungover from not drinking enough in the day. It occured November during my parents arguing, December being home alone the night for the first time and I was a little unsettled, I'd also drank, January when it was my friend's birthday and I'd had a lot to drink. February when I got upset over something, March during my parents arguing, April I was fine and then in May I was drinking again when I assumed dehydration again but the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.

My stomach got really bad later on in May for no reason and so I visited another doctor who ran food allergy tests that came back clear. He gave me diet changes advice and just diagnosed it as anxiety, prescribed me tablets and I was better.

I've been on and off the tablets but my anxiety does seem to be getting worse. I no longer drink or eat spicy/fatty foods to help ease my stomach. I've lost about 3 stone in weight too and I'm forever getting really anxious over hardly anything.

I don't know if my story will help or ease anyone but it's nice to know I'm not the only one and hope some may find comfort in reading it

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justboy1991 said on 04 November 2014

HELLO I'm suffering from this to mostly when I need to go out of home alone then seems like I am going to die. For.example if me and my girlfriend travel together I am fine but when I need to drive somewhere my self I get this feeling like I am going to pass out or something... Please answer if someone have same or similar symptoms.thank you.

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Phie2712 said on 03 November 2014

Hi there,

I have m.a.d.d (amusing acronym I know) which is mixed anxiety depressive disorder. I've been on sertraline for 2years. I'm 24.

Now, I tend to be able to cope so long as my routine and environment doesn't change too quickly. I've just had a lovely week off of work with relaxed me completely. I work in an office on my own and have done for a number of years, this suits me perfectly, I know where everything is it's is a familiar environment. So as I've said I've been away for a week. On Saturday I went in to my office to collect my mail, however my office had been covered by someone which is usually not a problem providing they don't make any huge changes. This time though the person covering had decided to alter my entire office and drawers so everything is in a different place.

This may sound silly (and I am not OCD) but this alteration gave me a huge panic attack, the last two nights I have not slept due to worrying about going in today. In short it makes me feel violated. It's such a hard feeling to describe, I am anxious enough when I go away for a day let alone to have an environment that is usually stable and a huge part of my day altered so drastically.

To none sufferers this may sound a little weird. But I have posted this here to try and put across how altering certain things may be triggers to another.

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Trooper1 said on 06 October 2014

Hi everyone, I'm new here too, eek!!!.

Really sorry for basically posting my life story, I really need to learn how to condense things or get straight to the point.

TLDR: Please see my other post below this.

I suffer from a list of problems, such as social and general anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence, self conciousness etc, and have done so for most of my life.

I found out around five years ago that I was actually suffering from something, and that it actually had a name (mainly the GAD and SAD) after reaching my wits end and deciding to do a search on the internet.

After doing more research and armed with the knowledge I had gained, I plucked up enough courage to book an appointment with my doctor.

I was put on medication and placed on a waiting list for CBT. Six months later I was booked in for my first session with the CBT therapist. I had fourteen sessions in total over the course of fourteen months, and ended my medication around halfway through the course of CBT. That was just over two years ago, and though there has been some improvement, I feel that the course was not long enough and that they had ended way too soon.

I don't really suffer from panic attacks any more (though never really push myself to test this), But the anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence and self conciousness still remain.

I do work for a living (or is it live to work ?), so I do feel as though I have a reason to leave the house. I have been doing this for over fifteen years (leaving the house for work that is), but feel that each time is just as difficult as all the previous attempts, nothing seems to get easier. It's like a reset switch is pressed and I have to go through the whole same old process of procrastinating, delaying, confidence building every time I leave the house. It's so tedious and exhausting. Then after all that, you've got to then face the outside. :(

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Trooper1 said on 06 October 2014

The one thing I can not seem to deal with, control or overcome (and that I find most sites or information dealing with the conditions we are suffering from don't mention or or talk about) is that when I am feeling anxious (be it on public transport or walking down the street for example) is that my anxiety and the fact that I am feeling uncomfortable or self concious shows in my facial expression.

Depending on the situation, my facial expressions seem to be either a neutral (though rather unhappy) expression to avoid contact, approach or confrontation. The expression of fear, because I am actually feeling very scared at that particular moment. Or sometimes the expression of anger because I am feeling either threatened or intimidated.

All this has a really negative effect as I get a lot of dirty looks from most people I see or come in to contact with or they try to avoid me or act stand offish, which only serves to make me feel even more anxious and/or self concious. It's a vicious and depressing cycle, but how to break that cycle ?.

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heartpains said on 05 October 2014


Thanks for the reply, it's comforting to know there are others like you and your not going mad...or worse!
To be honest I think all this may have started with my mum as she died from heart attack /stroke and I may have had a slight panic attack and felt a slight feeling in my chest and worked myself up onto a full blown anxiety attack and that was seven years ago. It all kind of faded away for a while and got them on and off but for the past year I have been living my own little he'll that nobody I know uunderstands. Work life is terrible and so it is at doc first gave me propranolol and then atenolol but both made me feel equally as bad as not taking them because the side effects made me anxious. Don't know what I'm supposed to do bit I've started talking to people about it on several forums and it's kind of helping. Anxiety sucks

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cruiserscreek said on 04 October 2014


I suffer from exactly the same thing. It seems to more I read about issues with chest pain, left arm pain, dizziness etc the more I display these symptoms!

No matter how much people tell me I'm suffering from anxiety I seem to have convinced myself I'm in heart failure. It sounds daft but the pain is very real at it is scary...

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heartpains said on 03 October 2014

Ok guys so I'm new here and I'm having a funny five right now and just need someone to tell me this is normal. I apologize if there are mistakes as I can barely see the keyboard.
I have been suffering with gad for a while but recently it's out of control and I feel like I'm gonna die, does anyone else feel like they are having a heart attack and get all kinds of weird pains down the left side of the body? It's a vicious circle I get pains cuz of anxiety but get anxious cuz of the snowball's very quickly

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zella123 said on 29 September 2014

Cocoxxx, I just stumbled a cross your comment....I've never met anyone or heard anyone say they had to come home early from a holiday....same thing happened to me and I was so embarrassed and ashamed to tell people,I felt like an odd ball because people just dont unerstand! Iv never been diagnosed with gad but I know Ihave it....iv been anxious since I was 5 years old and been on medication for 17 anxiety is high at the mo. Iv read (many times) that the only way to overcome fear is to meet it head on.....I'm going abroad again tomorrow and I am so fearful....mainly of going insane and not bein able to get home.....irrational I know. I'm reading a book by Paul David called `at last a life` he is a previous sufferer but approaches anxiety from a perspective I've never approached....namely the physiological reasoning behind it and how it's your body's natural adrenal response to thoughts which in turn Increases these thoughts. I've spent a look long fighting it instead of accepting the feelings are there and just accepting I'm not going insane. So I'm takin what he says on board and going abroad tomorrow to face my fear.....Iv got shaky hands already but I know if I let anxiety have free reign it will inhibit my life and life is incredibly short and not a dress rehearsal. Hope this helps but I hope more I can last the 5 nights in Spain!

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Gman1983 said on 27 September 2014

Hi my names Gareth I'm 31 and I've suffered from what I would call severe GAD since I was 12 years old I call it severe as I worry about the same things morning day and night my anxiety fixates on things I've done in the past big or small it can even be something as small as a thought I had once this is a problem I will never win as my anxiety will always find something else from the past to fixate on and my biggest problem is worrying about worrying and this so I've read is a common symptom of GAD I constantly worry that I might deserve to worry and I constantly worry about right and wrong I feel completely bound by right and wrong I just want to be me and not worry about it i constantly worry that I'm wrong for trying not to worry or think about these things so as you can see I'm stuck in a constant vicious circle and I can't find anything distracting enough in life to break this cycle of worry I understand my problem very well as I've suffered many unhappy years with this problem and I have also done my home work on it but tho I understand my problem I can not fix myself people constantly try to reassure me about the things I worry about but reassurance does not work if you have an anxiety disorder if it did you wouldn't have an anxiety disorder the more you reassure yourself and the more you seek reassurance the more you continue the cycle of worry giving fuel to the fire so to speak I was recently better and happy for five years but I fell back to my old ways due to other anxiety issues and I can't explain how much this has broken my heart as I thought I was a changed man I have been told the key to it is to ignore the worrying thoughts like your ignoring a bully and to try and fix your mind on other things to break the vicious circle but this is very hard and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there in the same boat as me ???

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Twilight fan said on 26 September 2014

I have been suffering from some of the more mild symptoms of GAD intermittently on and off for a few years but recently has got really bad - been suffering panic attacks, constant tiredness, aches and pains, nausea and feelings of derealisation as well as symptoms of IBS. Went through some traumatic experiences a few years ago when my mum had an abusive partner. My mum now has alot of health problems herself so don't want to worry her and don't have many friends or boyfriend because I work full time and care for her. I am 30 and worry about so many things. I have found a few things that have helped. Giving up caffeine has made a big difference and I have had less panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. I would also recommend the book Anxiety panicking about panic by Joshua Fletcher - felt alot better after reading this. I still feel tired all the time and have a long journey to work on tube every day and constanly scared I will have a panic attack - just try and concentrate on breathing and on my music and try not to think about the panic - think its being closed in underground. But I would recomend giving up caffeine also make sure you sleep enough and try to enjoy little things in life and have things to look forward to. Its a constant struggle but can be done. Also helps to read what others are going through and know I am not the only one. : )

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golfwang420 said on 24 September 2014

Hello, I am a 24 year old male with what I have been told by my gp is a general anxiety disorder, I have been feeling all sorts of physical effects such as extreme fatique, confusion, dizziness, general grogginess and much more for around about a year now and it is getting to the point where I am having to get in from work and go to bed just because I feel that bad and some days are just a write off all together. Forgive me for my ignorance or lack of knowledge on this matter compared to others on here but does any one have any advice or self help methods that have been tried and have worked because this really is affecting my life and how I function, I am a carpenter by trade and being a physical job this really is becoming such a hard task. My main concern is that I cannot for the life of me pinpoint what I am anxious about, therefore I am feeling like it is an actual physical illness, I'm just finding it really hard to be convinced that an anxiety disorder can make you feel this ill when I have nothing that springs to mind, thank you any help will be much appreciated!

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Sbm123 said on 22 September 2014

Hi I've not been on for a while as I've been feeling a bit better but at the weekend there I was drinking on Saturday it's now Monday and I feel so dehydrated and dry mouth and panicky and freaking out feel like I'm going to die so paranoid need help or advise as soon as

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Molly62 said on 20 September 2014

Dear User903986, further to previous message to you...
Regarding my own chronic health issues, as well as or separate from GAD and depression...I spent my entire adult life suffering from moderate to severe debilitating gastric issues. Seen many specialists who all brushed me off. I took it upon myself on the advice of a then co-worker who was studying naturopathic medicine, to go off was a monumental undertaking as it is used as a thickener in products you can't imagine, even Teriyaki sauce, but I persevered and did it. My overall health and chronic migraines have improved immensely. I swear it feels like some kind of miracle. My extreme fatigue is lessened when not consuming gluten. It really affects the brain. When I slip and do eat something with gluten, just a piece or two of 'real' bread which I confess I do miss so much, I get so ill...severe unyielding headaches for several days after, intestinal pain and upset, vomiting ain't pretty, and having gone off the wagon a few times over the last year plus, I see a definite, what I am saying is for your overall health, the physical DOES affect the mental, maybe this is something that you may want to consider. It's not a total solution to all of life's pains and anxieties, but it CAN help somewhat...thought it was worth mentioning. We all have our own paths to travel, but some of them take us towards each other, like this website, and maybe this will be of some help to you. Take good care of yourself...I will do the same.

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Molly62 said on 20 September 2014

Dear User903986, Please, Please don't give up on yourself and end your life. That is not a solution. It is a tremendous disservice to yourself and your family, whom you state you love and who I am sure love you. Take one day at a time and try to rise above your feelings of extreme anxiety and depression. Be good to yourself. Remind yourself daily, and believe it, that you are a worth while human being who deserves a happy life. Don't give up on a positive solution or support for yourself. Find something enjoyable in every day. Even something as simple as playing your favorite song or music. Practice deep breathing while listening to your favorite music. Even a few short minutes can help. Treat yourself (I'm not talking expensive) to something nice, even as basic as a really good cup of tea. Take a walk in nature. I too am still searching for the right fit/treatment for myself who suffers from GAD and have severe migraines and other health issues. The anxiety and depression are so debilitating. I lost my job over a year and a half ago. It was a sudden group layoff situation from a job that I liked well enough and was close to home so that if I was unwell it just helped me cope knowing that I didn't have to commute for an hour or more to get home. I have been unable to find employment but my GAD is hugely influencing my confidence and being able to apply myself to get on with life. But I know there has to be something out there for me. I have been extremely depressed and spend a lot of time sleeping in, starting my day late, telling myself I will make an effort 'tomorrow'...I've had a lot of tomorrow's, and still haven't been able to surface to a workable level of coping. But...there has to be hope. I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I believe that everything happens in life for a reason, even if we don't know what that reason is for months or even years from now. But do not give up. I care about you... others care about about yourself too.

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Molly62 said on 20 September 2014

Dear Fuzzy Duck, I have had the same immediate side effects recently when prescribed Sertraline 25 mg from my neurologist. I explained to her my extreme sensitivities to traditional medications, she felt strongly about my trying this, which I had put off for several months since my first visit to her, so, after my 2nd visit to her, I relented and gave the medication a try. I took at 11 pm, by 1 a.m. was having difficulty swallowing, which made me very anxious. Followed by this was significant muscle aching in pelvis and both legs to ankles. I felt wired and had insomnia, did not fall asleep until after 5 a.m. These same side effects occurred the next night as well. I was so distressed (was on a weekend) that I consulted my pharmacist who was dismissive at first, but consulted her computer. It took her some digging, getting to the side effects in 2% of the people who experienced dysphasia (difficulty swallowing)...5% had muscle pain...Further it causes agitation and insomnia...All in smaller percentages of people, and this is always me. I deliberately did NOT research prior to taking as I did not want to influence myself in any negative way. So, I stopped taking and just paid my neuro. a return visit 2 days ago. She was dismissive of my adverse reaction to the medication, which is nothing new, have faced this my whole adult life. So I am going to consult with a naturopath, which I had done some time ago. Will revisit the integrated approach to my health care as the traditional Western medicine is not my friend. I have GAD + 30 years of moderate/severe migraines caused by combination of hereditary, muscle damage/injury to neck and back, and who knows what else. You are not alone. Sertraline is not worth it to me. Prior I had tried Zoloft. Felt immediate improvement in anxiety on low dose, but felt gastric issues increase over 4 days to extreme nausea, vomiting...could not function...took 5 days to get over the side effects of 4 days of medication. But we can't give up

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Jenny182 said on 19 September 2014

My name is Jennifer I am studying at Uni, away from home. I have suffered with GAD my whole life. I haven't had anxious feelings for a while but have suddenly had a huge bout of anxiety that is affecting my whole life. I don't know why it has started, but sometimes the GAD can happen 'out of the blue' and is unexplained. I am currently seeking counselling to help alleviate some anxiety. What I have found that helps to reduce the anxious feelings is to not punish yourself for being anxious, don't question yourself - stop asking 'why am I like this'', 'why am I not normal''. This is a inner critic that will not help but only prolong the anxiety. Seconly however sick and panicky you feel, keeping we hydrated and well fed is essential to having a positive and healthy attitude to your GAD and helps in being able to tackle it. Just remember, anxiety is not something you can to 'get over', naturally we all have anxiety. you need to focus on it as something that need to be managed or properly balanced in your life. I hope this helps, it did for me.

