What happens after my assessment for NHS continuing healthcare?

After your eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare has been assessed, the multidisciplinary team of health and social care professionals who carried out the assessment will make a recommendation to your clinical commissioning group (CCG).

The CCG will then write to you advising whether you’re eligible, giving reasons for their decision. For more information about the assessment process, see How will my eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare be assessed?

What happens if I’m eligible?

If you’re eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, the next stage is to arrange a care and support package that meets your assessed needs. The CCG will discuss with you:

  • how your needs and care will be managed
  • where your care will be given, for example, in your own home or in a care home
  • which organisation will be responsible for meeting your needs 

As part of the discussion about how your needs will be met, your wishes should be written down and taken into account.

What happens if I’m not eligible?

If you’re not entitled to NHS continuing healthcare, your local authority will discuss with you whether you may be eligible for support from them.

If you’re not eligible for NHS continuing healthcare but you still have healthcare needs, the NHS may still pay for part of the support that you need. This is sometimes called a joint package of care.

For more information, see What if I’m not eligible for NHS continuing healthcare?

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