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Let's Dance with Change4Life

It’s important for both kids and grown-ups to get moving every day, so why not do it by dancing? It's brilliant fun and gets your heart beating that little bit faster. Plus it’s free and easy to do, anywhere. So, come on, warm up, get your dancing shoes on and let's get movin'!

Dance like Akai

Change4Life has teamed up with Akai, winner of 'Got to Dance' and one of the stars of 3D film ALL STARS, to show you some of his coolest dance moves. He told us: “My favourite thing about dancing is that it allows me to be free. It’s a feeling that I can’t get from any other activity. I feel like I can do whatever I want to do”. Why not check out the video, follow the moves, and see how you feel afterwards? And if street dancing isn’t for you, there are loads of other fun dance styles to try, from rock ‘n’ roll to ballet!

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We've also put together a range of dance tips and ideas to encourage you to dance and get the whole family inspired. There are plenty of activities, suggestions, and simple dance games that can be enjoyed at home. It's all about getting everyone up and about and having fun.

From body popping for beginners, steps for the foxtrot, to simple dance steps and games - there are so many fun and different ways to get up and active.

Warming up for dance

Before you start dancing, you'll need to warm up your muscles first, so you don't hurt yourself.

Try a few of these moves in time to some music:

  • Start by jumping up and down a little
  • Shake your arms and legs to get loosened up
  • Tense and relax your arms, then your stomach, then your legs

Now you're ready to move onto to some of our great dance steps and games. These are simple, free and you don't even have to leave the house - try a few and you won't want to stop dancing!

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