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Kyle1987 said on 16 September 2014

Don't really know why I’ve decided to write on here, knowing there are others out there with the same or similar condition helps I suppose. Also being able to share with people that can understand.
My anxiety/ocd is that extreme it affects me 24.7, no matter what am doing or were I am. I simply cannot stop thinking about all these thoughts. It’s so out of control I have to write down everything all the time which helps me deal with them. Has been over a year and now has become like a second job to me.
I’ve suffered with this since I was little, it was more to do with cleaningless then. Now it’s so confusing I can’t even explain it. The last year of my life that has turned really weird and very complex.
The help I've received has been very minimal. I was put on anti-depressants and had to go to cbt which I knew wasn't enough for my condition but still went on to do so.
I have other stuff going on like my sexuality (bisexual), family relationship etc, which doesn't help my anx/ocd. However I’m a very outgoing person, love having fun and actually want to get the best from life.
This thing that's happening has destroyed me and am learning that I may never be ok and I won’t carry on like this. I've decided that I don't want to live anymore and the only thing that stops me is my family.
My family are amazing especially my parents am a lucky lad, however this makes it so painful. I found out my dad wasn’t my biological parent which was unreal, but I managed to turn this into a positive, that someone as good as he had brought me up. Now though this has made it even harder to tell about my sexuality. However now hoping if I do they would hate me for it therefore making my choices easier.
There's no simple way to tell family something like this, that you don’t want to live but it’s just not fair on me to suffer. I have made the decisions that I want however I really do hope they change soon. Don’t mind what people have to say feel free to leave your opinion.

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MyHeartIsBeatinInADifferentWay said on 10 September 2014

Have courage, I'm not one to post so bare with me.After reading the comments, thought maybe if i could help someone, would be worth while, The pharma company's are not in the business of curing people, they want you to remain costumers no? Because if they were they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business? I think maybe our body's have been knocked off balance? Raw organic hemp seed & obviously eating right & healing myself through the Endocannabinoid System. Restoring balance of body & mind, They are touted as the “most nutritious seed in the world. Food hemp seeds do not have a narcotic effect! .1 Thc. I eat more seeds than the birds from czech republic. Make breath your friend. love youzzzzzz :)

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Fuzzy duck said on 14 August 2014

I have recently been prescribed Sertraline every day, on quite a low dosage. I started to take it two days ago at roughly 6pm and didn't really feel any side effects until the following morning. Where I had to pull over when driving to work because of dizziness and feeling extreme nausea, i finally made it but felt like this on and off throughout the whole day. Reluctantly I took it again last night and within an hr my anxiety greatly increased to the point I could not stop my whole body from violently shaking with my throat going tight making me gag. After being up most of the night and still not feeling 100% I've had to take a day off work. Due to the feeling of nausea i really haven't eaten anything substantial since and when I try thinking I'm ok,I instantly feel nauseas again. Just wanted to know if such a low dosage is possibly giving me side effects or am I just being anxious about taking them in the first place? Has anyone else experienced these side effects so soon after starting Sertraline? don't want to take another tonight incase I have to take another day off tomorrow.

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A bit bonkers said on 13 August 2014

It's quite heartbreaking reading the comments on here, I have so much empathy for everyone who has posted, because we all know how each other feels, no one can possibly know unless they have been through it.

I noticed that with most posters that a shock/loss/devastating/stressful event seemed to spark off the panic/anxiety. That is very understandable. Some people cope well with stress, some people love it and some people when faced with it, start with anxiety. We are not weak, bonkers (although my screen name says I am, but I feel that is how non-sufferers sometimes see me) or overly sensitive, we must be just wired a little different, that is all.

I consider myself to be quite a strong outgoing personality, but I do suffer from debilitating anxiety sometimes, and I am going through a bad patch again just now, where I am getting a lot of mental and physical effects. It's 5:00 in the morning as I can't sleep.

I did a huge post earlier and as I went over the 2000 characters, I couldn't post it or even copy it,I lost the post so I will start again on part 2 (might even run to a 3 parter - I have lots to say)

I am not one for usually posting, I am more of a reader of posts, but I think at the moment it will help me to get it down on paper - so to speak.

I'm afraid I cannot offer anyone any practical help, but sometimes it helps just to read others' experience and make you feel you are not alone, although you wouldn't with this on anyone, it is comforting to know it's not just you.

My trigger (I am sure) which started this road to horridness was when my husband left me over 20 years ago, with 3 young children. Up to him leaving, I was a full time mum and housewife with no money worries. Within a couple of months, I was doing 2 part time jobs, frantically arranging childcare and comforting upset children, it was a huge strain.

Part 2.....

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Squidy78 said on 07 August 2014

I don't know if I have GAD or not, but it certainly feels like it. It began shortly after my dad died of prostate cancer. I saw him being slowly eaten by it and his body changing from the healthy middle aged man he was to well, in the final weeks of his life was very hard and it haunts me to this day. About a year later, I went to A&E with 'belly pain' and had a scope where they found a tumor in my bowel. I had it removed and results came back as 'dukes A' cancer, meaning it had just started to develop. I guess I was lucky catching it early, didnt need Chemo and I've had yearly screenings since. I see the consultants every 6 months, but I'm so scared that the cancer is back or is elsewhere, like a mould and I'm not going to catch it early again. I have a pain in my back along my spine, I can't sleep, I think about it every day, I'm prodding and poking my body, checking my stools with a light, I'm losing weight and looking up symptoms on the net, which is scaring me further. I'm looking for answers and confirmation I'm 'free' but they are not forthcoming. I have developed a breathing problem where I'm feeling short of breath, but not actually short of breath. Doctor thinks it's just anxiety and I should try breathing exercises (which dont work) and I'm looking in the mirror at my face to see if I'm looking thinner, as I remember my dad looking gaunt and pale and comparing. I'm pretty sure I'm losing muscle, after looking up Cachexia on the web. Family and friends say I dont look different, but I dont believe them. It's taken over my life and panic attacks are rife. I'm 35, which is young to have had bowel cancer and consultants/tests have ruled out FAP, Crohns, IBS, IBD. I don't know where to go from here, but I'm just hoping that it is GAD and even just hearing that I can begin to manage it, at least I'll know what my body is telling me, because at the moment I dont know what to do with all these aches, breathless, panic attacks et all..

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Cocoxxx said on 04 August 2014

I have had anxiety on and off for years. I remember when i first came on i was setting off on my holiday and i just had this sudden dread come over me which made me not want to get on the flight, i did go on holiday but had to come home early as the anxiety was to much i didnt eat and felt a nervous sick feeling the whole time. Since then im afraid to go on holiday incase this comes over me again. I feel like this anxiety is stopping me from living my life and it gets me down. I still live with my parents at 30 because when i have tried to move out in the past the anxiety is to much and i end up making myself ill over it when all i want is to have a nice house with my boyfriend and have children but instead of looking forward to this it becomes dread as im constantly thinking of the bad things like what if i cant cope etc. i feel like im not normal at all does anyone share the same feelings as me? And does anyone have any recommendations to get over this? Thank you xx

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netty1391 said on 04 August 2014

Hi. I suffered with panic attacks years ago after the sudden death of my dad and in time I learnt how to control them. Last December I started getting a flutter sensation in the top of my rib cage and was uncontrollable. It was a feeling of fizzy bubbles trying to esacpe and simialr to a gasp of breath but inside. At that time my stepdad was terminal ill and I moved in with him and mum to help care for him as well as working full and part time and going to my own house and to and from hospitals and his last resting place. After he died I started getting a feeling of hot skin under my chest and stomach and back. After going to see my Gp and having a wobble it started to ease. Eventually the symptons disappeared up until a fortnight ago and just suddenly returned. It worsens when I get worked up as I deal with the lovely public who quite often hurl abuse at us. It is getting me down and just want it to disappear or at least have some control over it. Any ideas???

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Craig3f2 said on 04 August 2014

Found this quite useful. After many years suffering I went to my GP who could not have been less interested. Gave me a basic O grade biology lesson on the caveman fight or flight, a website which I could "pick" from as it was not all that relevant and I was out on the street in less than 10 min. I was left looking at self help books and considering private counselling as I will never go back to my GP for this again.

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Mattockbig said on 01 August 2014

Hi Lauren
Just wanted to reassure you it will get better!
I have suffered GAD all my life . I am 51. It first happened when I was 15 I didn't know what had happened to me I thought I had gone to hell. I seem to get it every 6-7 years and it lasts for about a year but it gradually lessens as time goes on . You just have to learn to live with it and know what it is. It helped me read that other people have it as well and I wasn't going to end up in a mental hospital. I find what helps with me when it is bad is to laugh at it and do all the things you want to do regardless of feeling really really anxious and you will find you always can do it wether it's going on holiday or going to the pub or going to work.i have a lovely family and work for myself and have a great life. Hang on in there !

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jade94h said on 12 July 2014

Hi I am 20 years of age, I just want to say I am glad I am not the only person who feels like this, because I always feel alone, I had my first panic attack last year, before I had this panic attack I was always getting Sharp pains in my chest, but I didn't think nothing of it as they always came an go, but in the back of mind there was this little worry always thinking why am I getting these whys this happening but like I said I didn't think nothing of it until I had this panic attack which I didn't even know what is was, one night where I went from sitting there with chest pains, my chest feeling really tight, I could hardly breathe, feeling like I was going to pass out, & that little worry in the back of my mind came louder, I thought this is it am going to die, these pains where telling me something, but in the end I got rushed to the hospital & they explained my heart is fine & healthy and nothing to worry about an told me to see my GP, so I did & the first he said was I was depressed?! I looked at him an said am not depressed am a young girl that's just getting on with day to day life where I have never had anything like this happen to me there was nothing in my life that made me depressed, until this day I still don't know what brought that attack on, but from that day it gets worst I have never felt so anxious in my life to the point where I am scared to even go outside, I fear all the time that I am going to die? That I have illness an the hospitals haven't came across it or there not telling me, always feeling dizzy an sick where I am going to black out, panicking an jumping at the littlest thing I hear, crying when I talk to people or my family because I am nervous wreck an feel like I have no control?! Always fearing I am going to have a heart attack & no one can help me, I am always thinking of the worse, but the whole scary thing is I never use to be like this, & I don't know how or who or what is going help me

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LaurenM1993 said on 12 July 2014

Hiya, My name is Lauren and i'm 20 years old. I have been suffering with GAD and Depression for some time now, it started when i was 13. It ruined my school life, i came out with no GCSE i never attended college either. Everyday is literally such a struggle. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I have gone to my GP but all he has done is put me on Citalopram 40 MG. I feel these help me sometimes but not all the time. Day in day out i just sit on my bed, most days i won't even go out. Its affected my whole life. Im so low right now i don't know how much i can take now. Im looking for some help or advice from any person going through something similar im not looking for hate. I've tried everything. I honestly dont know, and noone seems to understand- the harsh thoughts i have, the suicidal mind span, the hurting myself, all the panic attacks, not being able to face people, make a simple phone call, cooking something to eat. Noone understands how i feel and not being able to do the above things mentioned makes me feel. I'm not a silly little girl, i am actually quite smart (regardless of having no GCSE) and i want to be a nurse or social worker. But my dreams will never be met whilst i have all this wrong with me. Please someone help me! im climbing the walls!

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Beingbrave said on 08 July 2014

During a difficult break up, 16 years ago, I experienced my first panic attack aged 27.

Your first one is horrific, you do think you're going to die and then you simply wait for the next one to happen which in itself creates anxiety! As you all know it can be anywhere and you start to dread particular places as you think it's associated.

I was offered medication but decided not to as I was more scared of becoming dependant on it. I hope details of my post will help someone out there.

Panic attacks are a way of your body telling you that you are stressed and it's a physical reaction to that. I read 2 important pieces of advice years ago; 1. acceptance - sometimes your body just has to have a panic attack and 2. don't fight the physical symptoms during an attack. Just go through the motions. The more you fight it the more you become breathless which causes the heart to beat faster.

During your attack breathe in as slowly as you can through the nose and breathe out longer out through your mouth whilst pushing your stomach muscles inwards. This slows down the amount of Oxygen you breathe in and will stop the dizziness and panic feeling. As soon as I learned this I felt like I WAS IN CONTROL and was no longer frightened of one starting. Still to this day I can feel that scary tingle when one is going to start BUT I sit down and accept it and do deep breathing outwards and it really does STOP!

My friend and I have suffered attacks since our 20's and we can actually laugh about it together as we know it's irrational to feel like this. I lead a very busy life with 2 young children and feel anxious about a lot of things just with tension headaches now instead.

I'm lucky that it's something I can control and doesn't require medication but I would urge anyone to have a go at this technique as it's something you can do anywhere! One other helpful tip; drink decaffeinated tea/coffee. This also helps reduce palpitations. Good luck. x

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IntenseDepressiveEpisodes said on 05 July 2014

Not worried about death anymore that's for certain, but since I'm living and giving it a 'shot'. I wish this disorder could be more controlled. It's a completely irrational thing for a conscious human being to have all they have created temporary binned and pulled out reality, into a dark world where paranoia is a real illusion even with rational thinking behind you.
I know people who don't have any conception of the severity and think it's a mere phase.
Animals help just to throw that out there.

How long can you fight this?

Good luck fellow warriors.

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mark 1979 said on 01 July 2014

Hi i suffer from Hemiplegic Migranes i get all the symptons of a mini stroke but no headache. Once i get this it then triggers an anxiety attack as i get shooting chest pains which i panic about and this makes the whole experience worse.
I have high blood pressure so i am higher risk for a heart attack or stroke and this constanly worries me.
this all started once we had children so i do wonder for myself and reading a lot of your comments maybe this is from having kids and you worry you wont be there for them

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Mittens98 said on 26 June 2014

Hi, I had my first panic attack when I was 27. My father died suddenly 2 years previous to this from a heart attack. The panic attack came from nowhere really, my youngest child was about a year old. I had suffered from mild post natal depression but that was just the norm for me. I've never really been a happy go lucky person anyway. I'm either up or down. Ever since then i have suffered with episodes of anxiety and they seem to be getting worse. Even reading about other peoples anxiety makes me anxious, my heart feels like it's aching now. I suppose I have the fear that I'm going to drop dead at any moment. My dad was 52 when he died and I'm counting down the years, I've only got 15 left.i know I'm being ridiculous but I'm scared. I used to be able to control it but it's seeping into all ares of my life. I worry in the school playground in case I have an attack and make a fool of myself. I've started having what I describe as mini ones at work, I can't get away from it anymore. I'm tired of fighting with myself all the time.

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Sbm123 said on 25 June 2014

Hi I'm 21 years old suffer from really really bad anxiety and panic attacks almost 24/7 and more recently I keep getting such a bad dry mouth and I keep bighting my tongue and twitching really really bad I need help or some advise because my tongues all cut because of what I keep doing and I can't help it

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JosieR said on 21 June 2014

Hi Ruby 13 i feel the same way as you when i read your comment it felt like i wrote this my self i am always looking for people to chat to but it is really hard to find this i also have a lot of the same feelings as Pish53 it really does feel better to know that there are other who feel the same way thanking of you all on here X

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Garethog said on 21 June 2014

Hi im a 25 year old male who has struggled with Anxiety since i can remember.Been free or feel like ive been free of anxiety for 1 1/2 years but then boom all at once came back.wake up shaking tired delerious pannicky rushing destrubing thoughts. but seems to calm off towards evening im on 100mg sertraline been on them for 1 1/2 years with no probs but now seem to not be working or mayb thats just in my mind i have 2 small children 1 of 5 and 1 of 2 1/2 and i fear of hurting them i dunno why i wudnt ever do it but i get really bad anxiety over that. i dont know how to come forward with this because this is my first post on a forums thank you for reading and will post more as i get more comfident

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mww1275 said on 16 June 2014

, and this in turn causes me anxiety that I will be judged on how I am without knowing why I am like this.I tried a session of CBT, but felt a bit patronised and so far, the best relax for me so is to bury myself in work at home (DIY). I guess I have to accept that anti-Ds are the way to go as they can numb me down a bit, along with the strong pain killers that I take for facial pain (a form of Neuralgia caused by anxiety) one day I shall hopefully retire and relax and all this will go away.????Good luck to you all, my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.

