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Drinks checker

Drinks checker

Reckon you know how much you're drinking? Our drinks checker can help you be sure.

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Easy drink swaps

Drink swap ideas

Try cutting down with our swap ideas for home and when you're out on the town.

Easy drink swaps2 / 4

Alcohol units and guidelines

Alcohol units and guidelines

If you're confused by alcohol units, our handy guide can help explain more.

Get to grips with alcohol units3 / 4

Benefits and rewards

Benefits and rewards

Choosing less booze can bring loads of healthy benefits.

Benefits of drinking less alcohol4 / 4

Free alcohol tracker app

Keep an eye on how much you drink and spend with our great free app.

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Alternatives to drinking

We've got loads of fun and easy ways to relax without having a drink - give it a go!

Relax without alcohol

Cut down on alcohol

Tips and swaps to help you cut back on alcohol

Choose less booze

Understand food labels

Healthier recipes, tips and ideas for you and your family

Find out about food labels

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