What happens if I move while waiting for NHS treatment?

If you move within England and you're waiting for non-emergency consultant-led treatment, your right to start treatment within 18 weeks is unaffected, and the time you've already waited should be counted.

You should be considered according to your clinical priority (how urgently you need to be treated), and then according to how long you've waited.

Waiting lists and CCGs

Waiting times for NHS treatment in England are managed by local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). Find your local CCG.

If you're moving to a part of England covered by a different CCG and you want your care to be transferred, the new CCG should take into account the time you've already spent on the original waiting list. It helps if you let the two CCGs know before you move, so that they can arrange this.

See the guide to NHS waiting times in England.

Moving to a different CCG area

If you're moving to a different CCG area while you're on an NHS waiting list, you can:

  • ask to remain on the waiting list of your current CCG – contact the hospital where you're receiving the treatment
  • arrange for your treatment to be transferred to the new CCG

You may wish to compare the waiting times at your current provider and the providers in the area you’re moving to. 

You should discuss your options with your GP, consultant or other healthcare professional in charge of your care beforehand. They can give you advice about your condition and information on treatment waiting times to help you make a decision.

If you want your care to be transferred, contact both your current CCG and the new CCG immediately to let them know.

If you move to an area managed by a different CCG during the course of treatment, every effort should be made to ensure the continuity of your care.

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