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mww1275 said on 16 June 2014

It is comforting to know that we are not the only ones.I have been on and off anti depressants since 2001 and had been so far away from needing them all my life up until then that it was quite a strange experience going on to them to start with.My need started after a situation at work became a psychological mind game and the real name for it was bullying. I came out okay eventually, however, I believe the damage was done and it left me very susceptible to anything that came across as aggressive, and could leave me always fearing the worse and dreading confrontation.I find that any issues I now over analyse, I worry about mortality, bills, whether my debit card will work in the shop, the new shower tray not being completely level, my chest pains and so it goes on. If you can worry about it, I will.Having now just gone through another spat of bullying in the work place and the company not doing anything about it (it has happened many times before but they are not good at dealing with this type of personnel issues) I have moved within the business, doing a job that I enjoy more, but ultimately, feeling eased out especially after a poor annual appraisal which I did not see coming. ( I think this justified the move) The bully had a good appraisal and has now moved on to someone else, even to the point of abuse on a social networking site.I wake up every morning with a knotted stomach, I am so tense and wound up all the time and any light criticism at home means that I snap and this is just because I can. I can have chest pains, extreme indigestion/heartburn, bad eczema on my hands that can be comforted by scratching until raw or putting under an extremely hot tap and all these I can feel come on as the anxiety builds.At work I could lose my job if I behaved as I do at home and I am ashamed of how I do act sometimes.It is a vicious circle as the medication I am on causes me to be forgetful and I find it easy to lose concentration or my flow when talking, and this in tu

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Ruby13 said on 12 June 2014

Reading all your comments, it is a relief to now that I am not alone as to how I am feeling, i can wake up in the morning in a hot sweat, panic sets in. I dread getting out of bed, but I do. I have to go to the shops and sometimes half way there, come over all hot, palpitations, shaky and think I am going to pass out.. If I do get to the shops OK then, these symptoms can happen again. You feel so stupid and weak. Hubby and Ihad to come home early from holiday, as I just could not cope. I am frightened of going out for theday and just want to get home. These attacks can happen at home too. I think they got worse when my father died suddenly in 1992, which made me think of my own mortality, the mortality of my husband.

When these panics happen, I was convinced I was having a heart attack. My GP is so understanding and, yesterday, I had to go to see him urgently. He asked if I could do with some medication, and I agreed yes. My first time with meds. Just to see me over the worst. He suggested phone consultations with a councillor and I am going to ring up on Monday.

I just want my life back and, hopefully, get away on holiday sometime in the future.

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pish53 said on 12 June 2014

Dpm59… just described me to a T !! I mean identical!! I'm 53 female and I'm exactly like you ! I am sitting here in bed right now with tears running down my face ...I decided to Google again and came across this blog... I can barely type this because of my panic right now .. I am at my wits end with this ! There is truly nothing I haven't tried !! Nothing helps me! My husband is sick of it too,,,I do not live life at all ....I have to try and work like this but I don't see how I can anymore at this point ... We can't make it financially if I don't work and I KNOW that its about to come to an end which makes me even worse! I feel bad for you but just know that I truly understand and am identical to what you wrote !!

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dpm59 said on 10 June 2014

Hello, I am new. I live in Florida and I am 55 year old female. I have suffered with panic disorder and agoraphobia for years. 32 years ago I was diagnosed. I never had the fears as I do now and the panic I do as well. I simply was afraid id have another attack years ago and dealt with it through cbt. However i began paxil in 2002 and took it until 2011. I didnt like who I bevame beingbon the medication. I was a no energy uncaring un emotional mess. Although i could drive alone be normal..i wanted me back. Well things were fine until Jan this yearbi panic almost daily. I am afraid im dying..that i have heart problems, cancer etc. I even yerrified of drs but mostly hospitals surgery and medications. Im afraid the drs will tell me i am dying or that i may have heart problems or i may need surgery...I am a mess!!!! Ive not worked since Jan. As now i lost my job for being out since jan. Im lonely depressed and just need friends to talk to. Anyone out there???

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LLM97 said on 07 June 2014

Recently I have been feeling so much more on edge than usual. So in my own little world this is the first step to getting any help..

I have always been really emotional when it comes to interviews and one to ones etc. In 3 previous interviews I have cried, on my phone interview I froze and stopped speaking, I cry when I speak to teachers alone, I cry when I have to talk to someone in a shop.
I also have trouble eating around people. When I have been to a friend's house about 5 mouthfuls in my stomach feels like it has been filled with cement and I feel sick if I eat.
If I have something planned for the weekend and I know it'll be around people I don't know that well it will ruin my entire week. I'll sit up at night thinking about all the things that could go wrong and it'll end up in tears.
In the past I have lied to my friends about being ill so I don't have to eat in front of them or go out with them; they don't even know about any of this. No one knows.

Last night I was considering going to see the doctor, just for some advice at the least. My chest was tightening and I just panicked and cried. I honestly don't know what to do..

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User878140 said on 06 June 2014

Swaz61 - Would be good to chat as I have exactly the same symptoms !!

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Afreebirdatlast000 said on 04 June 2014

I strongly believe anxiety is triggered by alcohol! I have been a nail biter since I can remember however after a recent operation, having to quit drink (6 weeks now) my nails are long and we all know nail biting is triggered by anxiety. It also helped me reading a book called you are not crazy it's your mother which is about daughters who have narcissistic mothers! That is me along with a lot of other women, the best read ever which explains my anxiety growing up and also in later years. I read the book, I feel free now as I finally know what I am dealing with! No nail biting, looking forward to having a sensible weekend drink and knocking this anxiety thing on the head. I think our upbringing has a lot to do with it all, vicious circle... anxious, drink, bite nails, feel bad, drink, bite nails, anxious. Hope this helps

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AR Wilson said on 03 June 2014

I started my own blog about my battle with depression and anxiety -

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Callie178 said on 31 May 2014

At the present moment I'm suffering badly with anxiety. Every morning I wake early - 5am - and though I feel tired I can't get back to sleep.
Every morning is the same, I wake with a feeling of utter dread. My stomach churns, my heart thumps, I'm shaky and just want to cry all day everyday.
I'm terrified suddenly of everything and I find it very difficult to think rationally.
I just don't think I can cope with it anymore, I'm so tired, so warn out. I just don't feel a I can keep having these feelings, this pain and fear.
I've tried CBT but it didn't work, I have a few sessions of,counselling but have never found the best therapist.
I feel so utterly alone and so terrified. I wish I could stop crying.

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Sbm123 said on 24 May 2014

Im a 21 year old man my anxiety is at an all time low, constantly struggling 24/7 dry mouth, twitchy cant really go out much because i feel like i can hardly breath and i am going to die read something online and now i have convinced myself i have cancer i just want to feel normal and enjoy life my daughter is only 6 weeks old and i fe as if i wont be here to see her grow up

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clair32 said on 14 May 2014

I was walking in town with my wife i just got off bus and felt a weird sensation as if i was gonna collapse went to hospital they said it was a water infection did all my blood all come bk fine the last couple of weeks been really dizzy palpatations rapid heart beat thinking important fainting my ears ring sometimes when to hospital again my heart beat was fast also had protein in my wee gave me antibiotics had them now me wee sample came bk clear I've still got all these things wrongoing with me and the doctors are just giving me dizzy tablets I've read these comments and its exactly what im going thru i prefer to stay in while dizzy incase i collapse im paranoid if ppl keep looking at me any ideas what i can do to feel better I've ran out of ideasgot another doctors appointment but they just keep giving me pills

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wade1234 said on 11 May 2014

hello im a 22 year old male i dont know why this keeps happening i had these weird pains in my heart and i dont know why i been to hospital about it and had a ecg they said there wasnt anything wrong with me but i dont think they was right when it comes on i cant sit down i have to like rub my hair i also bounce from foot to foot and pace up and down i think im going to pass out and die im going crazy when i breath i find that im not takening in enough air after having this for the past year i can tell when its coming on like my eyes will start to water! it dose come on stronger after a night out please can someone help me its divening me mad

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djjl01 said on 10 May 2014

I have been suffering panic attacks and anxiety for over a year and have learned something that I think might help some of you.

When I feel a panic attack coming on I accept it, I tell myself this is a panic attack it is horrible but it isn't going to kill me. I let the panic build up, but I don't run away from it (even though my mind is telling me to) I focus on the symptoms and the feelings (instead of trying to ignore them), it keeps building up, I feel like I'm dying, like I'm going mad, like I'm not myself anymore, it is awful. But I accept the feeling and let myself experience it. It is frightening but you go through it and you realise the fear hasn't killed you like you thought it would. Fear lies to you.

The acceptance of having a panic attack has really helped me. I don't fear having them now and because of that, they have almost completely stopped.

I still think it is possible that I could have a panic attack, but my attitude towards them have changed.

Just by changing my thoughts and attitude towards the panic attack helped me reduce my fear, and it is the fear that creates the panic. I gained confidence and I felt like I had control again.

Accepting the panic attack can be a really empowering experience.

Hope this helps. It really helped me.

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Rhigan said on 01 May 2014

I have had treatment for GAD after having anxiety for years so I do sympathise with all here. Although I did have meds the best treatment by far is regular CBT. If you can't get this on the NHS then at least try the Overcoming book or the books on anxiety in the For Dummies series. If you can afford it, you can get private CBT or you can claim on your health insurance.

In the meantime, it helps to only worry about things you can change. If you can't change them, distract yourself with something else. I know this sounds impossible but I used to search the net obsessively about war, epidemics, all kinds, and I learned to stop. It can be done - I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Mindfulness is a meditation practice that is really beneficial to ending anxiety. You can download apps or get a CD. When you wake in the night, make a hot caffeine-free drink and do some deep breathing. It all sounds too simple but it works.

Remember that however unpleasant anxiety is, it will not kill you. Honest! Listen to it and you will see it ebb and flow. Sit with it and let it do it's worst and you'll find it passes.

We are not our anxiety. You can step back from it and observe it, so it can't be who we are. We aren't our illnesses and do not need to be defined by them.

Good luck to you all. <hugs>

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Musclespasm said on 22 April 2014


Say it out loud if you are alone or to yourself
if in the company of others.

To make it more effective (when possible) stand up and
shake your hands out while bouncing lightly from foot
to foot just like an athlete does before beginning a race.

The idea here is to quickly stop your brain from wrongly
interpreting the sensations as a threat and instead
to associate them with everyday excited arousal.

There are several recent university studies to
back this approach up. Evidence was found that
this approach was particularly effective during
public speaking and while taking examinations.

In the beginning you have to 'fake it till you make it'.

That means that initially you will find it hard to really
believe you are excited rather than scared but with
regular practice the sensations that usually terrify you
become just that -sensations and nothing more.

So if you feel anxious and remember
nothing else, remember this:

Choose to feel excited!

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idawmn said on 22 April 2014

I had gallbladder removed early in January. Two and a half weeks later, I got up one morning and felt I couldn't breathe. I have been through all kinds of testing by a pulmonologist and nothing has been found. Echocardiogram shows no heart or artery problems. I experience this smothering feeling 24/7, every day of the week, no relief except when I lie down to sleep and breathing is a bit more relaxed. 12 weeks of this now and no relief. My doctor has me going to see a cardiologist for further consultation and more tests. I believe that her and the pulmonologist think it's anxiety, just haven't come out and said it. I have never had anxiety in my life and I'm a 55 year old woman. I got myself set up to see a counsellor in early May. I'm baffled by ths chronic breathing problem. I have no other issues or symptoms.

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Simod73 said on 21 April 2014

hi iam new to this I have been having anxity attacks.iam a happly married man of 40 with a great son who is 12.i have this fear of dying in war I watch the news and when I see things about war or wars I get all worried that the world is going end.
I know it is in my head but over the past few weeks the attacks have got worse.I l also had the same attacks last year and in 2008. I saw the DR last near but I said I was feeling better.have a good job,home.
Reading these comments made me feel a lot better,
any one had these thoughts and how did they get over them.
I have had these feelings since I was 12 when my mother left home.

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JosieR said on 20 April 2014

Hannarbanana thank you so much for thinking about me even if i can not get to this link X

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JosieR said on 20 April 2014

Hi Hannarbanana i have pasted it but did not work can you tell me how this will be good for me thank you X

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abea said on 14 April 2014

Hello Kelly83.
Just a message of support. You are going through a tough time but by sharing your fears and frustration you are already taking the right steps. Keep talking to your GP until you find an answer. Things will get better.

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Sbm123 said on 07 April 2014

Not felt great today but not felt awful was out at the shops getting shopping for a few hours its progreas but not feeling great

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hannarbanana said on 07 April 2014

Josie I think this maybe the type of thing that you are looking for..... I don't think this will create a link so you may have to copy and paste into your browser. Hope this helps

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kelly 83 said on 07 April 2014

Im currently having a bad episode of panic and anxiaty this has lasted 6 months everyday im having haert palpations, sharp head pain on left side, abdominal pain, and feeling dizzy and on top of that the panic attavk as well! Ive had panic attacks for years but usually it lasts few weeks then im ok for a while .im so exhausted and having painful muscles from being tense all the time. I am convinced I have a heart problem because of the heart palpations and its driving me mad not having anyone that understands what im going through

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JosieR said on 06 April 2014

Hi sbm123 i know how you feel i feel the same at times i have been told i have this horrid fear about dying so that is what starts all these feeling that are so scary i remember when in my 20s i felt i could not breath and then all the other things would happen but i am still here i have been told a lot of this is to do with my personalty because i am always worrying about what other people think of me and am a very emotively kind of person so don't worry sbm123 i do know how you feel take care X

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JosieR said on 06 April 2014

Hi sbm i have been feeling the same for a while it is horrible i am like it now it starts with a butterfly in my tummy then starts all the things you have i wish there was a FB page we could all go on to chat about this . My GP told me to teach my brain that there is nothing wrong well i wish it were that easy i have been on prozac for a while i will try and come off because they don't seem to be working

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Sbm123 said on 05 April 2014

Hi josie, feeling very poorly very shakey cant get a deep sensation of breath really week and no energy its very scary and very upsetting

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JosieR said on 04 April 2014

Hi whisper1976 i have just read your comment it was like reading about myself i have healthy grown up children as well people tell me i am to nice a person but i just can't change the way i am i wish i could meet someone like you to chat to but i don't think that is possible anyway it was good to read about someone who feels the same way i do thank you for this

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JosieR said on 04 April 2014

hi sbm I hope you are a little better now i was the same in my 20s it was a nightmare but i am still here lots of years later i still have moments now but not as bad feeling a little nervous now though X

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Sbm123 said on 03 April 2014

Had a really bad day heart has been pounding all day really strugggling with anxiety and panic cant get a deap breath sensation its really worrying feel like i am dying and wont be alive to see the birth of my daughter

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Sbm123 said on 03 April 2014

Really struggling today feel like im going to have a heart attack and no energy atall

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Sbm123 said on 03 April 2014

I have just woke up at 3am with terrible anxiety heart is thumping so shakey and panicy feel absolutely terrible and really freaked out and upset as if i may die, anxiety1991 cafeine does no favours

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anxiety1991 said on 02 April 2014

Sbm good to hear your feeling a bit better. Same goes for me last couple of weeks I haven't been thinking as much not really worrying I feel no caffeine has helped I dont have any just flavoured water. Today I feel pretty bad because of this air pollution im worried to go out side. As soon as I read about having sore eyes and cough I felt my eyes tingling and a tickling throat what if its effecting me what if im gunna have a heart attack because of it that's in my head.

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Sbm123 said on 31 March 2014

Not spoke on this for a while, my anxiety is still quite bad but not quite as bad as it was, still panicy still think i am ill and dying but do feel as if i am making a tiny bit of progress, started going swimming and i think that it is helping doing some excersise.

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ademac said on 31 March 2014

I would like to say I can relate to many peoples anxiety experiences on this page.

I once had a massive panic attack after becoming seriously dehydrated in a tropical country about 6 years ago. After this I had panic disorder for years which initially was terrible thinking I was dying every day to now getting a bit of panic if in an unfamiliar situation.

