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Cut back fat

Cut back fat

Saturated fat is found in lots of everyday foods, but too much is bad for us.

Tips to cut back on fat1 / 5

Watch the salt

Watch the salt

Even food that doesn't taste salty can have lots of salt inside.

Find out how to watch the salt2 / 5

Five a day


Getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day is easier than you think.

Easy ways to 5 A DAY3 / 5

Sugar swaps

Sugar swaps

You'd be surprised how much sugar is hidden in food and drink, but there are lots of healthier options.

Try our simple sugar swaps4 / 5

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What's on the label?

Checking food labels can help you make healthier choices when you shop.

Love your labels

Be calorie smart

Calories are a handy way of helping you choose balanced meals.

More about calories

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