I have never let this condition rule me. I vowed to get back to some normality and I fought to go into situations which I felt uncomfortable just to tell my mind that it doesn't bother me. My biggest fear was being on my own somewhere when the wave of panic came over me. I was on my own when I was ill with dehydration and managed to call a doctor when my vision was closing in on me. My body felt so overstimulated every time I was in a similar position. I thought I was dying, heart racing, chest pains, flushed face, blood pressure shooting up, fit like shakes.

Now I wish to tell you the single thing that has made the most dramatic effect on making me feel almost normal again. I used to drink lots of tea and coffee, especially coffee. It stimulated me terribly. I went onto decaf coffee which made me feel better but some days, the same jittery wreck. I then read that tea had just as much caffeine as coffee which I didn't know. I then started drinking decaf tea bags as well as the decaf coffee. The difference was startling! Please try this if you have anxiety and drink tea or coffee regularly through the day. I am nearly panic free from making just this simple change to my life. I know it's these because if I introduce a few caffeine coffees or drink too much coke, the feelings come back in waves!

Another good site to look at is which explains symptoms and explains that you're not dying when you get overcome with these symptoms. Good luck!

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concal said on 30 March 2014

I am in a bad bad way. I consantly worry about my health. I go from one issue to the next. Over and over. From worrying about lumps that are cancerous to my heart to dying suddenly. My dad was ill all my life with a form of muscular dystraphy and i was always worried him. He died when i was 18. But i used to worry before this about wars and being killed in wars. Its crazy. I have 2 young sons and am contantly worried i wont see them grow up. Just recently a family member made me aware there is a 50% chance may have my dads muscular problem and that i could have passed it to my kids. So now my mind is in overdrive.Researched all the symptoms and guess whatas soon as i knew them i started to get them. I have to go get tested but everything points to me not having it but my mind just wont let it go. I have already made my mind up i have it. My mind never rests and i am never off google looking at symptoms. I did get better for a while. But then started worrying about not worrying. :(

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JosieR said on 27 March 2014

Hi swaz61 i have the same as you well a little of all on here i have been like this for a lot of years i would like to be able to chat to people like this but i have no idea how to do this does anyone know how to do this???

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whisper1976 said on 26 March 2014

I have literally had anxiety my entire life. I remember not being able to sleep when I was 9 years old due to fear of dying, bugs crawling all over me and nightmares. My father had anxiety but always told me that he was dying and I would have to rush to get his life saving meds for him when I was 8. I learned years later that his meds were actually Valium and that he had suffered from an anxiety disorder and depression his entire life. I was diagnosed with anxiety at the age of 18 and I am 37 years old now.I have experienced all levels of anxiety from panic attacks, to not being able to go outside, eat, insomnia, paranoia you name. I travel a lot so one of the first things I look for in every country is a therapist. Therapy helps me tremendously. Dr's on the other hand frighten the life out of me. I have gone through so much with my dad over the years that I developed a fear of dr's and dentists as a child. To this day if I step in a dr's office and he tries to do a routine blood pressure check, I panic and he can never get a proper reading. I can never get my teeth fixed, no matter how bad the pain. I have a constant fear of getting life threatening diseases or dying of a heart attack. I was doing ok for a couple of years but recently have begun to isolate myself again and feel a bit depressed as well as anxious and I feel ridiculous when dr's tell me it's all in my head. I know this! I am at my wits end. I have a wonderful husband and a 20 year old daughter. I have a beautiful life but feel as if I cannot appreciate it or feel it because of my disorder. I have a wonderful job as a teacher and we have recently moved to a tropical island, but I have already after 7 months handed in my resignation and have decided to work from home. Years ago I was also diagnosed with PTSD due to childhood abuse and physical, mental and emotional abuse in a previous marriage years ago. I am afraid of meds. What can I do? Is anyone else going through the same thing? Help! Discouraged

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Swaz61 said on 26 March 2014

I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since I was 10 years old am now 52. It comes and goes, at the moment I am having a very bad spell. The symptoms I get is acute neck tension, light head, hissing ears, light sensitive. I avoid crowed area's, supermarkets or any kind of shopping and find it a struggle sometimes to walk to the corner shop because of the fear of passing out.
I am afraid to taking medication because of the side affects. The anxiety has a knock affect of causing depression which causes for tension.
I hate the way it just takes over your life and affecting everyone around you.
Any ideas !!!!!!!

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Sbm123 said on 24 March 2014

Ive had a few bad days, constantly on edge constant dry mouth and panicy its really scary doctor wants me to start on setraline but i am to scared to even start them because i read that in the first 2 weeks it can increaae anxiety which i cant afford because i am already in some state at the moment

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Summer35 said on 24 March 2014

I'm 35 year old female and had my first panic attack at 21. These stopped after a few months but since I had my first child 8 years ago my anxiety started again. I constantly worry about dying and something happening to my kids, family and myself.
A few months ago my lip swelled only slightly one evening then again a few days later in the morning. I went to the dr he said it could be an allergy or viral. Since then I am worried to eat or try new toothpaste etc incase I get an allergic reaction and die.
I just can't seem to snap out of this and it's effecting my every day life. Any suggestions on how I can calm myself down? X

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anxiety1991 said on 24 March 2014

The thing is we shouldn't silly I know what you mean I don't talk about it to my partner cause I think she thinks it is silly. She says your fine everyeverything is fine get a job and you'll be fine. Id love a job but at the moment there is something blocking me wanting to do anything the constant fear of having a heart attack. Hear is the only place I have sed what I truly feel. Cant talk to my mother as she is going thro enough with her dad in hospital I dont want to be another problem for her.

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JosieR said on 22 March 2014

Hi anxiety 1991 Ialso felt the same way as you for a very long time i hated it when i was left alone. when my husband to go away for a few days re-garden work it was a nightmare for me again every ache and pain was a sign i had something wrong so much like u are i am older now so a little better i really wish i were more independent i feel so silly i feel like i am letting this Anxiety win all the time

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anxiety1991 said on 22 March 2014

I have had a good few days actually was nice I still fort about everything but not as much. I still dont want to do anything though its like im scared to go anywhere I got really nervous when my partner went out for a few hours i was at home with my son. But im starting to think more again every ache or pain is a sign of something serious in my head well I think its in my head. you get to the Point Where im convince Myself that im blaming it on Anxiety when its not I think im continously tense thats Why I ache. Need someone similar to talk to hows it going sbm

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JosieR said on 20 March 2014

I have read most of the comments on this page and I suffer from a lot of it, which includes butterflys in my stomach, a constant scared feeling which I can't establish a cause for. From a young age I never had a confidence in myself, always worried about what people thought of me. Despite now being older I'm still feeling the same, but I do have periods of calm but these are few and far between. People say that I look younger than I am but i would rather look older than have this horrible anxiety all the time. It's reassuring to read on this site that others suffer as I do, because I personally don't know anyone that does. Is it possible to speak to someone about this.

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Sbm123 said on 18 March 2014

anxiety1991 our symptoms are very similar, i was out in the shops today and i had to rush my girlfriend home because i was just so panicy and anxious over nothing it is ridiculous so shaky and ill feeling its bery embarresing

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anxiety1991 said on 18 March 2014

They want me to do counciling but I haven't heard anything good about it yet... and they gaave me tablets which I won't take as im worried I will have a heart attack. I continously think about my heart and my health I never stop worrying I dont do anything maybe go to the park with my 2 lil ones but even then im a zombie im afraid to do anything. It eats you up but as mentioned its good to talk about it just with the right people who understand and are experiencing it as they reassure people that they aint loosing there marbles. Now if any one does want to talk then please do cause makes me feel at ease

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Sbm123 said on 17 March 2014

My anxiety is killling me every day i just struggle on and im going to be a dad in a few weeks i have panic attacks in the shower before i go to bed just constant

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Sbm123 said on 17 March 2014

anxiety1991.. I have been to the doctors and to counciling but it dosent help i feel as if i am dying because i struggle to get breaths panic 24/7 feel as if i am run down and eventually the stress will kill me constant muscle twitching and just generaly freaking out need to get back to my normal self but every day is a constant struggle

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anxiety1991 said on 17 March 2014

LP07 the best thing is to talk about it as I mentioned before. And reading about other people helps calms me down a little bit. Ita hard to talk to anybody tho Im yet to find anyone other than the nurse at my doctors. Be nice to talk to someone experiencing the same...

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LP07 said on 17 March 2014

(I'm a 29 year old female)
It's reassuring to know I'm not alone. I'm not coping with these feelings anymore...I'm constantly scared (not sure what off), dry mouth, dizzy, shaky, tired (can't sleep), awful thoughts, weak, ringing in ears, sweats! Sometimes I'm even sick!! The list goes on!
I sit & feel my pulse...I nip my arm so much it bruises....
I feel like something awful is going to happen.

I didn't think I was a nervous person, however looking back to being a kid & remembering I kept a torch under my pillow, I used to look around my room before could sleep.,.id dread sleep overs as the lights would be out!!

I'm tired of being tired...I want my old self back! I avoid social situations & have had days off work :(

I excersise regularly, eat eat well! I use rescue remedy drops..

Coping ideas be great

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anxiety1991 said on 11 March 2014

Sbm123 go doctors get an appointment. And try talk about it with someone. I know it's hard cause people brush it away even the closest to you. Why do you think you are dying?

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Sbm123 said on 10 March 2014

Im a 21 year old man, i struggle so bad with anxiety and panic attacks 24/7 constantly twitching, dry mouth, struggle to get a deal breath and this goes on all day everyday and it just seems to be getting worse and worse cant do anything because of it, ita restricted my life because of it i feel as if im dying need serious help as it is killing me and i dont know what is causing it because i have everything i need in life good family and friends and my girlfriend is pregnant and have our own house, i need to get this sorted immediantly

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anxiety1991 said on 07 March 2014

Im 22male and I feel im goin insane it makes me feel better reading other people feel the same. I used to suffer really bad panic attacks when inwas younger about 12-13 I think would have weeks of school thinking I am goin to die because I had a sore throat. After a while that all went never looked back was happy wemt on holidays went out with mates different job's got 2 beautiful kids. 4th of last month I lost my job and from that day I started noticing things and thinking oo what if thats this amd im dying like a new mole. And papalpitations then I had for years finally came to mind so I went to doctors who sed moles look fine but I have a murmur and need a scan and ecg. Now im continously feeling my chest im scared to do any thing physical cause im scared I will have a heart attack when I do I feel it flutter or skip a beat. I don't know if its just in my head because im thinking abkut it. Then I had a lump near my ear behind my jaw and forgot about my heart so went docs again thats fine apparently soo got another appointment for depression and anxiety. Im just tired of feeling like this I want to enjoy life smile and laugh when my kids make me but I feel I can't. If I knew someone who felt the same I could talk to.

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bengear8 said on 24 February 2014

Hi, I'm 27 Male, I had my first panic attack about 5 months ago out of the blue, I drove to work and noticed my breathing felt a bit heavy and for the rest of the afternoon my heart was racing I was worried about it to a point where I had a panic attack and had to leave work. It is a horrible feeling and you do honestly feel like you are going to die, you spend all day wondering if you are going to collapse.
On looking up symptoms I noticed a high caffeine intake can increase anxious thoughts and working in an office I used to consume from 3 to 5 cups of coffee a days. I have since stopped drinking all Tea and coffee apart from herbal tea and it has greatly improved my health. I still suffer from the odd heart flutters and sometimes sharp pains down the left hand side of my body but have recently had an ECG and blood test and all has come back fine. I try so hard not to think about it but because it was such a shock to me I find it incredibly hard to ignore it but I have managed to get a point where I can manage it.

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Belletoujour said on 19 February 2014

Hi , I'm 46- female. I think I've convinced myself so much that I'm going to have a heart attack that I'm just waiting for it to happen .
Been dragged through hell very slowly . 2013 was most likely the worst of life to date . Married for 30 yrs -4 amazing kids . Found knickers in husbands jeans so threw him out with police escort . He moved back 6 mths later just before Xmas ( uninvited) - no Xmas . Jan 13 found out he was and is still having affair with someone if been confiding in . He's still at the family home . In between - I was caring for my beautiful sister ( brain tumor ) recently joined the angels . My bulldog had to be put to sleep . I have bailiffs at my door every week . I lost a £4000 a months job . Tested for cancer - just had full hysterectomy . Back to not sleeping on sofa . Get maybe max 3 hrs sleep . Panic attacks. Even sitting down my heartrate reaches 176 bpm . Waiting on ECG . Blood transfusion . Test for diabetes next week . Think my GP thinks I'm paranoid. I personally think I'm going off the Richter scale had counselling aswell. I don't know wether to suggest to my GP if I have bipolar as I've suffered for so long . I seem to self diagnose as I don't seem to get a sound diagnosis . I'm sorry if I sound erratic .

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jack1995 said on 03 February 2014

I am 18 nearly 19 and I think I have suffered from anxiety for a while now just to far in denial to admit it, I have just started work and every time I ring them I get pain in my chest and sharp pains in my stomach my hands go all numb and my face feels weird. I dont know why I get this as im happy I have a job. I think I have psychosomatic disorder. I have had pain in my chest since January last year ive had every test you can think of and they have all come back clear. Which makes me feel like its all in my head, which makes me feel like im some sort of weirdo. My chest seems to flare up when I am in situations I don't feel comfortable being in. I used to go out all the time I would never be at home, now I can hardly leave my room. I stay awake at night as if I fall asleep I wake up from bad dreams from thoughts I don't want to have. Im to arrogant ( if that is the right word) to think there is something wrong with me. Even writing this im getting short of breath and my hands are going funny. I suffered from depression when I was 14 till about 16 and I think im scared that iys going to come back and this time im not going to be able to fight back. I just want to be a normal 18 year old boy ans enjoy life and not be scared about what problems are going to occur today or tomorrow.

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tammi1976 said on 30 January 2014

I had my first ever panic attack 10 years ago, im 37, after I had it ever since I have been feeling anxious every day incase it happens again :( before I was scared to walk to shops or even go and visit any1! I went and seen a mental health nurse she did help me a wee bit, but I said to myselfI need to do this on my own! I still to this day cant take a bus into town, I have on the odd ocasion and it was horrible sityin there feel very ppanicky and anxious, I sit and think why I feel like this, i have a lovely partner who has a grest job, 3 lovely kids and a loving family. I always put on a brave face and pretend I feel ok, I want to get a job soon as my youngest is now at high school but the thought of that makes me feel sick. Dont get me wrong some days I wake up and feel really good and xould conquer the world lol, then other days I feel so horrible and anxious, that I start to think im ill, just joined this , think its great that im not the only 1 who suffers them, xx

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lewis9290 said on 28 January 2014

I need some help on this guys,im 21 and for the past 5 years iv been to my knowledge ill from GAD,since 16 iv been from school to college to jobs etc,but along the way I have seen myself deteriorate to what I am now. I have become that bad that i cant leave my house much,when im in front of people i genuinely feel threatened and most of the time struggle to breathe and even pass out, i struggle to even make eye contact and speak with my doctor because of this, i tell him i have all these symptoms which include shooting pains all over my body, visual problems, massive lethargy, and sensitivity to light, he tells me these are all symptoms of GAD and im not so sure about that. I have took all sorts of medication in the years gone and nne have made me feel better, i would like to know if any one else has these problems as i feel this would help me understand whats going on, if it weren't for my long term girlfriend helping me out i don't think i could cope with this on my own!

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Ariel11 said on 26 January 2014

I have suffered from the same disorder on and off for years. My partner has put me through some terrible times recently, things I didn't know about. I worry all the time, feel sick with that "pit" feeling in your stomach. Can't eat properly. I put on a normal face at work, inside I'm in pieces. I keep on thinking from waking up to going to sleep "what if this or that happens!" Feel as though I'm cracking up.

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Robear said on 19 January 2014

I have been suffering from anxiety for a while now. I'm 25 year old male. My work is very stressful and it has come to the point where I find it hard to enjoy the stuff I like to relax, feeling emotional and finding it very hard to talk to people.. I put on a front to people but it's slowly eating away at me. Hard to explain- just hoping things can get better

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Wdg7 said on 17 January 2014

Hi, im 33 and have been told today that i suffer from mild GAD.
I worry about many things on a daily basis, work, my family, my girlfriend, money etc. it gets to the point sometimes that i forget what im worrying about.
I have a good job which im safe in yet i worry that i will lose my job.
Talking to the therapist it seems a major event in my life 16 months has caused this worryingg.
I have always worried but not to the extent of the last year, even close friends are saying it.
I worry that my life will change and go back to bad times despite having a lovingg caring girlfriend and that im happier in a relationship than ever before.
I just wanted to share how i feel and hope i can get this worrying under cotrol

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Jbcourt said on 16 January 2014

If anybody would like to talk I am always hear I may be 22 but I know what everyone goes through as it's the worst feeling possible in the world. Thanks jamie

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Jbcourt said on 16 January 2014

Also I say 2013 was the worst year I've ever had but it wasn't. It made me realise what I've made myself become and all the stupid things I've done. If I didn't realise it would of got worse. I have a job interview tommorow I am full of anxiety now feeling sick don't want to eat , but the fact is I will go to that job interview and I will think positive because I am 22 year old and there's more to life than gambling.

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georgiealice96 said on 05 January 2014

Also, I constantly wake up during the night and have to go check on people to make sure they're alright? I don't know if anyone else feels like this but I literally feel so helpless. I can't trust anyone with my little sister either. I feel like they're going to kidnap her or they won't watch her the way I do. I can never go away for a weekend or anything without worrying so much. I'm supposed to be going to Malawi and Fiji for a year to teach disadvantaged kids but my anxiety is so bad at the moment I'm terrified I won't be able to go.

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perksofbeingawallflower123 said on 05 January 2014

Where do I start? I'm 15 years old and suffer with anxiety, by getting overwhelmed about situation, over thinking, worry and causes me to vomit. When I was younger I used to worry about certain things 'What if the house got broken into' 'What would I do?' because I could hear noises, well what I thought of my gate outside moving. I used to overthink so much, I would be sick, but i never thought much into it because it didn't happen quite offen and I used to blame it on food i'd had. However, It came back again when I was 14, little situation, such as boys would trigger it and big events and would make me be sick. I went to the doctors and they didn't really detect anything they gave me some tablets that wasn't really for anxiety it was to stop me from being sick. So I started to take them everyday and because I 'thought' they would stop me, I never used to overthink because I thought the tablets were fine. After a few months I knew this wasn't good for my health so I stopped. I didn't suffer as much for a bit but then it would come up to big events or places I don't go or even parties and I would be sick before or during the event which is slightly embarrassing. I have recently gone to the doctors and haven't had much help, help. She was responding to what I was saying by 'Aw, poor girl.' which slightly annoyed me because she didn't really respond with any help. She gave me a NHS booklet which had websites and told me to check out '' and she basically had no idea about them because you need activation codes to access the website for more help. She told me about groups I could go to but I wouldn't be at the top of the list yet because there is people with other problems such as 'self harming, suicidal etc' so I wouldn't be top of the list yet however when I do come to the top of the list I would be 16 and would be able to have a GP. Which from now on with my exams and other events what might appear, I have no help.

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dibbs09 said on 04 January 2014

I am a 22 year old female. Been suffering with anxiety for about over a year now . Was perscribed propranlol which helped but over the last two months my anxiety has worsened. I am constantly worrying about my health and worrying that there is something wrong with me. I am frequently going to the doctors at least once a week or ringing nhs direct to get answers about symptoms that I'm going through . I'm really at my witts end with this . Its effecting my day to day life and I feel like its affecting my relationship. I have been refered for counselling but heard nothing and dont think I can wait any longer . Just really need someone to talk to

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bennett3294 said on 03 January 2014

As long as I can remember I've had anxiety issues. When I was 11 I was so nervous before a running race that I threw up several times. I'm a massive over thinker and think of scenarios or problems that don't even effect me yet still worry about them.
But my real anxiety issues started in the summer, I was in Vietnam on a tuk-tuk slowly pulling into our hotel and suddenly I felt adrenaline shoot up through my body from my toes to flooding my brain, suddenly was so out of breath and almost passed out. I was unable to stand or have my head above my chest, I felt sick and I had continuous heart palpitations where my heart rate had doubled for over 9 hours. my entire body was pumping. When the hospitals opened my friends practically carried me there, I was dripping in sweat and still couldn't stand. The doctors took my blood, performed an ECG and stress test on me, but found nothing wrong, infanct the doctor said I had a "very strong healthy heart". He prescribed me with 4 sets of medication. 2 I took twice a day, but the others which were stronger I didn't want to take as I wanted to try my best to conquer it myself. However one evening, my heart was extremely and I took a stronger tablet. Completely knocked me out but then I woke up 5 hours later in an absolute frenzy. after coming home I was a lot better but had to start uni 3 days after I got back. The anxiety has slightly calmed, however I had a migraine for 3 weeks which became unbearable and also unfortunately down to anxiety.
My anxiety is still incredibly annoying, however all I think is if I can get myself into this state of panic, then I can certainly get myself out of it too. Don't be afraid of your anxiety, accept you have it and try to address the problems of why you are anxious. Good luck to everyone x

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new_journey1994 said on 31 December 2013

My journey started just under 2 years ago. I'm 19 years old and at university, something went terribly wrong that day i recieved my a-level results. I got diahhrea straight away and i dont know why.... i got into the uni of my dreams, and the first one to go university in the family too. Except it didnt feel right, i got dizzy and started fretting there was something wrong with my heart. I dont know whether this was a call out to my loved ones for help because all of a sudden i was moving 200 miles away, which is far away when your 18 (at that time) All of a sudden i didnt feel happy to be going to uni in fact i spent days crying and i dont know why i had no reason.... I got to uni and from August up until febuary 2013 i felt like a drunk i felt so dizzy and almost like my vision wasnt where i was. I went to the doctors and i got chucked onto fluxentine, after i had complained that there was something wrong with my heart she refused to listen and i started to hate uni more and more each day. I then went home in june feeling a bit better after the anti-depressants and saw my doctor i told him that every other doctor refused to listen to me about my heart, so he listened and only the monday just gone i went into hospital for a catether ablation, terrifying and i had a weird moment in recovery, ever since ivev felt dizzy again and head pains just above my left temple. I wonder if i worry to much that something else could be wrong becuase know one chose to listen to me the first time. i just wonder if i am suffering from GAD I have experienced a lot of stress in my life from moving away from home and not enjoying it and heart surgery, i just wonder if my mind now thinks something else is wrong. please help

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positive_mind123 said on 30 December 2013

...and adding to my recent post I would like to say that since it all happened

-I got a first in my degree
-managed to get two jobs and work full time
-go to thailand
-write a children's story about the anxiety
-and fall in love

It is and has been so hard- and reading others stories has made me see that it can be controlled. It will never go- but don't let it control you and ruin you! Be strong and love yourself

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Adamyorks said on 28 December 2013

Hello. I have some advice. I used to have terrible anxiety but its much milder now.
1) try not to view anxiety as the enemy. See it as your bodies way of letting you know that something in your life is out of balance.
2) when the anxiety has lessened it's easy to get mad at yourself because deep down you know that the anxiety itself cannot physically harm you. Don't get angry with yourself. Give yourself a break and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself if that makes it easier.
3) DO NOT STOP doing the things that make you anxious. This is just avoidance and remember...
4) the things that make you anxious very rarely has anything to do with WHY you are anxious. Eg for me I had panic attacks when driving and eating. The root cause of my anxiety was my job- the pressures, lack of support etc.
5) if it helps or you are not sure why you are anxious draw a life map. Write down all aspects of your life and then from there write down all the worries and good things linked to the aspects. A cause may emerge. Don't forget to add your future ambitions.
6) most importantly TALK to someone. Counsellor, Samaritans, friend. It really does help.
You are not alone. Step back from your life take a deep breath and smile because with a bit of humour and lots of focus you can make your anxiety irrelevant.

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ksf0108 said on 28 December 2013

I have suffered from GDA since i was 8 years old. it started when my mum had to go into hospital with a blood clot and she was in hospital for a week. after that, she couldn't leave my side. when anxious, I'm violently sick and have diarrhoea. if she even went out for a meal with my dad in the same town as me and i was round my nanny's, she would have to come home because it would make me so ill. it got to the point where she couldn't even walk the dog and leave me at home with my dad without me being ill. i got counselling for that when i was 10 and it became manageable, yet still have and do have feeling of anxiety when leaving he, just not a severe. however when i was 14 i started getting really nervous about going into school assemblies and sitting in exams. it got the the point where i was being sick every single day before school and during. again, i got counselling for that but it really isnt any better now. i still have panic attacks and am sick before exams which really affects them. yesterday i was due to go on a girls holiday with my friends which i was really, really exited for. however when i got to my friends house to leave for the airport, i started being uncontrollably sick and having panic attacks which resulted in me not going away with my friends and coming home, missing out. im 17 and im so fed up of feeling like this. and i feel bad on my friends and family when im like this because i cant even help myself, how can i expect them to help me? they cant say the right things, or do the right things because they don't understand how these irrational thoughts i have completely take over to the point where i have no control what so ever. i wouldn't say its ruining my life because apart from this i have a lovely life and im very lucky. but i just want and need this to stop. i feel like an embarrassment to my family and friends because i can't do things other 17 year old are fine with. i just want to talk to someone who can understand how im feeling.

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diddler77 said on 27 December 2013

Hiya hayley1994 how are you feeling now? I've suffered for about 22 years with panic disorder it's awful so I know how you feel

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Hayley1994 said on 23 December 2013

I'm 19, I suffered from mild anxiety for many years because of happenings at school, a week ago i started having intrusive thoughts that made me shaky and cry alot, i went the doctors a few days ago and she prescribed me with sertraline, i took one on thursday night and felt so relaxed and it helped so much, but then i woke up in the middle of the night with my night racing and horrible images in my head i rushed into my mum and dads room and woke all my family up (didnt mean to) and rushed into the bathroom to the toilet feeling sick and nauseous and collapsed on my dad saying the tablet had killed me and that i was dieing :( since then i have become really ill, my heart is always racing and im always lightheaded and get horrible images in my head when i remember things that happened yesterday/days ago or even years ago, i have shortness of breath, and constantly looking up my symptoms and worrying that i may have a heart attack or a stroke, i keep getting a tingling sensation in my hands fingers right arm and feet and legs, i get cold easily, i cant sleep at night and wake up really hot that i feel sick, i havent had any nightmares just strange dreams. when my tingling goes, all i have to do is touch something and the tingling comes back, i keep worrying that i have an underlyning illness that the tablet has brought on that is making my anxiety like this, my ears/especially my right ear) always feel sensitive to noise like im gonna go deaf, i felt like a normal person before that tablet now i feel like utter rubbish :( i hope someone can help me as im so scared to go on medication ever again :'(

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Slickmik said on 07 December 2013

Hi guys started going to a therapist and felt I was going to be sick in her office so she's recommended me for CBT but i still think there's something far wrong with me,my blood pressure is perfect now but I've constantly got this pain in my lower sternum that feels as if someone is sticking a corkscrew in and turning it round about without pulling it back out,all my heart tests came back normal but this pain is driving me up the wall and Iam constantly worrying about therefore the pains there all the time us I get the hot flushes from time to time but the sternum pain is the most worrying,my doc has recommended I go on certreline but Iam trying to overcome with St. John's wort,I've 3 kids so this is crippling me right now

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Elephantl said on 06 December 2013

I'm the same as you!!
I've had meets phobia since I can remember and in the past couple of years I've developed anxiety surrounding this and illnesses, since having my son. I afraid of germs and any illness, conscious of where we go and hand hygiene. I avoid places and situations where I panic or have had issues before. I get in a real panic if I find that someone we have been around has become ill or when we are with people if someone acts differently or says something I'm on edge. Find it hard to get out of the worry and thoughts.
Right now my anxiety has got worse and I'm generally anxious, feeling rubbish!
Anyway just wanted to say you are not alone, I thought I was! I'm 27 btw. Hope you get to see this!

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bestrong1991 said on 23 November 2013

I'm 22 and i was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when i was 14, this past year my anxiety has been very bad due to emetophobia, been having panic attacks, it's been affecting my day to day life, i just don't know what to do anymore, i'm on the waiting list for therapy but i can't be seen till February. I get very anxious at night time or when i feel nauseous which causes me to have panic attacks and i'm constantly in fear that i'm going to get ill, i just want some help and want to live like a normal 22 year old

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RealistG said on 15 November 2013

Hi There can I just that from personal experience I have found the NHS (or at least within my area) to be ineffectual at dealing with Anxiety Disorders.

A few years ago at a particularly anxious and very rough time in my life. I went to see my GP the treatments given to me were ineffectual SSRI's/Anit-Histimines. I asked for a referral to the local mental health team as I believed further help was needed either thereputically or in terms medication. The help I got was a meeting with someone who wasn't a psychiatrist or psychologist who gave me a flyer on breathing exercises and said that was all the help they could provide me.

I was not impressed.

I had told them, I was extremely socially phobic... I had to write my thoughts down and read it to them so I knew I would get it across rather than freeze or awkwardly put my thoughts across. That stable sleeping patterns weren't possible. That my personal life was a mess and that I was prone to exploding at the slightest problem.

So with no other choice I just had to survive without therepy or any medication.

It is now a few years on, I have lost my job... failling in university (inspite of struggling through college with GAD to get to there), My house is full of destroyed furniture, Falling back into debt, My muscles are more taught then wire and I am so so soooooooooooooooo tired of feeling tired.

This is the same local NHS board who failed numerous times in the past to allowed my mothers Bipolar disorder to flare up to the point of psychosis. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in my local NHS's handling of mental disorders.

In short, Don't expect miracles from them because from my experience NHS professional see it as just a bit of stress that can go away with trying to remain calm... When the simple fact is when you are excessively anxious and faced by problems then remaining calm isn't something easily achieved.

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shell081 said on 07 November 2013

I'm now 32 years old and I've had extreme anxiety since I was 19. It all started when I had my first panic attack out the blue. It's so serve now that I won't eat anything I haven't ate before or ate for a while for fear of me going into anaphylactic shock (shopping is a nightmare) as well as fear of me choking. I also fear this for my children. I bounce off the sofa when I loose my swallowing rhythm whilst eating and not eating .
Even while drinking or just talking. I have heart flutters every pain or twinge or rash is something that's going to kill me. I hate being left alone at night incase I die in my sleep and my children can't fend for themselves as they are to young to know how to ring the emergency service. I actually got bitten off a fly last week and was convinced it was going to kill me which also started off a major panic attack. I constantly think my children are going to die, I dread going to there bedrooms in the morning as I always fear the worse I won't go on holiday abroad incase I have a brain anyrism and will die mid flight or i will die on holiday.This is just a very short list of what I have to deal with on a daily basis. It's constantly there 24/7 and I've really had enough. I just want a normal life.

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Jules58 said on 02 November 2013

I have always been a worrier, fearing I have said the wrong thing or done something wrong at work. Thinking I will loose my job but this year seems to be the worse of all. I have had 2 lumps and it took ages to find out that they were innocent. Now I have a persistent cough and I fear it could be lung cancer. Why do I always fear the worse? I just can't bear the constant worry. It is so draining. I don't know what to do to get rid of these feelings.

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pe1364 said on 01 November 2013

Hi I worry about anything and everything from things I hear on the news that I have no control over ,I have many family worries ,I even worry about my daughters ex boyfriend which really has nothing to do with me . I do sleep ok but I churn things through my mind at bedtime .I have never spoken to anyone about this and wouldn't know who to or how to talk to some one

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denisexx said on 28 October 2013

iv suffered with anxicety for a few years i feel like its taking over
me and everyday i wish i could have a normal life its at the stage were i
cant even go anywhere on my own i cant stay on my own and its very
frustrating i worry to much and just want to no if anyone has any ideas
thats can help me i would be greatful thanks

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dazinski said on 25 October 2013

ive anxiety and it can be horrible in ways that it makes me pace the room and get all jumped up about it but turning to the computer and reading peoples comments can be helpfull and reassuring it is just a trick of the mind

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anxiousnurse1983 said on 22 October 2013

Believe it or not im a mental health nurse with severe anxiety. I had my first "breakdown" at 17 and have never been right since. I had a second 2 years ago and It developed into GAD. I have some good days normally when im at work as im busy there. But I can not relax at home, ever. I have tried medications but there made it worse, so I am now attempting alternative therapies, and have recently attended a Buddhist meditation group which helped. However I am mid flair up at the moment and life is hell! Physically im tired due to the constant tension in my body, but I cant sleep due to continual thoughts. Why im I anxious? Why cant i be normal? Why cant i just relax?? Reading these other statment of other suffers is some what comforting as I know im not alone, however at the time you are at your most anxious why is that all you feel? Anxiety is horrible and would not wish it on my worse enemy, I just wish it would stop so i could live again

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mummydontworry said on 20 October 2013

I had an ear syringing that went wrong because of an incompetent nurse and was left with tinnitus. I didn't believe it when people said it would diminish. I got severe anxiety and what I thought was depression. I had to be rushed to a and e with two panic attacks in which I thought I would die. I was put on fluoxetine (Prozac) and zopiclone for sleeping. It was a nightmare and the drugs made me more suicidal. I did try to kill myself and I have two children. I don't think I should ever have been given these drugs as they made me worse. I have since seen a psychiatrist and he gave me clonazepam. It's a brilliant drug for anxiety in low doses. It calms me down and I have stopped the Prozac. I think I was misdiagnosed. Just because you have anxiety doesn't mean you have depression too. I think Prozac flooded my system when my brain was still functioning and producing serotonin. Now please people out there, try exercise exercise and more exercise. It releases endorphins in the brain and also I have had professional massages at a well being clinic. Also change your diet. Make sure you eat fruit and veg and the B vitamins help the nervous system. The tinnitus did diminish by the way, but I have been left with this anxiety disorder, which I think I too have had all my life. I'm totally paranoid about my health and think I've got seriously illnesses because the anxiety causes tingling and muscle pains and the drugs harmed me physically, mentally and emotionally. But I do feel better without the drugs and only take the occasional clonazepam. So to give you hope. You can do this without medication. Oh and find something to make you cry. I sobbed for hours in the psychiatrist's room and that actually really helped me relax. Don't give up hope. You are all special and compassionate people that this world needs.

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drj123 said on 18 October 2013

Read this page because I feel anxiety coursing through me, physical symptoms, cannot sleep, worrying about umpteen stupid things that will probably never come to pass. To Lauraloo652 you are not silly and certainly not alone. I know from experience that this is like a wave, there are respites. You can ride out the tough times, one of the few tips is to force yourself to do something different. The pride in achieving it can boost your self esteem. Good luck.

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Madj12 said on 13 October 2013

I have suffered anxiety for many years. I wake every morning with a feeling of dread. I worry about all the things that could go wrong and feel that I must always be perfect - which is never achievable! Anyway to the lady who worried about having children. I say please don't worry. The happiest most positive years of my life were bringing up my two girls. They are both strong independant young adults now. Neither suffer anxiety and it is also on my family side (my mum and sister) they bring me joy everyday and are a real source of support to me. It is a great distraction to have something other than anxiety to focus on and children do that. Yes having children can make you anxious in other ways, but that is natural parental anxiety. Good luck to you all with your anxieties - hope we can all find a little joy in our days. X

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Tamara09 said on 04 October 2013

I feel like I have anxiety. Over the past month I always feel the urge to go to the toilet but when I go I don't actually need. It leavs me sitting on the edge of my seat all day at school feeling like I will pee myself if I don't go. When I'm at home, I'm normal - I only need the toilet when I have to go. Yesterday I felt a sudden rush, I got all hot and sweaty and felt really dizzy and had to leave the classroom. But now at home I'm starting to feel the urge to go to the bathroom when I don't actually need to go and I feel really light headed, shaky and panicking. Often, I need to take deep breaths to get my breathing back to normal, this has always been a problem. I'm scared because I don't know what's wrong with me

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Lauraloo652 said on 28 September 2013

I'm really worried about writing this is case nobody feels the same! But Im 17 and have always been a nervous person, but in the last 3-4 months it's gotten a lot worse! When I have job or college interviews to go to, I get uncontrollably nervous, my hands go clammy, I get hot flushes, I feel sick and my mind is telling me to bolt! Before an interview, back in august, I was so nervous I was vomiting and dizzy. Since that episode I get nervous every time I have plans, Even if it's just popping into town, my head is saying don't go! I worry about what would happen if I were to get ill while I was out, which makes me feel sick then I end up staying in bed. I even feel nervous when going to meet friends or ordering from a take-away! And now its in general everyday life, I feel on edge almost all of the time! It's stopping me from doing things! But I've read stories on here that sound a lot more severe than mine! So I don't know if I'm just overreacting. I hope someone could reply and let me know if I'm being silly. Or if maybe I should talk to somebody!

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KP33 said on 10 September 2013

I have always had anxiety- and it seems to run down from my mothers side as she is the same. I have been on and off tablets for years but I tend to find that they leave me very blank so at the moment I am trying to cope without. Anxiety to me is just what my body does. Rather than what my min is thinking. I seem to be bursting with anxiety but I am not particularly thinking or worrying about anything in particular. The doctor has said this is GAD. My anxiety affects me most at work as I feel tearful most days, and constantly have apprehension about what I will encounter that day and take work home with me. I have never felt competent and this low self esteem doesn't help. Over time I am leaning towards trying mindfulness, more exercise and counselling. I sometimes wonder if anxiety is caused by a hormonal thing or a deficiency of some kind and can be fixed by changing your intake of food. I wish it was this easy!

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lovethesea said on 03 September 2013

I have suffered from anxiety as long as I remember. . When I was younger I avoided so much and I was not close to anyone except family. Because I had a twin I could get away with this avoidance as she was always with me so she would be the one who spoke to people and I never had to do anything new or go anywhere new on my own. Going to uni was very hard and looking back I don't know how I coped. I slept little, ate little and concentrated little and cried a lot. From about 20-24 I have seen doctors and councillors and a psychologist. but nothing helped. I felt sick every morning and very panicky a lot of the time. Gradually getting promoted a few times at work and having a loving relationship helped my confidence. I went back to the doctor and had citaphlan meds and CBT which helped a little. CBT helped with the problems in my head but I still felt very tense. Then I had hypnotherapy which helped a lot with the relaxation in my body, the tension had become such a habit. From this hypnotherapy I have CD';s which I can play which really do make your body relax. I am now the calmest and happiest I have been but I am too scared to have children because I could not bear this to happen to them, especially as all members of my family are anxious. Now I am anxious whether i'm doing the right thing because I love kids but don't think I could cope. How have other anxious people coped with kids and more importantly do the kids inherit this condition?

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shannonyoung_ said on 20 August 2013

Hi im 16 years old and have suffered anxiety for just a few months now, I suffer fearful thoughts only at night time if i heard just the littlest sound i always think its much worse that what it actually is i also fear that something bad is going to happen to my little sisters i.e worry one may get ran over then i start to think what i should do i have been to the doctors about this and i have been referred and hopefully my thoughts should calm abit. The smallest things trigger my thought like someone could say someone is Standing at your back door that's it i drive my self crazy i sweat my heart starts to race and i freeze i can't move its at the stage where i can't even sleep at night i go to bed between 3am and 5am then sleep half tbe day does anyone have any techniques how to control these thoughts thankyou x

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GeorgiesMum said on 16 August 2013

Also, do tell you GP about your could be linked to something else. I used to have it really badly before I was diagnosed with my arthritis....but don't panic it is quite treatable and is much better now on my new meds!!

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GeorgiesMum said on 16 August 2013

To Jem388. It sounds like you do suffer from quite sever anxiety. I am exactly the same and also get quite severe panic attacks. I take all sorts of drugs for other chronic conditions (I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis in my spine). I can't take usual antidepressants on top of this but my GP has prescribed Propranolol for the panic attacks and it seems to help a little bit. Have you seen your GP about this? Have you got anywhere you can go and feel more relaxed, like the park, swimming pool, a nature sanctuary etc? I am also anxious all the time and worry about everything, and then quite regularly I explode with a massive panic attack when I think that the only way to make it stop is to kill my self: I don't really mean it, but it feels like the only way to make it stop at the time.. The other extreme is when I go totally numb and feel pretty much nothing.
Have you had CBT? I had it a few years ago and it was really good. I am now on a waiting list for it again but don't know how long I will have to wait.
Please make sure you see your GP and tell him/her honestly how you feel. Ask them about CBT and medication: don't be afraid of antidepressants they can do wonders for you. Good luck!!

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jem388 said on 16 August 2013

Hi, im currently having trouble when it comes to relaxing and feeling at ease. I feel stressed all the time, and when a situation comes up it makes my stress levels even higher to the point i start to feel numb which can sometimes last a couple of days. it's a mix not sleeping at all, or sleeping for days on end. A lot of the time i'm tense which is now coursing me muscle pain and making my costochondritis worse.
im not sure if any of this counts as an anxiety?? wondering if someone shed any light on this?

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Kelster1994xx said on 04 August 2013

I'm 18 nearly 19 and people think I have anxiety.

I did have a flat but I gave it up because I can't live on my own, has I panic at every noise and sound and go to bed At 6 because I'm freaked and bed is my comfort spot. My boyfriend came around at 10 and I broke down and ended up at his the night.

Before this I had to house sit for my mum and the cats and I was frozen on the sofa, I ran everywhere even when cooking.

I don't sleep properly because I'm always on alert for sounds. the other night I heard a group of boys and gglass smashing and I freaked thinking they broke into my boyfriends car.

Am I strange or it is anxiety? Help please xxx

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Slickmik said on 11 July 2013

Please help,I've hot high bp and Iam suffering from anxiety no matter how calm I try to make myself it just leads to more panic and more anxiety,my head feels heavy and my face hot plus my heart feels as if its going to jump out my body,even although Iam on bp meds its still high and I've had all tests to see if there's something else however every time I go near the hospital it jumps up from 150/114 to 204/127 then I leave hospital and it calms down a bit,Iam worrying myself sick as they say,I've got 3 kids and all I can think about is death and leaving them,Iam open to all suggestions,,thanks

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knvs said on 21 June 2013

So reassuring to read some of these as Its what I feel so often. Im a 21 year old at University and like never before in my life i've started failing.

How do I go about talking about this with a doctor though, Ive been seeing a GP and he told me to deal with my stress and anxiety but counselling hasn't helped and he makes me feel like im being dramatic. How can I ask him to send me to talk to a mental health professional?

What step should I take next?

Its eating me up as I really cant relax. Ive been on holiday and can't stop brutal distressing thoughts.

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sassylassy69 said on 07 May 2013

I have suffered with anxiety for years, but I hope this helps. Sadly anxiety is created by us and only us can really resolve it. It comes from a thought that is followed by a feeling and then the physical symptoms. The thought is usually negative and fear based, which then triggers a number of other negative or fear based thoughts. I have found that meditating and using nlp technics help. Meditating clears the mind relaxes you and slows your thoughts down. Nlp offers exercises that help release your fears and negative beliefs. Reading self help books are useful, but you have to do the exercises in them to get results. I have been using these techniques for 3 years now and found them very helpful. I still feel anxiety, even now but I can pin point the string of thoughts that creates the feeling and I can now stop it in its tracks. It is hard work at first but it gets easier. Don't think it will change overnight, especially if you have suffered with it a long time as it will have also become a habit. But rest assured if you work on it over time the feelings will be less frequent, and will realise that you can cope and you will get your life back. Good luck to all who read this, you are not alone. X

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muswell said on 28 February 2013

Hi I need a little help I dont no if I have anything or not im to worried to go doctors but im feeling so low I cant relax cause I no I need to be doing cleaning or I should be doing the cleaning I no my house isnt dirty but it gets untidy with two young kids I just feel its never good enough for my partner I dont no why I feel this way I feel I cant do nothing right for my family im struggerling to sleep so im always tired I have forgotten how to have me time coz I feel guilty if I do anything for myself I cant concentrate ths has proven that as its taken 2 hours to right im struggerling to cope I snap at people I always feel like rubbish I just want to be myself again im sick of crying and trying to hide how I really feel any one no why I could be getting this plz help me x

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Ell22 said on 18 February 2013

Its good to know I am not the only person experiencing this! I am finally ready to get the right help, thanks for sharing your stories!

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Ell22 said on 18 February 2013

Its a relief to hear others' stories, this in itself has helped, I am ready to get help and stop this controlling my life! Its too short and precious! Thanks for sharing your stories its been a big help!

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emma719 said on 11 December 2012

don't know if I have anxiety or not but its driving me mad! its stressing me out all time, today I had a task at college to match some cards up and I spent more time making sure they were neat and wen someone moved them it seriously stressed me out, my heart was racing my hands became sweaty, I start shacking and ive had head acke all night, I haven't been sleeping at all probably about 4 or 5 hours on a night, after I'd finished the tasks with the cards I couldn't do any work at all I didn't want to stress anymore I just felt like going to bed in all honestly my hands sweat a lot when I'm pancaking about not getting work in on time or if I struggle and everything distracts me, my relationship with my parents isn't good theres stuff going on at home a just feel like im on my own all time, I useually just sleep because it stops me worrying for a while but if I sleep through day I cant sleep at night but if I don't sleep threw day I still cant sleep at night, a just feel the need to explode! someone help please!!

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bigblueeyes said on 11 October 2012

Self help books can go some way to helping. What you really need to do is convince yourself of your ability to cope with *anything* that will happen to you.

I have struggled with anxiety since my early twenties, usually it is triggered by some event or fear of some future uncertainty.

This last year, it has got so bad I've resorted to seeing a private psychologist. I cannot stress how much this has helped me, I am a different person, not totally free of anxiety and still struggling with some big issues, but nevertheless hugely better. I've had to pay for this myself and it has been expensive, but it is so much better than anything I had on the NHS. It is really working and to me is worth every penny. Find someone who specialises in anixety.

I've found using my imagination to predict a good outcome really beneficial. Although it takes *daily* practice. You can't just absorb stuff by going to the therapist, you have to work hard at changing your thinking. It is helpful to have someone to see regularly to put me back on track.

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loopdeloop said on 25 September 2012

Ok I posted a comment on here last night but for some reason its not here, so here goes again. @badhumus, I have been there, its not nice whilst it is happening but believe me it will go if you let yourself let go, if that makes sense. I'm a 47 year old man, I had suffered from Anxiety since the age of 5 years of age, when I was 8 my doctor tried to put me on tranquilzers but my Mother had the hindsight to say no. My anxiety got worse throughout school I was having attacks everyday severe and crippling so much so after I left school I became Agoraphobic I also developed social and free floating anxiety, basically I was crippled by it, I then decided to change, I had to change no one would do it for me, I sent off for numerous books on psychology and panic disorders, they seemed to go some way in helping me move forward, it settled down and I was able to go out and meet people, believe me it was hard I was nervous and panicky all the time, eventually because I persisted and just let it happen no one had a clue, I acted as if I was fine and good fun, it worked.The anixety subsided as my confidence grew, I met someone and was very happy for a long time, then we split, I also lost two very close family members it all became to much and I ended up back at square one, this time with depression......awful, awful period of my life, the lowest I have ever felt, but I never gave up, I picked my self up and started again it was hard, but deep inside I never gave up I pushed forward with all these horrid feelings, eventually I asked my doctor to refer me for CBT, this is where the panic stopped! I have never ever looked back. I now travel the world I have a high paid responsible job and everything is dandy, I am under no illusion that this may creep up behind me again but, this time I have the tools, me. Just let it go, let it happen it will go. A great book to read is 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' marvellous will help those of you stuck inside yourself to

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rupifragum said on 22 September 2012

I have anxiety since 1992. Along the years; sometimes I was under medication. But the truth is that nothing works. I read books; I have received counseling; I went to therapy,...
But nobody found what's wrong with me. I say all this because for me what more hurt me is that it seems that nobody really cares what can happen to me. I think that NHS should do more for everybody that suffers mental illness. Never is enough my friends. Mental illness is something that I will never wish that nobody suffer. For me is the longest illness that a human being can suffer. Sometimes I cannot go outside my house due to I'm afraid of my reaction in public place. It's like if you are prisoner of your body.Every night, before to go to bed is a nightmare. When I lay down , I start feeling that I can not breathe. It seems that somebody strangle me. I can not swallow my own spit. And I start thinking that I'm going to die.This will be till the end of my life.

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jadeg109 said on 01 September 2012

i am 16 and have suffered from anxiety since the early age of 14 years old. i found it very hard to cope and having boyfriends were a nightmare, any boyfriend i had, had a night time curfew, wasnt allowed alcohol and had to text or be with me 24/7. i had a amazing relationship with someone who was bipolar, later that year i was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was referred to a Physiatrist, i also have major OCD and have panic attacks if things are not the way i want them to be, as am very young im still learning to cope with my disorders that i i have got, my advice to anyone is not to suffer in silence and book a doctors appointment as soon as possible.

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rachelj1621 said on 22 August 2012

To anyone who is suffering Anxiety/panic attacks etc. Please take time out to read 'Self Help for your Nerves' by Dr Claire Weekes. I suffered anxiety and panic attacks really badly after my first child 12 years ago and when I found our what was wrong with me I read this book (several times) and also went for some CBT (referral from my doc). It had a massive impact and although I still have the odd panic attack when I have been stressed. I know how to deal with it much more effectively. Please give it a go. But you have to be prepared to take it slowly even though we all would love an over night cure.
Hope this book can help someone else like it did me.

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Sophie001 said on 01 August 2012

I am in my teens and have been diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder. I've always been overly anxious but after having a bad case of glandular fever a year ago which left me with post viral irritable bowl syndrome it got much worse. I used to just go through short periods of time with severe anxiety but then it died down after a while but it kept coming back worse than the time before. I always think that the worst things will happen to me or someone else in life, find it hard to sleep at times and can't watch horror movies as they put bad thoughts in my head. My mum and I decided it was time for me to get help so we went to my GP who got me in touch with a specialised nurse who is now giving me advice and techniques on how to cope - she is also there if I need someone to talk to.
I highly recommend people who find it hard to cope with their disorder to do the same, it really does help. Even though I still have odd blips it is nothing in comparison to what it used to be and I am being able to enjoy my life again without worrying so much about "what if". And I am only in the early stages of my treatment.
Having irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) is made worse by my anxiety, but now being able to cope makes my episodes much less often as the two go hand in hand. I missed over 40% of my school year last year but am now determined to miss as little school this year and so far have not missed a day of school into my new school year so I am really proud of myself as I've come so far from where I was a year ago.
I am soon to be starting yoga and water aerobics which is meant to help many different health problems so am looking forward to seeing if they help me to continue to improve.

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Nikki_uk said on 19 July 2012

Fortunately my anxiety isnt as severe as some of your previous posts, mine is more situation related. If i do something at work and then think i havent done it properly i stay up all nite panicking, it causes me to have D&S and shortness of breath and i work myself up so much, and even though i try to calm myself down it doesnt work and ill worry for days and days until i know the event has passed and noone will remember. I get it in social situations too if I think ive said something i shouldnt even though i know i shouldnt worry and then again for days afterwards im upset. I think I just over analyse situations and I get myself in a mess. Im fed up of feeling this way all the time, it makes me scared to put myself in situations where i can mess up or be myself. I never used to be like this, i used to be confident and happy, now i just overreact to situations all the time. Goodluck everyone out there x

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sgb78 said on 01 July 2012

I have been suffering with anxiety/panic disorders for the last 12 months.

It all started during a very difficult period for me with work targets being very difficult to achieve,my mother being terminally ill and relationship troubles,not to mention the daily stresses of life.

I honestly thought I was dying,my heart rate was through the roof then missing beats,my eyes went foggy,my legs went to jelly,cold sweats,chest pains all in the space of about an hour,a trip to a+e and several ecg's later proved to be nothing serious going on.

At first my symptons were heart palpitations (very bad) and a rash that just wouldnt go away,after a few weeks they both became a very rare occurance but in their place I would suffer from dizziness,detatchment,blurry vision,lack of focus,tremors and pretty much every sympton mentioned previously by others...

I am now on sertraline 100mg a day and I have to say that it appears to be working (fingers crossed) and I am feeling like I may have turned a corner with this.

My advice to people in the same boat as me is to accept any help you get offered (I hate pills as much as anyone) and more importantly talk to people,it appeared to me that nearly everyone has had some form of anxiety/panic disorder at some stage in their life.

Thanks for reading,I hope other people can relate to this.

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danleah23 said on 25 June 2012

hi im 27 years old and i have been suffereing with anxiety all my life but i was only diagnosed 2 years ago. As a child i had panic attacks with shortness of breath and feeling sick every night. I did not know it was anxiety as i did not know what it was my Mum thought that i was just a worrier. I remember having awful feelings that i was going to lose my Mum and i used to panic at home time if she wasn't the first parent there,it was awful.
Now i have 2 children and after having my second child my anxiety has gone worse it now feels like i have a blockage somewhere in my head and that feels like blood isn't circulating around properly. I recently started with migranes and it was awful the first time as i did not have a clue what was happening to me, my vision was blurred and i thought i was going to die so i had a huge panic attack, this happened on the school run early one morning so ever since then i fear that it will happen again while im out and even though i have been told that i wont pass out off my GP it still is a worry. I went on medication for it from my GP but stopped as i felt ok for a week or so but now it has started again so i am going to start my medication again. I always feel unhealthy and tired, it is absolutely awful I just get bad thoughts all the time .

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sammey said on 23 June 2012

Hi since my husband suddenly died in 2007 I have been suffering with depression anxiety panic disorder and agoraphobia. I am 58 now and have had all the therapy's that my GP could offer but it didn't help which is why I now have agoraphobia. My stress affects my every day life to the point that I have diarheara every time the door bells rings or a letter comes through the door. My hair has fallen out (grown back now) and have had hives all around my kneck. I still take antidepressants nearly five years on. The only place I go out to is if I have to see my GP but where possible I have a telephone consultation. I cant go out alone because of the panic disorder. I dont sleep very well everytime I lay down I get the feeling of not being able to breath.

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LichfeldianSuttonian said on 16 June 2012

I am now 46 years old and I have just come to my conclusion that I suffer from anxiety but I don't know to what degree and intensity.
I have been biting my nails since before I was 5 years old. I think I know why now.
I have felt that I have always been at the mercy of other peoples decisions, e.g., bosses, landlords, courts, govermnents; in other words, "big people" and "big names" who tell me which square to stand etc. I know this sounds mad but when my boss would say (in a manner of speaking), "I want an hour's work done in 45 minutes", I get really shakey and I often have to go to the toilet as I feel nausious and I vomit and I start crying. I start to feel inadequate with my work and I start having doubts as to my capabilities. I have been carrying a barrier around with me as a defence mechanism against these decisions that which I feel I cannot control and for me, I feel it's been a fight to gain recogition of normality.
Historically, I had Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) and I had specialist education to help me with that. My father abandoned me (and my sister and mother) when I was 11 and although I have a stepdad now, and I call him "Dad" (because he behaves like one), the rejection is still there in the background.
Recently, I have had my life turned upside down by the extra-marital behaviours of my now ex-wife and it has been an emotional struggle to get things back to normal.
I am determined now to sort this out as I have two kids, a son who now lives with me, and a daughter who also wants to do the same.
I want my life back!!!!!! :(

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kew4612 said on 10 June 2012

I am now 55 yrs old and have now just owned up to myself mainly, that I have had anxiety and social phobia all of my life. I was fine for the first 5 years of life until I started school, looking back now there was a pattern that most Mondays after starting school I would be collected after being physically sick and having a intense migraine type headache at that age I was unware why, our Doctor then put it down to lack of blood sugar and I was fed glucose sweets and powder in hot black currant ,horrible. This went on all through my school years never making any lasting friends and being on the outside of any groups , worrying myself sick literary if I was invited anywhere and usually getting one of 'my headaches' on the day. When worked started I would not go near the canteen to be with others on breaks, had great difficulty communicating with colleagues being regarded as moody and sullen until I went self employed and could work on my own for 25 yrs this worked although towards the end I started to worry over my ability to complete jobs and find work. This has led I am sure to 2 heart attacks I have had and now a triple bypass.

I now find myself having to look for employed work and having to deal with bosses and colleagues again, all the old symptoms have appeared again no matter how much i try to control them they take over ,with bladder control now even worse. this time I am going to get help as my life has been lived in a box, , making friends or joining in avoiding all social situations even recently dropping out of a evening class when my confidence just crashed and I shook through each lesson. I have had enough now and seeing that help is out there plan to visit my GP, denial is at an end.

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Blondie94 said on 05 June 2012

From the age of 10 till the age of 13, I suffered from a panic disorder and had at least 2 panic attacks everyday for 2 years. As I was young I didn't know why this happening, or what I could do to stop this. Eventually after 3 years I started to have less panic attacks and now I only have a few every month. However from then on I have found myself becoming more anxious and it stopped me doing allot of things throughout most of my teenage life, as I always had this fear of dread. Along with that I started getting tremors, nausea, light headedness; I had a lack of concentration, lack of sleep, and panic attacks. It’s taken me 5 years to go and see a doctor, and I found I had general anxiety disorder. GAD has affected my life in many ways, the most upsetting for me was my exam results, and the embarrassment of having to try and hide a panic attack in exams. It’s also affected my health as I get allot more colds, allot more eye infections and muscle aches which my doctor has told me is linked to my anxiety. It was hard to know that it wasn't something like an infection and that I could get rid of with an antibiotic. It was me and it wouldn't magically disappear. Also the fact that it is classed as a mental disorder was quite up setting.
I’m sorry if this seems all doom and gloom, but I want people to know that it isn't just them suffering from this, especially young people like I was when it started.
I’m now 18 and I know it is something that isn't my fault and that there is help and people who will listen.

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badhumus said on 28 May 2012

Hi I'm a 21 year old male and anxiety has been the bane of my last year.

I became hugely more confident and self-satisfied in my second year of uni finding my mild social anxiety problems of old to be vanquished.

However an awful anxiety-filled experience abroad left my social confidence in tatters and despite therapy I suffer from mild socially induced panic attacks as well as general social anxiety.

The overruling symptom seems to be that conscious eye-contact is extremely uncomfortable and distracts from any conversation I may be having.
This makes me feel constantly on edge in social situations and I have not in 4 or so months now felt it get better.

I would love to know if anyone can relate to this particular issue or has any further advice for long term anxiety-annihilation.

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jecelle said on 25 May 2012

Anxiety is a debilitating mood disorder that is triggered by an often unidentifiable stimulus which then results in feelings of uneasiness, apprehension and fear. Panic attacks, poor sleep patterns and constant worrying are the normal accompanying symptoms. Other issues that commonly develop are a reliance on drugs or alcohol to cope, which can make relationships and family matters escalate from challenging to impossible.

"According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 1 in 5 Australian Adults will suffer from Stress Related Illnesses including Anxiety and Depression (ABS 2008). That’s over 4 million people and more than the common cold."

Tomorrow will not be any different if you don’t take action Today! If Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, OCD, Post Natal or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are a part of your life, why not do something to change that?

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Sassy50 said on 24 May 2012

Hi...thought I would offer a little bit of advice that may help...I found Anxiety UK to be very helpful as I suffer from severe boutsof anxiety and panic...their website is hope it helps !

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Lor_x said on 23 May 2012

Hi, I have noticed my social anxiety even more so since around my teenage years, i'm nearly 20 now, and i've been trying my best to keep things under control.
Yesterday I had my first Anxiety attack, and literally thought I was having a heart attack and felt like I was on the brink of dying.
Has anybody else experienced this?
Could you offer me any advice or just a general insight into how it was for you? I'm so worried about having another one. (which doesn't help!)

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Mx20 said on 16 May 2012

Seeing as people made the effort to comment, I thought I'd add my little bit in. I've had low-level anxiety forever I think. It took until age 27 for me to get seriously stressed enough to see a doctor, who basically just said it would clear. Well I guess the bad bit will, the 27 previous years of it suggest the underlying bit is unlikely to though.

I have no suggestions I'm afraid, just keeping hopeful. All the best to y'all.

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Jamie88 said on 14 May 2012

I have suffered with anxiety since a year past christmas now. Not only do i suffer from all the 'normal' affects but i feel really sick. I have been to the hospital 3 times now for tests but they all come back clear. Im waiting to see my consultant again which there is a 3 month waiting list! Im currently off work due to this and with the added fear of loosing my job does not help one bit. I phoned the hospital today to see if i could get an appointment earlier and they said no. Surely they should start doing a cancellation list as it makes me feel like no one wants to know. It has got to the point where i dont even leave the house and the only friends i have left is my tv and computer. Sounds sad really but thats how bad it gets. I will keep everyone updated when i see the consultant next.

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User176705 said on 14 May 2012

I think I have had anxiety since I was at primary school. I am now 45 & when I had my second child 12 years ago I had post natal depression which I did get over but it left me with mild anxiety, I tried anti depressants but they just made me feel worse and suicidal , I went to a counsellor too which did help at first but I seemed to just come through it in the end. When my daughter was about 7 she had a awful time at school to the extend she did not want to go, my anxiety became worse, it has made me have awful anxiety mainly about my daughter, I just cannot stop worring about her its usually about is she happy at school, does she have any friends, if she isnt going out with friends or bbm on her phone to her friends all the time, my mind starts worrying and disecting the facts which most of them I dont even know if they are true, the worst thing it affects my stomach I get the feeling when you feel really nervous about something. She actually seems very happy in herself but that doesnt seem to stop me worrying. I try and talk to me husband about it but he just doesnt know what to say. I just wish I could stop worrying about her so much , I get so fed up with it, will it ever get any better. Hope that all makes sense, sometimes it doesnt make sense to me.

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Carla0777 said on 09 May 2012

I am a 34 year old with 3 children..I have suffered with anxiety since the age of 11 when i moved house, school etc and my auntie died suddenly which all seemed to trigger it. After having the children i have definitely gotten worse with waves of panic/ anxiety most days.. I take a low dose of antidepressant which did work for me for a while. Symptoms like others mainly include detachment from reality, aching esp. neck and shoulders, thick foggy head, inability to focus properly on things...etc. I also have the irrational thoughts of dying..mainly when its bed time, sometimes i just think that i'll die in my sleep which i know is completely rare and irrational! My husband doesn't worry about anything, he is soo laid back, i wish if i could have a life free from worry so i could enjoy every day instead of worrying!

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leanne b 2010 said on 03 May 2012

Its really reassuring to read comments from other people who are in the same situation as myself. im a 26 year old female and for years have suffered from anxiety but never could put a name to my problem... it wasnt until the doctor suggested i had anxiety after the birth of my daughter that i read up on it and everything fell into place.
iwhen i was a teenager i used to dread going to school as i hated being away from my family and hated the feeling that i HAD TO stay there for the whole day. as a got older i was always able to control it and only had attacks every 5 month or so, although i worried constantly. then, after th ebirth of my daughter 2 years ago my anxiety became sooo bad. i put it down to baby blues but it lasted for 16 month. i couldnt bear to b alone with my daughter as i thot id die and shed b left alone. the worst thing for me was the feeling of detatchment from everything around me. i couldnt explain it at the time but nothing felt real. i felt as though everything was 'fake' . when i was talking to people i felt as though it wasnt me. i remember wanting to run away from everything as far as i could n just keep running. i tried telling my parrtner and others how i felt but everyone kept telling me to get over it and get on with life. after reading up on anxiety i started to understand it more and deal with it alot better. i just try and think to myself i am happy and amnt going to die anytime soom and its all in my head.... that always makes me feel better.
at the time i thought there was no way out of my black hole and id never be the same agian. but u do get better. just understanding anxiety makes life better.

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cheshirekate1 said on 01 May 2012

Hi Stevemole....I too suffer very similar if not the same symptoms as you. Iv always turned down anti-depressants etc as I feel they're a 'cover up' not a cure....besides, im only depressed because of my anxiety. If you do nothing else today visit and read what ex sufferer Paul David has to say. I brought the book he published...and WOW!!! Its will make you feel instantly better just reading it. Its not a quick fix...but stick with it. I promise you it works. Anxiety is fueled by fear. Fear of an attack coming again, the more you understand why you body is doing what it is doing and why its making you feel the way you feel you'll have less fear of it...less fear = less anxiety. Good luck all. We can beat this!

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Stevemole said on 24 April 2012

Please can somone help??I have had what i deep down know to be panic/anxiety attacks for over 20 years!I cant cope anymore and as i write this i am crying.They follow all the usual symptoms and most often happen at night,usually waking me from sleep,heart pounding,gasping to breath and convinced i am going to die.Had one this morning at 5.30a and still feeling weird!!Exhausted and emotional.
Have had test on my heart and all ok but now i convince myself its something else!
I am a singer and actor and now i cant even go on stage through the fear i feel!
Tried Diazepam and had some taping techniques taught many years ago but now i just dont know what to do..Scard to visit my GP in case he tells me it is someting serious and so scared to sleep each night cos i just know it will happen again.I carry a paper bag with me all the time.
I cant get my head around the fact that anxiety can give me such real and horrible symptons!
Its starting to impact my work and my social life.
Cant begin to list all my symptoms as i will be here for ever...palpitations,tight chest,gasping for breath,shaking and trembling,fatigue,neck and scalp aches,aches in my ribs and chest and lowe back,dry mouth..the list is endless..I dont want this to carry on anymore..I know there is no quick fix but please someone..Any ideas??

Cheers Stevex

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Andy 30 said on 18 April 2012

hi everyone,

I have found reading your posts really helpful. I am a 30 year old male recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression. The anxiety and panic attack is new to me and totally frightening. It feels like you are in a black hole and there is no way out. Sometimes it gets that bad I have felt about doing something drastic to stop feeling this way. I have a good job and a supportive family but often feel so alone and that I am never going to get better. My GP wasnt helpful. I am seeing a counsellor which does make me feel better - it does help talking. I have started taking medication which I hope will help. I have never felt so alone but reading your comments does help and made me realise that there are other people having similar problems.

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Vxj154 said on 13 April 2012

I've had what I very much later found out was an anxiety disorder since I was a kid. I've gone through phases of it being better and worse but luckily right now it's bearable. I wanted to include this for anyone reading who feels like that cloud is never going to go away. It's hard to need help when no-one around you has a clue how or even why. However the only comforts you can take are those who at least try to understand, and eventually you will probably meet other people who have suffered the same thing, even if it takes a long time for it to come out. I am now at university doing ok. I still usually feel strange, like if I'm calm I havethis strange feeling of deadness, yet the alternative is anxiety and depression. It's a weird place to be, but it's ok now, as I have gained a better idea of happiness now. Also certain things help, at uni I sit at the back or near a door, just in case. I can't get too drunk because that sometimes brings it on. I don't feel that I'm selling it very well but I really am in a better place than I have been. And sometimes I find out that someone cares and I was completely oblivious, thinking it impossible. But when some people turn their backs, sometimes someone else will be there instead. All everything takes is time. Just take things slowly. If you're stressed at school you can get a pass card to leave classes and do your work elsewhere. At uni, pick a tactical seat and you can apply for a separate exam room. In social situations don't feel obliged to stay if you need to go home. Maybe even just find a safe person you feel comfortable with and go out with them. I assumed for years that I had to push myself to get over my problems. but I found that taking it slow was the best way. Now I socialise frequently without getting actual anxiety attacks, and I love uni and living with friends and my boyfriend. I have also never used medication, possibly because of my age but I found my dotor unsympathetic anyway, she was horrible.

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rebecca89 said on 01 April 2012

It is nice to finally see stories of people who are feeling similar to myself, sometimes I feel like no one around me understands what I am feeling. Little things like not being able to go to the shop, any social situations, I avoid. I started university in September and at first I was fine, but then I started having panic attacks and got put on amytriptaline, which made me feel worse because I was tired and drowsy all the time, and loads more paranoid. Initially when I came off of them I felt like things were starting to look up, but now I am more reserved and anxious than ever. I hate seeing all my friends at uni going out for nights out and not being able to go along, I don't even go to uni I work from home, well, halls, when I am there I do not leave my room. I find it hard if anyone comes into our house that I don't know and I find myself constantly making excuses. I feel as though I am becoming agoraphobic as I am too scared to leave the house. I am also a hypercondriac and always convinced I am dying, or have some terrible illness. I feel nausious all the time on top of that it must be down to stress. I also feel like when I eat, I will choke. It is all a nightmare.

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Calmer said on 01 April 2012

Hi I`ve been suffering from depression and anxiety most my life i have been taking anti depression medication for most of this time. some work some don`t its all trial and error. i`ve tried herbal substitutes and they have helped. At the moment i`m taking sertaline and diazapan because thats what i need at this time to deal with the way i am. You are never alone in what you feel always remember that and things will get better trust me on that. No matter how you now feel. Push yourself go for walks, go jogging talk to people do whatever you need to do but keep fighting whether or not you feel like it. Talking to people who know what your going through is 1 of the greatest healings in itself. Use each other my email is always there we can support each other.


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Arthur Moe said on 21 March 2012

I was made redundant about four years ago. The company I worked for went bankrupt. Shortly afterwards I started to get these funny, what I call spasms, during the day and night. A sudden shock, tingling feeling around the torso area and sometimes down my arm. I had a couple of medical check-ups, but nothing untoward was found. But, the spasms continued. I managed to find another, part-time job six months after being made redundant. Now, four years later I only get the spasms during the night. Sometimes once or twice during the night. But, I sometimes have spasm free nights. My mind sometimes gets confused as to what's happening. I am anxious about my future, as I am facing retirement.

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kylrod86 said on 13 March 2012

There was a time last week where I went to meet my pal for dinner, I was feeling anxiety dread that day but I though no just fit it. I was sitting there eating lunch and I started feeling myself chock on what I was eating, the whole place stated spinning and I had to run to the toilet where I was there for about 20 minutes trying to calm myself. Now I keep making myself swallow all the time just to make sure I can. I know these feelings are not going to hurt me but I can’t make myself think that at the time. I have tried everything but go to my doctor i.e. breathing, trying to fight it, keeping myself busy and thinking positive thoughts but they just don’t work. I don’t seem to have any problems sleeping at the moment, touch wood, but I am always waking up feeling dread.
I really hope I’m not alone because these feelings are so scary and I just don’t know how to cope with them anymore. My partner is a real help as he understands what I am going through but in another way until you have these feelings can you really understand?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this mini book and I hope all everyone else who suffering with anxiety reads this and knows they are not alone.
Kyle ?

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kylrod86 said on 13 March 2012

Hi everyone,

Just want to say thank you first of all for taking the time to read this and I really hope I am not alone with the feelings I haveOk here goes.......
I have been suffering from panic attacks for since I was 16 and I am not coming up for 26. I am a young male who loves going out with friends clubbing dubbing act the usual things. I have a partner who I have been with for nearly 6 years and I love him to bits. I have a great job that I used to love and do very well at. I am constantly being praised for the great work I do. I have a great home and rarely worry about money, well apart from the end of the month before pay day but don’t we all...?
Anyway recently my anxiety has got so bad that it is affecting my home life and social life. I feel myself become drenched with dread at work and start thinking all sorts of things like, I am ill or having a heart attack. I used to get these feelings about 5 years ago but I just kept telling myself Ur fine, what are you doing.. Stop being stupid!
For about a month now my anxiety has got really bad to the stage where I have called in work sick, switched my phone off at the weekends and stopped meeting friends. I am very sociable person and used to love going out to the pub for drinks on the weekends. When I get these attacks now I feel drained for hours after and they seem to last an a lot longer. I just can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with me. I never ever go to the doctor because I have always had the fear that he will say I am dying or something, I know it’s stupid and I don’t know why I think this. If I watch holby city ect and there’s a scene where someone has this horrible illness I start to panic and think I feel the same way to. I am always making myself think I am ill.

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Veebuz said on 12 March 2012

I cannot talk to my Doctor about these things, as they are very dismissive.. This has got to the point where I don't bother going.
I had a Doctor for several years who always listened and I always came out on top of my depression. I moved, my medical records obviously didn't as my 'new' Doctor doesn't seem to have anything to refer to..
I have had issues with depression for years, but it has got to a stage now where it is completely folding in around me and severely affecting my everyday life. How can I get the doctors to listen, is there another avenue for advice?

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chrissiekino said on 20 February 2012

I have suffered panic and anxiety for about 20 years. I am now at the stage where I cannot stay home alone or go out alone.I have someone with me at all times. My world has become so small that I do not know where to get help.I asked my GP for help and was referred to a lady to come to my home, she advised me to learn slow breathing and do small journeys out alone.Needless to say I could not do this.I have spent lots of money on books,cd's etc but to no avail.I have never met anyone else who suffers from GAD and feel ashamed to have to say to people that I can't go out to clubs or meetings alone.Every time I go out I feel anxious in case I get caught in traffic,I can't go on the by-passes or motorways,use public loo's or go to cities,shopping centres etc.
if anyone can point me in the direction of cognative theraphy on the NHS or even a local group in norfolk/suffolk I would be very grateful.I have even thought of starting a group where people can mail, phone or meet up to chat with like minded people.any suggestions

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bbwez said on 12 February 2012

i suffer from anxiety... from that ive come to have an eating problem, scared of swollowing food, i have problems when i think about breathing, theres times i think i cant swallow and thats without i turned to alcohol and now im an alcohlic..

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TheVengefulElephant said on 11 February 2012

I don't think there will be many comments from males, it's not the sort of thing that we like to talk about :)

I'm a fairly typical 24 year old male, and although I've always been a worrier, I've never thought anything of it. Some of us are just worriers aren't we. It's a natural thing.

My girlfriend suffers with getting stressed easily, which coupled with recurring nightmares has led to her having mild depression for a number of years.

I've always been scared of the dentist, but having a broken tooth removed and 6 deep fillings was enough to put me over the edge! I can chuckle about it now, but this caused me to have my first Anxiety attack, to the point where I was unable to control my breathing. I was given Diazepam to get me through the dental work, and everything was fine afterwards.

6 months later we moved into our own house for the first time, and I had a second attack. This followed 3 weeks later with another attack. I'd started to worry about my partner now, and the worries wouldn't go. I'm an emergency call taker for the ambulance service, so I always hear peoples worst case scenarios at work, and I speak to the husbands of wives who have tried to harm themselves through depression, and I worry that this will happen to my partner. (My worry in turn makes her worry more which makes me worry more, we are a right pair!!) This all culminated in me having to go home sick from work, as I couldn't cope.

I knew it was time to see the GP, who is always the best first port of call. I've been given a low dose of Citalopram, an antidepressant which is very good at also calming anxieties. I'm no longer finding myself so anxious about normal worries and stresses, and I haven't had another anxiety attack (touch wood). I'm managing to put weight back on and I feel much better in myself, even just knowing that the help is there.

I know that when you're anxious you are scared, but you must go to the GP, they've seen it before and they want to help.

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emmalouise1975 said on 30 October 2011

Hi Lucy3135
I too am exactly the same and constantly think I am going to die any day now. I had this 1st when I was 17 and suffered 3 yrs of panic attacks and agrophobia...then when I was 21 I got married and went on to have 7 pregnancies and children brought me out of it and I was fine until Sept 12th this yr...I had a massive panic attack which stayed with me for 2 weeks...terrible suffering and I'm now on Mirtazapine to control the anxiety but besides this I think and feel my life is now over and think I am going to die as I have terrible palpitations and my heart misses a beat. The drs have found a murmur on my heart but say it will be ok but I don't believe them and am so scared of leaving my babies. You are not alone...and hopefully I will over ride this like I did before and be me again. Anxiety and worry are one of the worst things to suffer from...I hope you get better soon. Go and see your dr! I'm learning to tell myself if its gonna happen then it will happen...its all I can say to myself that makes sense really and makes me realise I'm doing this to myself! xxx

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JOB1 said on 29 October 2011

Fact is everyone is different and requires a different solution.

I personally refuse to use anti depressants because I know myself. I know as soon as I came off them the old thoughts would return. I know someone who has used them very successfully. I think it depends how deep your depression is. I believe depression, anxiety, long term stress are all extensions of one another. You're basically not happy.

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who experience this breathlessness, tightness in the chest, and anxiety, and not know where it comes from. Counselling helps some people, it won't help me.
It is a deep rooted problem, quickly discovered if you do some meditation & go within. Much harder to resolve. But you have to start somewhere. You need to quiet the mind, and you WILL give yourself the answer. It could be something from childhood or something more recent. Whatever it is, once you know, then you can start searching for either teachers to help you or good books if you're self motivated. You will feel lost, and you can always hit rock bottom no matter how much better you feel. But you have to trust that eventually you'll find the way, and quiet the mind to look for the path. This is not easy, but the rewards of a happy life are worth the effort I would say.

The main advice I can offer is stay active. I've seen people on benefits & depressed out of getting a job. Get a job. Doing something constructive & socialising is better than wallowing in your endless thoughts even if it pays minimum wage. But ensure you take the time to address your issues at some point.

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Lucy 3135 said on 25 June 2011

Hi my feeling,I think how u are feeling is natural as you have been threw a lot! However u need to see your GP and ask to talk to someone who can help u threw how your feeling,they may help u sort things out and get u thinking a bit better (in more perspective) as when u feel anxious your mind runs away with you and you end up feeling negative about everything when other things are actually ok! Ie job etc.I find listening to a relaxation cd very calming when I get in a state hope you feel better soon.I don't have all the answers but I hope I help u a bit.

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Lucy 3135 said on 22 June 2011

Has anyone had constant worry for last six months?

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Lucy 3135 said on 22 June 2011

Hi I'm currently having a worrying nitemare,I worry every day that I'm dying I have got an under active thyroid and I feel bad.I can't enjoy anything as I feel I'm away worrying so I'm not really joining in on whatever's going on.I have a nice husband and an 9 month old son but I feel numb with worry I'm not really joining in with life.does anyone know what i can do? or feel the same?

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My feeling said on 21 June 2011

Please would some help me, i am a ex Cancer patient, but i feel so ill with anxiety, i feel tighting pain in my chest, my hands go all sweated, its so painful, it makes me feel sick, i am writing this now because i had just being getting short of beathe, i av been layed on the bed trying to relax and take deep beathes, until it goes away, i never used to feel like this before, but i feel damaged in side my body, i feel stressed and i am always worring the worse of every thing, and every body its driving me crazy,, i just cant handle stress of life,no more with problems after problems.. i have a interview at the hospital for some volunary work i want to help others, but i feel i wont get it .. i just wish i would feel myself again.

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TRIBO32 said on 05 June 2011

how can i get treatment for social anxiety disorder?
do i just phone up my GP or do i have to do something else?

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mapper said on 28 May 2011

After about fiteen years on anti-depressants and 12 sessions of CBT ( the maximum you can have , as far as I can tell) I'm still getting up each day with the ghost of depression haunting me. I do not have social phobia , I don't think, but I do seem to avoid meeting people as it is an effort toget to know people and go out to meet them. Has anyone got any suggestions ?

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mattsmith360 said on 19 January 2011

I have written a short article on Anxiety, specifically social anxiety - please check it out -

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